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What will I get for my money?

All our clients will receive a bound interpretative report complete with verifiable sources for all the information that has been found. We will also explain just what these sources are and where they have been found. We include detailed maps to help you to understand just where your ancestors lived.

In most cases we include copies of original 18th and 19th century documents when they relate directly to your family, where it is possible to do so.

Additional copies of your report can be supplied to you free of charge and delivered by email

Can I request specific information?

Yes, if there is a specific direction you would like your research to take or if you have specific objective by all means state this and our researcher will make this the centre of your research.

Where will my research be carried out?

A fully trained professional researcher working among the archives of the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland will conduct the search for your family.

We also use the birth marriage and death indexes at the General Register Office of Northern Ireland and various libraries such as the Linen Hall Belfast.

We have access to all Public records including Church Registers which exist for the Province of Ulster (present day Northern Ireland) from as early as 1580

How will I receive the results of my search?

The completed results of your research will be presented to you in a bound volume sent to your home address by first class air mail post.

How long will it take?

This of course varies, as each research project is unique. However we aim to complete Initial Reports within 4 weeks from date of order and Standard or Full Reports within 8-12 weeks from date of order. A lot depends on the complexity and on the success of the search. Unsuccessful searches believe it or not take much longer than successful ones. In every case we will complete your research project without delay.

Why should I choose Ulster Ancestry to do this work?

Ulster Ancestry has grown rapidly since its foundation to become one of the principle and most highly regarded genealogical research organisations working in Northern Ireland today.

We answer each year approximately 3,500 genealogical enquires, prepare 1000 free assessments, and carry out an average of 300 Standard and Full Research Reports for clients worldwide.

Our web site www.ulsterancestry.com is visited each year by an average one million visitors many of whom return again and again to either order research or use the free data bases provided.

We try to retain the personal approach of the small company by working on a one to one basis with each client, and most importantly our rates are among the most competitive on offer anywhere in Ireland.

Still not sure?

Contact us to discuss your research and how you would like to take it forward.

We will talk to you personally about your own family and advise you as to any questions or doubts you may have.

Talk to us without obligation at

Researchers@UlsterAncestry.com or go to our Contact Page