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List of Passengers per the Ship Protection to New York, 28 September, 1811.

Eliza Atkinson		Drumore
Henry Atkinson		Drumore
James Atkinson		Drumore
Jane Atkinson		Drumore
John Barron		New York
Eliza Blair		Cullybackey
Samuel Blair		Cullybackey
Harriet Boony		Greencastle
Samuel Boony		Greencastle
Sarah Boony		Greencastle
William Boyd		Killybegs
Anthony Bridge		Bedford, Pennsylvania
Jeremiah Campbell	     	Belfast
Mary Campbell		Belfast
Robert Campbell	       	Killinchy
Anthony Clothard	      	Kellenchy
Isaac Cubbert		Armagh
Thomas Davis		Armagh
Elizabeth Gray		Armagh
George Gray		Armagh
Jane Gray		     	Armagh
John Gray		     	Armagh
Samuel Gray		Armagh
Walter Gray		Armagh
William Gray		Armagh
Thomas Hamilton	      	Connors
Thomas Harris		Bainbridge
John Hughes		Bangor
Jane Knox		     	Broughshane
Thomas Knox		Broughshane
Wm. Knox		      	Broughshane
Hugh Laverty		Newtownards
Jane Laverty		Newtownards
James Luke		Antrim
Anna Martin		Antrim
Jane Martin		Charlesmont
Nancy Martin		Antrim
Thomas McClure		Saintfield
Robert McDonald	       	Portoferry
Robert McGaw		Stewartstown
Thomas McGaw		Stewartstown
Hugh Neil		     	Crumlin
Thomas Preston		Armagh
Henry Quin		Antrim
Jane Quin		     	Antrim
John Quin		     	Antrim
Margt. Quin		Antrim
Jane Robinson		Willsborough
John Robinson		Willsborough
Mary Robinson		Willsborough
Thomas Robinson	       	Willsborough
Jane Sloan		Doagh
Billy Syllman		Kellywaller
John Syllman		Kellywaller
James Thomson		Lisburn
Jane Thomson		Lisburn
Effy Tweedy		Dromore
Joseph Verty		Penreth
Robert J.  Walker	     	Galway
John Wallace		Bangor
Jane Watt		     	Castlewilliam
John Wattsher		Tyrone
Elish. Williamson	     	Saintfield
Henry Williamson	      	Saintfield
Jane Williamson	       	Saintfield
Mary A. Willis		Stewartstown
Mathew Willis		Stewartstown

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