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Townlands in County Armagh List

Abbey Park Acton Aghacommon Aghadavoyle
Aghamoat Aghanergill or Corglass Aghanore Aghantaraghan
Aghavellan or Richmount Aghavilly Aghayalloge Aghincurk
Aghinlig Aghmakane Aghnacloy Aghory
Allistragh Altaturk Altnamackan Altnaveigh
Annaboe Annaclare Annaclarey Annacloghmullin
Annacramph Annagh Annaghananny Annagharap
Annaghboy or Rosebrook Annaghgad Annaghmacmanus Annaghmare
Annaghmore Annagora Annahagh Annahaia
Annahugh Annakeera Annaloist Annamoy
Annareagh Annasamry Ardgonnell Ardmore
Ardrea Ardress East Ardress West Armaghbrague
Artabrackagh Artasooly Aughadanove Aughanduff
Aughantarragh and Corr Aughlish Aughnacloy Aughnagurgan
Aughrafin Ballaghy Ballard Balleer
Ballenan Ballindarragh Ballinlare Ballinliss
Ballintaggart Ballintate Ballintemple Ballyanny
Ballyards Ballyargan Ballyblagh Ballybrannan
Ballybreagh Ballybrocky Ballybrolly Ballycoffey or Ballyhoy
Ballycrummy Ballycullen or Drumask Ballycullen or Shanmullagh Ballydogherty
Ballydonaghy Ballydoo Ballyfodrin Ballygargan
Ballygasey Ballygassoon Ballygorman Ballygroobany
Ballyhagan Ballyhannon Ballyheridan Ballyhoy or Ballycoffey
Ballykeel Ballyknick Ballyknock Ballylane
Ballyleny Ballylisk Ballyloughan Ballymacanab
Ballymacawley Ballymacdermot Ballymackilmurry Ballymacrandal
Ballymacully Lower Ballymacully Upper Ballymagerny Ballymakeown
Ballymartrim Etra Ballymartrim Otra Ballymoran Ballymore
Ballynacarry Ballynaclosha Ballynacor Ballynagalliagh
Ballynaghy Ballynagolan Ballynagowan Ballynagreagh
Ballynahinch Ballynahone Beg Ballynahone More Ballynalack
Ballynaleck Ballynameta or Wood Park Ballynamony Ballynarea
Ballynarry Ballynery Ballynewry Ballyoran
Ballyrath Ballyrea Ballyreagh Ballyscandal
Ballysheil Beg Ballysheil More Ballytroddan Ballytrue
Ballytyrone Ballyvally Ballywilly Ballyworkan
Baltarran Balteagh Baltylum Belleek
Blackwatertown or Lisbofin Bocombra Boconnell Bolton
Bondville or Tullybrick Etra Borough of Charlemont Bottlehill Brackagh
Brackly Bracknagh Brannock Breagh
Breaghy Brootally Broughan Brughas
Bryandrum Cabragh Calone Camagh
Camly (Ball) Camly (Macullagh) Canary Cannagola Beg
Cannagola More Canoneill Cappagh Cargaclogher
Cargagh Cargalisgorran Carganamuck Cargans
Carn Carnacally Carnagat Carnally
Carnavanaghan Carnbane Carran Carrick
Carrickabolie Carrickacullion Carrickaldreen Carrickaloughran
Carrickamone Carrickananny Carrickaness Carrickastickan
Carrickbrack Carrickbrackan Carrickbroad Carrickcloghan
Carrickcroppan Carrickduff Carrickgallogly Carricklane
Carricknagalliagh Carricknagavna Carrickrovaddy or Dorsy (Macdonald)
Carricktroddan Carrigans Carrive Carrivekenny
Carrivemaclone Carrowmannan Carrowmoney Carryhugh
Cashel Castleraw Causanagh Cavan
Cavanacaw Cavanagarvan Cavanagrow Cavanakill
Cavanapole Cavanballaghy Cavandoogan Charlemont, Borough of
Clady Beg Clady More Clankilvoragh Clanrolla
Claranagh Clarbane Clare Clarkill
Clay Cloghan Clogharevan Cloghfin
Cloghinny Cloghoge Cloghreagh Clonakle
Clonalig Clonamola Cloncarrish Cloncore
Clonlum Clonmacash Clonmain Clonmakate
Clonmartin Clonmore Clonroot Clontycarty
Clontyclay Clontygora Clontylew Cloven Eden
Clownagh Coharra College Hall or Marrassit Coney Flat Island
Coney Island Cooey Coolderry Coolkill
Coolmillish Coolyhill Copney Cor Tynan
Coragh Corbracky Corcrain Corcreevy
Corcrum Corcullentragh Beg Corcullentragh More Cordrain
Cordrummond Corernagh Corfehan Corglass or Aghanergill
Corhammock Corkley Corlat Corliss
Corlust Cormeen Cornacrew Cornagrally
Cornahove Cornakinnegar Cornalack Cornamucklagh
Cornascreeb Cornoonagh Corporation Corr and Aughantarragh
Corr and Dunavally Corran Corrinare Corrinshigo
Corrinure Corry Cortamlat Cranagill
Crankey Crann Creaghan Crearum or Fellow's Hall
Creenagh Creenkill Creeve Creevekeeran
Creeveroe Creggan Bane Glebe Creggan Duff Creggan Lower
Creggan Upper Crew Beg Crew More Crewcat
Croaghan Island Cronkill Cross Crossbane
Crossdall Crossdened Crossmacahilly Crossmaglen
Crossmore Crossnamoyle Crossnenagh Crossreagh or Doohat
Crunagh Crunaght Culkeeran Cullaville
Cullentragh Cullyhanna Big Cullyhanna Little Cushenny
Damoily Darkley Darton Demesne
Demesne or Parkmore Demoan Derlett Dernalea
Dernasigh Derrinraw Derry Derry Beg
Derry More Derryadd Derryall Derryallen
Derryane Derryanvil Derryaugh Derrybrughas
Derrycaw Derrycoose Derrycor Derrycorry North
Derrycorry South Derrycory Derrycrew Derrycughan
Derrydorragh Derryhale Derryhaw Derryhennet
Derryhirk Derryhubbert East Derryhubbert North Derryhubbert South
Derryinver Derrykeeran Derrykeevan Derrykerran
Derrylard Derrylee Derrylettiff Derrylileagh
Derrylisnahavil Derryloste Derryloughan Derrymacash
Derrymacfall Derrymagowan Derrymattry Derrynaught
Derryneskan Derryraine Derryscollop Derrytagh North
Derrytagh South Derrytrasna Derryvane Derryvore
Derrywilligan Dillay Dinnahorra Diviny
Doctor's Quarter Donagreagh Doogary Doohat or Crossreagh
Dorsy Dorsy (Cavan O'Hanlon) or Roxborough Dorsy (Hearty)
Dorsy (Macdonald) or Carrickrovaddy Dorsy (Mullaghglass) Dougher
Downs or Drumarg Dressogagh Drum Drumacanver
Drumachee Drumadd Drumahean Drumalane
Drumalaragh Drumalis Drumaltnamuck Drumanphy
Drumard (Jones) Drumard (Primate) Drumarg or Downs Drumarn
Drumart Drumask or Ballycullen Drumatee Drumbally
Drumbanagher Drumbee Drumbee Beg Drumbee More
Drumbeecross Drumboy Drumcarn Drumconwell
Drumcoote Drumcree Drumcrow Drumcullen
Drumderg Drumduff Drumennis Drumfergus
Drumgane Drumgar Drumgarran Drumgask
Drumgaw Drumgolliff Drumgoose Drumgor
Drumgose Drumgreenagh Drumharriff Drumherney
Drumhillery Drumhirk Drumilly Druminallyduff
Druminargal Drumintee Druminure Drumlack
Drumlellum Drumlisnagrilly Drumlougher Drumman
Drumman Beg Drumman More Drummannon Drummeland
Drummenagh Drummilt Drummond Drummuck
Drummuckavall Drumnacanvy Drumnaglontagh Drumnagloy
Drumnagoon Drumnahavil Drumnahoney Drumnahunshin
Drumnakelly Drumnaleg Drumnamether Drumnamoe
Drumnasoo Drumnevan Drumnykerne Drumogher
Drumorgan Drumrusk Drumsallan Lower Drumsallan Upper
Drumsavage Drumshallan Drumsill Duburren
Dunavally and Corr Dundrum Dunesmullan Dunlarg
Duvernagh Eagralougher Edenappa Edenaveys
Edenderry Edenknappagh Edenykennedy Eglish
Ellisholding Elm Park or Mullaghatinny Enagh Ennislare
Eshwary Fairview or Mucklagh Farmacaffly Farnaloy
Farra Farranamucklagh Fathom Lower Fathom Upper
Federnagh Fellows Hall or Crearum Fergort Fernagreevagh
Finiskin Foley Foughill Etra Foughill Otra
Foy Beg Foy More Foyarr Foyduff
Freeduff Gallrock Garvagh Garvaghy
Glasdrumman Glasdrummanaghy Glasdrummond Glebe
Goragh Gortmalegg Gosford Demesne Granemore
Grange Blundel Grange Lower Grange Upper Grangemore
Greenan Greyhillan Hacknahay Hamiltonsbawn
Hanslough Iskymeadow Island Spa Johnstown
Keady Beg Keady More Keenaghan Keggall
Kennedies Kernan Kilbracks Kilcam
Kilcarn Kilcon Kilcreevy Etra Kilcreevy Otra
Killaghy Killeen Killuney Killybodagh
Killycapple Killycarn Lower Killycarn Upper Killycomain
Killyfaddy Killylea Killylyn Killymaddy
Killynure Killyquin Killyreavy Killyruddan
Kilmacanty Kilmachugh Kilmagamish Kilmatroy
Kilmonaghan Kilmore Kilmoriarty Kilrea
Kiltubbrid Kiltybane or Lisleitrim Kilvergan Kincon
Kingarve Kinnegoe Kishaboy Knappagh
Knock Knockaconey Knockagraffy Knockaneagh
Knockavannon Knockbane Knockduff Knockmenagh
Knocknamuckly Knocknashane Knockramer Knockrevan
Lagan Laraghshankill Latbirget Latmacollum
Latt Lattery Legacorry or Rich Hill Legaghory
Legagilly or Tyross Leganny Legarhill Legavilly
Legmoylin Lemnagore Lenalea Lesh
Levaghery Levalleglish Levallymore Lisadian
Lisamry Lisavague Lisbane Lisbanoe
Lisbofin or Blackwatertown Liscalgat Liscorran Lisdonwilly
Lisdown Lisdrumard Lisdrumbrughas Lisdrumchor Lower
Lisdrumchor Upper Lisdrumgullion Lisdrumliska Lisglynn
Liskyborough Lislasly Lislea Lisleitrim or Kiltybane
Lisloony Lisnadill Lisnafeedy Lisnagat
Lisnagree Lisnalee Lisnamintry Lisnaskea
Lisneany Lisnisk Lisnisky Lisraw
Lissagally Lissaraw Lissheagh or Mount Irwin Lissheffield
Lisslanly Lissummon Listarkelt Longfield
Longstone Loughgall Loughross Lurgaboy
Lurgan Lurgana Lurgancot Lurgancullenboy
Lurgantarry Lurgyross Lurgyvallen Lylo
Macantrim Maddan Magaraty Magherarville
Maghernahely Maghery Maghery Kilcrany Magherydogherty
Maghnavery Maghon Manooney Maphoner
Marlacoo Beg Marlacoo More Marrassit or College Hall Mavemacullen
Maydown Maynooth Maytone Maytown
Meigh Middletown Monaguillagh Monbrief
Monclone Money Moneycree Moneypatrick
Moneyquin Monog Moodoge Mount Irwin or Lissheagh
Mounthill Mountnorris Mowillin Moybane
Moyraverty Moyrourkan Muckery Mucklagh or Fairview
Mulladry Mullaghatinny or Elm Park Mullaghbane Mullaghbrack
Mullaghduff Mullaghglass Mullaghmore Mullahead
Mullalelish Mullaletragh Mullan Mullanary
Mullanasilla Mullantine Mullantur Mullavilly
Mullenakill North Mullenakill South Mullenakill West Mullurg
Mullyard Mullyleggan Mullyloughan Mullyloughran
Mullynure Naul Navan Newtown
Outlack Outleckan Parkmore or Demesne Phil Roe's Flat
Pollnagh Portnelligan Racarbry Ratarnet
Rathcarbry Rathconvil Rathcumber Rathdrumgran
Rathkeelan Rathtrillick Rawes Reedy Flat
Reen Rich Hill or Legacorry Richmount or Aghavellan Rockmacreeny
Rocks Rosebrook or Annaghboy Roughan Rowan
Roxborough or Dorsy (Cavan O'Hanlon) Salters Grange Seaboughan
Seafin Seagahan Seagoe Lower Seagoe Upper
Selshion Serse Shanecrackan Beg Shanecrackan More
Shaneglish Shankill Shanmullagh or Ballycullen Shanroe
Shantally Shean Sheetrim Sheiland
Shewis Silverwood Skegatillida Skerries
Skerriff (Tichburn) Skerriff (Trueman) Slieve Gullion Spa Island
Sturgan Taghnevan Tamlaght Tamnaficarbet
Tamnafiglassan Tamnaghbane Tamnaghmore Tamnaghvelton
Tanderagee Tannaghmore Tannaghmore North Tannaghmore South
Tannaghmore West Tannyoky Tarsan Tarthlogue
Tassagh Tavanagh Teagy Teemore
Teer Teer Island Teeraw Terraskane
Terryhoogan Tievecrom Tievenamara Timakeel
Timulkenny Tireagerty Tirearly Tirgarriff
Tirgarve Tirmacrannon Tirnascobe Tirsogue
Tivernacree Toberhewny Tonnagh Tray
Tullyah Tullyallen Tullyard Tullyargle
Tullybrick (Hamilton) Tullybrick Etra or Bondville Tullybrone Tullycallidy
Tullydagan Tullydonnell (Gage) Tullydonnell (O'Callaghan) Tullyelmer
Tullygally Tullygarden Tullygarran Tullyglush
Tullyglush (Kane) Tullyglush (Nevin) Tullygoonigan Tullyhappy
Tullyherron Tullyhirm Tullyhugh Tullykevan
Tullylinn Tullylost Tullymacann Tullymacreeve
Tullymore Tullymore Agowan Tullymore Etra Tullymore Otra
Tullynacross Tullynagin Tullynamalloge Tullynavall
Tullyneagh Tullynichol Tullyogallaghan Tullyroan
Tullyronnelly Tullysaran Tullyvallan Tullyvallan (Hamilton) East
Tullyvallan (Hamilton) West Tullyvallan (Macullagh) Tullyvallan (Tipping) East Tullyvallan (Tipping) West
Tullywinny Tullyworgle Turcarra Turmoyra
Turry Tynan Tyross or Legagilly Umgola
Ummeracam (Ball) North Ummeracam (Ball) South Ummeracam (Johnston) Ummerinvore
Unshinagh Unshog Urcher Wood Park or Ballynameta

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