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Flax Growers Bounty List, 1796 - County Londonderry


Adair Samuel Artrea Derry

Adams Andrew Faughanvale Derry

Adams David Clondermot Derry

Adams David Templemore Derry

Adams Hugh Ballinderry Derry

Adams James Desertmartin Derry

Adams John Aghadowey Derry

Adams John Aghanloo Derry

Adams John Clondermot Derry

Adams Joseph Balteagh Derry

Adams Richard Ballinderry Derry

Adams Robert Desertmartin Derry

Adams Robert Faughanvale Derry

Adams William Cumber Upper Derry

Adams William Dungiven Derry

Agnew Adam Ballyscullion Derry

Agnew Henry Ballyscullion Derry

Agnew James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Agnew John Balteagh Derry

Agnew William Maghera Derry

Aickin James Cumber Upper Derry

Aiken David Cumber Upper Derry

Aikin John Faughanvale Derry

Aikin Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Alcorn Andrew Bovevagh Derry

Alcorn Anthony Bovevagh Derry

Alcorn George Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Alcorn Henry Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Alcorn James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Alcorn John Cumber Upper Derry

Alexander Francis Clondermot Derry

Alexander Jacob Clondermot Derry

Alexander James Kilcronaghan Derry

Alexander John Clondermot Derry

Alexander John Faughanvale Derry

Alexander Lesley Balteagh Derry

Alexander Mrs. ??? Templemore Derry

Alexander Samuel Clondermot Derry

Alexander Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Alison Andrew Templemore Derry

Allan John Cumber Upper Derry

Allan John, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

Allen John Templemore Derry

Allen Margaret Templemore Derry

Allen Michael Artrea Derry

Allen Patrick Desart Derry

Allen William Arboe Derry

Allen William Clondermot Derry

Alleson John Clondermot Derry

Allison John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Allison Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Allison Samuel Templemore Derry

Allison William Faughanvale Derry

Allison William Tamlaghtard Derry

Amberson Brice Faughanvale Derry

Anderson Alexander Bovevagh Derry

Anderson David Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Anderson George Ballinderry Derry

Anderson James Clondermot Derry

Anderson James Templemore Derry

Anderson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Anderson Margaret Balteagh Derry

Anderson Matthew Killelagh Derry

Anderson Robert Desertlyn Derry

Anderson Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Anderson Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Anderson William Aghadowey Derry

Anderson William Cumber Upper Derry

Anderson William Errigal Derry

Anderson William Kilowen Derry

Andrew James Dunboe Derry

Andrew Jeremiah Drumachose Derry

Andrew John Kilowen Derry

Andrew Samuel Dunboe Derry

Andrew Thomas Dunboe Derry

Andrews James Desertlyn Derry

Andrews James Templemore Derry

Andrews Joseph Templemore Derry

Andrews William Clondermot Derry

Andrews William Desertlyn Derry

Arbuckle William Faughanvale Derry

Arbuthnot Thomas Maghera Derry

Archer Robert Artrea Derry

Archer Robert Tamlaght Derry

Archer Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Archibald Daniel Faughanvale Derry

Archibald David Faughanvale Derry

Archibald James Faughanvale Derry

Archibald Samuel Errigal Derry

Armstrong James Magherafelt Derry

Armstrong John Termoneeny Derry

Armstrong Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Armstrong Samuel Balteagh Derry

Armstrong Thomas Dungiven Derry

Armstrong William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Arthur James Aghanloo Derry

Arthur John Dungiven Derry

Arthurs James Kilcronaghan Derry

Arwen Daniel Artrea Derry

Ashe Robert Aghanloo Derry

Aston George Arboe Derry

Atcheson Laurence Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Atkinson James Magherafelt Derry

Averal Nicholas Ballinderry Derry

Babington Rev. Richard Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Bacon Anne Aghanloo Derry

Badger Edward Magherafelt Derry

Badgers William Artrea Derry

Baird James Clondermot Derry

Baird John Faughanvale Derry

Baird Thomas Clondermot Derry

Balfour Rev. Harrison Tamlaghtard Derry

Balfour Rev. John Desertoghill Derry

Ballaugh John Maghera Derry

Ballough Andrew Maghera Derry

Bamford Charles Kilcronaghan Derry

Bamford Hugh Desertmartin Derry

Bane David Dungiven Derry

Bane Manus Templemore Derry

Banford John Aghadowey Derry

Banford Robert Maghera Derry

Banks William Desertlyn Derry

Barber John Desertoghill Derry

Barber John Drumachose Derry

Barber Joseph Drumachose Derry

Barber Robert Drumachose Derry

Barber Robert Faughanvale Derry

Barclay Richard Drumachose Derry

Barker Hugh Artrea Derry

Barker Hugh Lissan Derry

Barkley Hugh Maghera Derry

Barlow John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Barnard John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Barnard Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Barnes Robert Templemore Derry

Barnes William Templemore Derry

Barnet Andrew Templemore Derry

Barnet James Bovevagh Derry

Barnet Moses Templemore Derry

Barnet Solomon Bovevagh Derry

Barnet William Templemore Derry

Barr David Cumber Upper Derry

Barr James Artrea Derry

Barr Samuel Aghadowey Derry

Barr Thomas Artrea Derry

Barre David Clondermot Derry

Barre John Balteagh Derry

Barton Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Bates Samuel Magherafelt Derry

Baxter Samuel Ballinderry Derry

Bealey John Ballyaghran Derry

Bealy Abraham Ballyaghran Derry

Bear David Kilcronaghan Derry

Bear Samuel Kilcronaghan Derry

Beard James Cumber Upper Derry

Beard James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Beard John Cumber Upper Derry

Beard John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Beard Robert Ballynascreen Derry

Beard Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Beard William Aghadowey Derry

Bearfoot Benjamin Desertmartin Derry

Beatty James Clondermot Derry

Beatty James Desertlyn Derry

Beatty Jane Faughanvale Derry

Beatty Thomas Artrea Derry

Beatty William Cumber Upper Derry

Begly William Bovevagh Derry

Bell George Errigal Derry

Bell James Desertmartin Derry

Bell John Artrea Derry

Bell John Desertmartin Derry

Bell John Lissan Derry

Bell Samuel Errigal Derry

Bellew Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Bennet Thomas Ballinderry Derry

Bennett John Clondermot Derry

Beresford William Aghadowey Derry

Berkly James Desertmartin Derry

Berryman James Artrea Derry

Berryman John Artrea Derry

Berryman William Kilrea Derry

Beryman Antony Artrea Derry

Best David Templemore Derry

Beton John Ballyaghran Derry

Bevit Michael Artrea Derry

Biggan James Aghanloo Derry

Biggan John Aghanloo Derry

Biggan Robert Aghanloo Derry

Biggar Martin Faughanvale Derry

Biggart Adam Faughanvale Derry

Biggart Alexander Faughanvale Derry

Biggart Hugh Faughanvale Derry

Biggart John Drumachose Derry

Biggart Mary Faughanvale Derry

Bigly James Clondermot Derry

Bigly William Clondermot Derry

Binning John Drumachose Derry

Binning William Drumachose Derry

Birns John Drumachose Derry

Birt Edward Artrea Derry

Black Alexander Kilcronaghan Derry

Black Archibald Desertlyn Derry

Black James Aghadowey Derry

Black James Cumber Upper Derry

Black James Dungiven Derry

Black John Bovevagh Derry

Black John Dunboe Derry

Black John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Black Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

Black Matthew Ballyaghran Derry

Black Richard Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Black Robert Errigal Derry

Black Samuel Aghadowey Derry

Black Samuel Kilcronaghan Derry

Black Thomas Aghadowey Derry

Blackall Rev. John Faughanvale Derry

Blackburn Robert Clondermot Derry

Blain William Artrea Derry

Blair Adam Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Blair Anne Balteagh Derry

Blair Anne Lissan Derry

Blair Brice Artrea Derry

Blair Brice Lissan Derry

Blair James Bovevagh Derry

Blair James Dunboe Derry

Blair James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Blair John Dunboe Derry

Blair Rev. Daniel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Blair Robert Artrea Derry

Blair Samuel Balteagh Derry

Blair Samuel Banagher Derry

Blair Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Blair William Balteagh Derry

Blair William Cumber Upper Derry

Blair William Dunboe Derry

Blaire John Dunboe Derry

Blayney Edward Clondermot Derry

Blee Hugh Templemore Derry

Boal William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Boden James Magherafelt Derry

Boden John Magherafelt Derry

Bogle Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Bolton Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Bond Andrew Cumber Upper Derry

Bond Feddy Cumber Upper Derry

Bond Frederick Cumber Upper Derry

Bond George Cumber Upper Derry

Bond James Cumber Upper Derry

Bond John Cumber Upper Derry

Bond John, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Bond Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Bond Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Bond Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Bond Thomas, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Bond William Clondermot Derry

Bond William Cumber Upper Derry

Booth Christopher Artrea Derry

Booth George Artrea Derry

Booth James Artrea Derry

Booth John Artrea Derry

Bordly Adam Artrea Derry

Borland Mathew Ballynascreen Derry

Bowman Andrew Magherafelt Derry

Bowman John Magherafelt Derry

Bown James Magherafelt Derry

Boyce John Desertlyn Derry

Boyce Michael Templemore Derry

Boyce Robert Clondermot Derry

Boyce Widow Jane Desertlyn Derry

Boyd Archibald Errigal Derry

Boyd Henry Bovevagh Derry

Boyd Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Boyd James Aghanloo Derry

Boyd James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Boyd John Aghanloo Derry

Boyd John Faughanvale Derry

Boyd John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Boyd Robert Lissan Derry

Boyd Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Boyd Thomas Macosquin Derry

Boyd Widow ??? Arboe Derry

Boyle Barnaby Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Boyle Dorington Dungiven Derry

Boyle Francis Clondermot Derry

Boyle Hugh Dungiven Derry

Boyle Hugh Templemore Derry

Boyle James Dungiven Derry

Boyle James Lissan Derry

Boyle James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Boyle John Maghera Derry

Boyle Neil Desertmartin Derry

Boyle Phelix Errigal Derry

Boyle Rev. Adam Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Boyle Robert Clondermot Derry

Boyle Stephen Maghera Derry

Boyle Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Brachey John Macosquin Derry

Bradley James Desart Derry

Bradley James Templemore Derry

Bradly Patrick Clondermot Derry

Brannagan Edward Clondermot Derry

Brannan Hugh Templemore Derry

Bredin John Templemore Derry

Bredin William Templemore Derry

Bredon James Templemore Derry

Breen Francis Artrea Derry

Breen Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Breesan James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Brennan Bernard Lissan Derry

Brennan Roger Lissan Derry

Bridin William Clondermot Derry

Bright Stewart Derryloran Derry

Brisal Patrick Banagher Derry

Brisan Sheely Cumber Upper Derry

Brisland Thomas Templemore Derry

Brisland William Faughanvale Derry

Brison Hugh Templemore Derry

Brison James Faughanvale Derry

Brison John Faughanvale Derry

Brison Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Britton Neal Maghera Derry

Broderick Samuel Clondermot Derry

Brodley Archibald Maghera Derry

Brodley Dominick Faughanvale Derry

Brodley Henry Desertmartin Derry

Brodley Hugh Maghera Derry

Brodley Owen Faughanvale Derry

Brodly Denis Desertmartin Derry

Brodly Dominic Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Brodly Dominick Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Brodly Edward Magherafelt Derry

Brodly John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Brodly Joseph Magherafelt Derry

Brodly Michael Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Brodly Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Brodly Peter Desertmartin Derry

Broley Hugh Faughanvale Derry

Broley Laurence Banagher Derry

Broley Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Brolley Neil Cumber Upper Derry

Brolly John Aghanloo Derry

Brolly Marcus Balteagh Derry

Brolly William Bovevagh Derry

Brooks Andrew Desertlyn Derry

Brooks John Aghanloo Derry

Broomfield Alexander Dungiven Derry

Broster Daniel Tamlaghtard Derry

Broster James Macosquin Derry

Broster John Macosquin Derry

Broster Robert Macosquin Derry

Broster Samuel Dunboe Derry

Broster William Tamlaghtard Derry

Brown Guy Cumber Upper Derry

Brown Henry Desertlyn Derry

Brown Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Brown Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Brown James Artrea Derry

Brown James Templemore Derry

Brown John Artrea Derry

Brown John Bovevagh Derry

Brown John Clondermot Derry

Brown John Desertmartin Derry

Brown John Magherafelt Derry

Brown Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Brown Martha Clondermot Derry

Brown Peter Cumber Upper Derry

Brown Robert Aghadowey Derry

Brown Robert Arboe Derry

Brown Robert Artrea Derry

Brown Robert Magherafelt Derry

Brown Samuel Desertlyn Derry

Brown Thomas Artrea Derry

Brown Thomas Clondermot Derry

Brown Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Brown William Arboe Derry

Brown William Artrea Derry

Brown William Clondermot Derry

Brown William Magherafelt Derry

Brown William Tamlaght Derry

Brown Wonjor Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Browne David Templemore Derry

Brunton Samuel Kilcronaghan Derry

Brunton William Kilcronaghan Derry

Bryan Loag Faughanvale Derry

Bryans James Artrea Derry

Bryans John Desertmartin Derry

Bryson James Artrea Derry

Bryson John Artrea Derry

Bryson William Artrea Derry

Buchanan Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Buchannan James Clondermot Derry

Buchannan Samuel Clondermot Derry

Buchannan Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Buchannon William Banagher Derry

Buchannon William Templemore Derry

Bullion Charles Desertoghill Derry

Bullion Charles Tamlaghtard Derry

Bunton Miss ??? Magherafelt Derry

Bunton William Magherafelt Derry

Buoyes John Ballyrashane Derry

Buoyes Samuel Ballyrashane Derry

Burke Charles Bovevagh Derry

Burke Dominick Templemore Derry

Burke Michael Bovevagh Derry

Burke Paul Faughanvale Derry

Burke Richard Bovevagh Derry

Burke William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Burket Richard Artrea Derry

Burnet James Artrea Derry

Burnett Alexander Artrea Derry

Burnett Henry Clondermot Derry

Burnett John Artrea Derry

Burns James Derryloran Derry

Burns John Derryloran Derry

Burns John Lissan Derry

Burnside John Clondermot Derry

Burrowes Adam Magherafelt Derry

Burrows Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Burside William Kilcronaghan Derry

Cabeen Melinda Artrea Derry

Caims Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Cain John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Cairney Hector Faughanvale Derry

Cairney Henry Faughanvale Derry

Cairns Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

Cairns Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Cairns William Cumber Upper Derry

Calderwood Robert Desertmartin Derry

Caldwel John Clondermot Derry

Caldwel Robert Clondermot Derry

Caldwel Thomas Clondermot Derry

Caldwell Alexander Coleraine Derry

Caldwell Alexander Tamlaghtard Derry

Caldwell Dr. Samuel Desertmartin Derry

Caldwell Elizabeth Dunboe Derry

Caldwell Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Caldwell Isaac Balteagh Derry

Caldwell James Clondermot Derry

Caldwell James Faughanvale Derry

Caldwell John Artrea Derry

Caldwell John Balteagh Derry

Caldwell John Drumachose Derry

Caldwell John Macosquin Derry

Caldwell Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Caldwell Robert Drumachose Derry

Caldwell Widow ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Caldwell William Faughanvale Derry

Caldwell William Magherafelt Derry

Calkey James Aghadowey Derry

Calkey Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Campbell Alexander Bovevagh Derry

Campbell Alexander Templemore Derry

Campbell Anne Magherafelt Derry

Campbell Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Campbell George Bovevagh Derry

Campbell George Magherafelt Derry

Campbell Hugh Macosquin Derry

Campbell James Banagher Derry

Campbell James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Campbell John Artrea Derry

Campbell John Cumber Upper Derry

Campbell John Dunboe Derry

Campbell John Kilcronaghan Derry

Campbell John Maghera Derry

Campbell John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Campbell John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Campbell John Tamlaghtard Derry

Campbell Mary Kilcronaghan Derry

Campbell Patrick Magherafelt Derry

Campbell Robert Clondermot Derry

Campbell Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Campbell Robert Derryloran Derry

Campbell Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

Campbell Samuel Maghera Derry

Campbell Samuel Templemore Derry

Campbell Samuel, Jr. Maghera Derry

Campbell Widow ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Campbell Widow Anne Kilcronaghan Derry

Campbell William Banagher Derry

Campbell William Magherafelt Derry

Campbell William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Cane Brian Balteagh Derry

Cane Charles Maghera Derry

Cane Henry Desertmartin Derry

Cane Henry Magherafelt Derry

Cane James Magherafelt Derry

Cane Michael Balteagh Derry

Cane Neal Maghera Derry

Cane Owen Maghera Derry

Cane Rowley Desertmartin Derry

Cannawin Hugh Arboe Derry

Canning Henry Dungiven Derry

Canning John Clondermot Derry

Canning John Errigal Derry

Canning Paul Banagher Derry

Canning Thomas Errigal Derry

Canning Widow ??? Banagher Derry

Canning William Maghera Derry

Cannon William Aghanloo Derry

Cannon William Cumber Upper Derry

Cannon William Drumachose Derry

Carey Arthur Desertmartin Derry

Carey James Desertlyn Derry

Carlan John Banagher Derry

Carlon James Cumber Upper Derry

Carlon Neal Cumber Upper Derry

Carlon Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Carlon Thomas Clondermot Derry

Carlon Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Carlton Charles Cumber Upper Derry

Carmichael Daniel Maghera Derry

Carmichael John Dungiven Derry

Carnaughan James Kilcronaghan Derry

Carnaughan Samuel Tamlaght Derry

Carney Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Carney Peter Ballynascreen Derry

Carney Thomas Ballynascreen Derry

Carney William Ballynascreen Derry

Carothers David Templemore Derry

Carothers John Faughanvale Derry

Carrick William Drumachose Derry

Carrol William Clondermot Derry

Carson Edward Cumber Upper Derry

Carson William Derryloran Derry

Carswell James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Carswell Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Carswell William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Carten Charles Dungiven Derry

Cartin Bryan Clondermot Derry

Carton Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

Carton John Faughanvale Derry

Carton Peter Cumber Upper Derry

Cashedy Francis Artrea Derry

Cashedy John Cumber Upper Derry

Caskey Andrew Dunboe Derry

Caskey Joseph Dunboe Derry

Caskey William Balteagh Derry

Casky Francis Maghera Derry

Casky James Desart Derry

Casky James Dunboe Derry

Cassidy Anne Aghanloo Derry

Cassidy Charles Artrea Derry

Cassidy Edward Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Cassidy Francis Desertoghill Derry

Cassidy John Templemore Derry

Cassidy Neil Desertoghill Derry

Cassidy Widow ??? Ballinderry Derry

Casten Michael Bovevagh Derry

Cathcart Gilbert Desertlyn Derry

Cathcart John Desertmartin Derry

Cathcart William Desertmartin Derry

Cather John Cumber Upper Derry

Cathers Alexander Clondermot Derry

Cathers William Clondermot Derry

Catherwood Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Catherwood Thomas Desertoghill Derry

Causland Con., Esq. Drumachose Derry

Cavanagh Garret Faughanvale Derry

Cavanagh Michael Faughanvale Derry

Chambers Hugh Artrea Derry

Cherry John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Cherry Nathaniel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Christy Andrew Cumber Upper Derry

Christy Andrew Errigal Derry

Christy Edward Cumber Upper Derry

Christy James Cumber Upper Derry

Christy Rev. David Clondermot Derry

Christy William Cumber Upper Derry

Christy William Errigal Derry

Church Jackson Desart Derry

Clark Alexander Maghera Derry

Clark Hugh Drumachose Derry

Clarke Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Clarke Antony Artrea Derry

Clarke Catherine Ballinderry Derry

Clarke Catherine Dunboe Derry

Clarke David Templemore Derry

Clarke Gabriel Artrea Derry

Clarke Jane Kilowen Derry

Clarke John Clondermot Derry

Clarke John Dunboe Derry

Clarke John Kilcronaghan Derry

Clarke John Kilowen Derry

Clarke John Magherafelt Derry

Clarke John, Sr. Dunboe Derry

Clarke Jonathan Dunboe Derry

Clarke Joseph Maghera Derry

Clarke Mary Kilcronaghan Derry

Clarke Mrs. ??? Desertlyn Derry

Clarke Robert Artrea Derry

Clarke Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

Clarke Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Clarke William Cumber Upper Derry

Clarke William Dungiven Derry

Clarke William Kilcronaghan Derry

Clarke William Kilowen Derry

Clarke William Maghera Derry

Clement Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Clements Dollaway Ballinderry Derry

Clements James Ballinderry Derry

Clements James Dunboe Derry

Clements John Ballinderry Derry

Clements Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Clendennen James Artrea Derry

Clendennin James Arboe Derry

Clendennin William Templemore Derry

Closkey John Ballynascreen Derry

Clyde James Balteagh Derry

Clyde Samuel Errigal Derry

Clyde William Tamlaghtard Derry

Cochlan Francis Drumachose Derry

Cochran Alexander Banagher Derry

Cochran Andrew Banagher Derry

Cochran Andrew Clondermot Derry

Cochran Edward Clondermot Derry

Cochran George Faughanvale Derry

Cochran James Banagher Derry

Cochran James Cumber Upper Derry

Cochran John Cumber Upper Derry

Cochran John Faughanvale Derry

Cochran John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Cochran Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Cochran Thomas Clondermot Derry

Cochran Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Cochran William Cumber Upper Derry

Cochran William Faughanvale Derry

Cochran William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Coheran Alexander Drumachose Derry

Coheran Alexander Errigal Derry

Coheran James Dunboe Derry

Coheran Joseph Dunboe Derry

Colgan Patrick Bovevagh Derry

Colgan Philip Tamlaghtard Derry

Colhoun Adam Clondermot Derry

Colhoun David Clondermot Derry

Colhoun David Cumber Upper Derry

Colhoun John Bovevagh Derry

Colhoun Robert Dungiven Derry

Colhoun William Dungiven Derry

Coll Bryan Clondermot Derry

Coll Michael Banagher Derry

Collins Daniel Clondermot Derry

Collins George Cumber Upper Derry

Collins Henry Artrea Derry

Collins Hill Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Collins James Cumber Upper Derry

Collins James Desertmartin Derry

Collins John Clondermot Derry

Collins John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Collins Mary Clondermot Derry

Collins Patrick Faughanvale Derry

Collons Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Colman James Bovevagh Derry

Colreran John Dunboe Derry

Coningham Peter Dunboe Derry

Conlon Anne Lissan Derry

Conlon James Lissan Derry

Conlon Michael Lissan Derry

Conlon Thomas Lissan Derry

Conn Gabriel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Conn James Cumber Upper Derry

Conn Joseph Tamlaghtard Derry

Connel David Tamlaghtard Derry

Connel Elizabeth Errigal Derry

Connel James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Connell Charles Errigal Derry

Connell James Errigal Derry

Connell John Desertoghill Derry

Connell John Errigal Derry

Connell John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Connell Patrick Errigal Derry

Conner James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Connery Peter Magherafelt Derry

Conney Widow ??? Banagher Derry

Connon Charles Artrea Derry

Connor Frederick Banagher Derry

Connor Hugh Banagher Derry

Connor Isaac Faughanvale Derry

Connor John Drumachose Derry

Connor John Faughanvale Derry

Connor Mary Balteagh Derry

Connor Richard Banagher Derry

Connor Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Connor Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Conway Edward Ballinderry Derry

Conway John Errigal Derry

Conwell Edward Artrea Derry

Conwell John Artrea Derry

Conwell John Magherafelt Derry

Conwell Patrick Artrea Derry

Conwill Hugh Artrea Derry

Conyngham James Errigal Derry

Conyngham James Tamlaghtard Derry

Conyngham Matthew Tamlaghtard Derry

Conyngham Robert Errigal Derry

Cook Matthew Bovevagh Derry

Cooper James Ballyscullion Derry

Cord William Tamlaght Derry

Corker Peter Banagher Derry

Corker Peter Faughanvale Derry

Cormick Shane Desertoghill Derry

Corr Arthur Arboe Derry

Corr Charles Arboe Derry

Corr Charles Derryloran Derry

Corr Henry Kilcronaghan Derry

Corr John Lissan Derry

Corr Michael Ballinderry Derry

Corr Owen Lissan Derry

Corr Patrick Arboe Derry

Cosgrave John Maghera Derry

Cosgrove Charles Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Hugh Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Murtagh Artrea Derry

Cosgrove Patrick Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Peter Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Philip Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Roger Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Thomas Ballinderry Derry

Cosgrove Widow ??? Maghera Derry

Courtney James Maghera Derry

Courtney Tdomas Magherafelt Derry

Cowan James Cumber Upper Derry

Cowan James Faughanvale Derry

Cowan Robert Faughanvale Derry

Cowan Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Cowan Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry

Cowan William Ballyscullion Derry

Cowsly Robert Desertmartin Derry

Coyle Bryan Templemore Derry

Coyle Charles Faughanvale Derry

Coyle Henry Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Coyle Richard, Jr. Faughanvale Derry

Coyle Richard, Sr. Faughanvale Derry

Craig James Faughanvale Derry

Craig John Banagher Derry

Craig John Dunboe Derry

Craig Robert Banagher Derry

Craig Robert Clondermot Derry

Craig Robert Desertlyn Derry

Craig Robert Faughanvale Derry

Craig Samuel Dunboe Derry

Craig Thomas Clondermot Derry

Craig Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Craig William Banagher Derry

Craig William Cumber Upper Derry

Crawford David Lissan Derry

Crawford Hugh Faughanvale Derry

Crawford Hugh Lissan Derry

Crawford James Aghadowey Derry

Crawford James Balteagh Derry

Crawford James Clondermot Derry

Crawford James Templemore Derry

Crawford John Aghadowey Derry

Crawford John Artrea Derry

Crawford John Faughanvale Derry

Creegan Finn Cumber Upper Derry

Creegan James Lissan Derry

Creighton Alexander Errigal Derry

Creighton Edward Clondermot Derry

Creighton Henry Banagher Derry

Creighton John Magherafelt Derry

Crelly Daniel Maghera Derry

Crelly James Maghera Derry

Crelly Patrick Maghera Derry

Crelly William Maghera Derry

Crilly Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Crilly Simon Ballynascreen Derry

Crilly Widow ??? Ballynascreen Derry

Crocket George Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Crooks Alexander Derryloran Derry

Cross James Clondermot Derry

Crossin John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Crozer John Ballinderry Derry

Crozet Eaton Desertlyn Derry

Crozet Richard Desertlyn Derry

Crozet Richard, Jr. Desertlyn Derry

Crozet Samuel Ballinderry Derry

Crozet William Artrea Derry

Crozet William Desertlyn Derry

Crumly Alexander Clondermot Derry

Crumly Charles Clondermot Derry

Crumly Hugh Clondermot Derry

Crumly James Clondermot Derry

Crummy Edward Dungiven Derry

Crummy Mark Dungiven Derry

Cudden Hugh Artrea Derry

Cudden William Artrea Derry

Cudder Henry Artrea Derry

Culbert Thomas Clondermot Derry

Culbert William Clondermot Derry

Culbert William Dunboe Derry

Culbertson Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Culbertson Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry

Cullons Thomas Clondermot Derry

Cullons William Clondermot Derry

Cummin James Templemore Derry

Cummins James Clondermot Derry

Cunning Edward Dunboe Derry

Cunning James Coleraine Derry

Cunning James Dunboe Derry

Cunning John Dunboe Derry

Cunning Margaret Dunboe Derry

Cunning Neal Dunboe Derry

Cunning Richard Dunboe Derry

Cunningham Adam Templemore Derry

Cunningham David Clondermot Derry

Cunningham Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Cunningham James Cumber Upper Derry

Cunningham John Faughanvale Derry

Cunningham Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Cunningham Samuel Dungiven Derry

Cunningham Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Cunningham William Cumber Upper Derry

Cunningham William Dungiven Derry

Cunninghan David Cumber Upper Derry

Curran John Cumber Upper Derry

Curran Michael Clondermot Derry

Curran Owen Cumber Upper Derry

Curry Andrew Clondermot Derry

Curry Arthur Macosquin Derry

Curry John Clondermot Derry

Curry Martha Clondermot Derry

Curry William Templemore Derry

Cushly Bernard Tamlaght Derry

Cushly Bryan Tamlaght Derry

Cushly Daniel Artrea Derry

Cushly Edward Tamlaght Derry

Cushly Francis Artrea Derry

Cushly James Artrea Derry

Cushly Thomas Ballyscullion Derry

Cust John Tamlaghtard Derry

Dale Joshua Magherafelt Derry

Dalis William Aghadowey Derry

Dallas Joseph Dungiven Derry

Dalrmyple Joseph Errigal Derry

Daly John Bovevagh Derry

Daly Patrick Bovevagh Derry

Daly Simon Artrea Derry

Darragh Samuel Clondermot Derry

Daugherty Philip Clondermot Derry

Davis John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Davis Widow Mary Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Davis William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Davise William Faughanvale Derry

Davison Andrew Lissan Derry

Davison Elizabeth Artrea Derry

Davison George Artrea Derry

Davison James Desertlyn Derry

Davison James Lissan Derry

Davison John Ballyscullion Derry

Davison Robert Artrea Derry

Davison Robert Ballyscullion Derry

Davison Robert Desertlyn Derry

Davison Robert Lissan Derry

Davison Widow ??? Tamlaght Derry

Davison William Templemore Derry

Davy Charles Desertmartin Derry

Dawlis George Desertoghill Derry

Dawson Richard Magherafelt Derry

Deehan John Cumber Upper Derry

Deehan Neal Cumber Upper Derry

Deehan Peter Cumber Upper Derry

Deens Archibald Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Deens James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Deeny John Cumber Upper Derry

Deerish Patrick Dungiven Derry

Deery Bernard Magherafelt Derry

Deery George Cumber Upper Derry

Deery James Clondermot Derry

Deery William Cumber Upper Derry

Delap Unknown Templemore Derry

Dempsy James Errigal Derry

Deneston William Clondermot Derry

Deniston George Derryloran Derry

Densmore James Templemore Derry

Derey James Clondermot Derry

Derey Robert Clondermot Derry

Dermot George Cumber Upper Derry

Develin Bernard Artrea Derry

Devenny Henry Clondermot Derry

Devenny James Faughanvale Derry

Devenny Owen Faughanvale Derry

Devin Knogher Clondermot Derry

Devlin Bryan Artrea Derry

Devlin Charles Maghera Derry

Devlin Denis Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Devlin Edward Artrea Derry

Devlin Edward Desertlyn Derry

Devlin Francis Artrea Derry

Devlin George Cumber Upper Derry

Devlin George Derryloran Derry

Devlin Henry Desertmartin Derry

Devlin Henry Lissan Derry

Devlin Hugh Artrea Derry

Devlin Hugh Ballinderry Derry

Devlin James Clondermot Derry

Devlin James Cumber Upper Derry

Devlin James Lissan Derry

Devlin John Arboe Derry

Devlin John Magherafelt Derry

Devlin Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Devlin Neal Faughanvale Derry

Devlin Owen Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Devlin Patrick Ballinderry Derry

Devlin Patrick Desertlyn Derry

Devlin Patrick Lissan Derry

Devlin Peter Lissan Derry

Devlin Philip Artrea Derry

Devlin Philip Lissan Derry

Devlin Rose Desertmartin Derry

Diamond Daniel Artrea Derry

Diamond James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Diamond John Ballynascreen Derry

Diamond John Ballyscullion Derry

Diamond Neal Maghera Derry

Diamond Patrick Balteagh Derry

Diamond Rev. John Banagher Derry

Dick John Clondermot Derry

Dick Joseph Aghanloo Derry

Dickan Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Dickey James Drumachose Derry

Dickey John Drumachose Derry

Dickey Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Dickey William Drumachose Derry

Dickson Brown Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Dickson Francis Ballyscullion Derry

Dickson James Cumber Upper Derry

Dickson Joseph Kilcronaghan Derry

Dickson Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

Dillon Dr. Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Dillon Hugh Balteagh Derry

Dillon Patrick Clondermot Derry

Dining James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Dining Widow Mary Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Dinning John Drumachose Derry

Dinning Mary Dungiven Derry

Dinning William Drumachose Derry

Dinsmore James Clondermot Derry

Dinsmore John Clondermot Derry

Dinsmore Susannah Balteagh Derry

Ditty Anne Magherafelt Derry

Ditty Bell Magherafelt Derry

Ditty William Arboe Derry

Divan Charles Cumber Upper Derry

Divan Michael Faughanvale Derry

Divan Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Diven John Banagher Derry

Diven Patrick Banagher Derry

Diven William Aghanloo Derry

Diver William Templemore Derry

Divin Charles Cumber Upper Derry

Divin James Cumber Upper Derry

Doak Margaret Templemore Derry

Dobbin William Magherafelt Derry

Dodds Andrew Aghanloo Derry

Dodds James Aghanloo Derry

Dogherty Daniel Artrea Derry

Dogherty Henry Cumber Upper Derry

Dogherty William Banagher Derry

Doherry Patrick Kilowen Derry

Doherty Anthony Dunboe Derry

Doherty Anthony Tamlaght Derry

Doherty Bryan Dunboe Derry

Doherty Charles Errigal Derry

Doherty Edward Tamlaghtard Derry

Doherty Hugh Dunboe Derry

Doherty John Dunboe Derry

Doherty Michael Dunboe Derry

Doherty Owen Aghanloo Derry

Doherty Patrick Tamlaghtard Derry

Doherty Richard Dunboe Derry

Doherty Robert Dunboe Derry

Doherty Roger Dunboe Derry

Doherty Rose Aghadowey Derry

Doherty William Dunboe Derry

Donaghey Bryan Bovevagh Derry

Donaghey Charles Clondermot Derry

Donaghey Eliza Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghey Francis Bovevagh Derry

Donaghey George Faughanvale Derry

Donaghey Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghey James Bovevagh Derry

Donaghey James Clondermot Derry

Donaghey James Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghey Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghey Nicholas Ballinderry Derry

Donaghey Owen Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghey Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghey Phelemy Bovevagh Derry

Donaghey Philip Ballinderry Derry

Donaghey William Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghy Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Donaghy James Ballinderry Derry

Donald John Banagher Derry

Donald Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Donelly James Dunboe Derry

Donly John Desertmartin Derry

Donly Philip Desertmartin Derry

Donnaghy Arthur Arboe Derry

Donnaghy Edward Arboe Derry

Donnaghy Edward Artrea Derry

Donnaghy Hugh Desertmartin Derry

Donnaghy John Artrea Derry

Donnaghy John Cumber Upper Derry

Donnaghy Michael Arboe Derry

Donnaghy Patrick Arboe Derry

Donnaghy Widow ??? Arboe Derry

Donnaughy Hugh Arboe Derry

Donnel Robert Clondermot Derry

Donnell Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Donnell John Clondermot Derry

Donnell John Templemore Derry

Donnelly Bernard Ballinderry Derry

Donnelly Dominic Clondermot Derry

Donnelly Francis Artrea Derry

Donnelly Francis Ballinderry Derry

Donnelly Francis Magherafelt Derry

Donnelly John Artrea Derry

Donnelly John Ballinderry Derry

Donnelly Michael Lissan Derry

Donnelly Neal Ballinderry Derry

Donnelly Patrick Clondermot Derry

Donnelly Peter Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Doogal Rev. George Magherafelt Derry

Doogan Patrick Ballynascreen Derry

Dooress Michael Maghera Derry

Doragh Daniel Errigal Derry

Dorrance Samuel Desertoghill Derry

Doudle Bridget Desertlyn Derry

Dougal William Desertlyn Derry

Dougherty Abraham Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Andrew Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty Audley Bovevagh Derry

Dougherty Barney Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Dougherty Charles Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Daniel Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Daniel Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty Daniel Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty Dennis Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Edward Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty Edward Templemore Derry

Dougherty Francis Clondermot Derry

Dougherty George Clondermot Derry

Dougherty George Templemore Derry

Dougherty Henry Maghera Derry

Dougherty Hugh Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Hugh Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty James Clondermot Derry

Dougherty James Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty James Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty James Tamlaghtard Derry

Dougherty James Templemore Derry

Dougherty John Banagher Derry

Dougherty John Clondermot Derry

Dougherty John Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty John Dungiven Derry

Dougherty John Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty John Tamlaghtard Derry

Dougherty Joseph Banagher Derry

Dougherty Lavry Bovevagh Derry

Dougherty Michael Bovevagh Derry

Dougherty Michael Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty Neal Templemore Derry

Dougherty Owen Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Owen Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty Philip Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty Shane Dungiven Derry

Dougherty Thomas Clondermot Derry

Dougherty Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty Widow ??? Clondermot Derry

Dougherty William Clondermot Derry

Dougherty William Cumber Upper Derry

Dougherty William Faughanvale Derry

Dougherty William Templemore Derry

Douglas Elizabeth Dungiven Derry

Douglas James Bovevagh Derry

Douglas James Dungiven Derry

Douglas Mrs. ??? Bovevagh Derry

Douglas Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Douglas Widow ??? Magherafelt Derry

Douglas William, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

Douglas William, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

Douglass Isaac Clondermot Derry

Douglass James Balteagh Derry

Douglass John Clondermot Derry

Douglass Robert Clondermot Derry

Douny James Tamlaght Derry

Dowdal Arthur Maghera Derry

Dowdal Charles Ballyscullion Derry

Dowgal William Cumber Upper Derry

Dowling John, Jr. Maghera Derry

Downes William Drumachose Derry

Downing Daniel Maghera Derry

Downing Dawson Ballyscullion Derry

Downing George Maghera Derry

Downing James Termoneeny Derry

Downing John Maghera Derry

Downing Samuel Termoneeny Derry

Downing Stawford Maghera Derry

Downing William Maghera Derry

Downs James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Dowthart James Drumachose Derry

Doyle Hugh Lissan Derry

Doyle John Desertmartin Derry

Doyle Patrick Lissan Derry

Doyle Philip Lissan Derry

Drake John Ballyscullion Derry

Drennan Jane Arboe Derry

Drennan Thomas Arboe Derry

Drenon Widow ??? Lissan Derry

Dreps Matthew Maghera Derry

Drips James Maghera Derry

Drips Samuel Maghera Derry

Duart James Artrea Derry

Duddy Daniel Cumber Upper Derry

Duddy Denis Faughanvale Derry

Duddy Hugh Faughanvale Derry

Duddy James Faughanvale Derry

Duddy John Faughanvale Derry

Duddy Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Duddy Richard Cumber Upper Derry

Duddy William Faughanvale Derry

Duffin James Artrea Derry

Duncan David Magherafelt Derry

Duncan James Artrea Derry

Duncan John Maghera Derry

Duncan John Magherafelt Derry

Duncan Joseph Magherafelt Derry

Duncan Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Duncan William Maghera Derry

Duncan William Magherafelt Derry

Duncan William Templemore Derry

Dunlap Archibald Dungiven Derry

Dunlap Henry Cumber Upper Derry

Dunlap Hugh Dungiven Derry

Dunlap James Bovevagh Derry

Dunlap James Desertmartin Derry

Dunlap James Dunboe Derry

Dunlap James Faughanvale Derry

Dunlap James Kilcronaghan Derry

Dunlap John Desertoghill Derry

Dunlap John Templemore Derry

Dunlap Mathew Clondermot Derry

Dunlap Robert Aghanloo Derry

Dunlap Samuel Ballywillin Derry

Dunlap Thomas Ballywillin Derry

Dunlap Thomas Dunboe Derry

Dunlap Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Dunlap William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Dunn Andrew Cumber Upper Derry

Dunn David Ballinderry Derry

Dunn James Clondermot Derry

Dunn John Clondermot Derry

Dunn John Cumber Upper Derry

Dunn John Faughanvale Derry

Dunn Robert Clondermot Derry

Dunn Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Dunn Samuel Dunboe Derry

Dunn Thomas Artrea Derry

Dunn Widow ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Duns Alexander, Sr. Dungiven Derry

Duns Anne Dungiven Derry

Duns Hans Dungiven Derry

Duns John Dungiven Derry

Duns Samuel Balteagh Derry

Duns Thomas Dungiven Derry

Dunsheeth Anne Lissan Derry

Dychen John Faughanvale Derry

Dyermond Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

Dyermond James Dunboe Derry

Dyermond John Desertoghill Derry

Dyermond Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Dyermond Patrick Tamlaghtard Derry

Dysart Ezekiel Templemore Derry

Dysart James Aghanloo Derry

Dysart John Aghanloo Derry

Dysart Robert Templemore Derry

Dysart William Templemore Derry

Eagan John Cumber Upper Derry

Eagleson John Dunboe Derry

Eagleson William Dunboe Derry

Eakin Robert Banagher Derry

Early Isaac Desertlyn Derry

Eason John Aghanloo Derry

Ebrim Michael Clondermot Derry

Eccles Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Edwards John Templemore Derry

Eesy James Faughanvale Derry

Ekin Gabriel Artrea Derry

Ekin John Artrea Derry

Ekin John Tamlaght Derry

Ekin Thomas Artrea Derry

Ekin William Artrea Derry

Elberson Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Elder Elizabeth Templemore Derry

Elder James Errigal Derry

Elder John Errigal Derry

Elder William Desertoghill Derry

Elliot Boyd Kilrea Derry

Elliott Arthur Clondermot Derry

Elliott Robert Clondermot Derry

Elliott Thomas Clondermot Derry

Ellis Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Ellis James Cumber Upper Derry

Ellis John Clondermot Derry

Ellis Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Ellis Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Ellis William Cumber Upper Derry

Ellison John Kilcronaghan Derry

Espy David Lissan Derry

Espy Edward Artrea Derry

Evans Edward Magherafelt Derry

Evans John Termoneeny Derry

Evans Lawson Termoneeny Derry

Evans William Termoneeny Derry

Ewing Alexander Faughanvale Derry

Ewing Benjamin Drumachose Derry

Ewing George Templemore Derry

Ewing James Desertmartin Derry

Ewing Joseph Templemore Derry

Fairy Edward Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Faith William Dungiven Derry

Falkendar James Cumber Upper Derry

Fanning Rev. Audly Ballyscullion Derry

Faron Bryan Templemore Derry

Faron Edward Faughanvale Derry

Faron Edward Templemore Derry

Faron William Templemore Derry

Farrel Hugh Desertmartin Derry

Farrell Roger Magherafelt Derry

Farrell William Ballyscullion Derry

Faulkner John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Faulkner Robert Lissan Derry

Faulkner Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Faulkner Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Faulkner William Lissan Derry

Feaney James Artrea Derry

Feaney Neil Artrea Derry

Feanny Neal Artrea Derry

Fedlie Patrick Faughanvale Derry

Feeney James Cumber Upper Derry

Feeney Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Feeny James Cumber Upper Derry

Feeny Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Feeny Robert Balteagh Derry

Feeny Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Feland Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Felland James Desertmartin Derry

Fenell James Dunboe Derry

Feney Barnaby Tamlaght Derry

Fenny Thomas Artrea Derry

Feny Forgy Ballinderry Derry

Ferdy Patrick Artrea Derry

Ferguson Andrew Balteagh Derry

Ferguson Daniel Clondermot Derry

Ferguson Henry Dungiven Derry

Ferguson James Dungiven Derry

Ferguson James Tamlaght Derry

Ferguson John Bovevagh Derry

Ferguson John Clondermot Derry

Ferguson Malcolm Bovevagh Derry

Ferguson Matthew Drumachose Derry

Ferguson Robert Bovevagh Derry

Ferguson Sarah Arboe Derry

Ferguson Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Ferrier Andrew Maghera Derry

Ferris William Desertlyn Derry

Ferson James Artrea Derry

Ferson John Dungiven Derry

Fields George Tamlaght Derry

Fields Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Fimmeny Daniel Arboe Derry

Fimmeny Daniel Derryloran Derry

Fimmeny Michael Arboe Derry

Fimminy Mary Derryloran Derry

Finlay Alexander Drumachose Derry

Fisher Eliza Templemore Derry

Fisher William Aghanloo Derry

Fleming Abraham Templemore Derry

Fleming George Bovevagh Derry

Fleming Isaac Bovevagh Derry

Fleming James Balteagh Derry

Fleming James Banagher Derry

Fleming James Dunboe Derry

Fleming John Bovevagh Derry

Fleming Joseph Templemore Derry

Fleming Richard Banagher Derry

Fleming Robert Dunboe Derry

Fleming Thomas Banagher Derry

Fleming William Desertmartin Derry

Fleming William Tamlaghtard Derry

Floyd Peter Templemore Derry

Foghhill Goerge Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Folliard Henry Templemore Derry

Foner James Artrea Derry

Foner Roger Artrea Derry

Forbes Jane Artrea Derry

Forde James Dunboe Derry

Foresythe Matthew Drumachose Derry

Forrest James Balteagh Derry

Forrest James Faughanvale Derry

Forrest Mark Faughanvale Derry

Forrest Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Forrest William Bovevagh Derry

Forrester John Banagher Derry

Forrester Michael Banagher Derry

Forrister Alexander Desertoghill Derry

Forsyth David Faughanvale Derry

Forsyth John Lissan Derry

Forsyth William Faughanvale Derry

Forsyth William Lissan Derry

Forsyth William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Forsythe Alexander Aghanloo Derry

Forsythe Henry Aghanloo Derry

Forsythe Henry Desertlyn Derry

Forsythe Isaac Drumachose Derry

Forsythe Jacob Aghanloo Derry

Forsythe John Aghanloo Derry

Forsythe John Balteagh Derry

Forsythe John Templemore Derry

Forsythe Robert Aghanloo Derry

Forsythe Robert Balteagh Derry

Forsythe William Balteagh Derry

Foster Adam Clondermot Derry

Foster Ebenezer Clondermot Derry

Foster Francis Templemore Derry

Foster Robert Ballyscullion Derry

Fowler William Desertmartin Derry

Fowler William Lissan Derry

Freaner Bryan Kilcronaghan Derry

Freaner Daniel Kilcronaghan Derry

Freaner James Kilcronaghan Derry

Freel Barnaby Cumber Upper Derry

Fresly Michael Faughanvale Derry

Frimble Joseph Kilcronaghan Derry

Fulerton John Desart Derry

Fullerton Archibald Desart Derry

Fullerton James Maghera Derry

Fullerton Robert Maghera Derry

Fullerton William Clondermot Derry

Fulton Andrew Drumachose Derry

Fulton Andrew Templemore Derry

Fulton Samuel Drumachose Derry

Fulton Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Fumbleson Thomas Artrea Derry

Funy James Balteagh Derry

Furlow Joseph Errigal Derry

Gage Marcus Tamlaghtard Derry

Galagher James Clondermot Derry

Galagher Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Galaugher John Faughanvale Derry

Galaugher Joseph Templemore Derry

Gallagher Andrew Clondermot Derry

Gallagher Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Gallaugher Hugh Ballynascreen Derry

Gallaway William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Galt Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Gamble James Cumber Upper Derry

Gamble John Desertoghill Derry

Gamble Nathaniel Templemore Derry

Gamble Roberet Drumachose Derry

Gamble William Desertoghill Derry

Garahon Jane Cumber Upper Derry

Gardner Robert Clondermot Derry

Gardner William Clondermot Derry

Garner Charles Maghera Derry

Garner John Desertmartin Derry

Garven John Magherafelt Derry

Garven Richard Magherafelt Derry

Gault Robert Kilrea Derry

Gay James Clondermot Derry

Gay John Bovevagh Derry

Gay John Clondermot Derry

Gay Matthew Bovevagh Derry

Gay Robert Clondermot Derry

George Adam Faughanvale Derry

George Archibald Aghanloo Derry

George Gabriel Tamlaght Derry

George James Artrea Derry

George James Dungiven Derry

George John Balteagh Derry

George Matthew Tamlaght Derry

George Robert Dungiven Derry

George Samuel Balteagh Derry

George Sarah Balteagh Derry

George William Artrea Derry

George William Dungiven Derry

George William Tamlaght Derry

George William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Getty John Faughanvale Derry

Getty Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Gibbon Neal Aghanloo Derry

Gibson George Arboe Derry

Gibson James Cumber Upper Derry

Gibson John Cumber Upper Derry

Gibson John Dungiven Derry

Gibson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Gibson Joseph Templemore Derry

Gibson Mathew Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gibson Samuel Magherafelt Derry

Gibson Samuel Templemore Derry

Gibson Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Gibson William Cumber Upper Derry

Giffin John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Giffin Joseph Dunboe Derry

Giffin Robert Dunboe Derry

Gilespy Denis Templemore Derry

Gilfeland Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Gilfilland James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Gilfilland John Clondermot Derry

Gilfilland John Faughanvale Derry

Gilfilland Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Gilfilland William Faughanvale Derry

Gilfilliland John Faughanvale Derry

Gilkey Andrew Clondermot Derry

Gilkey Charles Clondermot Derry

Gill John Desertmartin Derry

Gillan Charles Faughanvale Derry

Gillan Henry Dunboe Derry

Gillan James Tamlaghtard Derry

Gillart James Templemore Derry

Gillespie Henry Faughanvale Derry

Gillespie Peter Cumber Upper Derry

Gillespie William Faughanvale Derry

Gillespy John Desertmartin Derry

Gillespy Neal Clondermot Derry

Gillespy Paul Templemore Derry

Gillespy Phillip Templemore Derry

Gilliland David Faughanvale Derry

Gilliland John Faughanvale Derry

Gilliland Matthew Faughanvale Derry

Gilliland Robert Faughanvale Derry

Gilliland William Faughanvale Derry

Gillon Edward Magherafelt Derry

Gillon Hugh Desertmartin Derry

Gilmere Robert Errigal Derry

Gilmon Charles Artrea Derry

Gilmor John Artrea Derry

Gilmor Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Gilmore David Desart Derry

Gilmore James Aghadowey Derry

Gilmore James Errigal Derry

Gilmore James Faughanvale Derry

Gilmore James Magherafelt Derry

Gilmore John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Gilmore John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gilmore Robert Aghadowey Derry

Gilmore Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gilmore Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Gilmore Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gilmore Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry

Gilmore William Errigal Derry

Gilmore William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gitty Andrew Clondermot Derry

Gitty John Clondermot Derry

Glasgow John Desertoghill Derry

Glen Elizabeth Templemore Derry

Glen Jane Aghanloo Derry

Glen William Ballywillin Derry

Glen William Drumachose Derry

Glendenning William Lissan Derry

Glenhome Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Glindee John Faughanvale Derry

Glindee Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Glindee William Faughanvale Derry

Glinn James Faughanvale Derry

Glinn Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Glinn William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Glynn Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Godfrey James Ballyscullion Derry

Godfrey Thomas Ballyscullion Derry

Godfrey Thomas Clondermot Derry

Gold John Errigal Derry

Gordon James Bovevagh Derry

Gordon John Bovevagh Derry

Gordon John Desertlyn Derry

Gordon Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Gordon Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Gorman Denis Templemore Derry

Gormley Manus Cumber Upper Derry

Gormley Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Gormley Owen Banagher Derry

Gormly James Clondermot Derry

Gormly Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Gormly Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Gormly Philip Cumber Upper Derry

Gortree John Ballyscullion Derry

Gowley William Derryloran Derry

Graham Archibald Maghera Derry

Graham Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Graham George Desertlyn Derry

Graham James Desertlyn Derry

Graham James Maghera Derry

Graham John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Graham Walter Maghera Derry

Graham Widow Jane Desart Derry

Grant Daniel Ballynascreen Derry

Graves Samuel Magherafelt Derry

Graves William Artrea Derry

Gray David Clondermot Derry

Gray James Aghadowey Derry

Gray John Dungiven Derry

Gray John Maghera Derry

Gray John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gray Rev. Francis Bovevagh Derry

Gray Robert Maghera Derry

Gray Thomas Errigal Derry

Gray William Maghera Derry

Greave James Cumber Upper Derry

Greave Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Green Ralph Clondermot Derry

Greer Andrew Artrea Derry

Greer James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Gregg Paul Aghanloo Derry

Gregory John Macosquin Derry

Greive Hugh Banagher Derry

Gribbon Henry Artrea Derry

Gribbon Patrick Desertlyn Derry

Grier Andrew Aghadowey Derry

Grier Thomas Aghadowey Derry

Grier William Aghadowey Derry

Grieve Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Grimbly Robert Aghanloo Derry

Grimes David Clondermot Derry

Grimes John Templemore Derry

Grimes William Clondermot Derry

Grogan John Artrea Derry

Gromley Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Groves Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Gruve Walter Clondermot Derry

Guckian Hugh Ballinderry Derry

Guren James Clondermot Derry

Gurn James Dungiven Derry

Guthrie James, Sr. Faughanvale Derry

Guthrie Robert Faughanvale Derry

Guthrie Robert, Jr. Faughanvale Derry

Guthrie William Faughanvale Derry

Guy John Cumber Upper Derry

Guy John, Jr. Faughanvale Derry

Guy John, Sr. Faughanvale Derry

Guy Robert Faughanvale Derry

Guy William Cumber Upper Derry

Gwin Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Gwyn Andrew Clondermot Derry

Gylar James Banagher Derry

Hagan Arthur Banagher Derry

Hagan Arthur Desertmartin Derry

Hagan Bridget Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Hagan Charles Magherafelt Derry

Hagan John Magherafelt Derry

Hagan Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Hagan Patrick Desertoghill Derry

Haggan George Arboe Derry

Haggan Henry Desertmartin Derry

Haggan John Arboe Derry

Haggan John Desertmartin Derry

Haggan Patrick Arboe Derry

Haggan Patrick Artrea Derry

Haggan Patrick Ballinderry Derry

Hair Alexander Faughanvale Derry

Hair George Faughanvale Derry

Hairland Thomas Banagher Derry

Halfpenny John Desertlyn Derry

Hall James Clondermot Derry

Hall Joseph Clondermot Derry

Hall Robert Clondermot Derry

Hall Thomas Clondermot Derry

Hamill William Artrea Derry

Hamilton Adam Ballywillin Derry

Hamilton Andrew Clondermot Derry

Hamilton Andrew Templemore Derry

Hamilton Eccles Arboe Derry

Hamilton Henry Ballynascreen Derry

Hamilton Henry Clondermot Derry

Hamilton James Bovevagh Derry

Hamilton James Tamlaght Derry

Hamilton James Templemore Derry

Hamilton John Ballynascreen Derry

Hamilton John Banagher Derry

Hamilton John Cumber Upper Derry

Hamilton Joseph Balteagh Derry

Hamilton Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

Hamilton Rev. William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hamilton Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Hamilton Robert Faughanvale Derry

Hamilton Stephen Clondermot Derry

Hamilton William Bovevagh Derry

Hamilton William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Hamilton Wrath Cumber Upper Derry

Hammerslay James Magherafelt Derry

Hammond William Magherafelt Derry

Hamphill Joseph Aghanloo Derry

Hampsay Richard Dunboe Derry

Hampson Bryan Banagher Derry

Hampson Darby Banagher Derry

Hampson Denis Banagher Derry

Hampson Henry Banagher Derry

Hampson John Banagher Derry

Hampson Manus Banagher Derry

Hancock John Cumber Upper Derry

Hancock Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Handcock Henry Clondermot Derry

Hanna Robert Clondermot Derry

Hanna Samuel Clondermot Derry

Happer James Kilcronaghan Derry

Happer John Desertlyn Derry

Harbison Matthew Magherafelt Derry

Hare Daniel Clondermot Derry

Hare James Clondermot Derry

Hare William Clondermot Derry

Hargan Denis Clondermot Derry

Harkin Patrick Errigal Derry

Harkness Robert Derryloran Derry

Harkness Thomas Lissan Derry

Harkness Widow ??? Derryloran Derry

Harkness William Lissan Derry

Harper John Clondermot Derry

Harper Rev. James Termoneeny Derry

Harpur Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Harret Eleanor Clondermot Derry

Harrett Edward Clondermot Derry

Harris James Cumber Upper Derry

Hartley Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Harvey Daniel Drumachose Derry

Harvey James Macosquin Derry

Haslatt James Cumber Upper Derry

Haslet George Kilcronaghan Derry

Haslet John Bovevagh Derry

Haslet John Cumber Upper Derry

Haslet Robert Bovevagh Derry

Haslet Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Haslet Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Haslet William Bovevagh Derry

Haslet William Kilcronaghan Derry

Haslett George Bovevagh Derry

Haslett Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

Haslett Robert, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Haslett William Aghanloo Derry

Hassan George Cumber Upper Derry

Hasson Barny Cumber Upper Derry

Hasson John Cumber Upper Derry

Hasson Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Hasty James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Hatrick James Clondermot Derry

Hatrick James Templemore Derry

Hatrick Joshua Templemore Derry

Hatrick William Templemore Derry

Haveland Bryan Banagher Derry

Haveland James Banagher Derry

Haveland James, Sr. Banagher Derry

Haveland Patrick Banagher Derry

Haveland Thomas Banagher Derry

Havlin Patrick Brigadier Banagher Derry

Haw Archibald Termoneeny Derry

Haw Samuel Termoneeny Derry

Hawthorn Richard Magherafelt Derry

Hayes James Artrea Derry

Haze Andrew Magherafelt Derry

Healy Barny Bovevagh Derry

Healy Patrick Bovevagh Derry

Heany Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Heany James Bovevagh Derry

Heany John Bovevagh Derry

Heany John Dungiven Derry

Heany Michael Templemore Derry

Heany Patrick Banagher Derry

Heany Patrick Bovevagh Derry

Heery William Cumber Upper Derry

Heevry Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry

Helferty Bernard Desertmartin Derry

Hemphil James Tamlaghtard Derry

Hemphill James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Henderson George Ballynascreen Derry

Henderson James Clondermot Derry

Henderson John Ballyscullion Derry

Henderson John Derryloran Derry

Henderson Mathew Clondermot Derry

Henderson Ralph Artrea Derry

Henderson Thomas Arboe Derry

Henderson Thomas Kilrea Derry

Henderson William Ballynascreen Derry

Henderson William Kilcronaghan Derry

Heney Murtagh Lissan Derry

Henry Andrew Derryloran Derry

Henry Charles Artrea Derry

Henry Daniel Desertmartin Derry

Henry Edward Desertmartin Derry

Henry Francis Maghera Derry

Henry Henry Maghera Derry

Henry Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Henry James Aghadowey Derry

Henry James Clondermot Derry

Henry James Cumber Upper Derry

Henry James Desertmartin Derry

Henry James Killelagh Derry

Henry John Aghadowey Derry

Henry John Aghanloo Derry

Henry John Balteagh Derry

Henry John Clondermot Derry

Henry John Cumber Upper Derry

Henry John Dungiven Derry

Henry John Kilcronaghan Derry

Henry John Lissan Derry

Henry Joseph Banagher Derry

Henry Joseph Desertmartin Derry

Henry Marvin Faughanvale Derry

Henry Matthew Aghanloo Derry

Henry Michael Lissan Derry

Henry Owen Ballinderry Derry

Henry Patrick Derryloran Derry

Henry Patrick Kilcronaghan Derry

Henry Patrick Magherafelt Derry

Henry Philip Maghera Derry

Henry Robert Clondermot Derry

Henry Robert Desertmartin Derry

Henry Thomas Clondermot Derry

Henry Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Henry Thomas Desertmartin Derry

Henry Thomas Kilcronaghan Derry

Henry Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Henry Widow ??? Lissan Derry

Henry William Clondermot Derry

Henry William Desertmartin Derry

Henry William Faughanvale Derry

Henry William Macosquin Derry

Herriss George Tamlaght Derry

Herriss Robert Desertlyn Derry

Herriss William Tamlaght Derry

Hertiss Samuel Desertlyn Derry

Heruss James Derryloran Derry

Hervy William Templemore Derry

Hesey William Faughanvale Derry

Hessan Alexander Clondermot Derry

Hessan Bryan Banagher Derry

Hessan Cormick Banagher Derry

Hessan Daniel Banagher Derry

Hessan Denis Banagher Derry

Hessan Francis Banagher Derry

Hessan George Clondermot Derry

Hessan Hugh Banagher Derry

Hessan Hugh, Jr. Banagher Derry

Hessan Hugh, Sr. Banagher Derry

Hessan John Banagher Derry

Hessan Michael Banagher Derry

Hessan Patrick Banagher Derry

Hessan Teague Banagher Derry

Hessan Thomas Banagher Derry

Hesson Alexander Desertmartin Derry

Hesson Hugh Desertmartin Derry

Hesson James Desertmartin Derry

Hesson Samuel Desertmartin Derry

Hesson William Desertmartin Derry

Heylands John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hicks William Dunboe Derry

Higarty John Drumachose Derry

Higgans John Errigal Derry

Higgans Owen Errigal Derry

Higgarty Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Higgerty Francis Kilrea Derry

Higgins John Desertmartin Derry

Higgins Myles Desertmartin Derry

Hill Hugh Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Hill Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Hill William Arboe Derry

Hillas William Maghera Derry

Hindman David Clondermot Derry

Hindman George Dunboe Derry

Hindman James Artrea Derry

Hindman James Faughanvale Derry

Hindman John Balteagh Derry

Hindman John Clondermot Derry

Hindman Samuel Maghera Derry

Hindman William Clondermot Derry

Hinds James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Hodge Anne Drumachose Derry

Hodge Jane Balteagh Derry

Hogetin John Drumachose Derry

Hogg Alexander Artrea Derry

Hogg James Artrea Derry

Hogg John Arboe Derry

Hogg John Derryloran Derry

Hogg Robert Tamlaght Derry

Hogstin James Balteagh Derry

Hogstin Thomas Balteagh Derry

Hogstin William Balteagh Derry

Holland John Artrea Derry

Holland Stephen Faughanvale Derry

Holmes Daniel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Holmes David Bovevagh Derry

Holmes Eliza Bovevagh Derry

Holmes George Desertoghill Derry

Holmes James Desertoghill Derry

Holmes James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hone Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Hopkins Alexander Aghanloo Derry

Hopkins David Drumachose Derry

Hopkins James Aghanloo Derry

Hopkins James Cumber Upper Derry

Hopkins James Drumachose Derry

Hopkins James, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Hopkins John Bovevagh Derry

Hopkins John Desertoghill Derry

Hopkins William Ballywillin Derry

Hopkins William Balteagh Derry

Hopkins William Cumber Upper Derry

Horner ??? Templemore Derry

Horner Anne Balteagh Derry

Horner James Bovevagh Derry

Horner John Balteagh Derry

Horner Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Huey James Faughanvale Derry

Hughes Henry Artrea Derry

Hughes James Desertmartin Derry

Hughes John Aghadowey Derry

Hughes Thomas Kilcronaghan Derry

Hughes William Desertmartin Derry

Hughston John Kilcronaghan Derry

Hughston Thomas Termoneeny Derry

Hull Cornelia Ballinderry Derry

Hull Thomas Maghera Derry

Hull Thomas, Jr. Aghanloo Derry

Hull Thomas, Sr. Aghanloo Derry

Hull William Artrea Derry

Humphrey Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

Humphreys Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Hunter Andrew Agivey Derry

Hunter Andrew Clondermot Derry

Hunter Andrew Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hunter Eliza Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hunter George Clondermot Derry

Hunter James Clondermot Derry

Hunter James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hunter Jane Bovevagh Derry

Hunter John Desertlyn Derry

Hunter John Faughanvale Derry

Hunter John Kilcronaghan Derry

Hunter Joseph Desertmartin Derry

Hunter Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Hunter Robert Agivey Derry

Hunter Robert Desertlyn Derry

Hunter Samuel Errigal Derry

Hunter Widow ??? Clondermot Derry

Hunter William Bovevagh Derry

Hunter William Desertlyn Derry

Hunter William Desertoghill Derry

Hunter William Dunboe Derry

Hunter William Lissan Derry

Hunter William Magherafelt Derry

Hunter William Templemore Derry

Hunter William, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

Hustin John Kilowen Derry

Huston Hugh Dunboe Derry

Huston James Faughanvale Derry

Huston James Maghera Derry

Huston Joseph Clondermot Derry

Huston Joseph Maghera Derry

Huston Moses Artrea Derry

Huston Patrick Kilcronaghan Derry

Huston Peter Cumber Upper Derry

Huston Robert Balteagh Derry

Huston Samuel Maghera Derry

Huston Widow ??? Maghera Derry

Hutcheson Robert Ballynascreen Derry

Hutcheson Thomas Lissan Derry

Hutcheson William Lissan Derry

Hutchinson Esther Dunboe Derry

Hutchinson James Aghanloo Derry

Hutchinson John Dunboe Derry

Hutchinson John, Jr. Desertmartin Derry

Hutchinson Jonathon Artrea Derry

Hutchinson Robert Balteagh Derry

Hutchinson Robert Dunboe Derry

Hutchinson Roger Artrea Derry

Hutchinson Widow Jane Desertmartin Derry

Hutchinson William Desertmartin Derry

Hutchinson William Dunboe Derry

Hutchison Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Huthinson John, Sr. Desertmartin Derry

Hutton Alexander Dungiven Derry

Hutton James Banagher Derry

Hutton Samuel Dungiven Derry

Hyland Hugh Balteagh Derry

Inch Henry Faughanvale Derry

Irons James Bovevagh Derry

Irons James Cumber Upper Derry

Irons John Bovevagh Derry

Irwin John Bovevagh Derry

Irwin John Clondermot Derry

Irwin John Dungiven Derry

Irwin Joseph Bovevagh Derry

Irwin Mathew Clondermot Derry

Irwin Robert Bovevagh Derry

Irwin Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Irwin Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Irwine Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Jack Henry Tamlaghtard Derry

Jack John Dunboe Derry

Jackson Archibald Bovevagh Derry

Jackson Hugh Lissan Derry

Jackson James Aghanloo Derry

Jackson James Clondermot Derry

Jackson Luke Lissan Derry

Jackson Nathaniel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Jackson Samuel Aghanloo Derry

Jackson Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Jackson Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

James Anne Templemore Derry

Jameson Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Jameson Anne Dungiven Derry

Jameson Beef William Dungiven Derry

Jameson George Faughanvale Derry

Jameson John Faughanvale Derry

Jameson Matthew Banagher Derry

Jameson Robert Faughanvale Derry

Jameson Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

Jameson Robert, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Jameson Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Jameson Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Jameson William Ballyaghran Derry

Jameson William Dungiven Derry

Jameson William Faughanvale Derry

Jeffery Alexander Clondermot Derry

Jeffry Thomas Clondermot Derry

Jemison Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Jemmison John Clondermot Derry

Jemmison William Clondermot Derry

Jennings David Magherafelt Derry

Johnson James Kilowen Derry

Johnson William Kilowen Derry

Johnston Andrew Desertmartin Derry

Johnston Anne Tamlaght Derry

Johnston Benjamin Lissan Derry

Johnston Francis Termoneeny Derry

Johnston George Tamlaght Derry

Johnston Hugh Arboe Derry

Johnston Jacob Maghera Derry

Johnston James Aghanloo Derry

Johnston James Arboe Derry

Johnston James Desertmartin Derry

Johnston James Lissan Derry

Johnston James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Johnston Jane Kilcronaghan Derry

Johnston John Aghanloo Derry

Johnston John Ballinderry Derry

Johnston John Ballyscullion Derry

Johnston John Derryloran Derry

Johnston John Desertmartin Derry

Johnston John Magherafelt Derry

Johnston John Tamlaght Derry

Johnston John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Johnston Matthew Magherafelt Derry

Johnston Matthew Tamlaght Derry

Johnston Michael Tamlaght Derry

Johnston Robert Maghera Derry

Johnston Samuel Aghanloo Derry

Johnston Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Johnston Widow ??? Arboe Derry

Johnston William Maghera Derry

Jones Francis Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Jones James Faughanvale Derry

Jones Michael Bovevagh Derry

Jones Patrick Bovevagh Derry

Jones Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Jones Roger Dungiven Derry

Jones Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Jordon John Tamlaght Derry

Junk Daniel Lissan Derry

Junk John Artrea Derry

Junk Zacharias Lissan Derry

Kane Andrew Clondermot Derry

Kane Anne Tamlaghtard Derry

Kane Archibald Maghera Derry

Kane Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

Kane Bryan Dunboe Derry

Kane Bryan Errigal Derry

Kane Charles Banagher Derry

Kane Cooey Banagher Derry

Kane Daniel Banagher Derry

Kane Daniel Dungiven Derry

Kane Daniel, Jr. Drumachose Derry

Kane Daniel, Sr. Drumachose Derry

Kane Darby Bovevagh Derry

Kane Darby Drumachose Derry

Kane Denis Dungiven Derry

Kane Edward Desart Derry

Kane Edward Faughanvale Derry

Kane Francis Cumber Upper Derry

Kane Francis Dunboe Derry

Kane Frederick Drumachose Derry

Kane Henry Banagher Derry

Kane Henry Bovevagh Derry

Kane Henry Faughanvale Derry

Kane Hugh Banagher Derry

Kane Hugh Clondermot Derry

Kane James Banagher Derry

Kane James Desart Derry

Kane James Dungiven Derry

Kane James Faughanvale Derry

Kane John Banagher Derry

Kane John Bovevagh Derry

Kane John Cumber Upper Derry

Kane John Dungiven Derry

Kane John Errigal Derry

Kane John Faughanvale Derry

Kane John Tamlaghtard Derry

Kane Michael Banagher Derry

Kane Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Kane Nicholas Banagher Derry

Kane Owen Banagher Derry

Kane Patrick Drumachose Derry

Kane Richard Banagher Derry

Kane Richard Cumber Upper Derry

Kane Thomas Banagher Derry

Kane Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Kane William Dungiven Derry

Karten James Clondermot Derry

Kealy Neal Banagher Derry

Kearney John Artrea Derry

Kearney John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Kearns James Drumachose Derry

Keasy Martha Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Kee Mathew Clondermot Derry

Keekly Widow ??? Ballinderry Derry

Keelt Henry Maghera Derry

Keelty Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Keenan David Kilcronaghan Derry

Keenan George Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Keenan Thomas Artrea Derry

Keenan William Artrea Derry

Keers John Dunboe Derry

Keeth Charles Lissan Derry

Keeth John Lissan Derry

Keevin George Artrea Derry

Kekly Abraham Magherafelt Derry

Kekly John Magherafelt Derry

Kekly Widow ??? Ballinderry Derry

Kekly Williamn Magherafelt Derry

Kelly Bryan Clondermot Derry

Kelly Bryan Faughanvale Derry

Kelly Edward Clondermot Derry

Kelly George Faughanvale Derry

Kelly Henry Balteagh Derry

Kelly James Clondermot Derry

Kelly James Cumber Upper Derry

Kelly James Derryloran Derry

Kelly James Templemore Derry

Kelly James, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Kelly John Clondermot Derry

Kelly John Faughanvale Derry

Kelly Joseph Tamlaghtard Derry

Kelly Katherine Faughanvale Derry

Kelly Manus Ballinderry Derry

Kelly Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Kelly Michael Desertmartin Derry

Kelly Owen Faughanvale Derry

Kelly Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Kelly Robert Clondermot Derry

Kelly Thomas Aghadowey Derry

Kelly Thomas Clondermot Derry

Kelly Thomas Desertmartin Derry

Kelly William Dungiven Derry

Kelly William Faughanvale Derry

Kelly William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Kelso Hugh Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Kelso James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Kenders John Desart Derry

Kennedy Alexander Tamlaght Derry

Kennedy Andrew Aghanloo Derry

Kennedy David Clondermot Derry

Kennedy David Dunboe Derry

Kennedy Elizabeth Clondermot Derry

Kennedy George Kilcronaghan Derry

Kennedy James Drumachose Derry

Kennedy James Dunboe Derry

Kennedy Samuel Ballywillin Derry

Kennedy Samuel Clondermot Derry

Kennedy Samuel Kilcronaghan Derry

Kennedy Thomas Ballyscullion Derry

Kennedy Thomas Maghera Derry

Kent John Lissan Derry

Kent Thomas Lissan Derry

Ker John Clondermot Derry

Kerr Alexander Clondermot Derry

Kerr Daniel Kilowen Derry

Kerr James Ballywillin Derry

Kerr James Faughanvale Derry

Kerr Randle Ballyaghran Derry

Kerr William Clondermot Derry

Kerrgate John Desertoghill Derry

Kessick William Desertmartin Derry

Kessick William, Jr. Desertmartin Derry

Keys George Templemore Derry

Keys Joseph Clondermot Derry

Kidd James Desertmartin Derry

Kidd John Macosquin Derry

Kidd Robert Desertmartin Derry

Kidd William Aghadowey Derry

Kilpatrick David Templemore Derry

Kilpatrick George Templemore Derry

Kilpatrick John Magherafelt Derry

Kilpatrick Mrs. ??? Templemore Derry

Kilpatrick Robert Templemore Derry

Kilpatrick Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Kilpatrick Widow ??? Maghera Derry

Kiltor John Cumber Upper Derry

King Bether Tamlaghtard Derry

King James Desart Derry

King James Drumachose Derry

King John Aghadowey Derry

King John Drumachose Derry

King Samuel Faughanvale Derry

King Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

King Samuel Templemore Derry

King Thomas Drumachose Derry

King William, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

King William, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Kirk James Templemore Derry

Kirk Joseph Clondermot Derry

Kirlan Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

Kirlan James Cumber Upper Derry

Kirlan Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Kirlan Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Kirlan William Clondermot Derry

Kitchen Gain Faughanvale Derry

Kitchen Isaac Faughanvale Derry

Kitchen Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Kithcart William Macosquin Derry

Knealy Samuel Maghera Derry

Knox Andrew Clondermot Derry

Knox James Dungiven Derry

Knox James Templemore Derry

Knox John Clondermot Derry

Kyle David, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

Kyle John Bane Bovevagh Derry

Kyle John, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

Kyle Mary Balteagh Derry

Kyle Oliver Balteagh Derry

Kyle William Clondermot Derry

Kyle William, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

Kyle William, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

Ladder Francis Magherafelt Derry

Laird Richard Templemore Derry

Lambrick John, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

Lambrick Robert, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

Lammon Archibald Desertmartin Derry

Lammon James Tamlaght Derry

Lammy John Desertmartin Derry

Lamon George Termoneeny Derry

Lamon Margaret Desertlyn Derry

Lamond Alexander Macosquin Derry

Lamrick James Cumber Upper Derry

Lamrick John Cumber Upper Derry

Lamrick Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Lane Sarah Dungiven Derry

Lapsley George Maghera Derry

Larcon Daniel Desertmartin Derry

Larkan Patrick Artrea Derry

Larkin Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Lather John Templemore Derry

Lattaw William Templemore Derry

Lattemer Stephen Clondermot Derry

Laughan Samuel Clondermot Derry

Laughlin George Dungiven Derry

Laughlin Henry Bovevagh Derry

Laughlin John Dungiven Derry

Laughlin Joseph Dungiven Derry

Laughlin Thomas Dungiven Derry

Laurence Joseph Desertlyn Derry

Laverty Denis Banagher Derry

Laverty Hugh Clondermot Derry

Laverty Roddy Banagher Derry

Law Rev. John Banagher Derry

Lawson Andrew Templemore Derry

Lawson George Artrea Derry

Lawson Robert Dunboe Derry

Lawson Samuel Dunboe Derry

Leadin Bernard Lissan Derry

Leaserty Daniel Drumachose Derry

Leavens James Templemore Derry

Lee Andrew Clondermot Derry

Lee John Desertmartin Derry

Lee Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Lee Robert Magherafelt Derry

Lee Thomas Clondermot Derry

Lee Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Leech Robert Banagher Derry

Lees John Derryloran Derry

Lees John Maghera Derry

Lees Robert Maghera Derry

Lees Thomas Maghera Derry

Lefferty Edward Faughanvale Derry

Lefferty James Faughanvale Derry

Leighton James Dunboe Derry

Lennon Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Lennon Roger Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Lennox Andrew Desertmartin Derry

Lennox Edward Artrea Derry

Lenox Gervas Magherafelt Derry

Lenox Henry Artrea Derry

Lenox Henry Magherafelt Derry

Lenox James Artrea Derry

Lenox John Artrea Derry

Lenox John Dungiven Derry

Lenox John Magherafelt Derry

Lenox Laurence Artrea Derry

Lenox William Artrea Derry

Leslie George Dunboe Derry

Leslie John Cumber Upper Derry

Leslie John Dunboe Derry

Lettimor Robert Desertmartin Derry

Lettimor Samuel Desertmartin Derry

Levi Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Lewis John Dunboe Derry

Ligget James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lighton Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Lighton John Cumber Upper Derry

Lighton Nathaniel Dunboe Derry

Lighton Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Lighton William Dunboe Derry

Ligthgow James Clondermot Derry

Ligthgow Robert Clondermot Derry

Ligthgow William Clondermot Derry

Lillie Michael Termoneeny Derry

Lillie William Termoneeny Derry

Lilly John Kilcronaghan Derry

Limerick Alexander Macosquin Derry

Limrick George Dungiven Derry

Lind James Balteagh Derry

Lindsay Andrew Cumber Upper Derry

Lindsay Andrew Drumachose Derry

Lindsay David Clondermot Derry

Lindsay George Magherafelt Derry

Lindsay Jacob Drumachose Derry

Lindsay James Balteagh Derry

Lindsay James Cumber Upper Derry

Lindsay James Drumachose Derry

Lindsay James Templemore Derry

Lindsay John Clondermot Derry

Lindsay Matthew Magherafelt Derry

Lindsay Michael Clondermot Derry

Lindsay Richard Clondermot Derry

Lindsay William Cumber Upper Derry

Linn John Derryloran Derry

Lion John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lithgow George Faughanvale Derry

Lithgow James Clondermot Derry

Lithgow Martha Clondermot Derry

Lithgow William Clondermot Derry

Little Andrew Artrea Derry

Little Margaret Artrea Derry

Little Thomas Templemore Derry

Liviston Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Loag James Faughanvale Derry

Loag John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Loag Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Loag Owen Cumber Upper Derry

Loan James Aghanloo Derry

Locket David Banagher Derry

Logan Alexander Clondermot Derry

Logan Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Logan Daniel Errigal Derry

Logan Duncan Desertlyn Derry

Logan Hugh Errigal Derry

Logan James Clondermot Derry

Logan John Clondermot Derry

Logan John Errigal Derry

Logan Patrick Balteagh Derry

Logan William Errigal Derry

Loghry Robert Dungiven Derry

Logue James Bovevagh Derry

Logue John Clondermot Derry

Logue Major ??? Clondermot Derry

Logue Widow ??? Clondermot Derry

Logwey John Bovevagh Derry

Lollor John Maghera Derry

Lone Daniel Kilcronaghan Derry

Lone Laurence Desertlyn Derry

Long Alexander Clondermot Derry

Long Andrew Cumber Upper Derry

Long Archibald Clondermot Derry

Long Henry Desertlyn Derry

Long Henry Templemore Derry

Long James Ballywillin Derry

Long James Cumber Upper Derry

Long John Bovevagh Derry

Long Joseph Tamlaghtard Derry

Long Matthew Dunboe Derry

Long Neil Drumachose Derry

Long Oliver Balteagh Derry

Long Rachel Templemore Derry

Long Robert Dungiven Derry

Long Thomas Balteagh Derry

Long William Balteagh Derry

Long William Cumber Upper Derry

Lorkin Daniel Magherafelt Derry

Lorrence Widow ??? Ballynascreen Derry

Loudan Anne Artrea Derry

Loudon John Artrea Derry

Lougheey Robert Balteagh Derry

Loughlin Allan Cumber Upper Derry

Loughlin Arthur Cumber Upper Derry

Loughrey Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Loughrey John Drumachose Derry

Loughrey Joseph Artrea Derry

Loughridge William Lissan Derry

Lourimer David Clondermot Derry

Lourimer James Clondermot Derry

Lourimer Thomas Clondermot Derry

Louther Edward Clondermot Derry

Love Andrew Dunboe Derry

Love James Cumber Upper Derry

Love John Magherafelt Derry

Love Robert Magherafelt Derry

Love William Drumachose Derry

Low Daniel Drumachose Derry

Lowdon John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lowrey James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lowry Isaac Clondermot Derry

Lowry Jhon Cumber Upper Derry

Lowry John Bovevagh Derry

Lowry John Cumber Upper Derry

Lowry John Desertmartin Derry

Lowry Joseph Bovevagh Derry

Lowry Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lowry Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lowry William Bovevagh Derry

Luky Alexander Templemore Derry

Lurting William Aghanloo Derry

Lyle Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Lynch Daniel Banagher Derry

Lynch Hamilton Clondermot Derry

Lynch Hugh Clondermot Derry

Lynch James Clondermot Derry

Lynch James Magherafelt Derry

Lynch John Clondermot Derry

Lynch John Cumber Upper Derry

Lynch Randle Faughanvale Derry

Lynch Thomas Clondermot Derry

Lynch Widow ??? Dungiven Derry

Lynch William Cumber Upper Derry

Lynd John Drumachose Derry

Lynton Frederick Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Lynton James Drumachose Derry

Lynton John Tamlaghtard Derry

Lyon Alexander Banagher Derry

M'Afee Hugh Faughanvale Derry

M'Afee James Faughanvale Derry

M'Aferson John Faughanvale Derry

M'Alameny William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Alanny Hugh Kilrea Derry

M'Alees John Dunboe Derry

M'Aleese Thomas Errigal Derry

M'Aleny Charles Clondermot Derry

M'Aleny James Clondermot Derry

M'Aleny Owen Clondermot Derry

M'Aleny Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Alister Col. ??? Coleraine Derry

M'Allister Francis Desart Derry

M'Allister John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Allister John Desart Derry

M'Allister John Drumachose Derry

M'Allister Toal Maghera Derry

M'Allister Widow Jane Drumachose Derry

M'Anally Daniel Arboe Derry

M'Anally John Derryloran Derry

M'Anarry James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Anarry Robert Desertmartin Derry

M'Anary John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Ancely James Desertoghill Derry

M'Anully James Bovevagh Derry

M'Anully Roger Bovevagh Derry

M'Anulty Hugh Clondermot Derry

M'Anulty John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Anulty Patrick Bovevagh Derry

M'Anunny William Lissan Derry

M'Anurland James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Apherson David Errigal Derry

M'Apherson James Errigal Derry

M'Apherson John Errigal Derry

M'Aready Anne Killelagh Derry

M'Aready Dominic Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Aready James Maghera Derry

M'Arthur William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Ateer John Bovevagh Derry

M'Auley John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Auly James Templemore Derry

M'Auly Robert Templemore Derry

M'Auly Samuel Templemore Derry

M'Avry John Lissan Derry

M'Avry Laurence Lissan Derry

M'Bary Andrew Faughanvale Derry

M'Bay Edward Clondermot Derry

M'Bey David Clondermot Derry

M'Bride Andrew Desertmartin Derry

M'Bride Patrick Ballynascreen Derry

M'Cafferty Daniel Faughanvale Derry

M'Cafferty Edward Faughanvale Derry

M'Cafferty Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Cafferty William Clondermot Derry

M'Cahan Thomas Dunboe Derry

M'Cahey John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Caih John Desertlyn Derry

M'Caih Robert Desertlyn Derry

M'Caliion James Balteagh Derry

M'Callan Robert Cumber Upper Derry

M'Callion Bryan Bovevagh Derry

M'Callion Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

M'Callion Doal Clondermot Derry

M'Callion James Dunboe Derry

M'Callion John Clondermot Derry

M'Callion John Errigal Derry

M'Callion Neal Aghanloo Derry

M'Callion Neil Cumber Upper Derry

M'Callion Patrick Faughanvale Derry

M'Can John Artrea Derry

M'Candry John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Cane Alexander Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Cane John Lissan Derry

M'Cann Ambrose Lissan Derry

M'Cann Anne Ballyscullion Derry

M'Cann Bernard Artrea Derry

M'Cann Christopher Ballyscullion Derry

M'Cann Neal Maghera Derry

M'Cann Robert Derryloran Derry

M'Cann Thomas Artrea Derry

M'Cann William Derryloran Derry

M'Canna Arthur Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Canna Teague Maghera Derry

M'Cannon Richard Aghanloo Derry

M'Carnan Neal Arboe Derry

M'Carnen James Arboe Derry

M'Carnon James Faughanvale Derry

M'Carran Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Carrin Nicholas Desertmartin Derry

M'Carter Arthur Arboe Derry

M'Carter John Macosquin Derry

M'Carter William Clondermot Derry

M'Cartney Andrew Artrea Derry

M'Cartney Daniel Artrea Derry

M'Cartney Henry Artrea Derry

M'Cartney John Artrea Derry

M'Cartny Patrick Ballinderry Derry

M'Carton Thomas Clondermot Derry

M'Casky Robert Derryloran Derry

M'Caugherin John Artrea Derry

M'Caughey William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Caughin William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Caughy Widow ??? Derryloran Derry

M'Caughy William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Caul Patrick Templemore Derry

M'Causland Abraham Clondermot Derry

M'Causland Capt. Con. Drumachose Derry

M'Causland Rev. Mark Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Causland Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Causland William Dungiven Derry

M'Cay Alexander Kilrea Derry

M'Cay Alexander Lissan Derry

M'Cay Patrick Killelagh Derry

M'Cay Thomas Kilrea Derry

M'Cay Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Ceverly John Artrea Derry

M'Chrystal Daniel Desertmartin Derry

M'Chrystal James Desertmartin Derry

M'Chrystal Patrick Desertmartin Derry

M'Chrystal Rose Desertmartin Derry

M'Chrystal Thomas Desertmartin Derry

M'Chrystall John Desertmartin Derry

M'Clamon John Drumachose Derry

M'Clamon Roger Bovevagh Derry

M'Clary John Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Clary William Aghanloo Derry

M'Clasky Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

M'Clatchy David Magherafelt Derry

M'Clay James Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Clean Daniel Ballyscullion Derry

M'Clean Hector Faughanvale Derry

M'Clean James Faughanvale Derry

M'Clean James Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Clean John Magherafelt Derry

M'Clean William Magherafelt Derry

M'Cleelry John Artrea Derry

M'Cleery Andrew Lissan Derry

M'Cleery James Artrea Derry

M'Cleery Samuel Artrea Derry

M'Cleland Fergus Bovevagh Derry

M'Cleland Hugh Dunboe Derry

M'Cleland James Bovevagh Derry

M'Cleland John Dunboe Derry

M'Cleland John Dungiven Derry

M'Cleland Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Cleland Samuel Dungiven Derry

M'Cleland Thomas Bovevagh Derry

M'Cleland William Dungiven Derry

M'Clelland David Balteagh Derry

M'Clelland James Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Clelland Matthew Drumachose Derry

M'Clelland Thomas Balteagh Derry

M'Clelland Thomas Drumachose Derry

M'Clelland William Balteagh Derry

M'Clelland William Clondermot Derry

M'Clelland William Errigal Derry

M'Clenaghan Charles Bovevagh Derry

M'Clenaghan John Bovevagh Derry

M'Clenaghan Robert, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

M'Clenaghan Robert, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

M'Clenahan John Desertoghill Derry

M'Clenahan Michael Balteagh Derry

M'Clernan Francis Ballynascreen Derry

M'Clernan Joseph Artrea Derry

M'Clernan Thomas Artrea Derry

M'Clernon John Artrea Derry

M'Clintock Henry Cumber Upper Derry

M'Clintock James Templemore Derry

M'Clintock John Templemore Derry

M'Closker Patrick Ballynascreen Derry

M'Closkey Art Roe Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Arthur Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Arthur Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Arthur Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Arthur Faughanvale Derry

M'Closkey Brian Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Brian Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Bryan Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Bryan Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Charles Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Daniel Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Daniel Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Darby Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Denis Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Denis Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Denis, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Edward Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Edward Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Edward Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Eleanor, Sr. Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Francis Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey George Clondermot Derry

M'Closkey George Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Henry Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Hugh Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Hugh Faughanvale Derry

M'Closkey Hugh Roe Banagher Derry

M'Closkey James Balteagh Derry

M'Closkey James Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey James Clondermot Derry

M'Closkey James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Jane Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey John Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey John Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey John Faughanvale Derry

M'Closkey Manases Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Manus Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Manus Desertoghill Derry

M'Closkey Mary Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Maurice Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Michael Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Michael Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Michael Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Owen Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Owen Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Owen Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Owen Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Patrick Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Closkey Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Patrick Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Paul Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Peter Balteagh Derry

M'Closkey Peter Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Phelemy Banagher Derry

M'Closkey Rev. Patrick Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Richard Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Richard Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Rose Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Shane Art Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Shelah Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Thomas Bovevagh Derry

M'Closkey Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

M'Closkey Thomas Dungiven Derry

M'Closkey Timlin Dungiven Derry

M'Closky Eleanor, Jr. Banagher Derry

M'Closky James Aghanloo Derry

M'Closky Patrick Dungiven Derry

M'Closky Richard Banagher Derry

M'Closky Roger Banagher Derry

M'Closky Thomas Banagher Derry

M'Closky William Faughanvale Derry

M'Cloud John Drumachose Derry

M'Cloud William Drumachose Derry

M'Cloy Daniel Maghera Derry

M'Cloy Neil Artrea Derry

M'Clure James Drumachose Derry

M'Clurg Anne Bovevagh Derry

M'Clurg Thomas Ballynascreen Derry

M'Cluskey Elizabeth Bovevagh Derry

M'Clusky Patrick Banagher Derry

M'Colgan John Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Colgan Michael Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Colla John Maghera Derry

M'Collaugh Joseph Lissan Derry

M'Comb John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Comb Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

M'Comb William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Combs Mary Clondermot Derry

M'Conaghey Daniel Bovevagh Derry

M'Conaghey Hugh Dungiven Derry

M'Conaghey Mary Dungiven Derry

M'Conaghey Robert Dungiven Derry

M'Conagle James Faughanvale Derry

M'Conagle Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

M'Conahy John Dunboe Derry

M'Conkey James Lissan Derry

M'Conkey John Lissan Derry

M'Conna Henry Maghera Derry

M'Connel Arthur Clondermot Derry

M'Connel William Clondermot Derry

M'Connel William Dungiven Derry

M'Conway John Desart Derry

M'Cook Archibald Errigal Derry

M'Cook John Dungiven Derry

M'Cool Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Cool Thomas Balteagh Derry

M'Cool William Dungiven Derry

M'Cool William Maghera Derry

M'Cord Bernard Artrea Derry

M'Cord James Derryloran Derry

M'Cord Mark Derryloran Derry

M'Cord Thomas Artrea Derry

M'Cord William Desertlyn Derry

M'Corkle Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Corkle Andrew Templemore Derry

M'Corkle Thomas Templemore Derry

M'Corkle William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Cormick Bryan Dungiven Derry

M'Cormick Henry Clondermot Derry

M'Cormick James Desertlyn Derry

M'Cormick James Drumachose Derry

M'Cormick James Faughanvale Derry

M'Cormick John Coleraine Derry

M'Cormick Owen Killelagh Derry

M'Cotter Henry Bovevagh Derry

M'Cotter John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Cown John Faughanvale Derry

M'Coy William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Cra William Artrea Derry

M'Crackan Adam Desertmartin Derry

M'Crackan Elizabeth Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Crackan John Dunboe Derry

M'Crackan Matthew Dunboe Derry

M'Crackan Robert Desertmartin Derry

M'Cracken Charles Bovevagh Derry

M'Cracken Jacob Bovevagh Derry

M'Cracken James Dunboe Derry

M'Crackin William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Crea James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Crea John Lissan Derry

M'Creght David Lissan Derry

M'Crogher Francis Dungiven Derry

M'Crossin Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

M'Crystal Thomas Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Cullagh Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

M'Cullagh John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Cullaugh Archibald Lissan Derry

M'Cullaugh George Lissan Derry

M'Cullaugh William Ballyscullion Derry

M'Cullaugh William Lissan Derry

M'Cullough Joshua Clondermot Derry

M'Cully David Clondermot Derry

M'Cully George Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

M'Cully Jacob Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully James Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully John Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Cully Joseph Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully Joseph, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully Joseph, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully Matthew Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully Robert Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully Thomas Bovevagh Derry

M'Cully William Bovevagh Derry

M'Cunn Hugh Faughanvale Derry

M'Cunn William Faughanvale Derry

M'Curdy John Errigal Derry

M'Curdy Patrick Artrea Derry

M'Curristin Widow Jane Drumachose Derry

M'Cutcheon William Clondermot Derry

M'Dead James Aghanloo Derry

M'Dead James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Dermot Denis Templemore Derry

M'Dermot John Clondermot Derry

M'Dermot Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Devit Charles Faughanvale Derry

M'Devit John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Devitt James Clondermot Derry

M'Devitt John Templemore Derry

M'Divett James Faughanvale Derry

M'Donagh Cormick Banagher Derry

M'Donagh Geroge Banagher Derry

M'Donagh Henry Banagher Derry

M'Donagh James Banagher Derry

M'Donagh James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Donagh John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Donagh Manases Banagher Derry

M'Donagh Neal Banagher Derry

M'Donagh Owen Banagher Derry

M'Donagh Stephen Faughanvale Derry

M'Donald James Clondermot Derry

M'Donald John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Donnel Alexander Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Donnell Peter Ballynascreen Derry

M'Donnell Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Dougal James Clondermot Derry

M'Dougal James, Sr. Clondermot Derry

M'Dowel James Maghera Derry

M'Eldowney James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Elhatton Robert Faughanvale Derry

M'Elhinney William Banagher Derry

M'Elhinny William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Elvaar Chares Cumber Upper Derry

M'Elvenney James Faughanvale Derry

M'Elwain Daniel Lissan Derry

M'Entire Elizabeth Errigal Derry

M'Entire James Aghadowey Derry

M'Entire James Drumachose Derry

M'Entire John, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Entire John, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Entire Patrick Aghadowey Derry

M'Entire William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Entosh David Desertoghill Derry

M'Fadden Adam Bovevagh Derry

M'Fadden John Bovevagh Derry

M'Fadden Philip Templemore Derry

M'Fadden William Bovevagh Derry

M'Fall Archibald Banagher Derry

M'Fall Margaret Clondermot Derry

M'Fall William Balteagh Derry

M'Farlan John Faughanvale Derry

M'Farland Alexander Aghanloo Derry

M'Farland Andrew Banagher Derry

M'Farland James Dungiven Derry

M'Farland James Faughanvale Derry

M'Farland John Dungiven Derry

M'Farland John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Farland John Templemore Derry

M'Farland Robert Banagher Derry

M'Farland Robert Faughanvale Derry

M'Farland Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Farland Walter Magherafelt Derry

M'Farland William Clondermot Derry

M'Faul William Balteagh Derry

M'Fecters Andrew Faughanvale Derry

M'Feely Bryan Banagher Derry

M'Feely John Faughanvale Derry

M'Feely Thomas Clondermot Derry

M'Feeters James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Feeters Robert Cumber Upper Derry

M'Feeters William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Feeters William, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

M'Felly James Banagher Derry

M'Ferion James, Sr. Templemore Derry

M'Ferson James, Jr. Templemore Derry

M'Ferson John Templemore Derry

M'Ferson Samuel Dungiven Derry

M'Frederick John Templemore Derry

M'Fullan Charles Artrea Derry

M'Fullan James Artrea Derry

M'Fullan Michael Ballyscullion Derry

M'Fullan Patrick Artrea Derry

M'Fullan Philip Artrea Derry

M'Fullin Charles Maghera Derry

M'Fullin Hugh Lissan Derry

M'Fullone Henry Maghera Derry

M'Fullone John Lissan Derry

M'Gahan Thomas Aghadowey Derry

M'Gahon Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Ganigle Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Ganigle Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Gannerty Hugh Artrea Derry

M'Gannerty Peter Artrea Derry

M'Garnell Owen Drumachose Derry

M'Garvey John Artrea Derry

M'Garvey William Desertlyn Derry

M'Geah Sarah Desertlyn Derry

M'Gee Daniel Tamlaght Derry

M'Gee James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Gee John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Gee Toal Ballinderry Derry

M'Geehan Daniel Desertmartin Derry

M'Geehan James Desertmartin Derry

M'Geehan James Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Gill John Faughanvale Derry

M'Gill Malcolm Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Gill Michael Aghanloo Derry

M'Gill Robert Arboe Derry

M'Gill Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gill Widow ??? Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gill William Aghanloo Derry

M'Gilligan James Dungiven Derry

M'Gillion Henry Desertlyn Derry

M'Ginness Michael Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis Charles Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis James Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis John Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis Owen Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis Philip Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis Roger Faughanvale Derry

M'Ginnis William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Ginniss Edward Cumber Upper Derry

M'Glade John Desertlyn Derry

M'Glinahy Edward Clondermot Derry

M'Glinchy James Desertmartin Derry

M'Glinshey Edward Clondermot Derry

M'Glinshey John Banagher Derry

M'Glinshy Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Glinshy Patrick Templemore Derry

M'Glone Bernard Desertmartin Derry

M'Glone John Lissan Derry

M'Glosky Thomas Bovevagh Derry

M'Goan Edward Artrea Derry

M'Goane Daniel Artrea Derry

M'Golpin Hugh Ballyscullion Derry

M'Golpin Margaret Magherafelt Derry

M'Gonagle Charles Faughanvale Derry

M'Gonagle Henry Faughanvale Derry

M'Gonagle John Dunboe Derry

M'Gonagle William Templemore Derry

M'Gonnigal Terrence Magherafelt Derry

M'Gonnigle Michael Clondermot Derry

M'Gonnigle William Clondermot Derry

M'Gorrery Bernard Ballinderry Derry

M'Gorrery Edward Tamlaght Derry

M'Gorrery James Artrea Derry

M'Gorrery Joseph Ballinderry Derry

M'Goveran Anne Desertmartin Derry

M'Goveran Bernard Desertmartin Derry

M'Goveran Peter Desertmartin Derry

M'Goveran Thomas Desertmartin Derry

M'Govery Patrick Artrea Derry

M'Gowan Alexander Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gowan Andrew Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gowan Daniel Clondermot Derry

M'Gowan James Balteagh Derry

M'Gowan Margaret Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gowan Patrick Balteagh Derry

M'Gowan Samuel Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gowan William Clondermot Derry

M'Gowan William Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gown Edward Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Gown Francis Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Grady Mary Lissan Derry

M'Grady Patrick Lissan Derry

M'Granahan Bryan Bovevagh Derry

M'Granel Hugh Bovevagh Derry

M'Grannel Manus Clondermot Derry

M'Grannel William Clondermot Derry

M'Grigar Widow Ann Drumachose Derry

M'Griger Margaret Dunboe Derry

M'Grogan Anne Artrea Derry

M'Grunny John Lissan Derry

M'Guckean Michael Artrea Derry

M'Guckian Edward Desertmartin Derry

M'Guckian Eleanor Desertlyn Derry

M'Guckian Hugh Ballinderry Derry

M'Guckian Hugh Tamlaght Derry

M'Guckian James Desertmartin Derry

M'Guckian John Ballinderry Derry

M'Guckian John Desertmartin Derry

M'Guckian Michael Desertmartin Derry

M'Guckian Patrick Ballinderry Derry

M'Guckian William Ballinderry Derry

M'Guewan James Maghera Derry

M'Gugan Widow Ann Desart Derry

M'Guig Malcolm Aghadowey Derry

M'Guigan Edward Dungiven Derry

M'Guigan James Clondermot Derry

M'Guigan James Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Guigan Myles Desertmartin Derry

M'Guigan Neil Desertmartin Derry

M'Guigan Patrick Dungiven Derry

M'Guigan Stephen Artrea Derry

M'Guigan Thomas Ballynascreen Derry

M'Guikean Daniel Artrea Derry

M'Guiness Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

M'Guinness Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

M'Guinness Widow ??? Artrea Derry

M'Guire Charles Errigal Derry

M'Guire John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Gurk Thomas Desertlyn Derry

M'Gurk Thomas Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Gwigan Hugh Ballynascreen Derry

M'Gwigan John Ballynascreen Derry

M'Gwigan Michael Ballynascreen Derry

M'Harg Archibald Desart Derry

M'Harg James Desart Derry

M'Henry Neal Dungiven Derry

M'Henry Patrick Banagher Derry

M'Ibry Clarke Bovevagh Derry

M'Ildoon Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Ildory James Derryloran Derry

M'Ildory John Derryloran Derry

M'Ildory Nocher Derryloran Derry

M'Ildory Phelix Derryloran Derry

M'Ildowney James Bovevagh Derry

M'Ilgrew Bernard Lissan Derry

M'Ilgrew John Lissan Derry

M'Ilhannon Hugh Artrea Derry

M'Ilhannon John Lissan Derry

M'Ilhannon Patrick Lissan Derry

M'Ilhinney William Clondermot Derry

M'Ilhone Denis Magherafelt Derry

M'Ilmogue William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Ilmoyle James Aghanloo Derry

M'Ilroy Benjamin Artrea Derry

M'Ilroy James Drumachose Derry

M'Ilrroy William Balteagh Derry

M'Ilsar James Dungiven Derry

M'Ilsar Thomas Dungiven Derry

M'Ilteany John Artrea Derry

M'Ilure William Templemore Derry

M'Ilvenny John Templemore Derry

M'Ilvenny Samuel Templemore Derry

M'Ilwain Alexander Artrea Derry

M'Ilwain John Artrea Derry

M'Ilwain Joseph Templemore Derry

M'Ilwain Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Ilwain Robert Artrea Derry

M'Ilwain Rose Artrea Derry

M'Ilwee Dominick Maghera Derry

M'Ilwee William Clondermot Derry

M'Intire Abraham Faughanvale Derry

M'Intire Edward Clondermot Derry

M'Intire James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Intire Nathaniel Aghadowey Derry

M'Intosh Edward Drumachose Derry

M'Intosh Hugh Clondermot Derry

M'Intosh Robert Faughanvale Derry

M'Intosh William Drumachose Derry

M'Irlane Michael Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Irlane Titus Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Junkins Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Kane John Banagher Derry

M'Kane Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Keag Thomas Drumachose Derry

M'Kee Alexander Macosquin Derry

M'Kee Bryan Ballinderry Derry

M'Kee Cormick Tamlaght Derry

M'Kee Henry Magherafelt Derry

M'Kee James Arboe Derry

M'Kee James Ballinderry Derry

M'Kee James Derryloran Derry

M'Kee John Artrea Derry

M'Kee John Derryloran Derry

M'Kee John Errigal Derry

M'Kee John Lissan Derry

M'Kee John Magherafelt Derry

M'Kee Margaret Ballinderry Derry

M'Kee Neal Maghera Derry

M'Kee Patrick Ballinderry Derry

M'Kee Robert Derryloran Derry

M'Kee Robert Lissan Derry

M'Kee William Lissan Derry

M'Keever Charles Artrea Derry

M'Keever Edward Artrea Derry

M'Keever John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Keever Laughlin Artrea Derry

M'Keever Mary Balteagh Derry

M'Keever Michael Lissan Derry

M'Keever Owen Artrea Derry

M'Keevor Bryan Faughanvale Derry

M'Keevor James Faughanvale Derry

M'Keevor John Clondermot Derry

M'Keevor Owen Faughanvale Derry

M'Keffery William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Kegny James Maghera Derry

M'Kegny Patrick Maghera Derry

M'Keig James Faughanvale Derry

M'Kendry Henry Ballyscullion Derry

M'Kenny Joseph Maghera Derry

M'Kenny Thomas Magherafelt Derry

M'Keon Catherine Balteagh Derry

M'Keon George Desertmartin Derry

M'Keon James Balteagh Derry

M'Keon James Desertlyn Derry

M'Keon John Desertlyn Derry

M'Keon Owen Desertmartin Derry

M'Keon Robert Desertmartin Derry

M'Keone Henry Tamlaght Derry

M'Keown Toal Artrea Derry

M'Kewen Philip Ballinderry Derry

M'Kibbin John Desertlyn Derry

M'Kilbin Samuel Desertlyn Derry

M'Kim Robert Dunboe Derry

M'Kinley Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

M'Kinley Patrick Clondermot Derry

M'Kinley Thomas Clondermot Derry

M'Kinley William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Kinly James Clondermot Derry

M'Kinny George Faughanvale Derry

M'Kinny John Faughanvale Derry

M'Kinny Michael Faughanvale Derry

M'Kinny Patrick Faughanvale Derry

M'Kinny William Clondermot Derry

M'Kinny William Faughanvale Derry

M'Kisack William Drumachose Derry

M'Kissock Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Knogher Michael Balteagh Derry

M'Lamon John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Lane Charles Bovevagh Derry

M'Lane Daniel Bovevagh Derry

M'Lane Daniel Kilowen Derry

M'Lane James Bovevagh Derry

M'Lannon Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Anthony Dungiven Derry

M'Laughlin Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Bryan Dungiven Derry

M'Laughlin Catherine Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Edward Aghanloo Derry

M'Laughlin Edward Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Edward Faughanvale Derry

M'Laughlin James Aghanloo Derry

M'Laughlin James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin James Dungiven Derry

M'Laughlin James, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin John Dungiven Derry

M'Laughlin John Faughanvale Derry

M'Laughlin John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Laughlin John Tamlaghtard Mcgilligan Derry

M'Laughlin Mary Faughanvale Derry

M'Laughlin Michael Clondermot Derry

M'Laughlin Michael Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Michael Templemore Derry

M'Laughlin Neal Clondermot Derry

M'Laughlin Neal Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Neal Dungiven Derry

M'Laughlin Neal Faughanvale Derry

M'Laughlin Owen Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Patrick Faughanvale Derry

M'Laughlin Philip Clondermot Derry

M'Laughlin Philip Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Shane Dungiven Derry

M'Laughlin Thomas Banagher Derry

M'Laughlin Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin Widow ??? Banagher Derry

M'Laughlin William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Laughlin William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Lea James Clondermot Derry

M'Lea Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Lea Samuel Clondermot Derry

M'Lean William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Lees John Banagher Derry

M'Leland Anne Cumber Upper Derry

M'Leland John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Linchey Hugh Clondermot Derry

M'Linchy George Cumber Upper Derry

M'Linchy Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

M'Lindsy Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

M'Lone James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Loughlin George Clondermot Derry

M'Loughlin George Cumber Upper Derry

M'Loughlin James Clondermot Derry

M'Loughlin Michael Clondermot Derry

M'Loughlin Rev. John Ballynascreen Derry

M'Lucas Aaron Templemore Derry

M'Lucas John Templemore Derry

M'Lucas Walter Templemore Derry

M'Magee James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Mains Mathew Balteagh Derry

M'Manus George Ballinderry Derry

M'Manus James Ballinderry Derry

M'Master Francis Arboe Derry

M'Master James Clondermot Derry

M'Master John Magherafelt Derry

M'Maugham Peter Artrea Derry

M'Maughan James Ballinderry Derry

M'Maughan James Magherafelt Derry

M'Maw Matthew Desertoghill Derry

M'Menamon Charles Cumber Upper Derry

M'Menemon William Faughanvale Derry

M'Michael Alexander Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Michael Archibald Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Michael Daniel Desart Derry

M'Michael James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Michael John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

M'Millan William Cumber Upper Derry

M'Millar Alexander Faughanvale Derry

M'Mootry James Artrea Derry

M'Mullan Alexander Aghanloo Derry

M'Mullan Ephrain Errigal Derry

M'Mullan Hugh Errigal Derry

M'Mullan James Ballywillin Derry

M'Mullan James Errigal Derry

M'Mullan John Ballyscullion Derry

M'Mullan John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Mullan John Errigal Derry

M'Mullan Michael Desertoghill Derry

M'Mullan Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

M'Mullin James Dunboe Derry

M'Mullin William Clondermot Derry

M'Murdy Robert Cumber Upper Derry

M'Murray John Desertlyn Derry

M'Murray John Tamlaght Derry

M'Namara John Ballinderry Derry

M'Namara William Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Namee James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Naught John Cumber Upper Derry

M'Neal John Clondermot Derry

M'Neal John Faughanvale Derry

M'Neal Thomas Bovevagh Derry

M'Neal William Clondermot Derry

M'Neal William Faughanvale Derry

M'Nealis James Cumber Upper Derry

M'Neel Archibald Ballywillin Derry

M'Neel Matthew Dunboe Derry

M'Neil Henry Clondermot Derry

M'Neil John Drumachose Derry

M'Peak Henry Artrea Derry

M'Peak Henry, Sr. Artrea Derry

M'Peak Hugh Artrea Derry

M'Peak James Ballyscullion Derry

M'Peak Philip Artrea Derry

M'Pherson Joseph Clondermot Derry

M'Pherson Thomas Clondermot Derry

M'Pike Patrick Errigal Derry

M'Poil Patrick Tamlaghtard Derry

M'Pullan John Artrea Derry

M'Quade Philip Arboe Derry

M'Quane James Artrea Derry

M'Queelan Joseph Ballyscullion Derry

M'Queelan Stafford Ballyscullion Derry

M'Quelan William Derryloran Derry

M'Quewn Francis Termoneeny Derry

M'Quillan John Aghadowey Derry

M'Quiston John Banagher Derry

M'Quon John Maghera Derry

M'Quone Anne Termoneeny Derry

M'Quone Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Ready John Maghera Derry

M'Reer John Clondermot Derry

M'Reer Robert Clondermot Derry

M'Reynolds John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Shane Edward Desertoghill Derry

M'Shane Francis Maghera Derry

M'Shane Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

M'Shane Paul Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Shane William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

M'Sparran Archibald Bovevagh Derry

M'Sparran Mary Banagher Derry

M'Taggart Owen Cumber Upper Derry

M'Teague Bryan Bovevagh Derry

M'Teague Hugh Dungiven Derry

M'Teague John Lissan Derry

M'Vea Francis Artrea Derry

M'Vea Hugh Ballinderry Derry

M'Vea John Ballinderry Derry

M'Vea Neil Tamlaght Derry

M'Vea Patrick Tamlaght Derry

M'Vea Paul Artrea Derry

M'Williams Brian Ballynascreen Derry

M'Williams Daniel Ballynascreen Derry

M'Williams Edward Ballinderry Derry

M'Williams Edward Ballynascreen Derry

M'Williams Francis Ballynascreen Derry

M'Williams Francis Ballyscullion Derry

M'Williams John Ballynascreen Derry

M'Williams John Ballyscullion Derry

M'Williams Neal Ballyscullion Derry

M'Williams Roger Ballynascreen Derry

M'Williams Roger Ballyscullion Derry

M'Williams Widow ??? Artrea Derry

M'Williamson Mary Maghera Derry

Mackey John Ballyaghran Derry

Mackey John Templemore Derry

Mackey Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Mackey Moses Templemore Derry

Mackey Patrick Templemore Derry

Mackle James Artrea Derry

Mackle John Artrea Derry

Mackle Nicholas Artrea Derry

Mackle Rev. James Artrea Derry

Macklin Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Mackril Henry Maghera Derry

Madden George Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Madden James Maghera Derry

Madden Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Madden Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Maffet Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry

Magee George Cumber Upper Derry

Magee George Dunboe Derry

Magee John Clondermot Derry

Magee John Dunboe Derry

Magee Simon Cumber Upper Derry

Magee William Cumber Upper Derry

Magennis John Templemore Derry

Magennis Patrick Templemore Derry

Maghon Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Magill Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Maginnis Edward Clondermot Derry

Maginnis James Clondermot Derry

Maginnis John Clondermot Derry

Maginnis Patrick Templemore Derry

Maginnis Richard Clondermot Derry

Maginnis Thomas Clondermot Derry

Maharg George Clondermot Derry

Maharg Mathew Clondermot Derry

Mahon Patrick Templemore Derry

Mairs Benjamin Desertmartin Derry

Mairs David Desertlyn Derry

Mairs Thomas Desertmartin Derry

Major Alexander Faughanvale Derry

Major Henry Faughanvale Derry

Major Sarah Faughanvale Derry

Major Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Malcolm John Balteagh Derry

Malcolm Patrick Balteagh Derry

Malone Antony Tamlaght Derry

Malone Charles Ballinderry Derry

Malone Dominick Tamlaght Derry

Malone Fergus Tamlaght Derry

Mancely Alexander Lissan Derry

Maneight William Magherafelt Derry

Mann Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Marchbank Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

Mardock Richard Desertmartin Derry

Margy Patrick Desertoghill Derry

Markey John Templemore Derry

Markey William Magherafelt Derry

Marks John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Marky Andrew Templemore Derry

Marlen John Magherafelt Derry

Marlin Anne Derryloran Derry

Marlin George Maghera Derry

Marlin John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Marlin Mary Maghera Derry

Marlin Robert Maghera Derry

Mars Hugh Clondermot Derry

Marshal Bernard Tamlaght Derry

Marshal David Clondermot Derry

Marshal James Faughanvale Derry

Marshal John Cumber Upper Derry

Marshal Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

Marshal Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Marshal Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Marshal William Clondermot Derry

Marshal William Cumber Upper Derry

Marshall David Cumber Upper Derry

Marshall Ezekial Drumachose Derry

Marshall John Clondermot Derry

Marshall John Drumachose Derry

Marshall William Cumber Upper Derry

Martin Alexander Kilcronaghan Derry

Martin Alexander Termoneeny Derry

Martin Andrew Drumachose Derry

Martin Hugh Arboe Derry

Martin Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin James Arboe Derry

Martin James Desertlyn Derry

Martin James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin John Termoneeny Derry

Martin Matthew Arboe Derry

Martin Nathaniel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin Oliver Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin Samuel Ballynascreen Derry

Martin Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin Theophilus Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martin Thomas Aghanloo Derry

Martin William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Martry Samuel Templemore Derry

Mathews William Macosquin Derry

Matthews James Dunboe Derry

Matthews William Dunboe Derry

Maughlen John Magherafelt Derry

Mawheny Arthur Magherafelt Derry

Mawhiney John Magherafelt Derry

Maxwell David Desertlyn Derry

Maxwell Ezekiel Bovevagh Derry

Maxwell John Desertlyn Derry

Maxwell Robert Aghanloo Derry

Maxwell Thomas Aghanloo Derry

Maxwell Thomas Desertoghill Derry

Maxwell William Aghanloo Derry

May Henry Maghera Derry

May James Clondermot Derry

May Joseph Maghera Derry

Mayberry Richard Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Mayberry William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Mean James Derryloran Derry

Mean Rose Derryloran Derry

Mearns David Aghadowey Derry

Mearns Hugh Aghadowey Derry

Mearns Joseph Aghadowey Derry

Mearns Tristram Aghadowey Derry

Mecklin John Cumber Upper Derry

Medegan Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Meek Daniel Desertlyn Derry

Meek James Tamlaght Derry

Meek Michael Balteagh Derry

Mehard Alexander Aghadowey Derry

Melican James Magherafelt Derry

Mellon Bryan Ballyscullion Derry

Mellon Bryan Lissan Derry

Mellon Charles Artrea Derry

Mellon John Desertmartin Derry

Mellon Redmond Lissan Derry

Menaugh William Artrea Derry

Menon John Artrea Derry

Merdock Sarah Desertmartin Derry

Michael John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Michael Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Michael William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Michaels Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Millar Edward Dungiven Derry

Millar James Cumber Upper Derry

Millar James Faughanvale Derry

Millar James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Millar John Cumber Upper Derry

Millar John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Millar Mathew Cumber Upper Derry

Millar Matthew Cumber Upper Derry

Millar Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Millar Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Millar Samuel Artrea Derry

Millar Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Millar William Cumber Upper Derry

Millar William Faughanvale Derry

Millen Agnes Dunboe Derry

Millen James Dunboe Derry

Millen Joseph Dunboe Derry

Millen William Dunboe Derry

Miller Alexander Drumachose Derry

Miller Andrew Clondermot Derry

Miller Arthur Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Miller Benjamin Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Miller Ford Clondermot Derry

Miller Geroge Cumber Upper Derry

Miller James Clondermot Derry

Miller James Errigal Derry

Miller James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Miller John Aghadowey Derry

Miller John Clondermot Derry

Miller John Desertlyn Derry

Miller John Drumachose Derry

Miller John Macosquin Derry

Miller John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Miller Joseph Clondermot Derry

Miller Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Miller Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Miller Rev. Herry Clondermot Derry

Miller Robert Clondermot Derry

Miller Thomas Derryloran Derry

Miller Widow Elizabeth Desart Derry

Miller William Bovevagh Derry

Miller William Clondermot Derry

Miller William Dungiven Derry

Miller William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Milliken David Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Millikin Thomas Agivey Derry

Millin Sarah Errigal Derry

Mills Catherine Templemore Derry

Mills David Clondermot Derry

Mills Patrick Templemore Derry

Mills Robert Clondermot Derry

Minteeth Robert Banagher Derry

Mitchel David Clondermot Derry

Mitchel James Cumber Upper Derry

Mitchel John Clondermot Derry

Mitchel John Cumber Upper Derry

Mitchel John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Mitchel John Termoneeny Derry

Mitchel Josias Clondermot Derry

Mitchel Robert Clondermot Derry

Mitchel Samuel Clondermot Derry

Mitchell David Clondermot Derry

Mitchell George Dungiven Derry

Mitchell James Artrea Derry

Mitchell James Clondermot Derry

Mitchell James Cumber Upper Derry

Mitchell James Lissan Derry

Mitchell John Artrea Derry

Mitchell Oby Kilcronaghan Derry

Mitchell Robert Desertmartin Derry

Mitchell Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moffet Adam Faughanvale Derry

Moffet Andrew Aghanloo Derry

Moffet William Faughanvale Derry

Molloy James Magherafelt Derry

Money David Cumber Upper Derry

Money Henry Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Money James Cumber Upper Derry

Money John Cumber Upper Derry

Money Richard Macosquin Derry

Monteith Andrew Clondermot Derry

Montgomery Adam Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Montgomery Henry Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Montgomery Henry, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Montgomery Hugh Maghera Derry

Montgomery John Aghadowey Derry

Montgomery John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Montgomery Joseph Banagher Derry

Montgomery Josias Templemore Derry

Montgomery Robert Desertoghill Derry

Montgomery Robert Templemore Derry

Montgomery William Aghadowey Derry

Montgomery William Faughanvale Derry

Mooberry James Cumber Upper Derry

Mooberry John Cumber Upper Derry

Moody Robert Templemore Derry

Moody William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moony Neal Faughanvale Derry

Moore Alexander Drumachose Derry

Moore Andrew Faughanvale Derry

Moore Archibald Desertmartin Derry

Moore Ebrim Balteagh Derry

Moore Edward Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore Ezekiel, Jr. Templemore Derry

Moore Ezekiel, Sr. Templemore Derry

Moore George Bovevagh Derry

Moore George Errigal Derry

Moore James Aghadowey Derry

Moore James Cumber Upper Derry

Moore James Faughanvale Derry

Moore James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore John Ballynascreen Derry

Moore John Balteagh Derry

Moore John Bovevagh Derry

Moore John Faughanvale Derry

Moore John Templemore Derry

Moore Jonathan Tamlaghtard Derry

Moore Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Moore Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore Mark Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore Moses Templemore Derry

Moore Nathan Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore Newman Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore Robert Dungiven Derry

Moore Robert Errigal Derry

Moore Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

Moore Robert Templemore Derry

Moore Samuel Kilcronaghan Derry

Moore Tristram Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore William Bovevagh Derry

Moore William Drumachose Derry

Moore William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moore William, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moorhead Henry Cumber Upper Derry

Moorhead Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Moran Patrick Artrea Derry

Moran Patrick Derryloran Derry

Morgan Edward Ballynascreen Derry

Morgan Henry Artrea Derry

Morgan William Ballinderry Derry

Morin Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison Alexander Faughanvale Derry

Morrison Charles Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison David Clondermot Derry

Morrison Henry Aghadowey Derry

Morrison Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Morrison James Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison James Faughanvale Derry

Morrison James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Morrison John Clondermot Derry

Morrison John Dunboe Derry

Morrison John Dungiven Derry

Morrison John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Morrison Joseph Dungiven Derry

Morrison Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison Neil Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison Robert Dungiven Derry

Morrison Robert Faughanvale Derry

Morrison Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Morrison Sarah Templemore Derry

Morrison Thomas Dungiven Derry

Morrison William Cumber Upper Derry

Morrison William Dunboe Derry

Morrison William Faughanvale Derry

Morrison William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Morrow Adam Clondermot Derry

Morrow Alexander Desertmartin Derry

Morrow Charles Bovevagh Derry

Morrow Charles Desertlyn Derry

Morrow Hugh Bovevagh Derry

Morrow James Artrea Derry

Morrow John Desertlyn Derry

Morrow John Desertmartin Derry

Morrow William Clondermot Derry

Morrow William Dunboe Derry

Morton Andrew Magherafelt Derry

Morton Francis Magherafelt Derry

Morton James Magherafelt Derry

Morton John Magherafelt Derry

Mountgarret Warren Clondermot Derry

Msan Widow Eleanor Arboe Derry

Mulberry John Clondermot Derry

Mulberry William Clondermot Derry

Muldoon Margaret Desertlyn Derry

Muldoon Patrick Artrea Derry

Muldoon Patrick Maghera Derry

Muldoon Phelix Artrea Derry

Mulheron James Cumber Upper Derry

Mulhollan Patrick Tamlaghtard Derry

Mulholland Andrew Desertlyn Derry

Mulholland Charles Artrea Derry

Mulholland David Banagher Derry

Mulholland David Dungiven Derry

Mulholland Henry Artrea Derry

Mulholland Henry Desertoghill Derry

Mulholland Hugh Ballyscullion Derry

Mulholland James Ballyscullion Derry

Mulholland John Desertmartin Derry

Mulholland John Maghera Derry

Mulholland Owen Banagher Derry

Mullan Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Mullan Anne Bovevagh Derry

Mullan Brian Balteagh Derry

Mullan Charles Cumber Upper Derry

Mullan Charles Faughanvale Derry

Mullan Edward Faughanvale Derry

Mullan Edward Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Mullan Elizabeth Maghera Derry

Mullan Elizabeth Magherafelt Derry

Mullan George Banagher Derry

Mullan George Faughanvale Derry

Mullan Henry Banagher Derry

Mullan Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Mullan James Aghanloo Derry

Mullan James Ballinderry Derry

Mullan James Banagher Derry

Mullan James Cumber Upper Derry

Mullan James Faughanvale Derry

Mullan James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Mullan John Aghadowey Derry

Mullan John Aghanloo Derry

Mullan John Balteagh Derry

Mullan John Banagher Derry

Mullan John Faughanvale Derry

Mullan Manases Banagher Derry

Mullan Mary Aghanloo Derry

Mullan Michael Banagher Derry

Mullan Patrick Banagher Derry

Mullan Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Mullan Patrick Drumachose Derry

Mullan Phelemy Bovevagh Derry

Mullan Robert Bovevagh Derry

Mullan Susannah Banagher Derry

Mullan Thomas Banagher Derry

Mullan Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Mullan Thomas, Jr. Faughanvale Derry

Mullan Thomas, Sr. Faughanvale Derry

Mullan Widow ??? Faughanvale Derry

Mullan William Aghadowey Derry

Mullen Elinor Errigal Derry

Mullen Michael Faughanvale Derry

Mullon Anne Derryloran Derry

Mullon Hugh Killelagh Derry

Mullon Mary Killelagh Derry

Mulloy Parrick Ballynascreen Derry

Munnell Thomas Ballynascreen Derry

Murchland John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Murchland Martha Aghanloo Derry

Murchland William Aghanloo Derry

Murphy David Faughanvale Derry

Murphy Edward Ballynascreen Derry

Murphy James Cumber Upper Derry

Murphy Peter Cumber Upper Derry

Murphy Robert Clondermot Derry

Murphy Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Murray George Coleraine Derry

Murray James Ballyscullion Derry

Murray James Faughanvale Derry

Murray Jane Faughanvale Derry

Murray John Artrea Derry

Murray John Faughanvale Derry

Murray Owen Faughanvale Derry

Murray Philip Cumber Upper Derry

Murray Richard Templemore Derry

Murray Roger Faughanvale Derry

Murray Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Murray Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Murrel John Balteagh Derry

Murrel Robert Balteagh Derry

Murrell Henry Balteagh Derry

Murrell John Balteagh Derry

Murrell Nathaniel Desart Derry

Murrell Robert Dunboe Derry

Murrell Samual Desart Derry

Murren James Templemore Derry

Murry Widow ??? Ballinderry Derry

Natt Margaret Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Neal Robert Dunboe Derry

Nealis William Cumber Upper Derry

Neel John Banagher Derry

Neel William Aghanloo Derry

Neelson Daniel Arboe Derry

Neely George Bovevagh Derry

Neely George Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Neely John Kilcronaghan Derry

Neely John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Neely John, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Neely Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Neely Samuel Maghera Derry

Neely William Faughanvale Derry

Neely William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Neil Robert Bovevagh Derry

Neil Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Neilis John Clondermot Derry

Neill Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Neilson Alexander, Sr. Faughanvale Derry

Nelson Hugh Ballywillin Derry

Nervans John Dunboe Derry

Nesbit Hugh Tamlaght Derry

Nesbit William Tamlaght Derry

Newtown James Dunboe Derry

Nichol Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Nicholas Edward Faughanvale Derry

Nicholas Philip Cumber Upper Derry

Nicholas William Cumber Upper Derry

Nicholson Patrick Clondermot Derry

Nimock Samuel Dunboe Derry

Nixon James Cumber Upper Derry

Nixon Simon Cumber Upper Derry

Nobbs Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Nodwell John Magherafelt Derry

Nodwell Matthew Magherafelt Derry

Nodwell William Artrea Derry

Nogher James Magherafelt Derry

Norris Hugh Templemore Derry

Norris James Ballyrashane Derry

Norris John Dunboe Derry

Norris Robert Dunboe Derry

Norry William Cumber Upper Derry

Nutt David Bovevagh Derry

Nutt James Faughanvale Derry

Nutt William Templemore Derry

O'Bryan Arthur Faughanvale Derry

O'Devin Arthur Templemore Derry

O'Gilby Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

O'Hail Neal Dunboe Derry

O'Healy Cormick Bovevagh Derry

O'Heany Owen Dungiven Derry

O'Kane Bryan Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

O'Kane Cornelius Desertoghill Derry

O'Kane Frederick Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

O'Kane Honor Cumber Upper Derry

O'Kane John Cumber Upper Derry

O'Kane Michael Cumber Upper Derry

O'Kane Richard Faughanvale Derry

O'Kealy Roger Dungiven Derry

O'Mullan Owen Banagher Derry

O'Neal Arthur Ballyscullion Derry

O'Neal Arthur Cumber Upper Derry

O'Neal Arthur Desertlyn Derry

O'Neal Bryan Cumber Upper Derry

O'Neal Charles Ballyscullion Derry

O'Neal Henry Cumber Upper Derry

O'Neal Henry Magherafelt Derry

O'Neal James Maghera Derry

O'Neal John Maghera Derry

O'Neal John Termoneeny Derry

O'Neal Neal Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

O'Neal Owen Cumber Upper Derry

O'Neal Phelix Ballyaghran Derry

O'Neale Bryan Ballinderry Derry

O'Neil Bernard Artrea Derry

O'Neil Charles Tamlaght Derry

O'Neil Con. Artrea Derry

O'Neil Edward Templemore Derry

O'Neil Fardy Desertmartin Derry

O'Neil Henry Desertlyn Derry

O'Neil Hugh Artrea Derry

O'Neil John Artrea Derry

O'Neil John Kilcronaghan Derry

O'Neil Matthew Artrea Derry

O'Neil Neil Artrea Derry

O'Neil Paul Artrea Derry

O'Neil Peter Artrea Derry

O'Neil Phelix Desertlyn Derry

O'Neill Bryan Artrea Derry

O'Neill Henry Artrea Derry

O'Regan Peter Kilrea Derry

Ogilby Dr. Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Oliver Henry Balteagh Derry

Oliver James Balteagh Derry

Oliver James Drumachose Derry

Oliver John Macosquin Derry

Oliver Joseph Aghanloo Derry

Oliver Nathaniel Aghanloo Derry

Oliver Samuel Balteagh Derry

Oliver Thomas Balteagh Derry

Oliver William Balteagh Derry

Orald John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Orr Elizabeth Desertmartin Derry

Orr George Clondermot Derry

Orr Hugh Clondermot Derry

Orr Isaac Clondermot Derry

Orr James Clondermot Derry

Orr John Balteagh Derry

Orr John, Jr. Desart Derry

Orr John, Sr. Desart Derry

Orr Joseph Clondermot Derry

Orr Richard Faughanvale Derry

Orr Samuel Clondermot Derry

Orr William Cumber Upper Derry

Orr William Desertmartin Derry

Orril William Termoneeny Derry

Orughton William Banagher Derry

Osborne John Clondermot Derry

Osborne John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Osborne Rev. Joseph Bovevagh Derry

Osborne Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Osborne William Bovevagh Derry

Osburn Samuel Clondermot Derry

Ossler Alexander Artrea Derry

Ossler David Artrea Derry

Ossler James Artrea Derry

Otterson Arthur Kilcronaghan Derry

Otterson John Kilcronaghan Derry

Otterson John, Jr. Kilcronaghan Derry

Otterson Matthew Kilcronaghan Derry

Otterson Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Otterson Robert Termoneeny Derry

Otterson William Desertmartin Derry

Paglee James Faughanvale Derry

Pain Alexander Desertmartin Derry

Palmer Henry Desertmartin Derry

Palmer Joab Desertmartin Derry

Palmer Joab Lissan Derry

Palmer Robert Desertmartin Derry

Park John Kilcronaghan Derry

Park Robert Kilcronaghan Derry

Parkhill Adam Faughanvale Derry

Parkhill Agnes Faughanvale Derry

Parkhill John Faughanvale Derry

Parkhill Lanty Clondermot Derry

Parkhill Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Parkhill William Faughanvale Derry

Paskhill Robert Faughanvale Derry

Patchel Edward Clondermot Derry

Patchel Thomas Clondermot Derry

Patchell John Faughanvale Derry

Patchell Robert Faughanvale Derry

Patchell William Cumber Upper Derry

Paterson Alexander Artrea Derry

Paterson James Desart Derry

Paterson John Artrea Derry

Paterson Samuel Desertlyn Derry

Paterson Thomas Artrea Derry

Paterson Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Patison Robert Balteagh Derry

Paton Daniel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Patterson Alexander Ballynascreen Derry

Patterson Alexander Maghera Derry

Patterson Andrew Dungiven Derry

Patterson Henry Magherafelt Derry

Patterson Hugh Dunboe Derry

Patterson James Templemore Derry

Patterson James Termoneeny Derry

Patterson John Faughanvale Derry

Patterson John Maghera Derry

Patterson John Magherafelt Derry

Patterson John Termoneeny Derry

Patterson Joseph Clondermot Derry

Patterson Joseph Maghera Derry

Patterson Matthew Faughanvale Derry

Patterson Robert Maghera Derry

Patterson Thomas Maghera Derry

Patterson Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Pattison Alexander Balteagh Derry

Patton Abraham Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Patton Edward Desart Derry

Patton Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Patton Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Patton Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Patton Widow Rachel Drumachose Derry

Patton Widow Sarah Desertoghill Derry

Patton William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Paul Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Paul James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Paul John Magherafelt Derry

Paul Widow ??? Magherafelt Derry

Payne Robert Clondermot Derry

Payne William Clondermot Derry

Peacock William Kilcronaghan Derry

Peery John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Peery Joseph Balteagh Derry

Peoples James Balteagh Derry

Peoples Thomas Aghanloo Derry

Perry John Aghadowey Derry

Pettan Patrick Bovevagh Derry

Petterson John Magherafelt Derry

Petton Darby Faughanvale Derry

Petton Patrick Cumber Upper Derry

Petton Patrick Faughanvale Derry

Pevice William Artrea Derry

Pheland Arthur Desertmartin Derry

Philips Thomas Desertmartin Derry

Phillips George Banagher Derry

Pickram James Artrea Derry

Piggot George Bovevagh Derry

Piggot James Bovevagh Derry

Piggot Joseph Bovevagh Derry

Pinkerton Samuel Templemore Derry

Piper Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Platt Henry Templemore Derry

Platt James Templemore Derry

Platt John Templemore Derry

Platt Robert Templemore Derry

Plovers Francis Dungiven Derry

Poalk Alexander Clondermot Derry

Poalk James Clondermot Derry

Poalk James Dunboe Derry

Poalk James Dungiven Derry

Poalk John Bovevagh Derry

Poalk John Clondermot Derry

Poalk John Drumachose Derry

Poalk Robert Bovevagh Derry

Poalk Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Poleek Jane Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Poleek Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Pollick John Cumber Upper Derry

Pollock Charles Clondermot Derry

Pollock James Faughanvale Derry

Pollock Joseph Cumber Upper Derry

Pollock Robert Clondermot Derry

Pollock Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Pollock Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Pollock Samuel, Jr. Faughanvale Derry

Pollock Thomas Clondermot Derry

Port George Ballinderry Derry

Port James Ballinderry Derry

Port John Ballinderry Derry

Port Joseph Ballinderry Derry

Port Robert Ballinderry Derry

Porter Henry Desertmartin Derry

Porter Henry Kilcronaghan Derry

Porter James Templemore Derry

Porter Jane Templemore Derry

Porter Moses Templemore Derry

Porter Robert Templemore Derry

Porter Thomas Clondermot Derry

Porter William Cumber Upper Derry

Porter William Desertmartin Derry

Porter William Templemore Derry

Posten John Dungiven Derry

Posten Thomas Dungiven Derry

Potter William Desertlyn Derry

Proctor George Faughanvale Derry

Province James Faughanvale Derry

Province Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Provines Alexander Errigal Derry

Purdon Thomas Dunboe Derry

Pursley James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Pursley Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Pyane John Kilcronaghan Derry

Quig Andrew Balteagh Derry

Quig James Bovevagh Derry

Quig James Dunboe Derry

Quig John Balteagh Derry

Quig John Kilowen Derry

Quig Neil Kilowen Derry

Quig Richard Dunboe Derry

Quig William Balteagh Derry

Quigg John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Quigley Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Quigley Anthony Cumber Upper Derry

Quigley David Cumber Upper Derry

Quigley James Drumachose Derry

Quigley John Ballynascreen Derry

Quigly Edward Dungiven Derry

Quigly Evans Bovevagh Derry

Quigly Hugh Templemore Derry

Quigly James Artrea Derry

Quigly James Faughanvale Derry

Quigly Neal Magherafelt Derry

Quigly Patrick Dungiven Derry

Quin Anne Faughanvale Derry

Quin Bridget Ballinderry Derry

Quin Francis Cumber Upper Derry

Quin Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Quin James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Quin John Artrea Derry

Quin John Clondermot Derry

Quin John Kilcronaghan Derry

Quin Matthew Arboe Derry

Quin Michael Aghanloo Derry

Quin Patrick Ballinderry Derry

Quin Phelix Artrea Derry

Quin Philip Artrea Derry

Quin Richard Clondermot Derry

Quin Robert Derryloran Derry

Quin Thomas Ballynascreen Derry

Quin Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Quinn Francis Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Quinn Hugh Ballinderry Derry

Quinn William Ballinderry Derry

Rafferty John Desart Derry

Rainy Robert Artrea Derry

Ralston James Bovevagh Derry

Ralston Robert Faughanvale Derry

Ramage Isaac Clondermot Derry

Ramage James Clondermot Derry

Ramage William Clondermot Derry

Ramsay Alexander Templemore Derry

Ramsay John Bovevagh Derry

Ramsay John Desertlyn Derry

Ramsay John Dungiven Derry

Ramsay Samuel Dungiven Derry

Ramsay Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Ramsay William Clondermot Derry

Randles Joseph Magherafelt Derry

Randles Robert Desertlyn Derry

Randles Samuel Desertlyn Derry

Randles Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Rankin Alexander Drumachose Derry

Rankin Hugh Errigal Derry

Rankin James Artrea Derry

Rankin James Errigal Derry

Rankin James Templemore Derry

Rankin John Clondermot Derry

Rankin John Kilowen Derry

Rankin Martha Errigal Derry

Rankin Mathew Clondermot Derry

Rankin Neil Drumachose Derry

Rankin Richard Kilcronaghan Derry

Rankin William Tamlaght Derry

Rea James Artrea Derry

Rea John Artrea Derry

Rea John Desertlyn Derry

Rea John Tamlaght Derry

Rea Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Read Henry Balteagh Derry

Read Robert Aghadowey Derry

Read Robert Drumachose Derry

Read William Aghadowey Derry

Reagh James Faughanvale Derry

Realy William Banagher Derry

Redfern Benjamin Magherafelt Derry

Redfern Benjamin, Jr. Magherafelt Derry

Redgay William Faughanvale Derry

Reed Frederick Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Reed James Clondermot Derry

Reed James Derryloran Derry

Reed James Dungiven Derry

Reed James Templemore Derry

Reed John Ballynascreen Derry

Reed John Balteagh Derry

Reed John Derryloran Derry

Reed John Desertlyn Derry

Reed John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Reed Joseph Banagher Derry

Reed Thomas Derryloran Derry

Reed William Derryloran Derry

Regan Rev. Mr. ??? Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Regan Widow ??? Desertmartin Derry

Reid James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Reilly James Derryloran Derry

Reilly Michael Magherafelt Derry

Reilly William Clondermot Derry

Reily James Balteagh Derry

Reynolds Andrew Derryloran Derry

Reynolds Joseph Maghera Derry

Reynolds Thomas Tamlaghtard Derry

Reynolds William Lissan Derry

Rice Oliver Artrea Derry

Rice Percy Artrea Derry

Richardson James Artrea Derry

Richardson John Kilowen Derry

Richey Andrew Magherafelt Derry

Richy John Artrea Derry

Richy John Desertlyn Derry

Richy John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Rickey William Banagher Derry

Riddle David Clondermot Derry

Riddles James Faughanvale Derry

Riddles Williams Faughanvale Derry

Ridle John Maghera Derry

Ritchey Anne Bovevagh Derry

Ritchey James Clondermot Derry

Robinson Adam Magherafelt Derry

Robinson David Aghadowey Derry

Robinson David Cumber Upper Derry

Robinson David Faughanvale Derry

Robinson Elizabeth Aghadowey Derry

Robinson Ezekiel Faughanvale Derry

Robinson George Tamlaghtard Derry

Robinson Hugh Aghadowey Derry

Robinson James Banagher Derry

Robinson James Bovevagh Derry

Robinson John Balteagh Derry

Robinson John Faughanvale Derry

Robinson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Robinson Matthew Dunboe Derry

Robinson Peter Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Robinson Thomas Bovevagh Derry

Robinson Thomas Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Robinson William Aghadowey Derry

Robinson William Faughanvale Derry

Roddan Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Rodgers Alexander Templemore Derry

Rodgers John Bovevagh Derry

Rodgers John Maghera Derry

Rodgers Robert Dungiven Derry

Rodgers William Magherafelt Derry

Roe Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Rogers Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Rogers Francis Clondermot Derry

Rogers George Aghadowey Derry

Rogers Hugh Aghadowey Derry

Rogers Hugh, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Rogers John Artrea Derry

Rogers John Clondermot Derry

Rogers John Desertlyn Derry

Rogers John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Rogers Mark Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Rogers William Clondermot Derry

Rogres John Artrea Derry

Roney John Derryloran Derry

Rooney William Desertmartin Derry

Rosborough John Cumber Upper Derry

Rosborough Major ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Rose Edward Magherafelt Derry

Rosebrook John Bovevagh Derry

Rosebrough Alexander Cumber Upper Derry

Rosebrough George Cumber Upper Derry

Rosebrough Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Rosebrugh William, Jr. Banagher Derry

Rosebrugh William, Sr. Banagher Derry

Ross Alexander Clondermot Derry

Ross David Dungiven Derry

Ross David Faughanvale Derry

Ross Edward Faughanvale Derry

Ross Isaac Clondermot Derry

Ross James Cumber Upper Derry

Ross James Dungiven Derry

Ross James Faughanvale Derry

Ross John Balteagh Derry

Ross John Cumber Upper Derry

Ross John Dunboe Derry

Ross John Dungiven Derry

Ross John Faughanvale Derry

Ross Joseph Clondermot Derry

Ross Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Ross Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Ross Robert Clondermot Derry

Ross Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Ross Robert Faughanvale Derry

Ross Samuel Errigal Derry

Ross William Drumachose Derry

Ross William Faughanvale Derry

Row Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Rowan Robert Faughanvale Derry

Rusk James Clondermot Derry

Russel Arthur Clondermot Derry

Russel James Clondermot Derry

Russel John Clondermot Derry

Ryans Michael Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Ryd Alexander Desertlyn Derry

Saggerston James Faughanvale Derry

Sample Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Sampson Ralph Derryloran Derry

Sampson Rev. George Aghanloo Derry

Samson Anne Maghera Derry

Sandford James Artrea Derry

Sands Andrew Desertmartin Derry

Sands James Desertmartin Derry

Sands Robert Desertmartin Derry

Savage James Clondermot Derry

Savage James Cumber Upper Derry

Savage Owen Cumber Upper Derry

Savage Robert Termoneeny Derry

Savage William Faughanvale Derry

Scales James Aghanloo Derry

Scales John Aghanloo Derry

Scales Thomas, Jr. Aghanloo Derry

Scales Thomas, Sr. Aghanloo Derry

Scallion Sheela Banagher Derry

Scoby James Faughanvale Derry

Scott Andrew Banagher Derry

Scott Andrew Templemore Derry

Scott David Templemore Derry

Scott Edward Artrea Derry

Scott Edward Dungiven Derry

Scott Ephraim Balteagh Derry

Scott Gideon Drumachose Derry

Scott Henry Faughanvale Derry

Scott Isaac Artrea Derry

Scott John Artrea Derry

Scott John Killelagh Derry

Scott John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Scott John Templemore Derry

Scott Joseph, Jr. Dungiven Derry

Scott Joseph, Sr. Dungiven Derry

Scott Mark Dungiven Derry

Scott Martha Balteagh Derry

Scott Matthew Dungiven Derry

Scott Oliver Cumber Upper Derry

Scott Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Scott Robert Faughanvale Derry

Scott Samuel Artrea Derry

Scott Samuel Balteagh Derry

Scott Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Scott Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Scott Widow ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Scott Widow ??? Dungiven Derry

Scott William Balteagh Derry

Scott William Faughanvale Derry

Scullion Daniel Ballyscullion Derry

Scullion Mary Artrea Derry

Scullion Philip Ballyscullion Derry

Selfridge James Desertoghill Derry

Selfridge Robert Dungiven Derry

Selfridge Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Semple Archibald Clondermot Derry

Semple Robert Clondermot Derry

Sergen John Magherafelt Derry

Shales James Clondermot Derry

Shales James Dungiven Derry

Shales John Dungiven Derry

Shanks William Derryloran Derry

Shannon Adam Desertlyn Derry

Shannon Denis Balteagh Derry

Shannon Dr. George Magherafelt Derry

Shannon Ephraim Balteagh Derry

Shannon Ephraim Templemore Derry

Shannon George Desertlyn Derry

Shannon James Drumachose Derry

Shannon Samuel Drumachose Derry

Shary Bernard Artrea Derry

Shaw John Templemore Derry

Shaw Robert Maghera Derry

Shaw Robert Templemore Derry

Shaw Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Shaw Widow ??? Tamlaght Derry

Shaw William Derryloran Derry

Sheals James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Sheals Rose Ballywillin Derry

Shephard Samuel Ballinderry Derry

Shepherd James Ballinderry Derry

Shepherd John Ballinderry Derry

Shepherd Richard Artrea Derry

Shepherd Samuel Ballinderry Derry

Shepherd Timothy Ballinderry Derry

Shepherd William Ballinderry Derry

Sheria John Aghadowey Derry

Sheria John Agivey Derry

Sheria William Agivey Derry

Sherra James Aghanloo Derry

Sherrard Andrew Clondermot Derry

Sherrard Anne Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Sherrard David Cumber Upper Derry

Sherrard Henry Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Sherrard James Clondermot Derry

Sherrard James Cumber Upper Derry

Sherrard James Faughanvale Derry

Sherrard Mathew Clondermot Derry

Sherrard Robert Desertlyn Derry

Sherrard William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Sherrin Allen Aghanloo Derry

Sherrin William Aghanloo Derry

Shield William Kilcronaghan Derry

Shinoch James Desertoghill Derry

Shirkey Owen Cumber Upper Derry

Short Thomas Clondermot Derry

Silfridge Jane Balteagh Derry

Silly William Magherafelt Derry

Simm James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Simm William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Simmerell William Dunboe Derry

Simon James Desertoghill Derry

Simpson Anne Desertlyn Derry

Simpson George Artrea Derry

Simpson Hugh Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Simpson James Cumber Upper Derry

Simpson John Coleraine Derry

Simpson John Cumber Upper Derry

Simpson John Desertlyn Derry

Simpson John Lissan Derry

Simpson Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Simpson Matthew Cumber Upper Derry

Simpson Rachael Lissan Derry

Simpson Robert Desertlyn Derry

Simpson Robert Lissan Derry

Simpson Robert, Jr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Simpson Robert, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Simpson William Artrea Derry

Simpson William Cumber Upper Derry

Simpson William Desertlyn Derry

Simpson William Drumachose Derry

Sinclair John Ballynascreen Derry

Sinclair Mary Kilcronaghan Derry

Sinclair Thomas Magherafelt Derry

Sinclair William Desertlyn Derry

Sinkler John Ballynascreen Derry

Sleater John Templemore Derry

Sleater Thomas Templemore Derry

Slemins Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Slemmens Robert Tamlaght Derry

Slemmins William Artrea Derry

Sloan Alexander Faughanvale Derry

Sloan David Ballyrashane Derry

Sloan David Desertlyn Derry

Sloan John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Sloan Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Sloan Thomas Tamlaght Derry

Sloan Widow ??? Desertlyn Derry

Sloan William Maghera Derry

Slone James Maghera Derry

Slone Robert Maghera Derry

Sloss John Kilcronaghan Derry

Sloss Moses Maghera Derry

Smalwood John Clondermot Derry

Smiley James Dungiven Derry

Smiley Joseph Dunboe Derry

Smiley Thomas Templemore Derry

Smirl John Kilrea Derry

Smirrell Samuel Dunboe Derry

Smith Alexander Desertoghill Derry

Smith Alexander Errigal Derry

Smith Archibald Clondermot Derry

Smith Archibald Faughanvale Derry

Smith Charles Clondermot Derry

Smith David Aghanloo Derry

Smith David Cumber Upper Derry

Smith David Macosquin Derry

Smith David Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Smith Edward Macosquin Derry

Smith Elizabeth Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Smith George Desertlyn Derry

Smith George Faughanvale Derry

Smith Hugh Bovevagh Derry

Smith Hugh Errigal Derry

Smith Isaiah, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

Smith Isaiah, Sr. Bovevagh Derry

Smith James Clondermot Derry

Smith James Desertlyn Derry

Smith James Lissan Derry

Smith James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Smith James, Jr. Drumachose Derry

Smith James, Sr. Drumachose Derry

Smith Jane Clondermot Derry

Smith John Clondermot Derry

Smith John Cumber Upper Derry

Smith John Desertlyn Derry

Smith John Drumachose Derry

Smith John Dunboe Derry

Smith John Lissan Derry

Smith John Templemore Derry

Smith Margaret Maghera Derry

Smith Mary Magherafelt Derry

Smith Rebecca Clondermot Derry

Smith Rev. John Kilrea Derry

Smith Robert Clondermot Derry

Smith Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Smith Robert Drumachose Derry

Smith Robert Lissan Derry

Smith Samuel Desertlyn Derry

Smith Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Smith Thomas Lissan Derry

Smith Valentine Agivey Derry

Smith Widow ??? Artrea Derry

Smith Widow ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Smith Widow Eleanor Drumachose Derry

Smith William Ballywillin Derry

Smith William Clondermot Derry

Smith William Cumber Upper Derry

Smith William Desertlyn Derry

Smith William Drumachose Derry

Smith William Lissan Derry

Smyley Samuel Bovevagh Derry

Snipe Michael Artrea Derry

Snodgrass Samuel Faughanvale Derry

Somerill Thomas Clondermot Derry

Speer Samuel Magherafelt Derry

Speer William Magherafelt Derry

Speer William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Spotswood John Ballyscullion Derry

Sprit Hugh Artrea Derry

Sproul David Clondermot Derry

Sprowle Esther Clondermot Derry

Sprowle John Clondermot Derry

Stafford Francis Ballyscullion Derry

Stawford Robert Ballyscullion Derry

Steed James Maghera Derry

Steel Alexander Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Steel Christopher Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Steel David Templemore Derry

Steel Hugh Bovevagh Derry

Steel James Magherafelt Derry

Steel Rev. Robert Dungiven Derry

Steel Robert Magherafelt Derry

Steel Samuel Artrea Derry

Steel William Bovevagh Derry

Steel William Magherafelt Derry

Steen John Balteagh Derry

Steen Rev. Mr. ??? Tamlaght Derry

Steen Samuel Templemore Derry

Steen Thomas Templemore Derry

Stenage James Desertmartin Derry

Stephenson John Bovevagh Derry

Stephenson John Cumber Upper Derry

Stephenson John Faughanvale Derry

Stephenson Robert Faughanvale Derry

Sterling Andrew Faughanvale Derry

Sterling Charles, Jr. Bovevagh Derry

Sterling Henry Bovevagh Derry

Sterling John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Sterling Robert Bovevagh Derry

Sterling Robert Dunboe Derry

Sterling Robert Faughanvale Derry

Sterling Thomas Ballyrashane Derry

Sterling William Dunboe Derry

Stett John Desertlyn Derry

Stevens John Bovevagh Derry

Stevenson James Bovevagh Derry

Stevenson James Clondermot Derry

Stevenson John Clondermot Derry

Stevenson John Drumachose Derry

Stevenson Robert Clondermot Derry

Stevenson Thomas Clondermot Derry

Stevenson William Clondermot Derry

Stewart Alexander Templemore Derry

Stewart Charles Desart Derry

Stewart Charles Drumachose Derry

Stewart Daniel Templemore Derry

Stewart David Desertlyn Derry

Stewart David Templemore Derry

Stewart George Dungiven Derry

Stewart George Faughanvale Derry

Stewart Henry Balteagh Derry

Stewart Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Stewart James Balteagh Derry

Stewart James Clondermot Derry

Stewart James Derryloran Derry

Stewart James Desertmartin Derry

Stewart James Drumachose Derry

Stewart John Bovevagh Derry

Stewart John Clondermot Derry

Stewart John Desart Derry

Stewart John Desertlyn Derry

Stewart John Errigal Derry

Stewart John, Sr. Desertlyn Derry

Stewart Katherine Clondermot Derry

Stewart Mary Bovevagh Derry

Stewart Matthew Clondermot Derry

Stewart Michael Desart Derry

Stewart Patrick Clondermot Derry

Stewart Rev. Alexander Balteagh Derry

Stewart Robert Aghadowey Derry

Stewart Robert Desertlyn Derry

Stewart Robert Drumachose Derry

Stewart Robert Magherafelt Derry

Stewart Samuel Clondermot Derry

Stewart Thomas Agivey Derry

Stewart Thomas Ballywillin Derry

Stewart Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Stewart William Clondermot Derry

Stewart William Desertlyn Derry

Stewart William Dungiven Derry

Stewatt Andrew Arboe Derry

Stinton Hugh Magherafelt Derry

Stinton Thomas Derryloran Derry

Stirling ??? Templemore Derry

Stitt James Magherafelt Derry

Stoop Adam Aghanloo Derry

Stoop John Faughanvale Derry

Story William Tamlaght Derry

Strangford Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Strawbridge John Clondermot Derry

Strawbridge Robert Clondermot Derry

Stuart Andrew Lissan Derry

Stuart John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Stuart Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Stunkard William Balteagh Derry

Sugerson William Cumber Upper Derry

Summerland Hugh Ballyscullion Derry

Summerland William Ballyscullion Derry

Summers John Aghanloo Derry

Summers William Drumachose Derry

Swan James Cumber Upper Derry

Swan Paul Cumber Upper Derry

Swan Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Swan Thomas Balteagh Derry

Swan Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Swan William Cumber Upper Derry

Swan William Faughanvale Derry

Swann Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Swann James Cumber Upper Derry

Sweeney Elizabeth Clondermot Derry

Sweeny John Faughanvale Derry

Sweeny Patrick Tamlaghtard Derry

Tagart Hugh Ballinderry Derry

Tate John Balteagh Derry

Tate John Dunboe Derry

Tate John Errigal Derry

Tate Lydia Clondermot Derry

Tate Samuel Clondermot Derry

Tate Thomas Errigal Derry

Tate William Dunboe Derry

Taylor Ambrose Ballinderry Derry

Taylor George Bovevagh Derry

Taylor James Ballynascreen Derry

Taylor John Ballynascreen Derry

Taylor John Lissan Derry

Taylor John Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Taylor Robert Bovevagh Derry

Taylor Thomas Ballynascreen Derry

Taylor William Lissan Derry

Teadly John Clondermot Derry

Teat John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Tedlie James Faughanvale Derry

Tedlie Robert Faughanvale Derry

Tedlie Stephen Faughanvale Derry

Tedlie William Faughanvale Derry

Thistle James Desertlyn Derry

Thompson Adam Faughanvale Derry

Thompson Alexander Balteagh Derry

Thompson Alexander Clondermot Derry

Thompson Benj. Faughanvale Derry

Thompson Benjamin Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson George Clondermot Derry

Thompson Henry Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson Hugh Banagher Derry

Thompson Hugh Clondermot Derry

Thompson Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson Isaac Templemore Derry

Thompson James Ballinderry Derry

Thompson James Clondermot Derry

Thompson James Dungiven Derry

Thompson John Aghadowey Derry

Thompson John Artrea Derry

Thompson John Balteagh Derry

Thompson John Banagher Derry

Thompson John Clondermot Derry

Thompson John Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson John Drumachose Derry

Thompson John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Thompson John Templemore Derry

Thompson John, Jr. Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson John, Sr. Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Thompson Joseph Desertlyn Derry

Thompson Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Thompson Joseph Templemore Derry

Thompson Matthew Faughanvale Derry

Thompson Matthew Tamlaght Derry

Thompson Matthew Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Thompson Moses, Sr. Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson Robert Aghadowey Derry

Thompson Robert Banagher Derry

Thompson Robert Bovevagh Derry

Thompson Robert Clondermot Derry

Thompson Robert Faughanvale Derry

Thompson Robert Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Thompson Robert Templemore Derry

Thompson Samuel Balteagh Derry

Thompson Samuel Dunboe Derry

Thompson William Artrea Derry

Thompson William Balteagh Derry

Thompson William Bovevagh Derry

Thompson William Cumber Upper Derry

Thompson William Dungiven Derry

Thompson William Maghera Derry

Thompson William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Thorp George Dunboe Derry

Threw Thomas Maghera Derry

Tilly John Magherafelt Derry

Tinny Patrick Clondermot Derry

Todd Andrew Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Todd Archibald Banagher Derry

Todd Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Todd Thomas Banagher Derry

Todd Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Tom Simon Cumber Upper Derry

Tonar Edward Clondermot Derry

Toner Cecilia Clondermot Derry

Toner Daniel Desertlyn Derry

Toner Daniel Desertoghill Derry

Toner Patrick Banagher Derry

Toner Patrick Desertmartin Derry

Toner Patrick Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Toner Widow ??? Desertmartin Derry

Tonner Catherine Faughanvale Derry

Tony Samuel Clondermot Derry

Toore Thomas Clondermot Derry

Torance James Banagher Derry

Torbet Moses Artrea Derry

Torbite Matthew Aghanloo Derry

Torbitt Matthew Aghanloo Derry

Torbitt William Aghanloo Derry

Torence James Balteagh Derry

Torey Hamilton Clondermot Derry

Torrance John Balteagh Derry

Torrance John Drumachose Derry

Torrance John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Torrence James Aghadowey Derry

Torrens John Templemore Derry

Tory Hamilton Clondermot Derry

Tory James Clondermot Derry

Tosh James Macosquin Derry

Tracy James Ballynascreen Derry

Tracy Oliver Artrea Derry

Tressey Manus Cumber Upper Derry

Tressey Owen Cumber Upper Derry

Tressy Henry Cumber Upper Derry

Tressy Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Tressy Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Tressy Philemy Cumber Upper Derry

Turner David Templemore Derry

Turner John Templemore Derry

Tyler John Drumachose Derry

Tyler John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Tyler Thomas Aghanloo Derry

Wade John Arboe Derry

Wade Nixon Cumber Upper Derry

Wade Susannah Ballinderry Derry

Wales Thomas Errigal Derry

Walker Aaron Ballyaghran Derry

Walker Adam Faughanvale Derry

Walker Alexander Templemore Derry

Walker David Cumber Upper Derry

Walker David Desertlyn Derry

Walker George Cumber Upper Derry

Walker James Clondermot Derry

Walker James Tamlaght Derry

Walker John Ballyaghran Derry

Walker John Balteagh Derry

Walker John Faughanvale Derry

Walker John Templemore Derry

Walker Joseph Faughanvale Derry

Walker Stuart Ballynascreen Derry

Walkinshaw John Killelagh Derry

Wallace Charles Kilcronaghan Derry

Wallace David Drumachose Derry

Wallace James Dungiven Derry

Wallace James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wallace John Aghanloo Derry

Wallace John Banagher Derry

Wallace John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wallace Mary Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Wallace Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Wallace William Desertoghill Derry

Wallace William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Waller John Magherafelt Derry

Walls Bryan Desertmartin Derry

Walls James Artrea Derry

Walls John Artrea Derry

Walls Philip Artrea Derry

Walsh Bridget Magherafelt Derry

Walsh James Clondermot Derry

Walsh James Magherafelt Derry

Walsh John Templemore Derry

Walsh Thomas Templemore Derry

Walter Henry Errigal Derry

Ward Adam Arboe Derry

Ward Adam Magherafelt Derry

Ward Barney Cumber Upper Derry

Ward Bernard Magherafelt Derry

Ward Eleanor Ballyscullion Derry

Ward John Cumber Upper Derry

Ward Matthew Derryloran Derry

Ward Michael Cumber Upper Derry

Ward Neal Arboe Derry

Warden Robert Faughanvale Derry

Warden Warren Clondermot Derry

Warden William Bovevagh Derry

Wark Alexander Dunboe Derry

Wark Daniel Dunboe Derry

Wark Hugh Cumber Upper Derry

Wark Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Wark Samuel Cumber Upper Derry

Wark Samuel Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wark William Cumber Upper Derry

Wark William Drumachose Derry

Warnock George Clondermot Derry

Warnock Henry Clondermot Derry

Warnock James Clondermot Derry

Warnock John Clondermot Derry

Warnock Robert Banagher Derry

Warnock Walter Clondermot Derry

Warrack Samuel Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Warren William Clondermot Derry

Warrock John Desart Derry

Wason John Templemore Derry

Waste Henry Faughanvale Derry

Waste John Faughanvale Derry

Waters Henry Artrea Derry

Waters John Artrea Derry

Waters Joseph Artrea Derry

Waters Leonard Artrea Derry

Waters William Dungiven Derry

Watson Andrew Tamlaght Derry

Watson Charles Templemore Derry

Watson James Desertlyn Derry

Watson James Templemore Derry

Watson James Termoneeny Derry

Watson John Lissan Derry

Watson Rev. Mr. ??? Desertlyn Derry

Watson Richard Clondermot Derry

Watson Robert Templemore Derry

Watson Samuel Artrea Derry

Watson Thomas Artrea Derry

Watson Widow ??? Tamlaght Derry

Watson William Arboe Derry

Watt David Banagher Derry

Watt James Dungiven Derry

Watt James Templemore Derry

Watt Joseph Dungiven Derry

Watt Robert Dungiven Derry

Watt Thomas Dungiven Derry

Watt William Dungiven Derry

Watt William Templemore Derry

Weer Joseph Kilowen Derry

Weer Robert Macosquin Derry

Wells James Clondermot Derry

White Alexander Kilcronaghan Derry

White Archibald Kilcronaghan Derry

White David Desart Derry

White James Banagher Derry

White James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

White John Banagher Derry

White Joseph Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

White Robert Ballywillin Derry

White Robert Drumachose Derry

White Thomas Bovevagh Derry

White William Kilcronaghan Derry

Whiteside John Dungiven Derry

Whiteside Major ??? Cumber Upper Derry

Whiteside Rev. Mr. ??? Ballynascreen Derry

Whiteside Richard Cumber Upper Derry

Whiteside Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Whiteside Thomas Faughanvale Derry

Whiteside William Cumber Upper Derry

Wier Francis Desertlyn Derry

Wier James Magherafelt Derry

Wier John Desertlyn Derry

Wier John Desertmartin Derry

Wier John Magherafelt Derry

Wigton Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Wiley Alexander Magherafelt Derry

Wiley George Magherafelt Derry

Wiley Joseph Clondermot Derry

Wiley Joseph Magherafelt Derry

Wiley Oliver Balteagh Derry

Wiley Richard Templemore Derry

Wiley Robert Magherafelt Derry

Wiley Robert Templemore Derry

Wiley Sampson Artrea Derry

Williams Arthur Ballinderry Derry

Williams Charles Cumber Upper Derry

Williams George Cumber Upper Derry

Williams George Faughanvale Derry

Williams George Maghera Derry

Williams Henry Dungiven Derry

Williams Mary Magherafelt Derry

Williams Thomas Cumber Upper Derry

Williamson James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Williamson John Aghadowey Derry

Williamson John Dunboe Derry

Williamson Widow ??? Maghera Derry

Williamson William Maghera Derry

Willock James Templemore Derry

Willock John Desertoghill Derry

Willock Samuel Templemore Derry

Wills Robert Clondermot Derry

Wilson Alexander, Jr. Faughanvale Derry

Wilson Andrew Banagher Derry

Wilson David Artrea Derry

Wilson Esther Desertlyn Derry

Wilson George Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wilson Henry Banagher Derry

Wilson Henry Maghera Derry

Wilson Henry Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wilson Hugh Banagher Derry

Wilson Hugh Faughanvale Derry

Wilson James Aghanloo Derry

Wilson James Artrea Derry

Wilson James Desart Derry

Wilson James Errigal Derry

Wilson James Tamlaght Derry

Wilson James Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wilson James, Jr. Clondermot Derry

Wilson James, Sr. Clondermot Derry

Wilson John Aghanloo Derry

Wilson John Artrea Derry

Wilson John Clondermot Derry

Wilson John Desertoghill Derry

Wilson John Maghera Derry

Wilson John Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wilson Michael Tamlaght Derry

Wilson Moses Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wilson Robert Artrea Derry

Wilson Robert Clondermot Derry

Wilson Robert Cumber Upper Derry

Wilson Robert Lissan Derry

Wilson Samuel Balteagh Derry

Wilson Samuel Drumachose Derry

Wilson Samuel Maghera Derry

Wilson Thomas Clondermot Derry

Wilson Thomas Templemore Derry

Wilson Widow ??? Tamlaght Derry

Wilson William Ballinderry Derry

Wilson William Clondermot Derry

Wilson William Cumber Upper Derry

Wilson William Faughanvale Derry

Wilson William Tamlaght Derry

Wilson William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry

Wilson William Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Winchester William Magherafelt Derry

Winson Henry Ballinderry Derry

Wirlan Henry Clondermot Derry

Wisby Alexander Dunboe Derry

Wishy Joseph Balteagh Derry

Witheraw William Faughanvale Derry

Withnow Samuel Banagher Derry

Withnow Thomas Banagher Derry

Withrow Alexander Banagher Derry

Withrow James Banagher Derry

Withrow James Templemore Derry

Withrow Joseph Banagher Derry

Withrow William Banagher Derry

Woodburn Alexander Errigal Derry

Woodburn Nathaniel Errigal Derry

Woodburn Robert Errigal Derry

Woodburn Thomas Errigal Derry

Woods Andrew Arboe Derry

Woods Hamilton Artrea Derry

Woods James Artrea Derry

Woods James Desertlyn Derry

Woods John Balteagh Derry

Woods Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Woods Thomas Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Woodside Thomas Ballinderry Derry

Woodside William Desertmartin Derry

Workman Aaron Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Workman James Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Workman Robert Tamlaght Ocrilly Derry

Wrath John Dunboe Derry

Wray James Bovevagh Derry

Wray James Dunboe Derry

Wray Richard Clondermot Derry

Wray William Bovevagh Derry

Wright Andrew Desertlyn Derry

Wright John Artrea Derry

Wright John Magherafelt Derry

Wright Joseph Lissan Derry

Wright Robert Templemore Derry

Wright Samuel Lissan Derry

Wright Thomas Desertlyn Derry

Wright William Desertlyn Derry

York Henry Magherafelt Derry

Young Herbert Artrea Derry

Young James Drumachose Derry

Young John Artrea Derry

Young John Clondermot Derry

Young John Faughanvale Derry

Young John Kilcronaghan Derry

Young Robert Bovevagh Derry

Young Samuel Tamlaght Derry

Young Samuel Termoneeny Derry

Young William Faughanvale Derry

Young William Tamlaght Finlagan Derry


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