Flax Growers Bounty List 1796 - County Tyrone


Abernathy Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Acheson George Longfield East Tyrone

Acheson Gerard Ardstraw Tyrone

Acheson Hugh Longfield East Tyrone

Acheson Joseph Longfield East Tyrone

Acheson Rebecca Ardstraw Tyrone

Acheson William Derryloran Tyrone

Ackenson John Donaghenry Tyrone

Adaily Cormick Killeeshill Tyrone

Adams Andrew Aghaloo Tyrone

Adams Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Adams Archibald Kildress Tyrone

Adams Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Adams Edward Clogher Tyrone

Adams James Aghaloo Tyrone

Adams James Artrea Tyrone

Adams Jane Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Adams John Aghaloo Tyrone

Adams John, Jr. Kildress Tyrone

Adams John, Sr. Kildress Tyrone

Adams Nathan Camus Tyrone

Adams Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Adams William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Admas James Drumragh Tyrone

Agnew George Aghaloo Tyrone

Agnew James Aghaloo Tyrone

Agnew John Aghaloo Tyrone

Agnew Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Agnew Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Aiken Oliver Drumragh Tyrone

Aikin Moses Urney Tyrone

Aikins Charles Longfield East Tyrone

Aikins David Ardstraw Tyrone

Aikins George Donaghedy Tyrone

Aikins Hugh Drumragh Tyrone

Aikins James Ardstraw Tyrone

Aikins John Longfield East Tyrone

Aken Gabriel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Aken George Clonfeacle Tyrone

Aken William Aghaloo Tyrone

Alcorn James Drumragh Tyrone

Alcorn James, Jr. Drumragh Tyrone

Alcorn John Drumragh Tyrone

Alcorn Nathaniel Drumragh Tyrone

Alder John Donaghenry Tyrone

Alexander Andrew Derryloran Tyrone

Alexander Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Alexander Daniel Clogher Tyrone

Alexander Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Alexander James Ardstraw Tyrone

Alexander James Donaghedy Tyrone

Alexander James Dromore Tyrone

Alexander James Kilskeery Tyrone

Alexander John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Alexander Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Alexander Joseph Drumragh Tyrone

Alexander Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Alexander Samuel Donaghenry Tyrone

Alexander Thomas Dromore Tyrone

Alexander Thomas Drumragh Tyrone

Alexander William Ardstraw Tyrone

Alexander William Donaghedy Tyrone

Alexander William Drumragh Tyrone

Allan Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Allen Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Allen Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Allen Elizabeth Clonfeacle Tyrone

Allen Gay Kilskeery Tyrone

Allen George Ardstraw Tyrone

Allen Henry Kildress Tyrone

Allen Hugh Kilskeery Tyrone

Allen James Derryloran Tyrone

Allen James Donaghedy Tyrone

Allen James Urney Tyrone

Allen John Ballyclog Tyrone

Allen John Derryloran Tyrone

Allen John Donacavey Tyrone

Allen John Kilskeery Tyrone

Allen Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Allen Martha Donacavey Tyrone

Allen Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Allen Samuel Kildress Tyrone

Allen Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Allison Andrew Urney Tyrone

Allison James Ardstraw Tyrone

Allison James Urney Tyrone

Allison John Donacavey Tyrone

Allison Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Allison Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Allison Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Allons James Ardstraw Tyrone

Amberson Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Andee Paul Leckpatrick Tyrone

Anderson Adam Ardstraw Tyrone

Anderson Andrew Derryloran Tyrone

Anderson Archibald Ardstraw Tyrone

Anderson Edward Clogher Tyrone

Anderson George Desertcreat Tyrone

Anderson Henry Derryloran Tyrone

Anderson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Anderson James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Anderson James Donacavey Tyrone

Anderson James Dromore Tyrone

Anderson James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Anderson James Killeeshill Tyrone

Anderson James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Anderson John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Anderson John Clogherny Tyrone

Anderson John Killeeshill Tyrone

Anderson John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Anderson Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Anderson Joseph Clogherny Tyrone

Anderson Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

Anderson Joseph Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Anderson Matthew Dromore Tyrone

Anderson Rebecca Dromore Tyrone

Anderson Samuel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Anderson Samuel Derryloran Tyrone

Anderson Thomas Tullyniskan Tyrone

Anderson Widow Aghaloo Tyrone

Anderson Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Anderson Widow Killeeshill Tyrone

Anderson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Anderson William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Anderson William Derryloran Tyrone

Anderson William Desertcreat Tyrone

Anderson William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Andrew James Drumragh Tyrone

Andrew Samuel Termonamongan Tyrone

Andrew Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Angle Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

Anguish John Aghaloo Tyrone

Anthony George Dromore Tyrone

Appleton William Clogher Tyrone

Arbothenil Alexander Artrea Tyrone

Arbuckle Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

Arbuckle James Ardstraw Tyrone

Arbuckle James Donaghedy Tyrone

Arbuckle John Donaghedy Tyrone

Arbuckle Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Arbuckle Joseph Camus Tyrone

Arbuckle Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Arbuckle Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Arbutton Alexander Artrea Tyrone

Archer Mary Tullyniskan Tyrone

Archfield John Donacavey Tyrone

Armar Thomas Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Armer Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Armer John Ardstraw Tyrone

Armor John Ardstraw Tyrone

Armor Stewart Cappagh Tyrone

Armstrong Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Armstrong Andrew Kilskeery Tyrone

Armstrong Archibald Donaghedy Tyrone

Armstrong Edward Clogher Tyrone

Armstrong Francis Clogher Tyrone

Armstrong George Kildress Tyrone

Armstrong James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Armstrong James Donaghedy Tyrone

Armstrong James Kilskeery Tyrone

Armstrong John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Armstrong John Cappagh Tyrone

Armstrong John Clogher Tyrone

Armstrong John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Armstrong John Donacavey Tyrone

Armstrong John Dromore Tyrone

Armstrong John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Armstrong Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Armstrong Joseph Kilskeery Tyrone

Armstrong Mary Clonfeacle Tyrone

Armstrong Richard Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Armstrong Robert Camus Tyrone

Armstrong Robert Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Armstrong Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Armstrong Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

Armstrong Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Armstrong William Clogher Tyrone

Armstrong William Killeeshill Tyrone

Arnold Alexander Clogher Tyrone

Art Thomas Artrea Tyrone

Arter Gawen Drumglass Tyrone

Arther Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Arthur David Cappagh Tyrone

Arthur John Ardstraw Tyrone

Arthur John Cappagh Tyrone

Arthur Mary Drumragh Tyrone

Arthur Matthew Cappagh Tyrone

Arthur Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Arthur William Ardstraw Tyrone

Arthurs Alexander Clogher Tyrone

Ash Thomas Urney Tyrone

Atkins George Ardstraw Tyrone

Atwell George Aghaloo Tyrone

Atwell John Aghaloo Tyrone

Atwell Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Aughinlech R. Alexander Donacavey Tyrone

Auld John Aghaloo Tyrone

Bacam Robert Kilskeery Tyrone

Bailey James Aghaloo Tyrone

Bailey James Clogher Tyrone

Baily Archibald Clogher Tyrone

Baird Alexander Donaghedy Tyrone

Baird Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Baird Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Baird William Urney Tyrone

Baird William, Jr. Donaghedy Tyrone

Baird William, Sr. Donaghedy Tyrone

Baker Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Balantine William Camus Tyrone

Ballantine George Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Ballantine Joseph Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Ballentine James Aghaloo Tyrone

Ballentine John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Bamhill John Camus Tyrone

Banagan Catherine Camus Tyrone

Banigan Francis Arboe Tyrone

Banigan Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Banks Matthew, Jr. Derryloran Tyrone

Banks Matthew, Sr. Derryloran Tyrone

Bannan Owen Clogher Tyrone

Barber James Clogher Tyrone

Barber Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Barber Matthew, Jr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Barber Widow Drumragh Tyrone

Barely William Artrea Tyrone

Barker James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Barkley Widow Desertcreat Tyrone

Barnet David Aghaloo Tyrone

Barnet Robert Clogher Tyrone

Barnett James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Barnett John Clogher Tyrone

Barnett Moses Clogher Tyrone

Barnett Oliver Clogher Tyrone

Barnett Robert Clogher Tyrone

Barnewell James Ardstraw Tyrone

Barnhill Martha Camus Tyrone

Barns John Aghaloo Tyrone

Barns John Kildress Tyrone

Barns Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Barns Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Barnwell Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Barnwell Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Barobar Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Barr Edward Urney Tyrone

Barr Hugh Urney Tyrone

Barr Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Barren James Lissan Tyrone

Barret Patrick Urney Tyrone

Barrin Neal Urney Tyrone

Barron James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Bartin William Ardstraw Tyrone

Bartley John Donaghenry Tyrone

Bartley Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

Bartley William Aghaloo Tyrone

Bartley William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bartly Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bartly James Derryloran Tyrone

Bartly John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bartly Rebecca Termonamongan Tyrone

Bartly Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bartly William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bartly William Termonamongan Tyrone

Barton Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Barton David Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Barton George Aghaloo Tyrone

Barton George, Jr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Barton James Clogher Tyrone

Barton John Ardstraw Tyrone

Barton Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Barton Richard Aghaloo Tyrone

Barton Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Bates William Donaghedy Tyrone

Battey Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Baxter Arthur Clogher Tyrone

Baxter James Drumragh Tyrone

Baxter John Artrea Tyrone

Baxter John Clogher Tyrone

Baxter Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Baxter Joseph Kildress Tyrone

Baxter Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Baxter Stephen Kildress Tyrone

Baxter Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

Baxter Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Baxter William Artrea Tyrone

Beacam John Kilskeery Tyrone

Beacon Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Bealy James Clogher Tyrone

Bealy John Clogher Tyrone

Beard James Ardstraw Tyrone

Bears John Clogherny Tyrone

Beast George Artrea Tyrone

Beattey George Ardstraw Tyrone

Beattey James Killeeshill Tyrone

Beattey John Ardstraw Tyrone

Beattey Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Beattey Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Beattey Widow Urney Tyrone

Beatty Alexander Aghaloo Tyrone

Beatty Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Beatty Archibald Kildress Tyrone

Beatty Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Beatty Edward Killeeshill Tyrone

Beatty Henry Cappagh Tyrone

Beatty Hugh Killeeshill Tyrone

Beatty James Artrea Tyrone

Beatty James Drumragh Tyrone

Beatty John Killeeshill Tyrone

Beatty John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Beatty Kennedy Ballyclog Tyrone

Beatty Mary Aghaloo Tyrone

Beatty Matthew Aghaloo Tyrone

Beatty Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Beatty Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Beatty Samuel Ballyclog Tyrone

Beatty Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Beatty Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Beatty William Ardstraw Tyrone

Beatty William Clogher Tyrone

Beatty William Kildress Tyrone

Beatty William Lissan Tyrone

Beaty Alexander Clonfeacle Tyrone

Beaty George Donaghenry Tyrone

Beaty James Donaghenry Tyrone

Beaty Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Beaty Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Begs James Aghaloo Tyrone

Bell Eleanor Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Bell Elizabeth Killeeshill Tyrone

Bell George Aghaloo Tyrone

Bell James Aghaloo Tyrone

Bell James Arboe Tyrone

Bell James, Jr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Bell James, Sr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Bell John Aghaloo Tyrone

Bell John Arboe Tyrone

Bell John Urney Tyrone

Bell Joseph Killeeshill Tyrone

Bell Margaret Aghaloo Tyrone

Bell Richard Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Bell Robert Lissan Tyrone

Bell Robert Tamlaght Tyrone

Bell Samuel Tamlaght Tyrone

Bell Thomas, Jr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Bell Thomas, Sr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Bell William Aghaloo Tyrone

Bell William Killeeshill Tyrone

Benagan Henry Ballyclog Tyrone

Benson Edward Camus Tyrone

Benson Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Benson Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Benton James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Berrel Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Best Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

Best John Clogher Tyrone

Best Moore Aghaloo Tyrone

Best Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Best William Clogher Tyrone

Bevins Richard Aghaloo Tyrone

Bigger John Arboe Tyrone

Bigger William Arboe Tyrone

Biggers John Arboe Tyrone

Bigley Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

Bigley Peter Kildress Tyrone

Bincher Francis Dromore Tyrone

Birch Widow Clogher Tyrone

Bird James Kilskeery Tyrone

Bird Matthew Kilskeery Tyrone

Birney Arthur Clogher Tyrone

Birney James Clogher Tyrone

Birney Widow Clogher Tyrone

Birney William Clogher Tyrone

Bitchy Adam Clogher Tyrone

Black Alexander Desertcreat Tyrone

Black Alexander Kildress Tyrone

Black Andrew Kildress Tyrone

Black Francis Lissan Tyrone

Black James Desertcreat Tyrone

Black James Kildress Tyrone

Black John Aghaloo Tyrone

Black John Ardstraw Tyrone

Black John Derryloran Tyrone

Black John Kildress Tyrone

Black John Killeeshill Tyrone

Black John Lissan Tyrone

Black Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Black Mary Aghaloo Tyrone

Black Matthew Derryloran Tyrone

Black Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Black Robert Kildress Tyrone

Black Samuel Kildress Tyrone

Black Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Black William Ballyclog Tyrone

Black William Camus Tyrone

Black William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Black William Derryloran Tyrone

Black William Donaghedy Tyrone

Blair Arthur Urney Tyrone

Blair Hugh Kildress Tyrone

Blair James Ardstraw Tyrone

Blair James Clogher Tyrone

Blair James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Blair John Ballyclog Tyrone

Blair Price Derryloran Tyrone

Blair Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Blakely Andrew Kilskeery Tyrone

Blakely Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Blakely Guy Kilskeery Tyrone

Blakely Irwine Kilskeery Tyrone

Blakely John Clogher Tyrone

Blakely Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Blakely Mathew Clogher Tyrone

Blakely William Dromore Tyrone

Blaney George Dromore Tyrone

Blee Michael Donaghedy Tyrone

Blomer James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bloomer Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bloomer James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bloomer Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bloomer William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Boak James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boake George Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boake Henry Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boake James, Jr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Boake John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boake Letitia Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boake Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boan Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Bodan Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Bodel William Clogherny Tyrone

Bodkin Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

Bogan Anthony Urney Tyrone

Bogan Byran Urney Tyrone

Bogan Hugh Urney Tyrone

Bogan John Urney Tyrone

Bogan Michael Urney Tyrone

Bogan William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Bogan William Urney Tyrone

Boge Terence Clogher Tyrone

Bogel Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Boggs Alexander Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boggs William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Bogle Denis Cappagh Tyrone

Bogle Henry Clogher Tyrone

Bogle James Urney Tyrone

Bogle Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Bogues Barney Clogher Tyrone

Bogues Owen Clogher Tyrone

Bole William Tamlaght Tyrone

Bond James Donaghedy Tyrone

Bond Rebecca Donaghedy Tyrone

Book Gerard Ardstraw Tyrone

Books James, Sr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Booth Benjamin Arboe Tyrone

Booth Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Booth James Donacavey Tyrone

Booth John Arboe Tyrone

Booth John Ardstraw Tyrone

Booth John Donacavey Tyrone

Booth Joseph Arboe Tyrone

Boreland Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Borland Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

Bothen Samuel Ballyclog Tyrone

Bothen William Ballyclog Tyrone

Bougle James Donaghedy Tyrone

Boyd David, Jr. Donaghenry Tyrone

Boyd David, Sr. Donaghenry Tyrone

Boyd Eleanor Aghaloo Tyrone

Boyd James Desertcreat Tyrone

Boyd James Killeeshill Tyrone

Boyd John Artrea Tyrone

Boyd John Clogher Tyrone

Boyd John Donaghenry Tyrone

Boyd John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boyd Margaret Derryloran Tyrone

Boyd Matthew Aghaloo Tyrone

Boyd Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Boyd Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Boyd Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Boyd Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Boyd William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Boyd William Derryloran Tyrone

Boyd William Donaghenry Tyrone

Boyd William Kildress Tyrone

Boyd William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Boyde Mathew Clogher Tyrone

Boylan Anthony Ballinderry Tyrone

Boyle Arthur Killeeshill Tyrone

Boyle Charles Urney Tyrone

Boyle Cornelius Killeeshill Tyrone

Boyle Francis Urney Tyrone

Boyle Hugh Camus Tyrone

Boyle James Donaghedy Tyrone

Boyle James Longfield East Tyrone

Boyle John Derryloran Tyrone

Boyle John Urney Tyrone

Boyle Michael Killeeshill Tyrone

Boyle Michael Urney Tyrone

Boyle Neal Tullyniskan Tyrone

Boyle Sarah Donaghedy Tyrone

Boyles Charles Clonoe Tyrone

Boys Allen Donaghenry Tyrone

Boys Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Boys William Donaghenry Tyrone

Bradley John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Bradley William Camus Tyrone

Bradly John Ardstraw Tyrone

Bradly Laurence Urney Tyrone

Bradly Patrick Urney Tyrone

Bradly William Ardstraw Tyrone

Brady Anthony Arboe Tyrone

Brady Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Brady James Longfield East Tyrone

Brady Nicholas Arboe Tyrone

Brady Widow Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Brady William Arboe Tyrone

Branan Peter Arboe Tyrone

Branan Phelemy Arboe Tyrone

Brandon John Drumragh Tyrone

Branigan Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Brannagan Andrew Leckpatrick Tyrone

Brannan Charles Clogher Tyrone

Brannon Charles Clogherny Tyrone

Brattan James Clogher Tyrone

Brattan James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Brattan John Clogher Tyrone

Bratton Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Bratton William Clogher Tyrone

Brawley John Donaghedy Tyrone

Brawley William Donaghedy Tyrone

Brawley William, Jr. Donaghedy Tyrone

Breckinridge William Aghaloo Tyrone

Breden George Clogher Tyrone

Breden John Clogher Tyrone

Breden William Clogher Tyrone

Bredin Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Bredon John Clogherny Tyrone

Bredon Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Breen Henry Kilskeery Tyrone

Breen Hugh Kilskeery Tyrone

Breen John Kilskeery Tyrone

Breen Michael Arboe Tyrone

Breen Michael Kilskeery Tyrone

Breen Patrick Arboe Tyrone

Breen Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Brew James Ardstraw Tyrone

Brians Michael Tullyniskan Tyrone

Briar John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Bridget Andrew Tamlaght Tyrone

Bridget William Arboe Tyrone

Briggs William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Brigham James Ardstraw Tyrone

Brigham John Ardstraw Tyrone

Brine Daniel Dromore Tyrone

Brins Widow Lissan Tyrone

Brisban Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Brisbane Richard Derryloran Tyrone

Brodley Christopher Kildress Tyrone

Brodly James Arboe Tyrone

Brodly John Arboe Tyrone

Brogan Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

Brook Samuel Urney Tyrone

Brooks Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Brotten James Donacavey Tyrone

Brotten Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Brotten William Donacavey Tyrone

Brown Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

Brown Alexander Lissan Tyrone

Brown Alexander Urney Tyrone

Brown Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Brown David Drumragh Tyrone

Brown Elizabeth Aghaloo Tyrone

Brown George Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Brown James Aghaloo Tyrone

Brown James Ardstraw Tyrone

Brown James Clogherny Tyrone

Brown James Donaghenry Tyrone

Brown James Drumragh Tyrone

Brown James Urney Tyrone

Brown James, Jr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Brown James, Sr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Brown John Aghaloo Tyrone

Brown John Arboe Tyrone

Brown John Ardstraw Tyrone

Brown John Derryloran Tyrone

Brown John Donaghedy Tyrone

Brown John Drumglass Tyrone

Brown John Kilskeery Tyrone

Brown John Tamlaght Tyrone

Brown Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Brown Joseph Camus Tyrone

Brown Mary Donaghedy Tyrone

Brown Mathew Clogher Tyrone

Brown Matthew Derryloran Tyrone

Brown Matthew Urney Tyrone

Brown Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Brown Peter Clogher Tyrone

Brown Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Brown Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Brown Robert Clogher Tyrone

Brown Robert Lissan Tyrone

Brown Samuel Desertcreat Tyrone

Brown Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Brown Thomas Camus Tyrone

Brown Walter Donaghedy Tyrone

Brown Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Brown Widow Urney Tyrone

Brown William Camus Tyrone

Brown William Clogherny Tyrone

Brown William Derryloran Tyrone

Brown William Desertcreat Tyrone

Brown William Donaghedy Tyrone

Brown William Tamlaght Tyrone

Browne Anne Urney Tyrone

Browne Edward Termonamongan Tyrone

Browne John Dromore Tyrone

Browne Michael Termonamongan Tyrone

Browne Thomas Urney Tyrone

Brush John Aghaloo Tyrone

Bryans Richard Clonfeacle Tyrone

Bryars Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Buchanan Andrew Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Buchanan Bray Donacavey Tyrone

Buchanan Daniel Donacavey Tyrone

Buchanan George Donacavey Tyrone

Buchanan John Donacavey Tyrone

Buchanan Patrick Longfield East Tyrone

Buchanan Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Buchanan William Donacavey Tyrone

Buchannan George Donaghedy Tyrone

Buchannan James Aghaloo Tyrone

Buchannan Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Buchannan Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Buchannan William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Buchannon George Kilskeery Tyrone

Buchannon John Cappagh Tyrone

Buchannon John Drumragh Tyrone

Buchannon Joseph Urney Tyrone

Buchannon Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Buchannon Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Buchannon William Clogherny Tyrone

Buchannon William Drumragh Tyrone

Burke John Clogher Tyrone

Burke Oliver Clogher Tyrone

Burke William Arboe Tyrone

Burnet Moses Killeeshill Tyrone

Burnet Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Burnet William Aghaloo Tyrone

Burnethy Abel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Burnethy John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Burnethy William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Burns Christopher Kilskeery Tyrone

Burns James Aghaloo Tyrone

Burns John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Burns John Donacavey Tyrone

Burns John Dromore Tyrone

Burns Joseph Artrea Tyrone

Burns Michael Clogherny Tyrone

Burns Thomas Artrea Tyrone

Burns Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

Burns William Artrea Tyrone

Burnside Joseph Kildress Tyrone

Burnside Robert Kildress Tyrone

Burrowes Doctor Killyman Tyrone

Burrowes James Killyman Tyrone

Burrowes Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Bustard Charles Termonamongan Tyrone

Cabane John Aghaloo Tyrone

Caden Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Caden Hugh Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Cadew Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Cahown Patrick Tullyniskan Tyrone

Caimes Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Cain Franci Drumglass Tyrone

Cain James Aghaloo Tyrone

Cain John Derryloran Tyrone

Cain John Donaghenry Tyrone

Cain Michael Killyman Tyrone

Caine Daniel Termonamongan Tyrone

Caine Jane Urney Tyrone

Caine William Longfield East Tyrone

Cairnes James Urney Tyrone

Cairnes Robert Clogher Tyrone

Cairnes William Urney Tyrone

Calder William Desertcreat Tyrone

Calderwood John Donaghenry Tyrone

Caldwell Anna Termonamongan Tyrone

Caldwell Audley Urney Tyrone

Caldwell Catherine Termonamongan Tyrone

Caldwell Charles Drumragh Tyrone

Caldwell Eleanor Clogher Tyrone

Caldwell Gasper Termonamongan Tyrone

Caldwell Henry Drumragh Tyrone

Caldwell James Donaghedy Tyrone

Caldwell James Drumragh Tyrone

Caldwell John Aghaloo Tyrone

Caldwell John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Caldwell John Clogher Tyrone

Caldwell John Drumragh Tyrone

Caldwell John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Caldwell John Termonamongan Tyrone

Caldwell Mathew Urney Tyrone

Caldwell Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Caldwell Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Caldwell Samuel Termonamongan Tyrone

Caldwell Somuel Drumragh Tyrone

Caldwell William Ardstraw Tyrone

Callagher James Tamlaght Tyrone

Callan Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Callindos Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Campbel James Clogher Tyrone

Campbel Joshua Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Campbell Alexander Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Campbell Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

Campbell Alexander Kildress Tyrone

Campbell Andrew Arboe Tyrone

Campbell Andrew Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Campbell Barney Clogher Tyrone

Campbell Bryan Arboe Tyrone

Campbell Bryan Camus Tyrone

Campbell Bryan Derryloran Tyrone

Campbell Charles Derryloran Tyrone

Campbell Charles Drumragh Tyrone

Campbell Colla Clogher Tyrone

Campbell Daniel Desertcreat Tyrone

Campbell David Clonfeacle Tyrone

Campbell David Donaghenry Tyrone

Campbell Denis Clogher Tyrone

Campbell Ephraim Donaghedy Tyrone

Campbell Francis Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell George Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell George Donaghedy Tyrone

Campbell George Kildress Tyrone

Campbell Henry Arboe Tyrone

Campbell Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Campbell Hugh Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Campbell Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell Hugh Tamlaght Tyrone

Campbell Isabella Donaghedy Tyrone

Campbell James Aghaloo Tyrone

Campbell James Ardstraw Tyrone

Campbell James Artrea Tyrone

Campbell James Ballyclog Tyrone

Campbell James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Campbell James Cappagh Tyrone

Campbell James Clogher Tyrone

Campbell James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Campbell James Killeeshill Tyrone

Campbell John Aghaloo Tyrone

Campbell John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Campbell John Clogher Tyrone

Campbell John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Campbell John Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell John Killyman Tyrone

Campbell John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Campbell Joseph Drumragh Tyrone

Campbell Mary Drumglass Tyrone

Campbell Michael Clogher Tyrone

Campbell Michael Kildress Tyrone

Campbell Michael Tullyniskan Tyrone

Campbell Owen Arboe Tyrone

Campbell Owen Clogher Tyrone

Campbell Owen Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell Paul Kilskeery Tyrone

Campbell Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Campbell Peter Drumglass Tyrone

Campbell Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Campbell Robert Tamlaght Tyrone

Campbell Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Campbell Sarah Ballyclog Tyrone

Campbell Terence Arboe Tyrone

Campbell Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Campbell Widow Clonoe Tyrone

Campbell Widow Drumragh Tyrone

Campbell William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Campbell William Donacavey Tyrone

Campbell William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Campbell William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Camuskey Bryan Kilskeery Tyrone

Camusky John Kilskeery Tyrone

Canavan Bernard Arboe Tyrone

Canavan Daniel Arboe Tyrone

Canavan Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Canavan John Arboe Tyrone

Cander Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Candy David Longfield East Tyrone

Cannavan Daniel Clonoe Tyrone

Cannavan Michael Kildress Tyrone

Cannon Peter Ardstraw Tyrone

Car Owen Camus Tyrone

Carberry James Dromore Tyrone

Carberry Robert Dromore Tyrone

Cardel Henry Killyman Tyrone

Cardel Sarah Killyman Tyrone

Carland Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Carland Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

Carland Michael Termonamongan Tyrone

Carland Patrick Urney Tyrone

Carland Richard Ardstraw Tyrone

Carland Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Carleton William Ballinderry Tyrone

Carlin Patrick Donaghenry Tyrone

Carling William Ardstraw Tyrone

Carlisle James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Carmichael Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Carnaghan James Clogher Tyrone

Carnaghan Robert Clogher Tyrone

Carney Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

Carney James Dromore Tyrone

Carothers John Kildress Tyrone

Carran Patrick Drumglass Tyrone

Carrickans John Donaghedy Tyrone

Carrigan John Donaghedy Tyrone

Carrigan Thomas Urney Tyrone

Carrigan William Derryloran Tyrone

Carrin Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Carrol Bryan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Carrol James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Carrol Mary Urney Tyrone

Carroll David Aghaloo Tyrone

Carron Cornelius Ballyclog Tyrone

Carron James Drumragh Tyrone

Carron Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

Carroran Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Carson Adam Ardstraw Tyrone

Carson Alexander Donaghenry Tyrone

Carson Andrew Donaghenry Tyrone

Carson Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Carson Isaac Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Carson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Carson James Donaghenry Tyrone

Carson James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Carson James, Jr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Carson John Ardstraw Tyrone

Carson John Cappagh Tyrone

Carson John Donaghenry Tyrone

Carson John Kildress Tyrone

Carson Joseph Drumragh Tyrone

Carson Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Carson Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

Carson Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Carson William Donaghenry Tyrone

Carson William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Carson Wm Artrea Tyrone

Carter Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Carvery Laurence Clonfeacle Tyrone

Carvery Neil Clonfeacle Tyrone

Casedy Peter Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Casey Darby Killeeshill Tyrone

Casey Denis Donacavey Tyrone

Casey Peter Derryloran Tyrone

Casey Terrence Derryloran Tyrone

Cashley Terrence Kildress Tyrone

Cashly Denis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cashly Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cashly Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Casland Henry Termonamongan Tyrone

Casord George Aghaloo Tyrone

Cassedy Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Cassiday Peter Derryloran Tyrone

Cassidy Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Cassidy Francis Arboe Tyrone

Cassidy Henry Drumragh Tyrone

Cassidy Patrick Dromore Tyrone

Cassidy Phelix Aghaloo Tyrone

Cassidy Terence Clogher Tyrone

Cathers James Urney Tyrone

Catherwood Hugh Donaghenry Tyrone

Caughel Patrick Urney Tyrone

Caulfield Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Caur Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Causey John Derryloran Tyrone

Cavan John Kildress Tyrone

Cavanagh Denis Arboe Tyrone

Cavanagh John Cappagh Tyrone

Cavanagh Mary Derryloran Tyrone

Cavanagh Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cavanagh Patrick Tullyniskan Tyrone

Chambers Alexander Arboe Tyrone

Chambers Henry Urney Tyrone

Chambers James Arboe Tyrone

Chambers James Ardstraw Tyrone

Chambers John Arboe Tyrone

Chambers William Arboe Tyrone

Charles Henry Kildress Tyrone

Charles Richard Kildress Tyrone

Charleton Francis Drumragh Tyrone

Charleton William Drumragh Tyrone

Charluten Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Cheatly Samuel Termonamongan Tyrone

Cherry Moses Aghaloo Tyrone

Chinn David Camus Tyrone

Chinn John Urney Tyrone

Chinn Matthew Camus Tyrone

Chism James Urney Tyrone

Chism John Donaghedy Tyrone

Chism Robert Urney Tyrone

Chism Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Chism Victor Urney Tyrone

Chittick George Longfield East Tyrone

Chittick John Longfield East Tyrone

Chittick Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Christie David Donacavey Tyrone

Christie Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Christie John Urney Tyrone

Christie Michael Leckpatrick Tyrone

Church Henry Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Chyle James Killeeshill Tyrone

Chyle Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Chyle Widow Killeeshill Tyrone

Cimpion Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

Clandinen John Kildress Tyrone

Clandinin Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Clandinnan Andrew Clogherny Tyrone

Clandinnin John Donacavey Tyrone

Clandinnin Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Clark Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Clark John Arboe Tyrone

Clarke Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Clarke Andrew Termonamongan Tyrone

Clarke James Cappagh Tyrone

Clarke James Clogherny Tyrone

Clarke John Clogher Tyrone

Clarke John Donacavey Tyrone

Clarke John Drumragh Tyrone

Clarke John Termonamongan Tyrone

Clarke Joseph Urney Tyrone

Clarke Mary Cappagh Tyrone

Clarke Mathew Clogher Tyrone

Clarke Patrick Urney Tyrone

Clarke Robert Clogher Tyrone

Clarke Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Clarke Sampson Tullyniskan Tyrone

Clarke Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Clarke Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Clarke Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Clarke Widow Donacavey Tyrone

Clarke William Clogher Tyrone

Clearon James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Clement John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Clements David Clogherny Tyrone

Clements James Clogherny Tyrone

Clements John Clogherny Tyrone

Clements John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Clements Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Clements Robert Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Clements Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Clendinnan William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Clendinnen Charles Donacavey Tyrone

Clendinnen John Killeeshill Tyrone

Clendinnen Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Clerk James Aghaloo Tyrone

Clerk Martin Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Clerk Mathew Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Clerk Michael Derryloran Tyrone

Clerk William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Clingan James Clogher Tyrone

Clullen William Aghaloo Tyrone

Cochran Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Cochran David Donacavey Tyrone

Cochran James Clogherny Tyrone

Cochran R. Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Cockens Vinty Donacavey Tyrone

Cofford Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Coinner Terrence Desertcreat Tyrone

Colbertson Elizabeth Ardstraw Tyrone

Colbertson John Clogherny Tyrone

Coldwell Charles Termonamongan Tyrone

Coldwell David Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell James Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Jane Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell John Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell William Ardstraw Tyrone

Coldwell Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Cole Edward Clogher Tyrone

Coleman Christopher Clonfeacle Tyrone

Coleman Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

Colgan Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Colgan James Drumragh Tyrone

Colhern John Ardstraw Tyrone

Colhoun Urney Tyrone

Colhoun Elizabeth Donaghedy Tyrone

Colhoun Francis Leckpatrick Tyrone

Colhoun Hugh Donaghedy Tyrone

Colhoun James Ardstraw Tyrone

Colhoun James Donaghedy Tyrone

Colhoun James Urney Tyrone

Colhoun John Cappagh Tyrone

Colhoun John Longfield East Tyrone

Colhoun Mark Cappagh Tyrone

Colhoun Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Colhoun Robert Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Colhoun Samuel Longfield East Tyrone

Colhoun Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Colhoun William Ardstraw Tyrone

Collaghan Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Collen Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

Collins Charles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Collins David Donaghenry Tyrone

Collins John Drumragh Tyrone

Collins John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Collins John Urney Tyrone

Collins Joseph Drumragh Tyrone

Collins Owen Urney Tyrone

Collins Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Colson William Cappagh Tyrone

Colter Andrew Urney Tyrone

Colter John Drumragh Tyrone

Colter Widow Drumragh Tyrone

Colter William Dromore Tyrone

Colton Unknown Dromore Tyrone

Compston John Clonoe Tyrone

Conelly Ardal Donacavey Tyrone

Conelly Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Conier Charles Drumglass Tyrone

Conier Phelix Drumglass Tyrone

Coningham James Dromore Tyrone

Coningham John Cappagh Tyrone

Coningham John Dromore Tyrone

Coningham Nathaniel Dromore Tyrone

Coningham Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Conlan Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Conlin John Killyman Tyrone

Conlin Owen Clonfeacle Tyrone

Conlin Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Conlin Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Conlin Terence Clonfeacle Tyrone

Connelly Edward Urney Tyrone

Connely Luke Ardstraw Tyrone

Connery Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Connolly Phelemy Arboe Tyrone

Connor Phelimy Urney Tyrone

Connor Teague Urney Tyrone

Connory Barney Desertcreat Tyrone

Conolly John Kildress Tyrone

Conolly Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Conry James Killeeshill Tyrone

Conway Barnaby Kildress Tyrone

Conway Charles Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Conway Daniel Arboe Tyrone

Conway Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

Conway Philip Drumglass Tyrone

Cook James Artrea Tyrone

Cook Jane Donaghedy Tyrone

Cook John Donaghedy Tyrone

Cook William Donaghenry Tyrone

Cooke Adam Donaghedy Tyrone

Cooke Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Cooke Archibald Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Cooke James Drumragh Tyrone

Cooke Samuel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Cooke Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

Cooke Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cooke William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Cooke William Clogher Tyrone

Cooks William Urney Tyrone

Cooper Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cooper James Donaghedy Tyrone

Cooper Jane Termonamongan Tyrone

Cooper Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Cooper Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Cooper William Aghaloo Tyrone

Corarron Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

Corbet John Aghaloo Tyrone

Corbra Nicholas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cormly James Clogherny Tyrone

Cornwall John Derryloran Tyrone

Cornwath Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cororan Francis Arboe Tyrone

Corr Cormick Arboe Tyrone

Corr Francis Arboe Tyrone

Corr Hugh Clogherny Tyrone

Corr Hugh Dromore Tyrone

Corr James Clonoe Tyrone

Corr John Kilskeery Tyrone

Corr Michael Kilskeery Tyrone

Corr Owen Clonoe Tyrone

Corr Peter Arboe Tyrone

Corrans John Aghaloo Tyrone

Corraron Hugh Tullyniskan Tyrone

Corrigan James Drumglass Tyrone

Corrikan Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Corroran John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Corry Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Corry Henry Tullyniskan Tyrone

Corry Hugh Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Corry James Drumglass Tyrone

Corry Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Corry William Arboe Tyrone

Corslley William Drumragh Tyrone

Cory Bryan Derryloran Tyrone

Cosbey James Artrea Tyrone

Coulson Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Coulter David Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Coulter James Kildress Tyrone

Coulter John Dromore Tyrone

Coulter William Aghaloo Tyrone

Courtney James Arboe Tyrone

Courtney John Killyman Tyrone

Cousins Francis Killeeshill Tyrone

Cousins Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

Cowan Arthur Artrea Tyrone

Cowen Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Cox James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cox Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Coy Patrick Lissan Tyrone

Coyle Bryan Killeeshill Tyrone

Coyle Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Coyle Peter Killeeshill Tyrone

Coyle Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Coyle William Killeeshill Tyrone

Craford Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Craig David Ardstraw Tyrone

Craig Francis Termonamongan Tyrone

Craig George Kildress Tyrone

Craig Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Craig James Ardstraw Tyrone

Craig James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Craig James Desertcreat Tyrone

Craig James Urney Tyrone

Craig John Ardstraw Tyrone

Craig John Donaghedy Tyrone

Craig Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Craig Robert Kildress Tyrone

Craig Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Craig Samuel Kildress Tyrone

Craig Samuel Urney Tyrone

Craig Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Craigmiles Alexander Donacavey Tyrone

Craigmiles Charles Donacavey Tyrone

Crawford Adam Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford Alexander Donacavey Tyrone

Crawford Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Crawford Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

Crawford Andrew Termonamongan Tyrone

Crawford Cahrles Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Crawford David Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

Crawford George Cappagh Tyrone

Crawford James Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford James Drumragh Tyrone

Crawford John Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford John Cappagh Tyrone

Crawford John Clogher Tyrone

Crawford John Donacavey Tyrone

Crawford John Drumragh Tyrone

Crawford John Urney Tyrone

Crawford Jordan Drumragh Tyrone

Crawford Oliver Cappagh Tyrone

Crawford Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Crawford Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Crawford Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Crawford Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford Samuel Artrea Tyrone

Crawford Thomas Drumragh Tyrone

Crawford Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford William Ardstraw Tyrone

Crawford William Donacavey Tyrone

Crawford William Urney Tyrone

Creely James Lissan Tyrone

Creerey Edward Clogherny Tyrone

Creery Alexander Drumragh Tyrone

Cregan Claudius Cappagh Tyrone

Cregan Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Creighton Alexander Kildress Tyrone

Creighton James Donaghenry Tyrone

Creighton Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Creighton William Kildress Tyrone

Crery Richard Clogher Tyrone

Crigan Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Crogan Terence Clonfeacle Tyrone

Crooks John Lissan Tyrone

Crooks William Lissan Tyrone

Croosh James Aghaloo Tyrone

Crosier James Kilskeery Tyrone

Crosier John Dromore Tyrone

Crosier William Kilskeery Tyrone

Crosier Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Crosley Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Croslley James Drumragh Tyrone

Croslley Robert, Jr. Drumragh Tyrone

Cross Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Crossan James Donaghenry Tyrone

Crossey Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

Crossin Bernard Urney Tyrone

Crossin Henry Urney Tyrone

Crossin Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Crossley William Cappagh Tyrone

Crossly Mr. Killeeshill Tyrone

Crotier Robert Dromore Tyrone

Crozier James Clogher Tyrone

Crozier John Aghaloo Tyrone

Crozier John Donacavey Tyrone

Crozier Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Crozier Thomas Urney Tyrone

Crumlisk James Clogher Tyrone

Crumly David Clogher Tyrone

Crumly John Clogher Tyrone

Culberton John Donacavey Tyrone

Culbertron Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Culbertson Joseph Cappagh Tyrone

Culbertson Robert Urney Tyrone

Culbertson William Donacavey Tyrone

Culla Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Cullan David Drumglass Tyrone

Cullen Bryan Tullyniskan Tyrone

Cullen Francis Tullyniskan Tyrone

Cullen James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Cullen James Urney Tyrone

Cullen John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cullen Mathew Tullyniskan Tyrone

Culliland Henry Clogher Tyrone

Cumberland James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Cumberland John Killyman Tyrone

Cumberland Joseph Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Cummin James Donaghedy Tyrone

Cummin James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cummin Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Cummin Widow Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cummin William Ardstraw Tyrone

Cummins Andrew Urney Tyrone

Cummins Matthew Urney Tyrone

Cummins Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Cummins Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cummins Robert Urney Tyrone

Cummins Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Cuningham James Ardstraw Tyrone

Cuninghan Patrick Drumglass Tyrone

Cunningham Archibald Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cunningham David Donaghedy Tyrone

Cunningham Henry Clogher Tyrone

Cunningham Hugh Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cunningham James Donaghedy Tyrone

Cunningham John Cappagh Tyrone

Cunningham John Donaghedy Tyrone

Cunningham Michael Donacavey Tyrone

Cunningham Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Cunningham Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Cunningham Thomas Urney Tyrone

Cunningham William Ardstraw Tyrone

Cunningham William Cappagh Tyrone

Curigan Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Curigan Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Curigan William Ardstraw Tyrone

Curran John Clogher Tyrone

Currin Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Curry Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Curry Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Curry Sarah Ardstraw Tyrone

Curry Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Curtis John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Curtis John, Jr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Cushley Owen Kildress Tyrone

Daffy John Ardstraw Tyrone

Daisey James Aghaloo Tyrone

Daly Bryan Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Daly Cormick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Daly Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Daly Francis Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Daly Henry Arboe Tyrone

Daly Hugh Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Daly James Artrea Tyrone

Daly James Donaghedy Tyrone

Daly John Clogher Tyrone

Daly Mary Tullyniskan Tyrone

Daly Michael Arboe Tyrone

Daly Owen Clogher Tyrone

Daly Owen, Sr. Clogher Tyrone

Daly Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Daly Patrick Drumglass Tyrone

Daly Paul Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Daly Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Daly Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Daly Widow Lissan Tyrone

Danly James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Darbly Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

Darragh Denis Derryloran Tyrone

Darragh John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Darragh William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dason Anne Drumglass Tyrone

Davidson John Arboe Tyrone

Davidson Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

Davis James Donaghedy Tyrone

Davis James Longfield East Tyrone

Davis John Donaghedy Tyrone

Davis Joseph Camus Tyrone

Davis Mathew Donaghedy Tyrone

Davis Robert Camus Tyrone

Davis William Longfield East Tyrone

Davison Alexander Aghaloo Tyrone

Davison James Aghaloo Tyrone

Davison James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Davison John Aghaloo Tyrone

Davison John Ballyclog Tyrone

Davison Rev. James Aghaloo Tyrone

Davison Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Davison William Aghaloo Tyrone

Davison William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Dawley Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Dawley Denis Aghaloo Tyrone

Dawley Denis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dawley James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dawley John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Dawlis James Ballyclog Tyrone

Dawly Antony Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dawly Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dawly Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Dawly Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dawly William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dawson Abraham Killyman Tyrone

Dawson John Clonoe Tyrone

Dawson William Killyman Tyrone

Deak Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Dean Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Deeross James Kilskeery Tyrone

Deeross John Kilskeery Tyrone

Deery Agnes Donaghedy Tyrone

Deery James Donacavey Tyrone

Deery John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Deery William, Jr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Deery William, Sr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Delaney Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Delaney William Aghaloo Tyrone

Delany Edward Clogherny Tyrone

Denall James Ardstraw Tyrone

Denard John Urney Tyrone

Denis William Killeeshill Tyrone

Deniston William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Denniston Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Dennon George Donacavey Tyrone

Denny John Cappagh Tyrone

Denny Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Denny William Camus Tyrone

Derragh Samuel Tamlaght Tyrone

Desart Richard Killyman Tyrone

Detroyt Helena Donaghenry Tyrone

Devaney Michael Killyman Tyrone

Develin Edward Clonoe Tyrone

Develin Henry Clonoe Tyrone

Develin Michael Clonoe Tyrone

Devilin James Lissan Tyrone

Devilin John Kildress Tyrone

Devilin Patrick Ballyclog Tyrone

Devilin Widow Ballyclog Tyrone

Devin James Donacavey Tyrone

Devlia Patrick Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Anne Tullyniskan Tyrone

Devlin Arthur Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Charles Killeeshill Tyrone

Devlin Edward Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Frances Ballinderry Tyrone

Devlin Francis Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Francis Tamlaght Tyrone

Devlin Henry Ballinderry Tyrone

Devlin Isabella Arboe Tyrone

Devlin James Arboe Tyrone

Devlin James Derryloran Tyrone

Devlin John Aghaloo Tyrone

Devlin John Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Neal Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Devlin Patrick Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Devlin Patrick, Jr. Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Patrick, Sr. Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Peter Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Devlin Phelemy, Jr. Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Phelemy, Sr. Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Roger Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Sarah Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Susannah Ardstraw Tyrone

Devlin Terence Arboe Tyrone

Devlin Terence Tullyniskan Tyrone

Devlin Timothy Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Dick David Ardstraw Tyrone

Dick John Ardstraw Tyrone

Dick John Urney Tyrone

Dickey James Clogher Tyrone

Dickey John Clogher Tyrone

Dickey Widow Clogher Tyrone

Dickson Henry Derryloran Tyrone

Dickson John Killeeshill Tyrone

Dickson Sarah Derryloran Tyrone

Dickson William Tamlaght Tyrone

Diem John Camus Tyrone

Dillart Antony, Jr. Killyman Tyrone

Dillart Antony, Sr. Killyman Tyrone

Dilry Abraham Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dilry John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dimbar John Killeeshill Tyrone

Dinis Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

Dinning Samuel Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dinnis Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Dinnis Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Dinnison John Donaghenry Tyrone

Divenny Owen Urney Tyrone

Divin Arthur Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin Bryan Leckpatrick Tyrone

Divin George Ardstraw Tyrone

Divin Hugh Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin Hugh Leckpatrick Tyrone

Divin James Camus Tyrone

Divin James Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Divin Manus Leckpatrick Tyrone

Divin Michael Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

Divin Peter Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin Peter Kildress Tyrone

Divin Quintin Donaghedy Tyrone

Divin Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Divin Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Divine William Clogher Tyrone

Dixon Agnes Donaghenry Tyrone

Dixon Doctor Drumglass Tyrone

Dixon Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dixon James Ballinderry Tyrone

Dixon James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dixon John Aghaloo Tyrone

Dixon John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dixon Michael Aghaloo Tyrone

Dixon Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Dixon Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dixon Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dixon William Aghaloo Tyrone

Dixon William Urney Tyrone

Doak Anthony Ardstraw Tyrone

Doak John Ardstraw Tyrone

Doak William Ardstraw Tyrone

Doake William Ardstraw Tyrone

Dobson James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dogan Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dogin Michael Killeeshill Tyrone

Dolan Francis Dromore Tyrone

Dolan John Clogher Tyrone

Dolan John Drumragh Tyrone

Dolan William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dolin John Ardstraw Tyrone

Dollin Charles, Jr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Dollin Charles, Sr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Donagbey William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Donagh Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donagh William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donagheo William Killeeshill Tyrone

Donaghey Archibald Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Donaghey Charles Killeeshill Tyrone

Donaghey Hugh Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donaghey James Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghey James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Donaghey John Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghey John Donacavey Tyrone

Donaghey John Donaghedy Tyrone

Donaghey Laurence Killeeshill Tyrone

Donaghey Margaret Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghey Martin Killeeshill Tyrone

Donaghey Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghey Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghey Neal Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Donaghey Owen Donacavey Tyrone

Donaghey Owen Killeeshill Tyrone

Donaghey Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Donaghey Samuel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Donaghey Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Donaghey William Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghey William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donaghy Arthur Derryloran Tyrone

Donaghy Bryan Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donaghy Cormick Arboe Tyrone

Donaghy Hugh Killyman Tyrone

Donaghy John Arboe Tyrone

Donaghy Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donaghy Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

Donaghy Phelix Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donaghy Philip Ardstraw Tyrone

Donaghy Terence Kildress Tyrone

Donaldson Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Donaldson Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donaldson William Urney Tyrone

Donally Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Donell James Dromore Tyrone

Donelly Arthur Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly Arthur Drumragh Tyrone

Donelly Arthur Kildress Tyrone

Donelly Bryan Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly Bryan Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly Edward Clogher Tyrone

Donelly Francis Kilskeery Tyrone

Donelly Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly Hugh Drumragh Tyrone

Donelly James Clogher Tyrone

Donelly James Kildress Tyrone

Donelly James Kilskeery Tyrone

Donelly John Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly John Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly John Kildress Tyrone

Donelly John Kilskeery Tyrone

Donelly John Longfield East Tyrone

Donelly Launcelot Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly Michael Clogher Tyrone

Donelly Neal Clogher Tyrone

Donelly Owen Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly Owen Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly Peter Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly Peter Donacavey Tyrone

Donelly Terence Clogherny Tyrone

Donelly Widow Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Donely Simon Clogherny Tyrone

Donley James Drumragh Tyrone

Donly Anne Killeeshill Tyrone

Donly Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donly Felix Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donly Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donly John Killeeshill Tyrone

Donly Owen Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donly Owen Killeeshill Tyrone

Donly Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Donly Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donly Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donnell Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Donnell Elizabeth Dromore Tyrone

Donnell James Camus Tyrone

Donnell James Donaghedy Tyrone

Donnell James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnell John Cappagh Tyrone

Donnell John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnell John, Sr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnell Mary Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnell Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Donnell Samuel Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnell Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnell William Cappagh Tyrone

Donnell William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Donnelly Barney Desertcreat Tyrone

Donnelly Bryan Aghaloo Tyrone

Donnelly Charles Arboe Tyrone

Donnelly Charles Cappagh Tyrone

Donnelly Daniel Lissan Tyrone

Donnelly Edward Tullyniskan Tyrone

Donnelly Francis Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Donnelly Francis Donaghenry Tyrone

Donnelly George Arboe Tyrone

Donnelly Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donnelly Henry Drumglass Tyrone

Donnelly Henry Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Donnelly Henry Lissan Tyrone

Donnelly Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Donnelly Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donnelly Hugh Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Donnelly Hugh Tamlaght Tyrone

Donnelly James Clogher Tyrone

Donnelly James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Donnelly James Killyman Tyrone

Donnelly John Aghaloo Tyrone

Donnelly John Arboe Tyrone

Donnelly John Cappagh Tyrone

Donnelly John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Donnelly John Lissan Tyrone

Donnelly Laurence Arboe Tyrone

Donnelly Michael Kildress Tyrone

Donnelly Neal Clogherny Tyrone

Donnelly Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Donnelly Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Donnelly Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Donnelly Peter Clogher Tyrone

Donnelly Phelix Killyman Tyrone

Donnelly Rose Cappagh Tyrone

Donnelly Terence Arboe Tyrone

Donnely Peter Cappagh Tyrone

Donoghy Owen Donacavey Tyrone

Donolly Owen Ardstraw Tyrone

Donough Charles Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Dooras John Desertcreat Tyrone

Dooras Neal Desertcreat Tyrone

Doorish Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Doorish Daniel Arboe Tyrone

Doorish Henry Clogher Tyrone

Doorish Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Doorish John Arboe Tyrone

Doorish Owen Arboe Tyrone

Doorish Widow Clogher Tyrone

Doran Henry Killeeshill Tyrone

Dorian Daniel Arboe Tyrone

Doris James Derryloran Tyrone

Doris John Derryloran Tyrone

Dorish Denis Tullyniskan Tyrone

Dornan James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dorraugh William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Dougal James Lissan Tyrone

Dougan Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Dougan Terence Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Dougherty Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty Charles Urney Tyrone

Dougherty Daniel Aghaloo Tyrone

Dougherty Denis Clogher Tyrone

Dougherty Felix Clogher Tyrone

Dougherty Francis Longfield East Tyrone

Dougherty George Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty Hugh Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dougherty Hugh Urney Tyrone

Dougherty James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dougherty James Urney Tyrone

Dougherty John Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dougherty Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty Michael Clogher Tyrone

Dougherty Mitchael Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty Patrick Longfield East Tyrone

Dougherty Philip Camus Tyrone

Dougherty Roger Leckpatrick Tyrone

Dougherty Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty William Ardstraw Tyrone

Dougherty William Camus Tyrone

Dougherty William Donaghedy Tyrone

Dougherty William Urney Tyrone

Douglas Hugh Tullyniskan Tyrone

Douglas James Aghaloo Tyrone

Douglas James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Douglas James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Douglas William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Douglass William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Downs Charles Clonfeacle Tyrone

Downy Walter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Doyle James Donaghenry Tyrone

Doyle Michael Killeeshill Tyrone

Doyle Neil Clonfeacle Tyrone

Droagan Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Droogan Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

Drougan Michael Clogher Tyrone

Drugan Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Drugan Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Druggan John Clogher Tyrone

Dueggan Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Dueggan Patrick, Jr. Clogher Tyrone

Duff Francis Clonoe Tyrone

Duff James Derryloran Tyrone

Duff John Ballyclog Tyrone

Duff John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Duff John, Jr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Duff John, Sr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Duff Mary Tamlaght Tyrone

Duff Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Duff Sarah Arboe Tyrone

Duff William Arboe Tyrone

Duffey Anne Urney Tyrone

Duffey John Urney Tyrone

Duffey Peter Ballyclog Tyrone

Duffin Henry Arboe Tyrone

Duffin Terence Arboe Tyrone

Duffy Charles Ballyclog Tyrone

Duffy John Kildress Tyrone

Duffy Patrick Ballyclog Tyrone

Dugan Sarah Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Dugan Terrence Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Dullyvel Wingfield Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dunbar Ezekiel Urney Tyrone

Dunbar James Tamlaght Tyrone

Dunbar John Ardstraw Tyrone

Dunbar John Camus Tyrone

Dunbar Mathew Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Dunbar Matthew Cappagh Tyrone

Dunbarr John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Dunbarr John Clogher Tyrone

Dunbarr Sarah Camus Tyrone

Dunbarr Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Duncan John Ardstraw Tyrone

Dunkin Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

Dunkin Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Dunkin William Donacavey Tyrone

Dunlap David Clogher Tyrone

Dunlap Francis Clogher Tyrone

Dunlap Hugh Cappagh Tyrone

Dunlap James Clogherny Tyrone

Dunlap James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Dunlap John Clogher Tyrone

Dunlap John Clogherny Tyrone

Dunlap John Urney Tyrone

Dunlap Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Dunlap Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Dunlap William Clogher Tyrone

Dunlavy Paul Urney Tyrone

Dunn Hamilton Donaghedy Tyrone

Dunn Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dunn James Derryloran Tyrone

Dunn John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Dunn John Donaghedy Tyrone

Dunn Michael Artrea Tyrone

Dunn Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Dunn William Donaghedy Tyrone

Dunn William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Durnen Michael Leckpatrick Tyrone

Durning Frederick Clogher Tyrone

Duross Neal Clogher Tyrone

Duross Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Duross Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Eadie John Ardstraw Tyrone

Eager Henry Donaghedy Tyrone

Eager Thomas Drumragh Tyrone

Eagleson William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Eagleton Robert Kildress Tyrone

Eakins David Clogher Tyrone

Eakins James Ardstraw Tyrone

Eakins John Ardstraw Tyrone

Eakins Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Eakins William Ardstraw Tyrone

Earl William, Jr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Earl William, Sr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Earley Francis Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Earlie Robert Kildress Tyrone

Early Charles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Early Edward Aghaloo Tyrone

Early James Cappagh Tyrone

Early James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Early John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Early Machael Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Early Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Early William Drumragh Tyrone

Easter John Cappagh Tyrone

Eaton Ddward Aghaloo Tyrone

Eccles Adam Kildress Tyrone

Eccles James Drumglass Tyrone

Eccles Robert Kildress Tyrone

Eccles Samuel Kildress Tyrone

Eccles Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

Eccles Thomas Drumglass Tyrone

Ectore James Urney Tyrone

Ectore William Urney Tyrone

Edminston Androw Tamlaght Tyrone

Edmond Widow Desertcreat Tyrone

Edwards Cairnes Urney Tyrone

Edwards Widow Donaghedy Tyrone

Elder James Arboe Tyrone

Elder James Kildress Tyrone

Elder William Arboe Tyrone

Elison Henry Killeeshill Tyrone

Elliot Adam Donaghenry Tyrone

Elliot Archibald Kilskeery Tyrone

Elliot John Termonamongan Tyrone

Elliot John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Elliot Robert Kilskeery Tyrone

Elliot William Donaghenry Tyrone

Elliott Christopher Clogher Tyrone

Elliott John Clogher Tyrone

Elliott John Urney Tyrone

Elliott William Ardstraw Tyrone

Elliott William Clogher Tyrone

Emery James Termonamongan Tyrone

English George Arboe Tyrone

English Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

English William Aghaloo Tyrone

Enock John Donacavey Tyrone

Erskine Margaret Camus Tyrone

Espye James Derryloran Tyrone

Evans Ezekial Ardstraw Tyrone

Evans Ezekial Clonfeacle Tyrone

Evans John Ardstraw Tyrone

Evans Robert Clogher Tyrone

Evans William Aghaloo Tyrone

Evans William Ardstraw Tyrone

Evans William Donacavey Tyrone

Ewing John Urney Tyrone

Ewing Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Ewing William Ardstraw Tyrone

Fair George Aghaloo Tyrone

Fairen Mary Derryloran Tyrone

Fairley John Drumglass Tyrone

Fairly Michael Clonfeacle Tyrone

Fallon James Cappagh Tyrone

Fallon Joseph Cappagh Tyrone

Falls Barney Camus Tyrone

Falls John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Falls Rev. Mr. Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Falls Richard Aghaloo Tyrone

Falls Richard Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Farly Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Farnan William Drumglass Tyrone

Faron Charles Cappagh Tyrone

Farron James Ardstraw Tyrone

Faulkner John Derryloran Tyrone

Faulkner William Derryloran Tyrone

Feeney Daniel Urney Tyrone

Ferguison Alexander Artrea Tyrone

Ferguison Patrick Artrea Tyrone

Ferguison Rev. Joseph Artrea Tyrone

Ferguison Robert Artrea Tyrone

Ferguison William Artrea Tyrone

Fergus Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Fergus James Cappagh Tyrone

Fergus Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

Ferguson Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Ferguson Edward Camus Tyrone

Ferguson James Desertcreat Tyrone

Ferguson James Killeeshill Tyrone

Ferguson James, Jr. Killeeshill Tyrone

Ferguson John Arboe Tyrone

Ferguson John Derryloran Tyrone

Ferguson Joseph Derryloran Tyrone

Ferguson Robert Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Ferguson Thomas Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Ferguson Widow Desertcreat Tyrone

Fernan James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Ferquison John Clonoe Tyrone

Ferquison Thomas Artrea Tyrone

Ferrier William Kildress Tyrone

Ferril Matthew Arboe Tyrone

Ferril Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Ferson Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Ferson Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

Fetton Thomas Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Fiese John Urney Tyrone

Fife John Ardstraw Tyrone

Fife Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Fife Oliver Urney Tyrone

Fife Robert Urney Tyrone

Fife William Ardstraw Tyrone

Finegan Henry Clogher Tyrone

Finigan Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Finigan Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Finlay John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Finlay William Ardstraw Tyrone

Finlay William Urney Tyrone

Finton Benjamin Urney Tyrone

Finton James Clogherny Tyrone

Finton James, Jr. Clogherny Tyrone

Finton John Clogherny Tyrone

Finton Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Finton Samuel Clogherny Tyrone

Fisher James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Fitzgerald Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

Fitzsummons William Ardstraw Tyrone

Flack James Artrea Tyrone

Flack John Ballyclog Tyrone

Flanagan Patrick Urney Tyrone

Flanagan Peter Clogher Tyrone

Flanagan Philemy Clogher Tyrone

Flannagan Roger Ballyclog Tyrone

Fleming David Donacavey Tyrone

Fleming James Aghaloo Tyrone

Fleming James Derryloran Tyrone

Fleming James Lissan Tyrone

Fleming John Camus Tyrone

Fleming Joseph Derryloran Tyrone

Fleming Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Fleming William Aghaloo Tyrone

Fleming William Derryloran Tyrone

Fleming William Donacavey Tyrone

Fletcher Richard Urney Tyrone

Fletcher Robert Urney Tyrone

Flood James Ardstraw Tyrone

Flood James Urney Tyrone

Flood William Ardstraw Tyrone

Foliart William Urney Tyrone

Forbes Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Forbes Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Forbes Denis Drumragh Tyrone

Forbes John Clogherny Tyrone

Forbes Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Forbise Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Ford William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Foresythe John Ardstraw Tyrone

Foresythe Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Foresythe William Donaghedy Tyrone

Foresythe William Urney Tyrone

Forges Lanty Ardstraw Tyrone

Forisk Edward Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Forker John Killeeshill Tyrone

Forker William Killeeshill Tyrone

Forsythe Widow Donaghedy Tyrone

Fossitt Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Foster Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Foster Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Foster George Desertcreat Tyrone

Foster George Donacavey Tyrone

Foster Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Foster Simon Donacavey Tyrone

Fox Charles Cappagh Tyrone

Fox Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Fox James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Fox John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Fox Michael Killeeshill Tyrone

Fox Owen Clonfeacle Tyrone

Fox Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Frame William Ardstraw Tyrone

Francis Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Frazer James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Frazer William Clogherny Tyrone

Frazier David Aghaloo Tyrone

Freeburn Mary Tullyniskan Tyrone

Freel Marcus Donaghedy Tyrone

French John Ardstraw Tyrone

Frizel Eby Killyman Tyrone

Frizel James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Frizel John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Frizere John Kildress Tyrone

Fullan Patrick Drumglass Tyrone

Fullarton Francis Cappagh Tyrone

Fullarton John Cappagh Tyrone

Fullarton Mary Cappagh Tyrone

Fullarton William Cappagh Tyrone

Fullerton Alexander Clogher Tyrone

Fullerton David Ardstraw Tyrone

Fullerton John Urney Tyrone

Fullerton William Ardstraw Tyrone

Fulton George Clonfeacle Tyrone

Fulton Henry Cappagh Tyrone

Fulton Henry Clogherny Tyrone

Fulton Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Fulton James Ardstraw Tyrone

Fulton James Clogherny Tyrone

Fulton John Clogherny Tyrone

Fulton John Kildress Tyrone

Fulton Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Fulton Margaret Clogherny Tyrone

Fulton Samuel Cappagh Tyrone

Fulton Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Fulton Victor Ardstraw Tyrone

Fulton Widow Donaghedy Tyrone

Fulton William Cappagh Tyrone

Fulton William Donaghedy Tyrone

Funston Michael Urney Tyrone

Funston Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Funston Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Gaddis Darkis Kildress Tyrone

Gaddis James Kildress Tyrone

Gaddis John Kildress Tyrone

Gailbraith John Clogherny Tyrone

Gailbraith Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Gailbraith Stephen Leckpatrick Tyrone

Galagher Andrew Urney Tyrone

Galagher Bryan Dromore Tyrone

Galagher Bryan Urney Tyrone

Galagher Charles Urney Tyrone

Galagher Daniel Drumragh Tyrone

Galagher Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

Galagher Edward Urney Tyrone

Galagher Eleanor Urney Tyrone

Galagher Frederick Urney Tyrone

Galagher Hugh Cappagh Tyrone

Galagher Hugh Kilskeery Tyrone

Galagher James Urney Tyrone

Galagher Laurence Urney Tyrone

Galagher Michael Clogher Tyrone

Galagher Michael Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Galagher Murtagh Dromore Tyrone

Galagher Nollan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Galagher Patrick Urney Tyrone

Galagher Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Galagher Toal Leckpatrick Tyrone

Galagher William Urney Tyrone

Galand Henry Termonamongan Tyrone

Galaugher Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Galaugher John Ardstraw Tyrone

Galaugher John Derryloran Tyrone

Galaugher Patrick Urney Tyrone

Galaugher Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Galaugher William Ardstraw Tyrone

Galbraith Andrew Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Galbraith James Cappagh Tyrone

Galbraith James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Galbraith John Ardstraw Tyrone

Galbraith John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Galbraith Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Galbraith Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Galbraith Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Galbraith Widow Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Galbraith William Ardstraw Tyrone

Galbraith William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Gallagher Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Galland Daniel Termonamongan Tyrone

Gamble John Clogher Tyrone

Gamble John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gamble Roberet Donaghedy Tyrone

Gamble Roberet Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gamble William Ardstraw Tyrone

Gamble William Clogher Tyrone

Gamble William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gardner Alexander Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gardner Anne Ardstraw Tyrone

Garland Alice Killeeshill Tyrone

Gault Alexander Desertcreat Tyrone

Gault Henry Kilskeery Tyrone

Gaven James Donacavey Tyrone

Gaven Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Gavin Margaret Donacavey Tyrone

Gawel John Killyman Tyrone

Gay Charles Donacavey Tyrone

Gay James Dromore Tyrone

Gay James, Jr. Dromore Tyrone

Gay James, Sr. Dromore Tyrone

Gay John Dromore Tyrone

Gay Richard Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Gay Robert Dromore Tyrone

Gay William Dromore Tyrone

George Andrew Tamlaght Tyrone

George John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gevily John Cappagh Tyrone

Ghambers George Aghaloo Tyrone

Gibbons James Tamlaght Tyrone

Gibbons John Urney Tyrone

Gibson Alexander Arboe Tyrone

Gibson Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Gibson Andrew Dromore Tyrone

Gibson Benjamin Ballyclog Tyrone

Gibson Francis Dromore Tyrone

Gibson James Dromore Tyrone

Gibson James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gibson James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Gibson John Ballyclog Tyrone

Gibson Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gibson William Drumragh Tyrone

Giles Henry Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gileson John Longfield East Tyrone

Gileson William Longfield East Tyrone

Gilespie Andrew Urney Tyrone

Gilespie James Clogher Tyrone

Gilespie John Clogher Tyrone

Gilespie John, Jr. Clogher Tyrone

Gilespie Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Gilespie Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Gilespy James Clogher Tyrone

Gilginion Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Gilgranew Neal Aghaloo Tyrone

Gilgrist Widow Donaghenry Tyrone

Gilis Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Gilkinson John Clogher Tyrone

Gilkinson Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gilkinson Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gilleland Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gillen Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gillespie James Clogher Tyrone

Gillespie John Clogher Tyrone

Gillespie John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gillespie Patrick Urney Tyrone

Gillespie William Clogher Tyrone

Gillespie William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gillis Bartly Cappagh Tyrone

Gilly Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Gilly James Ardstraw Tyrone

Gilmer Jacob Donaghenry Tyrone

Gilmer John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gilmer John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Gilmer Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Gilmer William Donaghenry Tyrone

Gilmer William, Sr. Donaghenry Tyrone

Gilmore James Donaghedy Tyrone

Gilmore James Dromore Tyrone

Gilmore John Dromore Tyrone

Gilmore John Drumragh Tyrone

Ginger John Clogher Tyrone

Ginn Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Ginnis Andrew Clogherny Tyrone

Girven Hugh Donaghedy Tyrone

Givens John Aghaloo Tyrone

Givin James Ardstraw Tyrone

Givin John Ardstraw Tyrone

Givin John Cappagh Tyrone

Givin Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Givin Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Givins Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Givins William Cappagh Tyrone

Givins William Killeeshill Tyrone

Givins William, Jr. Cappagh Tyrone

Gladering Thomas Drumglass Tyrone

Glasco William Derryloran Tyrone

Glasgow Robert Lissan Tyrone

Glass Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Glassey John Desertcreat Tyrone

Glassy Jane Derryloran Tyrone

Glassy William Derryloran Tyrone

Glenn Christopher Donaghedy Tyrone

Glenn David Donaghedy Tyrone

Glenn John Donaghedy Tyrone

Glenn William Kildress Tyrone

Glessy Isaac Derryloran Tyrone

Glessy Michael Derryloran Tyrone

Glin Robert, Sr. Donaghedy Tyrone

Glinn Robert, Jr. Donaghedy Tyrone

Goan Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Goan Paul Longfield East Tyrone

Goane John Drumragh Tyrone

Godfrey Joseph Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Golden Solomon Ardstraw Tyrone

Good James Clogher Tyrone

Goodfalla Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Goodman Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Gordon Aaron Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gordon David Ardstraw Tyrone

Gordon David Longfield East Tyrone

Gordon Gabriel Longfield East Tyrone

Gordon James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Gordon James Donaghedy Tyrone

Gordon Jane Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gordon John Ardstraw Tyrone

Gordon John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gordon John Donaghedy Tyrone

Gordon John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gordon Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Gordon Thomas Longfield East Tyrone

Gordon Victor Camus Tyrone

Gordon William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gorman Hugh Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gorman James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gorman Laughlin Kilskeery Tyrone

Gorman Noghar Donacavey Tyrone

Gorman Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

Gorman Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gorman Patrick Kilskeery Tyrone

Gorman Roger Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Gorman William Ardstraw Tyrone

Gormly Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Gormly Arthur Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Gormly Charles Donaghedy Tyrone

Gormly Daniel Urney Tyrone

Gormly Fergus Clogher Tyrone

Gormly Henry Clogherny Tyrone

Gormly James Cappagh Tyrone

Gormly James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gormly James Longfield East Tyrone

Gormly James Urney Tyrone

Gormly Laurence Cappagh Tyrone

Gormly Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Gormly Owen Longfield East Tyrone

Gormly Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

Gormly Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Gormly Peter Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Gormly Roger Longfield East Tyrone

Gormly Widow Donaghedy Tyrone

Gormly Widow Drumragh Tyrone

Gormly William Donaghedy Tyrone

Goseghar John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Gourley Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Gourly Alexander Clogher Tyrone

Gourly Andrew Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gourly James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gourly John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gourly Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gourly William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Gourly Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Grace George Dromore Tyrone

Grace John Dromore Tyrone

Graham Alexander Kildress Tyrone

Graham Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Graham Archibald Cappagh Tyrone

Graham Arthur Dromore Tyrone

Graham Bryan Aghaloo Tyrone

Graham Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Graham Edward Dromore Tyrone

Graham Ephraim Cappagh Tyrone

Graham Francis Clogher Tyrone

Graham George Dromore Tyrone

Graham Hugh Dromore Tyrone

Graham James Ardstraw Tyrone

Graham James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Graham James Cappagh Tyrone

Graham James Kilskeery Tyrone

Graham John Aghaloo Tyrone

Graham John Ardstraw Tyrone

Graham John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Graham John Cappagh Tyrone

Graham John Clogher Tyrone

Graham John Clogherny Tyrone

Graham John Dromore Tyrone

Graham Lowther Camus Tyrone

Graham Michael Donacavey Tyrone

Graham Moses Leckpatrick Tyrone

Graham Philip Clogher Tyrone

Graham Robert Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Graham Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Graham Robert Clogher Tyrone

Graham Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Graham Thomas Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Graham Thomas Camus Tyrone

Graham Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Graham Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Graham William Ardstraw Tyrone

Graham William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Graham William Cappagh Tyrone

Graham William Clogher Tyrone

Graham William Dromore Tyrone

Graham William Drumragh Tyrone

Grahams Charles Kildress Tyrone

Grahams Francis Kildress Tyrone

Grahams James Kildress Tyrone

Grahams Michael Kildress Tyrone

Grahams Owen Kildress Tyrone

Grahams Philip Kildress Tyrone

Grahams Robert Kildress Tyrone

Grahms Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Granger James Kilskeery Tyrone

Granger John Donaghedy Tyrone

Grant Edward Arboe Tyrone

Gray Alexander Arboe Tyrone

Gray Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Gray Elizabeth Kilskeery Tyrone

Gray Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Gray John Ardstraw Tyrone

Gray John Cappagh Tyrone

Gray Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Gray William Kilskeery Tyrone

Greacey Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Green Edward Drumragh Tyrone

Green John Ardstraw Tyrone

Green Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Greer James Camus Tyrone

Greer James Drumragh Tyrone

Greer John Artrea Tyrone

Greer John Drumragh Tyrone

Greer John Kildress Tyrone

Greer Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

Greer Thomas Artrea Tyrone

Greer William Killyman Tyrone

Gregston Elizabeth Clonfeacle Tyrone

Grennan Bryan Drumragh Tyrone

Grey Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

Grieves William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Griffen James Donaghenry Tyrone

Griffen Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Griffian Adam Artrea Tyrone

Griffian John Desertcreat Tyrone

Griffin Michael Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Griffin Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Griffith James Derryloran Tyrone

Griffith James Urney Tyrone

Griffith John Urney Tyrone

Grimes Archibald Clogherny Tyrone

Grimes Benjamin Drumragh Tyrone

Grimes David Drumragh Tyrone

Grimes Duncan Drumragh Tyrone

Grimes John Aghaloo Tyrone

Grimes Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Grimley Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Grogan Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Gromley Rodger Ardstraw Tyrone

Gromly Hugh Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Groves Philip Urney Tyrone

Grumly William Clogher Tyrone

Guily David Cappagh Tyrone

Guily John Cappagh Tyrone

Guirven Arthur Clonoe Tyrone

Guy Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Guy William Clogher Tyrone

Gwinn John Urney Tyrone

Gwyn David Urney Tyrone

Gwyn James Urney Tyrone

Hacket William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hadden Archibald Aghaloo Tyrone

Hadden John Aghaloo Tyrone

Hadden Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

Haddock Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hagan Arthur Arboe Tyrone

Hagan Bernard Arboe Tyrone

Hagan Bryan Arboe Tyrone

Hagan Denis Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hagan James Arboe Tyrone

Hagan James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hagan Michael Drumragh Tyrone

Hagan Patrick Arboe Tyrone

Hagan Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Hagan Peter Arboe Tyrone

Hagerty Bernard Lissan Tyrone

Haggan Charles Kildress Tyrone

Haggan Denis Desertcreat Tyrone

Haggan Edward Ballyclog Tyrone

Haggan Francis Clonoe Tyrone

Haggan Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

Haggan Hugh Desertcreat Tyrone

Haggan Owen Kildress Tyrone

Haggan Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Haggan Peter Kildress Tyrone

Haggan Peter Lissan Tyrone

Haggin Bryan Clonoe Tyrone

Hagney Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Hair John Ardstraw Tyrone

Hair Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Haiston John Urney Tyrone

Halbort John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hall Blaney Donacavey Tyrone

Hall James Donaghedy Tyrone

Hall John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hall John Donacavey Tyrone

Hall John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hall John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Hall Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hall Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hall Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hall Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

Hall Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Hall Widow Donacavey Tyrone

Hall William Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamel Owen Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamil Arthur Killeeshill Tyrone

Hamil Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hamil Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Hamill Henry Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamill James Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamill John Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamill John Arboe Tyrone

Hamill John, Jr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamill John, Sr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamill Michael Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hamilton Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamilton Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamilton Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton Andrew Termonamongan Tyrone

Hamilton Andrew Urney Tyrone

Hamilton Audley Drumragh Tyrone

Hamilton Audly Donacavey Tyrone

Hamilton Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamilton Charles Clogher Tyrone

Hamilton Charles Termonamongan Tyrone

Hamilton Charles Urney Tyrone

Hamilton Cladius Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hamilton David Desertcreat Tyrone

Hamilton David Kildress Tyrone

Hamilton Davison Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hamilton Edward Urney Tyrone

Hamilton Elizabeth Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hamilton Elizabeth Tamlaght Tyrone

Hamilton Francis Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hamilton George Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton George Kilskeery Tyrone

Hamilton Henry Desertcreat Tyrone

Hamilton Hugh Ballyclog Tyrone

Hamilton Hugh Termonamongan Tyrone

Hamilton Isaac Termonamongan Tyrone

Hamilton James Aghaloo Tyrone

Hamilton James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hamilton James Camus Tyrone

Hamilton James Cappagh Tyrone

Hamilton James Desertcreat Tyrone

Hamilton James Donacavey Tyrone

Hamilton James Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton Jane Donacavey Tyrone

Hamilton John Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamilton John Ballyclog Tyrone

Hamilton John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hamilton John Cappagh Tyrone

Hamilton John Clogher Tyrone

Hamilton John Donacavey Tyrone

Hamilton John Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton John Drumragh Tyrone

Hamilton John Urney Tyrone

Hamilton Joseph Artrea Tyrone

Hamilton Martha Drumragh Tyrone

Hamilton Mathew Urney Tyrone

Hamilton Michael Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton Rev. A. T. Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Hamilton Samuel Drumglass Tyrone

Hamilton Susannah Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hamilton Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Hamilton Widow Donaghenry Tyrone

Hamilton Widow Urney Tyrone

Hamilton William Arboe Tyrone

Hamilton William Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamilton William Cappagh Tyrone

Hamilton William Clogherny Tyrone

Hamilton William Donacavey Tyrone

Hamilton William Donaghedy Tyrone

Hamilton William Longfield East Tyrone

Hamilton William Urney Tyrone

Hamilton Wm. Artrea Tyrone

Hamiton Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Hammill Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Hammon John Artrea Tyrone

Hammond John Clogher Tyrone

Hamphill Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Hamphill David Urney Tyrone

Hamphill Samuel Urney Tyrone

Hanagan Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Hanagan James Termonamongan Tyrone

Hanby Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Hanlin Bridget Clonoe Tyrone

Hanly Nicholas Clogher Tyrone

Hanna Alexander Killyman Tyrone

Hanna David Clogher Tyrone

Hanna James Clogher Tyrone

Hanna John Killyman Tyrone

Hanna Samuel Killyman Tyrone

Hannah Samuel Urney Tyrone

Happar Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Happer Daniel Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Happer George Kildress Tyrone

Happer John Tamlaght Tyrone

Happer Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Happer Robert Kildress Tyrone

Happer Thomas, Jr. Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Happer Thomas, Sr. Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Harbison William Arboe Tyrone

Harisson Archibald Kilskeery Tyrone

Harkness Alexander Arboe Tyrone

Harn Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Harnis Patrick Derryloran Tyrone

Haroha Widow Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Haroran Michael Arboe Tyrone

Harper Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Harper James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Harper James Urney Tyrone

Harper John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Harper Joseph Camus Tyrone

Harper Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

Harper William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Harpur Alexander Urney Tyrone

Harpur James, Jr. Urney Tyrone

Harpur John Dromore Tyrone

Harpur William Dromore Tyrone

Harpur William Killeeshill Tyrone

Harpur William Urney Tyrone

Harris Thomas Desertcreat Tyrone

Harrison James Urney Tyrone

Harrison John Urney Tyrone

Harron James Desertcreat Tyrone

Hart Daniel Kildress Tyrone

Hart Felix Clogher Tyrone

Hart Henry Ardstraw Tyrone

Hart Jacob Donaghenry Tyrone

Hart Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hart William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hartey Andrew Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hartey George Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hartness Andrew Derryloran Tyrone

Hartness Mary Kildress Tyrone

Harty John Donaghedy Tyrone

Harty William Donaghedy Tyrone

Harvey Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

Harvey Daniel Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Harvey Elizabeth Clogherny Tyrone

Harvey Hamilton Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Harvey Hugh Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Harvey Nimrod Cappagh Tyrone

Harvey Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Harvey Richard Clogher Tyrone

Harvey Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Harvey Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Haughey Francis Urney Tyrone

Haughey Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Haughy Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Havana Owen Drumglass Tyrone

Haw James Artrea Tyrone

Hawk John Cappagh Tyrone

Hay James Urney Tyrone

Hay John Ardstraw Tyrone

Hay Robert Urney Tyrone

Hayes Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hays Robert Kildress Tyrone

Hays William Kildress Tyrone

Hazleton Edward Aghaloo Tyrone

Heagney Owen Clogher Tyrone

Heannen William Donaghenry Tyrone

Heasleton Edward Killyman Tyrone

Heasleton John Killyman Tyrone

Heasleton William Killyman Tyrone

Hegan James Derryloran Tyrone

Hegan John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hegan Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Hegan Phelix Derryloran Tyrone

Hegney Terence Clogher Tyrone

Heikerty James Camus Tyrone

Hempton Charles Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Henderson Anthony Aghaloo Tyrone

Henderson David Ardstraw Tyrone

Henderson Francis Donacavey Tyrone

Henderson Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Henderson Hugh Termonamongan Tyrone

Henderson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Henderson James Artrea Tyrone

Henderson James Derryloran Tyrone

Henderson James Donaghedy Tyrone

Henderson John Aghaloo Tyrone

Henderson John Ardstraw Tyrone

Henderson John Ballyclog Tyrone

Henderson John Derryloran Tyrone

Henderson John Kildress Tyrone

Henderson John Urney Tyrone

Henderson Mary Leckpatrick Tyrone

Henderson Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Henderson Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Henderson Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Henderson Robert Urney Tyrone

Henderson Samuel Kildress Tyrone

Henderson Samuel Urney Tyrone

Henderson Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Henderson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Henderson William Clogher Tyrone

Henderson William Donacavey Tyrone

Henry Alexander Donaghenry Tyrone

Henry George Derryloran Tyrone

Henry Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Henry James Aghaloo Tyrone

Henry James Arboe Tyrone

Henry James Donaghenry Tyrone

Henry John Derryloran Tyrone

Henry John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Herd William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hervy Andrew Derryloran Tyrone

Hervy William Derryloran Tyrone

Heslit John Clogher Tyrone

Hetherington Joseph Clogherny Tyrone

Hetherinton John Aghaloo Tyrone

Hethernton George Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hethernton James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hethernton John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hethernton John Killeeshill Tyrone

Hethernton William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hickerty John Longfield East Tyrone

Hickerty Michael Longfield East Tyrone

Hickson John Longfield East Tyrone

Hide George Donaghenry Tyrone

Hide John Donaghenry Tyrone

Hide William Donaghenry Tyrone

Higgins Charles Aghaloo Tyrone

Higgins Luke Ardstraw Tyrone

Higgins Patrick Tullyniskan Tyrone

Higgins William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hilands William Donaghedy Tyrone

Hill David Donaghenry Tyrone

Hill James Ardstraw Tyrone

Hill John Ardstraw Tyrone

Hill John Donaghenry Tyrone

Hill John Drumragh Tyrone

Hill Joseph Drumragh Tyrone

Hill Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Hill Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Hill Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Hill Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Hill William Ardstraw Tyrone

Hillan Widow Killyman Tyrone

Hillen Edward Killyman Tyrone

Hillen Hugh Killyman Tyrone

Hillis Hugh Artrea Tyrone

Hindman James Ardstraw Tyrone

Hindman Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Hobs Benjamin Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hoey James Donaghedy Tyrone

Hoey Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hog John Artrea Tyrone

Hogan Hugh Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hogans Gerard Clogherny Tyrone

Hogg Ferguis Artrea Tyrone

Hogg John Donaghenry Tyrone

Hogg Moses Artrea Tyrone

Hogg Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

Hogg William Ballyclog Tyrone

Hogins Terence Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Holland Cormick Clogher Tyrone

Holland Henry Drumglass Tyrone

Holland Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Hollowday William Killyman Tyrone

Hollows George Drumglass Tyrone

Holmes Gabriel Clogher Tyrone

Holmes Gabriel Leckpatrick Tyrone

Holmes Giffy Clonfeacle Tyrone

Holmes James Urney Tyrone

Holmes John Drumragh Tyrone

Holmes Rev. David Aghaloo Tyrone

Holmes Rev. John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Holmes Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

Hood James Ardstraw Tyrone

Hood John Ardstraw Tyrone

Hood Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Hood Robert Camus Tyrone

Hooey James Termonamongan Tyrone

Hooey Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Hooey Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Hooey William Ardstraw Tyrone

Hopkins James Lissan Tyrone

Horisk John Clogher Tyrone

Howard James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Howard John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Howard Joseph Tullyniskan Tyrone

Howard Robert Tullyniskan Tyrone

Howeye Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Hoyns Francis Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Hugh William Ardstraw Tyrone

Hughes Arthur Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Arthur Drumglass Tyrone

Hughes Bernard Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Bryan Aghaloo Tyrone

Hughes Bryan Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hughes Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Daniel Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hughes Edward Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hughes Edward Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hughes Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Henry Aghaloo Tyrone

Hughes Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Henry Clonoe Tyrone

Hughes James Aghaloo Tyrone

Hughes James Clogher Tyrone

Hughes James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes James Donaghedy Tyrone

Hughes James Killyman Tyrone

Hughes James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Hughes John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Laurence Clonoe Tyrone

Hughes Michael Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Hughes Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Hughes Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Hughes Patrick Derryloran Tyrone

Hughes Patrick Drumglass Tyrone

Hughes Patrick, Jr. Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Patrick, Sr. Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Peter Killeeshill Tyrone

Hughes Philip Drumglass Tyrone

Hughes Terence Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes Widow Derryloran Tyrone

Hughes William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hughes William Killyman Tyrone

Hughey Widow Desertcreat Tyrone

Hughston Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Hughton William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hunt James Clogher Tyrone

Hunt Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Hunt William Clogher Tyrone

Hunter Alexander Drumragh Tyrone

Hunter Andrew Urney Tyrone

Hunter Armor Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter David Drumragh Tyrone

Hunter Ezekiel Urney Tyrone

Hunter Francis Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter Francis Clogher Tyrone

Hunter George Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter George Killyman Tyrone

Hunter George Termonamongan Tyrone

Hunter George, Jr. Termonamongan Tyrone

Hunter Henry Kildress Tyrone

Hunter James Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter James Ballyclog Tyrone

Hunter James Donaghedy Tyrone

Hunter James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hunter James Urney Tyrone

Hunter John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hunter John Cappagh Tyrone

Hunter John Clogher Tyrone

Hunter John Kilskeery Tyrone

Hunter John, Jr. Ballyclog Tyrone

Hunter Matthew Drumragh Tyrone

Hunter Patrick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hunter Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hunter Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Hunter Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Hunter Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Hunter Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter Thomas Urney Tyrone

Hunter Widow Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Hunter William Ardstraw Tyrone

Hunter William Clogher Tyrone

Hunter William Killyman Tyrone

Hunter William Urney Tyrone

Hurst William Aghaloo Tyrone

Huster Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Hustin Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Huston Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Huston Andrew Camus Tyrone

Huston Christopher Ardstraw Tyrone

Huston Ezekiel Ardstraw Tyrone

Huston Hugh Camus Tyrone

Huston John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Huston John Donacavey Tyrone

Huston John Donaghedy Tyrone

Huston Rev. George Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Huston Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Huston Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Huston Widow Camus Tyrone

Huston William Ardstraw Tyrone

Huston William Camus Tyrone

Huston William Donacavey Tyrone

Huston William Donaghedy Tyrone

Hutcheson James Derryloran Tyrone

Hutcheson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Hutchinson John Donaghedy Tyrone

Hutchinson Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Hutton John Derryloran Tyrone

Hutton Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Hyndman James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Hyndman William Ardstraw Tyrone

Inch Robert Urney Tyrone

Ingram John Urney Tyrone

Ingram Sampson Drumglass Tyrone

Irvin Joseph Kildress Tyrone

Irwin Abraham Aghaloo Tyrone

Irwin Adam Artrea Tyrone

Irwin Archibald Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Irwin Daniel Clogher Tyrone

Irwin David Artrea Tyrone

Irwin Eleanor Aghaloo Tyrone

Irwin George Clonfeacle Tyrone

Irwin James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Irwin John Aghaloo Tyrone

Irwin Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

Irwin Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Irwin Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

Irwin Robert, Jr. Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Irwin Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Irwin Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Irwin William Aghaloo Tyrone

Irwin William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Irwine Alexander Donacavey Tyrone

Irwine Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Irwine Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Irwine Charles Longfield East Tyrone

Irwine Christopher Clogher Tyrone

Irwine Christopher Longfield East Tyrone

Irwine David Ardstraw Tyrone

Irwine G. Donacavey Tyrone

Irwine George Cappagh Tyrone

Irwine Hugh Camus Tyrone

Irwine Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Irwine James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Irwine James Cappagh Tyrone

Irwine James Clogher Tyrone

Irwine John Ardstraw Tyrone

Irwine John Clogher Tyrone

Irwine John Urney Tyrone

Irwine Joseph Clogherny Tyrone

Irwine Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Irwine Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Irwine Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Irwine Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Irwine Samuel Urney Tyrone

Irwine Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Irwine Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Irwine William Ardstraw Tyrone

Irwine William Clogherny Tyrone

Irwine William Kilskeery Tyrone

Isaac Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Jack Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Jack Jacob Donaghedy Tyrone

Jack James Ardstraw Tyrone

Jack John Ardstraw Tyrone

Jack John Cappagh Tyrone

Jack Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Jack William Ardstraw Tyrone

Jack William Donaghedy Tyrone

Jackson Alexander Aghaloo Tyrone

Jackson Henry Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Jackson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Jackson Robert Clogher Tyrone

Jackson Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

James Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Jameson Elizabeth Arboe Tyrone

Jameson John Aghaloo Tyrone

Jameson John Kilskeery Tyrone

Jeffs John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Jeffs Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Jemmars Timothy Clogher Tyrone

Jemmison Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

Jemmison Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Jemmison Robert Clogher Tyrone

Jenkinson Anne Killyman Tyrone

Jeoffries Robert Urney Tyrone

Jeoffrys Christopher Donacavey Tyrone

Jeoffrys William Clogherny Tyrone

Jervice Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Jervis David Clogher Tyrone

Joans John Ardstraw Tyrone

Joans John Desertcreat Tyrone

Jobb Michael Donacavey Tyrone

Jobs Andrew Killeeshill Tyrone

Johnson Andrew Drumragh Tyrone

Johnson Arthur Longfield East Tyrone

Johnson Arthur Termonamongan Tyrone

Johnson Audly Urney Tyrone

Johnson Barr Donaghedy Tyrone

Johnson Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnson David Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnson David Cappagh Tyrone

Johnson Doctor Clogher Tyrone

Johnson George Clogher Tyrone

Johnson Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnson James Camus Tyrone

Johnson James Cappagh Tyrone

Johnson James Urney Tyrone

Johnson John Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnson John Donaghedy Tyrone

Johnson John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Johnson Robert Artrea Tyrone

Johnson Robert Urney Tyrone

Johnson Samuel Camus Tyrone

Johnson Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Johnson Walter Camus Tyrone

Johnson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnson William Camus Tyrone

Johnson William Clogher Tyrone

Johnson William Termonamongan Tyrone

Johnston Adam Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnston Alexander Derryloran Tyrone

Johnston Alexander Longfield East Tyrone

Johnston Archibald Clogher Tyrone

Johnston Archibald Lissan Tyrone

Johnston Baptist Aghaloo Tyrone

Johnston Christopher Clogher Tyrone

Johnston George Clogher Tyrone

Johnston George Tamlaght Tyrone

Johnston Hugh Dromore Tyrone

Johnston James Aghaloo Tyrone

Johnston James Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnston James Ballyclog Tyrone

Johnston James Clogher Tyrone

Johnston James Drumragh Tyrone

Johnston James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Johnston John Clogher Tyrone

Johnston John Clogherny Tyrone

Johnston John Longfield East Tyrone

Johnston Joseph Ballyclog Tyrone

Johnston Margaret Donaghenry Tyrone

Johnston Mathew Longfield East Tyrone

Johnston Nathaniel Derryloran Tyrone

Johnston Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Johnston Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Johnston Robert Artrea Tyrone

Johnston Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Johnston Robert, Jr. Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Johnston Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Johnston Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnston Thomas Desertcreat Tyrone

Johnston Thomas Dromore Tyrone

Johnston Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Johnston Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Johnston William Aghaloo Tyrone

Johnston William Ardstraw Tyrone

Johnston William Clogher Tyrone

Johnston William Clogherny Tyrone

Johnston William Longfield East Tyrone

Johston Rev. James Donacavey Tyrone

Jones Andrew Urney Tyrone

Jones James Clogher Tyrone

Jones Ralph Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Jones Richard Ardstraw Tyrone

Jordin John Cappagh Tyrone

Judge James Arboe Tyrone

Judge Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Judge Owen Arboe Tyrone

Judge Terence Arboe Tyrone

Junck James Artrea Tyrone

Junk John Arboe Tyrone

Junk John Ballyclog Tyrone

Junk Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Junk Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Kaine Barny Clogher Tyrone

Kaine Charles Donaghedy Tyrone

Kaine Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

Kaine James Donaghedy Tyrone

Kaine John Donaghedy Tyrone

Kaine Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Kaine Richard Donacavey Tyrone

Kane Barny Kildress Tyrone

Kane Francis Kildress Tyrone

Kane John Ballyclog Tyrone

Kannavan Michael Ballyclog Tyrone

Kavanagh Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Kearney Bryan Donaghedy Tyrone

Kearney Francis Donaghmore Tyrone

Kearns David Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Kearns John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Kearns Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Keasy William Donaghedy Tyrone

Kedy John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kedy Joseph Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kee Henry Killyman Tyrone

Kee James Donaghedy Tyrone

Kee Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Kee Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Keenan James Clogher Tyrone

Keer Laurence Kildress Tyrone

Keerin Neal Aghaloo Tyrone

Kell Arthur Ballyclog Tyrone

Kellagh Owen Kildress Tyrone

Kellagh Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Kellagh Terrence Kildress Tyrone

Kelly Anne Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly Arthur Arboe Tyrone

Kelly Barney Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Barney Longfield East Tyrone

Kelly Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Bryan Urney Tyrone

Kelly Charles, Sr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kelly Cornelius Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Dominic Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kelly Edward Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Francis Cappagh Tyrone

Kelly Francis Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly George Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelly Henry Aghaloo Tyrone

Kelly Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Kelly Hugh Clogherny Tyrone

Kelly Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Hugh Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kelly Hugh Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kelly James Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly James Donaghedy Tyrone

Kelly James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Kelly John Aghaloo Tyrone

Kelly John Arboe Tyrone

Kelly John Cappagh Tyrone

Kelly John Clogher Tyrone

Kelly John Clogherny Tyrone

Kelly John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly John Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly John Kildress Tyrone

Kelly John Killeeshill Tyrone

Kelly John Kilskeery Tyrone

Kelly John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kelly Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly Matthew Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelly Michael Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Michael Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly Michael Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Neal Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelly Owen Killeeshill Tyrone

Kelly Owen Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Arboe Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Kelly Patrick Kilskeery Tyrone

Kelly Peter Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly Phelimy Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kelly Philip Arboe Tyrone

Kelly Rebeccah Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelly Richard Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Robert Urney Tyrone

Kelly Teague Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Teague Kilskeery Tyrone

Kelly Terence Clogher Tyrone

Kelly Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Terence Drumglass Tyrone

Kelly Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Kelly Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kelly Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Kelly Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Kelly Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Kelly Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelly William Arboe Tyrone

Kelly William Clogher Tyrone

Kelso Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Kelter Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Kempton Andrew Lissan Tyrone

Kempton James Lissan Tyrone

Kenan James Clogher Tyrone

Kenedy Arthur Urney Tyrone

Kenedy Margaret Arboe Tyrone

Kenedy Robert Arboe Tyrone

Kennan Neal Clogher Tyrone

Kennebrough John Artrea Tyrone

Kennedy George Ballyclog Tyrone

Kennedy James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kennedy John Donaghedy Tyrone

Kennedy Simon Urney Tyrone

Kennedy Thomas Urney Tyrone

Kennedy Widow Urney Tyrone

Kenny Samuel Tamlaght Tyrone

Kernan James Dromore Tyrone

Kerns Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Kerr Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Kerr Alexander Camus Tyrone

Kerr Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Kerr Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Kerr Bryan Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kerr Hugh Camus Tyrone

Kerr Jacob Donaghedy Tyrone

Kerr James Ardstraw Tyrone

Kerr James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kerr James Urney Tyrone

Kerr John Ardstraw Tyrone

Kerr John Camus Tyrone

Kerr John Clogherny Tyrone

Kerr John Dromore Tyrone

Kerr Michael Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kerr Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Kerr Robert Urney Tyrone

Kerr Terrence Killeeshill Tyrone

Kerr Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Kerr Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kerr William Ardstraw Tyrone

Kerr William Cappagh Tyrone

Kerr William Clogher Tyrone

Kerr William Clogherny Tyrone

Kerr William Urney Tyrone

Kerran Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Kerrow James Cappagh Tyrone

Kerson John Killeeshill Tyrone

Key William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Key William, Jr. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Keys George Donaghedy Tyrone

Keys Hugh Donaghedy Tyrone

Keys John Donacavey Tyrone

Keys Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Keys Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Keys Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Kickley Isabella Arboe Tyrone

Kickley Samuel Arboe Tyrone

Kid Hugh Desertcreat Tyrone

Kidd John Derryloran Tyrone

Kierns Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Kierns William Aghaloo Tyrone

Kile James Ardstraw Tyrone

Kile John Clogher Tyrone

Kilgaist John Ballyclog Tyrone

Kilgan Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Kilgare William Donaghedy Tyrone

Kilgore William Donaghedy Tyrone

Kilgrave Humphry Donaghedy Tyrone

Kilgrise William Ballyclog Tyrone

Killbreath Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Killpatrick William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Kilpatrick Francis Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Kilpatrick George Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kilpatrick James Ardstraw Tyrone

Kilpatrick John Ardstraw Tyrone

Kilpatrick John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Kilpatrick John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Kilpatrick Joseph Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kilpatrick Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Kilpatrick Robert Tullyniskan Tyrone

Kilpatrick Stephen Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kilpatrick Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Kilpatrick William Ballyclog Tyrone

Kilpatrick William Clogher Tyrone

Kilpatrick William Donaghedy Tyrone

Kimpson Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kinan John Arboe Tyrone

King Francis Donacavey Tyrone

King James Donacavey Tyrone

King Jane Donacavey Tyrone

King John Clonfeacle Tyrone

King Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

King Joseph Killyman Tyrone

King Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

King Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

King Ross Donaghedy Tyrone

King Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

King Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

King Samuel Dromore Tyrone

King William Donacavey Tyrone

King William Donaghedy Tyrone

Kinkaide James Donaghedy Tyrone

Kinly John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kinneane John Cappagh Tyrone

Kirke Charles Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Kirkland John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kirklin David Clonfeacle Tyrone

Kirklin William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Knoble William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Knox Ezekiel Camus Tyrone

Knox George Ardstraw Tyrone

Knox George Leckpatrick Tyrone

Knox Hugh Urney Tyrone

Knox James Camus Tyrone

Knox James Urney Tyrone

Knox John Camus Tyrone

Knox John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Knox John Urney Tyrone

Knox Joseph Camus Tyrone

Knox Joseph Cappagh Tyrone

Knox Matthew Urney Tyrone

Knox Robert Urney Tyrone

Knox Samuel Camus Tyrone

Knox Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Knox Walter Urney Tyrone

Knox Widow Derryloran Tyrone

Knox William Camus Tyrone

Knox William Urney Tyrone

Kondy Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Kown Catherine Aghaloo Tyrone

Kyle Andrew Aghaloo Tyrone

Kyle James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kyle James Termonamongan Tyrone

Kyle John Camus Tyrone

Kyle John Termonamongan Tyrone

Kyle John, Sr. Termonamongan Tyrone

Kyle Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Kyle Robert Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Kyle Widow Leckpatrick Tyrone

Kyle William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Ladery Jones Ardstraw Tyrone

Lafferty James Longfield East Tyrone

Lafferty Owen Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lagon Michael Kildress Tyrone

Laird Andrew Camus Tyrone

Laird David Termonamongan Tyrone

Laird James Kilskeery Tyrone

Laird Samuel Kilskeery Tyrone

Lambert Thomas Drumragh Tyrone

Lammey George Longfield East Tyrone

Lammy Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Lamon John Arboe Tyrone

Lane Anne Clogher Tyrone

Lane Henry Cappagh Tyrone

Lane James Dromore Tyrone

Lang John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Lang Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Lapslie William Arboe Tyrone

Lapsly John Urney Tyrone

Lapsly Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Lard John Donaghenry Tyrone

Larney Soloman Longfield East Tyrone

Laughlin Isabella Donaghedy Tyrone

Laughlin John Donacavey Tyrone

Laughlin John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Laughlin Moses Camus Tyrone

Laughlin Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Laughlin Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Laughlin William Donaghedy Tyrone

Laughlin William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Laverty Felix Killeeshill Tyrone

Laverty Owen Killeeshill Tyrone

Lavery Andrew Aghaloo Tyrone

Law Allan Longfield East Tyrone

Law James Clogher Tyrone

Law Matthew Clogher Tyrone

Law Matthew Dromore Tyrone

Law Michael Clogher Tyrone

Law Richard Drumragh Tyrone

Law Smith Clogher Tyrone

Law Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Law William Clogher Tyrone

Lawson Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

Leaney George Urney Tyrone

Leathes James Artrea Tyrone

Leathes William Artrea Tyrone

Leaths Christophilus Artrea Tyrone

Lectch John Ardstraw Tyrone

Lee Charles Clonoe Tyrone

Lee Israel Clonoe Tyrone

Lee John Aghaloo Tyrone

Lee John Clogher Tyrone

Lee John Clonoe Tyrone

Lee Robert Clonoe Tyrone

Leech James Ballyclog Tyrone

Leech John Ballyclog Tyrone

Leekey John Termonamongan Tyrone

Leeper Hugh Camus Tyrone

Leeper John Urney Tyrone

Leeson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Leetch Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Leetch Andrew, Sr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Leetch James Ardstraw Tyrone

Leetch John Ardstraw Tyrone

Leetch John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Leetch John Cappagh Tyrone

Leetch Meehan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Leetch Richard Ardstraw Tyrone

Leetch Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Leetch Samuel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Leetch William Tamlaght Tyrone

Lemon George Cappagh Tyrone

Lemon George Clogher Tyrone

Lemon James Cappagh Tyrone

Lemon John Clogher Tyrone

Lemon Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

Lemon William Cappagh Tyrone

Lendrum Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Lendrum James Clogher Tyrone

Lendrum James Dromore Tyrone

Lendrum James, Jr. Dromore Tyrone

Lennan James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Leonard John Arboe Tyrone

Lesley John Donaghedy Tyrone

Leslie Benjamin Clonfeacle Tyrone

Leslie Bryan Urney Tyrone

Leslie David Donaghedy Tyrone

Leslie Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Leslie William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Leverty Bernard Arboe Tyrone

Levitson John Cappagh Tyrone

Lewis Griffith Donaghedy Tyrone

Lewis James Donaghedy Tyrone

Lewis James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lewis John Urney Tyrone

Lewis William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Liget Joseph Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Liggut Alexander Longfield East Tyrone

Liggut John Longfield East Tyrone

Lighton James Donaghedy Tyrone

Lighton Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

Lilly James Kildress Tyrone

Lindsay Alexander Donacavey Tyrone

Lindsay Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Lindsay Benjamin Derryloran Tyrone

Lindsay Elizabeth Drumragh Tyrone

Lindsay Francis Clogher Tyrone

Lindsay George Donaghedy Tyrone

Lindsay James Clogherny Tyrone

Lindsay James Donacavey Tyrone

Lindsay James Kilskeery Tyrone

Lindsay James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lindsay John Clogherny Tyrone

Lindsay Patrick Derryloran Tyrone

Lindsay Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Lindsay Robert Drumglass Tyrone

Lindsay Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lindsay Samuel Camus Tyrone

Lindsay Samuel Clogherny Tyrone

Lindsay Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Lindsay Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Lindsey James Artrea Tyrone

Linn Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Linn Widow Aghaloo Tyrone

Lions Richard Desertcreat Tyrone

Little Abraham Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Little Alexander Clonoe Tyrone

Little Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Little Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Little Andrew Kilskeery Tyrone

Little Archibald Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Little Charles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Little Eleanor Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Little George Aghaloo Tyrone

Little George Derryloran Tyrone

Little James Ardstraw Tyrone

Little James Clogher Tyrone

Little James Desertcreat Tyrone

Little John Ardstraw Tyrone

Little John Ballyclog Tyrone

Little John Derryloran Tyrone

Little Joseph Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Little Mary Derryloran Tyrone

Little Moses Aghaloo Tyrone

Little Samuel Donaghenry Tyrone

Little Stewart Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Little Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Little William Ardstraw Tyrone

Little William Cappagh Tyrone

Little William Donaghenry Tyrone

Little William Kildress Tyrone

Loague Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Loan James Drumragh Tyrone

Loane James Cappagh Tyrone

Lofferty Owen Urney Tyrone

Lofferty Patrick Urney Tyrone

Logan John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Logan Richard Donaghedy Tyrone

Logan Thomas Camus Tyrone

Logan Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Logue Duncan Donaghedy Tyrone

Logue John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Logue Phelimy Donaghedy Tyrone

Logue William Donaghedy Tyrone

Lone John Donacavey Tyrone

Long Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Long Alexander Urney Tyrone

Long Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Long Hugh Donaghedy Tyrone

Long James Ardstraw Tyrone

Long Richard Urney Tyrone

Long Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Long Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

Longan Philip Ardstraw Tyrone

Longeville John Clogherny Tyrone

Longhran James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Loughlin John Donaghedy Tyrone

Loughran Bryan Clonfeacle Tyrone

Loughran Cormick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Loughran Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Loughran Edward Kildress Tyrone

Loughran Edward Lissan Tyrone

Loughran Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Loughran Hugh Kildress Tyrone

Loughran James Kildress Tyrone

Loughran John Aghaloo Tyrone

Loughran John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Loughran John Donaghenry Tyrone

Loughran John Kildress Tyrone

Loughran Laurence Aghaloo Tyrone

Loughran Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Loughran Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Loughran Peter Derryloran Tyrone

Loughran Philip Kildress Tyrone

Loughran Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Loughran Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Loughran William Aghaloo Tyrone

Loughran William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Loughran William Killyman Tyrone

Loughrey James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Loughrey Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Love Archibald Cappagh Tyrone

Love Ephraim Donaghedy Tyrone

Love Gilbert Ardstraw Tyrone

Love James Ardstraw Tyrone

Love James Clogherny Tyrone

Love James Drumragh Tyrone

Love James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Love James Urney Tyrone

Love John Donacavey Tyrone

Love John Drumragh Tyrone

Love Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Love Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Love Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Love Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Love Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Love Thomas Urney Tyrone

Love Victor Donaghedy Tyrone

Love William Urney Tyrone

Lowrey John Camus Tyrone

Lowry James Desertcreat Tyrone

Lowry John Aghaloo Tyrone

Lowry Robert Kilskeery Tyrone

Lowry Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Lowther Thomas Camus Tyrone

Loy Daniel Kildress Tyrone

Lucas Daniel Clogherny Tyrone

Lucas William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Lucas William Donacavey Tyrone

Luchran Cormick Clogherny Tyrone

Luke William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lunday Mary Aghaloo Tyrone

Lundy Daniel Cappagh Tyrone

Lundy William Aghaloo Tyrone

Lusely Daloway Clonfeacle Tyrone

Lutridge Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Lyang William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Lynch Barny Donacavey Tyrone

Lynch Bryan Termonamongan Tyrone

Lynch Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

Lynch David Termonamongan Tyrone

Lynch Edward Cappagh Tyrone

Lynch Francis Donaghedy Tyrone

Lynch Hugh Termonamongan Tyrone

Lynch James Ardstraw Tyrone

Lynch James Termonamongan Tyrone

Lynch John Clogher Tyrone

Lynch John Donaghedy Tyrone

Lynch John Termonamongan Tyrone

Lynch Michael Clogher Tyrone

Lynch Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Lynch Patrick Longfield East Tyrone

Lynch Susanna Donaghedy Tyrone

Lynch Widow Cappagh Tyrone

Lynch Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Lynd Adam Derryloran Tyrone

Lynd Joseph Derryloran Tyrone

Lynd William Derryloran Tyrone

Lynnd Adam Artrea Tyrone

Lyons George Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lyons George Tullyniskan Tyrone

Lyons Henry Cappagh Tyrone

Lyons Isabella Leckpatrick Tyrone

Lyons James Donaghedy Tyrone

Lyons James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Lyons John Ardstraw Tyrone

Lyons John Cappagh Tyrone

Lyons John Donaghedy Tyrone

Lyons John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Lyons John Urney Tyrone

Lyons William Urney Tyrone

Lyster Sarah Drumglass Tyrone

M'Alagirt Bryan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Alear James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Aleer Cormick Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Aleer Cormick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Aleer Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Aleer Daniel Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Aleer David Drumragh Tyrone

M'Aleer Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Aleer Hugh Derryloran Tyrone

M'Aleer Hugh Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Aleer James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Aleer John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Aleer Michael Kildress Tyrone

M'Aleer Michael Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Aleer Miles Clogher Tyrone

M'Aleer Owen Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Aleer Peter Derryloran Tyrone

M'Aleer Philip Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Aleer Philip Longfield East Tyrone

M'Aleer Thomas Kildress Tyrone

M'Aleer Widow Drumragh Tyrone

M'Aleer William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Aleet Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Alish Hugh Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Alister Col. Arboe Tyrone

M'Alister James Kildress Tyrone

M'Allister Alexander Kildress Tyrone

M'Allister Daniel Kildress Tyrone

M'Anaghy Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Anallon Toal Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Anallon Widow Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Anally Arthur Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Anally Bernard Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Anally John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Anally John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Anally Michael Clogher Tyrone

M'Anally Neil Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Anally Patrick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Anally Widow Kildress Tyrone

M'Ananey Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Ananey Shane Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Annally James Kildress Tyrone

M'Anulty Hugh Camus Tyrone

M'Anulty Hugh Longfield East Tyrone

M'Aree John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Avoy James Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Avoy James Killyman Tyrone

M'Avroy Hugh Derryloran Tyrone

M'Avroy Widow Derryloran Tyrone

M'Avry Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

M'Awell Hugh Drumragh Tyrone

M'Aweny James Derryloran Tyrone

M'Aweny Peter Derryloran Tyrone

M'Beagh Daniel Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Beagh James Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Beagh John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Beagh Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Beath Matthew Clogherny Tyrone

M'Blroy Neale Donacavey Tyrone

M'Bride Anthony Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Bride Denis Camus Tyrone

M'Bride Gilly Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Bride James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Bride James Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Bride James Camus Tyrone

M'Bride John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Bride Patrick Camus Tyrone

M'Bride Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Bride Philip Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Bride Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Brine Arthur Dromore Tyrone

M'Brine Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Brine Charles Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Brine Henry Donacavey Tyrone

M'Brine James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Brine James Urney Tyrone

M'Brine John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Brine Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Brine Michael Donacavey Tyrone

M'Brine Neal Donacavey Tyrone

M'Brine Terence Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cadame William Camus Tyrone

M'Cafferty James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Caffrey Hugh Clogher Tyrone

M'Caffrey John Clogher Tyrone

M'Caffry Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Cahil Peter Camus Tyrone

M'Caih James Arboe Tyrone

M'Calden William Drumglass Tyrone

M'Call Toal Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Call Widow Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Calla Hugh Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Calla Michael Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Calla Owen Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Callan Edward Longfield East Tyrone

M'Callan John Clogher Tyrone

M'Callan Luke Donacavey Tyrone

M'Callan Terence Clogher Tyrone

M'Callin Alexander Arboe Tyrone

M'Callin Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Callin Toal Dromore Tyrone

M'Cally Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Camand Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Camand James Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Campbell Arthur Donacavey Tyrone

M'Campbell Cain Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Campbell Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

M'Campbell James Donacavey Tyrone

M'Campbell Michael Clogher Tyrone

M'Campbell Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Campbell Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

M'Campbell Thomas Dromore Tyrone

M'Canan Nicholas Clogher Tyrone

M'Cann Charles Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Cann Daniel Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Cann Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Cann Henry Killyman Tyrone

M'Cann Henry Lissan Tyrone

M'Cann Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cann James Clogher Tyrone

M'Cann James Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cann James Lissan Tyrone

M'Cann John Clogher Tyrone

M'Cann John Killyman Tyrone

M'Cann Michael Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cann Michael Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cann Owen Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cann Patrick Arboe Tyrone

M'Cann Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

M'Cann Patrick Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cann Robert Clogher Tyrone

M'Canna Arthur Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Canna Hugh Drumragh Tyrone

M'Canna John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Canny Bryan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Canny Charles Longfield East Tyrone

M'Canny Francis Longfield East Tyrone

M'Canny George Longfield East Tyrone

M'Canny Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Canny James Lissan Tyrone

M'Canny Michael Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Canny Neal Cappagh Tyrone

M'Canny Neal Longfield East Tyrone

M'Canny Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

M'Canny Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Canny Peter Longfield East Tyrone

M'Canny Philip Cappagh Tyrone

M'Canon William Cappagh Tyrone

M'Caragher James Drumglass Tyrone

M'Cardel Nougher Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cardle Arthur Kildress Tyrone

M'Cardle John Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Cardy Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Carlagh Cormick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Carnan Arthur Kildress Tyrone

M'Carnan Charles Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Carnan Owen Kildress Tyrone

M'Carney Henry Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carney Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carney John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carney Widow Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carnon Teague Kildress Tyrone

M'Carny Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carrol James Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carrol Owen Clogher Tyrone

M'Carrol Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Carrol Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Carrol Peter Clogher Tyrone

M'Carrol Phelemy Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carrol Philip Clogher Tyrone

M'Carron Charles Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carron Charles Dromore Tyrone

M'Carron Edward Clogher Tyrone

M'Carron John Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Carron John Urney Tyrone

M'Carron Neal Clogher Tyrone

M'Carron Nicholas Clogher Tyrone

M'Carron Owen Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carron William Clogher Tyrone

M'Cart Barney Clogher Tyrone

M'Cart Bernard Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cart Bryan Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cart Owen Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cart Owen Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cart Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cart Widow Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cart William Derryloran Tyrone

M'Carter Hugh Urney Tyrone

M'Carter Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Carter Widow Urney Tyrone

M'Cartin John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Cashland James Derryloran Tyrone

M'Casker Barny Donacavey Tyrone

M'Casker Francis Donacavey Tyrone

M'Casker Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Caskey Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Caskey Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Caskey William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Caughey Andrew Clogher Tyrone

M'Caughey Charles Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Caughey Dixon Kildress Tyrone

M'Caughey Michael Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Caughey Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Caughry Edward Clogher Tyrone

M'Caughy Francis Clogher Tyrone

M'Caughy James Artrea Tyrone

M'Caul John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Caul John Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Caul Neil Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Cauley Philip Arboe Tyrone

M'Causland Alexander Clogherny Tyrone

M'Causland Daniel Clogherny Tyrone

M'Causland Hamilton Cappagh Tyrone

M'Causland James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Causland James Dromore Tyrone

M'Causland John Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Causland John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Causland John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Causland John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Causland Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Causland Robert Cappagh Tyrone

M'Causland Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

M'Causland William Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cawel John Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cawel John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cawel Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cawel Peter Clogher Tyrone

M'Cawell Bryan Clogher Tyrone

M'Cawell Culla Clogher Tyrone

M'Cawell Owen Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cawell Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Cawell Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cawl Owen Clogher Tyrone

M'Cay James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cay James Clogher Tyrone

M'Cay James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cay John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cay John Clogher Tyrone

M'Cay John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cay John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Cay Owen Dromore Tyrone

M'Cay Owen Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Cay Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cay Robert Clogher Tyrone

M'Cay Robert Urney Tyrone

M'Cay Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Cay William Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cew John Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Chesney Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Clain Samuel Artrea Tyrone

M'Claren James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Claron Edward Derryloran Tyrone

M'Claskey James Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Claskey Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Clasky John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Clasky William Longfield East Tyrone

M'Clay John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Clean Alexander Killyman Tyrone

M'Clean Alexander Longfield East Tyrone

M'Clean Andrew Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clean Archibald Killyman Tyrone

M'Clean Charles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Clean David Clogher Tyrone

M'Clean Henry Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clean James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clean James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Clean John Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clean Roger Killyman Tyrone

M'Clean William Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clean William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Cleery George Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Cleery Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Cleery William Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Clelan David Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cleland John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Clellan James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Clelland Andrew Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Clelland Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Clemens Andrew Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Clemens John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Clenaghan Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

M'Clenaghan Michael Camus Tyrone

M'Clenaghon Anthony Urney Tyrone

M'Clernan Sarah Arboe Tyrone

M'Clernon Owen Clonoe Tyrone

M'Clintock George Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Clintock James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Clintock James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clintock John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Clintock John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Clintock Joseph Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clintock Widow Drumragh Tyrone

M'Clonaghan James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Cloren Alexander Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cloren Hugh Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cloren James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Clung Charles Donacavey Tyrone

M'Clung Edward Donacavey Tyrone

M'Clung John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Clung Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

M'Clung William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Clung William Donacavey Tyrone

M'Clure Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Clure John Urney Tyrone

M'Cluskey John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Cluskey Michael Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cluskey Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Cluskey Terence Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cluskey Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Coard John Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Coart Arthur Derryloran Tyrone

M'Coart Henry Derryloran Tyrone

M'Coart Owen Derryloran Tyrone

M'Coart Patrick Derryloran Tyrone

M'Coart Widow Derryloran Tyrone

M'Coart William Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cockle James Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Coffey Henry Clogherny Tyrone

M'Coffey Terrence Drumragh Tyrone

M'Coffry John Clogher Tyrone

M'Colam Archibald Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Colam James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Colam John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Colan Bryan Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Colan Owen Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Colgan Charles Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Colgan Michael Cappagh Tyrone

M'Colgan Neal Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Colgan Owen Dromore Tyrone

M'Colgan Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Colgan Tully Donacavey Tyrone

M'Colla James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Colla Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Collagh James Dromore Tyrone

M'Collagh John Dromore Tyrone

M'Collah Arthur Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Collah James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Collah Peter Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Collam James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Collam William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Collin Edward Longfield East Tyrone

M'Collins John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Collough Denis Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Collough Henry Kildress Tyrone

M'Collough Hugh Lissan Tyrone

M'Collough John Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Collum John Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Colm Daniel Longfield East Tyrone

M'Conaghey David Drumragh Tyrone

M'Conaghey James Drumragh Tyrone

M'Conaghey Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Conemy James Donacavey Tyrone

M'Conkey James Drumragh Tyrone

M'Conkey John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Conkey Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

M'Connel James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Connel Robert Cappagh Tyrone

M'Connel Robert Derryloran Tyrone

M'Connel Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Connell Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Connell James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Connell Patrick Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Connell Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Connell Peter Clogher Tyrone

M'Connell Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Connell Toal Clogher Tyrone

M'Conomy Owen Kildress Tyrone

M'Conomy Widow Kildress Tyrone

M'Conway Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cord Andrew Artrea Tyrone

M'Cord Andrew Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Cord James Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Cord James Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Cord John Artrea Tyrone

M'Cord Patrick Kildress Tyrone

M'Cord Robert Artrea Tyrone

M'Cord Roger Kildress Tyrone

M'Cord Samuel Arboe Tyrone

M'Cord Thomas Artrea Tyrone

M'Cord William Artrea Tyrone

M'Corkill Peter Dromore Tyrone

M'Cormack John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cormack Philip Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Cormick Andrew Urney Tyrone

M'Cormick Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cormick Charles Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cormick David Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cormick Hugh Dromore Tyrone

M'Cormick James Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cormick James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cormick James Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Cormick James Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cormick John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cormick John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Cormick John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cormick Joseph Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cormick Lantry Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cormick Robert Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cormick Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cormick Thomas Dromore Tyrone

M'Cormick Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Cormick Thomas Urney Tyrone

M'Cormick William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cormick William Kildress Tyrone

M'Corney Neal Donacavey Tyrone

M'Corry Roger Arboe Tyrone

M'Cort Barny Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cort Patrick Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cort Peter Derryloran Tyrone

M'Cosker John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cowan James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Cowel John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Cowen James Urney Tyrone

M'Cowen John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cowen S. Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cowen William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Cown Patrick Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Cown Roger Kildress Tyrone

M'Cracken James Clogher Tyrone

M'Cracken James Drumragh Tyrone

M'Crackin Widow Clogherny Tyrone

M'Crackin William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crackin William Clogherny Tyrone

M'Crea Andrew Dromore Tyrone

M'Crea Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Crea Elizabeth Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Crea Elizabeth Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea James Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Crea John Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Crea John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Crea John, Sr. Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea Joseph Clogher Tyrone

M'Crea Martha Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea Michael Dromore Tyrone

M'Crea Patrick Longfield East Tyrone

M'Crea Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Crea Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crea Thomas Dromore Tyrone

M'Crea Walter Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crea William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Crea William Camus Tyrone

M'Cready Barnney Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Creaghan Michael Lissan Tyrone

M'Creary John Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Creely Nicholas Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Creery Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Creery Robert Drumragh Tyrone

M'Creery William Drumragh Tyrone

M'Creery William Longfield East Tyrone

M'Cristal Francis Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cristal James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Croddin John Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Croddin Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Croden James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Crorey Daniel Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crorey Michael Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crorey Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crorrey James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crorrey Terence Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crorry Charles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crory Daniel Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Crory Edward Derryloran Tyrone

M'Crory James Derryloran Tyrone

M'Crory John Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Crory Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Croskin Daniel Urney Tyrone

M'Croskin John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Crossan Bryan Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crossan Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crossan James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crossan John Camus Tyrone

M'Crossan Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crossan Robert Camus Tyrone

M'Crossen John Camus Tyrone

M'Crossin Cornelius Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Crossin Denis Camus Tyrone

M'Crossin Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Crossin Gilly Camus Tyrone

M'Crossin James Camus Tyrone

M'Crossin Patrick Camus Tyrone

M'Crystal Denis Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Crystal Edward Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Crystal Henry Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Crystal John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Crystal Neal Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Cue Alexander Urney Tyrone

M'Cue Daniel Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cue Dominick Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Cue Francis Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cue Henry Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Cue James Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Cue John Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Cue Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Cue Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

M'Cue Philip Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Culla Dominick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla Patrick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla Philip Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla Shane Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla Simon Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla Terence Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Culla Terrence Clogher Tyrone

M'Culla Toale Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Cullagh Bryan Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Cullagh Patrick Arboe Tyrone

M'Culliland Widow Clogher Tyrone

M'Cullogh Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Cullough Jane Arboe Tyrone

M'Cullough Robert Arboe Tyrone

M'Cully Edward Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Cully Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Cuoye Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Curday John Urney Tyrone

M'Curdy William Clonoe Tyrone

M'Cursher John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Cusken Owen Clogher Tyrone

M'Cusker Bryan Clogher Tyrone

M'Cusker Daniel Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Francis Clogher Tyrone

M'Cusker Francis Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Hugh Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cusker James Clogher Tyrone

M'Cusker Neal Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Nogher Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Owen Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Owen, Jr. Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Cusker Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cusker Pharaoh Drumragh Tyrone

M'Cusker Philip Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cusker Terence Dromore Tyrone

M'Cusker Terence Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Cusker Widow Donacavey Tyrone

M'Cutcheon John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Cutcheon John Clogherny Tyrone

M'Cutcheon Robert Cappagh Tyrone

M'Cutcheon William Urney Tyrone

M'Cye Abraham Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Dade Bryan Longfield East Tyrone

M'Dade Edward Urney Tyrone

M'Dade Henry Longfield East Tyrone

M'Dade Patrick Urney Tyrone

M'Dade Phelimy Urney Tyrone

M'Dermott Daniel Donacavey Tyrone

M'Dermott Henry Cappagh Tyrone

M'Dermott Henry Clogher Tyrone

M'Dermott Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Dermott James Clogher Tyrone

M'Dermott Nogher Donacavey Tyrone

M'Dermott Owen Camus Tyrone

M'Dermott Widow Donacavey Tyrone

M'Devitt John Urney Tyrone

M'Dicinant John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Divitt William Urney Tyrone

M'Doal Charles Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Doal Jane Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Doal William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Dode Edward Urney Tyrone

M'Donald James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Donald James Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Donelly Terrence Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnal Terrence Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Alexander Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Francis Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Gregin Clogherny Tyrone

M'Donnel James Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Jane Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel John Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Owen Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Peter Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Phelix Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Terrence Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnel Thomas Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Donnel William Kildress Tyrone

M'Donnell Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Donnell Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

M'Donnell Alexander Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Donnell Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Donnell Daniel Urney Tyrone

M'Donnell John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Donnell John Clogher Tyrone

M'Donnell John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Dowel Charles Clogherny Tyrone

M'Dowel Francis Clogherny Tyrone

M'Dowel John Clogherny Tyrone

M'Dowel John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Dowel Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Dowell James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Duff Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Eater Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Elchannon Mary Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Eldenney Andrew Drumragh Tyrone

M'Eldenney John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Eldory Patrick Arboe Tyrone

M'Elgrew Neal Lissan Tyrone

M'Elgrew Thomas Lissan Tyrone

M'Elhatan Arthur Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Elhatton Henry Kildress Tyrone

M'Elhatton Michael Kildress Tyrone

M'Elhatton Oliver Kildress Tyrone

M'Elhatton Owen Kildress Tyrone

M'Elhatton Peter Kildress Tyrone

M'Elhatton Thomas Kildress Tyrone

M'Elhinny James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Elhinny William Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Elhinny William Urney Tyrone

M'Elhone Arthur Arboe Tyrone

M'Elhone Henry Arboe Tyrone

M'Elhone James Arboe Tyrone

M'Elhone Peter Arboe Tyrone

M'Elmeel Peter Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Elmurray George Drumragh Tyrone

M'Elmurray Hugh Camus Tyrone

M'Elmurray James Clogher Tyrone

M'Elmurray John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Elnee Owen Longfield East Tyrone

M'Elray Daniel Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Elray Edward Dromore Tyrone

M'Elray Walter Cappagh Tyrone

M'Elree Andrew Kildress Tyrone

M'Elree John Arboe Tyrone

M'Elree Michael Drumragh Tyrone

M'Elree Widow Drumragh Tyrone

M'Elree William Kildress Tyrone

M'Elroy Arthur Donacavey Tyrone

M'Elroy Bryan Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy Charles Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy James Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy James Kildress Tyrone

M'Elroy John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Elroy Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

M'Elroy Mary Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy Mathew Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy Matthew Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Elroy Owen Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy Owen Dromore Tyrone

M'Elroy Owen Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Elroy Owen, Jr. Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy Patrick Arboe Tyrone

M'Elroy Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Elroy Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Elroy Philip Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Elvana Felix Arboe Tyrone

M'Elvin Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Elwaine George Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Elwee Daniel Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Elwee Edward Longfield East Tyrone

M'Elwee John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Elwee Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Elwine William Drumragh Tyrone

M'Ena John Urney Tyrone

M'Enally Arthur Arboe Tyrone

M'Enally Bryan Arboe Tyrone

M'Enally Edward Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Enally Francis Arboe Tyrone

M'Enally James Dromore Tyrone

M'Enally John Arboe Tyrone

M'Entire George Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Entire James Arboe Tyrone

M'Entire James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Entire James Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Entire John Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Entire John Urney Tyrone

M'Entire Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Entire Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Entire Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Entoch John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Entosh Gilly Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Erlain William Arboe Tyrone

M'Evoy Daniel Drumglass Tyrone

M'Faddan Daniel Kildress Tyrone

M'Fadden Jacob Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Faddin Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

M'Falls Alexander Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farlan Francis Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Farland Andrew Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

M'Farland Armar Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland Daniel Cappagh Tyrone

M'Farland David Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland Duncan Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Farland Francis Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Farland George Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Farland George Cappagh Tyrone

M'Farland George Clogherny Tyrone

M'Farland George Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Farland James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Farland James Longfield East Tyrone

M'Farland James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Farland John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Farland John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Farland John Clogherny Tyrone

M'Farland John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Farland John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Farland John Urney Tyrone

M'Farland Mary Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Farland Mathew Donacavey Tyrone

M'Farland Matthew Urney Tyrone

M'Farland Patrick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland Robart Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Farland Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Farland Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Farland Samuel Clogherny Tyrone

M'Farland Walter Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Farland Walter Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Farland William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Farland William Cappagh Tyrone

M'Farland William Clogher Tyrone

M'Farland William Clogherny Tyrone

M'Farland William Drumragh Tyrone

M'Farland William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Featrise Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Feters John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Fetrix Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Gale Edward Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Garaty Philip Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Garaty Samuel Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Garland Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Garraty Michael Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Garrey James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Garrity Bryan Clogher Tyrone

M'Garry Miles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Gartleny Daniel Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Gau John Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Gaugey Daniel Clogher Tyrone

M'Gaugey Daniel Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Gaugey James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Gaugey John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Gaugey Joseph Clogher Tyrone

M'Gaugey Michael Clogher Tyrone

M'Gaugey Roger Clogher Tyrone

M'Gaugey William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Gaughan Denis Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Gaugy Daniel Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Gavrin John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Gaw Samuel Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Gaw William Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Gawgey Henry Clogher Tyrone

M'Gawgey Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Gawgey Philip Clogher Tyrone

M'Gawgey William Clogher Tyrone

M'Gawgy Andrew Clogher Tyrone

M'Geagh John Lissan Tyrone

M'Geagh Robert Lissan Tyrone

M'Geagh Robert, Jr. Lissan Tyrone

M'Geagh Robert, Sr. Lissan Tyrone

M'Geagh Thomas Lissan Tyrone

M'Gean Michael Longfield East Tyrone

M'Geary Barnaby Killyman Tyrone

M'Gee Daniel Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Gee James Drumglass Tyrone

M'Geehan John Urney Tyrone

M'Genagle Neal Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Gennell Hugh Clogher Tyrone

M'Ghee Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Ghee Margaret Derryloran Tyrone

M'Ghee Mrs. Drumragh Tyrone

M'Ghee Thomas Urney Tyrone

M'Ghee William Urney Tyrone

M'Gill James Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Gillan Francis Urney Tyrone

M'Gillian Denis Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Gilly Francis Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Gilly John Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Gilly Lanty Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Ginly Edward Urney Tyrone

M'Ginly John Urney Tyrone

M'Ginly Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Bernard Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Edward Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Felix Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Henry Drumragh Tyrone

M'Ginn James Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Ginn James Kildress Tyrone

M'Ginn Micahel Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Murtagh Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Ginn Owen Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Ginn Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Ginn Peter Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginn Peter Kildress Tyrone

M'Ginn Phelix Drumragh Tyrone

M'Ginn Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Ginn Roger Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Ginn Roger Clogher Tyrone

M'Ginnan Hugh Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Ginnis James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Ginnis Richard Killyman Tyrone

M'Girdy John Camus Tyrone

M'Girdy Thomas Camus Tyrone

M'Girr Charles Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Girr Edward Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Girr James Clogher Tyrone

M'Girr John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Girr John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Girr Michael Donacavey Tyrone

M'Girr Owen Donacavey Tyrone

M'Girr Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Girr Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Girr Peter Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Girr Peter Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Girr Phelix Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Girr Philip Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Girr Robert Clogher Tyrone

M'Girr Terence Clogher Tyrone

M'Girr Terence Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Girr Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Girr Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Gittigan Robert Urney Tyrone

M'Glandrigin Andrew Derryloran Tyrone

M'Glaughlin Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Glaughlin John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Glaughlin John Killyman Tyrone

M'Glaughlin John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Glene James Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Glin Charles Longfield East Tyrone

M'Glinahy Charles Camus Tyrone

M'Glinchy Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Glinchy William Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Gloan Barnaby Killyman Tyrone

M'Glone Barney Kildress Tyrone

M'Glone Bryan Lissan Tyrone

M'Glone John Kildress Tyrone

M'Glone Mathew Clonoe Tyrone

M'Glone Patrick Kildress Tyrone

M'Glone William Kildress Tyrone

M'Goan Hugh Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Goldrick Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Golrick Barney Clogher Tyrone

M'Golrick Charles Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Golrick James Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Golrick John Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Golrick Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Gonagh Edward Urney Tyrone

M'Gonagle Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Gonagle Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Gonagle William Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Goragh John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Goraghan John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Gorman John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Gorman William Cappagh Tyrone

M'Gormick John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Gough Terence Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Gough William Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Govran Patrick Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Gowan James Drumragh Tyrone

M'Gowan James Killyman Tyrone

M'Gowan John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Gowen William Longfield East Tyrone

M'Gown James Derryloran Tyrone

M'Gown James Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Gra Patrick Longfield East Tyrone

M'Grady Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Grady Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Granigan John Urney Tyrone

M'Grarty Charles Donacavey Tyrone

M'Grarty Hugh Clogher Tyrone

M'Grarty John Clogherny Tyrone

M'Grarty Micheal Drumragh Tyrone

M'Grarty Owen Clogher Tyrone

M'Grarty Owen Clogherny Tyrone

M'Grarty Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Grath John Urney Tyrone

M'Grath Mark Donacavey Tyrone

M'Graw Arthur Clonoe Tyrone

M'Graw George Clonoe Tyrone

M'Graw Henry Clonoe Tyrone

M'Graw John Donacavey Tyrone

M'Graw Mark Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Graw Michael Donacavey Tyrone

M'Graw Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

M'Grawn Francis Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Gregar Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Grew Denis Derryloran Tyrone

M'Grew Francis Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Grew Francis Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Grew Hughdow Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Grew John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Grew John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Grew William Drumragh Tyrone

M'Griffin George Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Grorgan Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

M'Grorgan Philip Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Grorgan William Cappagh Tyrone

M'Groth Edward Dromore Tyrone

M'Groth John Dromore Tyrone

M'Guckian Bernard Arboe Tyrone

M'Guckian Hugh Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Guckian John Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Guckian Joseph Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Guckian Michael Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Guckian Patrick Arboe Tyrone

M'Guffin Hugh Derryloran Tyrone

M'Guffin Moses Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Guickian Michael Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Guickian William Clonoe Tyrone

M'Guiffen Matthew Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Guigan Arthur Cappagh Tyrone

M'Guigan Arthur Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Guigan Barney Donacavey Tyrone

M'Guigan Danial Donacavey Tyrone

M'Guigan Henry Donacavey Tyrone

M'Guigan Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

M'Guigan John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Guigan Widow Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Guiggan Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

M'Guire Arthur Donacavey Tyrone

M'Guire Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Guire Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Guire James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Guire James Dromore Tyrone

M'Guire John Dromore Tyrone

M'Guire Owen Donacavey Tyrone

M'Guire Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Guire Philip Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Guire Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Guncheson Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Gunel Patrick Killyman Tyrone

M'Gurgan Bryan Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Gurk Arthur Kildress Tyrone

M'Gurk Arthur Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Gurk Barny Kildress Tyrone

M'Gurk Cornelius Kildress Tyrone

M'Gurk Daniel Derryloran Tyrone

M'Gurk Mathew Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Gurk Neal Kildress Tyrone

M'Gurk Owen Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Gurk Patrick Kildress Tyrone

M'Gurk Patrick Killyman Tyrone

M'Gurk Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Gurk Teague Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Gurk Terrence Kildress Tyrone

M'Gurk Thomas Dromore Tyrone

M'Gwigan Edward Cappagh Tyrone

M'Gwiggan Denis Clogher Tyrone

M'Gwiggan Denis Dromore Tyrone

M'Hone Phelix Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Hugh Denis Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Hugh Edward Donacavey Tyrone

M'Hugh Gilly Urney Tyrone

M'Hugh Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Ilay Patrick Arboe Tyrone

M'Ildoon William Arboe Tyrone

M'Iloy Michael Arboe Tyrone

M'Iloy Roger Arboe Tyrone

M'Intire James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Intire John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Intire Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Ivee Phelemy Arboe Tyrone

M'Iver Patrick Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Kagge John Clonoe Tyrone

M'Kane James Desertcreat Tyrone

M'Kann John Clonoe Tyrone

M'Kay David Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Kay Henry Artrea Tyrone

M'Kay Henry Cappagh Tyrone

M'Kay Hugh Artrea Tyrone

M'Kay Roger Cappagh Tyrone

M'Kay Samuel Artrea Tyrone

M'Keags John Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Kean John Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Kean Thomas Drumglass Tyrone

M'Keane James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Kearney Bryan Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Kearny James Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kearny Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kee James Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Kee Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kee Patrick Killyman Tyrone

M'Kee Terence Ballinderry Tyrone

M'Kee Thomas Killyman Tyrone

M'Keeran James Urney Tyrone

M'Keever Henry Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Keever James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Keever William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Keevor Terrence Dromore Tyrone

M'Keldoon Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kelrey Alexander Drumragh Tyrone

M'Kelvy Duncan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Kelvy Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Kelvy Robert Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Kendrie Edward Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Kenna Ardel Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna Arthur Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kenna Barnaby Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Barny Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Bernard Arboe Tyrone

M'Kenna Bernard Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Bryan Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Bryan Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Kenna Charles Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Denis Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Kenna Francis Arboe Tyrone

M'Kenna Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Hugh Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna James Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna Laurence Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Laurence Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna Michael Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Michael Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Neal Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna Owen Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Kenna Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Patrick Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna Patrick, Jr. Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Patrick, Sr. Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Peter Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Peter Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Phelix Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Phelix Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenna Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Terence Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna Widow Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Kenna William Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kenna William Clogher Tyrone

M'Kenow James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Kenzie William Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Keone James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Keown Henry Arboe Tyrone

M'Keown Hugh Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Keown James Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Keown Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Kerahan Robert Dromore Tyrone

M'Kerney Daniel Clogher Tyrone

M'Kerney James Clogher Tyrone

M'Kerney John Clogher Tyrone

M'Kerney Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Kerney Widow Clogher Tyrone

M'Kibbons James Arboe Tyrone

M'Kill Michael Donacavey Tyrone

M'Kinley Henry Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Kinly Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

M'Kinly Robert Donacavey Tyrone

M'Kinly Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Kinly William Donacavey Tyrone

M'Kinna Hugh Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Kinney Joseph Lissan Tyrone

M'Kinney Samuel Lissan Tyrone

M'Kinny Francis Dromore Tyrone

M'Kinny Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Kinny Terrence Dromore Tyrone

M'Kinny William Dromore Tyrone

M'Kinsey Alexander Derryloran Tyrone

M'Kitrick John Derryloran Tyrone

M'Kledoon James Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kledoon Michael Derryloran Tyrone

M'Kledoon Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kown Arthur Lissan Tyrone

M'Kown Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Kown John Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Kown John Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Kye Andrew Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Lamond Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Laughlin Artha Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Laughlin Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Laughlin Daniel Urney Tyrone

M'Laughlin David Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Laughlin James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Laughlin James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Laughlin James Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Laughlin John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Laughlin John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Laughlin John Urney Tyrone

M'Laughlin Martha Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Laughlin Neal Urney Tyrone

M'Laughlin Owen Dromore Tyrone

M'Laughlin Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Laughlin Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Laughlin Peter Drumragh Tyrone

M'Laughlin Philip Arboe Tyrone

M'Laughlin Walter Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Laughlin Widow Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Laughlin William Longfield East Tyrone

M'Lay Francis Donacavey Tyrone

M'Lort Henry Derryloran Tyrone

M'Lort Peter Derryloran Tyrone

M'Loughlin Bryan Dromore Tyrone

M'Machin Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Mackin Barney Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Mackin John Urney Tyrone

M'Maghan Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Maghan James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Maghan Nicholas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Mahan Widow Clogher Tyrone

M'Mahon Edward Cappagh Tyrone

M'Mahon Gleancey Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Mahon Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Mains Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

M'Mains Robert Cappagh Tyrone

M'Maken John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Manis William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Manna William Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Manus Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

M'Manus John Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Master Archibald Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Master John Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Master Oliver Artrea Tyrone

M'Means David Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Menamon Hugh Longfield East Tyrone

M'Menamon John Cappagh Tyrone

M'Menamon Neal Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Menamon Neal Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Menamon Neal Urney Tyrone

M'Menamy Denis Donacavey Tyrone

M'Menamy Durnan Donacavey Tyrone

M'Meneny Fergus Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Michael David Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Michael James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Michael John Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Michael Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Minagh Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Minamy Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Minn Robert Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Minn Samuel, Jr. Killyman Tyrone

M'Minn Samuel, Sr. Killyman Tyrone

M'Mohon Stephen Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Monin Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

M'Morrice Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Morrice Elizabeth Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Morrice James Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Morrice John Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Morris Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Morrison Margaret Urney Tyrone

M'Mullan Charles Dromore Tyrone

M'Mullan Charles Longfield East Tyrone

M'Mullan Daniel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Mullan Hugh Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Mullan James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Mullan James Dromore Tyrone

M'Mullan James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Mullen Andrew Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Mullen Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Mullen James Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Mullen James Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Mullen John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Mullen William Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Mullin Elizabeth Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Namara John Clogher Tyrone

M'Namee Bryan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Namee Hugh Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Namee James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Namee John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Namee John Camus Tyrone

M'Namee John Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Namee Owen Cappagh Tyrone

M'Namee Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Nanly Terence Clogher Tyrone

M'Nary David Tullyniskan Tyrone

M'Naugher William Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Naught John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Naught Robert Longfield East Tyrone

M'Naught Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Nawle Francis Longfield East Tyrone

M'Nawle George Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Nawle John Clogher Tyrone

M'Nawle Philip Longfield East Tyrone

M'Nealis Anthony Clogher Tyrone

M'Neely Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Neely William Clogher Tyrone

M'Neigh Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Neill Michael Clonoe Tyrone

M'Neish John Kildress Tyrone

M'Net William Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Nickle Robert Camus Tyrone

M'Nickle William Camus Tyrone

M'Nickle William Drumragh Tyrone

M'Night James Clogher Tyrone

M'Night Joseph Clogher Tyrone

M'Night Robert Clogher Tyrone

M'Nogher James Clogher Tyrone

M'Nogher Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

M'Nulty Neil Urney Tyrone

M'Oleer James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Oleer Nicholas Drumragh Tyrone

M'Oleer Patrick Longfield East Tyrone

M'Oleer Peter Drumragh Tyrone

M'Olhill Denis Drumragh Tyrone

M'Olhill Neal Clogherny Tyrone

M'Olhill Toal Clogherny Tyrone

M'Peake Charles Urney Tyrone

M'Peake James Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Phelemy John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy Edward Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Philemy Francis Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Philemy John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Philemy William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Pike Henry Dromore Tyrone

M'Pike William Dromore Tyrone

M'Quade Arthur Donacavey Tyrone

M'Quade Bryan Drumragh Tyrone

M'Quade Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Quade George Killyman Tyrone

M'Quade Henry Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Quade James Camus Tyrone

M'Quade James Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Quade John Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Quade John Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Quade Neal Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Quade Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Quade Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

M'Quade Terrence Dromore Tyrone

M'Quade Thomas Dromore Tyrone

M'Quade Walter Dromore Tyrone

M'Quade Widow Cappagh Tyrone

M'Quaide Andrew Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Quigan Arthur Arboe Tyrone

M'Quigan John Arboe Tyrone

M'Quin Thomas Kildress Tyrone

M'Raye James Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Reame Moses Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Reynolds James Killyman Tyrone

M'Reynolds Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Rorey John Clogher Tyrone

M'Rorey Owen Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Rory Owen Cappagh Tyrone

M'Shane Barney Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Shane Daniel Arboe Tyrone

M'Shane Glesna Donaghedy Tyrone

M'Shane James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Shane James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Shane James Clogher Tyrone

M'Shane Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

M'Shane Widow Ballyclog Tyrone

M'Shean Hugh Clogherny Tyrone

M'Shean Matthew Clogherny Tyrone

M'Sherry Thpmas Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Shiniden James Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Sorbey Cornelius Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Sorbey Owen Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Sorbey Roger Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Sorbey Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

M'Sorbey Widow Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Sorley James Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Sorley John Drumragh Tyrone

M'Sorley John Kilskeery Tyrone

M'Sorly Bryan Clogherny Tyrone

M'Sorly Francis Clogherny Tyrone

M'Sorly John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Sorly Owen Clogherny Tyrone

M'Swiggan James Cappagh Tyrone

M'Swiggan John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

M'Swiggan Neal Cappagh Tyrone

M'Swiggan Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

M'Tague James Termonamongan Tyrone

M'Tiggart John Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Tiggart Murphy Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Veagh Edward Termonmaguirk Tyrone

M'Veagh Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

M'Veaney Bryan Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Veigh Edward Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Veigh Edward Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Veigh John Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Veigh Joseph Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Veigh Terence Clonfeacle Tyrone

M'Vey Eleanor Kildress Tyrone

M'Vey James Kildress Tyrone

M'Vey Patrick Kildress Tyrone

M'Wain Hugh Donaghenry Tyrone

M'Waine David Ardstraw Tyrone

M'Waters Andrew Kildress Tyrone

M'Williams Andrew Clogher Tyrone

M'Williams Charles Longfield East Tyrone

M'Williams George Arboe Tyrone

M'Williams Hugh Clogher Tyrone

M'Williams James Clogherny Tyrone

M'Williams John Clogher Tyrone

M'Williams John Longfield East Tyrone

M'Williams Nicholas Donacavey Tyrone

M'Williams Richard Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Williams Thomas Clogher Tyrone

M'Williams William Aghaloo Tyrone

M'Wilms Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

M'Wilms William Killeeshill Tyrone

Mace John Donacavey Tyrone

Macken Michael Donacavey Tyrone

Mackrell George Arboe Tyrone

Mackril David Artrea Tyrone

Maconomy Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Macord John Arboe Tyrone

Macord Neal Arboe Tyrone

Madden Manus Urney Tyrone

Madden Michael Arboe Tyrone

Madden Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Maddigan Owen Urney Tyrone

Madin Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Maffet Alexander Derryloran Tyrone

Maffet George Derryloran Tyrone

Maffet James Derryloran Tyrone

Maffet Robert Derryloran Tyrone

Maffit John Killeeshill Tyrone

Magee Alexander Leckpatrick Tyrone

Magee Joseph Leckpatrick Tyrone

Magee Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Magill Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

Magir John Arboe Tyrone

Maglone James Arboe Tyrone

Magrath Patrick Urney Tyrone

Maguckian Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Maguckian Hugh, Jr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Maguckian Hugh, Sr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Maguckian John Tamlaght Tyrone

Maguckian Nicholas Arboe Tyrone

Maguehian John Arboe Tyrone

Maguire Francis Aghaloo Tyrone

Maguire Frederick Donacavey Tyrone

Maguire John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Maguire John Donacavey Tyrone

Maguire Mathew Camus Tyrone

Magurk John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Mahaff John Arboe Tyrone

Mahaffy Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Maidey Francis Killyman Tyrone

Maine Bryan Cappagh Tyrone

Mains Alexander Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Mains William Aghaloo Tyrone

Makin John Donaghenry Tyrone

Malaghan Owen Kildress Tyrone

Malgrew Henry Clogherny Tyrone

Mallan Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Mallen Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mallen Redmond Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mallon Bryan Ballinderry Tyrone

Mallon Charles Arboe Tyrone

Mallon Charles Lissan Tyrone

Mallon Henry Arboe Tyrone

Mallon James Arboe Tyrone

Mallon James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mallon James Kildress Tyrone

Mallon John Ballinderry Tyrone

Mallon Neal Kildress Tyrone

Mallon Peter Ballinderry Tyrone

Mallon Phelemy Arboe Tyrone

Mallon Philomy Kildress Tyrone

Mallon Redmond Arboe Tyrone

Mallon Terence Arboe Tyrone

Malone Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Malone John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Malone Michael Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Maloy Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Man Henry Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Managh George Clogherny Tyrone

Maneely James Arboe Tyrone

Mangan Edward Longfield East Tyrone

Mann John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Mansfield Andrew Donaghenry Tyrone

Mansfield Benjamin Donaghenry Tyrone

Mansfield John Donaghenry Tyrone

March Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Markey Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Markey John Donaghedy Tyrone

Marlan James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Marly Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Marshal Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Marshal James Ardstraw Tyrone

Marshal Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Marshal Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Marshal William Arboe Tyrone

Marshal William Cappagh Tyrone

Marshal William Derryloran Tyrone

Marshal William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Marshall Harison Aghaloo Tyrone

Marshall Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

Marshall Josias Leckpatrick Tyrone

Martin Brien Donacavey Tyrone

Martin Christopher Donacavey Tyrone

Martin George Arboe Tyrone

Martin George Donaghedy Tyrone

Martin Henry Clogher Tyrone

Martin James Ardstraw Tyrone

Martin James Camus Tyrone

Martin John Donacavey Tyrone

Martin John Donaghedy Tyrone

Martin Michael Clogherny Tyrone

Martin Owen Longfield East Tyrone

Martin Owen, Jr. Longfield East Tyrone

Martin Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Martin Phelemy Drumragh Tyrone

Martin Robert Dromore Tyrone

Martin Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

Martin Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Martin Thomas Lissan Tyrone

Martin Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Martin Widow Drumragh Tyrone

Martin William Aghaloo Tyrone

Martin William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Mason Arthur Donaghenry Tyrone

Massey Edward Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Master Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Mathers James Donaghedy Tyrone

Mathers John Donaghedy Tyrone

Mathews John Arboe Tyrone

Mathews John Ardstraw Tyrone

Mathews John Termonamongan Tyrone

Mathews Widow Donaghedy Tyrone

Mathewson Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Mattewson Gily Ardstraw Tyrone

Matthews Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Mawhood Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

Maxwell Adams Aghaloo Tyrone

Maxwell Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Maxwell Charles Urney Tyrone

Maxwell George Donacavey Tyrone

Maxwell James Urney Tyrone

Maxwell John Drumragh Tyrone

Maxwell John Urney Tyrone

Maxwell Joseph Urney Tyrone

Maxwell Marshal Drumragh Tyrone

Maxwell William Urney Tyrone

Meahan Philip Termonamongan Tyrone

Meals Stephen Clogherny Tyrone

Meanan Aptrick Clogher Tyrone

Meanan Banty Clogher Tyrone

Meanan Peter Clogher Tyrone

Meanan Terence Clogher Tyrone

Meane John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Means Adam Clogher Tyrone

Means George Clogher Tyrone

Means John Clogher Tyrone

Means Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

Means Widow Clogher Tyrone

Means William Clogher Tyrone

Meare James Ardstraw Tyrone

Measry Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Meathers Willsy Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mebin George Desertcreat Tyrone

Megan Arthur Donacavey Tyrone

Megan Barney Donacavey Tyrone

Megan Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Megan Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Megirr David Clonfeacle Tyrone

Megough Arthur Clonfeacle Tyrone

Meilech John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mein Mary Derryloran Tyrone

Mein Terrence Derryloran Tyrone

Meine Roger Cappagh Tyrone

Meine Rose Cappagh Tyrone

Meins John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mellan James Derryloran Tyrone

Mellin Owen Dromore Tyrone

Mellon Anne Clogher Tyrone

Mellon Archibald Donaghenry Tyrone

Mellon Charles Drumragh Tyrone

Mellon David Longfield East Tyrone

Mellon James Killyman Tyrone

Mellon Patrick Killyman Tyrone

Mellon Patrick Tullyniskan Tyrone

Mellon Peter Drumglass Tyrone

Melon Francis Drumragh Tyrone

Melon James Drumragh Tyrone

Melon John Drumragh Tyrone

Melon Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Menice Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

Menight James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Menight John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Menight Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Menteith Stewart Ardstraw Tyrone

Meon John Arboe Tyrone

Mewhoor George Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mewhoor William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Milcheltree George Clogher Tyrone

Milcheltree James Clogher Tyrone

Milcheltree John Clogher Tyrone

Miles William Clogher Tyrone

Milikin Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Milken Owen Aghaloo Tyrone

Millar Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Millar Andrew Urney Tyrone

Millar David Clonoe Tyrone

Millar Edmond Ardstraw Tyrone

Millar James Urney Tyrone

Millar John Ardstraw Tyrone

Millar John Cappagh Tyrone

Millar John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Millar John Urney Tyrone

Millar Joseph Urney Tyrone

Millar Matthew Urney Tyrone

Millar Thomas Urney Tyrone

Millar William Artrea Tyrone

Millar William Ballyclog Tyrone

Millar William Donaghedy Tyrone

Miller David Arboe Tyrone

Miller Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Miller George Aghaloo Tyrone

Miller Jackson Clonfeacle Tyrone

Miller James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Miller John Arboe Tyrone

Miller John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Miller Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Miller Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Miller William Arboe Tyrone

Milliphant Richard Ardstraw Tyrone

Mills James Clogher Tyrone

Mills John Ardstraw Tyrone

Mills John Clogher Tyrone

Mills Joseph Cappagh Tyrone

Mimnagh Charles Longfield East Tyrone

Mimnagh Peter Donacavey Tyrone

Minagh Constantine Clogher Tyrone

Minagh Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Minagh Susannah Clogher Tyrone

Mitchel Charles Donacavey Tyrone

Mitchel David Ardstraw Tyrone

Mitchel James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Mitchel James Kildress Tyrone

Mitchel Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Mitchel Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Mitchel Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Mitchel Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Mitchel Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Mitchell Daniel Tullyniskan Tyrone

Mitchell George Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Mitchell Robert Artrea Tyrone

Moffit George Longfield East Tyrone

Moffit James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Moffit John Longfield East Tyrone

Moffit Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Moffit Thomas Longfield East Tyrone

Moffit William Ardstraw Tyrone

Moffitt Thomas Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Mohatly James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Molahan Thomas Donacavey Tyrone

Molan Edward Clogherny Tyrone

Molgrew Patrick Clogherny Tyrone

Molohan Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Monaghan Denis Urney Tyrone

Monaghan Michael Donacavey Tyrone

Monaghan Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Monaghan Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Monaghan Roger Donacavey Tyrone

Moncrieffe Isaac Ballyclog Tyrone

Moncrieffe Mrs. Ballyclog Tyrone

Money William Aghaloo Tyrone

Monly Richard Ardstraw Tyrone

Monny Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Monteeth Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Monteeth Henry Termonamongan Tyrone

Monteeth James Ardstraw Tyrone

Monteeth James Clogherny Tyrone

Monteeth John Donacavey Tyrone

Monteeth John Termonamongan Tyrone

Monteeth John, Jr. Termonamongan Tyrone

Monteeth Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Monteeth Josias Urney Tyrone

Monteeth Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Monteeth Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Monteeth Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Montgomery George Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Montgomery James, Jr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Montgomery James, Sr. Tamlaght Tyrone

Montgomery John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Montgomery Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Montgomery Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Montgomery Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Montgomery William Clogher Tyrone

Mony John Derryloran Tyrone

Moody John Ardstraw Tyrone

Moody Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Moody Rebecca Ardstraw Tyrone

Moody Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Moonteeth Samuel Urney Tyrone

Moony James Desertcreat Tyrone

Moor James Kildress Tyrone

Moor James Killyman Tyrone

Moor John Arboe Tyrone

Moor John Derryloran Tyrone

Moor Robert Killyman Tyrone

Moore Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Moore Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

Moore Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

Moore Henry Desertcreat Tyrone

Moore Humphry Leckpatrick Tyrone

Moore James Aghaloo Tyrone

Moore James Ardstraw Tyrone

Moore James Clogher Tyrone

Moore James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Moore James Donacavey Tyrone

Moore John Ardstraw Tyrone

Moore John Ballyclog Tyrone

Moore John Cappagh Tyrone

Moore John Donacavey Tyrone

Moore John Dromore Tyrone

Moore John Kildress Tyrone

Moore Joseph Cappagh Tyrone

Moore Josias Leckpatrick Tyrone

Moore Mary Aghaloo Tyrone

Moore Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Moore Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Moore Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Moore Samuel Cappagh Tyrone

Moore Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Moore Sarah Cappagh Tyrone

Moore Sarah Leckpatrick Tyrone

Moore Thomas Urney Tyrone

Moore Widow Donacavey Tyrone

Moore William Ardstraw Tyrone

Moore William Clogher Tyrone

Moore William Donacavey Tyrone

Moorehead Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Moorhead Alexander Donaghedy Tyrone

Moorhead Ferquis Artrea Tyrone

Moorhead Henry Derryloran Tyrone

Moorhead James Ardstraw Tyrone

Moorhead James Derryloran Tyrone

Moorhead John Ardstraw Tyrone

Moorhead John Donaghedy Tyrone

Moorhead John Urney Tyrone

Moorhead Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Moorhead William Ardstraw Tyrone

Moorhead William Donacavey Tyrone

Moorhead William Donaghedy Tyrone

Morgan Denis Clonoe Tyrone

Morgan Dominick Arboe Tyrone

Morgan Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

Morgan Philemy Clonoe Tyrone

Morgan William Urney Tyrone

Morran Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Morrice Edward Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Morrice Henry Urney Tyrone

Morris Bernard Donaghenry Tyrone

Morris Charles Drumragh Tyrone

Morris Henry Ballyclog Tyrone

Morris John Killeeshill Tyrone

Morris John, Jr. Killeeshill Tyrone

Morris Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Morris Philip Donaghenry Tyrone

Morris Terrence Kildress Tyrone

Morris William Kildress Tyrone

Morrison Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Morrison Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Morrison Hans Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Morrison James Clogher Tyrone

Morrison John Drumglass Tyrone

Morrison John Drumragh Tyrone

Morrison Manus Donaghedy Tyrone

Morrow David Clonfeacle Tyrone

Morrow James Clogher Tyrone

Morrow James Clonoe Tyrone

Morrow John Clogher Tyrone

Morrow John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Morrow Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Morrow William Clogher Tyrone

Mortland Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Mortland Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Morton David Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Moses James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Moses John Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Moses Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

Mosgrove Andrew Drumragh Tyrone

Mosgrove John Donacavey Tyrone

Mosgrove John, Jr. Kilskeery Tyrone

Mosgrove Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Mosgrove Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Mosgrove William Derryloran Tyrone

Moss Bryan Cappagh Tyrone

Mossgrove Widow Derryloran Tyrone

Moultery William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Moutray Lesley Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Muckledoon John Derryloran Tyrone

Mucklegrew Bryan Killeeshill Tyrone

Mucklegrew Francis Killeeshill Tyrone

Mucklegrew John Killeeshill Tyrone

Mucklegrew Owen Killeeshill Tyrone

Mucklegrew Patrick Killeeshill Tyrone

Mucklerney Bryan Derryloran Tyrone

Mulhallon Brian Kildress Tyrone

Mulhallon James Ballyclog Tyrone

Mulhallon James Kildress Tyrone

Mulhallon Robert Kildress Tyrone

Mulholland Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Mulholland John Arboe Tyrone

Mulholland Murty Arboe Tyrone

Mullan Arthur Kildress Tyrone

Mullan Charles Derryloran Tyrone

Mullan Daniel Clogher Tyrone

Mullan Edward Clogher Tyrone

Mullan Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Mullan Felix Donacavey Tyrone

Mullan James Clogher Tyrone

Mullan James Derryloran Tyrone

Mullan James Donacavey Tyrone

Mullan James Longfield East Tyrone

Mullan James Termonamongan Tyrone

Mullan John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mullan John Donaghedy Tyrone

Mullan Michael Clogher Tyrone

Mullan Michael Desertcreat Tyrone

Mullan Michael Leckpatrick Tyrone

Mullan Owen Donacavey Tyrone

Mullan Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Mullan Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Mullan Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Mullan Phelix Drumragh Tyrone

Mullan Stephen Derryloran Tyrone

Mullan Terrence Derryloran Tyrone

Mullan Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

Mullan Widow Clogher Tyrone

Mullan Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mullan Widow Derryloran Tyrone

Mullan Widow Donacavey Tyrone

Mullan William Ardstraw Tyrone

Mullen Charles Donaghedy Tyrone

Mullen Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Mulligan James Clogher Tyrone

Mulligan James Desertcreat Tyrone

Mulligan James Donaghenry Tyrone

Mulligan Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Mulligan William Clogher Tyrone

Mulligan William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mulligan William Desertcreat Tyrone

Mullin Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Mulmanna Manus Termonamongan Tyrone

Mulrine James Donacavey Tyrone

Mulrine Michael Clogher Tyrone

Mungah Daniel Ardstraw Tyrone

Muns Edward Urney Tyrone

Murdagh David Tamlaght Tyrone

Murphy Alexander Drumglass Tyrone

Murphy Barnaby Aghaloo Tyrone

Murphy Bryan Clogher Tyrone

Murphy George Aghaloo Tyrone

Murphy George Desertcreat Tyrone

Murphy Henry Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Murphy Hugh Killeeshill Tyrone

Murphy James Aghaloo Tyrone

Murphy John Donacavey Tyrone

Murphy Niece Killeeshill Tyrone

Murphy Patrick Aghaloo Tyrone

Murphy Peter Killeeshill Tyrone

Murphy Robert Clogher Tyrone

Murphy Terrence Killeeshill Tyrone

Murphy Widow Killeeshill Tyrone

Murphy William Derryloran Tyrone

Murray David Aghaloo Tyrone

Murray David Clonfeacle Tyrone

Murray Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Murray Edward Urney Tyrone

Murray James Dromore Tyrone

Murray John Drumglass Tyrone

Murray Peter Donacavey Tyrone

Mynagh Edward Clogher Tyrone

Mynagh John Clogher Tyrone

Mynagh Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Neal Alexander Kildress Tyrone

Neal Barnaby Donaghenry Tyrone

Neal Constantine Donaghenry Tyrone

Neal Henry Aghaloo Tyrone

Neal Henry Donacavey Tyrone

Neal Hugh Donaghenry Tyrone

Neal Roger Tullyniskan Tyrone

Neal Tarry Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Nealam John Clogher Tyrone

Neale James Clogher Tyrone

Nealis John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Nealy Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Neathercoat George Donaghenry Tyrone

Neelan Bernard Clogher Tyrone

Neelan William Clogher Tyrone

Neelans Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Neely Francis Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Neely George Clogher Tyrone

Neely James Clogher Tyrone

Neely John Clogher Tyrone

Neilans Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Neilis Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Neilly William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Neilson John Ardstraw Tyrone

Neilson John Ballyclog Tyrone

Neilson John Kildress Tyrone

Neilson Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Neilson Thomas Termonamongan Tyrone

Neilson William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nelis Alexander Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Nelson James Aghaloo Tyrone

Nesbit John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Nesbitt Rev. Richard Donaghedy Tyrone

Nevel James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nevill James Killyman Tyrone

Neville Charles Dromore Tyrone

Neville Charles Kilskeery Tyrone

Neville George Dromore Tyrone

Neville John Kilskeery Tyrone

Neville Robert Dromore Tyrone

Neville William Dromore Tyrone

Newberry Patrick Kildress Tyrone

Newell Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nichle Andrew Arboe Tyrone

Nickel William Tullyniskan Tyrone

Nickle Edward Ballyclog Tyrone

Nickle George Clogher Tyrone

Nickle George Donaghenry Tyrone

Nickle James Camus Tyrone

Nickle John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Nickle John Camus Tyrone

Nickle Robert Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Nickle William Ardstraw Tyrone

Nickle William Donaghenry Tyrone

Nidder John Longfield East Tyrone

Niddey William Longfield East Tyrone

Nider Mathew Longfield East Tyrone

Nielly James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Nielly John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Nielly William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Nielson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nimmo Charles Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nimmo John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nixon Charity Drumragh Tyrone

Nixon James Cappagh Tyrone

Nixon John Cappagh Tyrone

Nixon Stephen Cappagh Tyrone

Nixon William Cappagh Tyrone

Noble Joseph Urney Tyrone

Noble Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Noble William Dromore Tyrone

Norris Michael Tullyniskan Tyrone

Norrise James Drumragh Tyrone

Norriss John Cappagh Tyrone

North Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Nowlan Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Nowland James Tullyniskan Tyrone

Nugent Charles Drumragh Tyrone

Nugent Francis Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Nugent James Drumragh Tyrone

Nugent James Longfield East Tyrone

Nugent John Cappagh Tyrone

Nugent Patrick Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Nugent Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Nugent Phelimy Drumragh Tyrone

Nugent Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Nugent William Clogher Tyrone

O'Boyle Bryan Termonamongan Tyrone

O'Boyle Hugh Urney Tyrone

O'Braun Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

O'Brine Denis Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Brine Jacob Cappagh Tyrone

O'Brine James Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Brine Michael Clogherny Tyrone

O'Daly William Clonfeacle Tyrone

O'Donald Widow Aghaloo Tyrone

O'Donnel Hugh Dromore Tyrone

O'Donnel James Clogher Tyrone

O'Donnell Charles Dromore Tyrone

O'Donnell James Dromore Tyrone

O'Donnell Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

O'Hara Edward Donaghedy Tyrone

O'Kaine Daniel Termonamongan Tyrone

O'Kane Daniel Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kane Francis Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kane Godfrey Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kane Neal Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kane Roger Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kane Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Keane Quintin Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kelly Neal Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Kelly Neal Clonoe Tyrone

O'Kirk Arthur Bodoney Upper Tyrone

O'Kirke Duncan Bodoney Upper Tyrone

O'Neal Cornelius Bodoney Upper Tyrone

O'Neal Daniel Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

O'Neal George Camus Tyrone

O'Neal James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

O'Neal John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

O'Neal Laughlin Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neal Roger Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale Bryan Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale Cornelius Drumragh Tyrone

O'Neale Daniel Donacavey Tyrone

O'Neale Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

O'Neale Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Neale Edward Cappagh Tyrone

O'Neale Fernon Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale Francis Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Neale Henry Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Neale Henry Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale James Cappagh Tyrone

O'Neale James Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale John Ardstraw Tyrone

O'Neale John Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale Paul Donaghedy Tyrone

O'Neale Roger Longfield East Tyrone

O'Neale Terence Kilskeery Tyrone

O'Neil Barnaby Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neil Bernard Clonfeacle Tyrone

O'Neil Daniel Kildress Tyrone

O'Neil Henry Arboe Tyrone

O'Neil James Arboe Tyrone

O'Neil John Kildress Tyrone

O'Neil John, Jr. Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

O'Neil John, Sr. Arboe Tyrone

O'Neil Roger Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Bryan Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Bryan Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neill Charles Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Con. Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neill Cornelius Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Cornelius Ballinderry Tyrone

O'Neill Daniel Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Edward Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neill Francis Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neill Francis Lissan Tyrone

O'Neill Henry Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill James Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neill John Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill John Ballinderry Tyrone

O'Neill John Clonoe Tyrone

O'Neill John, Jr. Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Owen Arboe Tyrone

O'Neill Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

O'Neill Phelix Clonoe Tyrone

Oliver Cornelius Longfield East Tyrone

Oliver James Ardstraw Tyrone

Oliver James Clonoe Tyrone

Oliver John Aghaloo Tyrone

Oliver John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Oliver William Killeeshill Tyrone

Orr Alexander Clogherny Tyrone

Orr Allen Clogher Tyrone

Orr David Clogherny Tyrone

Orr George Camus Tyrone

Orr George Clogherny Tyrone

Orr Henry Clogher Tyrone

Orr James Ardstraw Tyrone

Orr James Ballyclog Tyrone

Orr James Donacavey Tyrone

Orr John Cappagh Tyrone

Orr Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Orr Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

Orr Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Orr Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Orr Samuel Clogherny Tyrone

Orr Samuel Leckpatrick Tyrone

Orr Walter Ardstraw Tyrone

Orr William Camus Tyrone

Orr William Cappagh Tyrone

Orr William Clogherny Tyrone

Orr William Donacavey Tyrone

Orr William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Osborne Alexander Drumragh Tyrone

Osborne Andrew Drumragh Tyrone

Osborne Henry Ardstraw Tyrone

Osborne John Drumragh Tyrone

Osborne Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Osburne Henry Dromore Tyrone

Osburne James Dromore Tyrone

Osburne Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

Owens Allen Clogher Tyrone

Owens William Clogher Tyrone

Pagan James Clonoe Tyrone

Park Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Park David Urney Tyrone

Park James Dromore Tyrone

Park John Ardstraw Tyrone

Park John Donaghenry Tyrone

Park John Urney Tyrone

Park Richard Camus Tyrone

Park Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Parker James Camus Tyrone

Parker John Camus Tyrone

Parker Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Parker William Camus Tyrone

Parkhill John Donaghedy Tyrone

Parks David Donaghenry Tyrone

Parks John Donaghenry Tyrone

Parsley John Kilskeery Tyrone

Patchell William Donaghedy Tyrone

Patrick James Ardstraw Tyrone

Patrick John Ardstraw Tyrone

Patrick Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Patrick Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Patrick Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Patrick Samuel Cappagh Tyrone

Patrick William Dromore Tyrone

Patten Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

Patten Widow Drumglass Tyrone

Patten William Drumglass Tyrone

Patterson Aaron Dromore Tyrone

Patterson George Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Patterson James Donaghedy Tyrone

Patterson James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Patterson John Camus Tyrone

Patterson John Drumragh Tyrone

Patterson John Longfield East Tyrone

Patterson John Urney Tyrone

Patterson Mary Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Patterson Moses Cappagh Tyrone

Patterson Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Patterson Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Patterson Robert Dromore Tyrone

Patterson Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Patterson Samuel Urney Tyrone

Patterson Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Patterson William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Patterson William Urney Tyrone

Patton George Drumglass Tyrone

Patton Hugh Clogher Tyrone

Patton John Cappagh Tyrone

Patton John Urney Tyrone

Patton Joseph Drumglass Tyrone

Patton Josias Urney Tyrone

Patton Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Patton Matthew Drumragh Tyrone

Patton Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Patton Samuel Urney Tyrone

Patton Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Patton Thomas Urney Tyrone

Patton William Ardstraw Tyrone

Patton William Urney Tyrone

Pearson John Longfield East Tyrone

Pearson Moses Longfield East Tyrone

Pearson Sarah Leckpatrick Tyrone

Pearson William Longfield East Tyrone

Peervis Dolaway Arboe Tyrone

Peervis Samuel Artrea Tyrone

Peevis James Artrea Tyrone

Peevis Robert Artrea Tyrone

Pelligrew James Aghaloo Tyrone

Pendergast James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Peoples Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Perk Andrew Derryloran Tyrone

Perk John Derryloran Tyrone

Perry John Drumragh Tyrone

Perry Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Person Jacob Clonfeacle Tyrone

Peterson William Artrea Tyrone

Philips Abraham Donaghedy Tyrone

Philips Daniel Camus Tyrone

Philips George Camus Tyrone

Philips George Donaghedy Tyrone

Philips Margaret Leckpatrick Tyrone

Philips William Donaghedy Tyrone

Phillips Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

Phoenix Samuel Drumglass Tyrone

Picken Arthur Clogher Tyrone

Plunket Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Pollock Charles Drumragh Tyrone

Pollock Charles Leckpatrick Tyrone

Pollock Ephraim Leckpatrick Tyrone

Pollock Isaac Leckpatrick Tyrone

Pollock James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Pollock John Donaghedy Tyrone

Pollock John, Jr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Pollock John, Sr. Ardstraw Tyrone

Pollock Lodowick Ardstraw Tyrone

Pollock Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Pollock William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Porter James Ardstraw Tyrone

Porter James Camus Tyrone

Porter James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Porter John Ardstraw Tyrone

Porter John Artrea Tyrone

Porter John Camus Tyrone

Porter John Cappagh Tyrone

Porter John Leckpatrick Tyrone

Porter Oliver Artrea Tyrone

Porter Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Porter Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Porter William Ardstraw Tyrone

Porter William Clogher Tyrone

Porterfield Thomas Urney Tyrone

Potter Henry Aghaloo Tyrone

Potter James Aghaloo Tyrone

Potter John Aghaloo Tyrone

Potter Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Pringle Alexander Aghaloo Tyrone

Provence Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Provence James Donaghedy Tyrone

Provence John Ardstraw Tyrone

Provence William Ardstraw Tyrone

Pruntey Francis Drumglass Tyrone

Purdin Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Purdon John Urney Tyrone

Purdy Bartholomew Ardstraw Tyrone

Purvis James Arboe Tyrone

Queen Anna Clogher Tyrone

Queen Peter Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Queen Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Quigley Charles Donaghedy Tyrone

Quigley Denis Camus Tyrone

Quigley John Longfield East Tyrone

Quigley Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Quigley William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Quigly John Ardstraw Tyrone

Quin Arthur Arboe Tyrone

Quin Arthur Artrea Tyrone

Quin Arthur Ballinderry Tyrone

Quin Arthur Clonoe Tyrone

Quin Arthur Dromore Tyrone

Quin Arthur Drumglass Tyrone

Quin Arthur Kildress Tyrone

Quin Barnaby Tullyniskan Tyrone

Quin Bernard Donaghenry Tyrone

Quin Brian Donaghedy Tyrone

Quin Bryan Donaghenry Tyrone

Quin Catherine Arboe Tyrone

Quin Charles Cappagh Tyrone

Quin Charles Derryloran Tyrone

Quin Cormick Arboe Tyrone

Quin Cormick Lissan Tyrone

Quin Daniel Tullyniskan Tyrone

Quin Daniel Urney Tyrone

Quin Devely Ardstraw Tyrone

Quin Edward Arboe Tyrone

Quin Ennis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Quin Henry Desertcreat Tyrone

Quin Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Quin Hugh Arboe Tyrone

Quin Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

Quin Hugh Drumglass Tyrone

Quin Hugh Kildress Tyrone

Quin Hugh Longfield East Tyrone

Quin Hugh Urney Tyrone

Quin James Cappagh Tyrone

Quin James Donaghenry Tyrone

Quin James Tamlaght Tyrone

Quin John Arboe Tyrone

Quin John Camus Tyrone

Quin John Clonoe Tyrone

Quin John Derryloran Tyrone

Quin John Donaghenry Tyrone

Quin Laughlin Urney Tyrone

Quin Manus Urney Tyrone

Quin Margaret Clogherny Tyrone

Quin Matthew Killyman Tyrone

Quin Michael Donaghedy Tyrone

Quin Michael Donaghenry Tyrone

Quin Michael Urney Tyrone

Quin Murtagh Derryloran Tyrone

Quin Owen Arboe Tyrone

Quin Owen Derryloran Tyrone

Quin Patchy Arboe Tyrone

Quin Patrick Arboe Tyrone

Quin Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

Quin Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

Quin Patrick Donaghedy Tyrone

Quin Patrick Lissan Tyrone

Quin Patrick Tullyniskan Tyrone

Quin Phelix Drumglass Tyrone

Quin Robert Lissan Tyrone

Quin Roger Donaghedy Tyrone

Quin Terence Arboe Tyrone

Quin Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Quin William Donaghenry Tyrone

Quin William Urney Tyrone

Quin Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Quinn Bernard Clonfeacle Tyrone

Quinn Daniel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Rafferty Francis Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Rafferty James Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Rafferty Peter Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Rafferty Terence Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Rafferty Widow Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Rafferty William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Raine Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Rainey Robert Clonoe Tyrone

Ralahan John Donacavey Tyrone

Ralline Thomas Arboe Tyrone

Ralston Andrew Urney Tyrone

Ralston David Longfield East Tyrone

Ralston Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Ralston James Ardstraw Tyrone

Ralston James Donaghedy Tyrone

Ralston James Urney Tyrone

Ralston John Dromore Tyrone

Ralston John Longfield East Tyrone

Ralston John Urney Tyrone

Ralston Mathew Longfield East Tyrone

Ralston Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Ramsay Andrew Drumragh Tyrone

Ramsay Charles Donaghedy Tyrone

Ramsay James Drumragh Tyrone

Ramsay Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Ramsey David Donaghedy Tyrone

Ramsey James Donacavey Tyrone

Ramsey James Drumragh Tyrone

Ramsey Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Ramsey William Cappagh Tyrone

Randles John Kildress Tyrone

Randles Samuel Artrea Tyrone

Rankin Elizabeth Artrea Tyrone

Rankin James Donaghedy Tyrone

Rankin Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

Rankin Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Rankin William Donaghedy Tyrone

Rath William Ardstraw Tyrone

Raversty Thomas Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Raverty Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Raw Barbara Clonfeacle Tyrone

Raw Richard Ballyclog Tyrone

Raw Richard Lissan Tyrone

Ray John Derryloran Tyrone

Ray Matthew Cappagh Tyrone

Ray William Kilskeery Tyrone

Rea David Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Rea James Donaghedy Tyrone

Rea James Donaghenry Tyrone

Rea John Donaghenry Tyrone

Rea Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Rea Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Rea Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

Rea Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Rea Samuel Donaghedy Tyrone

Rea William Ballyclog Tyrone

Read Alexander Clogher Tyrone

Read Anne Clogher Tyrone

Read David Clogherny Tyrone

Read Griffith Donaghedy Tyrone

Read James Donaghedy Tyrone

Read Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Read Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Read Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Read William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Reagh Jacob Ardstraw Tyrone

Reagh James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Reagh Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Reaney Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Ree William Donaghedy Tyrone

Reed Archbold Clonfeacle Tyrone

Reed George Kildress Tyrone

Reed Henry Kilskeery Tyrone

Reed James Clonoe Tyrone

Reed John Derryloran Tyrone

Reed John Killeeshill Tyrone

Reed John Lissan Tyrone

Reed Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Reed Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Reed Robert Kildress Tyrone

Reed Samuel Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Reed William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Reed William Killeeshill Tyrone

Reilly Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Reily Peter Clonfeacle Tyrone

Reiny John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Reiny Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Relaghan James Drumragh Tyrone

Relaghan Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Reynolds William Ballyclog Tyrone

Rhenny William Clogher Tyrone

Rice Edward Cappagh Tyrone

Rice John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Rice William Killyman Tyrone

Richardson Catherine Kildress Tyrone

Richardson Charles, Esq. Derryloran Tyrone

Richardson David Derryloran Tyrone

Richardson James Killyman Tyrone

Richardson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Richardson Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Richardson Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Richardson Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Richardson William Arboe Tyrone

Richardson William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Richey Alexander Clogherny Tyrone

Richey James Clogherny Tyrone

Richey Jane Tullyniskan Tyrone

Richey John Clogherny Tyrone

Riddal John Ardstraw Tyrone

Riddall John Cappagh Tyrone

Riddle Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Riddle Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

Ridney James Donacavey Tyrone

Rigny David Clogher Tyrone

Rilchey John Cappagh Tyrone

Rilchy James Clogher Tyrone

Rilehy Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Rinken Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Rinkin James Termonamongan Tyrone

Rinkin John Ardstraw Tyrone

Rinkin Samuel Cappagh Tyrone

Rippey Matthew Leckpatrick Tyrone

Rippey Nathan Ardstraw Tyrone

Rippey William Ardstraw Tyrone

Risk David Ballyclog Tyrone

Ritchey James Donaghedy Tyrone

Ritchey James Dromore Tyrone

Ritchey William Dromore Tyrone

Ritchy James Cappagh Tyrone

Ritherford Robert Kildress Tyrone

Ritherford Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Ritherford Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Rive Bryan Cappagh Tyrone

Rive Patrick Cappagh Tyrone

Robb John, Jr. Termonamongan Tyrone

Robb John, Sr. Termonamongan Tyrone

Robinson Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Robinson Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Robinson Andrew Killyman Tyrone

Robinson Benjamin Killyman Tyrone

Robinson Charles Camus Tyrone

Robinson David Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Robinson Elizabet Drumragh Tyrone

Robinson Francis Cappagh Tyrone

Robinson Henry Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Robinson Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Robinson James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Robinson James Cappagh Tyrone

Robinson James Donacavey Tyrone

Robinson James Drumragh Tyrone

Robinson James, Jr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Robinson James, Sr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Robinson Jane Drumragh Tyrone

Robinson John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Robinson John Cappagh Tyrone

Robinson John Donaghedy Tyrone

Robinson John Donaghenry Tyrone

Robinson John Drumragh Tyrone

Robinson John Urney Tyrone

Robinson Joseph Ballyclog Tyrone

Robinson Mathew Donaghenry Tyrone

Robinson Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Robinson Matthew Cappagh Tyrone

Robinson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Robinson Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Robinson Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Robinson Stewart Ardstraw Tyrone

Robinson Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Robinson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Robinson William Cappagh Tyrone

Robinson William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Robinson William Donaghedy Tyrone

Robinson William Donaghenry Tyrone

Robinson William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Robinson William Kilskeery Tyrone

Robinson William Lissan Tyrone

Roddin George Leckpatrick Tyrone

Roddy Esther Donaghedy Tyrone

Roddy Robert Tamlaght Tyrone

Rodgers George Ardstraw Tyrone

Rodgers Hugh Clonfeacle Tyrone

Rodgers James Ardstraw Tyrone

Rodgers John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Rodgers Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Rodgers William Ardstraw Tyrone

Rodgers William Clogher Tyrone

Rody John Arboe Tyrone

Rogan Michael Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Rogan William Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Rogers John Killyman Tyrone

Rogers Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

Rogers Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Rogers Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

Rogers William Clogher Tyrone

Rolehan Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Roleton Andrew Dromore Tyrone

Roleton James Ardstraw Tyrone

Rolinson Henry Ardstraw Tyrone

Rolinson John Cappagh Tyrone

Rollins John Clonoe Tyrone

Rollohan Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Rolston James Ardstraw Tyrone

Rolston John Longfield East Tyrone

Rolstone James Urney Tyrone

Roob Joseph Termonamongan Tyrone

Rool John Camus Tyrone

Rooney Hugh Ballyclog Tyrone

Rooney John Donaghenry Tyrone

Rooney Owen Urney Tyrone

Rose James Arboe Tyrone

Ross David Ardstraw Tyrone

Ross John Ardstraw Tyrone

Ross John Donaghedy Tyrone

Ross Oliver Ardstraw Tyrone

Ross Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Ross Wm. Ballyclog Tyrone

Rouse James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Rouse Widow Urney Tyrone

Rowan William Arboe Tyrone

Rowley John Clogher Tyrone

Rox Barnaby Killyman Tyrone

Rox Bryan Arboe Tyrone

Rox John Killyman Tyrone

Rox John, Jr. Arboe Tyrone

Rox John, Sr. Arboe Tyrone

Rule Wiilliam Killyman Tyrone

Rullidge Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Rullidge Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Rullidge William Dromore Tyrone

Runnet John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Rush Charles Termonamongan Tyrone

Rush Hugh Ardstraw Tyrone

Russel James Ardstraw Tyrone

Russel James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Russel John Ardstraw Tyrone

Russel Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Russel Mathew Longfield East Tyrone

Russel Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Russel Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Russel Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Russel William Urney Tyrone

Russell John Aghaloo Tyrone

Russell Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Rutherford John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Rutlidge Charles Longfield East Tyrone

Rutlidge George Ardstraw Tyrone

Sally Patrick Clonoe Tyrone

Sample Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Sample Charles Urney Tyrone

Sample James Donaghedy Tyrone

Sample James, Jr. Donaghedy Tyrone

Sample John Donaghedy Tyrone

Sample Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Sample Moses Ardstraw Tyrone

Sample Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Sample Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Sample Samuel Urney Tyrone

Sampson William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Sandles James Derryloran Tyrone

Sars John Clogherny Tyrone

Saunderson Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Sawyers Elizabeth Clogherny Tyrone

Sawyers Henry Clogherny Tyrone

Sawyers Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Sawyers Thomas Camus Tyrone

Scallon Daniel Longfield East Tyrone

Scallon James Clogher Tyrone

Scandlon Michael Urney Tyrone

Scarlett Robert Clogher Tyrone

Scot Richard Clonfeacle Tyrone

Scot Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Scot William Ardstraw Tyrone

Scott Archibald Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Scott Arthur Aghaloo Tyrone

Scott Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Scott David Cappagh Tyrone

Scott Edward Camus Tyrone

Scott George Donacavey Tyrone

Scott Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Scott James Donacavey Tyrone

Scott James Donaghedy Tyrone

Scott James Dromore Tyrone

Scott James Urney Tyrone

Scott John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Scott John Cappagh Tyrone

Scott John Donacavey Tyrone

Scott John Donaghedy Tyrone

Scott John Drumragh Tyrone

Scott John Termonamongan Tyrone

Scott John Urney Tyrone

Scott Joseph Cappagh Tyrone

Scott Joshua Cappagh Tyrone

Scott Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

Scott Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Scott Robert Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Scott Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Scott Robert Donacavey Tyrone

Scott Robert Dromore Tyrone

Scott Robert Urney Tyrone

Scott Samuel Leckpatrick Tyrone

Scott William Ardstraw Tyrone

Scott William Cappagh Tyrone

Scott William Urney Tyrone

Scullin Murtagh Arboe Tyrone

Seaton John Artrea Tyrone

Seaton John Desertcreat Tyrone

Seaton Robert Artrea Tyrone

Seaton Robert Desertcreat Tyrone

Selfridge Matthew Urney Tyrone

Selfridge Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Selfridge William Ardstraw Tyrone

Semonton Joseph Kildress Tyrone

Semple Doctor Termonamongan Tyrone

Semple George Ardstraw Tyrone

Semple Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Semple William Urney Tyrone

Shane James Desertcreat Tyrone

Shannon Bryan Longfield East Tyrone

Shannon William Killeeshill Tyrone

Shanon James Arboe Tyrone

Sharkey Edward Clogher Tyrone

Sharkey James Donacavey Tyrone

Sharkey John Longfield East Tyrone

Sharkey Patrick Ardstraw Tyrone

Sharkey William Donacavey Tyrone

Sharp James Kildress Tyrone

Sharp William Kildress Tyrone

Shaw James Cappagh Tyrone

Shaw William Cappagh Tyrone

Shaw William Derryloran Tyrone

Shealds Patrick Kilskeery Tyrone

Shearer James Dromore Tyrone

Shearer William Cappagh Tyrone

Shearin James Cappagh Tyrone

Shearin Patrick Urney Tyrone

Sheddin Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Sheelds James Clogher Tyrone

Sheerin Charles Urney Tyrone

Sheils John Lissan Tyrone

Shennan Laurence Kildress Tyrone

Sheny Owen Donacavey Tyrone

Sheridan Bernard Termonamongan Tyrone

Sheridan James Clogher Tyrone

Sheridan James Longfield East Tyrone

Sheridan John Longfield East Tyrone

Sheridan William Longfield East Tyrone

Sherkey William Aghaloo Tyrone

Sherky Martha Killeeshill Tyrone

Sherry Cormick Drumragh Tyrone

Sherry Dominick Drumragh Tyrone

Sherry Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Shevlin Nogher Clogher Tyrone

Shields Arthur Dromore Tyrone

Shields Arthur Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Shields Donald Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Shields James Drumragh Tyrone

Shields James Kilskeery Tyrone

Shields John Clogher Tyrone

Shields John Drumglass Tyrone

Shields John Urney Tyrone

Shields Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Shields Patrick Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Shields Patrick Urney Tyrone

Shields Peter Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Shields Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Shields William Drumragh Tyrone

Shilerton John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Short Arthur Desertcreat Tyrone

Short Elisha Donaghenry Tyrone

Short Francis Arboe Tyrone

Shorthall William Ardstraw Tyrone

Shrowle Thomas Longfield East Tyrone

Siggurtron James Donacavey Tyrone

Simmerall Wm. Kilskeery Tyrone

Simons Abraham Killyman Tyrone

Simons James Killyman Tyrone

Simons William Killyman Tyrone

Simonton Robert Kildress Tyrone

Simpson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Simpson James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Simpson James Clogher Tyrone

Simpson James Dromore Tyrone

Simpson James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Simpson James Urney Tyrone

Simpson John Camus Tyrone

Simpson John Clogher Tyrone

Simpson John Clogherny Tyrone

Simpson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Simpson John Donacavey Tyrone

Simpson John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Simpson John Urney Tyrone

Simpson Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Simpson Josias Cappagh Tyrone

Simpson Robert Clogher Tyrone

Simpson Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Simpson Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Simpson Robert Killeeshill Tyrone

Simpson William Cappagh Tyrone

Simpson William Killyman Tyrone

Simson David Ballyclog Tyrone

Sinclair George, Esq. Leckpatrick Tyrone

Sinclair Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Sinclair William Derryloran Tyrone

Sinclar Mary Artrea Tyrone

Skelton Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Skey Edward Termonamongan Tyrone

Slain Patrick Clonfeacle Tyrone

Slane John Kildress Tyrone

Slavin Edward Urney Tyrone

Slavin Patrick Donacavey Tyrone

Sleavin Nicholas Dromore Tyrone

Slevin Arthur Dromore Tyrone

Slevin Edward Dromore Tyrone

Slevin Francis Donacavey Tyrone

Slevin Hugh Dromore Tyrone

Slevin John Clogher Tyrone

Slevin John Donacavey Tyrone

Slevin Michael Dromore Tyrone

Slevin Owen Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Slevin Sarah Dromore Tyrone

Slickerty Patrick Camus Tyrone

Sloan John Artrea Tyrone

Sloan John Donaghenry Tyrone

Sloan John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Sloan John Killeeshill Tyrone

Sloan Matthew Donaghenry Tyrone

Sloan Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Sloan Samuel Artrea Tyrone

Sloan Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Sloan Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

Sloan William Aghaloo Tyrone

Sluddin Owen Donacavey Tyrone

Sluddin Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Smilay Robert Camus Tyrone

Smileten George Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Smiley David Camus Tyrone

Smily Andrew Camus Tyrone

Smiteten Alexander Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Smiteten Patrick Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Smith Adam Clogherny Tyrone

Smith Alexander Clogherny Tyrone

Smith Alexander Killeeshill Tyrone

Smith Andrew Urney Tyrone

Smith Benjamin Aghaloo Tyrone

Smith David Drumglass Tyrone

Smith Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Smith Henry Donaghenry Tyrone

Smith Hugh Killeeshill Tyrone

Smith James Clogherny Tyrone

Smith James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Smith James Donaghedy Tyrone

Smith James Dromore Tyrone

Smith James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Smith James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Smith James Longfield East Tyrone

Smith Jeremiah Donaghedy Tyrone

Smith John Aghaloo Tyrone

Smith John Ardstraw Tyrone

Smith John Cappagh Tyrone

Smith John Clogherny Tyrone

Smith John Dromore Tyrone

Smith John Drumragh Tyrone

Smith Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Smith Joseph Drumglass Tyrone

Smith Joseph Leckpatrick Tyrone

Smith Martha Leckpatrick Tyrone

Smith Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Smith Michael Dromore Tyrone

Smith Patrick Ballyclog Tyrone

Smith Patrick Dromore Tyrone

Smith Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Smith Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

Smith Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Smith Robert Dromore Tyrone

Smith Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Smith Robert Urney Tyrone

Smith Samuel Cappagh Tyrone

Smith Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Smith Thomas Tullyniskan Tyrone

Smith Walter Ardstraw Tyrone

Smith William Aghaloo Tyrone

Smith William Arboe Tyrone

Smith William Cappagh Tyrone

Smith William Clogherny Tyrone

Smith William Donaghedy Tyrone

Smith William Drumglass Tyrone

Smith William Drumragh Tyrone

Smith William Killeeshill Tyrone

Smith William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Smyth Abraham Termonamongan Tyrone

Smyth Francis Dromore Tyrone

Smyth James Clogher Tyrone

Smyth John Ardstraw Tyrone

Smyth Moses Donacavey Tyrone

Smyth William Ardstraw Tyrone

Smyth William Urney Tyrone

Snipe Samuel Derryloran Tyrone

Sonna Hugh Ballyclog Tyrone

Sorbey Anne Drumragh Tyrone

Speer Alexander Longfield East Tyrone

Speer George Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Speer James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Speer John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Speer John Termonamongan Tyrone

Speer Laurence Clogher Tyrone

Speer Laurence Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Speer Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Speer Robert Termonamongan Tyrone

Speer Solomon Arboe Tyrone

Speer Thomas Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Speer Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

Speer Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Speer William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Speer Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Spence Thomas Urney Tyrone

Spinks William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Sprowl Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Sprowle Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Sprowle Andrew Termonamongan Tyrone

Sprowle Andrew Urney Tyrone

Sprowle Gabriel Ardstraw Tyrone

Sprowle Gasper Termonamongan Tyrone

Sprowle Hugh Longfield East Tyrone

Sprowle John Termonamongan Tyrone

Sprowle Robert Urney Tyrone

Sprowle Samuel Termonamongan Tyrone

Sprowle William Urney Tyrone

Stafford Francis Clonfeacle Tyrone

Stafford Gilbert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Stafford James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Stafford John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Steel Alexander Donaghenry Tyrone

Steel Anne Ardstraw Tyrone

Steel David Cappagh Tyrone

Steel David Desertcreat Tyrone

Steel James Ardstraw Tyrone

Steel James Desertcreat Tyrone

Steel Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Steel Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Steel William Ardstraw Tyrone

Steel William Desertcreat Tyrone

Steel William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Steen Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Steenson John Killeeshill Tyrone

Steenson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Steenson William Killeeshill Tyrone

Stenson Samuel Aghaloo Tyrone

Stenson Samuel Ballyclog Tyrone

Stephen Robert Donaghenry Tyrone

Stephenson Andrew Leckpatrick Tyrone

Stephenson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Stephenson John Dromore Tyrone

Stephenson Mary Dromore Tyrone

Stephenson Robert Dromore Tyrone

Stephenson William Dromore Tyrone

Sterling William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Stevenson James Donaghedy Tyrone

Stevenson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Stevenson Robert Tullyniskan Tyrone

Stevenson Samuel Killyman Tyrone

Stevenson Thomas Urney Tyrone

Stewart Alexander Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Stewart Alexander Kildress Tyrone

Stewart Alexander, Esq. Tullyniskan Tyrone

Stewart Allen Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Andrew Camus Tyrone

Stewart Andrew Cappagh Tyrone

Stewart Arthur Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Stewart Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Daniel Donaghedy Tyrone

Stewart Henry Ballyclog Tyrone

Stewart Hugh Camus Tyrone

Stewart Hugh Derryloran Tyrone

Stewart Hugh, Sr. Camus Tyrone

Stewart James Arboe Tyrone

Stewart James Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Stewart James Derryloran Tyrone

Stewart James Desertcreat Tyrone

Stewart James Donaghenry Tyrone

Stewart James Urney Tyrone

Stewart James, Esq. Derryloran Tyrone

Stewart James, Jr. Derryloran Tyrone

Stewart John Aghaloo Tyrone

Stewart John Arboe Tyrone

Stewart John Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart John Camus Tyrone

Stewart John Cappagh Tyrone

Stewart John Clogher Tyrone

Stewart John Donaghedy Tyrone

Stewart John Donaghenry Tyrone

Stewart John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Stewart Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Stewart Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Nicholas Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Rev. Henry Kildress Tyrone

Stewart Robert Ballyclog Tyrone

Stewart Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Stewart Walter Arboe Tyrone

Stewart William Arboe Tyrone

Stewart William Ardstraw Tyrone

Stewart William Camus Tyrone

Stewart William Clogher Tyrone

Stewart William Dromore Tyrone

Stewart William, Esq. Urney Tyrone

Stinson Robert Clogher Tyrone

Stinson Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Stockwell John Drumragh Tyrone

Stodart James Drumglass Tyrone

Strachan William Urney Tyrone

Straine Henry Donacavey Tyrone

Strong Arthur Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Stuart Charles Dromore Tyrone

Stuart John Clogher Tyrone

Stuart Robert Clogher Tyrone

Sturgeon George Clonfeacle Tyrone

Sturgeon James Ballyclog Tyrone

Sullivan Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

Summerall Jane Clogher Tyrone

Summerall John Clogher Tyrone

Summers James Urney Tyrone

Summerville Robert Clogher Tyrone

Surgeon John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Sutter James Donaghenry Tyrone

Sweany Patrick Termonamongan Tyrone

Sweenerton John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Sweeney George Camus Tyrone

Sweeney James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Sweeney Owen Ardstraw Tyrone

Swine Edward Ardstraw Tyrone

Tagart John Ballinderry Tyrone

Tagert John Aghaloo Tyrone

Taker Mary Derryloran Tyrone

Tammoney Owen Killyman Tyrone

Tanner Peter Lissan Tyrone

Tarnon John Killyman Tyrone

Tarr John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Tate William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Taylor Francis Donacavey Tyrone

Taylor Henry Donaghenry Tyrone

Taylor James, Esq. Clogher Tyrone

Taylor John Clogherny Tyrone

Taylor Joseph Donacavey Tyrone

Taylor Mary Derryloran Tyrone

Taylor Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Taylor Samuel Donaghenry Tyrone

Taylor Thomas Ballinderry Tyrone

Taylor Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Teague Arthur Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Teague Bernard Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Teague Henry Drumragh Tyrone

Teague James Clogher Tyrone

Teague Michael Drumragh Tyrone

Teague Patrick Drumragh Tyrone

Teague Peter Clogher Tyrone

Teague Terence Donacavey Tyrone

Teague Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Tedford William Clogherny Tyrone

Tegart Henry Arboe Tyrone

Tegart Phelemy Arboe Tyrone

Terence Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Ternay Andrew Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Ternay Michael Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Terney Charles Clogher Tyrone

Thistle Walter Clogher Tyrone

Thompson Benjamin Derryloran Tyrone

Thompson Galbraith Camus Tyrone

Thompson George Arboe Tyrone

Thompson Hugh Kilskeery Tyrone

Thompson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Thompson Jane Leckpatrick Tyrone

Thompson John Ardstraw Tyrone

Thompson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Thompson John Clonoe Tyrone

Thompson John Donaghedy Tyrone

Thompson John Kilskeery Tyrone

Thompson John Lissan Tyrone

Thompson Patrick Leckpatrick Tyrone

Thompson Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Thompson Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Thompson Thomas Dromore Tyrone

Thompson William Aghaloo Tyrone

Thompson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Thompson William Camus Tyrone

Thompson William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Thompson William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Thompson William Longfield East Tyrone

Thompson Wm. Kilskeery Tyrone

Thompson Wm. Termonamongan Tyrone

Thornton Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Threw John Donaghedy Tyrone

Thristle John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Tigart James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Tiggart Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Tiggart Ferdinand Ardstraw Tyrone

Tiggart Widow Ardstraw Tyrone

Tigue Henry Clonfeacle Tyrone

Tiler William Donacavey Tyrone

Timmeny Laurence Lissan Tyrone

Timmeny Patrick Lissan Tyrone

Timminey Teague Urney Tyrone

Tinney John Derryloran Tyrone

Tobias William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Todd Alexander Ardstraw Tyrone

Todd Edward Clogher Tyrone

Todd George Donacavey Tyrone

Todd George Drumragh Tyrone

Todd Henry Drumragh Tyrone

Todd James Aghaloo Tyrone

Todd James Clogher Tyrone

Todd John Ardstraw Tyrone

Todd John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Todd Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Todd Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Todd Stephen Donaghedy Tyrone

Todd William Dromore Tyrone

Todd William Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Toghal Neal Clonoe Tyrone

Toland James Ardstraw Tyrone

Tollaghan John Urney Tyrone

Torrans Robert Leckpatrick Tyrone

Tosh Alexander Donaghedy Tyrone

Towers George Donaghedy Tyrone

Tracey Daniel Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Tracey Hugh Drumragh Tyrone

Tracy Michael Kildress Tyrone

Trainer James Desertcreat Tyrone

Treacey Maurice Clogher Tyrone

Treanor John Donaghedy Tyrone

Treanor Michael Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Treanor Owen Clogher Tyrone

Treanor Patrick Clogher Tyrone

Treanor Thomas Dromore Tyrone

Trenor Hugh Donacavey Tyrone

Trimble James Artrea Tyrone

Trimble John Clogher Tyrone

Trimble Joseph Artrea Tyrone

Trimble Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Trimble William Clogher Tyrone

Trueman Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Turbitt James Donaghedy Tyrone

Turner Archibald Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Turner Christopher Longfield East Tyrone

Turner Edward Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Turner George Donaghenry Tyrone

Turner John Donaghenry Tyrone

Turner Margaret Donaghenry Tyrone

Turner Rebecca Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Turner Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Turner Samuel Longfield East Tyrone

Underlin William Donaghenry Tyrone

Urneel James Killeeshill Tyrone

Urneel Thomas Killeeshill Tyrone

Vallelly Bryan Tullyniskan Tyrone

Vallely Henry Donaghenry Tyrone

Vallely Henry Kildress Tyrone

Vallely John Killyman Tyrone

Vallely Nicholas Tullyniskan Tyrone

Vance John Tamlaght Tyrone

Vandal James Derryloran Tyrone

Varner James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Varner John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Varner Thomas Clonfeacle Tyrone

Vaughan George Ardstraw Tyrone

Vaughan James Ardstraw Tyrone

Vaughar Edward Donacavey Tyrone

Vaughar James Donacavey Tyrone

Veaney William Aghaloo Tyrone

Velden Christopher Urney Tyrone

Verner Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Vernor John Desertcreat Tyrone

Vernor Robert Killyman Tyrone

Vincent Rev. Richard Arboe Tyrone

Wade James Arboe Tyrone

Wade M'Philemy Leckpatrick Tyrone

Wahob Andrew Ardstraw Tyrone

Wahob John Ardstraw Tyrone

Wahob Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Walker David Donaghedy Tyrone

Walker Eleanor Clogher Tyrone

Walker Greer Clonfeacle Tyrone

Walker James Aghaloo Tyrone

Walker James Ardstraw Tyrone

Walker James Cappagh Tyrone

Walker James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Walker James Tamlaght Tyrone

Walker John Aghaloo Tyrone

Walker John Ardstraw Tyrone

Walker John Donaghedy Tyrone

Walker John Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Walker Joseph Donaghedy Tyrone

Walker Lindsey Clonfeacle Tyrone

Walker Martin Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Walker Robert Arboe Tyrone

Walker Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Walker Robert Dromore Tyrone

Walker Robert Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Walker Robert Tullyniskan Tyrone

Walker Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Walker Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Walker Thomas Donaghedy Tyrone

Walker Thomas Killyman Tyrone

Walker William Clogher Tyrone

Walker William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Walker William Tamlaght Tyrone

Wallace James Urney Tyrone

Wallace John Cappagh Tyrone

Wallace John Clogher Tyrone

Wallace John Urney Tyrone

Wallace Mary Donaghenry Tyrone

Wallace Robert Clogher Tyrone

Wallace Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Wallace Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Wallace Samuel Donacavey Tyrone

Wallace Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

Wallace Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Wallace Thomas Donaghenry Tyrone

Wallace Widow Donacavey Tyrone

Wallace William Clogher Tyrone

Wallace William Derryloran Tyrone

Wallace William Donaghenry Tyrone

Wallace William Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Wallas John Kildress Tyrone

Walls Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

Walsh Denis Leckpatrick Tyrone

Walters Robert Arboe Tyrone

Waney Bryan Killyman Tyrone

Ward Denis Donacavey Tyrone

Ward Farrel Donaghenry Tyrone

Ward John Tullyniskan Tyrone

Ward Peter Urney Tyrone

Ward Widow Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Warden Hugh Aghaloo Tyrone

Wark Hardy Donaghedy Tyrone

Wark Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Warneck William Clogher Tyrone

Warnock Elizabeth Desertcreat Tyrone

Warnock Michael Dromore Tyrone

Wason Davis Longfield East Tyrone

Wason James Ardstraw Tyrone

Waters John Killyman Tyrone

Waters John Lissan Tyrone

Watson Andrew Donaghedy Tyrone

Watson Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

Watson Catherine Donaghenry Tyrone

Watson Christopher Aghaloo Tyrone

Watson Elizabeth Aghaloo Tyrone

Watson George Urney Tyrone

Watson Henry Derryloran Tyrone

Watson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Watson James Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Watson James Drumragh Tyrone

Watson James Urney Tyrone

Watson John Drumragh Tyrone

Watson John, Jr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Watson Joseph Ardstraw Tyrone

Watson Matthew Urney Tyrone

Watson Richard Donaghedy Tyrone

Watson Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Watson Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Watson Samuel Ardstraw Tyrone

Watson Samuel Clogher Tyrone

Watson Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Watson Samuel Longfield East Tyrone

Watson Thomas Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Watson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Watson William Drumragh Tyrone

Watson William Longfield East Tyrone

Watt Andrew Clonfeacle Tyrone

Watt James Donaghenry Tyrone

Watt Robert Clonfeacle Tyrone

Watt Samuel Clonfeacle Tyrone

Waugh Abrahem Ardstraw Tyrone

Waugh John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Webb Joseph Clonfeacle Tyrone

Webb Richard Clonfeacle Tyrone

Webs Jonathan Clonfeacle Tyrone

Weir Bell Derryloran Tyrone

Weir David Leckpatrick Tyrone

Weir Edward Urney Tyrone

Weir James Camus Tyrone

Weir Samuel Derryloran Tyrone

Weldon Gerard Drumragh Tyrone

Weldon James Drumragh Tyrone

Were James Lissan Tyrone

West James Donacavey Tyrone

Whaley James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Whaley William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Whan John Derryloran Tyrone

Whan William Derryloran Tyrone

White Arthur Ardstraw Tyrone

White David Ardstraw Tyrone

White David Leckpatrick Tyrone

White George Cappagh Tyrone

White Hugh Clonoe Tyrone

White James Ardstraw Tyrone

White James Clogherny Tyrone

White James Drumragh Tyrone

White James Kildress Tyrone

White Jane Ardstraw Tyrone

White John Ardstraw Tyrone

White John Donacavey Tyrone

White John Drumragh Tyrone

White Matthew Ardstraw Tyrone

White Matthew Drumragh Tyrone

White Peter Clogher Tyrone

White Richard Clogherny Tyrone

White Richard Clonfeacle Tyrone

White Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

White Robert Arboe Tyrone

White Robert Clogherny Tyrone

White Robert Derryloran Tyrone

White Robert Drumragh Tyrone

White Robert Kildress Tyrone

White Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

White William Aghaloo Tyrone

White William Ardstraw Tyrone

White William Leckpatrick Tyrone

Whiteside Edward Ballyclog Tyrone

Whiteside James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Whiteside John Arboe Tyrone

Whiteside Thomas Ballyclog Tyrone

Whiteside Widow Arboe Tyrone

Whitfield John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Whittin John Urney Tyrone

Wier James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Wier Robert Tullyniskan Tyrone

Wier Thomas Leckpatrick Tyrone

Wiggan Andrew Aghaloo Tyrone

Wiggan Jane Aghaloo Tyrone

Wiggan John Aghaloo Tyrone

Wigton Andrew Clogher Tyrone

Wilcocks John, Esq. Drumglass Tyrone

Wiley Elizabeth Dromore Tyrone

Wiley Hugh Longfield East Tyrone

Wiley James Drumragh Tyrone

Wiley John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Wiley Joseph Dromore Tyrone

Wiley Paul Ardstraw Tyrone

Wiley Robert Dromore Tyrone

Wiley Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Wiley Susanna Dromore Tyrone

Wiley William Arboe Tyrone

William Brown Termonmaguirk Tyrone

Williams Widow Lissan Tyrone

Williams William Donaghedy Tyrone

Williams William Killeeshill Tyrone

Williamson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Williamson Williams Aghaloo Tyrone

Willie William Lissan Tyrone

Willson Abraham Clonfeacle Tyrone

Willson Francis Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Willson Isaac Clonfeacle Tyrone

Willson James Clonfeacle Tyrone

Willson James Errigal Keerogue Tyrone

Willson John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Willson John Drumglass Tyrone

Willson John, Sr. Drumglass Tyrone

Willson Joseph Aghaloo Tyrone

Willson Mary Drumglass Tyrone

Willson Robert Aghaloo Tyrone

Willson Samuel Drumglass Tyrone

Willson Thomas Aghaloo Tyrone

Willson Widow Aghaloo Tyrone

Willson William Clonfeacle Tyrone

Willson William Drumglass Tyrone

Wilson Alexander Cappagh Tyrone

Wilson Alexander Killeeshill Tyrone

Wilson Andrew Donacavey Tyrone

Wilson Charles Clogherny Tyrone

Wilson James Ardstraw Tyrone

Wilson James Camus Tyrone

Wilson James Clogher Tyrone

Wilson James Clogherny Tyrone

Wilson James Donacavey Tyrone

Wilson James Longfield East Tyrone

Wilson Jane Cappagh Tyrone

Wilson John Ardstraw Tyrone

Wilson John Ballyclog Tyrone

Wilson John Donacavey Tyrone

Wilson John Donaghedy Tyrone

Wilson John Longfield East Tyrone

Wilson Mathew Camus Tyrone

Wilson Robert Camus Tyrone

Wilson Robert Dromore Tyrone

Wilson Robert Kilskeery Tyrone

Wilson Robert Longfield East Tyrone

Wilson Samuel Clogherny Tyrone

Wilson Samuel Drumragh Tyrone

Wilson Sarah Ardstraw Tyrone

Wilson Thomas Ardstraw Tyrone

Wilson Thomas Cappagh Tyrone

Wilson Thomas Clogher Tyrone

Wilson Thomas Derryloran Tyrone

Wilson Thomas Drumragh Tyrone

Wilson William Arboe Tyrone

Wilson William Ardstraw Tyrone

Wilson William Clogher Tyrone

Wilson William Donacavey Tyrone

Wilson William Longfield East Tyrone

Wilson William Urney Tyrone

Windlen Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Wining Alexander Tamlaght Tyrone

Winter Bryan Ardstraw Tyrone

Winter Michael Ardstraw Tyrone

Winter Robert Urney Tyrone

Winters John Ardstraw Tyrone

Wire John Kildress Tyrone

Wire Thomas Kildress Tyrone

Wirling George Donaghedy Tyrone

Witherington John Cappagh Tyrone

Wiuess Robert Clogher Tyrone

Woods Adam Ardstraw Tyrone

Woods Alexander Donaghedy Tyrone

Woods Andrew Urney Tyrone

Woods James Ardstraw Tyrone

Woods James Urney Tyrone

Woods Joseph Urney Tyrone

Woods Mary Clonfeacle Tyrone

Woods Owen Aghaloo Tyrone

Woods Phelix Derryloran Tyrone

Woods Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Woods Samuel Kilskeery Tyrone

Woods Thomas Kilskeery Tyrone

Woods Widow Clonfeacle Tyrone

Woods William Ardstraw Tyrone

Woods William Longfield East Tyrone

Woods William Urney Tyrone

Wray Alexander Urney Tyrone

Wray John Donacavey Tyrone

Wray John Urney Tyrone

Wray Robert Cappagh Tyrone

Wright David Aghaloo Tyrone

Wright George Ballyclog Tyrone

Wright James Aghaloo Tyrone

Wright James Clogher Tyrone

Wright James Leckpatrick Tyrone

Wright John Aghaloo Tyrone

Wright Joseph Clogher Tyrone

Wright Joshua, Sr. Aghaloo Tyrone

Wright Robert Clogherny Tyrone

Wright William Clogherny Tyrone

Xandernoffski Lavern Shirley Longfield East Tyrone

Younderman Teresa Ardstraw Tyrone

Young Charles Ardstraw Tyrone

Young Charles Clogherny Tyrone

Young David Cappagh Tyrone

Young Edward Cappagh Tyrone

Young Elizabeth Donaghedy Tyrone

Young George Clogherny Tyrone

Young James Clogher Tyrone

Young James Drumragh Tyrone

Young James Urney Tyrone

Young John Bodoney Upper Tyrone

Young John Clogher Tyrone

Young John Clonfeacle Tyrone

Young John Derryloran Tyrone

Young Robert Ardstraw Tyrone

Young Robert Clogher Tyrone

Young Robert Desertcreat Tyrone

Young Robert Donaghedy Tyrone

Young Robert Drumragh Tyrone

Young Samuel Leckpatrick Tyrone

Young Samuel Tamlaght Tyrone

Young Thomas Clogherny Tyrone

Young William Ardstraw Tyrone

Young William Cappagh Tyrone

Young William Donaghedy Tyrone


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