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1609 Pardon List

State Papers 1601

Pat. 6 James 1




CIII.-37. General pardon to Phelime oge O'Doghertie, Briane oge 
McLawghline, Hugh O'Doughertie, Donell McLaughline, Tirloe Male
  O'Doghertie, Richard O'Doghertie, Briane McLaghline, Connor Caro
  O'Doughertie, Donell O'Doughertie, Phelomie Reogh O'Doghertie,
  Edmund O'Doughertie, Neale O'Mallohire, Donogh O'Malohire,
  Owen O'Quiglie, Manus O'Branigan, John otherwise shane O'Doughertie,
  Donald O'Doughertie, Owen O'Doughertie, John otherwise Shane
  O'Doughertie, Calle Duffe McLaghline, Gillmorie O'Moloherie,
  Gilleduffe O'Doughertie, Donell McIgone, Connor O'Doughertey, 
Eveny McLaughlin, Manus O'Mullan, Turloe O'Mullarkie, Ovine O'Shealie, 
Donogh O'Doghertie, Felonie O'Doughertie, Donogh O'Heynie, Gillmurrie O'Hynye,
  Rowry O'Fynie, Rowrie McNicholl, Donogh O'Fynie, Owen O'Demine,
  Owen O'Deward, Donogh McLoskine, Terloe O'Doughertie, John otherwise 
Shane O'Doughertie, Donell O'Doughertie, Donogh O'Doughertie, Owen boy McAllen,
  Murrie O'Lappan, Felonie Crone O'Quiglie, Brian o'Murrine, James McUrdhound,
  Owen McLoskine, Thomas O'Narlide, Owen O'Sheale, Dermod McGilbried,
  Edmond boy O'Doughertie, Manus McGilbreed, Brian O'Kerolan, Gillagrome O'Hanigen,
  James O'Doughertie, Edmund O'Dougherty, Owen O'Doughertie, Donell McCannan,
  Nice McCannan, Owen O'Breclohan, Hugh Mccongan, Donoghie O'Calid, Hugh O'Doghertie,
  Tirloe O'Doghertie, Donogh O'Dougherty, Art McCodill, Will. McGilboy,
  Owen McAgyle, James Altad, Patrick McCormacke, Hugh Mccodall, Dermod O'Collan,
  Tirloe O'Doughertie, Donell O'Doghertie, John otherwise Shane McConnell,
  Donell O'Tollan, Connor O'Tollan, Hugh O'Monie, Brian McConnall, Brian McCanine, 
Owen McConnell, Donogh O'Tolan, Conor O'Lasted, Cale McGehend, Hugh McGentie,
  Aurice O'Tolan, Hugh Cham O'Doughertie, Neale McShane O'Doughertie, Henry McColgan,
  Donogh McColgan, Neale O'Diermont, Dermond McLaghline, Owen McCollgan, Tady otherwise
  Teige McIgone, Tirlagh McLaughlin, Neale McLaughlin, Arte McKellie, Owen McKillroy, 
Neale McCarrhan, Patrick McLaughlin, Neale oge McLaughline, Owen McLaughline, 
Donell O'Lane, Hugh Mcshane, Nice McShane, Felonie Duffe O'Quiglie, Owen O'Mellan, 
Henry O'Mulkeere, Tirlogh O'Cassidie, Gilpatricke McLaghline, Hugh McLawghline, 
Owen McKellie, Edmund McLawghline, Affrica O'Rudden, William Crone O'Tonnor, 
Daltim McLawghline, Donell McLawghline, William Crone McLowhline, Tirloe O'Doughertie,
  Connor Boye, Connor McLawghline, James O'Brilohan, Hugh McCowgall, William O'Kellohaie,
  Hugh boye McGerrald, manus O'Farrhan, Connor O'Farran, Arte O'Farran,
  Nicce McKellie, Tomelin O'Farhan, Owen O'Donell, Tirloe O'Gilbaie, Edward O'Farhan,
  Towrie O'Gillone, Tho. O'Feehan, Gilbright O'Farhan, Toole O'Farhan, Neale O'Quiglie,
  Owen McGallogh, donogh O'Lastie, Thomas O'Lastie, Manus O'Quiglie, Manus O'Morrison, 
Cale O'Harkan,Donell McLawghline, Cond O'Doughertie, Dermont O'Mologhe,
  Cale Mclaughlin, William McGilpatricke, Donell O'Brilohan, Cale O'Morison,
  Patrick O'Cnawsire, Gillagrome O'Brilohan, Connor McLaughlin, Donell O'Cassell,
  Shane O'Moloherie, donell McKemie, Connor O'Cassely, Cale O'Casselie, Brian O'Mologie,
  Felonie O'Mologie, eveny McKemy, Thady otherwise Teige McCormacke, Donell McLaughline, 
Owen O'Doghertie, Rowrie O'Harcan, Connall McGallogh, Donogh Reogh McAllen, 
Owen O'Farraghan, Mullshallen O'Keregan, Murtagh O'Molericke, Evenie O'Quinglie, 
Briane O'Gilbane, Owen oge Mclaghlin, Neale McLaghlin, Felome O'Gillone, 
Teage O'Gillone, William McDevett, Owen McCarran, Owen McMoriertie,
  Gillmorie McColgan, Connor McCalie, Gilpatricke McLaughline, Donogh O'Linchenan, 
Gilpatrick O'Brilohan, Hugh McLaghline, Gilduffe McLaughline, Donell O'Moloy,
  [ ] Rowrie Duffe O'Freele, Gilaspcike McLawghline, Manus Duffe O'Harkan, 
Terloe Duffe O'Toner, Hugh McLaughline, Hugh O'Brilohan, Connor O'Doghertie, 
Shane Mclaughline, Robert Fleminge, John Magee, Brian Mclaughine, Arte O'Calone, 
Patrick O'Cullone, Donell O'Cullone, Edmund McGilbreed, Connor boy O'Tonnor, 
Arte O'Dogrie, Edmund O'Quiglie, Edmond O'Mulvoge, Thomas Magie, Manus O'Donell, 
Owen McLaghlin, James Laghline, Henry O'Doghertie, Edmund McLaghline, 
Murtagh O'Kellohan, Hugh O'Harkan, Pat. O'Harkan, Patrick O'Graine, 
Phelime McLaughline, Tirlogh McVidhound, Quy McLaughline, Tirlagh McLaughline,
  Diermont McLaughlin, Donell McGillmartine, William O'Molericke, 
Hugh Downe McLaughline, Neale O'Mehan, Connor O'Mehan, Manus O'Mulkerie, 
Connor O'Mulkerie, Aurice O'Brilehan, Donogh oge O'Dierma, Hugh O'Mulhericke,
  Hugh O'Diermont, Teige McBoyle, Sale O'Mulkerane, Arte McCahire McRoe of 
Killkaric in Carlow co. Fargell McLaughline, William McLaughline, 
Richard Gribbine, Brian O'Doughertie, Tirloe O'Doughertie, James McDevet,
  Neale O'Charme, Donell O'sharkie, Derbie O'Mologe, Shane McLaughline, 
Murtagh McKillinsi, Hugh McKillinsie, Connor McBoyle, Owen McLawghline, 
Patrick O'Cale, Rowrie boy O'Tonner, Phelim Mcshane, Hugh O'Mulkere, Manus McLaughlin,
  Gilleduffe McLaughlin, Donell Mclaughline, John otherwise Shane O'Doughertie, 
Thady otherwise Teige O'Murreine, Gillchrist O'Murrine, Donogh McLaughline, 
Owen Crone McLaughline, Farriell McCallie Donell, Amurie McVagh, Rowrie O'Canausie, 
Neale McLaughline, Tirrloe Mclaughline, Manus O'Gillane, Donell McKallie, 
Nice O'Knawsie, Will. O'Doughertie, Arte ne Devett, Donogh O'Doghertie,
  Donell McKeffrie, Edmond O'Tollan, Neale McKalie, Edmond O'Kalie, 
John otherwise Shane O'Canna, Murtagh McCale, owen McColone, Connor O'Grislane, 
Tho. Duffe McConronaght, Connor O'Dogherty, Owen McLahglin, Eveny McLaghlin, 
Ed. McDevett, Manus McLaghline, Tirloe McLaghline, Brian O'Sheale, Cale O'Lane,
  Ed. McLaghline, Neale McLaghline, Neale O'Ruddan, Dermod O'Laghertie, 
Donell McLaghline, Gilpatricke O'Charine, Donogh Boy McLaghline, Donogh boy O'Quiglie, 
Neale O'Quiglie, Donell O'Linchean, Tirloe O'Quiglie, Even O'Trolan, Donogh O'Cahan, 
Owen McSwine, Donell O'Skanton, Tirloe McSwine, John Orrie, Brian O'Quiglie, 
Thady otherwise Teige O'Dierma, Owen McDevett, Hugh O'Doine, Hugh caroe McOwen, 
Donell McCoye, John otherwise Shane McAllen, Gilpatricke ne Attalie, 
Ferdorogh McCaher, Murtagh O'Connor, Diermond McLaughline, William McLaughline, 
Manus McLaghline, Hugh boy McAtegart, Donell McCalie, Patrick Boy O'Beglie, 
Donell O'Shrean, Edmond O'Brilohan, donell McEnewre of Kilteale in Wexford co.
  Neale O'tolane, Brian O'Nane, Phelomy McDevett, Henry O'Gormodly, 
Manus McAgaloglie, Hugh O'Moloherie, Phelim Crone O'Doghertie, Owen O'Chale,
  Neale McEdmund, Manus Boy McLaghline, Evan McLaghline, Richard O'Doghertie, 
Hugh O'Doughertie, Owen McCarmack, John otherwise Shane McCarmacke,
  Brian O'Doghertie, Ed. McCarmacke, Gillgrome McCougaly, Neale O'Cullenan, 
Ed. McLaghline, Neale O'Doghertie, Phelim O'Doghertie, Hugh O'Doghertie, Owen O'Doghertie,
  Cormocke O'Chane, Dwalto O'Doghertie, Neale Omlie, Connor O'Feehan, Gilpatricke O'Farran, 
Owen Boy McLaghline, Neale O'Tyernie, Gilpatrick O'Murrey, Hugh glanihan, 
Tomeline O'Doghertie, Diermott O'Doghertie, Ed. O'Cullay, Jame O'Doghertie,
  Brian O'Chane, Qui Connor O'Moloricke, Moylemore O'Molericke, Hugh O'Carow, 
Manus O'Dogherty, Cale McCoord, John otherwise Shane O'Knawsie, Ferdoroe O'Sheale, 
Owen Ny Tirlogh O'Doyle of Ballyneparke in Wexford co. Connor Mclaghline, 
Donogh boye O'Doghertie, Manus O'Doghertie, Donogh O'Murrie, Donogh O'Doghertie, 
Owen McGillacoell, John otherwise Shane Male O'Doghertie, Edmond McNeale,
  Phelim O'Gillone, Owen McCarmac, Patrick O'Dermont, Gerrald O'Doghertie, 
Patrick McCahane, Gilleduffe McGerrald, Brian O'Tolan, Towrie O'Doghertie, 
Donell McAllen, Thady otherwise Teige McAllen, Fergall O'Killohan, Donogh O'Cannan, 
Neale Braige O'Morison, Neale Roe O'Linshenan, Nice McIgoine, Neale McSwine, 
Connor McAllen, John otherwise Shane McCottgan, Gilpatricke McAlline, 
Gillagrome McAlline, Edmund Mccottgan, Donell McShane Diermond McCottgan, 
Daltin O'Brislan, Neale O'Doghertie, Daltin McCottgn, Felonie McCottgan, 
Daltin O'Doghertie, Donogh McCottgane, Connor McCottgan, Owen O'Doghertie, 
Gorrie McCottgane, Edmond McGenealtie, Redmond O'Doghertie, 
Thady otherwise Teige O'Hiana, William McGillcoell, Cahill O'Doghertie, 
Gilpatricke McConnell oge, Edmond O'Diermond, John otherwise Shane O'Doghertie,
  Owen O'Mullericke, Cale McDevet, Felomy O'Doghertie, Rowrie McDevet, 
Shane O'Harkane, Donogh O'Doghertie, Cale O'Hegertie, Nice O'Noane, 
Donell Crone O'Doghertie, William McDevett, Owen O'Linchenan, Owen O'Doghertie, 
Evenie O'Linchenan, Edmond O'Doghertie, Felomie O'Linchenan, donell O'Linchenan, 
Hugh McCorstan, Phelomie McCorstan, Nice O'Mologe, Daltin O'Callean, 
Toole oge O'Dierma, John otherwise Shane Mclaghline, Owen O'Coloher, 
Brian McShane, Felomie McRuddan, Rowrie McCorestine, Neale Modder McDevet, 
Neale McCongall, Gerrald O'Doghertie, Connor O'Gilboy, 
John otherwise Shane O'Granie, Hugh McDevett, Neale McLaghlin, 
John otherwise Shane O'Quiglie, Edmund O'Quiglie, Nice O'Quiglie, Arte O'Quiglie,
  Manus McLaghlin, Manus O'Quiglie, Hugh O'MoCowronaght, Felomie O'Laghlin, 
Murtagh O'Lane, Nice O'Mologhorie, James McCalie, Brian O'Quiglie, Edmund O'Quiglie,  
Rowrie O'Quiglie, Gilpatrick O'Branigan, neale McLaghline, Brian McLaghline, 
Owen McCorestine, Gilduffe McLaghline, Connor McCorestie, Tirloe O'Dogherty, 
Cormocke O'Moloherie, Manus O'Moloherie, Donill McCayde, Donogh O'Hanigen, 
Turloe O'Mulloherie, Owen O'Mullfall, Owen Magee, Edmond McCahire,
  Moriertagh McCarran, Rowrie O'Doghertie, Donell O'Donell, Donill O'Herryll, 
Manus O'Herill, Gilpatrick O'Cullone, Connor O'Cullone, Owen O'Hegertie, 
Ed. O'Hanegen, Manus O'Helvertie, Laglin McRossan, Edmund McMonnyll, 
Donohie O'Hagan, Gilpatrick McVrehound, Hugh McGeele, Cale McLaghertie, 
Neale O'Morrine, Arte McDevett, Rowrie O'Harragan, Patrick McAgill, 
Tirlagh Bane McCahire of Ballenebane in Wexford co. Owen McCormacke boy O'Galagher, 
Redmund Condon, Kenedy O'Dene, Edward O'Dene, and Edw. McCartan.-9 Mar. 6th.
  CIV.-38.  General Pardon to Diermond McMonnell, Manus McGerrald, Brian oge O'Shrue,
  Arte O'Shrue, Brian O'Charny, Owen O'Moleigh, Donoghie O'Charne, Neale O'Doghertie,
  Connor McMonell, Cahire O'Doghertie, Donald O'Doghertie, Donell McOwen Boyle,
  Tirloe O'Hamigan, Owen O'Doghertie, Henry O'Doghertie, Donell McCallogh, 
Donoghie O'Cahane, Rowrie O'Doghertie, Donell McCallogh, Donoghie O'Cahane, 
Rowrie O'Doughertie, Braine oge O'Cahan, Thady otherwise Teige O'Quine,
  Macnahie O'Morison, Donell O'Morison, Gorrie O'Chane, Donnogh oge McAllen, 
Brian O'Doghertie, Brian O'Linchenan, Owen O'Callie, Edmund McCallie, 
Tirloe O'Callie, Richard O'Cahan, Donell O'Gibbon, Ed. McBrehound, Hugh O'Brilohan, 
Richard O'Brilohan, Owen O'Harckan, Diermont O'Carbry, Manus O'harckan, 
Salloe O'Morrison, Owen O'Connetan, Moriertie O'Morrison, Owen O'Tolan, 
Henry O'Morrison, James Connah Brian O'Morrison, Nice O'Moloherie, Gilbreed O'Callye, 
Neale O'Hartan, Gilroe O'Dowie, Tho. O'Connelan, Felomie O'Carran, Dermond O'Chane, 
John Shane McAllenye, Hugh O'Brilohan, Connor O'Tolane, Donell O'Carbrie, 
Donell O'Brilohan, Donnell O'Kennedy, Donogh O'Laghline, Diermond O'Harkan, 
Donogh McLaghline, Randell McSorley, Gillaghlasse McLaghline, Neale McLaghline, 
Donell McEnaveddie, Owen O'Heggertie, Hugh O'Dynie, Thady otherwise Teage O'Derrie, 
Owen McGillcholme, Gilchrist O'Gilcolme, Neale O'Gilcolme, John otherwsie Shane O'Gilcolme, 
Rowrie O'Doghertie, Arte McGilbrid, Tirlo McGilmartine, brian McCarrhan, Donogh O'Dowie, 
Gilchrist McCalvert, Tirloe O'Mulreigh, Owen O'Laghertie, Manus McLaghline,
  Edmund O'Doghertie, Manus O'Hogherite, Connor McTollie, Burtagh O'Beglie, 
Melaghline O'Farrie, Neale O'Noude, Brian O'doghertie, Hugh O'Hartan, Gorrie O'Donell, 
James O'Donell, Connor Genetie, Gilpatricke McGehena, Murtagh O'Hagertie, Brian McRuddie, 
Connor O'Granihan, Gilpatrick McGranahan, Will. McRuddie, Neale McMorhie, Donell O'Quinglie, 
Arte O'Doughertie, Cayne O'Quiglie, Tirloe O'Callie, John otherwise Shane O'Carrine, 
Edmond O'Derrie, Rowrie O'Carran, Hugh O'Carran, Edmond O'Harcan, Dermond McVrehound, 
Donell O'Brislane, Salamon Cassidie, Briane Newman, Neale McAnanestoo, John otherwise
  Shane O'Donohie, Brian O'Hegertie, Edmund O'Hegertie, Edmond O'Hegertie, Neale O'Donohie,
  Patrick McKenaidie, Neale O'Gillone, Owen McMeelye, Neale O'Kenidy, Nice O'Mone, 
Shane O'Doddie, Gorrie O'Doddie, Felomie O'Freall, Neale O'Linchenan, Donell O'Cnawsie, 
Hugh Caro O'Carmie, Brian McGilbrid, John otherwise Shane McLaghlin, John otherwise Shane
  O'None, Edmond oge O'Hegerty, Daltin Mccontoy, Connor O'Clerie, Will. O'Hegertie, 
Galloe O'Harkan, William McLaghlin, Owen O'Dogherty, Neale Crone O'Doghertie, 
Rich. Donegan of Sheepland, in Downe co., Tirloe O'Donell, Edmond McAllen, 
Tirloe oge O'Doughertie, Edmund McGillcoell, Cale O'Dynie, Owen O'Dowie, Fynine O'Shale,
  Ahery O'Sheale, Donogh McFadin, Cale McCarmak, Brian O'Dougherty, Owen O'Dogherty, 
Rowrie O'Hunricke, Rowire boye O'Granie, Flan O'Donell, Donogh McCarmack, 
Farroll O'Gallogher, Dowalto O'Dogherty, Donell O'Slevenan, Manus McGilcoell, 
Rowrie O'Gillone, Gilcolme O'Henhie, Kenie O'Sheale, Mullmorie McSwine, 
Cormocke O'Sheale, Donell McBrian, Neale O'Doughertie, Connor McFadine, 
Tirloe McFaddin, Hugh McFaddin, Rowrie O'Doughertie, Manus McLaghline, Dermond O'Glahan,
  Tirloe McGinelik, Eveny O'Brilohan, Gillagrome O'Brilohan, John otherwise Shane McDevet, 
Donogh O'Dowie, James O'gormelie, Patrick O'Doddie, Walter Tallant, Peter otherwise 
Perce Tallant, John Magie, Connor O'Caman, Neale McAllen, Edmund McAllen, 
Owen Grome O'Doughertie, Manus McAllen, Brian O'Doughertie, Hugh Quine, James O'Doughertie,
  Donell McKeogh, Collowe McRortie, Donogh O'Brilohan, Hugh O'Sheale, Syvragh O'Sheale, 
Owen McKeigh, Diermont O'Doughertie, Dwalto O'Dougherty, Cormake O'Kellohan, 
Owen O'Cassidie, John otherwise Shane O'Freelie, Donell McKillroy, Edmond O'Donnell, 
Tirloe Magragh, Patrick O'Derrie, Manus McFelie, Gilchrist O'Derrie, Henry O'Derrie, 
Donell McCormacke, Hugh O'Derrie, John O'Loune, Tirloe O'Manny, Owen O'Dehound, 
Thomas Marlie, Donill Crone McShane boy, Ed. McFaddin, Tirloe boy McRortie, 
Owen O'Hegertie, Donogh O'Mologe, Ed. McCoroston, William Fixter, Murtogh O'Donell,
  Brian O'Dougherty, Owen O'Dierma, Tirloe O'Dierma, Felomy McGillgalsse, 
Edmond O'Farrohan, Donogh McMorrishe of Balliwontragh in Wexford co., Brian O'Brislane,
  Patrick O'Casline, Ed. McMaynanan, Arte McGrome, Owen Crome McDevett, Neale O'Carran,
  Will. McDevett, Will. McMakine, Gillaspicke McGillahan, Evenie O'Dougherty, Neale McLaghan, 
Dalton O'Trertie, Manaman McCarmacke, Aurice McGillaspicke, Connor McDevett, 
Laghline McRossan, Neale O'Sharkine, Daltin O'Doghertie, Tirloe McDevet, Tirloe O'Donnall, 
Mullshaline Duffe O'Sharkine, Brian McCottgan, Donell O'Cottgan, Owen O'Morrison, 
Hugh McCallie, Gillmorie McLeny, Tirloe McLenie, Patrick McLeny, Daltin O'Brilohan, 
Donell McShane, Donogh oge McCottgan, Dermond McCottgane, Brian oge McCottgane, 
Owen McAllen, Gilreogh McCalie, Diermont McCalie, Rowrie O'Doell, Donell McCottgane, 
Daltin McCottgane, Owen McCalie, Ed. McCottgan, Salamon McCottgan, Rowrie O'Cassidie, 
Daltin O'Calinan, Owen oge McLaghline, Tirloe O'Lemagh, Qui O'Doghertie, Pat. O'Laffarty, 
Hugh O'Doghertie, John otherwise Shane O'Doghertie, John othewise Shane McCottgan,
  Gilleduffe O'Dowie, Edm. McCottgan, Felomie McCottgan, Donell McDevett, George Alle, 
John Linche, Tirloe McGilboy, William Smellie, Brian Macagragh, Artie Archibold, 
John Kellie, Patrick O'Harkan, Edmund O'Linchenan, Brian McLaghline, Rowrie McLaghline, 
Patrick McLaghline, Owen O'Harkan, Toole O'Sheale, Will. O'Harkan, Donnogh O'Farhan, 
Hugh McColgan, Patrick McColgan, Donohie Bane O'Dogherty, Moriertie O'Harkan, 
John O'Dogherty, Ochie O'Harkane, Manus McSheeverie, Gilmorie McColgan, Richard McLaghan, 
Taloe O'Sheale, Mullmorie McGillcole, Neale O'Harkan, Connor O'Carrane, Farshie McRossie, 
Owen McConnell, Patrick McCawell, Edmund McCann of Drumbaine in Limerick co. gent.,
  Donogh O'Boyle, Will. McLaghin, Cale McConell, Hugh McRassie O'Doverd, Tirloe McLaghline, 
John McRoddie, James McRoddie, Patrick McGranigen, Melaghline boy O'Sharkie,
  Ferdoroe O'Doghertie, Tomline O'Mologe, donill O'Glanan, Gillaglasse O'Hegertie, 
Nice McClaverine, Owen O'Gorman, Neale Gorman, Ed. O'Doghertie, Manus O'Dirrie, 
Shane McGillmartin, Neale O'Doghertie, Felomie O'Laghertie, Dermod O'Hegertie, 
Gilchrist O'Hegertie, Anthony McGarrell, John otherwise Shane O'Hegertie, Neale oge 
O'Doghertie, Donell O'Chane, Donell Newman, TIrloe O'Hanigen, Gilpatricke McAllen, 
John otherwise Shane O'Shrenie, Connor McTeige, Donell O'Cnawsie, Nice McAllen, 
Tirloe MacLaghline, Henry McGilbrid, Rowrie McGillcoll, Rowrie O'Mulcreigh, 
Donell O'Hegertie, Donogh McKerane, Fergall McFaddin, Gilchrist McClavenie, 
Tirloe O'Mulcreigh, Ed. O'Granie, Henry Balloe O'Doghertie, Brian O'Kalloghan, 
Diermond O'Cromruske, Shane McAgile, Donell McRossan, Brian McGillahime, 
Will. Crone O'Doghertie, Donell O'Casselie, Owen O'Casselie, Daltim McRuddy, 
Gillpatricke O'Casselie, Hugh McGranahan, Thady otherwise Teige McGranihan, 
John McDoell, Neale O'Doghertie, Donell McDevett, Patrick O'Broloe, Donogh boy McDevett, 
Hugh O'Lane, Patrick O'Moloherie, Tirloe O'sheale, Edmund O'Dowie, Briane McDevett, 
Rowrie O'Hagan, Donohie O'Cahan, Donogh boy O'Braslin, Brian O'Toye, Arte O'Donnell, 
Neale O'Doghertie, Thady otherewise Teige Boyle, Owen O'Donell, John O'Derrie, 
Tirloe O'Clavan, Donell O'Donell, Donell O'Beiglie, Con. McGorrie, Brian O'Donell, 
Brian O'Doghertie, Tirloe O'Crossane, Henry Gribbine, Hugh McCondlie, Patrick O'Dirrie, 
Neale O'Doghertie, Brian O'Doghertie, Hugh O'Dogherty, Neale Merga O'Doghertie, 
Neale Modder O'Doghertie, Qui oge McLaghline, James McAllen, Donell McGarran, 
Rowrie O'Doghertie, Neale McFelomie O'Doghertie, Dowalto McFelomie O'Doghertie, 
Brian O'Galbone, Felomie O'Dowe, Terloe Duffe Oulane, Daltin O'Doghertie, 
Manus Crone O'Dogherty, Owen Sallowe O'Doghertie, Qui oge O'Doghertie, 
Will. McDermond Duffe, Connor Boye O'Lawe, Hugh O'Dony, Hugh McLaghline, 
Honor nie O'Doghertie, Manus O'Devine, Rowrie Balloe O'Devine, John otherwise 
Shane O'Tressie, Neale O'Tressie, Rowrie O'Tressie, Diermont Magitegen, 
Arte Duffe O'Devine, Ahey O'Sheale, Gilboy O'Sheale, James Duffe O'Sheale, 
Neale O'Galloy, Gildore O'Gallow, Brian O'Sewill O'Donell of Ballinewill, in .... Co.,
  Donell McManus, Patrick O'Sheale, Donogh roe O'Galloghor, Donogh O'Donell, 
.... O'Morrison.0 Mar. 6th
  CV.-40. General Pardon to Owen O'Galloghor of Coolemcatrian in Donegal co., Fealam
  O'Dowie of the same, Richard O'Dowie, Owen oge McOwen O'Galloghor, Laghlin O'Dowie,
  Cale O'Dermote, Torlogh O'Dorninge, Torlogh O'Morrison, Owen O'Lefertie, 
Patricke O'Monghan, James Magewee, Shane O'Donnell, Edmond Doffe O'Shrene, 
One McOwen O'Galoghor, Tirlagh McDonell oge, Twole O'Dermote, 
Phellam McWilliam O'Gallichor, Manus O'Mullarkie, Donnell oge O'Donell, Hugh O'Galloghor, 
Manus Reigh O'Gallaghor, Donnell Crone O'Galloghor, Connor O'Regane, Owen McSwine, 
Shane O'Glakan, William O'Harkain, Rowrie oge O'Donnell, Morise O'Cashadie, 
Neise McAvrehoune, Brian O'Corraran, Gilliduff O'Menan, Twole oge O'Dermote, 
Manus O'Regane, Neile Garue McRowrie O'Donnell, Edmund McDavett, Donnell Crone O'Galchor, 
Owen Grome McSwine, Phelime Duffe O'Donnell, Turlagh oge O'Donnell, Twole O'Donnell, 
Torlogh O'Morison, Brian O'Galchor, Tirlagh McAnultie, Edmond Bane O'Galloghor, 
William Ballagh O'Galloghor, Brian Modder O'Galchor, Nice O'Carrane, One O'Galchor, 
Teige O'Mollanaune, Patricke Merrigie, Manus Granaugh McLaghline, Patrick McLaghline, 
Neale McLaughlin, Donnogh McDavett, Shane McDavet, Manus McDavet, Will. boy McDavett, 
Brian McMounell, Shane O'Donnell, Phealam McLaghlin, Turlagh O'Doverie, 
Brian Carragh O'Dovanie, Arte O'Muldowne, Connor O'Callane, Cormocke Ball O'Dorninge, 
Felam O'Doughertie, Patricke McMacken, Cale O'Doghertie, Arte O'Doghertie, 
Tirlogh O'Glakan, Laghline O'Dermote, Donnell O'Carnie, Dermote O'Granie, 
Shane O'Molligan, Shane McBrian O'Reylie, Hugh McCale, Pheallam O'Donnell, 
Neale McClaveringe, William Morrcy O'Carnie, Donogh McKilbride, Dermot oge O'Donall, 
Toole O'Galchore, Shane O'Brellighan, Torlogh McTowle O'Galchor, Morough McSwyne, 
Connor McDavett, Connor McHugh McDavett, Shane McWillliam McDavett, Neile McFoolie,
  Terlogh O'Sherkie, Laghline O'Sherkie, Patricke McConwaie, James O'Brelligan, 
Neale O'Mollanvile, Phelam McDavett, Rowrie McDavett, Donnell O'Dowell, Dermot McDavett, 
Tirlogh McDavett, Gillagrome O'Dorninge, Edmund McCallie, Dalten O'Conwaie, 
Donnell O'Faran, Donogh McShrewrie, Brian O'Dorninge, Shane oge McBriane, 
Valley O'Galloghor, Donnell McBrian Vally O'Gallchor, Torlagh O'Doveie, 
Donnogh Duffe O'Brannan, Patricke O'Toweie, Gilleduffe O'Towie, Gillemorcy O'Towie, 
Brian O'Brannan, Dermot doe O'Gilavoye, Connor Duffe O'Nighertie, Connor O'Galloghor,
  Edmund oge McHugh boye O'Galchor, Hugh O'Galchor, Owen boye O'Galchor, 
Patricke Duffe O'Garran, Neil McGrannagh, Brian O'Doweie, Hugh O'Doghertie, 
Shane McKever, Donell McFoyle, Phealam O'Doghertie, Tirlogh boy McSwine, Donogh O'Brenan, 
Owen O'Molowge, Connor O'Brennan, Edmond Crone McSwine, Farrell McTowell O'Galchor, 
Teige McCarrane, Phealam McCarran, Mortagh McCarran, Patricke McCarrane, Rowrie O'Brenne, 
Donnell O'Hagan, Connor O'Freile, Neale Mc Gewnie, Manus McAttye, Hillie Messe O'Harkan, 
Neale McTeige McCarrane, Neile McCarran, Neale McKenevey, Teige O'Colloweie, 
Edmond Carragh McGewnie, Rowrie McCarrane, Torlogh O'Glakan, Tirlogh O'Kevan, 
Hugh boye O'Donnell, Fealam O'Hagan, Neale oge O'Doghertie, Patricke O'Toweie, 
Owen O'Molouge, Patricke O'Helfertie, Con O'Donell, Donell O'Doghertie, Owen oge McSwine,
  Teige O'Galloghor, Henrie oge McDavett, Cormack Reagh McDavett, Owen boy McDavett, 
Brian Grome McDavett, Dermott McDavett, Donnell Cregge, Edmond O'Boyland,
  Morogh O'Callaghan, Tirlogh Doffe McCormocke, Hugh McDavett, Tirlogh O'Moloherie, 
Fealam O'Sharkie, Hugh Crone O'Sherkie, James McDavett, Gerrald McAdwalty, 
Shane McDavett, Dowaltagh O'Dorninge, Ferdorogh McAdwaltie, Rowrie O'Townlan,
  Neale O'Sherkie, Shane O'Sherkie, Nicoll O'Cregge, Cormock O'Callaghan, Donell O'Dowie, 
Tirlagh Creige, Manus O'Callaghan, Rorie McDavett, Neise oge O'Donell, Neile O'Lephertie, 
Gorrey O'Linchegan, Donnell O'Linchegan, Donnell McAgile, Hugh O'Linchegan, 
Patricke Doffe O'Dowanie, Patricke O'Donoghie, Rowrie O'Linchegan, Brian O'Doghertie, 
Donogh O'Linchegan, Shane O'Freille, Connor O'Linchegan, Connor O'Scanlon, 
Richard O'Morrey, Patricke O'Brannan, Donnell O'Leffertie, Cahire O'Gallogher, 
Shane Crone O'Galloghor, Owen O'Galchor, Hugh Moder McLaghlen, Edmond O'Linchigan, 
Donnell O'Doghertie, Donnell McLaghline, Owen O'Donnell, Rowrie O'Doghertie, 
Neale McLaughline, Edmond Crone O'Dowie, Shane O'Carnie, Brian O'Carnie, 
Donell O'Molauge, Neale McGrorie, Neale O'Galloghor, Tomeline O'Galloghor, 
Brian Magewer, Teige McTibbotte, Connor McDonell Crone, Shane O'Doweie, 
Donnogh McGeneltie, Donnell McCarrane, Donell Reigh McMonneyll, Connor McLinchigan, 
Edmond O'Linchigan, Rowrie O'Harkan, One O'Harkan, Anthonie McGerrald, 
Dermott Duffe O'Breslane, Cale O'Hegertie, Brian O'Creige, Shane O'Derie, 
Hugh O'Hegertie, Mulcavor O'Galchor, Daltough McOwen O'Galchor, Dalton O'Derie, 
Hugh O'Boyland, Donell O'Galchor, Connor McMannamie, Donogh O'Boyland, 
Edmond Doffe O'Linchigan, Rorie O'Deane, Edmond O'Hegertie, Edmund McGrath,
  Edmund McKearnie, Morough O'Cashadie, Brian O'Boyland, 
Pharell McOwen oge McDonogh O'Galchor, Turlagh boy McOwen O'Galchor, Patricke O'Brannan, 
Donnell O'Steale, Connor O'Doghertie, Owen doe O'Cashadie, Patrick McCawley, 
Gilliemorrie O'Brannan, Patricke Reigh McHugh, Turlogh McHugh, Owen McAnultie, 
William McSperit, Ferdorogh O'Galchor, Connor McCalie, Brian NcNeile McAnnamie, 
Owen O'Mullagherie, One O'Dermoe, Edmond O'Guiglie, Turlagh Duffe McHugh, 
Connor O'Callie, Owen O'Shernie, Laughline O'Kilvoy, Manus O'Helly, shane O'Healie, 
Tirlagh McOwen O'Galchor, Donnell Crone O'Beiglie, Neale McTwole O'Galchor, 
Turlagh McFargell O'Galchor, Connor Glasse McKilbride, Manus boy O'Hone, 
Shane Grome Sleffertie, Rowrie Duffe O'Crewnie, Hugh McPhealam O'Donnell, 
Brian McOwen O'Galchor, Shane O'Crerane, James McDavett, Donnell McDavett, 
Neile O'Donnell, Patrick McCawlie, Shane McCawlie, Hugh O'Hegertie, Owen McCawlie, 
Brian Doe Magey, Manus Morrey, Neile McVaghe, James McCallen, Turlogh O'Cashadie, 
Rowrie O'Cashadie, Dermott O'Cannan, Cale O'Toweie, Neile McAlleney, Connor O'Cuaffeie, 
Manus O'Cuaffeie, Cormocke McDavett, Connor O'Brologhan, Donnell O'Cauffeie, 
Edmond McDavett, Cormocke boy O'Galchor, Owen O'Cannane, Mortagh McAward, 
Shane O'Doweire, Edmond O'Phreile, Hugh oge O'Doveire, Shane O'Harkan, Mortogh O'Casie, 
Dermott O'Steale, Murtagh McHugh, Donnogh Ballagh O'Molligan, Turlagh O'Cashedy, 
Henrie McHugh, Donnogh McHugh, Laughlin O'Currigan, Edmond Doe McGerrald, 
Edmond McRowrie, Owen McDonnell O'Galchor, Donell McAgowne, Hugh boy O'Galchor, 
Farrell Doe O'Hegertie, Arte O'Guine, Phelame O'Doghertie, Briane O'Cuaffey, 
Shane O'Donnell, Shane McKillnocke, Williame McAlleny, Cahire O'dorninge, 
Gilagrome Avrehone, Edm. O'Boyland, Rorie O'Galoghor, Donnell O'Shearne, 
Teige boy McMannan, Torlogh O'Harkan, Donnogh McGillowe, Torlogh O'Cowloe, Nise O'Feile,
  Patricke O'Cashadie, Cale O'Cashadie, Teige O'Cashadie, Donogh Magragh, Twole O'Boye, 
Brian O'Shernie, Edmund O'Carie, Brian McShane, Shane boy Mcshane, 
Tirlagh Modder McShane, Owen McShane, Donnell McMoriertie, Donnell oge McShane, 
Laughlin O'Barran, Gillowran O'Barre, Patricke O'Galloghor, Teige O'Pherill, 
Torlough Roe O'Tey, Neale O'Dovene, Tirlaugh O'Gabban, Will. O'Linchigan, 
Dalten O'Cahertie, Hugh O'Brannan, Shane O'Brannan,  Neale McLaghlen, 
Nice McKilbride, Dermott O'Gabban, Cale boy O'Barrane, Torlough O'Donell, 
Connor boy O'Donell, Patricke McCalley, Towrie McCawlie, Owen O'Donell, 
Neale McKeny, Donogh O'Galchor, Phealam Crone O'Barran, Swine O'Moligan, 
Patricke O'Cannan, Hugh McCalie, Donogh McCalie, Connor McCarrane, Owen O'Mulceraran,
  Neile O'Sherkie, Brian McAward, Owen McAward, Patricke Reigh O'Callane, Fealam McDavett, 
Owen McCallane, Torlogh McAward, Donnogh O'Gillowe, Readman O'Galloghor, 
Patricke O'Cowighley, Manus Doffe O'Brollagan, Manus O'Crossane, Connor O'Doweie, 
William McKilkenie, Rorie O'O'Molkeran, Dermott O'Carran, Owen O'Crumruske, 
Nile Grome O'Cromruske, Donnell O'Cowigley, Neale O'Menie, Edmond boy O'Linchigan, 
Laghline O'Guiglie, Shane O'Hegertie, Dermot O'Carbrie, Fellam O'Linchigan, Owen O'Moloug,
  Deltine O'doughertie, Brian O'Connor, Gillichrist O'Hegertie, Brian O'Molouge, 
Patricke O'Cane, Donnell O'Cane, Donnell O'Nowane, James O'Hegertie, Dermot Grane, 
Edmond O'Donoghie, Balloe O'Hegertie, Neile McFeolie, Rorie O'Linchigan, 
Donnogh O'Beigleie, Henrie McFeolie, Donell O'Meanan, Donnall McAcrossane, 
Hugh O'Harkain, Donnell Morrey, Donell O'Carowlane, Manus O'Mulfall, 
Connor O'Hegertie, Owen O'Loughan, One O'Hegertie, Gorrey McGewnie, 
Donnell O'Doghertie, Donell McTeige, Shane boy O'Doghertie, Donnell O'Mulfale, 
James Neile, Briane Owne O'Galchor, Patricke McGewnie, Connor Ordie, 
Owen oge O'Galchor, Patricke Crone McHugh, Patricke oge McHugh, Donnogh Morrie McHugh, 
Manus McHugh, Cale McGarvey, Hugh O'Callan, One boy McMorrey, Oone O'Hegertie,
  Tirlaugh McOwen boy O'Galchor, Dualtogh O'Galchor, Shane O'Boyle, Neile O'Boyle, 
Turlough O'Hanigan, Donnogh McCanne, James McCollen, Patricke O'Deane, Patricke oge O'Ferie, 
One O'Molderge, Tirlough McFerdorgh O'Galchor, Manus More O'Hellie, donogh McCourties, 
Shane O'shrene, Shane Reigh O'Brogan, Rorie O'Brogan, Ferdorogh O'Skeale, 
Neile O'Donnell, Tirlogh boye O'Donnell, Patricke O'Morrey, Rowrie O'Morrey, 
Owen oge McLaughlin, Dwaltagh McHugh, Shane Modder McHugh, Cahire McHugh, 
Arte O'Donell, Owen O'Donell, Donnell O'Donell, Brian O'Donnell, Gerrald O'Doghertie, 
Neale Corie O'Doghertie, Edmund O'Galchor, Neise O'Galchor, Neale McConnell, 
Manus O'Redye, Neile O'Gabban, Hugh O'Neile, Fealam McBrian O'Galchor, Owen McLaghlen, 
James O'Donnell, Laghlen O'Lefferite, Shane Modder McJames Ballogh O'Galchor, 
Neile McConogher, Brian McConoghor, Teige booy O'Galloghor, 
Terlagh Ballagh McFerrill O'Galchor, Teige O'Monoughan, Brian McMonaghan, 
Brian McArrassie, James O'Dougherite, Owen McBrian O'Galchor, Hugh O'Moroughey, 
Shane boy O'Donnell, Edmond O'Donell, Henrie Grannaugh, Tirlogh boy O'Galloughor, 
Teige O'Hannan, Edmond McCany, Henrie Leine, Edward Leyne, Serbragh O'Sceale, 
Shane O'Doughertie, Shane O'Scheale, Cowne O'Doghertie, Rowrie McKilbride, 
Connor O'Brelligan, Dermot O'Brelligan, Shane McKilbrid, Brian McCallen,
  Laughlin O'Garvey, Tirlough McCormacke boy O'Galchor, Parick Kernie, 
Owen O'Shernie, Donell O'Beiglie, Brian O'Stewell, Manus McPadinge, 
Tirlaugh Carragh McSwine, Shane McGrean.-10 Mar. 6th




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