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Rent Roll of Derry

Rent Roll for Londonderry taken 15th May 1628

[Ellis MS 42. Published in facsimile with introduction by R. G. S. King, then dean of Derry, as "A particular of the howses and famylyes in London Derry, May 15, 1628"]



Edmund Harisone
George Downinge
Anthony Bowen
Walter Hambleton
Widow Sparks


John Seares
Henry Admiston


Thomas Hamond
Jude Kenrick
James Steward
Widow Bingley
Donnell Mc Kenney
James Birne
Richard Burdus


John Woldridge
John Bird


Thomas Freeborne
Edward Glouer
Roger Korke
Walter Turkey
Thomas Poultney
Widow Dolman
Luke Ashe
James Reynolds
Roger Gyse
Thomas Beckett
John Chaddock
John Cotmore
Richard Pacey
Nynion English
Michael Dunn


Evan Jenkin
William Clemence


John Coale
Widow Vale
John Kenny


William Appleton
Toby Smith
Mr Tarleton
Widow Smith
Hugh Tomsone
Edward Russell
George Clare
John Smith
Nathaniel Hoslocke


John Giles
George Newton


Thomas Peirsone
Christopher Gifford
Anthony Hone
Michael Byres
Patrick Rickey
Doctor Shephard
William Latham, Esq.
Robert Shawe
Robert Goodwyn
Michael Grave
William Patteshall
Peter Lavey
John Evans
Thomas Brighte
Thomas Crayford
Edward Winslowe


Christian Robinsone
Robert Kole


James Burgesse
Jacob Wennys
William Roger
Henry Osborne
Widow Lynn
Andrew Reade
John Mc Math
Robert Thornton
Mr Deane Sutton
Sir John Vaughan, knight
John Westcote
Nicholas Beney
Richard Morrice
George Sanders
William Welles
Anthony Farmer
Hugh Jones
John Hawke, junior
Isack Smith
John Frewen
Nicholas Jnche
Moyses Neale
Peter Morgan
Richard Jones
Timothy Pooley
Robert Barnes
James Vaughan
Richard Sampsone
Widow Halle
John Hawkes, senior
Robert Hawkins
Robert Tomsone
Simon Pitt
John Palmer
Samuel Dawsone
William Southery
John Cooke
John Harrisone
Hennett Watsonne
Thomas Baker
John Beney
John Smith
Hugh O Galloher
John Gambell
William Simple
Thomas Vadely
Walter Jackard
John Rogers
Thomas Brooke
Owen O Galloher
William Fixter
Nicholas Bayley
Thomas Vale
Edward Russell, before named
Richard Stock
Matthew Tarbutt
John Boyde
John Crookshanck
Austin Price
Widow Bell
Daniel Lough
Edward Nicholsone
Edward Chamber
Henryt Sollers
Stephen Godfrey
William Olfert
Christopher Studdall
Widow Burnett
The lord bishop
John Kneeland
John Cunningham
John Archer
John Kelley
Widow Pitte
Francis Dollway
Thomas Woldridge
Thomas Shevington
John Hincksone
John Wrighte
William Hurst
William Ashe
John Smith
Leonard Davies
Thomas Peirson, aforesaid
Gabriel Lerge
James Weste
William Longe
John Freeman
Peter Ripley
John Wallice
Wibrant Olfert aforesaid
William byres
Robert Thorneton aforesaid


265 houeses are built in Londonderry, besides divers other
building, which are in the island and at the 'ferry key' near unto
Londonderry, which are not here entered. 155 families are in Londonderry,
besides such families as are in the houses near unto Londonderry

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