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The Muster Roll of the County of Donnagall

1630 A.D. - As printed in the Donegal Annual

p. 1
   Barony de Rapho
   The Lord Duke of Lynox, undertaker of 4000 acres, his men and armes
   Robert Leackye                     Robert mcffarlan
   James Wood                         John mcffarlan
   Andrew Wood                        Patt. mcAndrew
   Mathew Lyndsey                     Patt. mcArthur
   William Douglas                    Robert Denyston
   Robert Lyndsay                     Donnell mcBaxter
   Robert Buchanan                    John Boyd
   John Galbreath                     Humfrey Colquphone
   Alexander Buchanan                 William Gulilan
   Alexander Lawder                   John Steward
   James Denniston elder              John McIlman
   Andrew Royare                      John Scot
   William Laughlan                   Robert Boyde
   John Lowrye                        Thomas Lowrye
   John Ralston
   William Cokeran                    Swords onely
   Hector Hinman                      -------------
   Robert Cocheran                    John Wood
   John Buchanan                      John Martin
   John mcConochy                     John mcLenochan
   Robert mcPeter                     John Cambell edler
   George Haldin                      William Deneston
   Robert Horner                      John Buchanan
   Donell Galey                       John Cambell
   Robert mcKyndely                   John mcffarlan
   Robert Glass                       Donnell mcffarlan
   Archbell Campbell                  Robert Michell
   ffyndley mcKindley                 Costyme Ranckein
   Andrew mctyre                      John Allen
   Alexander Galbreath                Gilbert mcLyntock
   John mcKaire                       John Brice
   John Thromble                      James Allan
   John Smyth                         Dunkan Speney
   Dunkan mcffarlen                   Thomas Ramsey
   Patrick mcNeron                    John Cock
   Wm. McLentock                      James Cock
   George Colmories                   Andrew Cock
p. 2
   William Scot                       Sword and Calleuer
   John mcCawly                       ------------------
   John mcGourden                     John Royer
   Andrew Lackye                      Morrice Peacock
   James mcKennye                     Walter Lowrye
   James Hustone                      William mcNevin
   Robert Lackye                      Robert Campbell
                                      John mcKyndley
   Swords and Snaphances              David mcKan
   --------------------               John mcIldonagh
   James Dromond                      Dunkan mcffarlan
   Archbald Gambell                   John Crawfford
                                      John Sempell
   Snaphances onely                   James Symison
   -----------------                  William mcarthur
   Morrice mcConnell                  Robert Reroch
   John Cocheran                      Thomas Crafford
   John Snodgarse                     Camack mcCole
   John Cambell younger               Henry Cruse
   Owen mcNair                        John Barlone
   David Lyndsay                      Thomas Swaine
   Alexander mcLentock                Patrick Porler
   Robert Aickeene                    Randall mcAlexander
   Robert Morison                     John Douglas
   James Kilsoe                       James Logan
   Donnell mcNichol                   Alexander Hamond
   Dunkan Cambell                     Mathew Gillrew
   Donnell mcBaxter elder             William Hewes
   Robert Barlaine                    Robert Leman
   James Richye                       Donnell mcCahey
   John Swayne                        Adam Quahone
   John Valentyne                     Neece mcGilrouse
   Dunkan Graham                      John mcffarlan
                                      Walter Deneston
   Swords and Pikes                   Anthony Steward
   ----------------                   William Noble
   Robert Calmeris                    John Parmenter
   Andrew Calmeris                    Andrew Galbreath
                                      Willliam Wood
   Pikes onely                        John Wood
   ------------                       John Steward
   Hugh Greire                        James Deneston
   Sword and halbert
   John mcffarlan
p. 3
   James Muthey                       John Pecock
   Walter Roger                       Robert Craufourd
   John Brittein                      Archbald Ballintyne
   John Young                         Thomas mcKeeg
   Gawen mcConnell                    John Logan
   John Watson                        Lamock mcColl
   Walter Henry                       John Buchanan
   Robert Cambell                     David Gibb
   Dunkan Crafford                    John Pearce
   George Allyson                     John mcGillione
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Sir John Conningham knight, undertaker of 4,000 acres, his
   men and armes.
   Robert Boyll                       David Ramsay
   Gawen Michell                      James Young
   John Malfeild
   John Wood                          Swords and Snaphances
   John fforret                       ---------------------
   James Lennox                       James Patterson
   Patrick Coningham                  Art mcCary
   John Longpill                      Donnell mcKee
   Willliam Dunlap                    Killetellon mcCury
   Robert Young                       James Robinson
   David Coningham                    John Frizell younger
   Robert Wallas                      Dunkan mcKinley
   John Blare                         John Richee
   Robert Wernogh                     John Cambell
   Patrick Fould                      Adam ffleming
   Alexander Lawson                   Hugh Thomson
                                      William Crafford
   Swords onely                       William Colwell
   ------------                       William Steavenson
   Thomas Hislat                      Marcus Odoylson
   William mcEask                     William Marshall
   William Saner (or Sauer?)          Dunkan Lyone
   Patrick mccleland                  Patrick Crafford
   Andrew Balmanner                   John Lyone
   Alexander Balmanner                John Mathew
   Robert mcInteer                    John Makee
   Walter de Jestame                  Dunkan mcCostune
   Herbert Morison                    Hugh Barskemny
   James mcCreay                      James Hutchison
p. 4.
   Patrick Delap                      Andrew Conningham
   Hugh Thomson                       Donnell mcConnell
   John Gylles                        John Frizell
   James Steill                       William ffrizell
   John Allason                       William Iesack
   William Wilson                     Donnell mcIlman
   John Hettels                       John mcNevin
   John Hettels younger               John Yoole (Poole?)
   Steaphen ffrag                     Donnell mcKean
   George Scot                        William Doone
   Henry Gaine                        Rober (sic) Roger
   James Morrison                     Robert Miller
   Killcollume mcKeynie               Andrew Balmann'r
   Wm. Dunlap younger                 James Morison
                                      William Young
   Swords and Pikes                   John Bayly
   ---------------                    John Steaphenson
   Archbald ffleming                  James Cressball
   Robert Larges                      John Lyone
   James Hate                         John Crawfourd
                                      Patrick Bright
   Swords and Muskets                 John Wallas
   -----------------                  John Morrison
   Robert Longpill
   William Cutberson                  James Browne
                                      William Snyp
   Swords and Calleuers               Steaphen Cragg
   --------------------               James Knox
   John ffleming                      William Crag
   James Morrison                     Mathew Cuningham
   Gibert (sic) ffleming              Jame (sic) forsyth
   Alexander Thompson                 William mcBaine
   John Steavenson                    David Young
   James Steward                      Patt ffleming
   David Tullagh                      Barnard Cuningham
   William Young                      James Wilson
   John Watt                          William Wighton
   Patrick Wright                     Hugh Sawer
   John Baytye                        Patt Adam
   Christopher Walker                 John Wallas
   John Hunter
   Archbald Hunter
p. 5
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   The Lady Conningham Widdow of Sir James Conningham,
   undertaker of 2,000 acres, her men and armes.
   William Conningham                 Richard Leaky
   James Calquahan                    Robert Staret
   Andrew mcCorkill                   John mcIlhome
   John mcCorkill                     Sallomon Giffin
   Tobias Hood                        David Reed
   James Davye                        Donnell mcDonnell
   Peter Starret                      Alexander Carlell
   John mcquchowne                    William Gafeth
   James Knox
   Adam Garvance                      Swords onely
   Swords and Pikes                   Gilbert Highgate
   ---------------                    Patrick Porter
   James mcAdowe                      Robert Hasta
   ffyndlay Ewing                     William Gambell
   Dunkan mcffarlan                   John Hunter
   Ninian ffoulton                    John Crawfford
   James Scot                         Robert Johnston
   William Rankin                     Henry Smyth
   Daniell Ramsay                     William Boyes
   Martin Galbreath                   David Ramsay
   Patrick Porter                     William Steward
                                      Robert Crafford
   Swords and Snaphances              James Conningham
   ---------------------              Andrew Conningham
                                      John Crafford
   William mcIltherne                 John Hunter
   David Walker                       John Wilson
   John Barbor                        James Bredyne
                                      Mungo Davy
   Swords and Calleuers               William Richey
   --------------------               John mcIlhome
   James Makee                        Henry Hunter
                                      John mcHutchon
   Sword and Halbert                  James Rankin
   ----------------                   William Killy
   Andrew George                      Robert Pots
   James mcIlman                      William Gambell
   Michaell Rot(h?)es                 John Lyone
   Patrick Miller                     James Knox
   Robert Muntgomery
   Alexander Conningham
p. 6
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Sr John Kingsmell Knight, undertaker of 2,270 acres, his men
   and armes.
   Robert Hammilton                   George Young
   Andrew Hammiltion                  John Patterson
   robert Moderwell                   John Smyth
   George Stendson
   James Symes                        Swords onely
   John Squiverell                    -----------
   Robert Warnog                      Gabrahill Morrison
   John Speare                        Robert Marke
   John Wilson                        John Warnog
   James Wilson                       Walter Lewis
   William Conningham                 Michaell Lewis
   John Bordland                      Allyn mcCall
   Thomas Coopson                     William Davis
   William Coopson                    Thomas Hoggard
   Phillomy Huston
   Hugh Carnog                        Swords and Pikes
   William Carmighell                 ----------------
   John Warke                         Adam Moderwell
   William Euch (Ench?)               Alexander Browne
   James Crafford                     James Nealson
   James Henderson
   David Bihit                        Swords and Snaphances
   Robert Wilson                      --------------------
   Rise Davis                         Gilbert Moryson
   John mcApinagh                     William ffryer
   Robert Wallice                     Hugh Robinson
   John fflulton                      James Synes younger
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Captain Ralph Mansfield, undertaker of 1,000 acres, hie men
   and armes.
   Thomas Ellis                       Swords onely
   James Benny                        ------------
   William White                      James mcTanlease
   William Wald                       Thomas Dunlelly
   John Bell
   Robert White                       Swords and Pikes
   William Glen                       ----------------
                                      William Gryffyn
p. 7
   Sword and Calleuer
   -----------------                  Thomas Gray
   Robert Adam                        Thomas ffayrefax
   Ralph Mansfield                    Thomas ffayrefax younter
   Thomas Clarke
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Sr John Willson Barronet, undertaker of 2550 acres, his men
   and armes.
   Robert Porter                      Swords onely
   William Makee                      ------------
   William Deasly                     George Irwing
   Gabraell Homes                     John Pitts
   John Homes                         John Hendry
   John mcCley                        John Davis
   David Read                         John mcCowr
   Alexander Cambell                  Richard mcCowr
   Wenables Albones                   Thomas Browne
   Henry Roberts                      Robert Bromside
   John ffrizell                      John Kilpatrick
   John ffulton
   Robert Ray                         Swords and Pikes
   Donnell Reth (Roth?)               ----------------
   Thomas Cranston                    Alexander mcKee
   James Lassles
   William Lassles                    Pike onely
   William Wilson                     ---------
   Richard Browne                     James ffargison
   John Kilpatrick ('younger' erased) John Willson
   John mcclere                       John Halbert
   Anthony McClere                    John Henderson
   Michaell mcCleare                  Thomas Henderson
   William Moneyley                   Thomas Lassles
   George Gray younger
   John Michell                       Snaph: onely
   John Waynes (Wagires)              ------------
   John Browne                        Alexander mcCowr
   John Hendry                        John Rowsell
   David Hunter                       John ffleming
   Robert Read
   John Weiton                        Swords and Snaphances
   James mcGumberry                   ---------------------
                                      James Hall
p. 8
   Sword and Musket
   Walter Carr                        Patrick mcMullaing
   William Dixon                      James Dunkin
                                      Christopher Cale
   Swords and Calleurs                James Nesbit
   -------------------                John mcClentock
   Patrick Read                       Thomas Davis
   Robert Pitts                       Robert Robertson
   John Edger                         Leonard Wisse
                                      Robert Ray
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Peter Benson Esqr., undertaker of 1,500 acres, his men and
   James O[?]rines or C[]Rines?       Sword and Musket
   John mcCreary                      ----------------
   James mcCreary                     Richard Gibson
   Wm. Kirkpatrick
   Andrew Leapper                     Sword and Calleuer
   Jo: Kirkpatrick elder              ------------------
   Arch Mowberry                      Richard Roper
   John Kirkpatrick                   Patrick Cherry
   George Harkalls
   Andrew mcKerry                     Swords and Snaphances
   Swords onely                       John Davis
   John Bree                          Snaphance onely
   Thomas Moraphie                    ---------------
   Thomas ffarrell                    Edward Babbington
   Robert Kirkepatrick                Robert Angleson
                                      John Michell
   Swords and Pikes                   Edward Smyth
   ----------------                   Michaell Blanye
   Gilbert Hesee                      Jo: Kirkpatrick younger
                                      Alexander Maxwell
   Pike onely                         Richard Babington
   ----------                         Edmond Jessopp
   William Kirkpatrick                William Gibson
   John ffarrell                      George Arkales
   James Tath                         Mathew Browne
                                      Andrew mcCheney?
   Swords and Halberts                John mcCheney (mcClieney?)
   -------------------                David Key
   Thomas Preston                     Alexander Maxfeild
p. 9
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   William Steward Esqr. Lard of Dunduff, undertaker of 1,000
   acres, his men and armes.
   Archbald Thomson                   Swords and Pikes
   Andrew Thompson                    ----------------
   Robert Alexander                   Robert Thomson
   John mcKey                         John ffife
   David Kenedye
   Patrick Baruzathyn                 Swords and Muskets
   Anthony Steward                    ------------------
   John Steward                       James Squire
   Archbald Steward                   John Conningham
   John Browne                        Steaphen Marshell
   Andrew Browne                      John Smyth
   Edward Roger                       Michaell Smith
   John Moore                         Michaell mcCleary
   John mcCullagh                     Donnell Cambell
   John Moire                         Archbald Bredene
   Patrick Conningham
   John Allyson                       Swords and Snaphances
   John Smeally                       ---------------------
                                      John Kelly
   Swords onely                       Humphrey Cooke
   ------------                       William Wan
   John Davidson                      ffynley mcKirdly
   Archbald mcEmmory                  Alexander mcClaney
   Roary mcCleane                     John Conningham
   Patrick Thomson                    John mcffay
   Donnell Or                         Donnell mcNevin alias McNit
   Mungo David                        John mcKee younger
   John Cambell                       John mcWalker
   John mcLynienie                    James mcKergour
   Archbald Hourd                     David Kenedy
   William Houston                    Alexander mcWilliam
   James mcKee                        Patrick Steward
   Anthony Kenedy                     Donnell mcCarslaire
   George Steward                     James Kenellye
   John mcClen                        John Campbell
   John Cambell
   Hugh Gamill
   No Armes
p. 10.
   Barony de Rapho
   Mr. Cahoune Lard of Luce, undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men
   and armes.
   John Arrell                        Thomas Allasonne
   Patrick Boochanan
   Humphrey Mountgomery               Swords and Pikes
   David Hume                         ----------------
   Walter Barlowe                     John ffoster
   James Leach                        Arthur mcCurrin
   James Creagh                       Patrick Leach
   John mcGillurne
                                      Swords onely
   Swords and Snaphances              ------------
   ---------------------              Hugh Mure
   John Blare
   John Watson                        Sword and Halbert
   John Patterson                     -----------------
                                      Patrick Morton
                                      John Allison
                                      John Okenhead
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Captain Robert Davis, undertaker of 2,000 acres, his men and
   David Payne                        Sword and Halbert
   Robert Grame                       -----------------
   William Johnes                     John Parry
   James Thompson
   Richard Davis                      Sword and Calleuer
   Swords and Pikes                   Richard Prick
   ----------------                   Evane Greefleth (sic)
   John Newton                        David Edmond
   Peter Payne                        John Aplevin (?)
   Edward Euance                      George Barret elder
                                      George Barret younger
   Swords and Snaphaces               Ralph Loyd
   --------------------               Richard Lestor
   William Monely                     John Price
                                      Rice Evance
   Snaphance onely                    Evaine Peirce
   William Barr
p. 11
   No Armes
   --------                           Rice Williams
   Kinrick Thomas                     George Newson
   Swords onely
   Barony de Rapho
   Robert Harrington esqr. undertaker of 4,000 acres, his men
   and armes.
   Edward Hill                        Hugh Gwillin
   Gabraeill Griffyeth                John Pepells
   Patrick Browne                     George Russell
   William Michell                    Thomas Haward
   George Michell
   John Arckly                        Swords and Pikes
   Alexander Twig                     ----------------
   William Boner                      William Ridgate
   Archbald Hunter                    John Gursore
   John Walker
   William Machan                     Pikes onely
   William Sympson                    -----------
   James Gurskadyne                   James Ranag
   James Scot                         George Miller
   Alexander Neesbit                  Robert Smelly
                                      David Gillmore
   Swords onely                       Hugh Gambell
   ------------                       James ffleming
   Robert Rowchester                  William Uprichard
   Robert Wyne
   Robert Makee                       Swords and Muskets
   James Homes                        ------------------
   John Nicholas gorgets              Ralph Eorill
   Walter mcArthur                    William Miller
   compleat                           Peter Steauenson
   John Lang                          Gabraell Wilson
   Robert Grifeth                     John Pepells
   curasses and gorget                John ffisher
   ------------------                 Alexander Teus
   John Dealp                         James Darson
   curasses and gorget                Patrick mcLintog
   John Miller
   William Miller                     Swords and Snaphances
   John mcManus                       ---------------------
   James Martin                       John Awerd
   John mcGilwory
   William Gambell                    Sword and Calleuer
   Arthur mcArthur                    ------------------
                                      Andrew Steauens
                                      Patrick mcArrell
p. 12
    Swords and targets
    Barony de Rapho
    Mr. Alexander Steward, undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men
    and armes.
   John mcIlwane                      Sword and Target
   Callum mcMuyre                     ----------------
   James Cambell                      John Kennan
   Robert mcKenily                    Ninian Steward
   William Toyes ('y' struck out)
   William Conningham                 Swords onely
   William Home                       ------------
   Neall mcCurid                      Andrew Cambell
   Alexander Cambell                  Gilbert mcKenny
                                      John Gillaspy
   Swords and Pikes                   Robert Steward
   ---------------                    John Steward
   Alexander Cambell (sic)            Archbald Steward
   John mcKenely                      William Cambell
   Robert Boyd                        James ffyfe
   Robert Henedy                      Arch Alexander
   Storiment Carr                     John Roger
                                      John Boyill
   Swords and Snaphances              William Boyill
   --------------------               John Cambell
   John Niweme younger                Gilbert mcCan
   Sword and Musket
   Walter mcffarlen
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   James conningham Esqr., undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men
   and armes.
   Andrew Crafford                    Joseph Browne
   John Gills                         William Galbreath
   Hugh Lokehart                      Hugh Leag
   Arch ffynlagh                      Andrew Browne
   ffynlay mcCredy                    John Harper
   John Browne                        Thomas Stole
                                      Patrick Robison
   Swords onely                       John Enery
   John Alexander
   George White
p. 13
   Swords and Pikes                   Andrew Leag
   ----------------                   John Hururence
   Andrew Arnott                      John Hamilton
   John Alexander                     James ffulloone
   Adnarle Hoomes                     Robert Patterson
   Robert Graham                      John Cunningham
                                      George Naught
   Sn: only                           Hugh Leag
   --------                           James Browne
   John Smyth                         John mcEuan
   William Gall                       George Speare
   Andrew Smyth                       Mathew mcCadame
   James Gillmore                     John Dyne
   Robert Roger                       Andrew Dyne
   Thomas Roger                       Arch Boyle
   Thomas Lars (Lard?)                John Calwell
   John Adam                          Robert mcCamy
   Robert Davison                     Robert mcCamy younger
   Michaeli Beare                     Dunkan mcWrick
                                      Thomas Richmoule
   Swords and Snaphances              John mcJohn Keine
   ---------------------              Mungo Willy
   Robert mcKeene                     Andrew Cambell
   Mathew Gieffe (Giesse?)            Hugh Mure
                                      Andrew Callhown
   Swords and Halberts
   James ffulloone
   George Steavenson
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Mr. John Steward, undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men and
   Arch Steward                       Sword and Snaphance
   Andrew Cambell                     -------------------
   William Cambell                    John Bullesine
   Illime mcKaine
   James ffife                        Sword and Pike
   John Steward                       --------------
                                      Robert Steward
   Swords onely                       John Boyle
   ------------                       John Roger
   John Barkly                        Arch Alexander
   Pike onely
   William Conningham
p. 14
   Barony de Boylagh and Bannagh
   The Earle of Annandall, undertaker of 10,000 acres, the names
   of his men and armes.
   Andrew Nesbit                      Hector Douglas
   Robert Rinkeny                     John Gourdon
   James Read elder                   Nichol Walker
                                      Alexander Tyndy
   Swords onely                       Martin Shellan
   ------------                       Andrew Shellan
   David Greire                       John mcKilvame
                                      John Creighton
   Sword and Snaphance                Robert Creighton
   -------------------                James Crafford
   David ffynley                      Andrew Dunne
   Archbald Houet younger             David Kernes
   George Molligan                    Robert Kernes
   David Jackson younger              David Jackson
   John Reynold                       John Creighton younger
   John Kirkpatrick                   Alexander mcMachan
   John Hall                          Patrick Dunbar
   John Makye                         Edward Houet
   George Miller                      John ffynlay
   Andrew mcffarlan                   Thomas Gressy
   Richard Murray                     Andrew Keirs
   Gilbert Shaw                       Thomas Creighton
   Walter Leaky                       Robert mcKnaght
   James Read younger                 James mcKnaght younger
   John William                       John Shane younger
   Edward Griffeth                    John Scot younger
   John mcClintog                     Gilbert Shankeland
   John Menzes                        John Milligan younger
   Patrick Herron                     John Vaux
   John mcClanes                      John mcKilmain
   John mcCartney                     James Shan younger
   John Chancellor                    John Kirkpatrick
   Robert Walker                      Alexander Shilan
   John Creighton                     John Walker
   John mcKennet                      Robert Vaux
   Thomas Blane                       John Waker
   Sampson mcKee                      Michaell mcKilwayne
   James Blane                        Arch Horner
   William Ellot                      William Cocheran
   George Ellot                       John mcKaughry
   John Waus                          John Dunbar
   John mcKee                         Gilbert mcClelan
p. 15
   William mcClaughry                 Alexander Scot
   William mcConnell                  William Douglas
   John mcConnell                     Hugh Reed
   Dunkan mcKilmore                   Alexander mcCullogh
   John Camell                        Thomas mcCullogh
   Anthony Shaw                       George mcCullogh
   Patrick mcHutchin                  Jo: Small younger
   John Bagster                       David Wilson
   Robert mcHutchen                   John Karnes
   John Harvye                        Robert Maxwell
   Steaphen Price                     Thomas Scot
   James Hugones                      George Scot
   David Barnes                       John Johnston
   John Smyth                         William Layser
   James mcKnoe                       William Kenedy
   Alexander Murry                    John mcKinley
   James Murry                        John mcCormick
   John Murry                         John Leis
   Adam Makee                         William Leies
   Robert Makee                       John mcKneilly
   James Frizsell                     Patrick Dunbar
   John Frizell                       John Camell
   Thomas Carnes                      John Dunbar
   Thomas Carnes younger              John Walker
   ffynlay mcCauley                   Andrew Dunne
   Thomas Hutton                      Andrew Leirs
   John Kirk                          John ffynlay
   Peter Martin                       George Ellot
   Andrew Robinson                    David Jackson
   Patrick Davison                    Robert Kernes
   John mcClaughey elder              James Shaw
   James mcClaughry                   John Scot
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   Mr ffarrell undertaker of 1,500 acres w'ch he houldeth by his
   wife lady to Sr Thomas Cutch, deceased.
   Barony de Rapho
   The Lo: Bpp of Rapho his churchlands being 2,700 acres,
   his men and armes.
   Archbald Conningham                John Edward
   John Smyth                         Andrew Steaphenson
   John ffulton                       James Lang
   Mathew Patterson                   William Kingham
   Patrick mcMair                     John Key
p. 16
   George Wasson                      James Hervy
   Robert Bcochanan                   John Heslet
   William Richie                     John Carmouth
   Wm. Nickilvy                       Thomas Kelson
   Thomas Eishintor                   John Calwell
   George Steaphenson                 Thomas Armor
   John Tocheran
   Michaell Lyndsay                   Swords onely
   Richard Carson                     ------------
   Andrew mcIlvaine                   John Wylly
   William Lyne                       James Dick
   Claud Donniell                     James Keare
   John Walker                        John Steaphen
   William Henry                      George Carmighell
   John Wause                         John mcPeter
   Hector Conne                       James Johnston
   Thomas mcArthur                    John Lyndsay
   Alexander Allen                    Ninian Thompson
   John Harper                        John mcKinly elder
   Archbald mcCalla                   James Spreull
   John Allan                         James Atterew
   Robert Wylly                       John Willson
   William Pock
   John Walker                        Swords and Pikes
   John Kenedy                        ----------------
   Robert ffleming                    John White
   James Lard
   John Morrison                      Sword and Musket
   Alexander Sterrep                  ----------------
   Archbald Stenison                  Humphrey mcLeny
   Robert Bachanan
   John Graham                        Calleuer onely
   Thomas Cloughan                    --------------
   Dunkan Mountgomery                 James Carmighell
   Alexander Gibson                   Richard Horris
   Gabraell Maxwell                   John Maxwell
   John Laird                         Archbald Leaviston
   Archbald Henderson                 James Mathey
   Symond Graham                      William Lyndsay
   John mcCalla                       Robert Barly
   ffyndlay Huston                    John Wylly
   James Makeene                      John Dunlap
   William Atkin                      Wm. Carmighell
   James Davye                        Wm. Carssar'es
   Alexander Johnston                 James Allen younger
   William Makee                      Robert Lyone
   John Latay                         John Deneston
                                      William Home
p. 16
   John Stenison                      John Davy
   John Pirry                         William Porter
                                      Hugh Salsmond
   Swords and Snaphances              John Henderson
   ---------------------              Thomas Henderson
   John Willy                         Michaell Henderson
   John Wallice                       Thomas Lassilles
                                      Thomas Browne
   Snaphances onely                   Richard mcCuluer
   ----------------                   Alexander mcCuluer
   John Hammilton Esqr.               Thomas Parmenter
   George Knox                        John Pitty
   Robert White                       James Mathey
   John Leige                         Robert Denton
   Symon Elshinter                    ffrancis Lacillis
   John Moore                         Wm. Lasillis
   Andrew Knox                        John Kirkpatrick
   John Leitch                        Michaell mccleary
   Hugh Allan                         William Sterret
   Andrew Steaphen                    John Torrenc
   Donnell mcPeter                    David Prier
   John Snodgrass                     John Porter
   Christopher Geat                   Patrick Knox
   Andrew Elshinter                   John Hutchone
   Robert foulton                     James Morison
   John Allason                       William Boyd
   John Steward                       Walter Lane
   Dunkan mcGilmichill                Robert Robinson
   Robert Deneston                    David Crassone
   John Roger                         Edward Sill
   John mcKee                         William Rankin
   James Mathey
   No Armes
   Barony de Rapho
   The Deane of Rapho, his churchlands being 300 acres, his
   men and armes.
   ffynlay mcClentock                 Sword and Snaphance
   Thomas mcKeag                      -------------------
   Dunkan Cambell                     John Taylor
   John Braggat                       William Wallace
   Swords onely                       No Armes
   ------------                       --------
   William ffargison
p. 17
   The Churchlands of Tayboyne
   The names of the inhabitants and their armes.
   John Denyn                         Swords and Snaphances
   John Strutter                      ---------------------
                                      Robert Carsby
   Swords and Pikes                   Robert Callwell
   James Hammilton                    No Armes
   George Morison                     ---------
   Barony de Eneshone
   The Lo: Chichester, his servitor's lands, his men and armes.
   Robert mcKintire                   John Kirkwoode
   James Kintire                      William Kirkowod
   William Douglas                    Abraham Houd
   William Maxwell                    Henry Allicock
   John Hammilton                     John Chamberlyne
   Richard Pyn                        Duke Chamberlyne
   Richard Benson                     William Chamberlyne
   Andrew Cadwell                     Mathew Cadwell
   Nathaniell Couch                   John ffyng
   John Crosse                        John Henderson
   Archbald Conningham                Aghey mcCorkey
   Henry Temple                       Andrew Hud
   Mungo Torents                      Gilbert Woorke
   Adam Rosbergh                      Alexander Higat
   Alexander Lacker                   Alexander Worke
   John Sampson                       Thomas Staret
   Paul ffaulse                       John Clene
   James Henderson                    John Berry
   James Porter                       Alexander Cadwell
   William Armone                     Richard Sampson
   Patrick Wallecs                    John Koyne
   Alexander Adams                    Walter mcCowene
   John Cowbrone                      Thomas mcKeon
   John Lyone                         Robert Coweene
   James Neickeill                    John Staret
   Thomas Glyne                       John Osborne
   John mcKegge                       Adam Porter
   Donnell mcManus                    John Richie
   John Bord                          William Porter
   John Storret                       James Porter
   John Nickollon                     William Neely
   Archbald Barnet                    Gabrahell fayrefax
   Robert Young                       Robert Cary
                                      Wm. Cougheron
p. 18
   Mathew Alcorne                     Swords and Pikes
   Donnell Denneston                  ----------------
   Paul Elliot                        Walter Illiner
   John Knox                          Thomas Gutery
   John Richy                         John Scot
   Davye Worke                        Edward Parker
   John Giffen elder                  John Battes
   John Mountgomery                   Thomas Hodges
   James mcgee
   Alexander mcMathew                 Swords and Muskets
   Gilbert mcNeal                     ------------------
   Alexander Browne                   George Hall
   Robert Browne
   Hugh Browne                        Sword and Corslet
   William Wallace                    -----------------
   John Wallas                        Robert Hammilton
   John Hall                          Archbald Collaghan
   Robert mcLenaghan                  John mcKegg
   John Elly                          James mcKilveny
   John Chambers                      Mungo Barnet
   Robert Whithill                    John ffargusonne
   William mcKeone                    Humphrey Turay
   William Nelly                      William Hunter
   Richard Leister
   Richard Leeth                      Swords and Snaphances
   John Bruse                         ---------------------
   John Greig                         Thomas Moore
   Owen Williams                      James Michell
   James Heltch                       John Bord
   John Hilbot                        Water Salder
   William Hibbots
   James Sorerd                       Swords and Halberts
   Peter Gibson                       -------------------
   George Redgate                     William Fulton
   George Moorehead                   George Burges
   James Young                        William Porter
   Andrew Young
   Patt Michell                       Halberts onely
   George Cary Esq                    --------------
                                      John Robinson
   Swords onely                       George Butler
   ------------                       Bryan Smelly
   Thomas Davenport                   Walter Boy
   John Browne                        John Lacker
   Ardrew Ramson                      Donnagh mcConoghy
   John Hogguyre                      Wiliam Crafford
   Nathaniell Willson                 John Glandoney
                                      Batholomew hog
p. 19
   William Newton                     John Michell
   Edward Rudson                      William Richy
   Thomas Bruma                       Robert Richy
   William Mountgomery                Wm. Alcorne
   Robert Smelly                      David Richy
   Luke Lassels                       John Guy
   John Cannall                       John mcBy
   Thomas Orr                         Robert Browne
   Robert ffals                       James Conningham
   Robert ffulton                     Donnell Scot
   Mungo Warden                       John Hunter
   John Warden                        James Archbald
   John Miller                        Henry English
   Gilbert mcNeal                     John Wray
   James Deniston                     Peter Elder
   Richard Williams
   Rich ffranncis                     No Armes
   George Gawen                       --------
   John Prince

 Note:  There were no entries in the muster rolls for the baronies of Kilmacrenan or Tirhugh, both of which remained populated largely by Irish Catholics, although the majority of the land had been granted to English or Scottish undertakers or servitors.  Kilmacrenan barony had been reserved for native Irish undertakers, including the MacSweeneys and O'Donnell ruling lines.

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