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Irish Immigrants To 17th century Virginia

Patrick Allen,1653              Teague Allen,1653                       Peter Bandon,1654

Richard Banen,1635              Richard Barogan,1653                    Henry Barrett,1652

Jane Barrett,1652               Symon Barrett,1652                      Richard Barrett,1653

Sara Barrett,1649               Michael Barrow,1653                     Garrat Barry,1651

Richard Boyle,1638              Darby Browne,1654                       Teague Bryan,1649

Garret Bryan,1653               Humphrey Buckley,1639                   Richard Buckley,1637

Arthur Buckley,1647             Ann Burk,1647                           Charles Cain,1654

Charles Callahan,1637           John Cannaday,1642                      Cornelius Canedy,1650

Cornelius Candia,1652           Bryan Candia,1654                       Patrick Candell,1637

John Cane,1637                  Robert Canlly,1637                      Danny Carbry,1656

Thomas Carsey,1650              Thomas Caresy,1654                      William Carney,1650

David Carrell,1653              Elizabeth Carrill,1638                  Mahan Carty,1655

Bridget Carey,1654              Edward Carey,1654                       Thomas Carey,1653

William Carey,1653              John Carey,1653                         Richard Casey,1636

Richard Casey 1637              Patrick Cane,1639                       James Clansey,1638

Patrick Clarke,1650             Brian Clarke,1652                       Patrick Clark,1655

Thomas Clary,1642               Thomas Clarye,1653                      Patrick Closse,1641

John Coffey,1637                Thomas Coggin,1642                      Sarah Coggin,1638

John Coheane,1653               Francis Cogun,1653                      Thomas Colran,1635

John Conady,1652                John Conden,1638                        John Connaway,1638

Nickolaus Connaway,1651         Henry Connaway,1651                     Martha Connaway,1652

Aron Conway,1642                Philip Conner,1638                      Owen Macurt,1655

Henry Maddin,1643               Owen Madrin,1640                        Richard Magee,1635

Charles Maguiry,1653            Dennis Mahonney,1635                    David Mahoone,1656

Daniel Maley,1647               Cormack Malloy,1655                     Patrick Manough,1653

James Marfey,1637               Mary Morfey,1650                        Michaell Morphew,1639

Edward Murferry,1649            John Marogan,1651                       Katherine Mecane,1655

Dan Macannick,1653              Hugh Michalla,1650                      John Michallen,1654

Elisa Macartee,1653             Dennis Molocklan,1656                   William Monahan,1654

Thomas Moone,1652               Henry Moone,1652                        John Moone,1647

Susan Moone,1635                Arthur Moone,1652                       Dermot Morane,1655

Edward Moyle,1654               Roger Moyle,1654                        Andrew Muher,1654

Thomas Mullett,1653             John Mullins,1652                       Teague Nealy,1655

William Newgent,1654            Charles Nugent,1635                       Christopher Nugent,1638

Daniel Odaley,1656              Richard O’Kell,1654                     Patt O’Mallin,1651

Daniel O’Melle,1656             Thomas Ororke,1652                      Margaret osheelivan,1654

Teague Owen,1655                Dan O’Carbry,1655                       Patrick O’Crahan,1656

John O’Drenne,1655              Thomas O’Derrick,1655                   ______O’Fahee,1655

Teague O’Fallon,1656            Dermot O’Farne,1656                     Farrell O’Gley,1656

Donell O’Graham,1655            John O’Grangenes,1655                   Richard O’Harrott,1655

Richard O’Harrough,1655         Nella O’Lanny,1656                      Owin O’Leaby,1655

John O’Leally,1656              Jane O’Lire,1656                        G_____O’Loffe,1656

Thomas O’Lyn,1655               Cormack O’Mally,1655                    Conner O’Morpher,1655

Teague O’Maulins,1655           William O’Naught,1655                   John O’Williams,1656

Patrick Paul,1648               Phillipp Prendergast,1643               Philip Prendergast,1655

Philip Prendergast,1647         Joane Qually,1653                       Thomas Reley,1654

Richard Riley,1649              Patrick Robinson,1637                   James Roche,1637

John Roche,1647                 Teague Row,1655                         Ann Ryley,1653

Thomas Sherridon,1642           Richard Sexton,1653                     Nicholaus Sexton,1654

John Sheeles,1653               Ellen Sheen,1650                        Roger Sheely,1656

Teague Shone,1655               Daniel Shullivan,1656                   Dorman Shullivan,1656

Elinor Silivean,1653            Peter Sharkey,1649                      Peter Starkey,1652

Philip Starkey,1652             William Starkey,1652                    Patrick Steward,1655

Onory Sullivan,1656             Elizabeth Sullivant,1655                Edmund Sweny,1656

Elizabeth Sweney,1656           Mary Sweney,1656                        Cornelius Swillivon,1637

Joane Taaffee,1654              Eliza Talley,1638                       Patrick Tallin,1652

Patrick Talling,1638            William Tandey,1650                     William Tandy,1643

Brian Teagee,1655               Dennis Teague,1655                      John Toole,1655

Thomas Toolye,1638              Thomas Tooly,1654                       Robert Tracye,1653

Mary Tracy,1654                 Robert Tracy,1653                       Teague Trassey,1655

Robert Trasey,1654              John Tulley,1640                        James Turney,1652

Patrick Vaughn,1635             Patrick Vaughhan,1638                   Thomas Walsh,1643

Thomas Welsh,1638               Robert Welshe,1635                      Patrick White,1653

Spelling is as recorded. In addition to these,there is a large number of immigrants named Allen, Bryan, Collins, Cunningham, Donnell, Farley, Flood, Fludd, Ford, Gill, Gray, Garrett, Griffen, Gwyn, Hart, Haies, Harrington, Moore and Neale who may have been Irish.

Collected by George Cabell Greer from land records in Richmond.

These are not all claimed to be Irish, many of the names such as Collins, Moore, Hayes, Gill, Ford, Griffen, Farley, Harrington and so for, are common names in Ireland but so are they in England .
The names below can be either Irish,English or Scottish.

Date            Name                            Acres                           County

1628            Walter Heyley                   50                              Elizabeth City

1634            William Conner                  50                              Elizabeth City

1635            Thomas Keeling                  100                             Elizabeth City

1636            Joseph Moore                    200                             Elizabeth City

1638            Bryan Smith                     140                             Westmoreland

1639            Christopher Dawcey              50                              Elizabeth City

1646            John Flynn                      50                              Westmoreland

1647            Francis Fludd                   300                             Westmoreland

1649            Thomas Conniers                 40                              Elizabeth City

1650            George Gill                     700                             Westmoreland

1650            John Haney                      950                             Northumberland

1651            Christopher Boyce               300                             Northumberland

1651            Stephen Gill                    900                             Northumberland

1651            John Hayes                      300                             Westmoreland

1653            Charles Kiggan                  100                             Westmoreland

1651            Abraham Moore and

                Thomas Griffen                  1400                            Lancaster

1653            Dennis Conniers                 1417                            Lancaster

1653            Patrick Miller                  400                             Lancaster

1653            Hugh Gwynn                      200                             Lancaster

1653            Teague Floyne                   300                             Lancaster

1652            Daniel Welch                    1137                            Lancaster

1652            Anthony Doney                   1000                            Lancaster

1654            Edwin Connaway                  1250                            Lancaster

1656            Dennis Conniers                 1178                            Lancaster

1658            Henry Roach                     1700                            Westmoreland

1658            John Kenneygan and

                James Fullerton                 458                             Rappahannock

1658            William Goffe                   1000                            New Kent

1661            John Fleming                    493                             New Kent

1663            Peter Ford                      640                             New Kent

1664            Cornelius Reynolds              640                             New Kent

1664            John Goffe                      400                             New Kent

1663            Miles Riley                     200                             Rappahannock

1663            Dennis Sullivant                1446                            Rappahannock

1664            James Caghill                   246                             Rappahannock

1662            John Rayney                     1178                            Lancaster

1663            Daniel Welsh                    600                             Lancaster

1663            Thomas Crily                    600                             Accomac

1664            William O’Naughton

                and Teague Miskett              400                             Accomac

1664            John Renny                      500                             Accomac

1665            Edward Haelly                   1000                            Elizabeth City

1665            Miles Reily                     1100                            Rappahannock

1666            Dorman Sullivant                500                             Accomac

1666            William O’Noughton              500                             Accomac

1667            Ambrose Cleare                  1155                            Rappahannock

1667            John Lacey                      370                             Rappahannock

1668            Francis Haile                   1865                            Rappahannock

1668            John Sexton                     700                             New Kent

1669            Martyn Moore                    400                             Accomac

1669            Thomas Orily                    300                             Accomac

1669            Bickett Burke                   408                             Rappahannock

1669            Cornelius Reynolds              180                             Gloucester

1669            Thomas Collins                  250                             Gloucester

1670            Thomas Moore                    2400                            Isle of Wight

1672            Ambrose White                   450                             Accomac

1672            Augustine Moore                 225                             Elizabeth City

1670            Edward Reyley and

                John Killingham                 500                             Rappahannock

1670            John Butler                     597                             Rappahannock

1670            Christopher Butler              339                             Rappahannock

1672            Henry Tandy                     868                             Rappahannock

1673            Thomas Ryland                   120                             Gloucester

1674            Danile Sullivant and

                Theophilus Wale                 450                             Rappahannock

1675            Bryan Smith                     2200                            Rappahannock

1675            Thomas Heady                    475                             Accomac

1678            Malachi Peal                    843                             Elizabeth City

1678            John Quigley                    80                              Elizabeth City

1679            William Collins                 1313                            Isle of Wight

1756            Charles Macceney                124                             Cumberland

1755            James Cain                      28                              Sussex

1755            Thomas Clary                    67                              Sussex

1757            Ambrose Haley                   386                             Halifax

1758            Michael McDaniel                820                             Halifax

1759            Timothy Dalton                  150                             Halifax

1758            William Raney                   250                             Dinwiddie

1758            Joseph Butler                   120                             Dinwiddie

1758            Anne Fitzgerald                 182                             Dinwiddie

1760            Richard Murphey                 400                             Halifax

1760            William McDaniel                1000                            Halifax

1760            Richard Griffen                 394                             Halifax

1760            Hugh Moore                      800                             Halifax

1760            James Careley                   400                             Halifax

1760            William Carley                  170                             Halifax

1760            Morris Dunn                     190                             Sussex

1760            William Dillon                  250                             Cumberland

1761            Anthony Griffin                 244                             Halifax

1761            Hugh Corrin                     424                             Halifax

1761            Richard Dugen                   660                             Halifax

1761            John Logan                      383                             Halifax

1761            Henry McDaniel                  285                             Halifax

1762            Darby Callihan                  400                             Halifax

1762            Christopher Gorman              294                             Halifax

1762            Richard Griffen                 400                             Halifax

1762            Martin Burk                     100                             Cumberland

1763            Jeremiah Morrow                 260                             Halifax

1764            William O’Bannon                258                             Faquier

1764            David Logan                     217                             Halifax

1764            William Mead                    185                             Halifax

1764            Owen Brady                      400                             Halifax

1764            John Butler                     835                             Halifax

1764            Thomas Collins                  400                             Halifax

1764            Edward Cahall                   217                             Halifax

1764            William McDaniel                299                             Halifax

1765            Thomas Dougherty                400                             Halifax

1765            Ambrose Haley                   275                             Halifax

1765            Patrick Shields                 51                              Halifax

1767            Thomas Conner                   348                             Halifax

1767            John Fitzgerald                 400                             Halifax

1770            Thomas Barrett                  28                              Dinwiddie

1770            James Foley                     117                             Faquier

1772            William Connelly                210                             Sussex

1772            Peter Cain                      244                             Sussex

1773            John Connolly                   2000                            Fincastle

1780            William Conway                  70                              Faquier

1783            John Kelley                     50                              Sussex

1783            Michael Molone                  51                              Sussex

1785            Thomas Creagh                   150                             Sussex

1788            James Dowdall                   586                             Faquier

1791            Michael Malone                  131                             Sussex

1794            Peter Conway                    31                              Faquier

1795            James Lyon                      120                             Sussex

1796            Joseph Reynolds                 209                             Sussex

1796            John Dillian                    40                              Sussex

1797            Michael Ahart                   147                             Sussex

1798            John Kelley                     66   

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