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Missing Heirs, Living Relatives and Probate Estate Research in Ireland

Ulster Ancestry carries out missing heir and estate research in Ireland, for law firms, Public Trustees offices and estate administrators. We identify living relatives and provide official certified documentation to show their relationship to the deceased. We have many years of experience carrying out this specialist work in Ireland.

You can save you time and money by putting our expertise in finding living relatives to work for you.

We charge a basic hourly rate plus disbursements working to an agreed budget. We do not accept percentage based fees offers. Ulster Ancestry’s research experts can help you when:

An estate or trust distribution is held up because some of the beneficiaries cannot be found;
When proof of relationship to an heir is needed;
When due diligence is requested by the courts;
If you need help identifying from historical records, biological family members who are still living.

Why use Ulster Ancestry for Missing Heir and Estate Research?

Ulster Ancestry researchers have become experts in the field of locating missing family members in Ireland . We are readily available to you by telephone and email. You will be corresponding and working directly with the genealogist researching the case.

How to get started

Contact us and we will be glad to discuss your case needs, plan the way forward and provide a free estimate.
As an administrator or estate lawyer, you will be asked only to authorize a specific number of hours research or a budget figure. We do not ask for any financial retainer in advance.
If the search needs to continue after the first research session, you would be required to authorize additional research based on a specific number of hours. Our research blocks are typically 24 hours in duration, but can be any agreed number of hours.

What to expect

We will produce a full summarised report of the search showing family relationships, and a complete list of sources examined. The latter is particularly helpful in proving to a court that due diligence was undertaken.
We typically complete research blocks within 12 weeks. We can expedite research, if requested. Please contact us for more information or to get a search under way today.

We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service.

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