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The Old Church of Edrim, Killymard County Donegal

With thanks to Margaret Graham.

Reverend Canon H. Trimble
From time immemorial the Atlantic mists have swirled in over the shores of the west of Co Donegal. Legend tells us of how a ships captain whose craft was battered by the waves put ashore in the calmer waters of Donegal Bay at Edrim Glebe. True to his promise, he is said to have established a church where he came ashore, that church was and is Killymard. However the very early days of that church are also clouded in mists, the mists of time.

In 1932, the Rev. Canon James B. Leslie compiled a reference book ???Raphoe Clergy and Parishes??? it gave an ???account of the clergy of the Church of Ireland in the Diocese of Raphoe from the earliest period.??? Included in Leslie???s publication we find records of three vicars of Killymard from the early fifteenth century: -

Up to 1424. John O???Thairig [aChairig]

1424 Luke Ochailgeanan, he held the position without a good title for a few years before being deposed

1427 Murianus O???Breshlin, held the position for ten years, while also rector of Inniskeel.

The list of Rectors is complete from 1611.
As given by Rev. Mercer.

1611. Alexander Cunningham A.M.

1624. William Hamilton. A.M. Appointed by Crown on Lapse [In Ulster Visitation book???In 1662 William Hamilton was Rector, but Cure served by Andrew Murray [Curate] Reverend William Hamilton lived in Killybegs.

1630. Richard Walker.

1630. Robert Cunningham A.M grandson of the Bishop of Argyll. Installed by John Knox, Robert Acken and William Hamilton 22nd January 1630. He became Deacon and Priest by Andrew of Raphoe 3rd of September 1627.

1661. John Ray, [or May] later information says in fact his name was John Hay, a Fellow of St. John???s College Cambridge in 1634.
1662/3. Gavin Hamilton [Went to Drumholm 1667]

1666/7. John Farquar. His son was the famous Farquar author of ???The Beaux Stratagen??? ----see Hughes Pre Victorian dramatist.
David Pearson MA.

1692. James Nesbitt.

1698. Alexander Young.

1699. James Phillips.

1742. George Gowan. Moved to Inver.

1746. John Lamy MA. Vicar General of the Diocese. Moved to Aughanunshin.

1757. John Alcock [Resigned in 1761] Became Archdeacon of Derry 1781. Moved to Killaghtee.

1761. Roger Blackall, resigned in 1768.

1768. James Montgomery MA resigned in 1770.

1770. Mossom Leslie MA. Died in 1776. Buried in Dungiven Abbey.

1777. Andrew Greenfield MA. Died in 1783. Author of poems printed in Edinburgh 1790. Moved to Killaghtee.

1783. John Hawkins BA. Son of Bishop Hawkins, resigned in 1806. Moved to Killybegs.

1806. William Smith BA. Resigned in 1825. Resided in Donegal Town up to 1816 when Glebe was built.

1825. John Magee MA. Son of Dr William Magee Archbishop of Dublin and father of the great Magee, Archbishop of York.

1829. Charles Moore Stewart. 2nd son of Alexander Stewart of Ards House, Co Down. He died in 1831.

1831. John Ellison MA. Died in office.

1839. Richard Homan, MA. Resigned in 1849.

1847. John Hamilton Miller. Moved in one month.

1847. Charles Seymour. Moved to Moville.

1853. W Hughes. Died in office.

1880.William Verner. Moved to Termonamongan. Killeter.

1883.William Hunt. AM Moved to Templecrone. [Dunloe]

1897. William Wilson Mercer. AB {Hon] T.C.D. MA [1908]

1907 William Dudley Saul Fletcher, moved in one month.

1907 James Williams, moved to Gweedore.

1914 Samuel Richardson Fleming, moved to Killybegs 1922.

1922 Robert John Ryan. Rector of Lough Eske from 1917, now joint rector with Killymard.

1960 Stephen Arthur Cave. The united parishes of Lough Eske and Killymard joined with Donegal. Installed Canon of Raphoe 1960, until installed Dean in 1967. Retired through ill health 1972, died 1973. Editor of Raphoe Diocesan Magazine from 1949 until 1972. Author of ???Our Church in History 1954, Disestablishment 1868-1871 and after???.

1972-1990 Alexander Butler Stewart. In 1985 the parish of Laghy was joined with Donegal, Killymard and Lough Eske. Installed Canon 1981.

1990-2001 Thomas Henry Trimble. Installed Canon of Raphoe 1993. Author of ???Historical Meanderings around Lough Eske,??? editor of ???The Community that is Laghy Church and Community, 2000???, and ???Killymard Ancient and Modern 2001???. Retired August 2001.

The following also served as curates in Killymard

1662 Andrew Murray.
1698 Alexander Young, licensed curate 28th September, collated as Prebendary 23rd December.
1746 William Babington.
1766 Clotworthy Soden.
1770 John Harris.
c1773 Alexander Scott.
1821 Edward Semple
1832 Walter Young
1837 Edward Labatt
1843 Richard Neville Cornwall.
1846 Edward O???Bryen Pratt.
1870 David Thompson.
1879 Samuel Runcie Craig, was also perpetual curate of Lough Eske.


1619???1691 John Knox
1661???1667 Christopher Hewetson
1666 Gustavus Hamilton
1670 James Colborne
1678 Edward Whiteway
1704 Thomas Woodman
1712 Edmund Arwaker
1720 Clotworthy Gowan Left 1749 [He appears to have got around other parishes] some unfortunates were named after him in Drumholm e.g. Clotworthy Freeborn.

1749--1782 Peter Edge [Died 1783]
1783--1817 John Alcock [The guy who copied the records]
1817 Robert Ball [Died in 1828]
1828 ???1847 Archdeacon Maurice George Fenwick.
1847 John Kincade
1883???1901 D Ajagoe
1901 Rev, Alfred Carson
Rev. Kelly
1926 Rev. Thompson
1927 Rev. Garston

Margaret Graham 2007

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