Ulster Ancestry Memorial Garden

The Ulster Ancestry Memorial Garden

"Remember me"

19th century Ireland was a poor place and very few people, when they died, had any kind of a permanent memorial in a graveyard to celebrate their life and mark their passing. Most families were of very modest means and headstones, being expensive, were not considered.
Often, your ancestor’s last resting place would have been marked only by a small rock onto which was scratched his or her name. The wind and rain soon carried the name away. They lived on for a while in the memory of those who knew and loved them but once they too passed on, the memory died with them.

Many of us have spent years first tracking down our ancestors and then learning more about them, where and when they were born and how they lived and died. You will understand when I say, that where once we only had names on a page, these names have now become very real people again. We want their names and their story to live on for future generations.

We provide this Memorial Garden as a place on line a lasting memorial to Irish and Ulster ancestors, to be shared by others from all around the World.

The story of our ancestor’s life can now be known again and remembered.

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