Ulster AncestryUlster Ancestry

Flax Growers Bounty List 1796 - County Donegal

A'Hilley Noher Drumhome Donegal

Actor John Urney Donegal

Adams Robert Drumhome Donegal

Aeastey Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Alcorn James Moville Lower Donegal

Alcorn John Donaghmore Donegal

Alcorn William Donaghmore Donegal

Alexander Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Alexander Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Alexander Cairns Taughboyne Donegal

Alexander James Conwal Donegal

Alexander James Donaghmore Donegal

Alexander James Raphoe Donegal

Alexander James Rye Donegal

Alexander James Taughboyne Donegal

Alexander John Donaghmore Donegal

Alexander Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Alexander Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Alexander Samuel All Saints Donegal

Alexander Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Alexander Samuel, Sr. Templemore Donegal

Alexander Thomas Clonmany Donegal

Alexander Thomas Conwal Donegal

Alexander Widow ??? Rye Donegal

Alexander William All Saints Donegal

Alexander William Taughboyne Donegal

Algeo Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

Algeo Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Algeo William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Algo Alexander Donaghmore Donegal

Algoe Robert Tully Donegal

Allen Edward Templemore Donegal

Allen George Conwal Donegal

Allen Isabella Donaghmore Donegal

Allen James Donaghmore Donegal

Allen James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen James Leck Donegal

Allen James Stranorlar Donegal

Allen Jane Donaghmore Donegal

Allen John Donaghmore Donegal

Allen John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen John Raphoe Donegal

Allen John Rye Donegal

Allen John Taughboyne Donegal

Allen John, Jr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen John, Jr. Raphoe Donegal

Allen Margaret Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen Rev. David Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Allen Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Allen Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen Robert Raphoe Donegal

Allen Robert Rye Donegal

Allen Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Allen Robert, Jr. Tully Donegal

Allen Robert, Sr. Tully Donegal

Allen Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Allen Samuel Rye Donegal

Allen Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Allen Tristram Templemore Donegal

Allen William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Allen William, Sr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Alleson Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Alleson George Leck Donegal

Alleson James Clonleigh Donegal

Alleson James Leck Donegal

Alleson James Tully Donegal

Alleson John Leck Donegal

Alleson Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Alleson Moses Rye Donegal

Alleson Robert Leck Donegal

Alleson S. Rye Donegal

Alleson Samuel Leck Donegal

Alleson William Donaghmore Donegal

Allingham Nicholas Kilbarron Donegal

Allingham William Inver Donegal

Allison Andrew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Anderson Catherine Clonleigh Donegal

Anderson Charles Conwal Donegal

Anderson Denis Donaghmore Donegal

Anderson Francis Killygarvan Donegal

Anderson George Moville Upper Donegal

Anderson James Clonleigh Donegal

Anderson James Taughboyne Donegal

Anderson John Conwal Donegal

Anderson John Donaghmore Donegal

Anderson John Moville Upper Donegal

Anderson Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Anderson Richard Moville Upper Donegal

Anderson Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Anderson Robert Conwal Donegal

Anderson Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Anderson Thomas Inch Donegal

Anderson William Clonleigh Donegal

Anderson William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Andrew Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Andrews John Killygarvan Donegal

Arbuckel Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Armichael Samuel Rye Donegal

Armor Hamilton All Saints Donegal

Armor William All Saints Donegal

Armour John Leck Donegal

Armstrong Archibald Rye Donegal

Armstrong Christopher Clonleigh Donegal

Armstrong David Stranorlar Donegal

Armstrong Elizabeth Donaghmore Donegal

Armstrong George Donaghmore Donegal

Armstrong James Stranorlar Donegal

Armstrong John Stranorlar Donegal

Armstrong Thomas Conwal Donegal

Armstrong Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

Armstrong Victor Stranorlar Donegal

Armstrong William Taughboyne Donegal

Arnold Edward Stranorlar Donegal

Arnold John Stranorlar Donegal

Arthur Joseph Templemore Donegal

Ash Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Askin Matthew Killybegs Upper Donegal

Atkinson Alexander Templemore Donegal

Atkinson George Templemore Donegal

Atkinson John Donagh Donegal

Atkinson Widow ??? Templemore Donegal

Aughartay Richard Drumhome Donegal

Austin Elizabeth Donagh Donegal

Bail Abraham Conwal Donegal

Baird Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Baird Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Baird James Clonca Donegal

Baird James Moville Lower Donegal

Baird John Donaghmore Donegal

Baird John Moville Lower Donegal

Baird Martha Conwal Donegal

Baird Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Baird Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Baird Samuel Stranorlar Donegal

Baird Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

Baird William Moville Lower Donegal

Balantine King ??? Conwal Donegal

Balboaconstrictor Rockford Q Drumhome Donegal

Balderick John Desertegny Donegal

Ball James Clonleigh Donegal

Ball John Clonleigh Donegal

Ban John Fahan Upper Donegal

Bannagan Patrick Kilbarron Donegal

Bannigan Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Baraud David Gartan Donegal

Barber William Culdaff Donegal

Barclay Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Barclay Charles Raphoe Donegal

Barclay Francis Raphoe Donegal

Barclay George Donegal Donegal

Barclay George Raphoe Donegal

Barclay Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

Barclay Hugh Raphoe Donegal

Barclay Hugh Rye Donegal

Barclay James Raphoe Donegal

Barclay Margaret Stranorlar Donegal

Barclay Thomas Donegal Donegal

Barclay Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Barclay Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Barclay William Clonleigh Donegal

Barclay William Raphoe Donegal

Barclay William Rye Donegal

Barnet John Drumhome Donegal

Barnett Thomas Conwal Donegal

Barnett William Drumhome Donegal

Barnett Wm. Templemore Donegal

Barr Adam Donaghmore Donegal

Barr Andrew Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Barr Edward Templemore Donegal

Barr Henry Moville Upper Donegal

Barr Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr James Donaghmore Donegal

Barr James Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr James Moville Lower Donegal

Barr John Conwal Donegal

Barr John Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr John Moville Upper Donegal

Barr John Stranorlar Donegal

Barr Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr Moses Stranorlar Donegal

Barr Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Barr Neil Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Barr Owen Templemore Donegal

Barr Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Barr Patrick Templemore Donegal

Barr Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Barr Robert Urney Donegal

Barr William Donaghmore Donegal

Barr William Moville Lower Donegal

Barr William Stranorlar Donegal

Barrett Henry Rye Donegal

Barron Bryan Conwal Donegal

Barron Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Barron John Fahan Upper Donegal

Barron John Leck Donegal

Barron John Raphoe Donegal

Barron John Rye Donegal

Barron John Tully Donegal

Barron Michael Tully Donegal

Barron Owen Tully Donegal

Bartiy William Taughboyne Donegal

Baskin Oliver Inver Donegal

Baskin Robert Inver Donegal

Baskin Robert Killaghtee Donegal

Baskin Thomas Inver Donegal

Bateman John Fahan Upper Donegal

Bates David Donaghmore Donegal

Bates Widow ??? Tullyaughnish Donegal

Bates William Donaghmore Donegal

Baxter David Conwal Donegal

Baxter George Conwal Donegal

Baxter John Moville Lower Donegal

Baxter Thomas Gartan Donegal

Baxter Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Beacon William Taughboyne Donegal

Beal Mary Raphoe Donegal

Beal Robert Raphoe Donegal

Beard James Donagh Donegal

Beard Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

Beard Thomas Clonca Donegal

Beats David Donaghmore Donegal

Beats George Conwal Donegal

Beats James Donaghmore Donegal

Beattey James Drumhome Donegal

Beattey James Killea Donegal

Beattey Walter Moville Upper Donegal

Beattey William Moville Upper Donegal

Beatty Archibald Fahan Upper Donegal

Beatty Archibald, Jr. Fahan Upper Donegal

Beatty George Templemore Donegal

Beatty Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Beatty William Conwal Donegal

Beatty Wm. Templemore Donegal

Beglay Matthew Drumhome Donegal

Beglay Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Begley Cornelius Moville Lower Donegal

Beirn Bryan Drumhome Donegal

Bell Andrew Killea Donegal

Bell Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

Bell Edward Donegal Donegal

Bell George Kilmacrenan Donegal

Bell John Stranorlar Donegal

Bell John Templemore Donegal

Bell Joseph Fahan Upper Donegal

Bell Richard Stranorlar Donegal

Bell William Stranorlar Donegal

Benson William Moville Upper Donegal

Benston John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Best John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Best Patrick Tully Donegal

Best Thomas Tully Donegal

Best William Tully Donegal

Beveard Robert Conwal Donegal

Bevitt Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

Biard Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Bickett Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Biglay Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Biglay Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Bigley Edward Moville Lower Donegal

Billinslay Alexander Tully Donegal

Birn Charles Urney Donegal

Birn Daniel Killaghtee Donegal

Birn Darby Killymard Donegal

Birney George Donaghmore Donegal

Birns John Killymard Donegal

Birsland Neal Killymard Donegal

Black Aaron Tullyaughnish Donegal

Black Alexander Conwal Donegal

Black Alexander Tully Donegal

Black Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Black Charles Raphoe Donegal

Black Elizabeth Tully Donegal

Black Francis Killygarvan Donegal

Black Henry Raphoe Donegal

Black Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Black James Kilbarron Donegal

Black James Killygarvan Donegal

Black James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Black James Raphoe Donegal

Black James Tully Donegal

Black Jane Raphoe Donegal

Black Jeremiah Desertegny Donegal

Black Joseph Tully Donegal

Black Matthew Conwal Donegal

Black Oliver Tullyaughnish Donegal

Black Peter Tullyaughnish Donegal

Black Rachel Tullyaughnish Donegal

Black Richard Raphoe Donegal

Black Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Black Thomas Rye Donegal

Black William Donaghmore Donegal

Black William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Black William Raphoe Donegal

Black William Tully Donegal

Blackburn David Clonleigh Donegal

Blackburn James Donaghmore Donegal

Blackburn James Stranorlar Donegal

Blackburn John Clonleigh Donegal

Blackburn John Raphoe Donegal

Blackburn Oliver Leck Donegal

Blackburn Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Blackburn Samuel Urney Donegal

Blackburn William Raphoe Donegal

Blackburne Oliver Donaghmore Donegal

Blackwood John Aghanunshin Donegal

Blackwood Thomas Conwal Donegal

Blackwood William Aghanunshin Donegal

Blair Adam Clonleigh Donegal

Blair Eleanor Taughboyne Donegal

Blair James Donaghmore Donegal

Blair Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Blair Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Blair Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Blair Widow ??? Clonleigh Donegal

Blair William Clonleigh Donegal

Blair William Donaghmore Donegal

Blaney George Clondavaddog Donegal

Blaney Hugh Clondavaddog Donegal

Blaney James Clondavaddog Donegal

Blaney James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Blaney Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Blean Charles Killybegs Upper Donegal

Blee Neal Taughboyne Donegal

Boal John Raphoe Donegal

Boal Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Bogan Byran Clonleigh Donegal

Bogan Byran Donaghmore Donegal

Bogan Luke Donaghmore Donegal

Bogan Luke Urney Donegal

Bogan Michael Stranorlar Donegal

Bogan Neal Urney Donegal

Bogan Owen Urney Donegal

Bogan Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Bogan William Urney Donegal

Boggan Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Boggs Alexander Clonca Donegal

Boggs Archibald Clonca Donegal

Boggs Francis Donagh Donegal

Boggs Jacob Conwal Donegal

Boggs James All Saints Donegal

Boggs Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Boggs Ninian Clonca Donegal

Boggs William Clonca Donegal

Boggs William Donaghmore Donegal

Bogle George Tully Donegal

Bogle James Tully Donegal

Bogle John Aghanunshin Donegal

Bogle Joseph Aghanunshin Donegal

Bogs John Leck Donegal

Boner John Donaghmore Donegal

Boner John Stranorlar Donegal

Boner Wm Tullyaughnish Donegal

Bonner John Templemore Donegal

Bonniton John Moville Lower Donegal

Boreland Andrew Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland Archibald Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland Daniel Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland Henry Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland James Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland John Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland Mark Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland Robert Clondavaddog Donegal

Boreland William Clondavaddog Donegal

Bosland Isabella Clondavaddog Donegal

Bovaird Charles Leck Donegal

Bovaird John Conwal Donegal

Bovaird William Leck Donegal

Boveard Alexander Aghanunshin Donegal

Boveard David Kilmacrenan Donegal

Boveard James All Saints Donegal

Boveard James Donaghmore Donegal

Boveard Robert Aghanunshin Donegal

Boveard Robert Conwal Donegal

Boveard William Raphoe Donegal

Boviard James Leck Donegal

Boy Wm. Conwal Donegal

Boyce Neal Stranorlar Donegal

Boyd Daniel Donegal Donegal

Boyd David Killaghtee Donegal

Boyd Hugh Killaghtee Donegal

Boyd John Killaghtee Donegal

Boyd John Raphoe Donegal

Boyd John, Esq. Conwal Donegal

Boyd Margaret Killaghtee Donegal

Boyd Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Boyd Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Boyle Anthony Kilmacrenan Donegal

Boyle Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Boyle Bryan Drumhome Donegal

Boyle Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Boyle Bryan Rye Donegal

Boyle Cenis Donaghmore Donegal

Boyle Charles Fahan Upper Donegal

Boyle Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Boyle Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

Boyle Daniel Raphoe Donegal

Boyle Daniel Stranorlar Donegal

Boyle Edward Conwal Donegal

Boyle Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Boyle Edward Drumhome Donegal

Boyle Edward Stranorlar Donegal

Boyle Edward Tully Donegal

Boyle Elizabeth Rye Donegal

Boyle Hugh Raphoe Donegal

Boyle Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

Boyle James Moville Upper Donegal

Boyle James Raphoe Donegal

Boyle James Stranorlar Donegal

Boyle John Clonleigh Donegal

Boyle John Stranorlar Donegal

Boyle John Tully Donegal

Boyle John Urney Donegal

Boyle Joseph Clonleigh Donegal

Boyle Mathew Donaghmore Donegal

Boyle Michael Drumhome Donegal

Boyle Neal Donaghmore Donegal

Boyle Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Boyle Owen Raphoe Donegal

Boyle Patrick Conwal Donegal

Boyle Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Boyle Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

Boyle Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Boyle Patrick Taughboyne Donegal

Boyle Phelim Donegal Donegal

Boyle Philip Donaghmore Donegal

Boyle Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Boyle Widow ??? Rye Donegal

Boyle William Rye Donegal

Bradlay James Rye Donegal

Bradlay Robert All Saints Donegal

Bradley Anthony Moville Upper Donegal

Bradley Barner Aghanunshin Donegal

Bradley Daniel Gartan Donegal

Bradley Edward Moville Lower Donegal

Bradley Francis Conwal Donegal

Bradley Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Bradley Hugh Moville Upper Donegal

Bradley James Aghanunshin Donegal

Bradley James Conwal Donegal

Bradley James Fahan Upper Donegal

Bradley James Gartan Donegal

Bradley James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Bradley Owen Donagh Donegal

Bradley Patrick Conwal Donegal

Bradley Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Bradley Philip Tully Donegal

Bradley Thomas Leck Donegal

Bradley William Moville Upper Donegal

Bradly Patrick Conwal Donegal

Brady Thomas Drumroosk Donegal

Branden Prancis Conwal Donegal

Brandon William Stranorlar Donegal

Brannan Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Brannon Cormack Kilmacrenan Donegal

Brannon Eleanor Clonleigh Donegal

Bratton David Clonmany Donegal

Bratton Eneas Clonca Donegal

Bratton Gerrard Donaghmore Donegal

Bratton James Donagh Donegal

Bratton James Templemore Donegal

Bratton John Donaghmore Donegal

Bratton Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Breadin Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Brecon Patrick Conwal Donegal

Bredin James Templemore Donegal

Bredon Samuel Templemore Donegal

Breighan Andrew Urney Donegal

Bresland Charles Clonmany Donegal

Brew Elizabeth Rye Donegal

Brice James Clondavaddog Donegal

Brillaghan Thomas Desertegny Donegal

Briney Robert Aghanunshin Donegal

Brisen Owen Donagh Donegal

Brisland Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Brisland Margaret Leck Donegal

Brisland Neal Moville Lower Donegal

Brisland Owen Moville Upper Donegal

Brisland Patrick Culdaff Donegal

Brisland Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Brisland Samuel Fahan Upper Donegal

Brisland William Leck Donegal

Brison Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

Brison James Donaghmore Donegal

Brison Oliver Clonleigh Donegal

Broadbane John Drumhome Donegal

Broadley Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Broadley Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Broadley James Moville Lower Donegal

Broadley James Raphoe Donegal

Broadley William Raphoe Donegal

Broadley William Tully Donegal

Broadly Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Brodley David Fahan Upper Donegal

Brodley James Conwal Donegal

Brogan Alexander Rye Donegal

Brogan Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Brogan David Clonleigh Donegal

Brogan John Killymard Donegal

Brogan Neil Clonleigh Donegal

Brogan Patrick Killymard Donegal

Brogan Widow ??? Clonleigh Donegal

Brogan William Killymard Donegal

Brook Hugh Templemore Donegal

Browbin James Donegal Donegal

Brown Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

Brown Alexander Rye Donegal

Brown Audley Drumhome Donegal

Brown Charles Leck Donegal

Brown David Tullyaughnish Donegal

Brown George Stranorlar Donegal

Brown George Tullyaughnish Donegal

Brown James Donaghmore Donegal

Brown James Raphoe Donegal

Brown James Rye Donegal

Brown James Tully Donegal

Brown James Urney Donegal

Brown Jane Tully Donegal

Brown John Leck Donegal

Brown John Raphoe Donegal

Brown John Urney Donegal

Brown Joseph Rye Donegal

Brown Joseph Urney Donegal

Brown Manus Kilmacrenan Donegal

Brown Manus Leck Donegal

Brown Mary Rye Donegal

Brown Nathaniel Templemore Donegal

Brown Neal Raphoe Donegal

Brown Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Brown Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

Brown Patrick Tully Donegal

Brown Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Brown Samuel, Esq. Urney Donegal

Brown Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Brown William Gartan Donegal

Brown William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Bryan James Donaghmore Donegal

Bryson Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Buchannan Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Buchannan Daniel Conwal Donegal

Buchannan Francis Conwal Donegal

Buchannan James Killaghtee Donegal

Buchannan James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Buchannan Oliver Conwal Donegal

Buchannan William Clondavaddog Donegal

Buchannon Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Buchannon Finlay Taughboyne Donegal

Buchannon George Clonleigh Donegal

Buchannon James Donegal Donegal

Buchannon James Taughboyne Donegal

Buchannon John Clonleigh Donegal

Buchannon John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Buchannon John Raphoe Donegal

Buchannon John Tully Donegal

Buchannon Philip Tully Donegal

Buchannon Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Buchannon Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Buchannon Samuel Tully Donegal

Buchannon Walter Tully Donegal

Buchannon William Aghanunshin Donegal

Buchannon William Clonleigh Donegal

Buchannon William Conwal Donegal

Buchannon Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Buirns Patrick Killea Donegal

Buoy John Tully Donegal

Buoy Philip Moville Lower Donegal

Buoyle Neal Moville Lower Donegal

Burke Mathew Conwal Donegal

Burke Thomas Conwal Donegal

Burke Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Burke Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Burns John Urney Donegal

Burns Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Burns William Killygarvan Donegal

Burns William Moville Upper Donegal

Bury Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

Bustard Adam Donegal Donegal

Bustard Charles Donegal Donegal

Buy Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Byers Archal Donaghmore Donegal

Byrne Loughlin Donaghmore Donegal

Cadir James Donaghmore Donegal

Cadir William Donaghmore Donegal

Cafferty Bryan Conwal Donegal

Caffield Patrick Killygarvan Donegal

Cain Barney Moville Lower Donegal

Cain Denis Stranorlar Donegal

Cain Edward Stranorlar Donegal

Cairney John Moville Lower Donegal

Cairney Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Calaughan Hugh Tully Donegal

Calaughan Laurence Donaghmore Donegal

Calaughan William Tully Donegal

Calaugher Hugh Tullyaughnish Donegal

Caldwel John All Saints Donegal

Caldwell Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Caldwell David Raphoe Donegal

Caldwell Henry Raphoe Donegal

Caldwell James Clonleigh Donegal

Caldwell Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Caldwell Robert Rye Donegal

Caldwell Samuel Moville Lower Donegal

Caldwell Thomas All Saints Donegal

Caldwell William Clonleigh Donegal

Caldwell Wm. Templemore Donegal

Calhoun John Clonmany Donegal

Calhoun Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Callagan Shane Donagh Donegal

Callaghan Denis Gartan Donegal

Callaghan Edward Conwal Donegal

Callaghan Owen Donagh Donegal

Callaghan Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Callaghan Patrick Donagh Donegal

Callaghan Rev. Dr. ??? Moville Upper Donegal

Callaghan Wm. Conwal Donegal

Callahun Edward Conwal Donegal

Callan Hugh Killygarvan Donegal

Callan John Stranorlar Donegal

Callan Michael Stranorlar Donegal

Callaugher Charles Stranorlar Donegal

Callen James Donaghmore Donegal

Callen James Raphoe Donegal

Callen Owen Clondavaddog Donegal

Callican John Templemore Donegal

Caloughan Denis Conwal Donegal

Cameron James Taughboyne Donegal

Cameron Richard Clonleigh Donegal

Cames John Donaghmore Donegal

Campbel James Clonca Donegal

Campbell Alexander Moville Lower Donegal

Campbell Alexander Rye Donegal

Campbell Archibald Donaghmore Donegal

Campbell Brock Conwal Donegal

Campbell Catherine Culdaff Donegal

Campbell Cornelius Drumhome Donegal

Campbell D. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Campbell Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

Campbell David Kilmacrenan Donegal

Campbell Denis Stranorlar Donegal

Campbell George Moville Upper Donegal

Campbell James Donagh Donegal

Campbell James Moville Upper Donegal

Campbell James Tully Donegal

Campbell John Donagh Donegal

Campbell John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Campbell John Moville Lower Donegal

Campbell John Raphoe Donegal

Campbell John Rye Donegal

Campbell John Stranorlar Donegal

Campbell John Taughboyne Donegal

Campbell Joseph Kilmacrenan Donegal

Campbell Mark Clondavaddog Donegal

Campbell Mathew All Saints Donegal

Campbell Matthew Rye Donegal

Campbell Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

Campbell Moses Donagh Donegal

Campbell Richard Inishmacsaint Donegal

Campbell Robert Conwal Donegal

Campbell Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Campbell Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Campbell Thomas All Saints Donegal

Campbell Thomas Kilteevoge Donegal

Campbell Thomas Tully Donegal

Campbell William Donagh Donegal

Campbell William Inishmacsaint Donegal

Campbell William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Campbell William Rye Donegal

Campbell Wm. All Saints Donegal

Campell Hugh Taughboyne Donegal

Campell Richard Clondavaddog Donegal

Canidy John Donaghmore Donegal

Cannon Aaron Rye Donegal

Cannon Brien Kilmacrenan Donegal

Cannon David Rye Donegal

Cannon Denis Donaghmore Donegal

Cannon Denis Kilcar Donegal

Cannon Henry Clondavaddog Donegal

Cannon James All Saints Donegal

Cannon James Drumroosk Donegal

Cannon James Kilcar Donegal

Cannon John Moville Lower Donegal

Cannon John Templemore Donegal

Cannon Michael Killaghtee Donegal

Cannon Michael Raphoe Donegal

Cannon Owen Clondavaddog Donegal

Cannon Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Cannon Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Cannon Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Cannon William Killaghtee Donegal

Cannon William Killybegs Upper Donegal

Canny Charles Templemore Donegal

Canny Michael Culdaff Donegal

Canny Michael Stranorlar Donegal

Canny Patrick Killea Donegal

Canny Philip All Saints Donegal

Carbery John Conwal Donegal

Carbry Edward Killea Donegal

Carbry William Conwal Donegal

Carey Charles Donagh Donegal

Carey George Donagh Donegal

Carey George, Esq. Moville Lower Donegal

Carey George, Esq. Moville Upper Donegal

Carey Henry Moville Lower Donegal

Carey John Templemore Donegal

Carey Joseph Clonmany Donegal

Carey Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Carigan Manus Stranorlar Donegal

Carion John Donaghmore Donegal

Carithers Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

Carland Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

Carland Edward Clonleigh Donegal

Carland Ferdinand Fahan Upper Donegal

Carland Henry Clonleigh Donegal

Carland James Clonleigh Donegal

Carland John Clonleigh Donegal

Carland John Donaghmore Donegal

Carland Michael Clonleigh Donegal

Carland Michael Urney Donegal

Carland Owen Clonleigh Donegal

Carland Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Carland Philip Clonleigh Donegal

Carland Richard Taughboyne Donegal

Carland Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Carland William Rye Donegal

Carlen Joseph Moville Upper Donegal

Carlin Wm. Templemore Donegal

Carlon Daniel Raphoe Donegal

Carlon Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Carlon William Moville Upper Donegal

Carmichael George Moville Upper Donegal

Carmichael Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Carmichael Samuel Moville Upper Donegal

Carn John Templecarn Donegal

Carn Patrick Templecarn Donegal

Carnan Fanny Donaghmore Donegal

Carney Arthur Donegal Donegal

Carney Charles Killymard Donegal

Carney Hugh Killymard Donegal

Carney James Donegal Donegal

Carney John Donagh Donegal

Carney Michael Donagh Donegal

Carney Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

Carney Patrick Donegal Donegal

Carney Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Carney William Templemore Donegal

Carnon Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Carothers Moses Taughboyne Donegal

Carpentar James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Carr Matthew Tully Donegal

Carr Thomas Killymard Donegal

Carran Owen Gartan Donegal

Carrican William Moville Upper Donegal

Carrick Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Carrigan Michael Drumhome Donegal

Carrigan William Clonleigh Donegal

Carron James Drumhome Donegal

Carron Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Carsan John Raphoe Donegal

Carscadden Alexander Killaghtee Donegal

Carscadden Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Carscadden Arthur Raphoe Donegal

Carscadden James Donegal Donegal

Carscadden John Drumhome Donegal

Carscadden Robert Donegal Donegal

Carscadden William Killymard Donegal

Carscaddin Arthur Drumhome Donegal

Carscaddin John Kilcar Donegal

Carscaddin Thomas Kilcar Donegal

Carsidell Michael Templemore Donegal

Carson John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Carson Owen Conwal Donegal

Carson William Conwal Donegal

Carter James Fahan Upper Donegal

Cartin Neal Aghanunshin Donegal

Carton John Moville Upper Donegal

Carton Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

Carvan James All Saints Donegal

Caryoll William Killygarvan Donegal

Caslan Denis Aghanunshin Donegal

Caslon James Culdaff Donegal

Cassedy Patrick Conwal Donegal

Cassidy Edward Killaghtee Donegal

Cassidy Francis Culdaff Donegal

Cassidy Hugh Conwal Donegal

Cassidy John Desertegny Donegal

Cassidy John Donegal Donegal

Cassidy John Killaghtee Donegal

Cassidy Michael Donegal Donegal

Cassidy Michael Killaghtee Donegal

Cassidy Owen Killaghtee Donegal

Cassidy Roger Killaghtee Donegal

Caswell Joseph Donaghmore Donegal

Cather John Donaghmore Donegal

Cather William Donaghmore Donegal

Catterson James Donaghmore Donegal

Cavanagh Charles Donagh Donegal

Cavely Owen Rye Donegal

Cavinagh Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Cavinagh Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

Chambers Andrew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Chambers David Raphoe Donegal

Chambers John Conwal Donegal

Chambers John Raphoe Donegal

Chambers Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

Chambers Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Chambers Solomon Taughboyne Donegal

Chateley John Clonleigh Donegal

Cheatley Francis Stranorlar Donegal

Cheatley William Conwal Donegal

Cheatly Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Clarey Patrick Leck Donegal

Clark John Donegal Donegal

Clark Joseph Kilmacrenan Donegal

Clark Oliver Conwal Donegal

Clarke Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Clarke Daniel All Saints Donegal

Clarke James Moville Lower Donegal

Clarke James Raphoe Donegal

Clarke John Rye Donegal

Clarke Peter Raphoe Donegal

Clarke Robert Rye Donegal

Clarke Samuel Conwal Donegal

Clarke Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Clarke Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Clarke Widow ??? Leck Donegal

Clarke William Donegal Donegal

Clarke William Drumhome Donegal

Clarke William Rye Donegal

Clearey Anthony Stranorlar Donegal

Clearey Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Cleary James Raphoe Donegal

Clee Charles Rye Donegal

Clee Hugh Leck Donegal

Clendennin Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Clendennin William All Saints Donegal

Clendennon James All Saints Donegal

Clendinnen Mary All Saints Donegal

Clendinnen Robert Leck Donegal

Clide John Rye Donegal

Clingan Edward Templemore Donegal

Clurey James Kilbarron Donegal

Coar Henry Killymard Donegal

Coar William Killymard Donegal

Cochran Charles Raphoe Donegal

Cochran James Donaghmore Donegal

Cochran Jane Raphoe Donegal

Cochran John Donaghmore Donegal

Cochran John Kilcar Donegal

Cochran Rev. Nicholas Templecarn Donegal

Cochran Robert Raphoe Donegal

Cochran Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Cochran Samuel Fahan Upper Donegal

Cochran Thomas Rye Donegal

Cochran Thomas Tully Donegal

Cochran William Rye Donegal

Cochran William, Sr. Rye Donegal

Cockburn Robert Drumhome Donegal

Cole Denis Donaghmore Donegal

Cole Owen Moville Upper Donegal

Cole Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Cole William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Cole Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Coleman Isaac Urney Donegal

Coleman Patrick All Saints Donegal

Colgan Daniel Killymard Donegal

Colherin William Leck Donegal

Colhonn Thomas Conwal Donegal

Colhoon George All Saints Donegal

Colhoun Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

Colhoun Andrew Leck Donegal

Colhoun Andrew Rye Donegal

Colhoun Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Colhoun David Rye Donegal

Colhoun Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Colhoun James Rye Donegal

Colhoun John Conwal Donegal

Colhoun John Rye Donegal

Colhoun John Taughboyne Donegal

Colhoun John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Colhoun Margaret Rye Donegal

Colhoun Mathew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Colhoun Matthew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Colhoun Moses Clonleigh Donegal

Colhoun Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Colhoun Robert Conwal Donegal

Colhoun Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Colhoun Robert Rye Donegal

Colhoun Sampson Clonleigh Donegal

Colhoun Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Colhoun William Donaghmore Donegal

Colhoun William Moville Upper Donegal

Colhoun William Raphoe Donegal

Colhoun Wm. Rye Donegal

Colhoun Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Colin Nogher Templemore Donegal

Coll Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

Coll Hugh Clondavaddog Donegal

Coll James Tully Donegal

Coll Manus Tullyaughnish Donegal

Coll Owen Tullyaughnish Donegal

Collem James Drumhome Donegal

Collin Hugh Leck Donegal

Collins Brice Tullyaughnish Donegal

Collins Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Collins Darby Conwal Donegal

Collins Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Collins Hugh Tullyaughnish Donegal

Collins James Donaghmore Donegal

Collins James Moville Upper Donegal

Collins John Moville Upper Donegal

Collins John, Jr. Conwal Donegal

Collins John, Sr. Conwal Donegal

Collins Philip Moville Upper Donegal

Collins Roger Moville Upper Donegal

Collins Samuel Clonca Donegal

Collins Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Collum Patrick Leck Donegal

Colvin John Drumhome Donegal

Conagan Andrew Rye Donegal

Conaghan Hugh Rye Donegal

Conaghan James Raphoe Donegal

Conaghan William Clonleigh Donegal

Conaghlin Patrick Urney Donegal

Conaglan James Urney Donegal

Conaglin Bryan Urney Donegal

Conaher Hugh Taughboyne Donegal

Conan Wm Conwal Donegal

Coningham John Urney Donegal

Connaghan Cormack Clonleigh Donegal

Connaghan James Killaghtee Donegal

Connaghham Owen Rye Donegal

Connea John Clonleigh Donegal

Connea John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Connea Nicholas Clonleigh Donegal

Connell William Moville Upper Donegal

Connelly Michael Clonleigh Donegal

Conners Patrick Inver Donegal

Conney Edward Conwal Donegal

Conniglan Edward Urney Donegal

Connolly John Clondavaddog Donegal

Connolly Michael Drumhome Donegal

Connolly Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Connolly William Drumhome Donegal

Connor Arthur All Saints Donegal

Connor Dennis Tullyaughnish Donegal

Connor Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

Conolly John Tully Donegal

Conolly Michael Drumhome Donegal

Conway John Moville Lower Donegal

Conway Michael Moville Lower Donegal

Conwel John Raphoe Donegal

Cook James All Saints Donegal

Cook John Fahan Upper Donegal

Cook William Fahan Upper Donegal

Cooke Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Cooke Samuel Moville Lower Donegal

Cool Unity Kilmacrenan Donegal

Cooney John Kilbarron Donegal

Cooper James Urney Donegal

Cooper John Donaghmore Donegal

Cooper William Urney Donegal

Cordoe Denis Raphoe Donegal

Cormea Charles Conwal Donegal

Cormlay Samuel Conwal Donegal

Cormohan Daniel Clonmany Donegal

Cormohan Michael Clonmany Donegal

Corran Robert Clondavaddog Donegal

Corran William Aghanunshin Donegal

Corran William Clondavaddog Donegal

Corrin John Clondavaddog Donegal

Corrins John Templemore Donegal

Corry William Donegal Donegal

Corssen Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

Corvan James Taughboyne Donegal

Coul George Moville Upper Donegal

Coulter James Killymard Donegal

Coulter James Stranorlar Donegal

Coulter John Killymard Donegal

Coulter John Stranorlar Donegal

Coulter Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Coulter William Killymard Donegal

Coventry Garratt Donaghmore Donegal

Coventry John Donaghmore Donegal

Cowan Hugh Taughboyne Donegal

Cowan Jacob Raphoe Donegal

Cowan James Raphoe Donegal

Cowan James Urney Donegal

Cowan Jane Taughboyne Donegal

Cowan John All Saints Donegal

Cowan Moses Raphoe Donegal

Cowan Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Cowan William Donaghmore Donegal

Cowan William Raphoe Donegal

Cowden Mary Anne Donaghmore Donegal

Cowden William Rye Donegal

Cowen Charles Raphoe Donegal

Cox John Taughboyne Donegal

Cox Miss Margaret Stranorlar Donegal

Coy Neil Clondavaddog Donegal

Coyle Anthony Tullyaughnish Donegal

Coyle Biddy Fahan Upper Donegal

Coyle Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Coyle Bryan Taughboyne Donegal

Coyle Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Coyle Charles Rye Donegal

Coyle Cormack Rye Donegal

Coyle Daniel Conwal Donegal

Coyle Denis Clondavaddog Donegal

Coyle Denis Conwal Donegal

Coyle Dennis All Saints Donegal

Coyle Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

Coyle Edward Tully Donegal

Coyle Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

Coyle Hugh Tully Donegal

Coyle James Clondavaddog Donegal

Coyle James Conwal Donegal

Coyle James Moville Upper Donegal

Coyle James Taughboyne Donegal

Coyle James Tully Donegal

Coyle John Conwal Donegal

Coyle John Gartan Donegal

Coyle John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Coyle John Tully Donegal

Coyle Manus Tully Donegal

Coyle Maurice Tully Donegal

Coyle Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Coyle Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Coyle Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Coyle Patrick Leck Donegal

Coyle Patrick Rye Donegal

Coyle Patrick Tully Donegal

Coyle Robert Tully Donegal

Coyle Teague Kilmacrenan Donegal

Coyle William Clondavaddog Donegal

Coyle William Conwal Donegal

Coyle William Fahan Upper Donegal

Coyle William Rye Donegal

Coyle William Tully Donegal

Craig Alexander Inch Donegal

Craig Barry Donagh Donegal

Craig George Donaghmore Donegal

Craig George Tullyaughnish Donegal

Craig James Inch Donegal

Craig James Raphoe Donegal

Craig John All Saints Donegal

Craig John Donagh Donegal

Craig Matthew Raphoe Donegal

Craig Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Craig William Donaghmore Donegal

Craig William Templemore Donegal

Crampsay John Culdaff Donegal

Crampsay Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

Crampsay Neal Fahan Upper Donegal

Crampsay Owen Fahan Upper Donegal

Crampsay Patrick Aghanunshin Donegal

Crampsay William Stranorlar Donegal

Cramsay Denis Leck Donegal

Cramsay John Donaghmore Donegal

Cramsay Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Cramsey Neal Moville Lower Donegal

Cramsey Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Cramshay James Aghanunshin Donegal

Crawford Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Crawford David Donegal Donegal

Crawford David Killaghtee Donegal

Crawford George Drumhome Donegal

Crawford Hugh Killymard Donegal

Crawford James Stranorlar Donegal

Crawford James Taughboyne Donegal

Crawford James Tully Donegal

Crawford Jane Killymard Donegal

Crawford John Donaghmore Donegal

Crawford John Drumhome Donegal

Crawford Robert Aghanunshin Donegal

Crawford Robert Raphoe Donegal

Crawford Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Crawford Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Crawford Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

Crawford William Conwal Donegal

Crawford William Drumhome Donegal

Crawford William Rye Donegal

Creareen Roger Conwal Donegal

Crenar Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Crenar Roger Conwal Donegal

Creran Charles Urney Donegal

Creswell Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Crinar Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Crinar Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

Criswel James Fahan Upper Donegal

Criswell Allen Inch Donegal

Criswell Andrew Fahan Upper Donegal

Criswell James Inch Donegal

Criswell James Raphoe Donegal

Criswell Joseph Inch Donegal

Criswell William Inch Donegal

Crocher Neal Conwal Donegal

Crocket Robert All Saints Donegal

Crocket William All Saints Donegal

Crockett George Killea Donegal

Crockett James Clonleigh Donegal

Crockett John Clonleigh Donegal

Crockett Thomas All Saints Donegal

Crockett William Clonleigh Donegal

Crosier James Donaghmore Donegal

Crossan Denis Conwal Donegal

Crossan Edward Aghanunshin Donegal

Crossan Edward Clonleigh Donegal

Crossan James Clonleigh Donegal

Crossan John Aghanunshin Donegal

Crossan Manus Templemore Donegal

Crossan Neil Clonleigh Donegal

Crossan Patrick Aghanunshin Donegal

Crossan William Aghanunshin Donegal

Crossin Mary Clonleigh Donegal

Crossin Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Crosson Hannah Conwal Donegal

Crosson Hugh Conwal Donegal

Crosson William Aghanunshin Donegal

Crow Aaron Donaghmore Donegal

Crow Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Crow George Donaghmore Donegal

Crow John Clonca Donegal

Crow John Donaghmore Donegal

Crow John Templemore Donegal

Crow William Donaghmore Donegal

Crumlish Bryan Templemore Donegal

Crumlish James Templemore Donegal

Crumlish John All Saints Donegal

Crumlisk John Moville Lower Donegal

Crummer Andrew Drumroosk Donegal

Crummer John Killymard Donegal

Cruthers John Rye Donegal

Cryley Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Culbert Andrew Leck Donegal

Culbert Gabriel Drumroosk Donegal

Culbert James All Saints Donegal

Culbert James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Culbert James Taughboyne Donegal

Culbert John Templemore Donegal

Culbert Joseph Rye Donegal

Culbert Samuel Killygarvan Donegal

Culbert Samuel, Jr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Culbert Samuel, Sr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Culbert Thomas Killea Donegal

Culbert William Clondavaddog Donegal

Culbertson William Stranorlar Donegal

Cullen Denis Clondavaddog Donegal

Cullen Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Cullins Hugh Leck Donegal

Cullons William Leck Donegal

Cultein Charles Conwal Donegal

Cummin Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

Cummine David Donaghmore Donegal

Cunnigan James Kilbarron Donegal

Cunnigan John Clonleigh Donegal

Cunnigan Matthew Donegal Donegal

Cunningham Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Cunningham Andrew Killaghtee Donegal

Cunningham Connel Drumroosk Donegal

Cunningham Cornelius Rye Donegal

Cunningham Daniel Donegal Donegal

Cunningham James Clonleigh Donegal

Cunningham James Conwal Donegal

Cunningham James Donaghmore Donegal

Cunningham James Leck Donegal

Cunningham James Rye Donegal

Cunningham James Templemore Donegal

Cunningham John Donagh Donegal

Cunningham John Rye Donegal

Cunningham Michael Kilbarron Donegal

Cunningham Rev. Wm. Taughboyne Donegal

Cunningham Robert Urney Donegal

Cunningham Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Cunningham Williams Killaghtee Donegal

Cunningham Wm. Templemore Donegal

Cunny David Conwal Donegal

Curmlisk Edward Fahan Upper Donegal

Curmy James Conwal Donegal

Curran Denis Tullyaughnish Donegal

Curran William Tullyaughnish Donegal

Curray James Killea Donegal

Curray Joesph Killea Donegal

Curray Lanty Raphoe Donegal

Curray Matthew Conwal Donegal

Curray Samuel All Saints Donegal

Curray William Moville Upper Donegal

Curren Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Curristin Margaret Drumhome Donegal

Curristin Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Curtiadin Robert Tullyaughnish Donegal

Cusack Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Daley John Inishmacsaint Donegal

Daley Widow ??? Inishmacsaint Donegal

Daly James Kilbarron Donegal

Dandy Richard Urney Donegal

Daney Daniel Killygarvan Donegal

Daney James Killygarvan Donegal

Daron Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Daseley Henry Stranorlar Donegal

Daseley James Stranorlar Donegal

Davis Alexander Fahan Upper Donegal

Davis Alexander Killaghtee Donegal

Davis Catherin Templemore Donegal

Davis George Raphoe Donegal

Davis George Tully Donegal

Davis Han. Clonleigh Donegal

Davis James Leck Donegal

Davis James Tully Donegal

Davis Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Davis Joseph Tully Donegal

Davis Joseph, Jr. Tully Donegal

Davis Nicholas Stranorlar Donegal

Davis Samuel Clonca Donegal

Davis Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Davis Thomas Clondavaddog Donegal

Davis Walter Tully Donegal

Davis William All Saints Donegal

Davis William Raphoe Donegal

Davis William Rye Donegal

Davison Alexander Conwal Donegal

Davison James Tully Donegal

Davison John All Saints Donegal

Davison Samuel All Saints Donegal

Davison Samuel Leck Donegal

Davison Samuel Tully Donegal

Davison William Leck Donegal

Davitt Charles Conwal Donegal

Davitt Daniel Rye Donegal

Davitt Darby Kilmacrenan Donegal

Davitt James Clondavaddog Donegal

Davitt James Conwal Donegal

Davitt James Raphoe Donegal

Davitt John Clonleigh Donegal

Davitt Wm. Clonca Donegal

Davlin John Moville Upper Donegal

Dawson John Kilbarron Donegal

Dayley Joseph Donaghmore Donegal

Dean Alexander Templemore Donegal

Dean John Killaghtee Donegal

Dean John Templemore Donegal

Dean Joseph Templemore Donegal

Dean Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Deaney Daniel Killygarvan Donegal

Deaney James Clondavaddog Donegal

Deaney Michael Killygarvan Donegal

Dearin John Tully Donegal

Deary John Leck Donegal

Deazley William Stranorlar Donegal

Deehan Hugh Tully Donegal

Deehan Neal Aghanunshin Donegal

Deehan Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

Deeney Owen Clondavaddog Donegal

Deeney Roger Aghanunshin Donegal

Deeny Charles Templemore Donegal

Deerey Anne Drumhome Donegal

Deerey Edward Drumhome Donegal

Deerey Hugh Drumhome Donegal

Deerey James Drumhome Donegal

Deerey James Raphoe Donegal

Deerey John Drumhome Donegal

Deerey Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Deerin John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Delap Andrew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Delap Edward Tullyaughnish Donegal

Denning Mathew Raphoe Donegal

Dennison Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Denniston Samuel All Saints Donegal

Denny Cornelius Killaghtee Donegal

Denny Robert Templemore Donegal

Dermot Cornelius Clonmany Donegal

Dermot Michael Inch Donegal

Dermott Charles Conwal Donegal

Dermott Henry Moville Upper Donegal

Dermott James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Dermott John Moville Lower Donegal

Dermott John Moville Upper Donegal

Dermott John Templemore Donegal

Dermott Owen Clonca Donegal

Dermott Owen Moville Upper Donegal

Desmond Henry Moville Lower Donegal

Develin Barney Moville Upper Donegal

Deveney Consell Killaghtee Donegal

Deveney Daniel Tully Donegal

Deveney Elizabeth Clonleigh Donegal

Deveney Hugh Drumhome Donegal

Deveney James Drumhome Donegal

Deveney Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Deveney Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Deveney Patrick Templemore Donegal

Deveny Charles Conwal Donegal

Deveny Charles Killaghtee Donegal

Deveny Patrick Conwal Donegal

Deveny Patrick Leck Donegal

Devid John Aghanunshin Donegal

Devid John Conwal Donegal

Devin Daniel Conwal Donegal

Devin Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Deviny Charles Leck Donegal

Devitt Manus Conwal Donegal

Devlin John Clonmany Donegal

Devlin Michael Clonmany Donegal

Devlin Owen Clonmany Donegal

Devony Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Dick David Tullyaughnish Donegal

Diermot Thomas Inch Donegal

Dill Alexander Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill David Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill Francis Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill George Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill James Rye Donegal

Dill John Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill Mark Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill Moses Clondavaddog Donegal

Dill Richard Templemore Donegal

Dill Samuel Clondavaddog Donegal

Dingwell Robert Rye Donegal

Dinning Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Dinsmore Abraham Drumhome Donegal

Dinsmore Adam Donaghmore Donegal

Dinsmore John Drumhome Donegal

Dinsmore William Drumhome Donegal

Diven Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

Diven John Clonleigh Donegal

Diven John Moville Upper Donegal

Diven Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Diveney John Taughboyne Donegal

Diver Charles Donagh Donegal

Diver Cormick Tully Donegal

Diver Denis Tullyaughnish Donegal

Diver George Moville Lower Donegal

Diver Henry Killygarvan Donegal

Diver Hugh Conwal Donegal

Diver Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

Diver Hugh Leck Donegal

Diver Hugh Tully Donegal

Diver Hugh Tullyaughnish Donegal

Diver Hugh, Sr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Diver James Conwal Donegal

Diver James Donagh Donegal

Diver James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Diver James Leck Donegal

Diver John Clondavaddog Donegal

Diver John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Diver John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Diver Neal Conwal Donegal

Diver Owen Clonmany Donegal

Diver Owen Killaghtee Donegal

Diver Owen Raphoe Donegal

Diver Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Diver Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Diver Richard Killygarvan Donegal

Diver Richard Leck Donegal

Diver Thomas Donegal Donegal

Diver Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

Diver Widow ??? Tully Donegal

Divin Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Divine James Drumhome Donegal

Divlin Bridget Clonmany Donegal

Divlin Widow ??? Desertegny Donegal

Dixee James Tully Donegal

Dixon Alexander Clondavaddog Donegal

Dixon James Fahan Upper Donegal

Dixon James Templemore Donegal

Dixon William Tully Donegal

Doach David Clondavaddog Donegal

Doach James Tully Donegal

Doach Robert Tully Donegal

Doack James Tully Donegal

Doack John Clondavaddog Donegal

Doack John Taughboyne Donegal

Doack Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Doack William Raphoe Donegal

Doack William Taughboyne Donegal

Dobbin John Inver Donegal

Dobson Robert Conwal Donegal

Dobson Thomas, Jr. Conwal Donegal

Doddy James All Saints Donegal

Dogherty Anthony Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Arthur Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Bryan Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Bryan Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Bryan Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Catherine Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Charles Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Charles Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Con. Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Cornelius Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Cornelius Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

Dogherty Daniel Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Daniel Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Daniel Gartan Donegal

Dogherty Darby Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Denis Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Denis Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Dominic Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Dominick Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Dudley Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Edward Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Edward Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Edward Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Elizabeth Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Francis Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Frederick Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Frederick Desertegny Donegal

Dogherty George Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty George Inch Donegal

Dogherty George Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Henry Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Henry Desertegny Donegal

Dogherty Henry Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Henry Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Hugh Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Hugh Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Hugh Gartan Donegal

Dogherty Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Hugh Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Hugh Rye Donegal

Dogherty James Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty James Desertegny Donegal

Dogherty James Donagh Donegal

Dogherty James Gartan Donegal

Dogherty James Inch Donegal

Dogherty James Leck Donegal

Dogherty James Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty John Clonca Donegal

Dogherty John Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty John Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty John Desertegny Donegal

Dogherty John Donagh Donegal

Dogherty John Inch Donegal

Dogherty John Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty John Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty John Rye Donegal

Dogherty Mary Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Michael Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Michael Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Michael Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Michael Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Dogherty Neal Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Neal Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Owen Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Owen Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Owen Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Owen Desertegny Donegal

Dogherty Owen Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Patrick Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Patrick Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Patrick Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Philip Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Philip Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Phillip Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Roger Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Shane Culdaff Donegal

Dogherty Shane Donagh Donegal

Dogherty Shane Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

Dogherty Widow ??? Clonmany Donegal

Dogherty Widow ??? Desertegny Donegal

Dogherty Widow ??? Donagh Donegal

Dogherty William Clonca Donegal

Dogherty Wm. Clonmany Donegal

Dolan James Kilbarron Donegal

Donaghay Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Donagher Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Donaghey Bryan Fahan Upper Donegal

Donaghey David All Saints Donegal

Donaghey Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

Donaghey James All Saints Donegal

Donaghey John All Saints Donegal

Donaghey Matthew Urney Donegal

Donaghey Philip Fahan Upper Donegal

Donaghey Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Donaghy Bryan Fahan Upper Donegal

Donaghy Edward Moville Upper Donegal

Donaghy Michael Clonmany Donegal

Donaldson James Moville Upper Donegal

Donaldson John Donaghmore Donegal

Donaldson William Donaghmore Donegal

Donese Hugh Tully Donegal

Donnel Charles All Saints Donegal

Donnel James Donaghmore Donegal

Donnell Bernard Clonleigh Donegal

Donnell Charles Urney Donegal

Donnell Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

Donnell Edward Raphoe Donegal

Donnell Hugh Aghanunshin Donegal

Donnell James Conwal Donegal

Donnell James Fahan Upper Donegal

Donnell John Aghanunshin Donegal

Donnell John Clondavaddog Donegal

Donnell John Donaghmore Donegal

Donnell John Inver Donegal

Donnell John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Donnell Owen Conwal Donegal

Donnell William Leck Donegal

Donnell Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Donnelly Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Doogan Ambrose Clonleigh Donegal

Doogan Michael Raphoe Donegal

Doogan Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Dooghan James Drumhome Donegal

Doolan Michael Inishmacsaint Donegal

Doolan Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Doolin William Kilbarron Donegal

Doragh Matthew Urney Donegal

Dorien Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Dorragh John Urney Donegal

Dorrien Cornelius Killaghtee Donegal

Dorrien John Drumhome Donegal

Dorrin John Donaghmore Donegal

Doublestine William Clonleigh Donegal

Douds John All Saints Donegal

Dougal Thomas All Saints Donegal

Dougan James Rye Donegal

Dougan Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougary Owen Killygarvan Donegal

Dougharty Philip Conwal Donegal

Dougherty Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Dougherty Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

Dougherty Anthony Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Arthur Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty Brian Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Brian Tully Donegal

Dougherty Brien Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Dougherty Catherine Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty Charles Conwal Donegal

Dougherty Charles Killygarvan Donegal

Dougherty Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Charles Leck Donegal

Dougherty Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Dougherty Charles Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty Cornelius Donaghmore Donegal

Dougherty Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Cornelius Rye Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Conwal Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Taughboyne Donegal

Dougherty Daniel Tully Donegal

Dougherty Denis Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Dominick Leck Donegal

Dougherty Dudley Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty Edward Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty Edward Drumhome Donegal

Dougherty Edward Leck Donegal

Dougherty Edward Tully Donegal

Dougherty Francis Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty Garret Drumhome Donegal

Dougherty George Drumhome Donegal

Dougherty George Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty George Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty George Tully Donegal

Dougherty Gerard Clonleigh Donegal

Dougherty Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Henry Moville Upper Donegal

Dougherty Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Dougherty Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Hugh Leck Donegal

Dougherty Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty Hugh Urney Donegal

Dougherty Isaac Rye Donegal

Dougherty James Clondavaddog Donegal

Dougherty James Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty James Conwal Donegal

Dougherty James Donaghmore Donegal

Dougherty James Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty James Killygarvan Donegal

Dougherty James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty James Leck Donegal

Dougherty James Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty James Rye Donegal

Dougherty James Stranorlar Donegal

Dougherty James Taughboyne Donegal

Dougherty James Templemore Donegal

Dougherty James Urney Donegal

Dougherty John Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty John Conwal Donegal

Dougherty John Donaghmore Donegal

Dougherty John Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty John Kilbarron Donegal

Dougherty John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty John Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty John Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty John Rye Donegal

Dougherty John Templemore Donegal

Dougherty Joseph Tullyaughnish Donegal

Dougherty Margaret Clonleigh Donegal

Dougherty Mary Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Matthew Conwal Donegal

Dougherty Michael Drumhome Donegal

Dougherty Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Neal Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Dougherty Neal Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty Neal Tully Donegal

Dougherty Neil Kilbarron Donegal

Dougherty Neil Templemore Donegal

Dougherty Nicholas Killygarvan Donegal

Dougherty Owen Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty Owen Rye Donegal

Dougherty Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Dougherty Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Patrick Rye Donegal

Dougherty Patrick Templemore Donegal

Dougherty Philip Donaghmore Donegal

Dougherty Philip Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Philip Moville Lower Donegal

Dougherty Philip Tully Donegal

Dougherty Philip Tullyaughnish Donegal

Dougherty Richard Conwal Donegal

Dougherty Richard Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Roger Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty Roger Stranorlar Donegal

Dougherty Roger Taughboyne Donegal

Dougherty Roger Templemore Donegal

Dougherty Shane Kilmacrenan Donegal

Dougherty Thomas Conwal Donegal

Dougherty Thomas Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Widow ??? Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty Widow ??? Raphoe Donegal

Dougherty Widow ??? Rye Donegal

Dougherty William Clonleigh Donegal

Dougherty William Conwal Donegal

Dougherty William Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougherty William Killea Donegal

Dougherty William Killymard Donegal

Dougherty William Moville Upper Donegal

Dougherty William Rye Donegal

Dougherty William Templemore Donegal

Dougherty Wm. Clonmany Donegal

Dougherty Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Douglas John Donaghmore Donegal

Douglass John Taughboyne Donegal

Douglass Saraht Taughboyne Donegal

Douglass William Rye Donegal

Dougle John Fahan Upper Donegal

Dougle William All Saints Donegal

Douthwett Stephen Conwal Donegal

Downes Andrew Templemore Donegal

Duchan John Moville Lower Donegal

Duddy James All Saints Donegal

Duffey Brian Gartan Donegal

Duffey Bryan Rye Donegal

Duffey Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Duffey Charles Rye Donegal

Duffey Charles Tully Donegal

Duffey Denis Templemore Donegal

Duffey Edward Moville Upper Donegal

Duffey Francis Tully Donegal

Duffey Hugh Templemore Donegal

Duffey James Gartan Donegal

Duffey James Kilbarron Donegal

Duffey James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Duffey James Moville Upper Donegal

Duffey James Raphoe Donegal

Duffey John Conwal Donegal

Duffey Michael Tullyaughnish Donegal

Duffey Nocher Moville Upper Donegal

Duffey Philip Moville Upper Donegal

Duffey Roger Fahan Upper Donegal

Duffey Samuel Templemore Donegal

Duffy Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Duffy Francis Conwal Donegal

Duffy Francis, Sr. Conwal Donegal

Duffy Hugh Conwal Donegal

Duffy Hugh Leck Donegal

Duffy James Raphoe Donegal

Duffy John Donaghmore Donegal

Duffy John Raphoe Donegal

Duffy John Rye Donegal

Duffy Margaret Moville Upper Donegal

Duffy Owen Clonmany Donegal

Duffy Richard Fahan Upper Donegal

Duffy Robert Raphoe Donegal

Duggan Charles Drumhome Donegal

Duggan James Raphoe Donegal

Duggan James Rye Donegal

Duggan John Drumhome Donegal

Duggan Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Dumond Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Dun Robert Inch Donegal

Duncan George Taughboyne Donegal

Duncan James Raphoe Donegal

Duncan John Clonleigh Donegal

Duncan John Taughboyne Donegal

Duncan Robert Leck Donegal

Duncan Thomas Donagh Donegal

Duncan William Clonca Donegal

Duncan William Donagh Donegal

Dunlap Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Dunlap Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Dunlap Hugh Rye Donegal

Dunlap James Clonleigh Donegal

Dunlap James Conwal Donegal

Dunlap John Aghanunshin Donegal

Dunlap John Clonleigh Donegal

Dunlap John Drumhome Donegal

Dunlap John Tully Donegal

Dunlap Matthew Conwal Donegal

Dunlap Robert Drumhome Donegal

Dunlap William Fahan Upper Donegal

Dunleavey Anthony Donegal Donegal

Dunleavey Daniel Clondavaddog Donegal

Dunleavy Francis Kilbarron Donegal

Dunley Francis Moville Lower Donegal

Dunn Andrew Rye Donegal

Dunn John Rye Donegal

Dunn Oliver Leck Donegal

Durey Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Durnan John Clondavaddog Donegal

Durnien Owen Inishmacsaint Donegal

Durning Charles Conwal Donegal

Durning Edward Inch Donegal

Durning John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Durning Patrick Killygarvan Donegal

Dwyer Owen Donagh Donegal

Dyermond Denis Rye Donegal

Dyermond Roger Desertegny Donegal

Dyermott Cornelius Moville Upper Donegal

Dyermott James Tully Donegal

Dyermott John Leck Donegal

Dyermott Richard Rye Donegal

Dyormond John Rye Donegal

Dyormott Henry Clonleigh Donegal

Dyormott Henry, Jr. Clonleigh Donegal

Dyormott James Fahan Upper Donegal

Dyormott Michael Raphoe Donegal

Dyormott Owen Raphoe Donegal

Dyormott William Clonleigh Donegal

Dysart James Templemore Donegal

Eakin Edward Donegal Donegal

Eakin William Killygarvan Donegal

Eakins Alexander Killygarvan Donegal

Ebraim Thomas Donegal Donegal

Eckles David Rye Donegal

Edgar Abraham Rye Donegal

Edmiston James Donaghmore Donegal

Edmiston James Killea Donegal

Edmiston Robert Killea Donegal

Edmiston Samuel All Saints Donegal

Edmiston William Killea Donegal

Edwards Eleanor Clonleigh Donegal

Edwards Peter Killygarvan Donegal

Eiskeen Wm. Templemore Donegal

Elder Andrew Fahan Upper Donegal

Elder James Donagh Donegal

Elder John All Saints Donegal

Elder John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Elder Richard Donagh Donegal

Elder Robert Conwal Donegal

Elder Robert Templemore Donegal

Elder Samuel Templemore Donegal

Elder William Clonca Donegal

Elgan Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

Elkin Edward Clonmany Donegal

Elkin George Moville Upper Donegal

Elliot Barnaby Kilbarron Donegal

Elliot Gabriel Donaghmore Donegal

Elliot John Aghanunshin Donegal

Elliot John Leck Donegal

Elliot Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Elliot Samuel Aghanunshin Donegal

Elliot Stephen Leck Donegal

Elliot Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Elliott Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

Elliott Francis Donegal Donegal

Elliott George Conwal Donegal

Elliott George Donaghmore Donegal

Elliott John Aghanunshin Donegal

Elliott John Donaghmore Donegal

Elliott John Drumhome Donegal

Elliott John Raphoe Donegal

Elliott John Taughboyne Donegal

Elliott John Urney Donegal

Elliott Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Elliott Steven Conwal Donegal

Elliott William Donaghmore Donegal

Elliott William Drumhome Donegal

Elliott William Rye Donegal

Elliott William Taughboyne Donegal

Elliott Wm. Taughboyne Donegal

Ellis Mary Conwal Donegal

Ellis Robert Killymard Donegal

Ellis Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Ellis Thomas Templecarn Donegal

Ellue James Killygarvan Donegal

English James Templemore Donegal

English Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Entrikin Wm. Templemore Donegal

Esken Robert Templemore Donegal

Eussel George Conwal Donegal

Ewing Alexander Conwal Donegal

Ewing Alexander Rye Donegal

Ewing Alexander Templemore Donegal

Ewing James Donaghmore Donegal

Ewing James Templemore Donegal

Ewing John Donaghmore Donegal

Ewing John Fahan Upper Donegal

Ewing John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ewing John Rye Donegal

Ewing Oliver Donaghmore Donegal

Ewing Rev. John All Saints Donegal

Ewing Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Ewing Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Ewing Samuel Conwal Donegal

Ewing Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Ewing Samuel Inch Donegal

Ewing Sarah Templemore Donegal

Ewing Thomas Inch Donegal

Ewing William Donaghmore Donegal

Ewing William Templemore Donegal

Fair James Donaghmore Donegal

Farel Francis Drumhome Donegal

Farin Owen Clonca Donegal

Farin Owen Templemore Donegal

Faron Denis Culdaff Donegal

Faron James Moville Lower Donegal

Faron John Moville Lower Donegal

Faron John Moville Upper Donegal

Faron Manessagh Moville Lower Donegal

Faron Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Faron Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Faron Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Faron Roger Moville Lower Donegal

Faron Shane Moville Lower Donegal

Faron Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

Faron William Moville Lower Donegal

Farrel Charles Raphoe Donegal

Farrell Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Farrell James Raphoe Donegal

Farrell Jeremiah Drumhome Donegal

Farrell John Drumhome Donegal

Farrell Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Farren Hugh Clonca Donegal

Farren John Moville Lower Donegal

Farren William Moville Lower Donegal

Farron John Donaghmore Donegal

Farron Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Faucit James Killaghtee Donegal

Faucit John Inver Donegal

Faucitt Andrew Killymard Donegal

Faucitt John Inishmacsaint Donegal

Faucitt Robert Inishmacsaint Donegal

Faulkner John Culdaff Donegal

Faulkner Joseph Donaghmore Donegal

Faulkner Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Faulkner William Moville Upper Donegal

Fawn Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Feely Michael Inishmacsaint Donegal

Ferguson Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

Ferguson John Fahan Upper Donegal

Ferguson Matthew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ferguson Moses Donaghmore Donegal

Ferguson Robert Raphoe Donegal

Ferguson Shilagh Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ferguson Thomas Conwal Donegal

Ferguson Victor Rye Donegal

Ferguson William Templemore Donegal

Fermin Jane Raphoe Donegal

Fermott William Moville Lower Donegal

Ferrion William Templemore Donegal

Ferry George Drumhome Donegal

Ferry Neil Killygarvan Donegal

Ferry Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Ferry Stephen Killygarvan Donegal

Filson George Leck Donegal

Filson Samuel Leck Donegal

Finlay Agnis Donaghmore Donegal

Finlay James Donaghmore Donegal

Finlay James Raphoe Donegal

Finlay John Donegal Donegal

Finlay Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Finlay William Fahan Upper Donegal

Finney William Raphoe Donegal

Fisher George Tully Donegal

Fisher James Tully Donegal

Fisher John Tully Donegal

Fisher Samuel All Saints Donegal

Fitzsimmons Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Flagherty Edward Killymard Donegal

Flagherty John Killymard Donegal

Flanagan James Raphoe Donegal

Flanigin Anthony Conwal Donegal

Flannagan Michael Taughboyne Donegal

Flannagan William Inishmacsaint Donegal

Fleming Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Fleming John Leck Donegal

Fleming Joseph Urney Donegal

Fleming Margaret Donaghmore Donegal

Fleming Margaret Raphoe Donegal

Fleming William Gartan Donegal

Fleming William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Fleming William Leck Donegal

Fletcher James Clondavaddog Donegal

Fletcher John Leck Donegal

Fletcher John Raphoe Donegal

Fletcher Robert Leck Donegal

Fletcher William Clonleigh Donegal

Fletcher William Leck Donegal

Fletcher William Raphoe Donegal

Flinn John Urney Donegal

Flood Andrew Killymard Donegal

Flood James Donaghmore Donegal

Flood James Killymard Donegal

Flood John Donaghmore Donegal

Flood John Donegal Donegal

Flood Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Floyd John Conwal Donegal

Floyd Samuel Conwal Donegal

Floyd William Conwal Donegal

Foagan Michael Killymard Donegal

Forrest John Raphoe Donegal

Forrest William Taughboyne Donegal

Forsyth James Rye Donegal

Forsyth Jane Taughboyne Donegal

Foster Alexander Killea Donegal

Foster Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Foster Catherine Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster David Clonleigh Donegal

Foster Francis Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster Hannah Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster James Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster James Clonleigh Donegal

Foster John Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Foster Samuel Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster Thompson Donaghmore Donegal

Foster William Clondavaddog Donegal

Foster William Clonleigh Donegal

Foster William Donaghmore Donegal

Foster William, Sr. Clondavaddog Donegal

Fowler John Killygarvan Donegal

Fox Bryan Kilbarron Donegal

Fox Roger Kilbarron Donegal

Fpatrick Joseph All Saints Donegal

Frame David Leck Donegal

Frame James Donaghmore Donegal

Frame Widow ??? Taughboyne Donegal

Freeburn Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Freeburn Guy Drumhome Donegal

Freeburn James Drumhome Donegal

Freeburn Margaret Drumhome Donegal

Freeburn Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Freel Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel Daniel Templemore Donegal

Freel Edward Clondavaddog Donegal

Freel Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Freel Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel James Clondavaddog Donegal

Freel John Clondavaddog Donegal

Freel John Fahan Upper Donegal

Freel Mary Fahan Upper Donegal

Freel Maurice Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel Maurice Leck Donegal

Freel Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

Freel Michael Rye Donegal

Freel Moses Gartan Donegal

Freel Moses Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel Neil Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel Patrick Conwal Donegal

Freel Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Freel Stephen Conwal Donegal

Freeliern John Drumhome Donegal

Freil James Stranorlar Donegal

French James Templemore Donegal

Friar James Conwal Donegal

Friel Anne Clondavaddog Donegal

Friel Hugh Urney Donegal

Friel James Conwal Donegal

Friend James Donaghmore Donegal

Frizzle Andrew Conwal Donegal

Fullarton John Conwal Donegal

Fullerton John Tully Donegal

Fullerton Samuel Tullyaughnish Donegal

Fulton David All Saints Donegal

Fulton Gardiner Culdaff Donegal

Fulton John All Saints Donegal

Fulton John Clonca Donegal

Fulton Joseph All Saints Donegal

Fulton Long John All Saints Donegal

Fulton Thomas Templemore Donegal

Funston Paul Templecarn Donegal

Gailey David Conwal Donegal

Gailey John Conwal Donegal

Gailey Matthew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gaily Andrew Conwal Donegal

Gaily Daniel Conwal Donegal

Galagher Charles Conwal Donegal

Galagher Daniel Clondavaddog Donegal

Galagher James Donegal Donegal

Galagher William Donegal Donegal

Galaugher Anthony Conwal Donegal

Galaugher Anthony Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Barney Rye Donegal

Galaugher Bryan Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Catherine Conwal Donegal

Galaugher Catherine Tully Donegal

Galaugher Charles Conwal Donegal

Galaugher Charles Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Charles Rye Donegal

Galaugher Cormack Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher Daniel Tully Donegal

Galaugher Daniel Urney Donegal

Galaugher Darby Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher Denis Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher Denis Killymard Donegal

Galaugher Denis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Dudley Conwal Donegal

Galaugher Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Edward Tully Donegal

Galaugher Fargle Clondavaddog Donegal

Galaugher Firdy Conwal Donegal

Galaugher Francis Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher George Clondavaddog Donegal

Galaugher Hugh Clondavaddog Donegal

Galaugher James Conwal Donegal

Galaugher James Donaghmore Donegal

Galaugher James Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher James Raphoe Donegal

Galaugher James Tully Donegal

Galaugher Jane Clondavaddog Donegal

Galaugher Jane Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Jane Tully Donegal

Galaugher John Drumhome Donegal

Galaugher John Killymard Donegal

Galaugher John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher John Tully Donegal

Galaugher Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

Galaugher Owen Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Patrick Conwal Donegal

Galaugher Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher Patrick Tully Donegal

Galaugher Philip Donaghmore Donegal

Galaugher Ross Moville Upper Donegal

Galaugher Teague Tully Donegal

Galaugher Tole Kilmacrenan Donegal

Galaugher William Rye Donegal

Galaughley Patrick Conwal Donegal

Galbraith Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Galbraith Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Galbraith Henry Taughboyne Donegal

Galbraith Hugh Raphoe Donegal

Galbraith Humphry Taughboyne Donegal

Galbraith James Clonleigh Donegal

Galbraith John Clonleigh Donegal

Galbraith John Taughboyne Donegal

Galbraith Joseph Rye Donegal

Galbraith Josiah Taughboyne Donegal

Galbraith Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Galbraith Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Galbraith Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Galbreath James Raphoe Donegal

Galbreath Josias Taughboyne Donegal

Galey John Conwal Donegal

Gallaghan James Donagh Donegal

Gallagher Edward Gartan Donegal

Gallagher Owen Gartan Donegal

Gallagher Thomas Leck Donegal

Gallanagh Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Gallauger Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

Gallaughan Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

Gallaugher Anthony All Saints Donegal

Gallaugher Arthur Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher Bridget Donagh Donegal

Gallaugher Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher Bryan Culdaff Donegal

Gallaugher Bryan Donegal Donegal

Gallaugher Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher Charles Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher Charles Rye Donegal

Gallaugher Denis Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher Eleanor Clonca Donegal

Gallaugher Francis Clondavaddog Donegal

Gallaugher Francis Raphoe Donegal

Gallaugher Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher Hugh Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher James Aghanunshin Donegal

Gallaugher James All Saints Donegal

Gallaugher James Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher James Donagh Donegal

Gallaugher James Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher James Drumhome Donegal

Gallaugher James Kilbarron Donegal

Gallaugher James Raphoe Donegal

Gallaugher James Stranorlar Donegal

Gallaugher James Templemore Donegal

Gallaugher James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Gallaugher Jane Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher John Aghanunshin Donegal

Gallaugher John Clonca Donegal

Gallaugher John Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher John Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher John Donagh Donegal

Gallaugher John Donegal Donegal

Gallaugher John Kilbarron Donegal

Gallaugher John Raphoe Donegal

Gallaugher John Stranorlar Donegal

Gallaugher John Taughboyne Donegal

Gallaugher John Templemore Donegal

Gallaugher John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Gallaugher Joseph Tullyaughnish Donegal

Gallaugher Josias Fahan Upper Donegal

Gallaugher Mary All Saints Donegal

Gallaugher Michael Taughboyne Donegal

Gallaugher Neal Tullyaughnish Donegal

Gallaugher Owen Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher Owen Inishmacsaint Donegal

Gallaugher Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Gallaugher Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Gallaugher Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher Patrick Killygarvan Donegal

Gallaugher Peter Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher Richard Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher Tergal Aghanunshin Donegal

Gallaugher Toal Clonleigh Donegal

Gallaugher William Clonca Donegal

Gallaugher William Conwal Donegal

Gallaugher William Donaghmore Donegal

Gallaugher William Drumhome Donegal

Gallaugher William Kilbarron Donegal

Gallaugher William Taughboyne Donegal

Gallaugher Wm. Conwal Donegal

Gallaughes Tergal Tullyaughnish Donegal

Gallaway Samuel Templemore Donegal

Gallen Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Gallinaugh Roger Killymard Donegal

Gallinaugh William Stranorlar Donegal

Gallon James Donaghmore Donegal

Gallon Peter Donaghmore Donegal

Gallougher Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Gallougher William Conwal Donegal

Galway James Raphoe Donegal

Gamble Andrew All Saints Donegal

Gamble Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gamble Daniel Tully Donegal

Gamble James All Saints Donegal

Gamble James Rye Donegal

Gamble James Taughboyne Donegal

Gamble John Stranorlar Donegal

Gamble Joseph Moville Lower Donegal

Gamble Joseph Tully Donegal

Gamble Michael Leck Donegal

Gamble Thomas Rye Donegal

Gamble William All Saints Donegal

Gamble William Tully Donegal

Gamer James Raphoe Donegal

Garner Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Garner Samuel Urney Donegal

Garner Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Gartlay Andrew Kilcar Donegal

Gartlay Eleanor Killaghtee Donegal

Gartlay Henry Killaghtee Donegal

Gartlay John Killaghtee Donegal

Garvin William Kilbarron Donegal

Gavaghan Hugh Kilbarron Donegal

Gavaghan Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Gavaghan Patrick Kilbarron Donegal

Gedea Widow ??? Gartan Donegal

George George Moville Upper Donegal

Gettins John Kilbarron Donegal

Gettins Patrick Kilbarron Donegal

Gewigin John Inishmacsaint Donegal

Gibbin Margaret Clonmany Donegal

Gibbons Edward Leck Donegal

Gibbons James Conwal Donegal

Gibbons John Rye Donegal

Gibbons Neal Clondavaddog Donegal

Gibbons William Killygarvan Donegal

Gibson Edward Fahan Upper Donegal

Gibson Elias Conwal Donegal

Gibson James Fahan Upper Donegal

Gibson John Fahan Upper Donegal

Gibson John Raphoe Donegal

Gibson Samuel Conwal Donegal

Gibson Victor Templemore Donegal

Gibson William Fahan Upper Donegal

Gilfillan John Clonleigh Donegal

Gilfillan Joseph Clonleigh Donegal

Gilfillin John Taughboyne Donegal

Gilfillin Oliver Clonleigh Donegal

Gilgo Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Gilkeson Elizabeth Tully Donegal

Gilkeson George Tully Donegal

Gilkeson Sarah Tully Donegal

Gilkison George Tully Donegal

Gill Charles Clonmany Donegal

Gill Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Gill Daniel Clonmany Donegal

Gill Gardiner Culdaff Donegal

Gill George Culdaff Donegal

Gill Hugh Donagh Donegal

Gill Isabella Culdaff Donegal

Gill John Clonmany Donegal

Gill Mary Culdaff Donegal

Gill Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Gill Patrick Templemore Donegal

Gill Phillip Clonmany Donegal

Gill Roger Clonmany Donegal

Gill William Donagh Donegal

Gillan James Moville Lower Donegal

Gilland Andrew Moville Lower Donegal

Gilland Denis Moville Lower Donegal

Gilland Hugh Leck Donegal

Gilland Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Gilland Peter Moville Lower Donegal

Gilland Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

Gillaspey Edward Moville Lower Donegal

Gillaspey James Moville Lower Donegal

Gillaspey John Moville Lower Donegal

Gillaspey Neal Moville Lower Donegal

Gilles James Fahan Upper Donegal

Gillespey Andrew Moville Lower Donegal

Gillespey Charles Inver Donegal

Gillespey Francis Drumhome Donegal

Gillespey John Clonleigh Donegal

Gillespey Owen Donegal Donegal

Gillespey Thomas Templemore Donegal

Gillespey William Raphoe Donegal

Gillespy Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

Gillespy Edward Fahan Upper Donegal

Gillespy Ham. Donaghmore Donegal

Gillespy William Donaghmore Donegal

Gilley George Templemore Donegal

Gillian Hugh Leck Donegal

Gillian James Leck Donegal

Gillihan George Fahan Upper Donegal

Gillilan David Taughboyne Donegal

Gillilan William All Saints Donegal

Gillilan William Taughboyne Donegal

Gillilan Wm., Sr. Taughboyne Donegal

Gilliland John Taughboyne Donegal

Gilluvey James Fahan Upper Donegal

Ginn Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Gittins Francis Kilbarron Donegal

Given John Killaghtee Donegal

Given John Killymard Donegal

Given Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Given Samuel Killymard Donegal

Given Thomas Killymard Donegal

Givin William Clonleigh Donegal

Glacken Eleanor Donaghmore Donegal

Glackin James Taughboyne Donegal

Glaskin Patrick Leck Donegal

Glass James Conwal Donegal

Glass John Conwal Donegal

Glen Joseph Donegal Donegal

Glen Lemuel Fahan Upper Donegal

Glen Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Glenn Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Glin Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Glin Widow ??? Fahan Upper Donegal

Glin William Raphoe Donegal

Glin Wm. All Saints Donegal

Glinn Robert Rye Donegal

Gobin Bryan Templemore Donegal

Gobin John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gobin Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gobin William Clonmany Donegal

Golden James Raphoe Donegal

Gonaghy Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Good Philip Templecarn Donegal

Goorley Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Goorley Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Gordon Daniel Tully Donegal

Gordon John Taughboyne Donegal

Gordon William Taughboyne Donegal

Gorman Hugh Drumhome Donegal

Gorman James Donaghmore Donegal

Gorman James Drumhome Donegal

Gorman James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Gorman Stephen Donaghmore Donegal

Gorman Terance Kilbarron Donegal

Gorman Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Gorman Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

Gorman Widow ??? Culdaff Donegal

Gorman William Drumhome Donegal

Gormlay James Templecarn Donegal

Gormlay Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Gormley John Templemore Donegal

Gorrell Robert Leck Donegal

Gourley Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Gourley John Clonleigh Donegal

Gourley Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Graham Arthur Drumhome Donegal

Graham Arthur Urney Donegal

Graham Bartholomew Kilbarron Donegal

Graham Bernard Mevagh Donegal

Graham Gerrard Mevagh Donegal

Graham Guy Drumhome Donegal

Graham James Kilbarron Donegal

Graham James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Graham James Mevagh Donegal

Graham James Rye Donegal

Graham John Donegal Donegal

Graham John Drumhome Donegal

Graham John Killygarvan Donegal

Graham John Leck Donegal

Graham John Rye Donegal

Graham John Urney Donegal

Graham Margaret Drumhome Donegal

Graham Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

Graham Richard Drumhome Donegal

Graham Richard Mevagh Donegal

Graham Robert Donegal Donegal

Graham Robert Mevagh Donegal

Graham Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Graham Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Graham William Donegal Donegal

Graham William Drumhome Donegal

Graham William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Granny Owen Clonmany Donegal

Gray Andrew Killea Donegal

Gray George Raphoe Donegal

Gray James Raphoe Donegal

Gray James, Jr. Raphoe Donegal

Gray John Raphoe Donegal

Gray Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Gray Matthew Conwal Donegal

Gray Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Gray Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Gray Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Gray Wm. Templemore Donegal

Grece Isabella Conwal Donegal

Green Bryan Raphoe Donegal

Green James Kilbarron Donegal

Green John Drumhome Donegal

Green William Kilbarron Donegal

Greenlaw Hugh Killaghtee Donegal

Greer Andrew Leck Donegal

Greer Anne Clonleigh Donegal

Greer James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Greer James Stranorlar Donegal

Greer Widow ??? Leck Donegal

Greer William Drumhome Donegal

Greer Wm. Donegal Donegal

Greg John Tully Donegal

Greg Richard Conwal Donegal

Greg Robert Tully Donegal

Gregg James Conwal Donegal

Gregg James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gregg John, Jr. Rye Donegal

Gregg John, Sr. Rye Donegal

Gregg Mary Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gregg Richard Conwal Donegal

Gregg Richard Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gregg Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Gregg Robert Raphoe Donegal

Gregg Samuel Rye Donegal

Gregg William Raphoe Donegal

Gregory Edward Stranorlar Donegal

Gregory George Donaghmore Donegal

Gregory John Stranorlar Donegal

Gregory Samuel Drumhome Donegal

Gregory Water Drumhome Donegal

Gregory William Stranorlar Donegal

Grier Alexander Tully Donegal

Grier Daniel Conwal Donegal

Grier David Conwal Donegal

Grier David Templemore Donegal

Grier David Tully Donegal

Grier George Donaghmore Donegal

Grier James Tully Donegal

Grier John Tully Donegal

Grier Joleph Tully Donegal

Grier Matthew Templemore Donegal

Grier Robert Templemore Donegal

Grier Robert Tully Donegal

Grier Samual Tully Donegal

Grier Thomas Clondavaddog Donegal

Grier Thomas Tully Donegal

Grier William Leck Donegal

Grier William Tully Donegal

Griffin James Stranorlar Donegal

Griffin John Clondavaddog Donegal

Griffin Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

Griffin Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Griffin Widow ??? Killygarvan Donegal

Griffith Edward Killymard Donegal

Griffith John Killaghtee Donegal

Griffith John Stranorlar Donegal

Griffith John Urney Donegal

Griffith William Drumhome Donegal

Griffith William Stranorlar Donegal

Griffith William Tully Donegal

Grigg Robert Raphoe Donegal

Groat Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Grortry Patrick Conwal Donegal

Grotty Daniel Moville Upper Donegal

Grove Thomas Aghanunshin Donegal

Groves William Donagh Donegal

Grunlaw Robert Killybegs Upper Donegal

Grunsheel Widow ??? Templemore Donegal

Gubbin Edward Clonmany Donegal

Gubbin James Clonmany Donegal

Gubbin Owen Clonmany Donegal

Gucy William Inch Donegal

Gunn Francis Inver Donegal

Guthray James Rye Donegal

Guthrey Samuel Rye Donegal

Guthrie James Culdaff Donegal

Guy John Donaghmore Donegal

Gwyin Robert Templemore Donegal

Gwyn John Templemore Donegal

Hagan James All Saints Donegal

Haggan John Inch Donegal

Hagin Eleanor Killygarvan Donegal

Hagin James Killygarvan Donegal

Hagin John Killygarvan Donegal

Hagin Patrick Killygarvan Donegal

Hagin Patrick Rye Donegal

Hails Henry Clonleigh Donegal

Haley John Clonleigh Donegal

Hall Elizabeth Tully Donegal

Hall John Clonleigh Donegal

Hall Robert Conwal Donegal

Hall Robert Tully Donegal

Hall Thomas Conwal Donegal

Haltrige Margaret Taughboyne Donegal

Haly Andrew Moville Lower Donegal

Hamil James Clonmany Donegal

Hamilton Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

Hamilton Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Hamilton Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Hamilton Anthony All Saints Donegal

Hamilton Arthur Tullyaughnish Donegal

Hamilton Claudius Drumhome Donegal

Hamilton David All Saints Donegal

Hamilton David Tully Donegal

Hamilton Edward Killaghtee Donegal

Hamilton Eleanor Tully Donegal

Hamilton George Tully Donegal

Hamilton Hans Killea Donegal

Hamilton James Clondavaddog Donegal

Hamilton James Clonleigh Donegal

Hamilton James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Hamilton James Urney Donegal

Hamilton John Clonleigh Donegal

Hamilton John Donaghmore Donegal

Hamilton John Killaghtee Donegal

Hamilton John Moville Upper Donegal

Hamilton John Rye Donegal

Hamilton John Stranorlar Donegal

Hamilton Joseph Rye Donegal

Hamilton Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

Hamilton Rev. Dr. ??? Clondavaddog Donegal

Hamilton Rev. Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Hamilton Robert Tully Donegal

Hamilton Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Hamilton Samuel Tully Donegal

Hamilton Thomas All Saints Donegal

Hamilton Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Hamilton William All Saints Donegal

Hamilton William Raphoe Donegal

Hammond Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Hammond Bennit Donegal Donegal

Hammond James Donegal Donegal

Hammond John Donegal Donegal

Hammond John Drumhome Donegal

Hammond William Donegal Donegal

Hanagin Daniel All Saints Donegal

Hanah David Gartan Donegal

Handley Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Hanlon James Conwal Donegal

Hanlon Owen Conwal Donegal

Hanly James Conwal Donegal

Hanna Thomas Donegal Donegal

Hannagin John Taughboyne Donegal

Hannah David Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hannah Thomas Urney Donegal

Hannan Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Hannigan Bryan Urney Donegal

Hannigan Oliver Taughboyne Donegal

Haragh John All Saints Donegal

Haragh Patrick Taughboyne Donegal

Hargan Bryan Moville Upper Donegal

Hargan Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

Harkan Mary Conwal Donegal

Harkin Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harkin Charles Conwal Donegal

Harkin Daniel Clonmany Donegal

Harkin Daniel Donagh Donegal

Harkin Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

Harkin Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harkin Denis Moville Upper Donegal

Harkin George Moville Lower Donegal

Harkin Henry Aghanunshin Donegal

Harkin Henry Conwal Donegal

Harkin James Donaghmore Donegal

Harkin John Conwal Donegal

Harkin John Inch Donegal

Harkin John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harkin John Moville Lower Donegal

Harkin John, Jr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harkin Manus Clonleigh Donegal

Harkin Michael Clonmany Donegal

Harkin Michael Conwal Donegal

Harkin Neal Clonmany Donegal

Harkin Neal Conwal Donegal

Harkin Neal Moville Lower Donegal

Harkin Owen Clonmany Donegal

Harkin Owen Conwal Donegal

Harkin Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Harkin Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Harkin Patrick Conwal Donegal

Harkin Patrick Tullyaughnish Donegal

Harkin Roger Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harkin Susan Conwal Donegal

Harkin Widow ??? Donagh Donegal

Harkin Widow ??? Killaghtee Donegal

Harkin William Clonmany Donegal

Harkin William Conwal Donegal

Harkin William Tully Donegal

Harley Edward Conwal Donegal

Harlon Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Harly Shane Aghanunshin Donegal

Harold Shane Clonmany Donegal

Haron Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Haron John Clonleigh Donegal

Harper John Raphoe Donegal

Harper William Raphoe Donegal

Harpur Archibald Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harpur James Donaghmore Donegal

Harpur James Stranorlar Donegal

Harpur John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harpur William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Harraghey Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Harraghey Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Harraghty Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Harraghty Patrick All Saints Donegal

Harraghy Margaret Donaghmore Donegal

Harraughey Patrick Drumroosk Donegal

Harrett Francis Clonca Donegal

Harrigan Cornelius Clonleigh Donegal

Harrin Alexander Drumhome Donegal

Harrin William Drumhome Donegal

Harris Robert Rye Donegal

Harris William Leck Donegal

Harrison John Stranorlar Donegal

Harritt Alexander Aghanunshin Donegal

Harritt James Aghanunshin Donegal

Harrold Dudley Moville Lower Donegal

Harrold James Donaghmore Donegal

Harrold Patrick Desertegny Donegal

Harron Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Harron Charles Drumhome Donegal

Harron George Drumhome Donegal

Harron Henry Drumhome Donegal

Harron Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Harron John Drumhome Donegal

Harron Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Harron Robert Drumhome Donegal

Harron William Drumhome Donegal

Hart Anthony Inishmacsaint Donegal

Hart George Templemore Donegal

Hart James Donaghmore Donegal

Hart Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Hartin Fanny Clonmany Donegal

Harton John Fahan Upper Donegal

Harton Owen Fahan Upper Donegal

Harton Phillip Clonmany Donegal

Harvey Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Harward Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Harward James Desertegny Donegal

Haskin Connell Leck Donegal

Haskin Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Haskin Daniel Moville Upper Donegal

Haskin Patrick Donagh Donegal

Haslet Moser All Saints Donegal

Haslett Charles Tullyaughnish Donegal

Haslett David Templemore Donegal

Haslett James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Haslett John Taughboyne Donegal

Haslett John Tully Donegal

Haslett Robert Templemore Donegal

Haslett Samuel Tully Donegal

Haslett Wm. Templemore Donegal

Haslit Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Hastings James Fahan Upper Donegal

Hastings Margaret Fahan Upper Donegal

Hastings Matthew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hastings Peter Kilmacrenan Donegal

Haugher Ann G. All Saints Donegal

Haughey Charles Leck Donegal

Haughey Charles Raphoe Donegal

Haughey James Leck Donegal

Haughey Margaret Conwal Donegal

Haughey Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Haughey Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Haughey Widow ??? Clonleigh Donegal

Haughey William Rye Donegal

Haw Michael Taughboyne Donegal

Hawkin Michael Conwal Donegal

Hawkins Thomas Donegal Donegal

Hawks James Donaghmore Donegal

Hawkshaw Richard Fahan Upper Donegal

Hawlin Roger Moville Upper Donegal

Hawlin Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Hay David Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hay Joseph Tully Donegal

Hay Mary Tully Donegal

Hay Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Hay Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hay Robert Tully Donegal

Hay Samuel Clondavaddog Donegal

Hay Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hay Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hay William Clondavaddog Donegal

Hayburn John Donaghmore Donegal

Hayes Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Hays James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hays Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hazlett William Taughboyne Donegal

Hazlit George Donegal Donegal

Heabron James Clonleigh Donegal

Heanen Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Heaskin James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Heaskin Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Heaskin Peter Kilmacrenan Donegal

Heastey John Rye Donegal

Heastey John Stranorlar Donegal

Heastey John Taughboyne Donegal

Heastey Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Heazlet Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Heburn Alexander Donaghmore Donegal

Hecry Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Heerey John Templemore Donegal

Hegarty James Culdaff Donegal

Helferty Charles Leck Donegal

Helferty Denis Tullyaughnish Donegal

Helferty James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Helferty John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Helferty John Tully Donegal

Helserty Wm. Conwal Donegal

Hempell James Moville Lower Donegal

Hemphel James Moville Lower Donegal

Hemphill John Aghanunshin Donegal

Hempin James Moville Lower Donegal

Henderson Alexander Donaghmore Donegal

Henderson Archibald Inver Donegal

Henderson Cairns Raphoe Donegal

Henderson George Inver Donegal

Henderson George Rye Donegal

Henderson Gustavus Raphoe Donegal

Henderson Hugh Inver Donegal

Henderson Isabella Clonleigh Donegal

Henderson James Donaghmore Donegal

Henderson James Inver Donegal

Henderson John Clonleigh Donegal

Henderson John Donaghmore Donegal

Henderson John Drumhome Donegal

Henderson John Inver Donegal

Henderson John Raphoe Donegal

Henderson John Rye Donegal

Henderson John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Henderson Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Henderson Joseph Urney Donegal

Henderson Oliver Killea Donegal

Henderson Richard Donaghmore Donegal

Henderson Robert Raphoe Donegal

Henderson Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Henderson Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Henderson Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Henderson Samuel Rye Donegal

Henderson Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Henderson Thomas Killymard Donegal

Henderson Widow ??? Raphoe Donegal

Henderson William Killygarvan Donegal

Henderson William Killymard Donegal

Henderson William Raphoe Donegal

Henderson William Rye Donegal

Henderson William Tullyaughnish Donegal

Henny Alexander Templemore Donegal

Henry James Moville Lower Donegal

Henry John Killymard Donegal

Henry Joseph Drumhome Donegal

Heraghty John Clondavaddog Donegal

Herald Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Herald William Inch Donegal

Herkin John Raphoe Donegal

Heron Francis Tullyaughnish Donegal

Heron James Tully Donegal

Heron Jane Tullyaughnish Donegal

Higarty Andrew Leck Donegal

Higarty Bryan Conwal Donegal

Higarty Daniel Conwal Donegal

Higarty Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Higarty Patrick Conwal Donegal

Higgartey William Clonleigh Donegal

Higgarty Cornelius Aghanunshin Donegal

Higgarty Cornelius Conwal Donegal

Higgarty Edward Killymard Donegal

Higgarty George Moville Upper Donegal

Higgarty James Moville Lower Donegal

Higgarty James Moville Upper Donegal

Higgarty John Clondavaddog Donegal

Higgarty John Moville Upper Donegal

Higgarty Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Higgarty Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Higgarty Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Higgarty Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

Higgarty Patrick Urney Donegal

Higgarty Peter Donaghmore Donegal

Higgins John Conwal Donegal

Higgins Michael Urney Donegal

Higgins Sarah Raphoe Donegal

Hilferty Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hilferty John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hilferty Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hill John Donaghmore Donegal

Hill William Donaghmore Donegal

Hilley Cormack Drumhome Donegal

Hilley James Inver Donegal

Hilley John Drumhome Donegal

Hills John Kilbarron Donegal

Hills Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Hills William Kilbarron Donegal

Hilserty James Killymard Donegal

Hindman William Raphoe Donegal

Hoburn William Raphoe Donegal

Hoc Robert Templemore Donegal

Hogg Margaret Conwal Donegal

Hogshead Walter Taughboyne Donegal

Holiday Hugh Aghanunshin Donegal

Holmes Alexander Templecarn Donegal

Holmes Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Holmes Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes Charles Urney Donegal

Holmes David Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes Gabriel Urney Donegal

Holmes George Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes James Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes James Raphoe Donegal

Holmes Jane Raphoe Donegal

Holmes John Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes John Raphoe Donegal

Holmes Moses Raphoe Donegal

Holmes Nancy Raphoe Donegal

Holmes Richard Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes Robert Raphoe Donegal

Holmes Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

Holmes William Donaghmore Donegal

Holmes William Raphoe Donegal

Holmes William Templecarn Donegal

Hood Archibald All Saints Donegal

Hood Charles Killymard Donegal

Hood James All Saints Donegal

Hood James Templemore Donegal

Hood John Aghanunshin Donegal

Hood John Clondavaddog Donegal

Hood John Leck Donegal

Hood Matthew All Saints Donegal

Hood William Aghanunshin Donegal

Hood William Conwal Donegal

Hood William Leck Donegal

Hopkin Benjamin Aghanunshin Donegal

Horner James Donaghmore Donegal

Hoskin Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

Houston Andrew Killymard Donegal

Houston Charles Stranorlar Donegal

Houston Claud Raphoe Donegal

Houston George Templemore Donegal

Houston James Raphoe Donegal

Houston James Rye Donegal

Houston James Taughboyne Donegal

Houston John Stranorlar Donegal

Houston Moses Rye Donegal

Houston Rev. William Donegal Donegal

Houston Robert Killymard Donegal

Houston Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Houston Thomas Templemore Donegal

Houston William Raphoe Donegal

Houston William Templemore Donegal

Houton James Clonca Donegal

Howard John Stranorlar Donegal

Howard Michael Clonleigh Donegal

Hucy John Templemore Donegal

Hughes Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Hughes James Templemore Donegal

Hughes Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Hull James Templemore Donegal

Hullart Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Humes David Stranorlar Donegal

Humes David Tully Donegal

Humes James Leck Donegal

Humes James Rye Donegal

Humes John Stranorlar Donegal

Humes Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Humphries William Kilbarron Donegal

Hunter Adam Conwal Donegal

Hunter David Rye Donegal

Hunter Elizabeth Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hunter James Aghanunshin Donegal

Hunter James Tully Donegal

Hunter John Aghanunshin Donegal

Hunter John Conwal Donegal

Hunter John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hunter John Mevagh Donegal

Hunter John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Hunter Joseph Conwal Donegal

Hunter Joseph Tullyaughnish Donegal

Hunter Robert Conwal Donegal

Hunter Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Hunter Robert Killea Donegal

Hunter Samuel Tully Donegal

Hunter Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Hunter Walter Conwal Donegal

Hunter Widow ??? Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hunter William Conwal Donegal

Hunter William Donaghmore Donegal

Hunter William Killea Donegal

Hunter William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Hunter William Rye Donegal

Huston Robert Tully Donegal

Huston William All Saints Donegal

Hutchinson Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Hutchinson Isaac Tully Donegal

Hutchinson James Taughboyne Donegal

Hutchison William Leck Donegal

Hutton Denis Fahan Upper Donegal

Ingram Alexander Donegal Donegal

Iron Myles Tully Donegal

Irvine George Fahan Upper Donegal

Irvine John Donaghmore Donegal

Irwin Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Irwin James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Irwin Janet Kilmacrenan Donegal

Irwin John Stranorlar Donegal

Irwin Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Irwin Thomas Killea Donegal

Irwin William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Irwine Andrew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Irwine Gerard Clonleigh Donegal

Irwine James Donaghmore Donegal

Irwine John Donegal Donegal

Irwine Jos. All Saints Donegal

Irwine Thomas Donegal Donegal

Irwine William Clonleigh Donegal

Irwine William Donegal Donegal

Jack Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Jack Andrew Moville Lower Donegal

Jack James Clonleigh Donegal

Jack Peter Urney Donegal

Jack Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Jack Robert Urney Donegal

Jack Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Jackson James Aghanunshin Donegal

Jackson William All Saints Donegal

Jacob Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Jacob Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

James Anthony Conwal Donegal

James Charles Conwal Donegal

James George Conwal Donegal

James George Taughboyne Donegal

James Henry Conwal Donegal

James Hugh Conwal Donegal

James John Conwal Donegal

James Robert Conwal Donegal

James Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

James Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

James Wm. Conwal Donegal

Jameson Andrew Leck Donegal

Jameson John Drumhome Donegal

Jameson John Moville Upper Donegal

Jameson King ??? Raphoe Donegal

Jameson Moses All Saints Donegal

Jameson Moses Raphoe Donegal

Jameson Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Jameson Stewart Conwal Donegal

Jameson William Taughboyne Donegal

Jameson Wm. Conwal Donegal

Jamseon Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Janes Joseph Urney Donegal

Janes Thomas Urney Donegal

Jenkin Rev. Dr. ??? Mevagh Donegal

Jenkins Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Jenkins Evin Stranorlar Donegal

Jenkins Moses Donaghmore Donegal

Jenkins Richard Stranorlar Donegal

Jenkins William Raphoe Donegal

Jennings Hanna Donaghmore Donegal

Johnston Anne Donegal Donegal

Johnston Anne Tully Donegal

Johnston Archibald Templemore Donegal

Johnston Gabriel Raphoe Donegal

Johnston George Templecarn Donegal

Johnston Henry Raphoe Donegal

Johnston Isaac Drumhome Donegal

Johnston James Donaghmore Donegal

Johnston James Donegal Donegal

Johnston James Rye Donegal

Johnston James Stranorlar Donegal

Johnston James Templecarn Donegal

Johnston James Templemore Donegal

Johnston John Donaghmore Donegal

Johnston John Donegal Donegal

Johnston John Fahan Upper Donegal

Johnston John Killymard Donegal

Johnston John Templecarn Donegal

Johnston Matthew Raphoe Donegal

Johnston Michael Killymard Donegal

Johnston Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Johnston Robert Templecarn Donegal

Johnston Robert Tully Donegal

Johnston Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Johnston Thomas Templemore Donegal

Johnston William Clonleigh Donegal

Johnston William Donaghmore Donegal

Johnston William Donegal Donegal

Johnston William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Johnston William Raphoe Donegal

Johnston William Tully Donegal

Johnston William Urney Donegal

Joice Edward Templemore Donegal

Jones Anne Raphoe Donegal

Jordan Moses Taughboyne Donegal

Joseph Wm. Templemore Donegal

Kain William Donaghmore Donegal

Kairns John Donaghmore Donegal

Kane John Rye Donegal

Keady James Donaghmore Donegal

Keady Moses Donaghmore Donegal

Kearney Arthur Donegal Donegal

Kearney Barney Donaghmore Donegal

Kearney John Tully Donegal

Kearney William Clonleigh Donegal

Kearney William, Sr. Clonleigh Donegal

Keavin Manus Donegal Donegal

Kee John Kilteevoge Donegal

Kee Thomas Kilteevoge Donegal

Kee William Kilteevoge Donegal

Keenaghan Daniel Inishmacsaint Donegal

Keenaghan James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Keenan Bryan Kilbarron Donegal

Keenan Charles Urney Donegal

Keenan James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Keenan Neil Urney Donegal

Keenan Thomas Inishmacsaint Donegal

Keerdy William Donaghmore Donegal

Kees William Fahan Upper Donegal

Kellun Daniel Templecarn Donegal

Kelly Anne Leck Donegal

Kelly Bryan Leck Donegal

Kelly Bryan Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Charles Clonmany Donegal

Kelly Charles Conwal Donegal

Kelly Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly Charles Leck Donegal

Kelly Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Charles Stranorlar Donegal

Kelly Christopher Clonleigh Donegal

Kelly Cormick Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Cornelius Desertegny Donegal

Kelly Cornelius Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

Kelly Cornelius Leck Donegal

Kelly Daniel Conwal Donegal

Kelly Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Daniel Raphoe Donegal

Kelly Daniel Tully Donegal

Kelly Darby Conwal Donegal

Kelly Darby Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Darby Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly Denis Clonmany Donegal

Kelly Denis Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Denis Urney Donegal

Kelly Dominick Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Dominick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly Dudley Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Edward Conwal Donegal

Kelly Edward Drumhome Donegal

Kelly Edward Kilbarron Donegal

Kelly Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly Eleanor Conwal Donegal

Kelly Fanny Conwal Donegal

Kelly Francis Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly Henry Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Hugh Drumhome Donegal

Kelly Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

Kelly Hugh Killymard Donegal

Kelly Hugh Urney Donegal

Kelly James Aghanunshin Donegal

Kelly James All Saints Donegal

Kelly James Clonleigh Donegal

Kelly James Conwal Donegal

Kelly James Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly James Donegal Donegal

Kelly James Leck Donegal

Kelly James Stranorlar Donegal

Kelly James Urney Donegal

Kelly John Clonca Donegal

Kelly John Clonleigh Donegal

Kelly John Conwal Donegal

Kelly John Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly John Drumhome Donegal

Kelly John Kilbarron Donegal

Kelly John Killymard Donegal

Kelly John Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly John Templemore Donegal

Kelly Mary Clonca Donegal

Kelly Matthew Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Michael Donegal Donegal

Kelly Neal Conwal Donegal

Kelly Owen Clonca Donegal

Kelly Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Kelly Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Kelly Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Kelly Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly Patrick Donegal Donegal

Kelly Philip Clonca Donegal

Kelly Philip Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Richard Clonmany Donegal

Kelly Sarah Raphoe Donegal

Kelly Shane Moville Lower Donegal

Kelly Thomas Conwal Donegal

Kelly Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

Kelly Thomas Templemore Donegal

Kelly Toal Gartan Donegal

Kelly Tole Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly Walter Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly William Donaghmore Donegal

Kelly William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kelly William Tully Donegal

Kelly Wm Taughboyne Donegal

Kelso James Conwal Donegal

Kelso William Taughboyne Donegal

Kelson Henry Conwal Donegal

Kemp James Donaghmore Donegal

Kemp Tursty Conwal Donegal

Kemps John Conwal Donegal

Kemps William Leck Donegal

Kennedy Giles All Saints Donegal

Kennedy Henry Conwal Donegal

Kennedy James All Saints Donegal

Kennedy James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Kennedy John Conwal Donegal

Kennedy John Donaghmore Donegal

Kennedy John Drumhome Donegal

Kennedy John Leck Donegal

Kennedy John Rye Donegal

Kennedy John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Kennedy Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Kennedy Robert Leck Donegal

Kennedy Wm. Conwal Donegal

Kenny Anthony Stranorlar Donegal

Kenny Patrick Clonmany Donegal

Kenny William Killaghtee Donegal

Kernaghan Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Kernaghan James Clonleigh Donegal

Kerr Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Kerr Charles Tully Donegal

Kerr Edward Rye Donegal

Kerr Edward Tully Donegal

Kerr Henry Killygarvan Donegal

Kerr Hugh Raphoe Donegal

Kerr James Conwal Donegal

Kerr John Drumhome Donegal

Kerr John Templemore Donegal

Kerr John Tully Donegal

Kerr Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Kerr Robert All Saints Donegal

Kerr Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Kerr William Conwal Donegal

Kerr William Fahan Upper Donegal

Kerr William Moville Upper Donegal

Kerrigan Francis Kilbarron Donegal

Kerrigan John Inishmacsaint Donegal

Kerrigan Manus Kilbarron Donegal

Kerrigan Michael Inishmacsaint Donegal

Kerrigan Morris Drumhome Donegal

Kerrigan Murtah All Saints Donegal

Kerrigan Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Kerrigan Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

Kerrigan Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Kerrigan William Kilbarron Donegal

Kerstan Connor Moville Lower Donegal

Kessady Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kessedy Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kevanagh James Clonleigh Donegal

Keys David Clonleigh Donegal

Keys Eleanor Clonleigh Donegal

Keys George Donaghmore Donegal

Keys John Clonleigh Donegal

Keys Nathaniel, Esq. Clonleigh Donegal

Keys Rhoda Clonleigh Donegal

Keys Tasker Clonleigh Donegal

Keys Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

Keys William Clonleigh Donegal

Kidd Jane Donaghmore Donegal

Kidd William Donaghmore Donegal

Kilday James Drumhome Donegal

Kilfoyle Lesley Donegal Donegal

Kilgore Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Kilgrace James Urney Donegal

Kilgrace John Urney Donegal

Kilgrace Samuel Leck Donegal

Kilgrace William Urney Donegal

Killan William Raphoe Donegal

Killen John Donaghmore Donegal

Kilpatrick Henry Drumhome Donegal

Kilpatrick Isaac Fahan Upper Donegal

Kilpatrick John Inver Donegal

Kilpatrick Mathew Donegal Donegal

Kilpatrick Matthew Drumhome Donegal

Kilpatrick Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Kilpatrick William Tully Donegal

Kilroy Widow ??? Inishmacsaint Donegal

Kilvarey John Inishmacsaint Donegal

Kilvarey Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

Kimming John Templemore Donegal

King Adam Kilbarron Donegal

King Balantine Conwal Donegal

King Gabriel Leck Donegal

King Jacob Donaghmore Donegal

King James Conwal Donegal

King James Leck Donegal

King Jameson Raphoe Donegal

King John Leck Donegal

King John Rye Donegal

King John Taughboyne Donegal

King Moses Clonleigh Donegal

King William Leck Donegal

Kinkead Henry All Saints Donegal

Kinkead John Drumhome Donegal

Kinkead Robert Drumhome Donegal

Kinkead William Raphoe Donegal

Kinkiad David All Saints Donegal

Kirgant Charles Urney Donegal

Kirgant John Urney Donegal

Kirk Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Kirk Daniel Inver Donegal

Kirk William Inver Donegal

Kirkland George Moville Lower Donegal

Kirkpatrick Anne Kilmacrenan Donegal

Kirkpatrick Arthur Drumhome Donegal

Kirkpatrick David Clonleigh Donegal

Kirkpatrick George Drumhome Donegal

Kirkpatrick Isaac Templemore Donegal

Kirkpatrick James Stranorlar Donegal

Kirkpatrick John Drumhome Donegal

Kirkpatrick John Stranorlar Donegal

Kirkpatrick Moses Drumhome Donegal

Kirkpatrick Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Kirkpatrick Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Kirkpatrick Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Kirkpatrick Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

Kirkpatrick William Drumhome Donegal

Kirkpatrick Wm. Culdaff Donegal

Kirkwood Robert Leck Donegal

Kivelin Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

Knee Hugh Leck Donegal

Knee James Donaghmore Donegal

Knee Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Knight Edward Killymard Donegal

Knight Miles Raphoe Donegal

Knight Richard Killymard Donegal

Knight William Killymard Donegal

Knox Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Knox Andrew Templecarn Donegal

Knox Charles Clonca Donegal

Knox John Killybegs Upper Donegal

Knox Rev. Russel Clonleigh Donegal

Knox Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Kyle Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Kyle John Tully Donegal

Kyle Robert Tully Donegal

Kyle William Tully Donegal

Lackey Alexander Rye Donegal

Lackey Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

Laferty James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Lafferty Catherine Urney Donegal

Lafferty Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Lafferty Michael Urney Donegal

Lafferty Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Lafferty Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Lafforty Manus Urney Donegal

Lafforty Murty Urney Donegal

Laird Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Laird Francis Raphoe Donegal

Laird James Leck Donegal

Laird James Rye Donegal

Laird James Taughboyne Donegal

Laird James Tully Donegal

Laird John Leck Donegal

Laird John Raphoe Donegal

Laird John Tully Donegal

Laird Moses Raphoe Donegal

Laird Nathaniel Leck Donegal

Laird Robert Raphoe Donegal

Laird Robert Tully Donegal

Laird Samuel Conwal Donegal

Laird Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Laird William Clonleigh Donegal

Laird William Raphoe Donegal

Lakey Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Lakey James Donaghmore Donegal

Laman John Killymard Donegal

Laman John Raphoe Donegal

Lanahan William Moville Upper Donegal

Langan John Clonleigh Donegal

Langan John Drumhome Donegal

Langan Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Langin William Killybegs Upper Donegal

Larkey William Moville Upper Donegal

Lather Alexander All Saints Donegal

Latta Abraham Taughboyne Donegal

Latta Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

Latta James Taughboyne Donegal

Latta John Taughboyne Donegal

Latta Moses Stranorlar Donegal

Latta Samuel Clonca Donegal

Latta William Taughboyne Donegal

Laughlin James Leck Donegal

Laughlin John Donaghmore Donegal

Laughlin Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Laughlin Neal Clonmany Donegal

Law John Killaghtee Donegal

Law Mary Killymard Donegal

Law William, Esq. All Saints Donegal

Lawn Bryan Donegal Donegal

Lawn Christopher Donegal Donegal

Lawn Henry Clonleigh Donegal

Lawn Hugh Donegal Donegal

Lawn Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Lawson Mary Donaghmore Donegal

Lawson Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Lawson Samuel Tully Donegal

Leanord John Clonleigh Donegal

Leard John Templemore Donegal

Leathom William, Jr. Templemore Donegal

Leathorn William, Sr. Templemore Donegal

Leckey Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Leckey Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Leckey John Clonleigh Donegal

Leckey John Killygarvan Donegal

Leckey John Rye Donegal

Leckey Oliver Donaghmore Donegal

Leckey Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Leckey Robert Rye Donegal

Leckey Thomas Rye Donegal

Leckey William Donaghmore Donegal

Leckey Wm. Taughboyne Donegal

Lecky Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Lee Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Lee Henry Aghanunshin Donegal

Lee James Raphoe Donegal

Lee William Fahan Upper Donegal

Leech James Templemore Donegal

Leech John Killymard Donegal

Leech John Urney Donegal

Leech Soloman Leck Donegal

Leetch John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Leetch Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

Lefferty Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Lefferty James Raphoe Donegal

Lefferty Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Leich George Leck Donegal

Leiny Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Lenaghan Thomas Kilcar Donegal

Lenaghan Valentine Kilmore Donegal

Leonard Bernard Templemore Donegal

Leonard Darby Drumhome Donegal

Leonard Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Lepper Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

Lepper Arthur Templemore Donegal

Lepper James Stranorlar Donegal

Lepper John Stranorlar Donegal

Lepper Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Leslie Andrew Templemore Donegal

Levans John Tully Donegal

Leviston Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Levitton Thomas Rye Donegal

Liddle James Clonleigh Donegal

Liddle John Urney Donegal

Likely William Drumhome Donegal

Lills Richard Fahan Upper Donegal

Linchaughan John Leck Donegal

Linchey Daniel Tully Donegal

Lindsay Andrew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Lindsay James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Lindsay Margaret Taughboyne Donegal

Lindsay Robert Raphoe Donegal

Lindsay Robert Tullyaughnish Donegal

Lindsay William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Linehan William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Lipsitt Humphrey Kilbarron Donegal

Lipsitt Michael Kilbarron Donegal

Lipsitt Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Lipsitt William Kilbarron Donegal

Lister Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Little Archibald Raphoe Donegal

Little David Donegal Donegal

Little George Inishmacsaint Donegal

Little John Clonleigh Donegal

Little John Donegal Donegal

Little Joseph Stranorlar Donegal

Little Joseph Templemore Donegal

Little Robert Donegal Donegal

Little Robert Drumhome Donegal

Little Samuel Donegal Donegal

Little Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Little William Donegal Donegal

Loag Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Loag James Moville Lower Donegal

Loag Owen Moville Lower Donegal

Loag Philip Moville Lower Donegal

Loag William Clonca Donegal

Loage Cormack Tully Donegal

Loage William Tully Donegal

Loaghan Eneas Clonleigh Donegal

Loague Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Loague Patrick Tully Donegal

Lochey Manus Kilmacrenan Donegal

Lochry Manus Tully Donegal

Lochry Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Lockard Robert Killygarvan Donegal

Lockard William Killygarvan Donegal

Lockart Andrew Kilbarron Donegal

Lockart Andrew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Lockart James Aghanunshin Donegal

Lockart John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Lockart Joseph Aghanunshin Donegal

Lockart Samuel Templemore Donegal

Lockart Shan Fahan Upper Donegal

Lockart Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Logan Charles Templemore Donegal

Logan George Fahan Upper Donegal

Logan James Rye Donegal

Logan John Leck Donegal

Logan Thomas Rye Donegal

Logan William Drumhome Donegal

Logan Wm. Conwal Donegal

Logue Michael Clonleigh Donegal

Long Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Long Andrew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Long David Conwal Donegal

Long James Clonleigh Donegal

Long James Rye Donegal

Long John Donaghmore Donegal

Long John Templemore Donegal

Long Matthew Donaghmore Donegal

Long Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Long Samuel Donagh Donegal

Long William Clonleigh Donegal

Long William Donaghmore Donegal

Long William Templemore Donegal

Long Wm. Culdaff Donegal

Longeville James Fahan Upper Donegal

Longeville Richard Fahan Upper Donegal

Lough Philip Moville Upper Donegal

Loughead John All Saints Donegal

Loughead Robert Raphoe Donegal

Loughlin James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Loughrea Patrick Taughboyne Donegal

Loughrey Andrew Urney Donegal

Loughrey Charles Stranorlar Donegal

Loughrey Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Loughrey Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

Loughrey James Culdaff Donegal

Loughrey John Stranorlar Donegal

Loughrey Luke Clonleigh Donegal

Loughrey Nocher Moville Upper Donegal

Loughrey Owen Raphoe Donegal

Loughrey Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Loughrey Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

Loughrey William Clonleigh Donegal

Loughry Owen Conwal Donegal

Lourey Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Love Alexander Donegal Donegal

Love Andrew Donegal Donegal

Love Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Love John Drumhome Donegal

Love Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Love Robert Clondavaddog Donegal

Love Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Love Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

Love William Clondavaddog Donegal

Lowrey Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

Lowrey Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Lowrey Hugh Rye Donegal

Lowrey James Taughboyne Donegal

Lowrey John Donegal Donegal

Lowrey Robert Donegal Donegal

Lowrey Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Lowrey Robert Tully Donegal

Lowrey Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Lowrey Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Lowry Alexander Conwal Donegal

Lowry Andrew Conwal Donegal

Lowry Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Lowry Archibald Donaghmore Donegal

Lowry James Drumroosk Donegal

Lowry John Leck Donegal

Lowry Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Lowry Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Lowry Walter Tully Donegal

Lowry William Donegal Donegal

Lowtey Andrew Donegal Donegal

Lucas Henry Leck Donegal

Lucas John Moville Upper Donegal

Luke Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Luke William Donaghmore Donegal

Lungan Bryan Stranorlar Donegal

Lungan Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Lungan Denis Donaghmore Donegal

Lungan John Killaghtee Donegal

Lungan Robert Killaghtee Donegal

Lyle John Moville Upper Donegal

Lynch Audly Clonmany Donegal

Lynch Charles Clonmany Donegal

Lynch Charles Rye Donegal

Lynch Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

Lynch Daniel Tully Donegal

Lynch Dennis Desertegny Donegal

Lynch George Conwal Donegal

Lynch George Templemore Donegal

Lynch Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

Lynch Hugh Templemore Donegal

Lynch James Culdaff Donegal

Lynch James Donaghmore Donegal

Lynch James Fahan Upper Donegal

Lynch James Moville Upper Donegal

Lynch James Raphoe Donegal

Lynch James Templemore Donegal

Lynch John Clonleigh Donegal

Lynch John Donaghmore Donegal

Lynch John Taughboyne Donegal

Lynch John Templemore Donegal

Lynch Michael Tully Donegal

Lynch Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Lynch Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Lynch Paul Templemore Donegal

Lynch Phelim Taughboyne Donegal

Lynch Philip Moville Lower Donegal

Lynch Philip Rye Donegal

Lynch Philip Templemore Donegal

Lynch Phillip Clonleigh Donegal

Lynch Shane Moville Lower Donegal

Lynch Thomas Desertegny Donegal

Lynch Thomas Templemore Donegal

Lynch William Templemore Donegal

Lynd Matthew Clonmany Donegal

Lyon James Templemore Donegal

Lyon Joseph Urney Donegal

Lyon Nathan Urney Donegal

Lyon Robert Urney Donegal

Lyons Alexander Killymard Donegal

Lyons Connell Killymard Donegal

Lyons Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

M'Aaron Denis Donagh Donegal

M'Acrossan Neal Moville Upper Donegal

M'Acrossan Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

M'Adaw George Templemore Donegal

M'Adoo Francis Templemore Donegal

M'Adoo James Raphoe Donegal

M'Adoo James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Adoo John Raphoe Donegal

M'Adoo John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Adoo Mongo Taughboyne Donegal

M'Adoo Moses All Saints Donegal

M'Adoo Robert Tully Donegal

M'Adoo William Tully Donegal

M'Aferson Robert Conwal Donegal

M'Afrey Owen Clonmany Donegal

M'Aleny James Clonmany Donegal

M'Aleny John Clonmany Donegal

M'Aleny William Clonmany Donegal

M'Allen James Culdaff Donegal

M'Allen William Culdaff Donegal

M'Alteer Thomas Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Alurdon Margaret Donaghmore Donegal

M'Ana Robert Leck Donegal

M'Anagh John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Anaw David Rye Donegal

M'Anaw John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Anaw John Killaghtee Donegal

M'Anaw John Rye Donegal

M'Anaw Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

M'Anaw William Rye Donegal

M'Aneely John Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Antire James Urney Donegal

M'Anullagh Hugh Moville Upper Donegal

M'Anullagh John Moville Upper Donegal

M'Anulty Barry Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Anulty Hugh Kilbarron Donegal

M'Anulty John Kilbarron Donegal

M'Anulty Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Aready Patrick Donegal Donegal

M'Arthur John Templemore Donegal

M'Aruddy Hugh Donegal Donegal

M'Ason Charles Clonca Donegal

M'Atagurt Margaret Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Ataminey John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Ateer Brien Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Ateer Darby Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Ateer Edward Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Atigart John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Aveigh Bryan Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Avigh Edward Tully Donegal

M'Award Bryan Conwal Donegal

M'Award Cornelius Leck Donegal

M'Award Darby Gartan Donegal

M'Award Darby Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Award Darby Tully Donegal

M'Award Francis Gartan Donegal

M'Award Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Award James Conwal Donegal

M'Award James Gartan Donegal

M'Award James Leck Donegal

M'Award Maurice Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Award Owen Taughboyne Donegal

M'Award William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Award William Gartan Donegal

M'Award William Leck Donegal

M'Awee Connell Stranorlar Donegal

M'Bay Robert Conwal Donegal

M'Beath Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

M'Beath John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Beath Robert Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Beath Robert Clonleigh Donegal

M'Beath William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Breartey Daniel Kilcar Donegal

M'Breartey Thomas Urney Donegal

M'Brearty Charles Kilcar Donegal

M'Brearty John Stranorlar Donegal

M'Brearty Patrick Kilcar Donegal

M'Brearty Thomas Urney Donegal

M'Breerty Neil Killaghtee Donegal

M'Bride Brian Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Bride Bryan Conwal Donegal

M'Bride Bryan Tully Donegal

M'Bride Charles Clonleigh Donegal

M'Bride Charles Conwal Donegal

M'Bride George Clonleigh Donegal

M'Bride James Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Bride John Conwal Donegal

M'Bride John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Bride John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Bride John Raphoe Donegal

M'Bride Mark Killymard Donegal

M'Bride Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Bride Owen Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Bride Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Bride Shane Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Bride Shane Tully Donegal

M'Bride William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cabra Cormack Conwal Donegal

M'Cadden Edward Killymard Donegal

M'Cadden Patrick Drumhome Donegal

M'Cadden Philip Killymard Donegal

M'Cafferty Bryan Drumhome Donegal

M'Cafferty Eleanor Conwal Donegal

M'Cafferty Francis Drumhome Donegal

M'Cafferty Henry Drumhome Donegal

M'Cafferty John Conwal Donegal

M'Cafferty John Drumhome Donegal

M'Cafferty John Raphoe Donegal

M'Cafferty Neal Conwal Donegal

M'Cafferty Neil Drumhome Donegal

M'Cafferty Owen Raphoe Donegal

M'Cafferty Patrick Drumhome Donegal

M'Cafferty Patrick Kilbarron Donegal

M'Caffery James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Caffery William Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Caffey James Drumhome Donegal

M'Caffrey Constant Raphoe Donegal

M'Caffrey James Raphoe Donegal

M'Caffry James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Caffry Patrick Raphoe Donegal

M'Cahill John Donegal Donegal

M'Caldwell Rev. ??? Moville Upper Donegal

M'Caley John Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Calister Alexander Killygarvan Donegal

M'Calister James Killygarvan Donegal

M'Calkin Edward Taughboyne Donegal

M'Call James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Call John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Calla Charles Raphoe Donegal

M'Calla John Templemore Donegal

M'Calla Neil Raphoe Donegal

M'Calla Samuel Templemore Donegal

M'Calla Thomas Templemore Donegal

M'Callan Francis Taughboyne Donegal

M'Callan Owen Culdaff Donegal

M'Callen Alexander Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Callen Dennis Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Callen James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Callen John Leck Donegal

M'Callen Neal Moville Upper Donegal

M'Callen William Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Callion Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Callion Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Callion Denis Moville Upper Donegal

M'Callion Edward Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Callion Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Callion Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cally Darby Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cally Edward Taughboyne Donegal

M'Cally George Tully Donegal

M'Cally James Tully Donegal

M'Cam Michael Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cammy John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Can Michael Donaghmore Donegal

M'Canan William Raphoe Donegal

M'Candlis Samuel Moville Upper Donegal

M'Canlis James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Canlis John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Canlis Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cann Alexander Conwal Donegal

M'Cann Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cann Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cann Marthew Drumhome Donegal

M'Cann Owen Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cann William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Canon James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carland Philip Rye Donegal

M'Carmell James Rye Donegal

M'Carron Bryan Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carron Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carron Denis Culdaff Donegal

M'Carron Dinis Donaghmore Donegal

M'Carron James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carron John Raphoe Donegal

M'Carron Michael Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carron Michael Raphoe Donegal

M'Carron Neil Raphoe Donegal

M'Carron Patrick Raphoe Donegal

M'Carron Philip Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carron Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

M'Carron William Raphoe Donegal

M'Carron William Taughboyne Donegal

M'Cart Charles Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Cart William Culdaff Donegal

M'Carter Alexander Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Carter James Templemore Donegal

M'Carter John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Carter John Templemore Donegal

M'Carter Robert Conwal Donegal

M'Carter Thomas Templemore Donegal

M'Carthy Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

M'Casland Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

M'Casland Oliver Conwal Donegal

M'Casland Rev. Archibald Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Caughil William Drumhome Donegal

M'Cawill James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cawley Andrew Conwal Donegal

M'Cawley Edward Conwal Donegal

M'Cawley George Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Cawley James Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Cawley James Rye Donegal

M'Cawley John Conwal Donegal

M'Cawley Owen Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Cawley Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Cawley Thomas Conwal Donegal

M'Cawley Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cawley William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cawley William Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cay Alexander Conwal Donegal

M'Cay Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Cay Charles Conwal Donegal

M'Cay Connel Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cay Henry All Saints Donegal

M'Cay James Templemore Donegal

M'Cay John Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cay John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Cay Owen Donegal Donegal

M'Cay Owen Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Cay Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Cay Robert, Esq. Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cay Shane Conwal Donegal

M'Cay William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cay William Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cay Wm. Conwal Donegal

M'Celand Samuel Rye Donegal

M'Chaffey John Killea Donegal

M'Clab William Raphoe Donegal

M'Clafferty Roger Tully Donegal

M'Claron Philip Moville Lower Donegal

M'Clashin Edward Desertegny Donegal

M'Claskey Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Claskey Roger Clonleigh Donegal

M'Clay Alexander Conwal Donegal

M'Clay Andrew Conwal Donegal

M'Clay Archibald Conwal Donegal

M'Clay John Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Clay John Stranorlar Donegal

M'Clay Robert Stranorlar Donegal

M'Clay Samuel Conwal Donegal

M'Clea Oliver Stranorlar Donegal

M'Clea William Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Clean Alexander Tully Donegal

M'Clean David Tully Donegal

M'Clean Denis Conwal Donegal

M'Clean James Raphoe Donegal

M'Clean John Raphoe Donegal

M'Clean Matthew Conwal Donegal

M'Clean Peter Raphoe Donegal

M'Clean Thomas Conwal Donegal

M'Clearn William Taughboyne Donegal

M'Cleay Andrew Drumhome Donegal

M'Cleery Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cleland David All Saints Donegal

M'Clelland James Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Clelland James Rye Donegal

M'Clelland Jane Templemore Donegal

M'Clelland John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Clelland Robert Clonca Donegal

M'Clelland Robert Templemore Donegal

M'Clelland Samuel Rye Donegal

M'Clemmins Samuel All Saints Donegal

M'Clenachan Mary All Saints Donegal

M'Cleskey Edward Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Cleskey Joseph Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Cleskey Mary Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Cleyn Archibald Rye Donegal

M'Clintock Aaron Killaghtee Donegal

M'Clintock Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Clintock Alexander Leck Donegal

M'Clintock Alexander Raphoe Donegal

M'Clintock Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock Andrew Raphoe Donegal

M'Clintock Daniel Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Clintock John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock Robert Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock Robert, Esq. Killea Donegal

M'Clintock Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

M'Clintock William Killaghtee Donegal

M'Clintock William Raphoe Donegal

M'Closkey Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Closkey James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Closkey Widow ??? Clonleigh Donegal

M'Closky Denis Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Cloud John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Cluneuns Mary All Saints Donegal

M'Clure Andrew Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure Anne Conwal Donegal

M'Clure Elizabeth Conwal Donegal

M'Clure Finlay Conwal Donegal

M'Clure James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Clure James Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure James Stranorlar Donegal

M'Clure John Donegal Donegal

M'Clure John Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure John Tully Donegal

M'Clure Moses Donaghmore Donegal

M'Clure Oliver Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure Philip Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure Rebecca Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure Richard Clonleigh Donegal

M'Clure Richard Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure Robert Urney Donegal

M'Clure Samuel Raphoe Donegal

M'Clure Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

M'Clure Thomas Leck Donegal

M'Clure William Conwal Donegal

M'Clure William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Clure William Leck Donegal

M'Clurey Samuel Raphoe Donegal

M'Clury John Raphoe Donegal

M'Coach David Tully Donegal

M'Coach James Conwal Donegal

M'Coach Robert Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Cob Margaret Conwal Donegal

M'Cobb Thomas Rye Donegal

M'Cobb William Rye Donegal

M'Colgan Anthony Clonmany Donegal

M'Colgan Charles Culdaff Donegal

M'Colgan Charles Donagh Donegal

M'Colgan Daniel Donagh Donegal

M'Colgan Denis Donagh Donegal

M'Colgan Dominick Clonmany Donegal

M'Colgan James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Colgan James Donagh Donegal

M'Colgan James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Colgan James Templemore Donegal

M'Colgan John Templemore Donegal

M'Colgan Neal Clonmany Donegal

M'Colgan Owen Clonleigh Donegal

M'Colgan Patrick Clonca Donegal

M'Colgan Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Colgan Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Colgan Peter Donagh Donegal

M'Colgan Philip Donagh Donegal

M'Colgan Richard Clonmany Donegal

M'Collin Patrick Killygarvan Donegal

M'Collinn James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Collum Denis Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Collum Denis Raphoe Donegal

M'Collum James Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Collum Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Colly Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

M'Comb James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Conaghan Bryan Clonmany Donegal

M'Conaghey Alexander Drumhome Donegal

M'Conaghey James Raphoe Donegal

M'Conaghey James Rye Donegal

M'Conaghey Robert Raphoe Donegal

M'Conaghy John Clonca Donegal

M'Conaghy Neal Clonca Donegal

M'Conagle Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conagle Hugh Clonca Donegal

M'Conagle Patrick Clonca Donegal

M'Conagle William Donagh Donegal

M'Conaloage Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conaloage Michael Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conaloague Hugh Culdaff Donegal

M'Conaloge Bryan Donagh Donegal

M'Conaloge Daniel Donagh Donegal

M'Conaloge Michael Culdaff Donegal

M'Conaloge Neil Donagh Donegal

M'Conaloge William Donagh Donegal

M'Conalogue Bryan Culdaff Donegal

M'Conalogue Denis Raphoe Donegal

M'Conalogue John Raphoe Donegal

M'Conegal Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conegal Edward Clonmany Donegal

M'Conegal James Clonmany Donegal

M'Conegal John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conegal Matthew Raphoe Donegal

M'Conegal Patrick Clonmany Donegal

M'Conegal Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Connel Daniel Tully Donegal

M'Connel James Conwal Donegal

M'Connel Neal Conwal Donegal

M'Connel Robert Taughboyne Donegal

M'Connell Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

M'Connell Alexander Templemore Donegal

M'Connell Andrew Leck Donegal

M'Connell Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

M'Connell Daniel Templemore Donegal

M'Connell Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

M'Connell John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Connell John Leck Donegal

M'Connell John Raphoe Donegal

M'Connell John Rye Donegal

M'Connell John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Connell Joseph Killea Donegal

M'Connell Mary Templemore Donegal

M'Connell Michael Templemore Donegal

M'Connell Neal Gartan Donegal

M'Connell Neal Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Connell Samuel Rye Donegal

M'Connell Widow ??? Clonleigh Donegal

M'Connell William Taughboyne Donegal

M'Connellogue John Rye Donegal

M'Connologue Grace Conwal Donegal

M'Conway Edward Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conway James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Conway Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cool Andrew Clonmany Donegal

M'Cool Bridget Donagh Donegal

M'Cool Hugh Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Cool Hugh Clonmany Donegal

M'Cool Hugh Conwal Donegal

M'Cool James Stranorlar Donegal

M'Cool John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cool John Stranorlar Donegal

M'Cool Luke Stranorlar Donegal

M'Cool Owen Moville Upper Donegal

M'Cool Owen Raphoe Donegal

M'Cool Patrick Clonmany Donegal

M'Cool Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cool Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

M'Cool Philip Clonmany Donegal

M'Cool Philip Conwal Donegal

M'Cool Philip Leck Donegal

M'Cool Redmond Stranorlar Donegal

M'Cool Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

M'Cordack James Donegal Donegal

M'Cordack James Drumhome Donegal

M'Cordack John Donegal Donegal

M'Cordack John Drumhome Donegal

M'Cordack William Kilbarron Donegal

M'Corday James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cordey John Raphoe Donegal

M'Cordiff Neil Clonleigh Donegal

M'Corkell James Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Corkil Andrew Templemore Donegal

M'Corkil Manus Kilbarron Donegal

M'Corkil Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Corkill Mary Templemore Donegal

M'Corkle James Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Corkle John Conwal Donegal

M'Corkle Robert Rye Donegal

M'Corkle William Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Corkle William Moville Upper Donegal

M'Cormack Dominick Conwal Donegal

M'Cormack Hugh Urney Donegal

M'Cormack Isaac Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Cormack James Urney Donegal

M'Cormack John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cormack John Rye Donegal

M'Cormack Margaret Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cormack Owen Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cormack Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cormack Philip Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cormack Philip Raphoe Donegal

M'Cormack Richard Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cormack William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cormack William Stranorlar Donegal

M'Cormick Bryan Moville Lower Donegal

M'Cormick Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cormick Terence Kilbarron Donegal

M'Cosker John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cosker Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Costy Denis Moville Upper Donegal

M'Couch John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Crab Abraham Taughboyne Donegal

M'Crab James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Crab John All Saints Donegal

M'Crab Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

M'Crab Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

M'Crab William Killea Donegal

M'Cracken William Taughboyne Donegal

M'Crackin Alexander Conwal Donegal

M'Crea ???, Earl Of Leck Donegal

M'Crea Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

M'Crea James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Crea John All Saints Donegal

M'Crea John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Crea John Leck Donegal

M'Crea Robert Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cree James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Creerey James Drumhome Donegal

M'Creery James Stranorlar Donegal

M'Creery John Stranorlar Donegal

M'Creery Robert Stranorlar Donegal

M'Creery Stephen Donaghmore Donegal

M'Creery William Drumroosk Donegal

M'Crey Esther Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Croddin James Conwal Donegal

M'Croddon Mathew Clonleigh Donegal

M'Croddy Patrick Rye Donegal

M'Crossan Henry Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cuddy Owen Clonca Donegal

M'Cue John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Cue Michael Tully Donegal

M'Cue Owen Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cue Owen Drumhome Donegal

M'Cufferty Michael Drumhome Donegal

M'Cullien Owen Moville Lower Donegal

M'Culloch George Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Culloch William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cullock John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Cullock Thomas Drumhome Donegal

M'Cullouch George Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Cullum Daniel Killygarvan Donegal

M'Cullum James Killygarvan Donegal

M'Curday James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Curday John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Curran Patrick Raphoe Donegal

M'Curristin Mary Moville Upper Donegal

M'Dade Edward Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Dade Hugh Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Dade John Tully Donegal

M'Dade Neal Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Dade Patrick Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Daid Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Daid Hugh Tully Donegal

M'Daid John Rye Donegal

M'Daid Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Davier Shane Conwal Donegal

M'Davit Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Davitt Anthony Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt Charles Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Charles Moville Upper Donegal

M'Davitt Daniel Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Daniel Stranorlar Donegal

M'Davitt Edward Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt Edward Donagh Donegal

M'Davitt Edward Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Edward Raphoe Donegal

M'Davitt Francis Donagh Donegal

M'Davitt Francis Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Henry Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Davitt Henry Moville Upper Donegal

M'Davitt Hugh Donagh Donegal

M'Davitt Hugh Killygarvan Donegal

M'Davitt Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt James Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt James Donegal Donegal

M'Davitt James Gartan Donegal

M'Davitt James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Davitt James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt James Raphoe Donegal

M'Davitt James Rye Donegal

M'Davitt John Moville Upper Donegal

M'Davitt John Rye Donegal

M'Davitt Mathew Donaghmore Donegal

M'Davitt Michael Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Neil Rye Donegal

M'Davitt Owen Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Paul Moville Upper Donegal

M'Davitt Peter Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Philip Moville Upper Donegal

M'Davitt Roger Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt Roger Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt Susan Conwal Donegal

M'Davitt Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

M'Davitt William Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Davitt William Moville Lower Donegal

M'Dead Charles Gartan Donegal

M'Dead Denis Templemore Donegal

M'Dead Edward Drumhome Donegal

M'Dead Patrick Killymard Donegal

M'Dead William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dermot Denis Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dermot Manus Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dermot Neal Clonmany Donegal

M'Dermot Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dermott Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dermott Henry Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Dermott Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

M'Dermott James Rye Donegal

M'Dermott Michael Stranorlar Donegal

M'Devitt Andrew Rye Donegal

M'Devitt Francis Donagh Donegal

M'Devitt George Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Devitt Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Devitt Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

M'Devitt Hugh Raphoe Donegal

M'Devitt Hugh Rye Donegal

M'Devitt Hugh Urney Donegal

M'Devitt James Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Devitt James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Devitt James Raphoe Donegal

M'Devitt James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Devitt John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Devitt John Rye Donegal

M'Devitt Mary Clonmany Donegal

M'Devitt Neil Clonmany Donegal

M'Devitt Neil Rye Donegal

M'Devitt Niel Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Devitt Owen Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Devitt Patrick Raphoe Donegal

M'Devitt Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

M'Devitt Patrick Urney Donegal

M'Devitt William Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Dill William Moville Upper Donegal

M'Doal Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

M'Doal John Moville Upper Donegal

M'Donagh Brian Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Donnel Robert Urney Donegal

M'Donnell Alexander Moville Lower Donegal

M'Donnell Elias Clonmany Donegal

M'Donnell James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Donnell Miles Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Dougal Charles Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dougal Henry Conwal Donegal

M'Dougal William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Dougle Charles Raphoe Donegal

M'Dougle John Raphoe Donegal

M'Eheney Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Ehenny James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Ehinney Daniel Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ehinny James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Ehinny James Leck Donegal

M'Ehinny William Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Eldarrey John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Eldewney John Culdaff Donegal

M'Eldowney Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

M'Eldowny George Culdaff Donegal

M'Eleton Thomas Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elhar Hugh Conwal Donegal

M'Elhear Patrick Conwal Donegal

M'Elheer Owen Rye Donegal

M'Elhenny Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Elhenny Robert Conwal Donegal

M'Elher Dominick Rye Donegal

M'Elher Manus Donegal Donegal

M'Elher Widow ??? Leck Donegal

M'Elhere Dudley Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elhere James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elhere Miles Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elhere William Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elherr Simon Drumroosk Donegal

M'Elherron Denis Donaghmore Donegal

M'Elhinney Archibald Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elhinney Charles Raphoe Donegal

M'Elhinney John Conwal Donegal

M'Elhinney Robert Conwal Donegal

M'Elhinney Thomas Raphoe Donegal

M'Elhinney William Donagh Donegal

M'Elhinney William Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Elhinny Alexander Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Elhinny Alexander Leck Donegal

M'Elhinny Daniel Donagh Donegal

M'Elhinny James Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Elhinny James Raphoe Donegal

M'Elhinny John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elhinny John Raphoe Donegal

M'Elhinny Joseph Conwal Donegal

M'Elhinny Robert Leck Donegal

M'Elhinny Robert Templemore Donegal

M'Elhinny Samuel Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Elhinny Shane Donagh Donegal

M'Elhinny Thomas Drumhome Donegal

M'Elhinny Thomas Raphoe Donegal

M'Elhinny Thomas Rye Donegal

M'Elhinny William Leck Donegal

M'Elhor Widow ??? Gartan Donegal

M'Elrath William Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Elroy Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Elwain Alexander Tully Donegal

M'Elwain Catherine Conwal Donegal

M'Elwain Daniel Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elwain James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elwain James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elwain James Leck Donegal

M'Elwain John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elwain John Tully Donegal

M'Elwain Moses Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elwain Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elwain Samuel Conwal Donegal

M'Elwain Shane Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elwee Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elwee George Taughboyne Donegal

M'Elwee James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elwee James Raphoe Donegal

M'Elwee John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Elwee John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Elwee John Raphoe Donegal

M'Elwee John Tully Donegal

M'Elwee John Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Elwee Joseph Tully Donegal

M'Elwee Marcus Raphoe Donegal

M'Elwee Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Elwee Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Elwee Patrick Tully Donegal

M'Elwee Rev. John Killygarvan Donegal

M'Elwee William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Elwee William Conwal Donegal

M'Elwee Wm. Rye Donegal

M'Elwee Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Entire Robert Tully Donegal

M'Eny Michael Clonmany Donegal

M'Ewain John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Fadden Charles Kilcar Donegal

M'Fadden Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Fadden Daniel Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Fadden Daniel Raphoe Donegal

M'Fadden Denis Killaghtee Donegal

M'Fadden Dougle Leck Donegal

M'Fadden Edward Gartan Donegal

M'Fadden Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Fadden Fergal Conwal Donegal

M'Fadden Fergale Conwal Donegal

M'Fadden Hugh Conwal Donegal

M'Fadden James Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Fadden Jane Raphoe Donegal

M'Fadden John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Fadden John Leck Donegal

M'Fadden Margaret Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Fadden Neal Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Fadden Neel Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Fadden Nell Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Fadden Owen Clonleigh Donegal

M'Fadden Owen Raphoe Donegal

M'Fadden Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

M'Fadden Peter Raphoe Donegal

M'Fadden William Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Fadin Daniel Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Fadin John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Fall Daniel Clonmany Donegal

M'Farland Andrew Moville Upper Donegal

M'Farland Andrew Raphoe Donegal

M'Farland Robert Donaghmore Donegal

M'Faughety Francis Donaghmore Donegal

M'Faughy Charles Donaghmore Donegal

M'Feal Margaret Tully Donegal

M'Feal Samuel Tully Donegal

M'Feat Samuel Tully Donegal

M'Feat Widow ??? Tully Donegal

M'Feeley Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Feeley John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Feeley Neal Moville Lower Donegal

M'Feeley Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Feeley Philip Moville Lower Donegal

M'Fela John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Fersin John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Fire Owen Killygarvan Donegal

M'Gaghla Shane Kilbarron Donegal

M'Gahan Bryan Raphoe Donegal

M'Gahan Charles Conwal Donegal

M'Gahan James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gahan James Raphoe Donegal

M'Gargle Connel Drumhome Donegal

M'Gargle Edward Drumhome Donegal

M'Gargle James Drumhome Donegal

M'Gargle John Drumhome Donegal

M'Gargle Michael Drumhome Donegal

M'Gargle Rodger Drumhome Donegal

M'Gargle Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

M'Gargle William Drumhome Donegal

M'Garra William Taughboyne Donegal

M'Garvey Andrew Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Garvey Charles Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Garvey James Inch Donegal

M'Garvey James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Garvey John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Garvey Thomas Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Garvey William Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Gaughan Charles Clonmany Donegal

M'Gee Neil Raphoe Donegal

M'Gee William Stranorlar Donegal

M'Geeaghan Bryan Clonmany Donegal

M'Geehan James Raphoe Donegal

M'Geehan John Raphoe Donegal

M'Geehan John Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Geehan Neil Stranorlar Donegal

M'Geehan Owen Leck Donegal

M'Geer Neal Raphoe Donegal

M'Geever James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Geever Widow ??? Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Geevor Teague Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Geoghagan John Clonmany Donegal

M'Geohan Shane Clonmany Donegal

M'Gettigin Cornelius Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gettigin Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gettigin Hugh Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Gettigin Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gettigin Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Gettigin James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Gettigin Philip Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Gettigin Teague Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gettigin Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

M'Ghee Adam Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ghee Alexander Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Ghee Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ghee Charles Raphoe Donegal

M'Ghee Cornelius Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ghee Dennis Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ghee Francis Raphoe Donegal

M'Ghee George Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ghee Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ghee James Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ghee James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Ghee Patrick Clonca Donegal

M'Ghee Patrick Taughboyne Donegal

M'Ghee Robert Stranorlar Donegal

M'Ghee Thomas Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Ghee Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

M'Gill Patrick Culdaff Donegal

M'Gill Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

M'Gillian Robert Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gilway Owen Templemore Donegal

M'Gilway Philip Templemore Donegal

M'Gilway William Templemore Donegal

M'Ginlay Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

M'Ginlay Daniel Urney Donegal

M'Ginlay Denis Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Ginlay Edward Urney Donegal

M'Ginlay Hugh All Saints Donegal

M'Ginlay Hugh Tully Donegal

M'Ginlay James Rye Donegal

M'Ginlay John Conwal Donegal

M'Ginlay John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ginlay John Raphoe Donegal

M'Ginlay Michael All Saints Donegal

M'Ginlay Michael Taughboyne Donegal

M'Ginlay Michael Tully Donegal

M'Ginlay Patrick Raphoe Donegal

M'Ginly John Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Ginn Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Ginnis Andrew Moville Upper Donegal

M'Ginnis Charles Donagh Donegal

M'Ginnis Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ginnis Denis Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ginnis Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ginnis James Moville Upper Donegal

M'Ginnis Noacher Moville Upper Donegal

M'Ginnis Owen Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ginnis Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Ginnis Roger Moville Lower Donegal

M'Gintay Bryan Donegal Donegal

M'Gintay Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Gintay Daniel All Saints Donegal

M'Gintay George Stranorlar Donegal

M'Gintay Hugh All Saints Donegal

M'Gintay Hugh Raphoe Donegal

M'Gintay James Raphoe Donegal

M'Gintay John All Saints Donegal

M'Gintay Patrick Donegal Donegal

M'Gintay Patrick Drumhome Donegal

M'Gintay Widow ??? Donegal Donegal

M'Gintay William Raphoe Donegal

M'Girr James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Girr Michael Donaghmore Donegal

M'Gittigan Hugh Templemore Donegal

M'Gittigan Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gittigin Michael Clonleigh Donegal

M'Glanaghan William Raphoe Donegal

M'Glashen James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Glashin John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Glashin Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Glasken Denis Tully Donegal

M'Glasker Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Glaskin Daniel Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Glaskin Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Gleskin John Killygarvan Donegal

M'Glin Darby Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Glin Eleanor Conwal Donegal

M'Glin George Donegal Donegal

M'Glin Hugh Conwal Donegal

M'Glin James Conwal Donegal

M'Glin Patrick Conwal Donegal

M'Glin Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

M'Glinahey Bryan Rye Donegal

M'Glinahey John Drumhome Donegal

M'Glinchy Hugh Conwal Donegal

M'Glinshy Neal Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Glun Andrew Raphoe Donegal

M'Gobrick Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

M'Golrick James Drumhome Donegal

M'Golrick John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Gonagle John Kilbarron Donegal

M'Gonagle John Killaghtee Donegal

M'Gonagle William Drumhome Donegal

M'Gonegal Bryan Rye Donegal

M'Gonnagle John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gotrick Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Gowan David Templemore Donegal

M'Gowan Denis Rye Donegal

M'Gowan Dennis Tully Donegal

M'Gowan George Killygarvan Donegal

M'Gowan Hugh Clonca Donegal

M'Gowan Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gowan James Conwal Donegal

M'Gowan James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Gowan James Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gowan John Kilbarron Donegal

M'Gowan Laughlin Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gowan Manus Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gowan Manus Moville Upper Donegal

M'Gowan Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gowan Neal Moville Lower Donegal

M'Gowan Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gowan Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

M'Gowan Philip Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gowan Thomas Leck Donegal

M'Gowan Widow ??? Donaghmore Donegal

M'Gowan William Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Gowan William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Gowan William Moville Upper Donegal

M'Grace Teague Tully Donegal

M'Grace William Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Gran John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Granaghan Hugh Culdaff Donegal

M'Granaghan John Raphoe Donegal

M'Granaghan Michael Leck Donegal

M'Granaghan Neal Leck Donegal

M'Granaghan Philip Clonleigh Donegal

M'Granaghan Thomas Leck Donegal

M'Grannahan John Conwal Donegal

M'Grath James Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Grath Thomas Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Grau John Templemore Donegal

M'Graw Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Graw James Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Graw Mark Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Graw Patrick Templemore Donegal

M'Grean Peter Drumhome Donegal

M'Greger James Raphoe Donegal

M'Gregger John Tully Donegal

M'Gregor Peter Tully Donegal

M'Grenry William Conwal Donegal

M'Grinder James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Grona Cornelius Conwal Donegal

M'Grorey Edward Tully Donegal

M'Grorey John Tully Donegal

M'Grortey James Moville Upper Donegal

M'Grory Edward Tully Donegal

M'Grory Miles Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Grory Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Grosley Denis Drumhome Donegal

M'Grotty Hugh Moville Upper Donegal

M'Guire Anthony Tully Donegal

M'Guirk Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gunagle Edward Clonleigh Donegal

M'Gunagle Philip Conwal Donegal

M'Gunagle Thomas Conwal Donegal

M'Gunigle Denis Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Gurk John Tully Donegal

M'Gurty Denis Killymard Donegal

M'Gwin Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Hee Nicholas Templecarn Donegal

M'Ilhenny Robert Kilteevoge Donegal

M'Ilhinney James Rye Donegal

M'Ilhinney John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Ilhinney John Rye Donegal

M'Ilhinney Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

M'Ilhinny Francis Rye Donegal

M'Ilwain Albert Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Ilwain Andrew Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Ilwain William Templemore Donegal

M'Intire Aaron Urney Donegal

M'Intire Andrew Urney Donegal

M'Intire Catherine Kilbarron Donegal

M'Intire Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Intire Connell Kilcar Donegal

M'Intire Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Intire Denis Killaghtee Donegal

M'Intire Edward Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Intire James Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Intire James Killaghtee Donegal

M'Intire James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Intire Jeremiah Taughboyne Donegal

M'Intire John Conwal Donegal

M'Intire John Drumhome Donegal

M'Intire John Killaghtee Donegal

M'Intire John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Intire John Raphoe Donegal

M'Intire John Rye Donegal

M'Intire Patrick Aghanunshin Donegal

M'Intire Patrick Drumhome Donegal

M'Intire Patrick Kilbarron Donegal

M'Intire Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

M'Intire Thomas Drumhome Donegal

M'Intire Widow ??? Drumhome Donegal

M'Intire William Templecarn Donegal

M'Junkin David Conwal Donegal

M'Junkin James Inver Donegal

M'Junkin John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Junkin Matthew Inver Donegal

M'Junkin Robert Inver Donegal

M'Kain Archibald Templemore Donegal

M'Kain Bartholomew Rye Donegal

M'Kain George Taughboyne Donegal

M'Kain James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Kain John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Kain John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Kain Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

M'Kay Henry Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Kay John Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Kay Samuel All Saints Donegal

M'Keage John Templemore Donegal

M'Kean James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Kean Patrick Clonmany Donegal

M'Kean William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Kee David Drumhome Donegal

M'Kee George Drumhome Donegal

M'Kee James Killymard Donegal

M'Kee Robert Donegal Donegal

M'Kee Robert Drumhome Donegal

M'Kee William Donegal Donegal

M'Kee William Drumhome Donegal

M'Keeney Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Keever Bryan Raphoe Donegal

M'Keever Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

M'Keever Patrick Raphoe Donegal

M'Keevor James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Keig Daniel Donagh Donegal

M'Keig William Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Keig Wm. Templemore Donegal

M'Keige William Templemore Donegal

M'Kendrick Robert Leck Donegal

M'Kenney John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Kenney Neal Moville Lower Donegal

M'Kenney Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Kenney William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Kenny Neil Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Kenny Neil Stranorlar Donegal

M'Keon Alexander Stranorlar Donegal

M'Kerrin Robert Drumhome Donegal

M'Kever James Moville Upper Donegal

M'Kevin Catherine Clonmany Donegal

M'Kevin Neal Clonmany Donegal

M'Keviskan Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Kewn Patrick Killymard Donegal

M'Kim John Raphoe Donegal

M'Kinlay Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

M'Kinlay Charles Donaghmore Donegal

M'Kinlay David Conwal Donegal

M'Kinlay James Drumhome Donegal

M'Kinlay John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Kinlay John Rye Donegal

M'Kinlay Ralph Donaghmore Donegal

M'Kinlay Robert Donaghmore Donegal

M'Kinlay Samuel Killygarvan Donegal

M'Kinlay Samuel Rye Donegal

M'Kinlay William Rye Donegal

M'Kinley John Drumhome Donegal

M'Kinney Daniel Desertegny Donegal

M'Kinney Francis Urney Donegal

M'Kinney Matthew Leck Donegal

M'Kinney Neal Clonleigh Donegal

M'Kinney Neal Moville Upper Donegal

M'Kinney Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Kinney Walter Leck Donegal

M'Kinney William Leck Donegal

M'Kinney William Moville Lower Donegal

M'Kinney William Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Kinney William Urney Donegal

M'Kinny Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Kinny James Desertegny Donegal

M'Kinny Michael Clonmany Donegal

M'Kinny Owen Moville Upper Donegal

M'Lafferty Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Larkey John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Larkey Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laugh Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Laughlin Bryan All Saints Donegal

M'Laughlin Bryan Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Bryan Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Bryan Templemore Donegal

M'Laughlin Charles All Saints Donegal

M'Laughlin Charles Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Charles Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin Charles Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Charles Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Charles Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Daniel Clonmany Donegal

M'Laughlin Daniel Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Daniel Donagh Donegal

M'Laughlin Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Laughlin Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Darby Clonleigh Donegal

M'Laughlin Darby Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin Denis Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Denis Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin Denis Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Dolly Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Dominick Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Edward Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Edward Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Edward Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Edward Rye Donegal

M'Laughlin George Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin George Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Hugh Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Hugh Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin Hugh Templemore Donegal

M'Laughlin James Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin James Clonleigh Donegal

M'Laughlin James Clonmany Donegal

M'Laughlin James Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin James Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin James Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin James Leck Donegal

M'Laughlin James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin James Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin James Urney Donegal

M'Laughlin John Clonleigh Donegal

M'Laughlin John Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin John Leck Donegal

M'Laughlin John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin John Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin John Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin John Rye Donegal

M'Laughlin John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Laughlin Margaret Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Mary Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin Michael Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Laughlin Michael Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Neal Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Neal Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Owen Clonmany Donegal

M'Laughlin Owen Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Owen Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin Owen Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Owen Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Killymard Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Leck Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Rye Donegal

M'Laughlin Patrick Templemore Donegal

M'Laughlin Peter Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Philip Clonmany Donegal

M'Laughlin Philip Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Richard Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Roger Conwal Donegal

M'Laughlin Roger Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin Shane Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin Shane Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughlin Teag Clonca Donegal

M'Laughlin Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

M'Laughlin Thomas Leck Donegal

M'Laughlin Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin William Clonleigh Donegal

M'Laughlin William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Laughlin William Leck Donegal

M'Laughlin William Moville Lower Donegal

M'Laughlin William Moville Upper Donegal

M'Laughlin William Rye Donegal

M'Laughlin William Templemore Donegal

M'Laughlin Wm. Raphoe Donegal

M'Laughtan Edward Gartan Donegal

M'Laughtan Hugh Gartan Donegal

M'Laughten Charles Gartan Donegal

M'Laugulin Hugh Templemore Donegal

M'Leanny Wm. Templemore Donegal

M'Leland George Inch Donegal

M'Lenny John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Loon James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Loughlin Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Loughlin Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Loughlin David Culdaff Donegal

M'Loughlin Edward Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Loughlin Eunas Moville Lower Donegal

M'Loughlin Evenue Culdaff Donegal

M'Loughlin Evenue Donagh Donegal

M'Loughlin James Moville Lower Donegal

M'Loughlin John Culdaff Donegal

M'Loughlin John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Loughlin Mark Clonmany Donegal

M'Loughlin Michael Desertegny Donegal

M'Loughlin Neal Clonca Donegal

M'Loughlin Owen Culdaff Donegal

M'Loughlin Patrick Culdaff Donegal

M'Loughlin Philip Desertegny Donegal

M'Loughlin Terence Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Loughlin Thomas Inver Donegal

M'Loughlin Widow ??? Desertegny Donegal

M'Loughlin Widow ??? Moville Upper Donegal

M'Loughlin William Clonca Donegal

M'Loughlin William Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Lucas James Clonmany Donegal

M'Macan Henry Moville Upper Donegal

M'Macon Elizabeth Moville Upper Donegal

M'Mahon Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Martin Shane Conwal Donegal

M'Master Thomas Drumhome Donegal

M'Menamin Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

M'Menamin John Stranorlar Donegal

M'Menamin Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

M'Menamon Denis Rye Donegal

M'Menamon George Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Menamon Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

M'Menamon James Rye Donegal

M'Menamon John Rye Donegal

M'Menamon Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

M'Menamon Peter Stranorlar Donegal

M'Menamy Denis Conwal Donegal

M'Menamy James Conwal Donegal

M'Menamy Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Michael James Inch Donegal

M'Minamin Margaret Clonleigh Donegal

M'Minamon John Leck Donegal

M'Minnamin Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Minumy John Conwal Donegal

M'Monagle James Desertegny Donegal

M'Monagle Jane Raphoe Donegal

M'Monagle Neal Taughboyne Donegal

M'Monamon James Rye Donegal

M'Morris Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

M'Mullen Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

M'Mullen Brian Raphoe Donegal

M'Mullen Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

M'Mullen William Drumhome Donegal

M'Mullin Alexander Killymard Donegal

M'Mullin Charles Donegal Donegal

M'Munaghtee Joseph Raphoe Donegal

M'Munagle Hugh Conwal Donegal

M'Munagle James Conwal Donegal

M'Munagle James Templemore Donegal

M'Munigle Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

M'Munn John Conwal Donegal

M'Munnagh Dominick Conwal Donegal

M'Munnagh John Conwal Donegal

M'Munnagle James Rye Donegal

M'Murray Archibald Moville Lower Donegal

M'Murray James Donagh Donegal

M'Murray John Moville Lower Donegal

M'Naid Patrick Gartan Donegal

M'Name Hugh Raphoe Donegal

M'Name Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

M'Name William Donaghmore Donegal

M'Namee Roger Clonleigh Donegal

M'Naught Alexander Donaghmore Donegal

M'Naught Andrew Templemore Donegal

M'Naught Joseph Killea Donegal

M'Naught Matthew Tully Donegal

M'Naught Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

M'Naught William Killea Donegal

M'Neilis Anthony Drumhome Donegal

M'Nickle John Stranorlar Donegal

M'Night Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

M'Nultey William Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Nulty Connell Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Nulty Denis Raphoe Donegal

M'Nulty Felix Urney Donegal

M'Nulty Hugh Taughboyne Donegal

M'Nulty James Taughboyne Donegal

M'Nulty John Taughboyne Donegal

M'Nulty Owen Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Nulty Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

M'Nulty Wm. Raphoe Donegal

M'Nutt Archibald Conwal Donegal

M'Nutt Francis Tully Donegal

M'Nutt James Templemore Donegal

M'Nutt James Tully Donegal

M'Nutt John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Nutt John Templemore Donegal

M'Nutt Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Nutt Robert Tully Donegal

M'Nutt Samuel Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Nutt Thomas Inch Donegal

M'Nutt Walter Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Nutt William Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Paul Roger Moville Lower Donegal

M'Phelim Con. Kilbarron Donegal

M'Phelim Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

M'Pherson Alexander Killea Donegal

M'Pherson James Donaghmore Donegal

M'Quade Patrick Drumhome Donegal

M'Que John Kilbarron Donegal

M'Quewn Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

M'Ready Denis Donaghmore Donegal

M'Ready Hugh Killaghtee Donegal

M'Ready Owen Killaghtee Donegal

M'Ruddy Hugh Culdaff Donegal

M'Shane Bryan Rye Donegal

M'Shane Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

M'Shane Edward Moville Upper Donegal

M'Shane Patrick Conwal Donegal

M'Shea Owen Clonleigh Donegal

M'Shee Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

M'Sheffry Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

M'Sheffry Edward Moville Lower Donegal

M'Sheffry John Fahan Upper Donegal

M'Shefry Daniel Culdaff Donegal

M'Shefry Darby Raphoe Donegal

M'Shefry Manus Moville Upper Donegal

M'Shefry Margaret Donagh Donegal

M'Shefry Peter Donagh Donegal

M'Shiffey Edward Moville Upper Donegal

M'Shipey Charles Moville Upper Donegal

M'Swine Denis Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Swine Dolly Tullyaughnish Donegal

M'Swine George Killygarvan Donegal

M'Swine George Tully Donegal

M'Swine Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Swine Hugh Rye Donegal

M'Swine James Killybegs Upper Donegal

M'Swine John Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Swine John Conwal Donegal

M'Swine John Tully Donegal

M'Swine Neil Raphoe Donegal

M'Swine Thomas Rye Donegal

M'Swine William Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Tagart John Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Tagart Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Tague Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Tague Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Teague John Urney Donegal

M'Teague William Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Teeley Neal Moville Lower Donegal

M'Teer Hugh Tully Donegal

M'Tigart Cornelius Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Togue James Kilmacrenan Donegal

M'Va William Killygarvan Donegal

M'Veigh Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Veigh Owen Clondavaddog Donegal

M'Veigh Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Mackey Abraham Drumhome Donegal

Mackey Catherine Raphoe Donegal

Mackey David Moville Upper Donegal

Mackey Hamilton Drumhome Donegal

Mackey James Templemore Donegal

Mackey John Raphoe Donegal

Mackey Robert Killea Donegal

Mackey Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Mackey William Killea Donegal

Mackey William Raphoe Donegal

Madden Hugh Donegal Donegal

Madden Neil Inishmacsaint Donegal

Madden Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Madson Issac Killygarvan Donegal

Magavern James Urney Donegal

Magee Charles Drumhome Donegal

Magee Jane Raphoe Donegal

Magee John Donaghmore Donegal

Magee John Drumhome Donegal

Magee William Raphoe Donegal

Mageehan Neil Conwal Donegal

Mageehey George Tully Donegal

Magher Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Maghon Con Tully Donegal

Magil James Clonleigh Donegal

Magill Andrew Rye Donegal

Magill Henry Urney Donegal

Magill Mary Clonleigh Donegal

Magill Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Magill William Rye Donegal

Magin John Fahan Upper Donegal

Maginnis Stuart Clonleigh Donegal

Magottigan Richard Clonleigh Donegal

Magraw Edward Clonleigh Donegal

Mahaffey James Donaghmore Donegal

Mahaffey John Clonleigh Donegal

Mahon Andrew Stranorlar Donegal

Mahon John All Saints Donegal

Mahon John Tully Donegal

Mahon Richard Drumhome Donegal

Mahsad Robert Conwal Donegal

Mairs Andrew Templemore Donegal

Mairs James Rye Donegal

Malay John Stranorlar Donegal

Malcolmson Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Malewne George Conwal Donegal

Malley Owen Conwal Donegal

Maloy Anthony Conwal Donegal

Maloy William Conwal Donegal

Maltseed Andrew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Maltseed Elizabeth Tully Donegal

Maltseed James Killygarvan Donegal

Maltseed James Tully Donegal

Maltseed James, Jr. Tully Donegal

Maltseed Jane Kilmacrenan Donegal

Maltseed John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Maltseed John Tully Donegal

Maltseed Margaret Tully Donegal

Maltseed Samuel Tully Donegal

Maltseed Samuel, Jr. Tully Donegal

Manno Edward Drumhome Donegal

Mannon James Donaghmore Donegal

Mansfield Francis Aghanunshin Donegal

Mansfield Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Margey William Moville Upper Donegal

Margy John Clonmany Donegal

Markey David All Saints Donegal

Markey Johnston Clonleigh Donegal

Marlay Owen Donaghmore Donegal

Marlay William Donaghmore Donegal

Marrian Alexander Desertegny Donegal

Marrick Richard Kilmacrenan Donegal

Marshal David Rye Donegal

Marshal Elenor Rye Donegal

Marshal George Rye Donegal

Marshal James Clonleigh Donegal

Marshal James Taughboyne Donegal

Marshal John Donaghmore Donegal

Marshal John Taughboyne Donegal

Marshal Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Marshall Alex. Templemore Donegal

Marshall Harvey Templemore Donegal

Marshall John Rye Donegal

Marshall William Rye Donegal

Martial Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Martial Archibald Donaghmore Donegal

Martial James Donaghmore Donegal

Martin Charles Leck Donegal

Martin Daniel Drumhome Donegal

Martin Darby Conwal Donegal

Martin David Tully Donegal

Martin Denis Donaghmore Donegal

Martin Denis Donegal Donegal

Martin Dennis Drumroosk Donegal

Martin Francis Drumhome Donegal

Martin Francis Drumroosk Donegal

Martin Gawen Clonleigh Donegal

Martin Honor Tully Donegal

Martin Hugh Tully Donegal

Martin James Donegal Donegal

Martin James Stranorlar Donegal

Martin John Clonmany Donegal

Martin John Conwal Donegal

Martin John Killymard Donegal

Martin John Stranorlar Donegal

Martin Nathaniel Leck Donegal

Martin Owen Donegal Donegal

Martin Owen Drumhome Donegal

Martin Owen Tully Donegal

Martin Owen Urney Donegal

Martin Patrick Donegal Donegal

Martin Philip Conwal Donegal

Martin Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Martin Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Martin Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Martin Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Martin Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Martin William Desertegny Donegal

Martin William Donaghmore Donegal

Martin William Taughboyne Donegal

Mason Alexander Templemore Donegal

Mason George Rye Donegal

Mason James Killea Donegal

Mason John Rye Donegal

Mason William All Saints Donegal

Mason William Killea Donegal

Mathews James Urney Donegal

Mathews John Fahan Upper Donegal

Mathews Samuel Urney Donegal

Matson Alexander Tully Donegal

Maxwell Albert Templecarn Donegal

Maxwell Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Meaghan Neil Raphoe Donegal

Meahan Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Meahon Anthony Donaghmore Donegal

Meahon James Clonleigh Donegal

Meaklin James Donaghmore Donegal

Mealey William Raphoe Donegal

Meaney Owen Stranorlar Donegal

Meant John Drumhome Donegal

Mechan Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Mecullen John Raphoe Donegal

Meehan Edward Drumhome Donegal

Meehan James Drumroosk Donegal

Meehan James Killymard Donegal

Meehan John Donaghmore Donegal

Meehan Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Meehan Patrick Killymard Donegal

Meehan Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Megara Daniel Inishmacsaint Donegal

Megregor John All Saints Donegal

Mehaffey James All Saints Donegal

Mehaffey James Clonleigh Donegal

Mehaffey Jane Clonleigh Donegal

Mehaffey Lexthorn All Saints Donegal

Mehaffey Margaret Donaghmore Donegal

Mehaffey Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Mehaffey Thomas Inver Donegal

Mehaffey William Clonleigh Donegal

Mehan James Clonleigh Donegal

Melarkey James Moville Lower Donegal

Meldrum James Clonleigh Donegal

Meller Hugh Killymard Donegal

Melley Thomas Inishmacsaint Donegal

Melly James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Melly Owen Inishmacsaint Donegal

Mencely Andrew Killaghtee Donegal

Mencely John Killaghtee Donegal

Mencely Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Mencely William Killaghtee Donegal

Mencey Isaac Killaghtee Donegal

Menelas Bryan Killaghtee Donegal

Meney John Donaghmore Donegal

Mercer Samuel Conwal Donegal

Merkle Robert Conwal Donegal

Merron John Fahan Upper Donegal

Metherall John Templemore Donegal

Mickey Charles Conwal Donegal

Mickey John Conwal Donegal

Middleton William Rye Donegal

Miles George Killaghtee Donegal

Miles John Kilbarron Donegal

Miles Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Millar John Clonleigh Donegal

Miller John Templemore Donegal

Miller John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Miller John Urney Donegal

Miller Joshua Conwal Donegal

Miller Joshua Leck Donegal

Miller Patrick Conwal Donegal

Miller Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Miller Robert Templemore Donegal

Miller William Drumroosk Donegal

Mills George Rye Donegal

Mills Robert Tullyaughnish Donegal

Mitchel David Donaghmore Donegal

Mitchel Ellen Killaghtee Donegal

Mitchel George Culdaff Donegal

Mitchel James All Saints Donegal

Mitchel John Templemore Donegal

Mitchel Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Mitchell Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Mitchell James Leck Donegal

Mitchell John Conwal Donegal

Mitchell John Raphoe Donegal

Mitchell Moses Templemore Donegal

Mitchell Samuel Fahan Upper Donegal

Mitchell Widow ??? Culdaff Donegal

Mitchell Widow ??? Donaghmore Donegal

Mitchell William Donaghmore Donegal

Mitchell William Taughboyne Donegal

Mitchell William, Sr. Taughboyne Donegal

Mohun Hugh Kilbarron Donegal

Moloy Michael Clonca Donegal

Moloy William Clonca Donegal

Monaghan James Kilbarron Donegal

Monaghan Patrick Donegal Donegal

Monaghan Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Monagle Margaret Conwal Donegal

Monday Jonh Kilbarron Donegal

Monday Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

Money Cecily Donaghmore Donegal

Monteeth George Taughboyne Donegal

Monteeth Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Montgomery Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Montgomery David All Saints Donegal

Montgomery Henry Rye Donegal

Montgomery Hugh Rye Donegal

Montgomery James Killea Donegal

Montgomery John Killymard Donegal

Montgomery John Tully Donegal

Montgomery Robert Killybegs Upper Donegal

Montgomery Thomas Donegal Donegal

Montgomery William Rye Donegal

Montgomery Wm. All Saints Donegal

Moodey William Rye Donegal

Moody Alexander Rye Donegal

Moody Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Mooney Charles Clonca Donegal

Mooney Hugh Moville Upper Donegal

Mooney John Clonca Donegal

Mooney John Clonmany Donegal

Mooney Michael Fahan Upper Donegal

Moor Elizabeth Clonleigh Donegal

Moor Elizabeth Urney Donegal

Moor Ephraim Clonleigh Donegal

Moor Hugh Leck Donegal

Moor James Conwal Donegal

Moor James Donaghmore Donegal

Moor James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Moor John Donaghmore Donegal

Moor Robert Conwal Donegal

Moore Abraham Tullyaughnish Donegal

Moore Alexander Templemore Donegal

Moore David Leck Donegal

Moore David Raphoe Donegal

Moore David Rye Donegal

Moore David Tullyaughnish Donegal

Moore Edward Clonleigh Donegal

Moore Edward Raphoe Donegal

Moore Francis Kilbarron Donegal

Moore George Donaghmore Donegal

Moore George Kilbarron Donegal

Moore Henry Tullyaughnish Donegal

Moore James Conwal Donegal

Moore James Donagh Donegal

Moore James Gartan Donegal

Moore James Raphoe Donegal

Moore John Raphoe Donegal

Moore John Templecarn Donegal

Moore Joseph Tully Donegal

Moore Moses Tullyaughnish Donegal

Moore Nathaniel Clonleigh Donegal

Moore Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Moore Samuel Leck Donegal

Moore Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Moore Thomas Leck Donegal

Moore Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

Moore Thomas Templecarn Donegal

Moore Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

Moore Unity Clonleigh Donegal

Moore William Clonleigh Donegal

Moore William Raphoe Donegal

Moorhead John Raphoe Donegal

Moorhead Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Moorhead William Raphoe Donegal

Moreer William Raphoe Donegal

Morgan Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Morison David Tully Donegal

Morison James Killygarvan Donegal

Morrah Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Morrin George Fahan Upper Donegal

Morrin James Fahan Upper Donegal

Morrison Anne Tullyaughnish Donegal

Morrison David Templemore Donegal

Morrison James Killygarvan Donegal

Morrison James Templemore Donegal

Morrison Jane Killygarvan Donegal

Morrison John Clonleigh Donegal

Morrison John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Morrison Joseph Donaghmore Donegal

Morrison Matthew Raphoe Donegal

Morrison Moses Killygarvan Donegal

Morrison Moses Tully Donegal

Morrison Moses Tullyaughnish Donegal

Morrison Philip Fahan Upper Donegal

Morrison Samuel Tully Donegal

Morrison William Conwal Donegal

Morrison William Rye Donegal

Morrison William Tully Donegal

Morrisson John Aghanunshin Donegal

Morrow Alexander Clondavaddog Donegal

Morrow Alexander Killaghtee Donegal

Morrow George Raphoe Donegal

Morrow George Stranorlar Donegal

Morrow Gustavus Conwal Donegal

Morrow Isaac Drumhome Donegal

Morrow James Conwal Donegal

Morrow James Kilbarron Donegal

Morrow James Taughboyne Donegal

Morrow John Kilbarron Donegal

Morrow Margaret Templemore Donegal

Morrow Robert Drumroosk Donegal

Morrow Robert Killaghtee Donegal

Morrow Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Morrow Samuel Fahan Upper Donegal

Morrow Thomas Templemore Donegal

Morrow William Kilbarron Donegal

Mortimer William Clondavaddog Donegal

Morton John Clonleigh Donegal

Motheral James All Saints Donegal

Motheral James Taughboyne Donegal

Motheral Victor Donaghmore Donegal

Motheral William All Saints Donegal

Motherall John Templemore Donegal

Moubray Robert Drumhome Donegal

Mount Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Mount James Drumhome Donegal

Mowbray James Drumhome Donegal

Mowbray John Drumhome Donegal

Muckey John Drumhome Donegal

Mulchartagh Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Mulchertaugh Phelim Drumhome Donegal

Mulderg John Killaghtee Donegal

Mulean Widow ??? Moville Lower Donegal

Mulhartaugh Simon Drumhome Donegal

Mulheerin Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

Mulheran Charles Stranorlar Donegal

Mulherin Edward Templemore Donegal

Mulherin Thomas Templemore Donegal

Mulhern James Drumhome Donegal

Mulheron James Templemore Donegal

Mulherran John Culdaff Donegal

Mulherrin Daniel Inishmacsaint Donegal

Mulherrin Edward Inishmacsaint Donegal

Mulherrin Francis Kilbarron Donegal

Mulherrin James Donaghmore Donegal

Mulherrin Mathew Kilbarron Donegal

Mulherrin Neil Kilbarron Donegal

Mulherrin Owen Inishmacsaint Donegal

Mulherrin Thomas Inishmacsaint Donegal

Mulherrin Widow ??? Templemore Donegal

Mulhert George Drumhome Donegal

Mulkerrin James Drumhome Donegal

Mullan Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Mullan John Clonleigh Donegal

Mullan Neil Clonleigh Donegal

Mulland Daniel Conwal Donegal

Mullarkey Michael Moville Lower Donegal

Mullen Thomas Clonca Donegal

Mullen Thomas Moville Lower Donegal

Mulligan Francis Urney Donegal

Mulligan John Fahan Upper Donegal

Mullin Anthony Donegal Donegal

Mullin Barny Drumhome Donegal

Mullin Hugh Donegal Donegal

Mullin John Donegal Donegal

Mullin John Drumhome Donegal

Mullin Robert Drumhome Donegal

Mullinher Wm. Templemore Donegal

Mullough Neil Drumhome Donegal

Mulloy John Rye Donegal

Mulloy William Clonca Donegal

Mullyan James Urney Donegal

Mulreine Lewis Donaghmore Donegal

Mulrin William Clonleigh Donegal

Mulrine Christopher Clonleigh Donegal

Mulrine Michael Inver Donegal

Mulrine Patrick Aghanunshin Donegal

Munan James Conwal Donegal

Muney Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Murlay Patrick Stranorlar Donegal

Murphy Daniel Moville Upper Donegal

Murphy Michael Drumhome Donegal

Murragan Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Murray Alexander Drumroosk Donegal

Murray Andrew Killaghtee Donegal

Murray Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Murray Bryan Donaghmore Donegal

Murray Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Murray Catherine Fahan Upper Donegal

Murray Charles Gartan Donegal

Murray Charles Leck Donegal

Murray David Rye Donegal

Murray Dennis Conwal Donegal

Murray Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Murray Hugh Killaghtee Donegal

Murray John Conwal Donegal

Murray John Donegal Donegal

Murray John Rye Donegal

Murray Manus Gartan Donegal

Murray Manus Leck Donegal

Murray Neal Kilmacrenan Donegal

Murray Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Murray Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

Murray Richard Killaghtee Donegal

Murray Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Murray Thomas Killymard Donegal

Murray William Leck Donegal

Murrien Daniel Tully Donegal

Murrin Mary Fahan Upper Donegal

Murrin Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Murtland Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Nainon Mark Moville Lower Donegal

Nawrey George Moville Upper Donegal

Neeley Samuel Conwal Donegal

Neely James Conwal Donegal

Neely James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Neely Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Neely William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Neilas Owen Raphoe Donegal

Neiley John Raphoe Donegal

Neilson George Donagh Donegal

Neilson Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Neilson William Urney Donegal

Neitson James Urney Donegal

Nelson Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Nelson John Donaghmore Donegal

Nelson Michael Clonmany Donegal

Nelson Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Nelson Samuel Conwal Donegal

Nelson Samuel Fahan Upper Donegal

Nelson Thomas Fahan Upper Donegal

Nelson William Donaghmore Donegal

Nesbett John Raphoe Donegal

Nesbitt Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Nesbitt Andrew Inver Donegal

Nesbitt Arthur Raphoe Donegal

Nesbitt Hugh Rye Donegal

Nesbitt Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

Nesbitt James Raphoe Donegal

Nesbitt John Donaghmore Donegal

Nesbitt William Raphoe Donegal

Newburgh Arthur Moville Lower Donegal

Nicholson James Killaghtee Donegal

Nicholson Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Nicholson Richard Drumroosk Donegal

Nickle William Rye Donegal

Night James Clonleigh Donegal

Nixon Francis Donaghmore Donegal

Nixon Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Noble Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Noble Jane Raphoe Donegal

Noble John Aghanunshin Donegal

Noble John Killygarvan Donegal

Noble John Rye Donegal

Noble Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Norry John Moville Lower Donegal

Nulus Owen Clonleigh Donegal

O'Boyle Bryan Rye Donegal

O'Brien Daniel Conwal Donegal

O'Brien Henry Raphoe Donegal

O'Brien Peggy Donaghmore Donegal

O'Connaghan Bryan Donaghmore Donegal

O'Corran Owen Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnel Charles Donegal Donegal

O'Donnel Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

O'Donnel Denis Aghanunshin Donegal

O'Donnel Edward Clonleigh Donegal

O'Donnel Edward Rye Donegal

O'Donnel Francis Conwal Donegal

O'Donnel Hugh Raphoe Donegal

O'Donnel Michael Donegal Donegal

O'Donnel Neal Raphoe Donegal

O'Donnel Owen Leck Donegal

O'Donnel Owen Stranorlar Donegal

O'Donnel Thomas Raphoe Donegal

O'Donnel Wm. All Saints Donegal

O'Donnel Wm. Conwal Donegal

O'Donnell Arthur Aghanunshin Donegal

O'Donnell Bryan Gartan Donegal

O'Donnell Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Cahier Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

O'Donnell Charles Clonmany Donegal

O'Donnell Cornelius Clonleigh Donegal

O'Donnell Cornelius Fahan Upper Donegal

O'Donnell Daniel Drumhome Donegal

O'Donnell Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Dominick Donaghmore Donegal

O'Donnell Dominick Moville Lower Donegal

O'Donnell Fanny Tully Donegal

O'Donnell Hugh Conwal Donegal

O'Donnell Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

O'Donnell Hugh Drumhome Donegal

O'Donnell Hugh Fahan Upper Donegal

O'Donnell Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

O'Donnell James Clonmany Donegal

O'Donnell James Rye Donegal

O'Donnell John Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Manus Donaghmore Donegal

O'Donnell Manus Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Michael Drumhome Donegal

O'Donnell Michael Killaghtee Donegal

O'Donnell Neil Clonleigh Donegal

O'Donnell Neil Donagh Donegal

O'Donnell Owen Clonmany Donegal

O'Donnell Owen Donagh Donegal

O'Donnell Owen Drumhome Donegal

O'Donnell Owen Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Owen Leck Donegal

O'Donnell Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

O'Donnell Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

O'Donnell Peter Donaghmore Donegal

O'Donnell Philip Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Donnell Thomas Templemore Donegal

O'Donnell Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

O'Donnell Toal Tullyaughnish Donegal

O'Farrel Teage All Saints Donegal

O'Freel Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

O'Gara Francis Clonleigh Donegal

O'Hara James Urney Donegal

O'Hear Charles Donaghmore Donegal

O'Hear John Donaghmore Donegal

O'Hear Philip Donaghmore Donegal

O'Hear Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

O'Neal James Drumhome Donegal

O'Neil Charles Raphoe Donegal

O'Neil James Raphoe Donegal

O'Neill Dominick Donaghmore Donegal

O'Neill Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Oliver Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Oliver Francis Donegal Donegal

Oliver Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Oliver Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Orison Samuel Urney Donegal

Orr Agnis Donaghmore Donegal

Orr Alexander Leck Donegal

Orr Andrew Killea Donegal

Orr Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Orr Arthur Clonleigh Donegal

Orr David Raphoe Donegal

Orr David Taughboyne Donegal

Orr James All Saints Donegal

Orr James Taughboyne Donegal

Orr Jane Taughboyne Donegal

Orr Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

Orr Matt. Rye Donegal

Orr Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Orr Robert Raphoe Donegal

Orr Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Orr Widow ??? Templemore Donegal

Orr William All Saints Donegal

Orr William Donaghmore Donegal

Osburn Catherine Kilbarron Donegal

Osburn James Taughboyne Donegal

Osburn John Killea Donegal

Osburn Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

Osburn William Raphoe Donegal

Oyns Hugh Raphoe Donegal

Pain Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Paine Robert All Saints Donegal

Park Andrew Rye Donegal

Park Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Park Anne Taughboyne Donegal

Park Hugh Mevagh Donegal

Park Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

Park John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Park Robert Moville Lower Donegal

Park William All Saints Donegal

Park William Leck Donegal

Parke Henry Moville Upper Donegal

Parker John All Saints Donegal

Parker Martha Stranorlar Donegal

Parker Richard Killaghtee Donegal

Parker Widow ??? Donaghmore Donegal

Parlin George Moville Upper Donegal

Patchel James Conwal Donegal

Patchel William Clonca Donegal

Paterson James All Saints Donegal

Paterson James Donaghmore Donegal

Paterson Samuel Leck Donegal

Paton James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Paton John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Patten John Kilbarron Donegal

Patten Patrick Kilteevoge Donegal

Patten William Kilbarron Donegal

Patterson Alexander Donegal Donegal

Patterson Anne Tullyaughnish Donegal

Patterson Christopher Kilbarron Donegal

Patterson Daniel Tully Donegal

Patterson David All Saints Donegal

Patterson David Clonleigh Donegal

Patterson Ezekiel Rye Donegal

Patterson George Drumhome Donegal

Patterson James Aghanunshin Donegal

Patterson James Clonleigh Donegal

Patterson James Conwal Donegal

Patterson James Drumhome Donegal

Patterson James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Patterson James Raphoe Donegal

Patterson James Rye Donegal

Patterson Jane Rye Donegal

Patterson John Clonleigh Donegal

Patterson John Donaghmore Donegal

Patterson John Rye Donegal

Patterson John Tully Donegal

Patterson Johnston Clonleigh Donegal

Patterson Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Patterson Mary Conwal Donegal

Patterson Mary Donaghmore Donegal

Patterson Mary Templecarn Donegal

Patterson Matthew Tully Donegal

Patterson Nathaniel Donaghmore Donegal

Patterson Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Patterson Robert Raphoe Donegal

Patterson Robert Rye Donegal

Patterson Robert Tully Donegal

Patterson Samuel All Saints Donegal

Patterson Samuel Clonleigh Donegal

Patterson Samuel Rye Donegal

Patterson Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Patterson Thomas Rye Donegal

Patterson Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

Patterson Widow ??? Rye Donegal

Patterson William Clonleigh Donegal

Patterson William Donaghmore Donegal

Patterson William Fahan Upper Donegal

Patterson William Raphoe Donegal

Patterson Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Patton Andrew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Patton Henry Rye Donegal

Patton Hugh Stranorlar Donegal

Patton James Stranorlar Donegal

Patton James Taughboyne Donegal

Patton John Stranorlar Donegal

Patton John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Patton Neil Donaghmore Donegal

Patton Patrick Conwal Donegal

Patton Richard Rye Donegal

Patton Thomas Conwal Donegal

Patton Thomas Taughboyne Donegal

Patton William Clondavaddog Donegal

Pearson Gibbons Leck Donegal

Pearson Henry Leck Donegal

Pearson James Donaghmore Donegal

Pearson James Donegal Donegal

Pearson Richard Leck Donegal

Pearson Robert Donegal Donegal

Peoples Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

Peoples Alexander Rye Donegal

Peoples George Clondavaddog Donegal

Peoples George Tully Donegal

Peoples Hans Tully Donegal

Peoples Hugh All Saints Donegal

Peoples Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

Peoples Hugh Tully Donegal

Peoples Isaac Kilmacrenan Donegal

Peoples James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Peoples James Leck Donegal

Peoples John Clondavaddog Donegal

Peoples John Conwal Donegal

Peoples John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Peoples John Tully Donegal

Peoples Matthew Conwal Donegal

Peoples Patrick Conwal Donegal

Peoples Robert Leck Donegal

Peoples Samuel Rye Donegal

Peoples Stewart Conwal Donegal

Peoples Thomas Conwal Donegal

Peoples William Clondavaddog Donegal

Peoples William Conwal Donegal

Peoples William Leck Donegal

Peoples Wm. Conwal Donegal

Perry George Killaghtee Donegal

Perry James Killaghtee Donegal

Perry Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Perry William Killymard Donegal

Pharon Hugh Rye Donegal

Phillips Robert Conwal Donegal

Philson Thomas Leck Donegal

Pinkerton Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Pinkerton Anne Taughboyne Donegal

Pinkerton Benjamin Donaghmore Donegal

Pinkerton John Clonleigh Donegal

Pinkerton John Donaghmore Donegal

Pinkerton Sarah Raphoe Donegal

Pinkerton William All Saints Donegal

Pinkerton William Raphoe Donegal

Platt John Templemore Donegal

Platt Mathew Templemore Donegal

Platt William Moville Upper Donegal

Poar Anne Conwal Donegal

Pollock David Stranorlar Donegal

Pollock James Stranorlar Donegal

Pollock James, Jr. Stranorlar Donegal

Pollock John Stranorlar Donegal

Pollock Joseph Donaghmore Donegal

Pollock Richard Stranorlar Donegal

Pollock Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Pollock Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Pollock Samuel Stranorlar Donegal

Porter Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Porter Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

Porter Alexander Tully Donegal

Porter Andrew Fahan Upper Donegal

Porter Andrew Moville Upper Donegal

Porter Charles Aghanunshin Donegal

Porter Charles Templemore Donegal

Porter David Templemore Donegal

Porter Hamilton Fahan Upper Donegal

Porter James Clonleigh Donegal

Porter James Donaghmore Donegal

Porter James Killaghtee Donegal

Porter James Taughboyne Donegal

Porter James Templemore Donegal

Porter John Donaghmore Donegal

Porter John Killaghtee Donegal

Porter John Raphoe Donegal

Porter John Templemore Donegal

Porter Moses Moville Upper Donegal

Porter Nathan Taughboyne Donegal

Porter Peter Fahan Upper Donegal

Porter Richard Fahan Upper Donegal

Porter Richard Tully Donegal

Porter Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Porter Robert Desertegny Donegal

Porter Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Porter Rose Fahan Upper Donegal

Porter Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Porter Thomas Clonmany Donegal

Porter Thomas Templemore Donegal

Porter William Clonleigh Donegal

Porter William Donaghmore Donegal

Porter William Raphoe Donegal

Porter William Templemore Donegal

Porter William Tully Donegal

Porterfield Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Porterfield James Donaghmore Donegal

Porterfield John Taughboyne Donegal

Porterfield Morrah Taughboyne Donegal

Portice Michael Drumhome Donegal

Potts John Urney Donegal

Power John Clondavaddog Donegal

Power Michael Clondavaddog Donegal

Power Peter Clondavaddog Donegal

Power Robert Tully Donegal

Price John Leck Donegal

Pringle John Donegal Donegal

Purdon Sarah Donaghmore Donegal

Purveyance Samuel Urney Donegal

Pye Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Pyke Frederick Clonleigh Donegal

Quanrum David Clonleigh Donegal

Quiglay Daniel Clonca Donegal

Quiglay Henry Moville Lower Donegal

Quiglay John Moville Upper Donegal

Quiglay Patrick Rye Donegal

Quigley Edward Moville Lower Donegal

Quigley James Fahan Upper Donegal

Quigly Brian Clonmany Donegal

Quigly Charles Moville Lower Donegal

Quigly Edward Clonmany Donegal

Quigly John Templemore Donegal

Quigly Manus Clonmany Donegal

Quin Bryan Taughboyne Donegal

Quin Daniel Clonleigh Donegal

Quin Daniel, Sr. Clonleigh Donegal

Quin David Donaghmore Donegal

Quin Denis Kilbarron Donegal

Quin Francis Donaghmore Donegal

Quin Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Quin James Clonleigh Donegal

Quin James Donaghmore Donegal

Quin John Clonleigh Donegal

Quin John Kilbarron Donegal

Quin Matthew Donaghmore Donegal

Quin Michael Donaghmore Donegal

Quin Michael Kilbarron Donegal

Quin Owen Donaghmore Donegal

Quin Owen Drumroosk Donegal

Quin Patrick Donaghmore Donegal

Quin Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Quin Unity Clonleigh Donegal

Quin Widow ??? Clonleigh Donegal

Quin William Clonleigh Donegal

Quinn Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Rabb Samuel Stranorlar Donegal

Rabb William Raphoe Donegal

Rafferty Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Ralston Archibald Clonleigh Donegal

Ralston David Donaghmore Donegal

Ralston James Donaghmore Donegal

Ralston James Raphoe Donegal

Ralston Jeremiah Clonleigh Donegal

Ralston John Donaghmore Donegal

Ralston John Taughboyne Donegal

Ralston Joseph Conwal Donegal

Ralston Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Ralston Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Ralston Oliver Donaghmore Donegal

Ralston Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ralston Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Ralston Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Ralston Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ralston William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ramsay Allan Templemore Donegal

Ramsay Crawford Aghanunshin Donegal

Ramsay David Aghanunshin Donegal

Ramsay David Tullyaughnish Donegal

Ramsay David, Sr. Aghanunshin Donegal

Ramsay Edward Stranorlar Donegal

Ramsay Henry Templemore Donegal

Ramsay James Conwal Donegal

Ramsay James Fahan Upper Donegal

Ramsay James Raphoe Donegal

Ramsay James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Ramsay Jane Conwal Donegal

Ramsay Martha Templemore Donegal

Ramsay Mathew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Ramsay Ralph Tullyaughnish Donegal

Ramsay Rev. William Raphoe Donegal

Ramsay Robert Conwal Donegal

Ramsay Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Ramsay Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Ramsay Robert Raphoe Donegal

Ramsay Robert Rye Donegal

Ramsay Robert Templemore Donegal

Ramsay Thomas Templemore Donegal

Ramsay William Aghanunshin Donegal

Ramsay William Raphoe Donegal

Ramsey James Inch Donegal

Ranken John Conwal Donegal

Rankin Benjamin Taughboyne Donegal

Rankin David Desertegny Donegal

Rankin David Taughboyne Donegal

Rankin George Desertegny Donegal

Rankin George Taughboyne Donegal

Rankin James All Saints Donegal

Rankin James Desertegny Donegal

Rankin James Leck Donegal

Rankin John Conwal Donegal

Rankin John Leck Donegal

Rankin John Taughboyne Donegal

Rankin Mary Tully Donegal

Rankin Samuel Leck Donegal

Rankin Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Rankin Stephen Conwal Donegal

Rankin Thomas Tully Donegal

Rankin Widow ??? Taughboyne Donegal

Rankin William Donaghmore Donegal

Rankin William Taughboyne Donegal

Rath Samuel Templemore Donegal

Raughter Owen Killaghtee Donegal

Rayagh William Rye Donegal

Raygh Archibald Rye Donegal

Rea David Drumhome Donegal

Rea David Killymard Donegal

Rea James Donaghmore Donegal

Rea James Donegal Donegal

Rea John Conwal Donegal

Rea John Donegal Donegal

Rea Joseph Donegal Donegal

Rea Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Rea William Aghanunshin Donegal

Read Mary Anne Tully Donegal

Reagh Charles Rye Donegal

Reagh John Raphoe Donegal

Reagh John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Reed Adam Kilmacrenan Donegal

Reed Alexander All Saints Donegal

Reed Archibald Kilmacrenan Donegal

Reed Catherine Clondavaddog Donegal

Reed David All Saints Donegal

Reed David Templecarn Donegal

Reed David Templemore Donegal

Reed James Clondavaddog Donegal

Reed James Donaghmore Donegal

Reed James Stranorlar Donegal

Reed James Templecarn Donegal

Reed James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Reed John All Saints Donegal

Reed John Templemore Donegal

Reed John Tully Donegal

Reed Margaret Donaghmore Donegal

Reed Mary Tullyaughnish Donegal

Reed Mathew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Reed Moses Fahan Upper Donegal

Reed Patrick Gartan Donegal

Reed Richard Kilmacrenan Donegal

Reed Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Reed Thomas Templecarn Donegal

Reed Widow ??? Tully Donegal

Reed William Conwal Donegal

Reed William Killea Donegal

Reid John Templecarn Donegal

Reilly Andrew Urney Donegal

Reilly Edmond Urney Donegal

Reilly James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Reilly John Urney Donegal

Reilly Patrick Donegal Donegal

Reilly William Inishmacsaint Donegal

Reilston Sarah Raphoe Donegal

Renyx William Urney Donegal

Rice Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Richardson John Killaghtee Donegal

Richey Anthony Tully Donegal

Richey Robert Tully Donegal

Richey Samuel Tully Donegal

Richey William Tully Donegal

Richley Samuel Tully Donegal

Richmond James Rye Donegal

Rickey Andrew Donegal Donegal

Rickey John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rickey Robert Tully Donegal

Riddle John Donaghmore Donegal

Riddle Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Riner John Templemore Donegal

Risk George Fahan Upper Donegal

Risk Mary Templemore Donegal

Roartey Anne Conwal Donegal

Robinson Alexander Leck Donegal

Robinson James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Robinson John Conwal Donegal

Robinson Joseph Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rock Edward Donegal Donegal

Rock Neil Donaghmore Donegal

Rodany Philip Inishmacsaint Donegal

Roddan Bryan Donagh Donegal

Rodden Hugh Moville Lower Donegal

Rodden Michael Moville Lower Donegal

Rodden Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Rodden William Moville Lower Donegal

Roddin Daniel Moville Lower Donegal

Roddin Michael Moville Lower Donegal

Roddin Neal Moville Lower Donegal

Roddin Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Roddy Alexander All Saints Donegal

Roddy Charles Fahan Upper Donegal

Roddy James Fahan Upper Donegal

Roddy Margaret Moville Upper Donegal

Roddy Philip Clonmany Donegal

Roddy Widow ??? Moville Upper Donegal

Roddy William Clonmany Donegal

Roden Widow ??? Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rodger Everard Stranorlar Donegal

Rodger John All Saints Donegal

Rodgers Alexander Rye Donegal

Rodgers Alexander Taughboyne Donegal

Rodgers Alexander Tully Donegal

Rodgers Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Rodgers George All Saints Donegal

Rodgers Gormly Raphoe Donegal

Rodgers Hugh Tully Donegal

Rodgers James Conwal Donegal

Rodgers James Donegal Donegal

Rodgers Jane Clonleigh Donegal

Rodgers John All Saints Donegal

Rodgers John Donaghmore Donegal

Rodgers John Raphoe Donegal

Rodgers Joseph Tully Donegal

Rodgers Mathew Taughboyne Donegal

Rodgers Nathaniel Donaghmore Donegal

Rodgers Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rodgers Robert Rye Donegal

Rodgers Thomas All Saints Donegal

Rodgers Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

Rodgers William Taughboyne Donegal

Rodgers William Tully Donegal

Rody Charles Clonmany Donegal

Rody Michael Moville Lower Donegal

Rogan Anne Inishmacsaint Donegal

Rogan Daniel Urney Donegal

Rogan James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Rogan John Inishmacsaint Donegal

Rogan John Urney Donegal

Rogan Patrick Tully Donegal

Rogan Ralph Donaghmore Donegal

Rogan William Fahan Upper Donegal

Rogers James Conwal Donegal

Rooney Charles Conwal Donegal

Rooney Johnston Kilbarron Donegal

Rooney Patrick Conwal Donegal

Roper Bryan Kilbarron Donegal

Roper Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Roper James Kilbarron Donegal

Roper Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Ross James Leck Donegal

Ross John Clonleigh Donegal

Ross John Donaghmore Donegal

Ross John Fahan Upper Donegal

Ross Moses Rye Donegal

Ross Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Ross Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Ross William Clonleigh Donegal

Roulston Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Roulston Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Roulston James Donaghmore Donegal

Roulston John Taughboyne Donegal

Roulston Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Roulston Mary Donaghmore Donegal

Roulston Robert Rye Donegal

Rowling William Rye Donegal

Ruddock John Donaghmore Donegal

Rush William Urney Donegal

Rusk George Fahan Upper Donegal

Rusk James All Saints Donegal

Rusk John Fahan Upper Donegal

Rusk Wm. All Saints Donegal

Russel Alexander Conwal Donegal

Russel Alexander Tully Donegal

Russel Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Russel Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Russel David Conwal Donegal

Russel Elizabeth Aghanunshin Donegal

Russel Elizabeth Conwal Donegal

Russel George Tully Donegal

Russel Isaac Conwal Donegal

Russel James Raphoe Donegal

Russel James Tully Donegal

Russel James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Russel John Aghanunshin Donegal

Russel John Conwal Donegal

Russel John Raphoe Donegal

Russel Joseph Conwal Donegal

Russel Joshua Tullyaughnish Donegal

Russel Margaret Clonleigh Donegal

Russel Margaret Killygarvan Donegal

Russel Mary Conwal Donegal

Russel Mary Tully Donegal

Russel Matthew Raphoe Donegal

Russel Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Russel Robert Raphoe Donegal

Russel Samuel Leck Donegal

Russel William Gartan Donegal

Russel William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Russell Alexander Donaghmore Donegal

Russell Andrew Killygarvan Donegal

Russell George Leck Donegal

Russell James Leck Donegal

Russell James Templemore Donegal

Russell John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Russell John Leck Donegal

Russell Robert Leck Donegal

Russell Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Russell Thomas Leck Donegal

Russell William Conwal Donegal

Russell William Donaghmore Donegal

Russell William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rutherford Adam Donegal Donegal

Rutherford Adam Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rutherford James Donegal Donegal

Rutherford James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rutherford John Donegal Donegal

Rutherford Widow ??? Kilmacrenan Donegal

Rutherford William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sairs Thomas Leck Donegal

Salsbury Wm. Templemore Donegal

Saunderson George Drumhome Donegal

Sawers Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Sawers John Raphoe Donegal

Sayers Gilespy Conwal Donegal

Sayers John Conwal Donegal

Scandlon John Urney Donegal

Scanlon Hugh Urney Donegal

Scanlon Owen Conwal Donegal

Scanlon Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Schoals Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Scot Andrew Fahan Upper Donegal

Scott Alexander Donagh Donegal

Scott Alexander Donegal Donegal

Scott Alexander Drumhome Donegal

Scott David Clonca Donegal

Scott David Donagh Donegal

Scott Edward Drumhome Donegal

Scott George Drumroosk Donegal

Scott George Killaghtee Donegal

Scott George Killymard Donegal

Scott Henry Killymard Donegal

Scott James Clonleigh Donegal

Scott James Drumhome Donegal

Scott James Stranorlar Donegal

Scott John Donagh Donegal

Scott John Donegal Donegal

Scott John Drumhome Donegal

Scott John Killymard Donegal

Scott John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Scott John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Scott John, Sr. Clondavaddog Donegal

Scott Joseph Clondavaddog Donegal

Scott Marshal Templemore Donegal

Scott Moses Donegal Donegal

Scott Mrs. ??? Taughboyne Donegal

Scott Robert Drumhome Donegal

Scott Samuel Drumhome Donegal

Scott Stephen Drumroosk Donegal

Scott Thomas Clonmany Donegal

Scott Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Scott Thomas, Sr. Kilmacrenan Donegal

Scott William Donaghmore Donegal

Scott William Killymard Donegal

Scott William Leck Donegal

Scott William Raphoe Donegal

Seamour James Donaghmore Donegal

Seamour Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Shanklin George Donaghmore Donegal

Shanklin John Donaghmore Donegal

Shanklin Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Shannon Hugh Rye Donegal

Shannon John Killaghtee Donegal

Shannon John Rye Donegal

Shannon John Tully Donegal

Shannon Thomas Killaghtee Donegal

Sharkey Daniel Fahan Upper Donegal

Sharkey Edward Fahan Upper Donegal

Sharkey Edward Inch Donegal

Sharkey James Clonmany Donegal

Sharkey John Fahan Upper Donegal

Sharkey John Templemore Donegal

Sharkey William Clonleigh Donegal

Sharkey William Fahan Upper Donegal

Sharp John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Shaughney Thomas Stranorlar Donegal

Shaw Archibald Donaghmore Donegal

Shaw David Donaghmore Donegal

Shaw James Donaghmore Donegal

Shaw James, Jr. Donaghmore Donegal

Shaw John Raphoe Donegal

Shaw Walter Taughboyne Donegal

Shaw William Donaghmore Donegal

Shaw William Raphoe Donegal

Sheaghney William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sheal Arthur Tullyaughnish Donegal

Sheal Denis Clondavaddog Donegal

Sheal John Clondavaddog Donegal

Sheal John Conwal Donegal

Sheal Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Sheals Cain Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sheals Camack Clonmany Donegal

Sheals Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

Sheals Dennis Clondavaddog Donegal

Sheals Edward All Saints Donegal

Sheals Edward Tully Donegal

Sheals George Raphoe Donegal

Sheals John Clondavaddog Donegal

Sheals Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sheals Roger Tullyaughnish Donegal

Sheals Rose Moville Upper Donegal

Sheals William Raphoe Donegal

Sheerin Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

Sheerin Denis Tully Donegal

Sheerin James Kilbarron Donegal

Sheerin Neal Clondavaddog Donegal

Sheerin William Tully Donegal

Sheil James Clonmany Donegal

Sheldon Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Sheldon William Raphoe Donegal

Sheridan James Kilbarron Donegal

Sheridan John Raphoe Donegal

Sheridan Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Sheridan Philip Urney Donegal

Sherridan James Fahan Upper Donegal

Sherridan Owen Killygarvan Donegal

Sherridan Thomas Killygarvan Donegal

Sherrin Charles Rye Donegal

Sherwin James Raphoe Donegal

Shescoran Bryan Clonleigh Donegal

Sheskran Charles Rye Donegal

Sheskran Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Shiscoran Bryan Raphoe Donegal

Simes John Donaghmore Donegal

Simison John Clonca Donegal

Simpson Charles Clonleigh Donegal

Simpson David Moville Upper Donegal

Simpson Henry Urney Donegal

Simpson John Templemore Donegal

Simpson Mathew Clonleigh Donegal

Sims James Urney Donegal

Sims John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sims Robert Urney Donegal

Sinclair Malcolm Clonmany Donegal

Skea Terence Kilbarron Donegal

Skiltoar Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Slavin Daniel Donaghmore Donegal

Sleavin Bryan Donegal Donegal

Sleavin Edward Killymard Donegal

Sleavin James Kilbarron Donegal

Sleavin John Kilbarron Donegal

Sleavin Maria Raphoe Donegal

Sleavin Patrick Donegal Donegal

Sleavin Patrick Kilbarron Donegal

Sleavin Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Sleavin Peter Donegal Donegal

Smellen James Stranorlar Donegal

Smilay Elizabeth All Saints Donegal

Smilay James Raphoe Donegal

Smilay Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Smilay Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Smilay Thomas All Saints Donegal

Smilay William Raphoe Donegal

Smiley Thomas All Saints Donegal

Smily Mary Leck Donegal

Smily William Urney Donegal

Smith Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Smith Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Smith Anthony Taughboyne Donegal

Smith Archibald Templemore Donegal

Smith Catherine Inishmacsaint Donegal

Smith David Taughboyne Donegal

Smith Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Smith Hugh Killea Donegal

Smith Hugh Templemore Donegal

Smith James All Saints Donegal

Smith James Clonleigh Donegal

Smith James Donaghmore Donegal

Smith James Kilbarron Donegal

Smith James Killea Donegal

Smith James Killygarvan Donegal

Smith James Moville Upper Donegal

Smith James Raphoe Donegal

Smith James Rye Donegal

Smith James Templemore Donegal

Smith James, Jr. Killea Donegal

Smith James, Sr. Donaghmore Donegal

Smith James, Sr. Killygarvan Donegal

Smith Jeremiah Culdaff Donegal

Smith Jeremiah Templemore Donegal

Smith John Clonleigh Donegal

Smith John Moville Upper Donegal

Smith John Rye Donegal

Smith John Templemore Donegal

Smith John, Jr. Rye Donegal

Smith John, Sr. Rye Donegal

Smith Matthew Donagh Donegal

Smith Matthew Drumhome Donegal

Smith Matthew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Smith Moses Kilmacrenan Donegal

Smith Oliver Clonleigh Donegal

Smith Patrick Inishmacsaint Donegal

Smith Richard Moville Lower Donegal

Smith Robert Drumhome Donegal

Smith Robert Killea Donegal

Smith Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Smith Robert Raphoe Donegal

Smith Thomas Clonleigh Donegal

Smith Thomas Clonmany Donegal

Smith Thomas Killygarvan Donegal

Smith Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

Smith William Clonleigh Donegal

Smith William Killea Donegal

Smith William Templecarn Donegal

Smith Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Smith Wm. Templemore Donegal

Smullen William Raphoe Donegal

Smylay James Taughboyne Donegal

Smyth Alexander Donagh Donegal

Smyth Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Smyth Daniel Clonmany Donegal

Smyth James Clonleigh Donegal

Smyth James Taughboyne Donegal

Smyth Jane Culdaff Donegal

Smyth John Clonleigh Donegal

Smyth Margaret Raphoe Donegal

Smyth Mathew Tullyaughnish Donegal

Smyth Robert Tullyaughnish Donegal

Smyth William Clonleigh Donegal

Smyth William Donagh Donegal

Smyth William Moville Upper Donegal

Snodgrass Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Snodgrass Benjamin Clonleigh Donegal

Snodgrass James Donaghmore Donegal

Snodgrass James Raphoe Donegal

Snodgrass Jasper Donaghmore Donegal

Snodgrass John Donaghmore Donegal

Snodgrass John Raphoe Donegal

Snodgrass Kobert Donaghmore Donegal

Snodgrass Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Snodgrass Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Snodgrass Robert Raphoe Donegal

Somerville Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Somerville John Clonleigh Donegal

Sparran Neil Drumroosk Donegal

Spatt James Aghanunshin Donegal

Speeg Andrew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Speer James Urney Donegal

Speer Jane Stranorlar Donegal

Speer Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Speer Samuel Rye Donegal

Speer William Rye Donegal

Speere John Raphoe Donegal

Speir James Aghanunshin Donegal

Spence Hugh Drumhome Donegal

Spence John Drumhome Donegal

Spence John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Spencer John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Spowl Robert Urney Donegal

Sproul John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Sprowl Hugh Conwal Donegal

Sprowl James Templecarn Donegal

Sprowl Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Sprowle Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Sprowle William Raphoe Donegal

Spur John Raphoe Donegal

Spur Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Stafford James Taughboyne Donegal

Stafford Joseph Stranorlar Donegal

Starret Adam Taughboyne Donegal

Starret Samuel Templemore Donegal

Starrett Alexander Rye Donegal

Starrett Charles Leck Donegal

Starrett James Donaghmore Donegal

Starrett James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Starrett James Tully Donegal

Starrett Joseph Tully Donegal

Starrett Samuel Tully Donegal

Starrett Thomas Conwal Donegal

Starrett Thomas Inch Donegal

Starrit Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

Starrit Thomas Tully Donegal

Starritt Andrew Tully Donegal

Starritt John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Starritt Robert Tullyaughnish Donegal

Starritt Samuel Aghanunshin Donegal

Staury William Conwal Donegal

Steel Adam Aghanunshin Donegal

Steel Adam Tullyaughnish Donegal

Steel Anne Clonleigh Donegal

Steel Anthony Gartan Donegal

Steel Anthony Kilmacrenan Donegal

Steel Patrick Killymard Donegal

Steel Robert Rye Donegal

Steel Samuel Raphoe Donegal

Steel Samuel Templemore Donegal

Steel Widow ??? Templemore Donegal

Steel William Moville Lower Donegal

Steen James Taughboyne Donegal

Steen John Taughboyne Donegal

Steen Joseph Taughboyne Donegal

Steen Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Stephens Alexander Donegal Donegal

Stephens Hugh Donegal Donegal

Stephens William Drumhome Donegal

Stephenson George Donaghmore Donegal

Stephenson George Donegal Donegal

Stephenson Hugh Donegal Donegal

Stephenson John Donaghmore Donegal

Stephenson John Donegal Donegal

Stephenson Joseph Donaghmore Donegal

Sterling Samuel Inver Donegal

Sterling Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Sterney George Moville Lower Donegal

Sterratt Moses Taughboyne Donegal

Sterritt Bryan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stevenson Alexander Donaghmore Donegal

Stevenson Alexander Donegal Donegal

Stevenson Andrew Donegal Donegal

Stevenson Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Stevenson Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Stevenson Arthur Donegal Donegal

Stevenson Gloud Conwal Donegal

Stevenson Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Stevenson Hugh Donegal Donegal

Stevenson Hugh Leck Donegal

Stevenson James Clonleigh Donegal

Stevenson James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stevenson James Taughboyne Donegal

Stevenson John Donegal Donegal

Stevenson John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stevenson John Leck Donegal

Stevenson John Taughboyne Donegal

Stevenson Matthew Donaghmore Donegal

Stevenson Robert Raphoe Donegal

Stevenson Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Stevenson Samuel Leck Donegal

Stevenson Widow ??? Kilteevoge Donegal

Stevenson William Clonleigh Donegal

Stevenson William Donaghmore Donegal

Stewart Adam Templemore Donegal

Stewart Alexander Conwal Donegal

Stewart Alexander Leck Donegal

Stewart Alexander Rye Donegal

Stewart Alexander Tullyaughnish Donegal

Stewart Allen Fahan Upper Donegal

Stewart Archibald Tully Donegal

Stewart Charles Conwal Donegal

Stewart Charles Tully Donegal

Stewart David Killymard Donegal

Stewart George Clondavaddog Donegal

Stewart George Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stewart Henry Killygarvan Donegal

Stewart James Clondavaddog Donegal

Stewart James Conwal Donegal

Stewart James Gartan Donegal

Stewart James Killea Donegal

Stewart James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stewart James Raphoe Donegal

Stewart James Rye Donegal

Stewart James Tully Donegal

Stewart John Donaghmore Donegal

Stewart John Drumhome Donegal

Stewart John Killygarvan Donegal

Stewart John Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stewart John Rye Donegal

Stewart John Stranorlar Donegal

Stewart John Templecarn Donegal

Stewart John Tully Donegal

Stewart Joseph Rye Donegal

Stewart Martha Conwal Donegal

Stewart Nathaniel Tullyaughnish Donegal

Stewart Peter Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stewart Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Stewart Robert Conwal Donegal

Stewart Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stewart Robert Tully Donegal

Stewart Samuel Conwal Donegal

Stewart Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Stewart Thomas Tully Donegal

Stewart Thomas Tullyaughnish Donegal

Stewart Walter Leck Donegal

Stewart Walter Rye Donegal

Stewart William Clondavaddog Donegal

Stewart William Conwal Donegal

Stewart William Donaghmore Donegal

Stewart William Drumroosk Donegal

Stewart William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stewart William Leck Donegal

Stewart William Rye Donegal

Stewart William Stranorlar Donegal

Stewart William Templecarn Donegal

Stewart William Tully Donegal

Stewart Wm. Rye Donegal

Stilley Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Stinson Alexander Donegal Donegal

Stinson Charles Donegal Donegal

Stirling Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Stocan James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Stone Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Stony Robert Conwal Donegal

Storey Alexander Conwal Donegal

Storey David Conwal Donegal

Storey Ephraim Kilmacrenan Donegal

Storey William Conwal Donegal

Story Robert Conwal Donegal

Strain Brian Kilmacrenan Donegal

Strain Cornelius Tully Donegal

Strain Daniel Tully Donegal

Strain James Tully Donegal

Strain James, Jr. Tully Donegal

Strain James, Sr. Tully Donegal

Strain Owen Conwal Donegal

Strain Owen Tully Donegal

Strawbridge Thomas Donagh Donegal

Strean James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Strean Neal Tully Donegal

Stuart James Inishmacsaint Donegal

Stun William Raphoe Donegal

Sueny Miles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney Alexander Tully Donegal

Sweeney Andrew Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeney Catherine Tully Donegal

Sweeney Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney Cornely Conwal Donegal

Sweeney Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeney Daniel Tully Donegal

Sweeney Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Sweeney Edward Tully Donegal

Sweeney George Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeney George Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney Henry Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Sweeney Hugh Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney Hugh Tully Donegal

Sweeney James Clondavaddog Donegal

Sweeney James Conwal Donegal

Sweeney James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeney James Rye Donegal

Sweeney James Tully Donegal

Sweeney John Clondavaddog Donegal

Sweeney John Clonleigh Donegal

Sweeney John Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeney John Leck Donegal

Sweeney John Tully Donegal

Sweeney Margaret Tully Donegal

Sweeney Mary Tully Donegal

Sweeney Miles Donaghmore Donegal

Sweeney Miles Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeney Miles Killymard Donegal

Sweeney Miles Tully Donegal

Sweeney Morgan Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeney Murgan Tully Donegal

Sweeney Myles Donaghmore Donegal

Sweeney Patrick Clondavaddog Donegal

Sweeney Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Sweeney Patrick Moville Lower Donegal

Sweeney Patrick Moville Upper Donegal

Sweeney Peter Moville Lower Donegal

Sweeney Philip Tully Donegal

Sweeney Roger Drumroosk Donegal

Sweeney Roger Killymard Donegal

Sweeney William Clondavaddog Donegal

Sweeny Charles Clondavaddog Donegal

Sweeny Connolly Conwal Donegal

Sweeny Daniel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeny Edward Conwal Donegal

Sweeny Edward Fahan Upper Donegal

Sweeny Francis Conwal Donegal

Sweeny Francis Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeny George Conwal Donegal

Sweeny George Gartan Donegal

Sweeny Henry Gartan Donegal

Sweeny Hugh Killygarvan Donegal

Sweeny James Conwal Donegal

Sweeny James Donaghmore Donegal

Sweeny James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeny Morgan Kilmacrenan Donegal

Sweeny Neal Donaghmore Donegal

Sweeny Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Sweeny William Conwal Donegal

Swift Thomas Kilmacrenan Donegal

Symson William Clonca Donegal

T'Elhinney James Conwal Donegal

Tate Adam Raphoe Donegal

Tate Robert Drumhome Donegal

Tate Widow ??? Drumhome Donegal

Taylor Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor Anne Conwal Donegal

Taylor Arthur Drumhome Donegal

Taylor Charles Conwal Donegal

Taylor Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor Charles Raphoe Donegal

Taylor Charles Rye Donegal

Taylor David Stranorlar Donegal

Taylor Edward All Saints Donegal

Taylor Edward Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor George Conwal Donegal

Taylor James Leck Donegal

Taylor James Raphoe Donegal

Taylor James Stranorlar Donegal

Taylor James Taughboyne Donegal

Taylor Jane Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor John All Saints Donegal

Taylor John Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor John Leck Donegal

Taylor Martha Tully Donegal

Taylor Mary Anne Tully Donegal

Taylor Matthew Drumhome Donegal

Taylor Robert All Saints Donegal

Taylor Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor Stephen All Saints Donegal

Taylor Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Taylor Thomas Urney Donegal

Taylor William Clonleigh Donegal

Taylor William Donaghmore Donegal

Taylor William Raphoe Donegal

Taylor William Rye Donegal

Taylor Wm. All Saints Donegal

Taylor Wm. Tullyaughnish Donegal

Tays David Tully Donegal

Teadly Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Teas David Tully Donegal

Teas James Taughboyne Donegal

Teas John Rye Donegal

Teas Joseph Rye Donegal

Teas Matthew Conwal Donegal

Teas Moses Kilmacrenan Donegal

Teas Samuel Conwal Donegal

Teas Samuel Kilmacrenan Donegal

Teas William Conwal Donegal

Teas Wm. All Saints Donegal

Tease Matthew Conwal Donegal

Teat William Stranorlar Donegal

Teenan John Taughboyne Donegal

Teeney James Templemore Donegal

Temple John Donaghmore Donegal

Temple William Donaghmore Donegal

Templeton Alexander Conwal Donegal

Templeton William Inch Donegal

Tenor Michael Moville Upper Donegal

Tenslone Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Terrence Francis Conwal Donegal

Terry Michael Kilmacrenan Donegal

Tete Henry Conwal Donegal

Tharp George Moville Lower Donegal

Tharp John Moville Lower Donegal

Tharp William Moville Upper Donegal

Thimmons James Clonleigh Donegal

Thomas Francis Donegal Donegal

Thomas James Drumhome Donegal

Thomas John Killymard Donegal

Thomas Mark Donegal Donegal

Thomas Michael Donegal Donegal

Thomas Michael Drumhome Donegal

Thompson Alexander Killea Donegal

Thompson Andrew Clonleigh Donegal

Thompson Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Thompson Andrew Raphoe Donegal

Thompson Andrew Taughboyne Donegal

Thompson Anthony Raphoe Donegal

Thompson Anthony Rye Donegal

Thompson Archibald Rye Donegal

Thompson Edward Drumhome Donegal

Thompson Elizabeth Clonleigh Donegal

Thompson Galbraith Raphoe Donegal

Thompson George Clonleigh Donegal

Thompson George Kilbarron Donegal

Thompson Gustavus Clonleigh Donegal

Thompson Henry All Saints Donegal

Thompson Henry Donaghmore Donegal

Thompson Henry Killygarvan Donegal

Thompson James Clonca Donegal

Thompson James Conwal Donegal

Thompson James Drumhome Donegal

Thompson James Raphoe Donegal

Thompson James Taughboyne Donegal

Thompson John All Saints Donegal

Thompson John Donaghmore Donegal

Thompson John Drumhome Donegal

Thompson John Kilteevoge Donegal

Thompson John Raphoe Donegal

Thompson John Templemore Donegal

Thompson Joseph Raphoe Donegal

Thompson Moses Donaghmore Donegal

Thompson Robert Killygarvan Donegal

Thompson Roger Fahan Upper Donegal

Thompson Samuel Taughboyne Donegal

Thompson Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Thompson Widow ??? Donegal Donegal

Thompson Widow ??? Kilteevoge Donegal

Thompson William Donaghmore Donegal

Thompson William Drumhome Donegal

Thompson William Moville Lower Donegal

Thompson William Raphoe Donegal

Thompson Wm. Taughboyne Donegal

Thomson Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Thornton James Conwal Donegal

Throne James Clonleigh Donegal

Throne William Clonleigh Donegal

Tim Alexander Kilmacrenan Donegal

Timoney Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Tinaey William Clonleigh Donegal

Tinney Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Tinney Anthony Drumhome Donegal

Tinney Daniel Kilbarron Donegal

Tinney Edward Raphoe Donegal

Tinney Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Tinney James Raphoe Donegal

Tinney Teague Drumhome Donegal

Tinney William Raphoe Donegal

Tinny James Raphoe Donegal

Tinny James Tullyaughnish Donegal

Tinny John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Tinny Neal Raphoe Donegal

Tinny Neal Tullyaughnish Donegal

Tinny Patrick Tullyaughnish Donegal

Tipsett Francis Drumhome Donegal

Todd Jean Donaghmore Donegal

Todd John Donaghmore Donegal

Tolan James Rye Donegal

Toland Bryan Clondavaddog Donegal

Toland Edward Clonmany Donegal

Toland James Clondavaddog Donegal

Toland James Clonmany Donegal

Toland James Desertegny Donegal

Toland John Desertegny Donegal

Toland Manus Fahan Upper Donegal

Toland Owen Clonmany Donegal

Toland Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Toland Patrick Rye Donegal

Toland Teage Clonmany Donegal

Toner Hugh Aghanunshin Donegal

Toner James Conwal Donegal

Toner James Moville Lower Donegal

Toner James Raphoe Donegal

Toner Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Toner Philip Moville Lower Donegal

Tonner Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Tonstone John Donaghmore Donegal

Toodey John Urney Donegal

Torgey James Donagh Donegal

Torrence John Conwal Donegal

Torrence John Tullyaughnish Donegal

Torrence Joseph Conwal Donegal

Torrens David Leck Donegal

Torrens Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Townley John Fahan Upper Donegal

Toy Charles Moville Upper Donegal

Toy Daniel Moville Upper Donegal

Toy Francis Moville Upper Donegal

Toy James Moville Upper Donegal

Toy Neal Moville Upper Donegal

Toye John Stranorlar Donegal

Travers Bryan Drumhome Donegal

Travers James Drumhome Donegal

Travers Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Travers Terence Drumhome Donegal

Treacey Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Treacey Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Trearty William Tully Donegal

Treastey John Tully Donegal

Trimble George Drumhome Donegal

Tumbling Patrick All Saints Donegal

Tummoney Owen Inver Donegal

Tummonney Patrick Inver Donegal

Tummony Laurence Inishmacsaint Donegal

Tunney Francis Kilbarron Donegal

Tunney James Kilbarron Donegal

Tunney Owen Kilbarron Donegal

Tunney Thomas Kilbarron Donegal

Tunney Widow ??? Kilbarron Donegal

Turner John Raphoe Donegal

Turnony John Drumhome Donegal

Tuvan James Urney Donegal

Tuvan John Urney Donegal

Twigg Robert Raphoe Donegal

Tynan Christopher Donaghmore Donegal

Tynan James, Jr. Donaghmore Donegal

Vance George Inver Donegal

Vance Henry Fahan Upper Donegal

Vance John Desertegny Donegal

Vance John Taughboyne Donegal

Vance Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Vance Thomas Desertegny Donegal

Vance Thomas Leck Donegal

Virtiue Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Virtue Carthan Donegal Donegal

Virtue David Templecarn Donegal

Virtue James Donaghmore Donegal

Virtue James Drumhome Donegal

Virtue James Templecarn Donegal

Virtue John Templecarn Donegal

Virtue Robert Donegal Donegal

Virtue Robert Kilbarron Donegal

Virtue Thomas Donegal Donegal

Virtue William Donegal Donegal

Wacheel Robert Templecarn Donegal

Wacheel Thomas Templecarn Donegal

Wacheel William Templecarn Donegal

Wachob Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Wachob Thomas Urney Donegal

Wachub Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Wachub Andrew Urney Donegal

Wachub Nathaniel Donaghmore Donegal

Wachub William Donaghmore Donegal

Waddell Robert Raphoe Donegal

Wade Owen M. Drumhome Donegal

Wakelim Edward Drumhome Donegal

Walker Adam Templemore Donegal

Walker Edward Killaghtee Donegal

Walker James Donaghmore Donegal

Walker James Killea Donegal

Walker James Moville Upper Donegal

Walker James Templemore Donegal

Walker John Donaghmore Donegal

Walker Matthew Donaghmore Donegal

Walker Patrick Killaghtee Donegal

Walker Richard Killaghtee Donegal

Walker Robert Stranorlar Donegal

Walker Samuel Clondavaddog Donegal

Walker Thomas Rye Donegal

Walker William Donaghmore Donegal

Walker William Stranorlar Donegal

Walker Wm. Templemore Donegal

Wall Patrick Conwal Donegal

Wallace Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Wallace Benjamin Rye Donegal

Wallace Daniel Conwal Donegal

Wallace George Rye Donegal

Wallace James Donagh Donegal

Wallace James Donaghmore Donegal

Wallace James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Wallace James Moville Lower Donegal

Wallace James Raphoe Donegal

Wallace James Templemore Donegal

Wallace John Donaghmore Donegal

Wallace John Fahan Upper Donegal

Wallace John Moville Lower Donegal

Wallace John Rye Donegal

Wallace Moses Fahan Upper Donegal

Wallace Oliver Donaghmore Donegal

Wallace Robert Moville Lower Donegal

Wallace Samuel Conwal Donegal

Wallace Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Wallace Thomas Conwal Donegal

Wallace Thomas Fahan Upper Donegal

Wallace Thomas Leck Donegal

Wallace William Conwal Donegal

Wallace William Tully Donegal

Wallen Alexander Conwal Donegal

Waller Joseph Conwal Donegal

Wallis Francis Rye Donegal

Walls Widow ??? Donaghmore Donegal

Walsh James Templemore Donegal

Walsh John Fahan Upper Donegal

Walsh Patrick Donegal Donegal

Walsh Patrick Fahan Upper Donegal

Walsh Richard Drumhome Donegal

Walsh Thomas Donaghmore Donegal

Wanton William Drumhome Donegal

Ward Anthony Inishmacsaint Donegal

Ward Bryan Inishmacsaint Donegal

Ward David Tully Donegal

Ward Denis Raphoe Donegal

Ward Francis Conwal Donegal

Ward Hugh Clonleigh Donegal

Ward Hugh Conwal Donegal

Ward Hugh Taughboyne Donegal

Ward James Donaghmore Donegal

Ward James Kilbarron Donegal

Ward James Killymard Donegal

Ward John Kilbarron Donegal

Ward John Tully Donegal

Ward Patrick Drumhome Donegal

Ward Patrick Raphoe Donegal

Ward Patrick Tullyaughnish Donegal

Ward Robert Donaghmore Donegal

Ward Widow ??? Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ward William Drumhome Donegal

Ward William Inishmacsaint Donegal

Ward William Kilmacrenan Donegal

Ward Wm. Conwal Donegal

Wardlaw James Donaghmore Donegal

Wardlaw Samuel Urney Donegal

Wark Henry Taughboyne Donegal

Wark Joseph Moville Upper Donegal

Wark Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Wark William Clonleigh Donegal

Warrell James Donaghmore Donegal

Warrell Walter Donaghmore Donegal

Wask James Killea Donegal

Wason Archibald Taughboyne Donegal

Wason George Rye Donegal

Wason James Rye Donegal

Wason John Rye Donegal

Wason William Taughboyne Donegal

Watch Nicholas Templemore Donegal

Waters James Tully Donegal

Waters John Tully Donegal

Wathcrow John Fahan Upper Donegal

Watson Andrew Drumhome Donegal

Watson Edward Killaghtee Donegal

Watson George Rye Donegal

Watson Hugh Rye Donegal

Watson James Killybegs Upper Donegal

Watson James Rye Donegal

Watson John Drumhome Donegal

Watson John Killybegs Upper Donegal

Watson John Raphoe Donegal

Watson John Taughboyne Donegal

Watson William Taughboyne Donegal

Watson William Tully Donegal

Watt James Fahan Upper Donegal

Watt James Tully Donegal

Watt John Conwal Donegal

Watt John Templemore Donegal

Weir Frederick Desertegny Donegal

Weir John Templemore Donegal

Welsh Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Welsh James Drumhome Donegal

Welsh Philip Drumhome Donegal

Welsh Widow ??? Urney Donegal

West James Taughboyne Donegal

Whally John Clonleigh Donegal

White George Kilbarron Donegal

White James Clonleigh Donegal

White James Conwal Donegal

White James Kilbarron Donegal

White James Kilmacrenan Donegal

White James Templemore Donegal

White John Drumhome Donegal

White John Kilbarron Donegal

White John Leck Donegal

White Mary Tullyaughnish Donegal

White Patrick Kilmacrenan Donegal

White Robert Drumhome Donegal

White Robert Fahan Upper Donegal

White Robert Kilmacrenan Donegal

White Robert Taughboyne Donegal

White Robert Tullyaughnish Donegal

White Samuel Clondavaddog Donegal

White Samuel Tullyaughnish Donegal

White Sarah Tully Donegal

White Thomas Conwal Donegal

White Thomas Leck Donegal

White William Conwal Donegal

White William Donaghmore Donegal

White William Urney Donegal

Wier Alexander Clonleigh Donegal

Wier Andrew Donaghmore Donegal

Wier Charles Conwal Donegal

Wier Frederick Fahan Upper Donegal

Wier James Donaghmore Donegal

Wier Jane Clonleigh Donegal

Wiley Allen Leck Donegal

Wiley James Donaghmore Donegal

Wiley James Taughboyne Donegal

Wiley John Templemore Donegal

Wiley Richard Taughboyne Donegal

Wiley Richard Templemore Donegal

Wiley Samuel Leck Donegal

Wiley Thomas Templemore Donegal

Wiley Wm. Templemore Donegal

Wilkey Alexander Urney Donegal

Wilkin James Conwal Donegal

Wilkin James Gartan Donegal

Wilkin James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Wilkin James Raphoe Donegal

Wilkin John Clonleigh Donegal

Wilkin John Conwal Donegal

Wilkin Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Wilkinson Anthony Conwal Donegal

Wilkinson Bernard Conwal Donegal

Wilkinson Robert Conwal Donegal

Williams Andrew Kilmacrenan Donegal

Williams Charles Kilmacrenan Donegal

Williams Daniel Tully Donegal

Williams John Taughboyne Donegal

Williams John Tully Donegal

Williams Joseph Tully Donegal

Williams Lewis Templemore Donegal

Williams Mathew Raphoe Donegal

Williams Richard Tully Donegal

Williams Robert Killea Donegal

Williams Robert Tully Donegal

Williams Thomas Tully Donegal

Williams William Tully Donegal

Williamson James Leck Donegal

Williamson John Donaghmore Donegal

Williamson Matthew Raphoe Donegal

Williamson Robert Killymard Donegal

Willock Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Willson Abraham Stranorlar Donegal

Willson George Stranorlar Donegal

Willson John Leck Donegal

Willson John Templemore Donegal

Willson Thomas Leck Donegal

Willson William Stranorlar Donegal

Wilson Aaron Kilmacrenan Donegal

Wilson Abraham Donaghmore Donegal

Wilson Abraham Drumhome Donegal

Wilson Alexander All Saints Donegal

Wilson Alexander Killaghtee Donegal

Wilson Alexander Raphoe Donegal

Wilson Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Wilson David Drumhome Donegal

Wilson George Killaghtee Donegal

Wilson Hugh Donaghmore Donegal

Wilson James Donaghmore Donegal

Wilson James Kilmacrenan Donegal

Wilson James Rye Donegal

Wilson James Taughboyne Donegal

Wilson James Urney Donegal

Wilson Jane Clondavaddog Donegal

Wilson John Clonleigh Donegal

Wilson John Donaghmore Donegal

Wilson John Killaghtee Donegal

Wilson John Moville Upper Donegal

Wilson John Raphoe Donegal

Wilson John Rye Donegal

Wilson John Templemore Donegal

Wilson Moses Raphoe Donegal

Wilson Robert All Saints Donegal

Wilson Robert Clondavaddog Donegal

Wilson Robert Clonleigh Donegal

Wilson Robert Culdaff Donegal

Wilson Robert Leck Donegal

Wilson Robert Moville Upper Donegal

Wilson Robert Raphoe Donegal

Wilson Robert Rye Donegal

Wilson Robert Taughboyne Donegal

Wilson Robert Urney Donegal

Wilson Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Wilson Thomas Leck Donegal

Wilson Thomas Moville Upper Donegal

Wilson Thons Tullyaughnish Donegal

Wilson William Aghanunshin Donegal

Wilson William All Saints Donegal

Wilson William Conwal Donegal

Wilson William Culdaff Donegal

Wilson William Killaghtee Donegal

Wilson William Leck Donegal

Wilson William Moville Upper Donegal

Wilson William Raphoe Donegal

Wilson William Rye Donegal

Wilson Wm. Raphoe Donegal

Winter James Stranorlar Donegal

Winters Patrick Clonleigh Donegal

Witheral William Fahan Upper Donegal

Withers Richard Stranorlar Donegal

Woddefard John Drumhome Donegal

Woods Archibald Rye Donegal

Woods James Taughboyne Donegal

Woods John Conwal Donegal

Woods John Moville Upper Donegal

Woods John Raphoe Donegal

Woods John Rye Donegal

Woods Margery Taughboyne Donegal

Woodward Andrew Drumroosk Donegal

Woodward Thomas Drumhome Donegal

Wray Alexander Leck Donegal

Wray Charles Donaghmore Donegal

Wray Francis Donegal Donegal

Wray James Donaghmore Donegal

Wray James Raphoe Donegal

Wray John Donaghmore Donegal

Wray Ladowick Donaghmore Donegal

Wray Mathew Fahan Upper Donegal

Wray Matthew Tully Donegal

Wray Samuel Donaghmore Donegal

Wray Stephen Donaghmore Donegal

Wray Stephen Raphoe Donegal

Wray Thomas Raphoe Donegal

Wray William Donaghmore Donegal

Wray William Donegal Donegal

Wright Charles All Saints Donegal

Wright James Taughboyne Donegal

Wright John All Saints Donegal

Wright Wm. All Saints Donegal

Wynne Patrick All Saints Donegal

Young Andrew Templemore Donegal

Young James Donaghmore Donegal

Young John All Saints Donegal

Young John Donaghmore Donegal

Young Matthew Donaghmore Donegal

Young William All Saints Donegal

Young William Donaghmore Donegal


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