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Land Grants in Donegal

Lands Grants in the Precinct of Liffer barony of Raphoe and county of Donegal

1608 A.D. All notes on leases and tenants from Hill's "Plantation of Ulster" Grantees

1. Henry Clare, of Stanfield Hall, Norfolk Co.

2. William Willson, of Bolton, Sufolk Co.

3. Edward Russell, Esq., of London (sold his patent soon thereafter to John Kingsmill.

4. Sir William Barnes, Knt. (sold his lands to Edward Russell,Esq.)

5. Capt. Ralphe Mansfield

6. Sir Thomas Cornewall, Knt., son of Thomas Cornewall, Baron of Burford, in Salop.

7. Sir Thomas Remyngton, Knt. (disposed of his lands to Sir Ralph Bingley)

8. Sir Maurice Barkeley, Knt., of Somersetshire (soon sold his lands to Sir Ralph Bingley)

9. Sir Thomas Caoch, Knt.

Land Grants in the Precinct of Portlough, barony of Raphhoe and county of Dongal 1608 A.D.


1. Duke of Lennox, i.e., Ludovic Stuart, 2nd duke of Lennox

2. Sir Walter Stewart, Knt, laird of Minto

3. Alexander McAula, of Durlin, gent. (sold his land to an Alexander Stewart).

4. John Cuningham, of Crafield or Crawfield, son of Sir James.

5. William Stewart, laird of Dunduff, of the parish of Maybole, in Ayrshire.

6. James Cunyngham, laird of Glangarnocke, a descendant of Sir Edward Cuningham of Kilmaurs.

7. Cuthbert Cuningham, of the same family as James Cunyngham.

8. James Cuningham, Esq. Uncle of Sir James of Glengarnock.

9. John Stewart, Esq.

Lands Grants in the Barony of Boylagh, county of Donegal

1. Sir Robert Macklellan, laird of Bomby (7th Earl of Bombie, Scotland

2. George Murraye, laird of Broughton, of Whithorn, in Wigtonshire.

3. William Stewart, Esq.

4. James McCullock, gent., of Dummorell, Scotland.

5. Alexander Dunbar.

6. Patrick Vaus of Libragh, gent. (parish of Kirkinner, in Wigtonshire), son of Sir Patrick Vans or Vaus, of Barnbarrock.

7. Alexander Coningham of Powton, gent.,( parish of Sorbie, in Wigtonshire.)

Pynnar's Survey 1618 A.D. of the above land grants The Precinct of Liffer, alloted to English Undertakers.

1. Sir Henry Docwra, Knight, undertaker of 2,000 acres, has by allowance of this Council, passed over his portion of land to William Wylson   of Clare, in Suffolk.

2.   Sir Morris Barkley, Knight, undertaker of 2,000 acres.

3.   Sir Robert Remyngton, Knight, 2,000 acres.

4.   Sir Thomas Cornwall, Knight, 2,000 acres. (resident agent, Edward   Littleton).

5.   Sir William Barnes, Knight, 1,500 acres. Sold his portion to   Captain Edward Russell.

6.   Sir Henry Clare, 1,500 acres (resident agent, Willaim Browne)

7.   Sir Thomas Coache, Knight 1,500 acres

8.   Captain Edward Russell, 1,500 acres, is resident, and his son with him.

9.   Captain Mansfield, 1,000 acres.   Town of Lyffer. Fort built by Sir Richard Hansard, Knight. Town of Donegall. Fort built by Captain Bassill Brooke. Two miles   from thence Captain Paul Goare has erected a stone   house out of the ruins of O'Boyles old castle upon   the sea side.    

10. Peter Benson, 1,500 acres   On may 1, 1616, Peter Benson, the proprietor, let several portions   of his lands as follows:    
Qr. of Tevickmoy to Sir Ralph Bingley, Robert Kilpatterick,   James Kilpatterick, and Archiband McMathe.    
Qr. of Dunmoyle to James Maxwell, James Tate ,   Robert Kilpatterick, John Ewart, and Thomas Watson.     Qr. of Tirecullin to George Newton.    
Qr. of Garwerey to Ludovic Stubbins, Toole McDevitt, and   George Hilton.    
Qr. of Shraghmirler to George Bailie, Richard Roper,   James Read.    
Qr. of Teadanmore, to Henry Preston, Thomas Preston,   Donnell McKecoge, and Chas Atkinson.    
Qr. of Newna to Sir Richard Hansard, Richard Babington and   Edward Cattherall.    
Qr. of Knockgarran to John Kilpatterick and Archibald   McMathe.        

11.   William Wilson, Esq. 2,000 acres called Aghagalla. Son was Sir John Wilson, d. 1936. Left a dau., Anne, aged two years, d. 1939. Property next owned by her uncle, Andrew Wilson, brother of Sir John.  

12.   Sir Thomas Cornwall 2,000 acres (First patentee). Thomas Davis holdeth from his brother, Robert Davis, 2,000 acres called Corlackin.  

13.   Captain Ralph Mansfield, 1.000 acres called Killneguidon. d. 10 Nov. 1634, succeeded by his son and heir, John Mansfield, of age and married.  

14.   Captain Russell 1,500 acres called Acarine (First Patentee). Now held by Sir John Kngsmill, Knight. Also sold other potions to Willaim Wilson.     tenants: in 1936, Sir John Vaughan and Thomas Perkins, Esq.,   the quarter called Monyn.  

15.   Sir Robert Remington, the First Patentee, 2,000 acres called Tonafocies. Now held by Sir Ralph Bingley. His widow married Robert Harrington, Esq. Lands assigned to Edward Carter (wife, Owny (Una) Carter.  

16.   Sir Marice Bartley, first Patentee, 2,000 acres called Drummore and Llurgagh. Now held by Sir Ralph Bingley, Knight. Sir Maurice Bartley (Berkeley) planted on his lands certain British settlers named: Nich. Apthwilyn, Geo. Cartwright, William Ridgett, John Sheppard, Robert Torkington, Abraham Gorveill, and Tristran Emercy.  

17. Sir Thomas Coach, Knight, 1,500 acres called Lismongoan.   d. 3 May 1620, was succeeded by his son, Henry (12 yrs. old).   18. Sir William Barns, first Patentee, 1,500 acres, called Monester.   Now held by Sir John Kingsmill, Knight, and Mr. William Wilson.           

The Precinct of Porlough, appointed to Scottish Undertakers.    

1. Duke of Lennoz, chief undertaker of 2,000 acres. Sir Aulant Aula, Knight, his resident agent.  

2. Sir Walter Stewart, Knight, Laird of Mynto, 1,000 acres.  

3. John Crawford, Laird Kilberry, 1,000 acres.  

4. Alexander McAula, of Durlinge, 1,000 acres.      

5. Sir James Cunningham, Knight. Laird Glangarnoth, 2,000 acres. Resident agent, Robert Younge.  

6. John Cunningham of Crawfield, 1,000 acres.  

7. Cuthbert Cunningham, 1,000 acres.  

8. Willaim Stewart, Laird Dunduffe, 1,000 acres.  

9. James Cunningham of Horomilne, 1,000 acres.  

10. John Cunningham, Gentleman, 1,000 acres called Dunboy. Son   of Sir James Cunningham of Glengarnock in Ayrshire.  

11. James Cunningham, 1,000 acres, called Moyegh.  
1 Nov 1614 leased parcels of land to:    
Qr. called Ardrie to James Robbin, Robert Hunter, and John Martin.    
Qr. called Moyle to William Boyle.    
Qr. called Monegragane to James Patterson, Alexander McKilchany,   and John Plowright.    
Qr. called Playter or Plaister to John Molsed, Robert Allane,   John Fyeff, Donnell McKilmun, and John Wilson.    
Qr. called Moyfadda to Bernard Coningha, James Boyl, John Bryce,   Willaim Sare, Donnell Gillaspick, John Fleminge, Donnell McEvene,   William McCassack, Alexander Colewell, John Wigton, John Ramsey,   Stephen Woolson, Andrew Calwell, and William Coningham.    
Qr. called Donboy to Andrew Coningham and Robert Boyl.    
Qr. called Roghan, to Donnell Connell.    

On 1 May 1613 Leased lands to:    
Moiagh, to Alex. Dunne, John Dunne, Donnell McKym, John Dunne, Junior,   John Younge, wm. Hendry, Alex. Grynney, and William Stewart.    
Grackhy, to William Valentyne, Hugh Moore, William Moore, and David Kennedy.    
Magherymore, to John Watson, Robert Paterson, William Ekyn, George Blacke, Andrew Smythe, James Gilmore, Willaim Gaate (Galt), George Peere (Perry), John McKym, Andrew Browne, William Sutherland, William Rankin, and John Smythe.  
Magherybeg, to John Purveyance, John Harper, Hugh Lockard, Thomas Scot, John Browne.   Dryan, to John Roger, William Teyse, and Donnell McEredy.      
TryanCarrickmore, to David Kennedy, and William Valentyne.    
Eredy, to Wm. Arnett, Andrew Arnett, John Alexander, John Hutchine,   Peter Stevenson, John Hamilton, Edward Homes, and George Leich.    

12. Sir James Cunningham, 2,000 cares called Decastrose and Portlogh. Sold his lands 26 Feb. 1616, to Sir William Alexander of Menstrey. Sold additional lands 20 Jan. 1619 to Alex. Cuningham of Ballesallagh, in the county of Down.  

13. Cuthbert Cunningham, 1,000 acres called Dromagh or Coole McTreene.  

14. William Stewart, Laird of Dunduff, 1,000 acres called Cooleghie.  
On 10 June 1614 leased portions of land to:    
Qr. of Drumbarnad, to Archibald Thomson, John Coningham, al' Huggin, John Hood, James Dunsayer, William Fullerton, and     Gilbert Kennyday.  
Qr. of Moneymore, to John MacKay, John Smyth, Alex. Lockard, Alex. Hunter,   James Sayre, Walter Stewart, and William Smelley.  
Qr. of Kilvarry, to Thomas Lodge.  
Qr. of Drumoghill, to Arthur Stewart, gent.  
Qr. of Drumalls, to Michael McLoghery and Owen Macintire.    

15. Alexander McAwley alias Stewart, 1,000 acres called Ballyneagh. Sold the lands to Alexander Stewart. John Stewart, son of the purchaser, held the lands in 1629.  

16. The Laird of Luss (Sir John Colquhoun), 1,000 acres called Cargagh.   In 1662, Humphrey and robert Galbraith held the lands in fee.  

17. Sir John Stewart, Knight, 3,000 acres called Cashell, Ketin and   Littergull. Underagent of Ludovic Stuart, Lord of Lenox.             

The Precinct of Boilagh and Banagh, allotted to Scottish   Undertakers  

1. Sir Robert Maclellan, Knt., Laird Bombey, chief undertaker of Rossed, 2,000 acres. Andrew Johnson, resident agent.  

2. George Murrye, Laird Boughton, 1,500 acres.  

3. William Steward, brother to Gartlesse (Lord Garlies), 1,500 acres.  

4. Sir Patrick McKee, Knight, 1,000 acres.  

5. Alexander Cunningham, of Ponton Elder, 1,000 acres.  

6. James McCullogh, 1,000 acres.  

7. Alexander Downebar, 1,000 acres.  

8. Patrick Vans, 1,000 acres.  

9. George Murrye, Laird Broughton, undertaker of 1,500 acres.   John Murrey, Esq., hath all Boilagh and Bannagh, being 10,000 acres. (of Cockpool). Earl of Annandale, 1624.    

The Laird Brombe (Laird Bombie), the first patentee (Sir Robert MacLellan). Alienated his portion to Archibald Acheson, Esq, 1616. Lands then passed to John Murray, afterwards, Lord Annandale.  

Captain Thomas Dutton hath 2,000 acres called the Rosses.  

Sir Patrick McKee, first patentee, now held by John Murrey, Esq., 1,000 acres, called Cargie.  

Patrick Vaus (Vans), first patentee, now held by John Murrie,   William Stewart, first patentee, now held by John Murrey, Esq. 1,500 acres. (brother of Sir Alexander Stewart, Viscount Garlies, of Galloway).  

Alexander Dunbar, first patentee, now held by John Murrey, Esq, 1,000 acres. Lease to Rowland Cogwell.  

The Laird Broughton, first patentee, now held by John Murrey, 1,000 acres.   Alexander Cunningham, holds 1,000 acres, called Moynagan.  

James Mccullogh holds 1,000 acres, called Mullaghvegh.      


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