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State Papers 1601 : Donegal Land Leases

Listed as holding land under Sir Arthur Chichester in Inishowen 1622

"Where Aileach Guards B. Bonner Salesian Press
"Three Hundred Years in Inishowen" Amy Young


     Feilim O Dochartaigh        Carrowmore in      For life and

                                 Glentogher         for the life

                                                    of his son,


     John McDwalto McLaughlin    Tevennyoges in     Forever




     Hugh Carron McOwen McLaughlin  Ballynally      For life and

                                    (Moville        for the life

                                     Parish)        of one Brian


    Owen McShane cugh McLaughlin    Baskill         Forever



    Owen Gorm McLaughlin            Massaglen.     Two balliboes of the

                                                   qr. of Massaglen, to

                                                   himself and his heirs.

    Donnell McBryan Oge McLaughlin  Half the qr.   To himself and

                                    of Clare       his heirs 

                                    (Moville       forever


    Nigell oge McPhelim brosts      Part of        To himself and

    O Doghertie                     Rashenny       his heirs


    Richard O'Dogherty              Keenagh       For life and to

                                                  his sons and

                                                  their heirs


   Hugh McShane Ballagh             Other part    To himself and

   O'Dogherty                       of Rashenny   his heirs


  Note: The townland named for Owen gorme McLaughlin is an extract from

'Inquisitionum in Officio Rotulorum Cancellariae Hiberniae Asservatarum

Repertorium' (volume I Donegal AD (1621 11-Jac I)which is probably the source 

for all of these sources. It is a record of inquisitions of the Court of 

Chancery of Ireland in the public records and was compiled and printed in 

the 1840s.

"Feoffavit quenda EUGEN GORME McLAUGHLIN de 2 balliboes pcell quarter de 

Massaghlin in Enishowen pd, habend sibi & hered mascul de corpore suo 

legittime pcreat, reddend inde eide Arthur annuatim 5s monet Anglie"


   James Vaughan                    Skyoge, Tommoge, Shiggaden,       58 years

                                    Part of Lisfannon

   John Vaughan                     Garrowreagh, Carnysannock         53 years

                                    Mascemetan, Coskeine,

                                    Magherenycarr, Bonemayne

                                    Croslomore, Cristocoyle

   Peter Benson                     Castle and land of                57 years

                                    Ellaughmore, Dundreine,


   Walter Stephens                  Ballyederdaowen                   41 years

   John Roper                       Killmackillavenny, Garfery,       50 years

                                    Tallyenonyn, Ballyena

   John Wray                        Derryvaughan alias Crossibhowell, 51 years

                                    Toppock, Dromhirt, Grotcormigan

   Henry Hart                       Ballyarnell, Mough, Creig,        61 years


   John Baker                       Carnamoyle, Iskaheen,             61 years

                                    Dumskillan, Ture, Aughle

   George Carey                     Artorryn, Trometagh, Carroncoyle, 61 years

                                    Carbragh, Creehenan, Rouskey

   George Carey                     Drunge, Ballyargus, Monedarragh,  61 years

                                    Tavanygallan, Tullyalla, Ellues,


   Robert Fleming                   Bredagh Glen, Culladoe            51 years

   William Newtown                  Fort of Greencastle, Ballymacarthur, 40 years

                                    Fardrom, Crehue, Ballylahan,

                                    Carrowtrasna, Shrove

   Arthur Leanyng                   Carrigabraghey, Ballymacmorriarity,  51 years

                                    Tullynabratley, Dowygillin, Ardaugher,

                                    Ballylorryan, Cleagh, Monoclabyne

   James Paryroynt                  Down, Letter, Urrismanagh            40 years

   Henry Vaughan                    Castle of Buncrana, Tullyarvill      51 years

                                    with Duntarson, Ballyeenery, Slydran,

                                    Monewory, Arderaman with Colecorvran,

                                    Ballymagan, Graugheagh with Meendacailiagh,

                                    Ludden, Trillick, Aughacally, Tullydush

   James Walsh and Frances          Tubbancarrowe                        60 years of life

   his wife

   George Scretnam                  Inch, Meentiaghs                     61 years

   Thomas Chichester                Castle of Burt and eleven quarters   61 years

                                    appertaining to the castle

         Special Lease

   William Usher and                Inch, Four quars. in Clonmany,       Leases and their

   George Sexton                    Toppock, Dromhirt, Gortcormagan,     heirs forever


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