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State Papers : Catholic Qualification Rolls

1778-1790 Donegal

Names of residents in the county of Donegal as they appear in the index to the Catholic Qualification Rolls. [as printed by the Journal of the County Donegal Historical Society]

James Boyle, farmer, Ballyshannon 31-3-1779
Phelim Boyle, cordwinder, Ballyshannon, 17-3-1780
Thomas Boyle, carpenter, Ballyshannon, 14-4-1781
William Breslin, farmer, Mockbrack, 31-3-1779
Andrew Brison, shoemaker, Raphoe, 31-10-1783
John Brodly, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
Hugh Carlan, yearn merchant, Lifford, 31-3-1779
Owen Cassidy, farmer, Bondrows, 5-4-1779, AT Asizes, Carrick, Co. Leitrim
Charles Collin, farmer, Maugheraboy, 31-3-1779
William Cullen, farmer, Maughboy, 31-3-1779
Edward Daily, glazier, Ballyshannon, 13-4-1786
Anthony Davett, grazier, Larnalarkin, 31-3-1779
Dominick Davett, grazier, Meenaroy, 31-3-1779
Gilbert Davett, farmer, Mentigranah, 26-8-1782
John Davett, farmer, Meeneroy, 26-8-1782
James Degermond, mason, Doughpallagnin, 15-4-1784
Cormack Dolan, mason, Ballyshannon, 13-4-1786
James Dougherty, farmer, Cashill, 26-8-1782
James Dougherty, smith, Ballyshannon, 26-3-1785
Michael Dougherty, farmer, Muff, 5-8-1779
Neal Dougherty, farmer, Ruskey, 31-3-1779
Richard Dougherty, farmer, Ardanee, 31-3-1779
Edmond Fenner, gentlemean, Aghry, 5-4-1779, At Assizes, Carrick, Co. Leitrim
Patrick Flanagan, schoolmaster, Ballyshannon, 26-3-1785
Charles Gallagher, farmer, Citten, 31-3-1779
Charles Gallagher, farmer, Letterkenny, 26-8-1782
Denis Gallagher, farmer, Brecnagh, 23-8-1784
Francis Gallagher, merchant, Rosguill, 31-3-1779
John Gallagher, farmer, Drimnasallaugh, 26-8-1782
James Gaullaugher, farmer, Killycreen, 15-4-1784
Daniel Garven, farmer, Ballyshannon, 27-3-1780
Fardey Garvey, farmer, Glann, 31-3-1779
James Gillian, farmer, Aughlayard, 31-3-1779
Hugh Gillon, farmer, Aughyard, 15-4-1784
Hugh Gillon, farmer, Knockbrack, 15-4-1784
James Gillon, farmer, Aughyard, 15-4-1784
Neal Gocoins, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
Patrick Green, publican, Rathmelon, 23-8-1784
John Gorman, mason, Drimnagreagh, 26-3-1785
Charles Haughy, innkeeper, Letterkenny, 31-3-1779
John Hughes, the younger, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
John Hughes, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
Edward Kelly, shopkeeper, Ballyshannon, 14-4-1781
Edward Kelly, farmer, Killpheke, 15-4-1784
Michael Kelly, falx dresser, Trakeen, 23-8-1784
Neale Kelly, farmer, Killpheke, 15-4-1784
Francis Kerigan, shoemaker, Ballyshannon, 5-4-1779, At Assizes, Carrick, Co. Leitrim
Morris Kerrigan, farmer (Curromongan), Carrickomangan, 10-9-1785
Joseph Lyster, carpenter, Ballyshannon, 26-3-1785
Shane McAbrehan, farmer, Grovehall, 15-4-1784
Edmond McBride, mason, doe, 23-8-1784
Charles McCabe, mason, Ballyshannon, 9-3-1780
Owen McCafferty, merchant, Ruskey, 31-3-1779
John McDavett, farmer, Curraghalone, 31-3-1779
Patrick McGinlay, tailor, Killetter, 10-9-1785
John McIntire, farmer, Ballyshannon, 14-4-1781
Darby McLaughlin, farmer, Curragharne, 18-8-1782, At Assizes, Londonderry
Patrick McLaughlin, farmer, Inishonehead, 15-9-1785, At Assizes, Londoderry
Hugh McLoon, merchant, Letterelly, 31-3-1779 
Daniel McNulty, blacksmith, Remlgahannon, 25-3-1782
John Mooney, merchant, Ballyshannon, 27-3-1780
Matthew Mulheron, mason, Drimnagreagh, 26-3-1785
John Mulloy, farmer, Bareaugh, 31-3-1779
Eugene O'Callaghan, Greencastle, --8-1782, At Assizes, Londonderry
Cormac O'Cannan, farmer, Duagh, 31-3-1779
John O'Cannan, merchant, Ballywhorisky, 31-3-1779
Hugh O'Cannan, farmer, Duagh, 31-3-1779
Charles O'Donnell, Popish priest, Cloncah, 15-9-1785, At Assizes, Londonderry
Con O'Donnell, Russvill, --8-1782, At Assizes, Londonderry
Bryan O'Loage, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
Michael O'Shean, merchant, Imlagh, 31-3-1779
Phelemy Quinn, farmer, Golan, 13-4-1786
John Rogers, farmer, Lettermacdward, --4-1783
Patrick Sheals, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
William Sheil, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
Patrick Sheskran, drover, Glanscoly, 31-3-1779

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