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The Ship Alsatia Londonderry to New York

From Glasgow, Scotland via Moville, County Donegal and Londonderry Ireland to New York
4 October 1876




I, Archibald Campbell, Master of the Steam-Ship Alsatia, do solemnly, sincerely, and Truly swear that the following List or Manifest, subscribed by me, and now delivered by me to the Collector of the Customs of the Collection District of New York, is a full and perfect list of all the passengers taken on board the said S.S. Alsatia at Glasgow  Moville and Londonderry from which port said S.S. Alsatia has now arrived; And that on said list is truly designated the age, the sex, and the occupation of each of said passengers, the part of the vessel occupied by each during the passage, the country to which each belongs, and also the country of which it is intended by each to become an inhabitant; And that said List or Manifest truly sets forth the number of said passengers who have died on said voyage; And the names and ages of those who died.

Sworn to this Oct 4th, 1876, so Help Me God.

List or Manifest of all the Passengers taken on board the Steamship Alsatia whereof Archibald Campbell is Master,


Columns represent: Names, Age in Years & Months, Sex, Occupation, The Country to which they severally belong, The country which they intend to become inhabitants, died on voyage, Part of the vessel occupied by each passenger during the voyage.


  1  George Thurston           50          M  Traveller     England        Intermediate

  2  Helen Jennings            32          F  Housewife     England        Intermediate

  3  George Jennings           33          M  Iron Puddler       England        Intermediate

  4  George Jennings            7          M  Child         England        Intermediate

  5  Elanor Jennings            3          F  Child         England        Intermediate

  6  Francis Jennings           1Yr 3Mo    M  Infant        England        Intermediate

  7  Richard Farley            40          M  Iron Puddler       England        Intermediate

  8  Dennis Farley             12          M  Puddler       England        Intermediate

  9  Mrs Anne Elliot           30          F  Housewife     England        Steerage

 10  Mrs Mary Ann Elliot       20          F  Housewife     England        Steerage

 11  Edward Elliot             29          M  Iron Puddler       England        Steerage

 12  Edward Jr Elliot          11          M  Child         England        Steerage

 15  Alexander Hart            23          M  Engraver      Scotland       Intermediate

 16  Andrew Henderson          22          M  Watchmaker    Scotland       Intermediate

 17  Mrs McDowall               50          F  Wife          Scotland       Intermediate

 18  Mrs J.J. Bryden           47          F  Wife          Scotland       Intermediate

 19  Miss Grace Patterson      22          F  No           Scotland       Intermediate

 20  Wm S.  Brock             23           M  Flag Maker  Scotland       Intermediate

 21  Joseph Holden             15          M  No           Scotland       Steerage

 22  James Murray              22          M  Engineman     Scotland       Steerage

 23  Mary Catrell              16          F  None          Scotland       Steerage

 24  Robert Leith              24          M  Joiner        Scotland       Steerage

 25  Wm Armstrong              23          M  Miner         Scotland       Steerage

 26 Alice Galbraith           30          M  Joiner        Scotland       Steerage

 27  Allan Gilmour             30          M  Builder       Scotland       Steerage

 28  Mrs Chas McPherson        32          F  Wife          Scotland       Steerage

 29  William Urquhart         21          M  Labourer      Scotland       Intermediate

 30  Esther Platt              50          F  None          Ireland        Intermediate

 31  John McConnell             27          M  Labourer      Ireland        Intermediate

 32  Alexander Morrison        39          M  Cutler        Ireland        Intermediate

 33  William Fulton            65          M  Stone Mason   Ireland        Intermediate

 34  John McCullough           19          M  Labourer      Ireland        Intermediate

 35  Arthur McConnel           32          M  Miller        Ireland        Intermediate

 36  Cath McConnel             26          F  Wife          Ireland        Intermediate

 37  Roseanne McConnel          5Mo        F  Infant        Ireland        Intermediate

 38  Andrew Mowbray            32          M  Horse Farmer  Ireland        Intermediate

 39  Mrs Martin                25          F  Wife          Ireland        Intermediate

 40  Patrick Martin            17          M  Labourer      Ireland        Intermediate

 41  Susan McIlone             19          F  House servant   Ireland        Intermediate

 42  Isa Faushaw               23          F  Wife          Ireland        Intermediate

 43  Arthur A. Faushaw         27          M  Labourer      Ireland        Intermediate

 44  Danial Faushaw                11Mo    M  Infant        Ireland        Intermediate

 45  Thomas Roper              35          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 46  Mary Ann Brooke           16          F  House Servt   Ireland        Steerage

 47  Mary Ann Ferguson         24          F  House Servt   Ireland        Steerage

 48  Henry McGarvey            55          M  Tailor        Ireland        Steerage

 49  Mary McGarvey             55          F  Wife          Ireland        Steerage

 50  Joseph McGarvey           18          M  Weaver        Ireland        Steerage

 51  Ellen McDoud              17          F  None          Ireland        Steerage

 52  Elizabeth Mitchell        50          F  None          Ireland        Steerage

 53  Margaret McIlvaine        25          F  House Servt   Ireland        Steerage

 54  Mary A. Anderson          23          F  Hose Servt    Ireland        Steerage

 55  Susan Clarke              16          F  None          Ireland        Steerage

 56  John Langan               21          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 57  William Ballantine        27          M  Farmer        Ireland        Steerage

 58  Susan McGraith            45          F  None          Ireland        Steerage

 59  Thomas Flanagan           34          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 60  Mary  Boyle               50          F  Wife          Ireland        Steerage

 61  Hugh Boyle                 7          M  Child         Ireland        Steerage

 62  Cornell Boyle              3          M  Child         Ireland        Steerage

 63  Maria Sudeller            24          F  House Servt   Ireland        Steerage

 64  Pat Bryan                 23          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 65  Patrick Kealty            40          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 66  Bridget Kealty            30          F  None          U.S A.  Steerage

 67  William Buckley           20          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 68  Isabella OConnor          54          F  None          Ireland        Steerage

 69 Hill Wilson                30          M  iron Puddler       Ireland        Steerage

 70  Hessy Wilson              30          F  Wife          Ireland        Steerage

 71  James Wilson               8          M  Child         Ireland        Steerage

 72  George Hill Wilson         7          M  Child         Ireland        Steerage

 73  Wm John  Wilson            6 Months   Infant        Ireland        Steerage

 74 Owen Gearty                25          F  None          Ireland        Steerage

 75  Mary Ann Mason            10          F  Child         Ireland        Steerage

 76  Lizzie  Mason              8          F  Child         Ireland        Steerage

 77  James Lee                 30          M  Labourer      Ireland        Steerage

 78  Henrich Denzein           30          M  Labourer      Germany        Steerage

 79  Hedda Johanson            39          F  Wife          Sweden         Steerage

 80  Jure Wilhelm Johanson     10          M  Child         Sweden         Steerage

 81  Adolf Richard Johanson     2          M  Child         Sweden         Steerage

 82  Johanna M. Sanblom        33          F  None          Sweden         Steerage

 83  Magnus K Nielsen          30          M  Seaman        Denmark        Steerage

 84  Heansiru Moe              46          M  Labourer      Norway         Steerage

 85  Johan Swerin Moe           2          M  Child         Norway         Steerage

 86  Jacobine Moe              17          F  None          Norway         Steerage

 87* Andreas Bern Moe          14          M  None          Norway         Steerage

 88  Anton Christian Moe        5          M  None          Norway         Steerage

 90  James Johnson             40          M  None          U.S.A.  Saloon

 91  Rev L.B. Voorhes          30          M  Clergyman     U.S.A.  Saloon

 92  Gustavis C. Henning       24          M  None          U.S A.Saloon

 93  A.D. Forbes               50          M  None          U.S.A.  Saloon     

 94  H. Ketchan                45          M  None          U.S A.  Saloon

 95  Joseph McBride            28          M  None          U.S A.  Saloon

 96  Mrs McBride               26          F  Wife          U.S A.  Saloon

 97  G.H. Braughn              41          M  None          U.S.A.  Saloon

 98  Wm Lockart                54          M  None          Scotland       Saloon

 99  John Marshall             31          M  None          Scotland       Saloon

100  Mrs Elizth Marshall       29          F  Wife          Scotland       Saloon

101  Miss Elizth Naul           54          F  None          Scotland       Saloon

102  Mrs Williamson            32          F  None          Scotland       Saloon

103  Mrs Jardine               56          F  None          Scotland       Saloon

104  Miss Margt McKillop       20          F  None          Scotland       Saloon

105  S.E. Smythe               43          M  None          Ireland        Saloon

106  Miss Caroline Kinnear     19          F  None          Ireland        Saloon

107  Miss Elizabeth Witherow   40          F  None          Ireland        Saloon

108  F. McKelvey               40          M  None          Ireland        Saloon

109  C.H. Schenck              51          M  Merchant      France         Saloon


(Signed)  Archibald Campbell




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