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Protestant Emigrants to Canada

Protestant families preparing to emigrate from the counties of Carlow and Wexford in the coming Spring — dated NewRoss, 29th November 1817

These lists of Protestant and Roman Catholic emigrants from counties Carlow and Wexford intending to emigrate to British America (via Quebec) list only the head-of-household, with the numbers of persons within each family group. The lists were compiled at the end of November 1817 and indicated the intention of those entered, to sail in the Spring of 1818 as of that date. Some may have decided against emigration and others may have decided to be included

Protestant families

The Protestant families of whom this list is composed are remarkably sober, hard working and well conducted, can procure the most satisfactory recommendations and have generally some of their branches numbers of militia corps, many of these families possess considerably more prospect than sufficient to remove them and are fixed in their determination of joining those relatives and friends who have so happily settled in Upper Canada upon lands granted by the British Government within these last two years.

Many other Protestant families of most respectable character, tho unable to bear the expense of a removal are unsettling themselves under the idea of being assisted with a free passage to British America and anxiously look forward to being informed if their hopes on this subject shall be realized. Most of the men of these families capable of bearing arms in the Rebellion of 1798, were actively employed in the defence of their country and proved at the risk of their lives an unalterable attachment to the legal Government for which they enjoyed the blessings of liberty.






Matthew Connor


Joshua Gilbert


William Sparrow

Thomas Giff


Samuel Bogs


John. Willis

John. Cant


George Warbrook


Edward Hanton

William Hazlewood


Richard. Free


Edward Earl

Richard Hazlewood


James Johns


Anthony Rudd

William Dunn


Thomas Sharp


Christopher Marten

Ebenezer Ferns


Jno. Hopkins


Neimiah Wright

Ab Ruddock


Samuel Smith


John Wright

Jno. Foley


John Smith


James Rynehart

Richard Wilson


John Styles


Jno. Williams

Abr. Cuthbert


Jno. Hendrick


Edward Hanton

Martin Kearns


Ralph Stone


Edward Pepper

Robert Dormer


William Warren - Yeoman


Luke Dunn

Jno. Dormer


Peter Summers


James Green

Thomas Jacob


Thomas Davis


Joseph Leary

Joseph Molton


Bernard O'Brien - Pensioner


James Doyle

Jno. Molton


Thomas Davis


John Sinnot

Jno. Warren


Henry Connors


John Sheehan

Thomas Clampit


Peter Connors


Edward Dunn

William Wilkinson


John Pool


Patrick Brown

Jno. Atkinson


William Pool


Patrick Doyle

Robert Blake


Matthew Pool


Patrick Furlong

Edward Swain


Elizabeth Pool


John Howard

William Kavanagh


Richard Errat


Robert English

William Bradley


Thomas Brannon


Nathaniel Fennel

Jno. Rathwell


Maurice Ward


John Bradley

Samuel Power


James Butler


Jacob Little

Francis Perrin


James Giffin


Robert Kerr

George Perrin


William Lumsden


Thomas Sutton

James Humphrey


James Bryan


James Kerr

Thomas Perrin


John Willowby


George Borris

William Thornton


Richard Murphy


George Johnson

Henry Lee


Isaac Murphy


Henry Tackaberry

Jno. Roberts


Robert Moorhouse


John Ward

Mark Molton


Thomas Moorhouse


John Bolton

Jno. Power


Richard Annis


John Keys

James  Connor


Thomas Oughton


Lawrence Mead

Abe. Henderson


James Lumsden


John Kelly

James Warner


John Earl


John Dillon

Edward Fitzgerald


Thomas Lumsden


Thomas McMurrey

Joseph Ellard


James McClean


John McKeon

James Rath


Luke Byrne


James Ross

Matt. Sargeant


Thomas Evans


Patrick Ross

William Sargeant


John Ayres


William Ross

Spencer Elliott


George Weymouth


Edward Ross

William Elliott


John Thornton


Con. Shepley

John Elliott


James Giffin


Zebediah Milton

Joseph Shaw


Henry Percival


Charles Hill

John Ferrar


James Johnson


Joseph Williams

James Keys


Jno. Anderson


John Jacob

Edward Bayley


Isaac long


John Nutter

Robert Power


Edward Cook


Thomas Burrows

George Dixon


Jno. McGuire


John Wilson

Benjamin Bayley


Nicholas Horton


Henry Bolton

Henry Bayley


Benjamin Godkin


Stephen Tomlinson

John Bayley


Charles Vaney


Edward Basset

Thomas Bayley


Mary Bolger


John Ward

Chris Young


Richard Hedman


Samuel Waters

Thomas Dagg


Anne Traynor


Thomas Sutton

George Heaney


Jno. Bennet


Stephen Murphy

Richard Green


Catherine Dyset


Henry Bolton

George Berry


Benjamin Francis


Matthew McEvoy

Thomas Webster


Jno. Rickaby


John Evoy

William McCutchen


Barnaby Bannon


Darby Evoy

Richard Whitney


Thomas Bates


John Sutton

William Leviston


Joseph Bates


Robert Foster

James Heaney


Joseph Bavester


Joseph Williams

James Quize


Joseph Needham


James Moran

George Keys


Thomas Conyers


Robert Thompson

Henry Kinsilla


Michael Hoss  Floss ?


John Smith

Henry Bradley


Nathaniel Burgess


George Kerford

Thomas Keys


Samuel Peel


John Warner

James Nurse


William Fox


James McDowel

William Molton


Luke James


Patrick Lawler

Jno. Haughton


Roger Hawkins


Henry Marten

Jno. Shortly


Isaac Whitney


Robert Shepley

Joseph Roberts


Thomas Watts


Jno. Lummocks

John Jiff


Henry Watts


Peter Bagnel

Thomas Codd


Thomas Earl


John Whealan

Jno. Bayley jr.


Samuel Taylor


Daniel Buckall

Jno. Bayley


William Taylor


Patrick Dowling

William Bayley


John James


James Altimas

Thomas Bayley


William Burgess


Richard Dixon

James Codd


William Burgess jun.


Jacob James

William Shene


Andrew Bagnall


Edward Johnson

William Roberts


Thomas Saunders


James Toole

George Audsoner


James Saunders


John Killin

James Smith


Edward Keating


William Kirfoot

James Canna


John May


John Garland

Henry Canna


Hennessy May


Richard Garland

Jno. Rose


Robert Daly


Lawrence Cunnigan

William Devitt


Charles Kavanagh


William May

Thomas Ruddock


Thomas Stone


Thomas Downy

Ben Dockril


Jno. Love


James Dagg

George Graham


James Love


Ab Wyman

Arnold Book—


Simon Regan


John Bowles

Samuel Wellwood


John. Shaw


Hugh Gahan

Man. Hughes


Jno. Barber


Thomas Burris

Samuel Griffith


Henry Lancaster


Ellen Ellward

Jno. Scott


Jno. Rowsome


James Breen

Jacob Bradley


James Doyle


Stephen James

Jacob Deacon


Francis Richard


Laughlin Moran

Jno. Acre


Michael Murphy


Ben. Whitaker

William Ralph


Catherine Scully


Timothy Gainer

Thomas Smith


Jno. Davis


Philip Butler

William Swain


Thomas Woods


Dennis Conrahy

Henry West - Shopkeeper


Jno. Rowsome


John Griffin

Alex. Kinch


Benjamin Stacey


Richard Walsh

Jno. Kinch


Edward Graves


John Budd

Jno. James


William Taylor


Thomas Budd

Job Deacon


Darby McCarthy


Stephen Budd

Thomas Store


Francis Butler


John Budd

Josh Birr


William Spencer


Richard Budd

James Abram


Jno. Dunn


William Westerman

Peter Sunmer


Richard Sterne


John Griffith

George Desmond


George Stacey


Ed. Holmes

Garet Sutton


Elizabeth Parkinson


John Chapman

William Gregory


Henry  Colburn


Sylvia Magrath

George Molton


Richard Derenzy


Edward Hana

Jno. Langford


Richard Dixey


John Knight

James Waters


Samuel Needham


John Moran

Isaac Bucky


Alexander Long


Patt. Stapleton

B** Humfries


Joseph Quinsey


Joseph Willwood

Isaac Bookey


Joseph Davis


Thomas Fenton

John. Thornton


Thomas  Cartin


James Stapleton

The Widow Saunders


Thomas Francis


Pierce Tennant

Thomas Kidd


James Downey


Robert Tennant

James Birney


James Woods


Thomas Tennant

William Willis


William Harding


John Magee

Edward Deenby


Jacob Abraham


James Newman

William Pierce


Jno. Armstrong


John Rynard

William Nicholson


Jno. Webster


James Bradley

James Barrington


George Love


George Lecky

Francis Sherlock


Miles Keegan


Thomas McCormick

Jno. Sterne


James Longstaff


George Williby

James Sherlock


Robert Shaw


Joseph Bugbear

Daniel Ryan


Charles Williby


Thomas Taylor

Rosse Sterne


Jno. Walker


Thomas Kenny

James Leeson



Jos. Edwards


Richard Bradley

Jno. Manergan


Peter Bond


Robert Shore

Ben Dockgrill


Ralph Davis


John Ryan

Jno. Williams


Thomas Foxton


John Taylor

David Foster


Martha Davis


John Boyle

Richard Woodriffe


Edward Young


John Lynch

Robert Hopkins


William Edwards


Thomas Hand

William Lee


Aline Bolton


Samuel Bagnel

William Humphrey


William Green


George Roberts

Jno. Humphreys


Jno. Green


Edward Keating

William Smith


William Lord


William Shore

William  Williams


James Sheals


John Anderson

Edward Foster


Robert Humphreys


Thomas Scarf

Edward Foster


Charles Blunt


Andrew Delany

Michael Richmond


Jos. Hawkins


Michael Madden

Jno. Rorke


James Wade


Samuel Bradley

Edward Farrell


Jno. Rathwell


Robert Boyle

Edward Stiles


William Rathwell


John Brennan

Pat. Stiles


James Rathwell


John Foley

James Maurice


Thomas Rathwell


Thomas Ward

Peter Moore


Samuel Rathwell


Thomas Tomlinson

William Restrock


Jno. Rathwell jun.


William Tomlinson

Robert Taylor


George Crumpton


Jno. Bradley

Richard Keys


James Morris


John Leacock

Edward Tully


Samuel Jacob


Daniel Fitzpatrick

Robert Pepper


Joe Scott


Samuel Jones

William McEvoy


William Scott


Robert Fennel

Tim Kavanagh


Robert Davis


Stephen Hill

Samuel Kendrick


William Davis


James Fitzgerald

Jno. Quinsey


William Sutton


Thomas Matthews

John Masters


Daniel Wyman


Richard Burros

William Basset


William Woods


Pat. Graham

William Walker


Luke Stephens


Jno. Kennedy

Thomas Weir


Phil. Neville


George Kidd

William Harding


Thomas Pierce


William Kidd

William Davis


William Pierce


Jno. Tindale

John Coubyrne


James Cockrell


Jno. Griffith

Ally Rinehart


William Hall


Timothy Corrigan

William Hasselforth


Robert Hall


Stephen Wright

William Jacob


Henry Williams


Thomas Murphy

Pat. Davis


James Morris


Thomas Norman

Robert Harding


Edward Rathwell


James Foley

Thomas Harding


Samuel Rathwell


Robert Booth

Peter Davis


John Rathwell


George Wilson

Edward Davis


William Rathwell


Jno. Nolan

Frs. Kavanagh


Charles Rathwell


Mark Wilson

John Ford


Benjamin Rathwell


Alex. Kinch

Neil Quinsey


George Leacock


Michael Deevey

John Ireton


Jno. Fannen


Jno. Redmond

Jno. Handhock


Jno. Fannen jun.


Stephen Hill

Nat. Thomson


William Percival


Tom. Tunstadt

Samuel Boyce


James Fielding


Henry James

James Summer


Thomas Hayes


John Samways

William Atkinson


Nathaniel Hayes


Jos. Scarf

James Patsel


Edward Dorcas  child


Henry Duck

Bridget Patsel


Samuel Salton


Thomas Saunders

Henry Duncan


Robert Molton


Edward Washington

Edward Maud


Jno. Hannen


William James

Josh. Dockrell


William Tackaberry


William Harris

Jno. Stacey


James Floyd


William Coomes

Jno. Miller


Richard Grivelle


Richard Upton

Samuel Walker


William James


Thomas Darcy

William Clarke


Richard Tackaberry


Pat. Walsh

George Driver


Robert Tackaberry


William Bradley

Michael Fox


Jno. Thorp


Richard Budd

Chas. Samerton


Richard Hanton


William Alcock



George Atkins


William Howe

John Somerton


William Hoply


Robert Phillips



Thomas Breer


William McNally

Elizabeth Wear


Richard Dixey


Josh. Condell

Nathaniel Stedman


William Fannen


William Walker

Thomas Dowdel


Henry Shaw


Laurence Dagdon

Thomas Steward


George Oakes


George Wilson

Dennis Doyle


Thomas Stanford


Samuel Waters

William Harper


Patrick. Plumer


Arnold Sutton

John Williams


Jno. Hinley


Francis Toole

Richard Murphy


Luke Molton


Ger  Shea

Hannah Bates


Jno. Marr.


Thomas Tobin

James Fitzsimmons


James Jordon


Henry Jenkinson

Abm Miller


Moague  Leech


James Butridge

Richard Woodruff


James Ward


George Rynard

John Taylor


William Leech


Andrew Best

John Saul


Jno. Clampet


Thomas Peal

James Neil


William Plumer


Thomas Mills

Christy Neil


Mary Clampet


Ab Bradley

Anthony Sheridan


William Thompson


Samuel Bradley

Thomas Fitz-henry


Jacob Green


William Stacey

Mary Carr


Richard Pigeon


William James

Francis Rickiby


James Coleman


James Donnel

Michael Dowsard


Edward Jordan


John. English

Thomas Bell


Stephen Mullet


Thomas Jones

Thomas Elliot


James Lucas


Thomas Neale

William Walker


Henry Lucas


James White

Samuel Pierce


Edward Lucas


Micheal Grant

John. Jacob


Robert Leech


Thomas Hansen

James Murphy


John. Giff


Jno. Rynard

Han. Free


Con. Kavanagh


Pat. Hackett

James Warbrook


Dan. Daimond



Total of Protestant families preparing to emigrate from the counties of Carlow and Wexford to this date. Seven-hundred and ten families containing four thousand and twenty-seven individuals of whom upwards of eleven hundred are able bodied men. . New Ross, 29 Nov. 1817

Source : Colonial Office 384, National Archives of Canada


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