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Irish Marriages H


HACKMAN [Note: index lists HACKMAN, but knowledgeable researcher says should be HICKMAN]
Hackman [sic. Hickman], Edward, Shadwell=Hoops, Miss, only d. of Rhd., in Tipperary June 1802 p. 383

Hagan, P., Abbey St.=Plunkett, Miss, Clontarf July 1805 p. 446

Haggin, James, Lancendo, nr. Doagh, co. Antrim=Brown, Sarah, of same place Jan 1811 p. 56

Hale, Capt., of Royal North Gloster Militia=Bourke, Lady Theodosia, s. of Earl of Mayo, in London Mar. 1807 p. 192
Hale, Thos.=Barry, Alice, r. of George, timber merchant, Coombe May 1812 p. 240

Hall, rev. Leake=Hart, Miss Jan. 1779 p. 128

Halliman, John, plumber=O'Brien, Julia, Limerick, June 1807 p. 384

Hallyburton, hon. Douglas Gordon. s. of Earlof Aboyne=Leslie, Louisa, only child of Sir Edward, Bt. of Tarbet, by hon. and rev. John Pomeroy July 1807 p. 448

Hamilton, rev. Archibald, of Strabane=Crawford, Anne, Smyly, at Lisburn Jan. 1806 p. 63
Hamilton, Fdk, s. of late Lory Boyne=Smyth, Miss Mar. 1772 p. 168
Hamilton, rev. Hans, s. of Bishop Ossory=Oliver, Susanna, d. of late rt. hon Silver Oct. 1801 p. 639

Hammersley, Hogan=Bradshaw, Grace, d. of John, co. Limerick Feb. 1786 p. 111

Hammond, John, Dowdall=Minchin, Miss, Fredrick St. 6 Sep 1776 p. 648
Hammond, Lawrence, Nealestown, co. Meath=Staunton, Margt., Corkstown, same co. Feb. 1788 p. 111

Hams, Robt.=Buckley, Miss, Huntington Apr. 1798 p. 383

No entries

Handcock, Gustavus, Waterstown, co. Westmeath=Moore, Miss, d. of John, M.P. boro Ballynakill July 1775 p. 437

Handy, Sam. e.s. of Sam Wesley, of Bracca Castle, co. Westmeath=Orme, Miss, d. of Wm., of Abbeytown, co. Mayo Jan. 1804 p. 62

Hangrave, Frederick=Dillon, Mrs., r. of Peter, late of Mount Dillon, in London Dec. 1804 p. 762 [spelled Handgrave in bride surname index]

Hanly, Anne=Linton, Mr. 1806 p. 640
Hanly, Dominick, of the Grenades=Ryan, Miss Nov. 1771 p. 568

No entries

No entries

Harding, Robt. M.D.=Ferguson, Miss, d. of Robt, at Cork Dec. 1786 p. 672
Harding, Rhd.=Gore, Lady, d. of Earl of Ross Nov. 1798 p. 815

Harkin, Luke, Rahin, co.Roscommon=O'Donnell, Miss, Carrick-on-Suir, in Gt. George St. Jan 1807 p. 63

Harney, Honora=Dowling, Joseph ii 1790 p. 480

Harris, Henry, cabinet maker=Whelan, Sarah, in Coghill's Court, Dame St. Apr 1803 p. 255
Harris, Wesley, of Portarlington=Quin, Mrs., Tullamore Nov. 1793 p. 480

Harrison, Capt., of Tyrone Militia=Smyth, Miss, d. of late Wm. of Waterford Aug 1794 p. 192
Harrison, John, Dromore=Martin, Miss, d. of John, of Belfast Sep. 1806 p. 576
Harrison, Henry, Castle Harrison, co. Cork=Grady, Miss, d. of Standish, s. to Ctss. of Ilchester Sep 1788 p. 504

Harrold, Rhd., Pennywell, co. Limerick=Barry, Miss, d. of Mr., of co. Cork Oct. 1788 p. 560

Harronell, Jas. Oysterhaven=Hayes, Miss., d. of late Rhd., at Ringcurran church, co. Cork Mar 1807 p. 192

Hart, Miss=Hall, rev. Leake 1779 p. 128
Hart, Miss=Otway, rev. Jocelyn ii 1800 p. 319
Hart, Emor., Kilcock=Richardson, Johanna, of Athy Sep. 1789 p. 504
Hart, Josiah, M.D., Portarlington=Bagot, Sarah, d.of Christopher, Nurney, co. Kildare May 1806 p. 320
Hart, Mary=Shaw, Capt. Rbt. 1782 p. 448
Hart, Mary=Darcy, John ii 1800 p. 181
Hart, Rhd.=Miller, Miss, s. to John, Townagh, co. Clare Dec. 1791 p. 568
Hart, Col. Simon, from East Indies=Campbell, Widow, of Newry Oct. 1773 p. 560
Hart, Susannah=Richardson, Wm 1789 p. 222
Hart, Major, Thomas=Montgomery, Anne, y.d. of Lord Chief Baron, at Edinburgh Oct. 1797 p. 384
Hart, Thomas, Colerain=Henry, Ann, Grangemore, nr. Colerain June 1804 p. 383
Hart, Wm., Colerush, Limerick=Mahony, Miss, d. of James, Battersfield, co. Kerry June 1796 p. 568

Harte, Miss=Keating, Maurice 1788 p. 616
Harte, Hannah=Galway, Edw. 1807 p. 447
Harte, Redmond, Thomastown=Castro, Miss, of St. Andrew St. Dec. 1804 p. 762

Hartford, Capt. T.=Sharkey, E., both of Rush Dec. 1806 p. 764

Hartigan, Miss=Nixon, Rev. 1780 p. 576
Hartigan, Wm., surgeon, King St., Stephen's Green=Pollock, Miss, of Newry, s. to John, of Jervais St. Aug. 1787 p. 448

Hartnet, Wm., Castle Island, co. Kerry=Hickey, Miss, d. of late Michael Nov. 1791 p. 480

Hartnett, Thomas F.=Wilkes, Miss, d. of C., Ballincog May 1809 p. 320

Hartwell, George, n. of Capt., R.N.=O'Neil, Miss, d. of John, Thanes Castle, co. Antrim June 1792 p. 568 {At St. George's Hanover sq.]

Harvey, Ambrose=Hautenville, C. Feb. 1806 p. 126

Hatton, Geo., co. Wexford=Conway, Lady Isabella Rachel, Seymour, 6th d. of Earl of Hertford, and Lady Isabella Fitzroy, his wife, d. of  Duke of Grafton, Nov. 1785 p. 616
Hatton, Henry, Gt. Clonard, co. Wexford, M.P. boro. Donegal=Gore, Lady Anne, 2nd d. of Earl of Arran, K.P., in Gardiner's Row Nov. 1783 p. 616

Hautenville, C.=Harvey, Ambrose 1806 p. 126
Hautenville, Capt. Rawson, 61st Foot=Jaffray,A., s. to Alex., in Ely Place Nov. 1783 p. 615

No entries

No entries

Hawkes, John, Cork=Hourigan, Lucinda, 2nd d. of David, attorney Feb 1805 p. 127

Hawkey, Rev., Mullingar, co. Westmeath=Burne, Miss, d. of Edw., of Bride St. July 1790 p. 96

Hawkshaw, rev. Sam, R. of Glasalough, dio. Clogher=Madden, Miss, d. of Rev. Dr. V.G. of Ossory Aug. 1788 p. 448

No entries

Hayden, Miss=Hutchinson, John ii 1796 p. 287

Hayes, Miss=Coleman, John 1771 p. 448
Hayes, Miss=Boyde, John i 1799 p. 208
Hayes, Miss=Howe, Thomas 1804 p. 62
Hayes, Miss=Cotter, Barry 1805 p. 446
Hayes, Miss=Shaw, Rhd. ii 1795 p. 288
Hayes, Miss=Harronell, Jas. 1807 p. 192
Hayes, Capt. J., late of 30th Light Dragoons=Carroll, Eliza, d. of Anthy., of Emmlly, co. Tipperary Oct. 1796 p. 384
Hayes, Jane=Keating, John i 1790 p. 576
Hayes, Joshua=Fitton, Frances, n. of Sir Jeremiah Coughlan, R.N. Dec. 1804 p. 763
Hayes, Joseph=Moore, Miss, at Newton, co. Louth Nov. 1788 p. 616
Hayes, Capt. Sam. late of Guards, only s. of Sir Sam., Bt., d. of Sir Thomas, Bt., at Merville Lodge, co. Dublin Aug 1803 p. 511

Haynes, Surgeon, R.N.=Cullen, Miss, of and at Ramsay, Isle of Man Feb. 1806 p. 125

Hays, Wm. Ballinakill, King's co.=Wall, Miss, Birch Green, co. Tipperary Jan. 1773 p. 736

Headen, Thos., Killenaull, co. Tipperary=Johnson, Margaret, of Stephen's Green Apr. 1791 p. 383

Headfort, Visct.,e.s. of Earl of Bective, M.P. Kells=Quin, Miss 4 Dec 1778 p. 704 [At Westland Row, by Very Rev. Dean Moore].

Healy, Mr., optician=Tarvers, Mrs., r. of Francis, of Dublin June 1778 p. 424
Healy, Luke, Pill Lane=Shannan [Note: spelled SHANNON in bride's index], Miss, of same place Apr. 1807 p. 256
Healy, Rodney, co. Kilkenny=Kennedy, Miss, Fishamble St. Aug. 1808 p. 511

Heard, John, of city of Cork=Doyle, Miss, d. of Geo., Kildare St., surg. to hon. City Dublin Aug. 1778 p. 480

No entries

Heath, Capt. Francis, 90th Regt.=McNeil, Miss, Marlboro St. June 1780 p. 332

No entries

No entries

Hemett, Lt. Jacob, 25th Foot=Bouchier, Mrs. Susannah, r. of James, Limerick Jan. 1806 p. 63

No entries

Hendrick, rev. Geo, co. Kildare=Martin, Mary Anne, d. of Jas., Lemonfield, co. Galway July 1800 p. 64

Henly, Fredk.=Kenny, Matilda Nov. 1803 p. 703

Hennesy, Miss=Flanrey, Sam 1782 p. 608

Hennessy, Miss=McAuliff, Geo. 1802 p. 639

Hennissy, Miss=Lawson, Capt. 1780 p. 232

Henry, Capt.=White, Mary Ann, of Carlingford, at Newry Jan. 1801 p. 63
Henry, Miss=Otway, Rbt. Walter 1801 p. 640
Henry, Capt., 24th Light Dragoons=Bagot, Eliza, 2nd d. of Christopher, at Nurney, co. Kildare 3 June 1802 p. 384
Henry, Miss=Brenan, Peter 1811 p. 168
Henry, Ann=Hart, Thomas 1804 p. 383
Henry, Alicia=Boyne, Rhd. 1805 p. 511
Henry, Gerrard=Nihill, Miss, both of Hume St. Apr 1794 p. 384
Henry, John=Hallam, Miss, d. of late Aldm., of Limerick Aug. 1790 p 192
Henry, John Joseph, Straffon, co. Kildare=Fitzgerald, lady Emily, 2nd d. of Duke of Leinster, at Leinster House, s. lic., by Bishop of Down, Apr. 1801 p. 255
Henry, rev. Thos, Dungarvan=Kirwan, Rose, Mount Olive Dec. 1800 p. 379
Henry, Thomas=Richardson, Miss, 4th d. of Thomas, at Belfast Aug. 1810 p. 384
Henry, Wm., New Dominick St.=Callaghan, Miss, d. of late Cornelius, Mary St. June 1800 p. 375
Henry, Rev.=King, Miss, Cork June 1772 p. 336

Herbert, rev. John, Otway, n. to Earl of Desart=Russell, Miss, d. of James, Carrick-on-Suir, in North Cope St. Jan 1797 p. 96

No entries

No entries

No entries

No entries

Hewet, rev. Chas., Golconde, co Cork=Wall, Miss, d. of Chas. Wm., Coolamuck, co. Waterford, at Paloace, co. Limerick Sep 1775 p. 566

Hewitt, Miss=O'Brien, Laurence 1778 p. 192
Hewitt, Miss=Coote, Chidley ii 1797 p. 287
Hewitt, Eliza=Bell, Lancelot 1809 p. 64
Hewitt, hon. James, e.s. of Visct. Lifford=Hawarden, hon. Anne Maud, d. of late Visct., at Clifton, England, May 1709 p. 319
Hewitt, rev. James, e.s. of Lord Chancellor Lord Lifford=Pomeroy, Miss, d. of late Arthur, M.P., co. Kildare, at Newberry, co. Kildare Aug. 1776 p. 576
Hewitt, hon. and very rev. John, Dean of Cloyne, R. of St. Marks, s. of Lord High Chancellor=Moore, Jane, 2nd d. of Dr., Dorset St. Aug 1779 p. 488
Hewitt, Jas., Brooke Lodge, Bandon=Wall, Frances Gertrude, 2nd d. of Chas. Wm. Sep 1783 p. 504

Hewson,, John, Limerick=Lysaght, Miss Jan 1772 p. 55

Hickey, Miss=O'Mooney, John 1782 p. 504
Hickey, Miss=Hartnet, Wm ii 1791 p. 480
Hickey, Mr.=Mallet, Miss, both of Dublin Mar. 1807 p. 192
Hickey, James, of 68th Foot=Tynne, Miss, at Ennis, co. Clare Nov. 1798 p. 815

Hickie, Miss=O'Connor, Terr. 1810 p. 288

Hickmann, Miss=McMahon, Tim. ii 1800 p. 191
Hickmann, Anne Maria=Morgan,Peter 1775 p. 255
Hickmann, Harriot=Musey, Fitzgerald 1773 p. 160
Hickmann, John, Fenloe=Ryves, Miss, d. of Edward, of Limerick, at Bunratty, co. Clare Sep 1797 p. 287
Hickmann, Rhd., Ennis=Adams, Mrs., of Curriadge [sic-should be Currabridge], co. Limerick, at Rathline Feb. 1791 p. 192
Hickmann, Walter, of G.P.O.=Galbraith, Miss, Linenhall St. Mar. 1778 p. 192
Hickmann, Wray=Elliott, Miss, d. of Rhd., at Clonmel Sep. 1787 p. 192

Hicks, Thomas=Barry, Miss, e.d. of Philip, of Kilcarney Feb. 1796 p. 196

Higgins, Miss=Read, Rbt. 1777 p. 576
Higgins, Miss=Pidgeon, Mr. 1784 p. 680
Higgins, Miss=Mortimer, Chas. ii 1795 p. 384
Higgins, Miss=Golding, Jackson ii 1799 p. 143
Higgins, Godfrey, Higginsbrook, co. Derry=Hamilton, Eliza, d. of James, Lurgan, co. Louth Oct. 1800 p. 255
Higgins, Lt. John, 16th Foot=Dyer, Miss, Kinsale Aug. 1791 p. 192
Higgins, Matthew, Mayfield, co. Meath=Bailie, Miss, e.d. of late James Jan. 1801 p. 63
Higgins, Mary=Shea, Wm. 1804 p. 575
Higgins, Paulet=Wilkinson, Miss, at Charleville Feb. 1776 p. 216
Higgins, Rbt., of Silverhills, co. Dublin=Johnson, Miss, Seskin, co. Wicklow May 1774 p. 302
Higgins, Thos., Pill Lane=Hutton, Miss, Woolquay July 1773 p. 392

Higgs, Lt. John, R.N.=Browne, Miss, d. of late Henry, of and at Londonderry Apr. 1802 p. 256

Hilbert, Robert, Tralee, co. Kerry=O'Brien, Mary Ann, Inchiquin, co. Clare Apr. 1801 p. 255

Hill, Miss=Cantrell, Wm 1777 p. 440
Hill, Miss=Stillas, Alex 1782 p. 552
Hill, rev. Mr., Ballynure=Rogers, Helena Oct. 1786 p. 560
Hill, Miss=Knox, rev. John Russell i 1790 p. 576
Hill, Miss=Foote, Capt. Wm. i 1800 p. 120
Hill, Capt. Royal Horse Gds. (Blue), n. to Sir Rhd., Bt.=Lumley, Miss, only d. of Henry mar. 1801 p. 181
Hill, Miss=Esmond, Sir Thos., Bt. 1802 p. 576
Hill, Miss=McKenna, Lt. C.P. 1807 p. 763
Hill, Agnes=Laird, John 1808 p. 704
Hill, Anthy., Townsend St.=Walters, Miss, Fleet St., in St. Mark's church Jan. 1812 p. 48
Hill, Eliza=Jones, Rhd. 1778  p. 192
Hill, Geo. Killimure=Forster, Miss, Earl St. Aug. 1778 p. 480
Hill, George, e.s. of Sir Hugh, Bt.=Beresford, Jane, 3rd d. of rt. hon. John, n. to Earl of Tyrone, at Abbeyville, co. Dublin Oct. 1788 p. 560
Hill, Hugh, 66th Foot=Kirwan, Miss, 2nd d. of Rhd., F.R.S., of Craig, co. Galway, at Rutland Sq. Mar. 1792 p. 208
Hill, Jas. Lisburn=Strangman, hannah, d. of Joshua, at Quaker's meeting house, Waterford Aug. 1792 p. 192
Hill, James, Doneraile=Norcott, M., d. of late Hugh, at Cork Aug. 1799 p. 143
Hill, John, jr., Drogheda St.=Hales, Miss, d. of Rev. Dr., of Cork may 1774 p. 302
Hill, John=Evans, Miss, d. of Nath., co. Carlow 27 June 1775 p. 437
Hill, rev. John, Beresford=McCausland, Letitia, 2nd d. of Dom., Daisyhill, co. Londonderry Apr. 1803 p. 255
Hill, Capt. Lancelot=Pery, Miss, at Limerick, s. to speaker of Irish House of Commons June 1774 p. 366
Hill, Marcus B., bro. to Sir Geo., Bt., collector of Coleraine=Barnard, Miss, d. of late Rev., Dr. n. to Bishop of Limerick May 1795 p. 480
Hill, rev. Rhd., bro. to Lord Berwick=Owen, F.M., 2nd d. of Wm. M., M.P., co. Montgomery Nov. 1800 p. 319
Hill, Rhd., Gloucester St.=Knipe, Isabella, Killester, nr. Dublin Mar. 1806 p. 191
Hill, Sarah=Scott, Cornet 1788 p. 111
Hill, Thomas, Cork=Pollock, H., in Youghal May 1808 p. 319
Hill, Wm.=Parker, Miss, e.d. of Wm. of Lansdown, co. Tipperary Apr. 1804 p. 256

No entries

Hobart, rt. hon. Rbt., Chief Secy. to Lord-lieut.=Adderly, Mrs., r. of Thos. formerly M.P. for boro. of Clognakilty, co. Cork. s. lic. Jan 1792 p. 94

Hobert, Capt. Paul, Minchin, 36th Foot=Aicken, Abigail, y.d. of Sam., at Stephen's Green Feb. 1806 p. 125

Hodder, Wm., Hoddersfield, co. Cork=Lysaght, hon. Miss, d. of Lord Lisle mar. 1775 p. 255

Hoey, Geo. Brown, Hoeyfield, co. Wicklow=O'Rielly, Harriet, Donboike, same co. Nov. 1783 p. 616

Hogan, Miss=Cox, Rev. 1784 p. 552
Hogan, A., of Dublin=White, M., d. of Andrew, of Cork Sep. 1801 p. 575

Hogarty, John, aet, 20, of Ballymanduff, co. Dublin=Flood, Mrs., aet. 86, of same place 7 May 1778 p. 367

Holder, Wm. H. Moore, Hoddersfield, co. Cork=Clement, Harriet, 2nd d. of Henry Theophilus, n. to Lord Leitrim Aug. 1789 p. 447

No entries

Holmes, Thos.=Kingston, Miss, d. of Jas., Oysterhaven, co. Cork Feb. 1786 p. 111

Homan, William=Gibbons, Miss, d. o John, Charleville Mar. 1801 p. 192

Honan, Miss=Vallance, Lt. 1803 p. 255

Hone, Camillus, Summerhill=Conolly, Mrs. r. of rev. T., of York St., in same st. Oct. 1807 p. 639

Hooper, Rhd.=Egan, Miss d.of Barnaby, Waterford Dec. 1786 p. 672

Hoops, Miss=Rose, Henry 1775 p. 823
Hoops, Miss=Hackman[sic. Hickman], Edw., Shadwell 1802 p. 383

Horan, Miss=Sharp, R.A.F. 1783 p. 504
Horan, Miss=Bernard, B. 1805 p. 62
Horan, Tobias=Meredith, Miss, at Limerick Aug 1772 p. 456
Horan, Wm, Casteljane, co. Cork=Weeks, Esther, d. of rev. Preb. Edw., of Kilbritain Oct. 1793 p. 384

No entries

Hourigan, Lucinda=Hawkes, John 1805 p. 127

Howard, hon. Hugh, bro. Visct. Wicklow=Blyth, Miss, s. of Thomas, M.P. boro, Athboy, cousin to Earl Darnley, at Brittas Feb. 1793 p. 172
Howard, Luke=Malone, Ann, at Cork Feb. 1806 p. 125

Howe, Miss=Manning, Arch. 1772 p. 676
Howe, Miss=Cope, Geo. 1773 p. 736
Howe, Lady L.C.=Altamont, Earl of 1787 p. 336
Howe, Thomas=Hayes, Miss, d. of Rhd., of Gardiner's Place Jan. 1804 p. 62

Howley, Miss=O'Shea, Wm. 1801 p. 575
Howley, Helen=Ryan, Theobald ii 1796 p. 287
Howley, John=Roche, Miss, d. of Philip, at Limerick Aug. 1800 p. 127

Huby, Capt. John, of Selby=Martin, Miss, of Reednesa, in Marshland, Selby Dec. 1804 p. 763 [A few days after going on shore from his vessel Capt. Huby lost his life by plunging into the river to save the life of a fellow captain, Ellis, which he did.]

No entries

Hughes, Mrs.=White, John 1775 p. 502
Hughes, Miss=Tandy, Lieut. 1788 p. 560
Hughes, Miss=McDonnel, Miles ii 1792 p. 384
Hughes, Mr., Finsbury Sq.=Bish, Miss, Cornhill, in London Nov. 1807 p. 704
Hughes, Miss=Adamson, Jas. 1807 p. 763
Hughes, Mrs.=Fitzgerald, Edward 1808 p. 62
Hughes, Dudley Hussey, Black-rock=Watson, Helena, Bride St. Nov. 1807 p. 703
Hughes, Geo. Linen-hall St.=Norman, Miss, of Trinity St. Apr. 1802 p. 256
Hughes, Francis, Dame St.=McDermott, Miss, of Church St. Dec. 1804 p. 763
Hughes, John, of Abbey St.=Cahill, Catherine, of Circular St., Harold Cross may 1802 p. 319
Hughes, John=Collins, Miss, of Denzil St. May 1806
Hughes, John, aet. 85=Dolson, Anna, widow, aet. 82, at Ellesmore Sep. 1807 p. 575 [The bridegroom had been bellman of the place for 60 years. His best man was 78, the bridesmaid 75, making a total of 320 years]
Hughes, Paul=Hussey, Miss, Stephen St. May 1783 p. 280
Hughes, Miss Sydney=Coffee, Thos. 1802 p. 256
Hughes, Thos., co. Tipperary=Newenham, Dorothea, d. of Sir Edw. Dec. 1781 p. 672

Huleat, rev. John=Brady, Miss Feb. 1781 p. 112

Hume, Joseph, Hume Wood, co. Wicklow, bro. of M.P. for that co.=Smith, Miss, only d. of late rev. Chas., Croagh, co. Limerick, n. of Arthur Smyth, late Archbp. of Dublin July 1803 p. 447
Hume, Rbt., jr., Lisnover, co. Cavan=Keogh, Miss, d. of John, Springfield, co. Sligo Feb 1777 p. 72

Humphreys, Chas., Enniskillen=Chambers, Miss, Strahane May 1789 p. 280
Humphreys, John, Carlow=Hunt, Miss, at Kilkenny, Jan. 1772 p. 55

Hunt, Miss=Humphrey, John 1772 p. 55
Hunt, Miss=Frail John 1774 p. 493
Hunt, Lt., 4th Foot=Brown, Miss, Mount Brown, nr. Limerick June 1783 p. 336
Hunt, Mrs=Pack, Herbert ii 1790 p. 96
Hunt, Miss=Ross, Rbt ii 1791 p. 192
Hunt, Anne=Taylor, Rhd. 1801 p. 447
Hunt, Chris, Jerpoint=La Rive, Miss, d. of Henry, at Castlecomer, co. Kildare June 1780 p. 352
Hunt, Dorothea=Donnellan, Nehemiah 1807 p. 575
Hunt, H.H.=Boyse, Margt. 2nd d. of Sam., at Bannow, co. Wexford Aug. 1808 p. 511
Hunt, James, Henry St.=Seaton, Mary, Stafford St. May 1791 p. 480
Hunt, John Johnson=Bomford, Margt.Helen, d. of late Wm. Cshiastown, co. Meath, in South Cumberland St.
Hunt, Capt. John, Arklow=Jones, Miss, of said place Mar. 1796 p. 288
Hunt, rev. John, Kilsinnan=Hunt, Miss, d. of late Vere, of Cappagh, co. Limerick Nov 1796 p. 480
Hunt, Matt, aet. 21=Dawson, Miss, aet. 74, both of Cappagh, co. Tipperary Sep 1776 p. 720
Hunt, Rbt., Springmount=Aston, Miss, Naas Dec. 1779 p. 711
Hunt, Sir Vere, Bt., Curragh=Rice, Miss, Mount Trenchard, co. Limerick May 1807 p. 320
Hunt, Wm., of Friarstown=Urquhart, Miss, d. of late Capt., at Limerick July 1792 p. 96

Hunter, Nath.=Boyle, Miss, d. of Henry, Drumcovit, co. Derry Dec. 1786 p. 672

No entries

Hutchinson, Major=King, Miss, d. late rev. Dr. Feb. 1798 p. 191
Hutchinson, Col.=King, Miss, d. of late Dr., Glen. Nov. 1798 p. 815
Hutchinson, John, Kellsborough=Hayden, Miss, d. of Chas., Mullenbeg, co. Kilkenny Sep. 1796 p. 287
Hutchinson, Rhd., Swanocum, co. Antrim=Ford, Sarah, at Glebe Lodge, co. Down Nov.1790 p. 480

Hyland,C.=Flanagan, John 1809 p. 488

No entries


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