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Irish emigrants to Boston 1716



Irish Passenger Lists:

The Globe 1716;

Patience & Judith 1716,

Unnamed  ship

Ship Globe

from Ireland, June 5, 1716 arriving Boston, Massachussets

  • Charles O\'Hara, shoemaker
  • James Hines, shoemaker
  • John Ennis, currier
  • Elizabeth Doyle, cook
  • Patrick Fargison, mariner

The ships Patience and Judith

from London, June 30, 1716 arriving Boston, Mass

  • John Fitzgerald
  • Patrick Ogilvie
  • John Brandon

September 22, 1736

Captain John Carrell, ship from Ireland arriving Boston

  • George Lucas, wife and children
  • Honora Cinae, wife of Dinis Cinae
  • James and Peter Cinae, and their children
  • Elizabeth Lame
  • Sally Lamb
  • Betty Lamb
  • Nancy Lamb
  • Nellie Lamb
  • Beckie Lamb
  • Agnes Procter
  • Mary Burton
  • Thomas Howard
  • Dennie Kenny
  • William Steward

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