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Some PRONI papers

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Public Record Office for Northern Ireland


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Irish Civil Miscellaneous correspondence open to the public


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Irish Civil Miscellaneous correspondence

Collection of Wills

Prerogative Cause Papers

Printed in Prendergest's Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland

Ms. Matriculation Book of Trinity College Dubln

Irish Prerogative Grants - Prerogative Marriage Licenses

Groves Collection of Muster Rolls. List of Householders, etc. Pages 1694-3181.

Ball-Wright's Manuscripts

St. Peters and St. Kevins Dublin Register.

Index to Irish Prerogative Wills before 1810.

Patent Roll King Charles. II

17 Nov. 1922 Excerpt from Letter of Dr. Eleanor M. Hiestand-Moore.

Blair Family.

Tythe Applotment Books.

1642-1703 Registers of Derry Cathedral the Parish Church of Templemore

Donegal and Kilmacrenan Barony.

Extracts from the Proceedings of the Scotch-Irish Society of America.

Monuments at Cedar Hill Cemetery

Hartford, Conn., U.S.A.

Certified copy of Entry in the Baptismal Register for George Robert Bonar. Bonner, some spellings of the name.

References to Bonar Family.

1858-1900 Irish Wills and Admons. for Bonner family.

Bonner Pedigree.

Marriage licence Bonds for Derry.

1740 Protestant Householders.

1811-1855 Pre Wills.

Land Commission Records.

1630 Muster Roll for Donegal.

1645 Muster Roll for Donegal.

Co. Donegal Poll Book.

1642-1704 Derry Cathedral or Templemore Parish Register.

5 June 1932 Letter of Russell Allan.

O.S. Manuscripts  Donegall Co.

Registers of St. Anne's Dublin.

Marriage License Bonds.

Parochial Returns of St. Mary's Parish, Athlone.

Original Certificate of Court of Claims, Innocents Decrees Roll.

Exchequer Decrees.

Chancery Bills.

Assignments and Powers of Attorney.


Mahaffy's Calendar of State Papers.

MS. Calendar of Patent Rolls.

MS. Calendar of Fiants of Charles. I.

MS. Book of Survey and Distribution; Co. Wicklow. Printed p. 57 Rooke's Wicklow Parish.

1825 Printed Vol. 3 Reports Irish Record Commission. Abstracts of Decrees of Innocents under the Acts of Settlement.

1678 Community Roll for Trinity. Book of Survey and Distribution.

Exchequer Inquisition Co. Lough.

Registers of St. Peters and St. Kevins Parish, Dublin.

Hearth Money Rolls. Enniskillen Parish Register. Abstracts of Wills. Parish Registers of Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh.

Ball - Wright's MSS. Notes.

Pre Cause Papers.


Index to Irish Prerogative Grant Book. Custody Book - Dublin City.

Bail Book. Dublin City.

Exchequer Bill Books. Chancery Bill Books.

1719-1820 Exchequer Bill Books.


Chancery Bills.

Wills - Pre Wills.

Dublin Meetings


Original Irish Patent Roll.

Parochial Returns of St. Anne's Parish.

Bankruptcy Cause Papers

Prerogative Wills. Original Register of Marriages, Births and Deaths. MSS. Calendar of Petitions of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.

Wills proved in Raphoe Diocese, Co. Donegal, Derry Diocese, Down Diocese, Killaloe Diocese, Waterford and Lismore Diocese, Cork, Cloyne and Ross Diocese, and Connor Diocese.

1663 Subsidy Roll, Co. Down.

Chancery Decree.

Innocents Decrees Roll.

1700-1703 Claims lodged on lands forfeited in 1689.

Printed in Usher Memoirs.

Registers of St. Michan's Parish Dublin.

Printed Calendar of Patent Rolls.

Index to Fiants. Chas. I.

Printed Calendar of Fiants.

Evidence before the trustees of Lords forfeited 1689.

Original Memoranda Roll of the Exchequer.

Original Exchequer Inquisition Lodges MSS. Wardships alientatious.

Abstracts of Memorials.

1641-1670 Book of Survey and Distribution.

Printed Calendar of Patent Rolls James I.

Chancery Bills.

Wills and Pre Wills.

1660 Poll Tax Returns for Co. Mohaghan.

c.1630 "The Muster Roll of Ulster"

King's Bench Judgment Rolls.

1660-1684 King's Bench Judgment Books.

Common Pleas Judgment Books.

Mr. Archdall's Tenents on his Churchlands.

Lady Breweston's Churchlands.

Clogher Marriage License Bonds.

Irish Civil Miscellaneous Correspondence.

Pre Wills.

Mss. in Library of Trinity College Dublin.

Parliamentary Returns, Bundle 26

Records of the General Synod of Ulster.

Dublin Diocesan Cause Papers.

Chancery Bills.

1830 Erek's Ecclesiastical Register of Ireland.

1799 Army List.

Chancery Bills.

Pre Wills.

Tombstones in Enniskillen Churchyard.

Hearth Money Roll Co. Tyrone.

Register of Cloughecle Parish.

1665 Hearth Money Roll Co. Fermanagh.

Tombstones in Enniskillen Churchyard.

Officers Widows Accounts

1821 Census Co. Dublin.

1660-1670 Reports and Schedules under Acts of Settlement.

Registers of St. Michan's Dublin.

Registers of St. Peter's Dublin.

"Twopenny Book" for Baltimore District.

Trustees Decrees, Chancery Bills

Pre Wills.

1666-1667 Hearth Money Roll for Dublin city.

Clogher Diocese Collection.

Protestant Heads of Families in Co. Fermanagh.

Lodge MSS. Records of the Rolls.

Acts of Settlement.

Pre Wills.

Chancery Bills.

Dublin Grants.

Pre Cause Papers.

Chancery Bills.

1700-1703 Chichester House Claims.

Chancery Bills.

Exchequer Bills.

Dublin Directories.

1858 Calendar of Probates.

St. Bridget's Dublin, Marriages Register.

Parochial Returns of St. Mary's Parish Dublin.

Exchequer Bills.

Exchequer Bill Books.

1660-1710 Dublin Parish Registers.

Visitation of Ireland Vol. V.

Bourke Pedigree.

Index of places in Co. Armagh.

Pre Wills.

1740 Protestant Householders.

1829 Repertory of Chancery.

Inquisition for Ulster.

Reeves MSS. in T.C.D.

Parliamentary Returns.

Poll Tax; Co. Antrim.

Dates of Probate of Wills in Irish Prerogative Court.

1800 Dublin Directories.

Pre Wills.

Kings Bench Declaration Book.

Kings Bench Index Book.

1711-1722 Kings Bench Affidavits.

Record Tower Collection.

Hawkins and Boyle papers.

Abstracts of Will proved in Irish Prerogative Court.



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