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Inhabitants of Letterkenny

Agents for Lloyds--T. A. Ingram, Dunfanaghy; deputy, J. Johnston, Fannet
Auctioneers--John Robinson & Son, Ballyraine, Letterkenny; Wm. Speer, Geo. Kelso, and Patrick M\'Ginley, J.P., Breenagh
Banks--Belfast, J. E. Butler, manager; Ulster, John Simpson, manager; Hibernia, F. J. MacSherry, manager
Bakers--M. Doherty, Mrs. J. Gallagher, A. Ward, James Donnell
Boot and Shoe Makers--W. G. M\'Kinney, H. Callaghan, H. Sweeney, Robert Dobson, and Mrs. Samuel Craig
Boot and Shoe Shops--W. G. M\'Kinney, Magee Bros., George Lucas, Mrs. Corry, Robert Dobson, George Craig
Bicycle Shops--W. J. M\'Laughlin, John Colhoun
Billposter--John Cullion
Builders--J. Heron, Robert Kennedy, E. Brolly
Butchers--Charles Langan, J. Patterson, Henry Callaghan, J. Langan, J. Patterson, jun.; James M\'Monagle, and Bernard Langan
Butter and Egg Dealers--Buchanan Bros., T. Hayes, J. P. Spear, Mrs. Corry, W. M\'Cay, R. M\'Vicker & Co., Robert M\'Clure, Robert M\'Dowell & Co., Samuel Kennedy, and James Stewart
Cartmakers and Carpenters--B. Tonar, C. Harkin, J. Scott, J. Heron, R. Burney, John M\'Mahon
China and Glass Dealers--Miss Campbell, W. M\'Cay, Daniel M\'Devitt, J. Burns
Toys, Stationery, &c.--Miss M. Campbell, Miss K. M\'Carry, Mrs. M\'Intyre, M\'Kendry & O\'Callaghan
Coal Merchants--W. G. M\'Kinney, William M\'Cay, George Boal, Samuel Kennedy
Corn Merchants--Charles Killey and Andw. Crumlesh
Chemists and Druggists--W. T. Moore, Dr. T. Patterson, Miss Campbell, Dr. Walker, and R. Stewart
St. Eunan\'s College--Patron, Most Rev. Dr. O\'Donnell; president, Rev. E. Maguire, D.D.; vice-president, Rev. P. A. Doherty, D.Ph.; professors, Rev. M. Ward (senior dean), Rev. M. J. O\'Donnell (junior dean), Mr. J. Magone, B.A.; Mr. J. P. Craig, and Rev. P. D. M\'Caul
Clerk of the Union--Robert S. Walters
Coffee Houses--James Orr, Mrs. Mercer, and Miss Barnett
Collector of County Cess--Mrs. M. Ward and David Malseed
Collectors of Poor Rate and Income Tax--David Malseed and M. Ward
Commissioner for taking Affidavits for Superior Courts--Edward M\'Kinney; also Petty Sessions Clerk
Registrar of Marriages--Robert S. Watters
Constabulary-- Monsell, Esq., C.I.; John Shankey, Esq., D.I.
Dentist and Veterinary Surgeon--W. T. Moore
Dispensary and FeverHospital--Dr. Fenwick Carre
Doctors--Fenwick Carre, T. Patterson, and William Walker
Emigration Agents--John Storey, D. M\'Auley, E. Mahoney
Excise Officer--William Frederrick Walsh
Flax Merchants--John Fleming, R. Boal (Currahaleas), Robert M\'Daid
Fishery Office--Charles Flattery, clerk
Grocers--J. Donnell, P. Doherty, J. Gallagher, Robert M\'Connell, A. Ward, T. Sweeney, Miss Collins, James M\'Veigh, Wm. M\'Cay, J. Doherty, M. S. Ballintyne, R. Baird, Miss H. Anderson, David Rankin, C. Philson, Samuel Kennedy, James Harris, A. M\'Daid, John Carey, Mrs. Corry, M. M\'Monagle, J. Colhoun, J. P. Speer, D. M\'Auley, D. M\'Devitt, Miss Campbell, Robert James Kelly, Robert M\'Clure, Joseph Burns, John Gallagher, Samuel M\'Bride, and William M\'Kinney
Game Dealer--D. M\'Auley
Grocers and Seed Shops--W. M\'Cay, Mrs. J. Davis, Mrs. Corry, J. P. Speer, Robert M\'Connell, James Harris, Samuel Kennedy
Hairdressers--Fras. Gallagher, E. M\'Laughlin, George Sweeney
Hardware Dealers--W. M\'Cay, J. P. Speer, James Harris, Robert M\'Connell, Joseph Rankin, J. Burns
Hotelkeepers--Mrs. Robert M\'Clure, John J. Gallagher, The Farms Home Hotel; Mrs. M\'Carry, James Orr, E. M\'Ginty, John Gallagher, Temperance Hotel
Horseshoers--John Boyce, J. Coyle, J. Bonar
Insurance Agents--R. S. Watters, Edward M\'Fadden, John Storey, W. G. M\'Kinney, W. M\'Laughlin
Leathersellers--W. G. M\'Kinney, Miss Craig, Mrs. Corry
Magistrates--W. H. Boyd, General Stewart, Major Doyne, Lieutenant-Colonel Mansfield, D.L.; Charles M\'Veigh, George Beresford Butler, R.M.; J. M. C. Grove, M. M\'Fadden, S. Marshall, Dr. Carre, William Colhoun, J. S. Dewhurst, Patrick M\'Ginley, W. G. M\'Kinney, R. M\'Clure, Dr. E. E. Moore, Dr. James C. Martin, Thomas Mulherron, Dr. Thomas Patterson, Anthony Gallagher, Charles Dangan, M. O\'Callaghan, J. P. Speers
Milliners and Dressmakers--Miss Henderson, Miss Duffy, Miss Watt, Mrs. Schoales, Miss Ferguson, Mrs. M\'Lean, Misses M\'Connell, Mrs. M\'Intyre, and Miss Condy
Newsagents--Messrs, M\'Kinney & O\'Callaghan, stationers; Mr. Ballintyne, Miss Campbell, Messrs. H. Sweeney, J. P. Speer, Eason & Son, Ltd.
Painters and Glaziers--E. Coyle, J. Gallagher, J. M\'Manus & Sons, Andrew Boal
Petty Sessions Clerk--Edward M\'Kinney. Sessions held every second Thursday.
Posting Establishments--Mrs. R. M\'Clure W. M\'Monagle, P. Doherty, H. Kelly, T. Sweeney, M. Wilkinson, J. Roden, M. Doherty, J. Colhoun, B. Sweeney, P. M\'Grenaghan, and E. M\'Ginty
Printers and Stationers--M\'Kinney & O\'Callaghan, and T. M\'Connell & Co.
Publicans--M. M\'Kenna, P. Doherty, Hugh Kelly, M. Doherty, T. M\'Monagle, James M\'Veigh, M. Wilkinson, James Rodden, Thomas Mulherrin, Thomas Sweeney, B. M\'Elhare, J. Sweeney, Miss Callaghan, Annie M\'Carry, P. Carroll, M. M\'Monagle, D. M\'Devitt, Mrs. A. Gallagher, J. J. Carrigan, Jeremiah M\'Cool, and Patrick Trainor
Undertakers--W. G. M\'Kinney, J.P.; Matthew Wilkinson
Schools--First National, Presentation Brothers, teachers; Second National, James Quigg, with Mary Anne Quigg and Maria Fay, assistants. Female School, Nuns. R.C. Parochial Hall, teacher, T. M\'Dowell; assistant, Miss C. Connell. Infant School, Mrs. Murphy; Miss Ward, assistant
Royal and Life Association of Scotland--John Storey, agent
Saddlers--D. Kelly, M. O\'Connor & Co.
Servants\' Registry Office--Miss Henderson
Shirt Factories--M\'Intyre, Hogg, & Co. (Miss Kane, manageress); Hogg & Mitchell
Solicitors--William Kelly, Edward M\'Fadden, John Quigg
Stamp Office at Post Office
Summons Server--John Moore, Letterkenny
Supervisor--Alexander A. Allan
Tailors--W. H. Knipe and M. Patterson
Tailors and Outfitters--E. Mahony, A. J. Gailey, W. H. Knipe, and M. Patterson
Timber Dealers--W. M\'Cay, Robert M\'Connell, James Harris, J. P. Speer, Samuel Kennedy
Watchmakers--R. M\'Cullagh, & J. Rowan
Whitesmiths--D. Wallace, W. Colhoun, Samuel Fleming
Wine and spirit merchants--Thomas Mulherrin, W. M\'Cay and Thos. M\'Fadden
Woollendrapers--Miss Henderson, Andrew Gailey, Miss Ferguson, Miss Watt, Bartley Ramsey, E. Mahony, Magee Brothers



Armour, Andrew, Magherabuoy
Boal, David, Glencar
Boal, G. & R., Letterkenny and Curragh
Boyd, William H., D.L., Ballymacool
Colhoun, William, J.P., Ednacaran
Clyde, James, Grawkey
Ewing, William, Labbodish
Fleming, Henry, Windyhill
Gallagher, James, Sallaghagrane
Grove, J. M. C, J.P., Castlegrove
Hay, Robert, Trimra
Hunter, John, Barnhill
Kelso, George, Tullygay
Kincaird, William, Ballyboley
Lecky, J. Thompson, Labbodish
Marshall, Samuel, J.P., Sallybrook
Mansfield, Colonel, D.L., Castlewray
Montgomery, Alexander, Ray
M\'Clean, James A., Rosbracken
M\'Ilhinney, James, Drumnahough
M\'Fadden, Manus, J.P., Drumnahough
M\'Keown, M., Oldpark
Patterson, Robert, Drumoghill
Ramsay, Mrs. M., Ballyraine
Reid, John, Colbuoy
Stevenson, John R., Dromore
Thompson, Thomas, Corkey
Torrence, Miss, Culbuoy



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