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Laghy Graveyard headstone inscriptions




1866 - 2000

By Margaret Graham


Laghy church was built in 1836/7 as a Chapel of Ease for Drumholm Parish. Some years later it became a parish in its own right.

The graveyard more or less surrounds the church, with the exception of a tarmaced area giving access to the hall and carpark. The majority of the graves are at the front and sides. A new area to the right of the church was consecrated some years ago. There have been several new graves opened there recently.

The graveyard is not old as graveyards go; the earliest headstone dates from 1866. There was once a stable there, belonging to the coach house inn across the road.  The original gates and railings were very large and heavy;

The graves run on each side of the pathway to the church, all of the plots closest to the gates and front wall are now taken and plots close to the church and new area are now available to the parishioners. Sharleen Harron assisted me and we spent a very pleasant afternoon copying everything into a couple of notebooks.




In loving memory of Margaret Monteith. Died January 1940. And her daughter Margaret Jane Harron died November 1953.

Peace Perfect Peace.


In loving memory of William Smith. Died 17th November 1984.



In loving memory of Gerard J. Geurts. 20/04/1988



In loving memory of Sarah Catherine Hammond died 14th February 1982. Her Husband George died 12th July 1983.

“Till me meet again”



Andrew M Agnew 1881-1940.

Alexander Agnew BE 1878-1946.

Blessed are the pure in heart.

[They were parishioners of Donegal]




In loving memory of Gordon Morrow. Died 27th September 1978 age 20 years.

His sister Allison died 16th February 1999 age 24 years.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

[Gordon and Allison were the children of Willie John Morrow and Vivian Harron, Bridgetown.]




In loving memory of James Henry Harron died 19th of April 1981 age 89 years.

His wife Isabella died 19th December 1985 age 90.

The Lord is my shepherd.

[Isabella Harron nee Wray. James Henry son of James Harron Tullynaught and Kezia Mahon Screen.]



Black marble stone.

In loving memory of George Alexander Browne who died 19th of November 1963. Also his four infant children. His wife Florence who died 26th December 1986.

The day thou gavest, Lord is ended.

[George Browne was the son of Audley Browne and Margaret Young, Rathneeny, Laghy and Florence was the daughter of Robert Scott Copany and Margaret Wray, Arnygesson.]



In loving memory of Robert Bustard died 16th January 1941 aged 59 years. His wife Jenny died 15th September 1976 age 81 years. Their daughter Margaret Ann died 31st October 1940 aged 26 years.

Christ is Risen.



[Robert and Jenny are the parents of Sadie, wife of George McEllhinney, Arnygesson.]



A token of remembrance of William Currie. Faithful sexton of Laghy Parish for 36 years.

From the Parishioners.

And of his wife Fanny died 13/10/1983.

Well done thou good and faithful servant.

[Willie was sexton from 1936 to 1972. Fanny nee Robinson was the daughter of William Robinson, born Co Tyrone and his wife Martha nee Scott. Laghy.]



In loving memory of Hansen McClay died 15th June 1950.

David McClay died 23rd of February 1952.

Eva McClay died 17th August 1952.

Robert O. McClay died 9th July 1973 and his wife Mary J. died 25th May 1978.

Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord.

[Robert [Bob] McClay was born son of Andrew McClay and Margaret; his wife Mary Jane McEvitty was from Ballintra the sister of Robert McEvitty. David and Hansen were their sons and Eva was the first wife of David. They had three children. Oswald, Beryl and Margaret.]



No inscription yet.



Grey/black marble stone.

In loving memory of Marcus Martin Andrews.

Born 18th May 1884, died 7th August 1958

His Wife Mary Frances, born 21st December 1881 died 17th January 1956.

His daughter Olive Coleman. Born 21st January 1923, died 23 April 1938.

Doreen Maria, born 21st September 1919, died 24th December 1997.

Doreen [Dorrie] was also a daughter of above Marcus Andrews.



Gray marble stone.

In loving memory of Elizabeth White, died February 1937.

Safe in the Arms of Jesus.

Erected by her loving family.

Elizabeth White was formerly McClay daughter of Adam McClay and Euphemia Harron and first wife of Hugh White, Cully.



Brown marble stone.



In loving memory of Wilfred Stanley Hammond, Rathneeny.

Died 18th June 1959.

Also his infant son

George Stanley. Died 1st April 1937.

Also his wife Margaret.

Died 18th February 1994.

Safe in the Arms of Jesus.

Stone in the shape of an open book on the same grave.

In loving memory of Stanley W. Hammond.

Born 28th January 1942/

Died 30th July 1981.

If love could have saved you, you would never have died.

Always remembered by his wife Maureen and children, Mark Tracey, Alison and Stanley.

Stanley died as the result of an accident.



In loving memory of George Hammond, Rathneeny died 2nd November 1934 aged 74.

His wife Ellen died 15th January 1953aged 89 years.

Their son Albert died 18th February 1956 aged 55 years.

Parents and brother of Wilfred Stanley Hammond

Ellen Hammond nee Harron,



In loving memory of Audley Browne, Rathneeny.

Died 16th July 1934 age 83 years.

Also his wife Margaret died 17th June 1933 age 73.

Their son Robert Audley died 16th November 1971 age 76 years.

His wife Margaret J. G died 24th August 1981 age 87 years.

Their daughter Margaret Mary died 10th December 1980 aged 60 years.

Also their son George Audley died 21st February 1976 age 53 years.

“ Resting”

Margaret wife of Audley was formerly Young from Gortnessey and Castlederg.

Margaret JG was formerly Hemple from Coleraine.




In loving memory of Herbert J Walker died 5th January 1976

Open white marble open book.

“Forever with the Lord.”

Herbie’s mother was Graham



In loving memory of Alexander McClay Moyne died 24th May 1970 aged 85 years.

His wife Mary Jane died 11th July 1974 age 87 years.

Their son Alexander died 18th August 1998 age 72.

“Peace Perfect Peace”

Grey and silver marble stone.

Mary Jane McClay nee Dinsmore.



In loving memory of Arthur Adam McClay died 5th February 1925.

His wife Elizabeth died 10th June 1961 also their daughter Margaret Isabella McClay died

1st February 1936 and their daughter-in-law Edith Sarah died 13th March 1988. Her husband James McClay died 8th September 1989.

Edith Sarah McClay nee Elliott from Pettigo.



 Jim McCrea died 7th November 1978

Maud McCrea died 18th July 1994.

“Peace Perfect Peace”

Maud McCrea nee Warke.



 Robert Harron 1858-1922

His wife Ellen 1853- 1922.

Also their daughter Annabella Harron 1894-1948.

William Harron 1893-1932

His wife Margaret Jane. 1882-1954

Robert Harron 1896-1967

Ellen Harron 1897-1977

“Lo, I am with you always”



Erected in memory of Joseph Graham who died 29th April 1917 age 66 years.



In loving memory of Robert Wray 1889-1958

His daughter Ivy 1917-1919

His parents

John 1861-1931

Annie  1867-1929

His brother Joseph 1895-1941

His wife Sarah Adelaide nee Browne, born 12th October 1891 died 5th September 1966.

His son Herbert Douglas born 3rd May 1923 died 1st September 1989.

His son Gordon Aubrey born 13th March 1936 died 19th January 1993.

Annie Wray nee Graham [daughter of Robert and Sarah nee Graham Moyne].



In loving memory of Thomas Hammond who departed this life 11th March in the year of our Lord 1916 age 63 years. Also his daughter in law Emily Jane Hammond who departed this life 19th November in the year of our Lord 1918 aged 18.

Erected by his sorrowing wife and family.

“Not dead but sleeping.”



Erected in memory of Catherine G. Bustard died 8th October 1914 aged 48 years.

Robert Arthur Bustard aged 6 weeks and Margaret Bustard aged 6 years.



In loving memory of our dear mother Elizabeth Graham, Drumlask born 1881 died 1920

and our sister Hannah Bella born 1903 died 1912. And our grandmother Hannah Graham born 1834 died 1923.

Fanny Ann 1884-1957

George G   1874-1961

William James 1917-1993

Susan Edith 1918-1996

“Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord”



In loving memory of my father and mother, brothers and sisters.

From Lefa

Henry Wray and family.



In loving memory of Maggie A Bustard born 1859 died 1912

Robert Bustard                       1834-1917

Adam Bustard                                    01/09/1920 – 28/3/1921

William Arthur Bustard          15/06/1950 - 22/07/1954

William James Bustard           08/10/1879 – 22/09/1953

Mary Elizabeth Bustard          18/08/1891 – 08/07/1979



In loving memory of Robert John Scott died 6th May 1951 aged 69 years.

Mary Elizabeth Scott died 11th March 1968 aged 79 years.



In loving memory of William John Scott, died 16th January 1970 aged 74. Also his wife Bella Jane [Eily] Died 11th July 1994 aged 85 years.



In loving memory of Thomas Farrell died 17th April 1919 aged 29 years. Also Maria Alice beloved wife of Thomas Johnston Farrell died 5th May 1938 age 75. Also Thomas J. Farrell died 25th October 1939 aged 80 years.



In loving memory of Elizabeth Jane beloved wife of Adam McClay who departed this life 7th February 1906 age 72 years. Also Adam McClay died 18th July 1913 aged 77 years also James McClay who died 8th November 1935 aged 69 years. His wife Elizabeth who died 26th December 1931 aged 68 years.



William Colvin, Moyne died 14/2/1918 age 72 [1846]

Daughter Annie Scott died 23/3/1898 age 28 [1870] [Married Robert Scott, grandson Freddie Scott.]

His wife Margaret Colvin died 27th October 1920 age 80. [1840] [Daughter of Richard Graham and Ann Love.]





In loving memory of my dear wife Margaret E. Kee who departed this life 25th February 1946 aged 74 years. Also her father and mother, Sarah and Robert Graham and of James Kee husband of above M.E.Kee died 14th November 1952 age 82 years. Their daughter Mary Jane Myles died 25th February 1956 age 41 years. Also their daughter Susan died 25th May 1976 age 63, and their youngest son Jim died 8th June 1980 age 73.

Erected by James Kee.



In loving memory of James Harron, Moyne who departed this life on the 28th March 1909 aged 72 years. Catherine Harron who departed this life on the 4th November 1898 aged 50 years. Robert W. Harron who departed this life on 10th April 1911 aged 13 months. Robert N.H Harron who departed this life 23rd October 1909 age 2 months. Robert Harron died 22nd June 1958. His wife Margaret J died 23rd May 1959 also their son in law W. D. Scott died 29th June 1989.

“Thy will be done”



In loving memory of our father John Scott, Moyne who departed this life 4th May 1906 age 63 years. Also our dear mother Mary Ann Scott who departed this life 16th January 1906 aged 59 years and our dear brother William J. Scott who departed this life 26th January 1911 aged 36 years.

The Lord gave, the Lord had taken away, Blessed is the name of the Lord. Job 1-24



In loving memory of James Morrow died 28th November 1979 aged 89 years.

“The Lord is my Shepherd”





In loving memory of our dear father Andrew McClay, born 3rd April 1860 died 12th March 1925 also his wife Mary McClay 5th June 1948 aged 87 years.

”Rock of Ages, cleft for me, let me hide myself in Thee”

And our dear brother Adam aged 5 months and James aged four months’

Alexander Scott died August 1911 age 82 years. James McClay died 6th June 1963 age 65 years. Also his wife Emily died 4th September 1975 age 78 years.

Note. Mary McCLAY nee Scott and Emily McClay nee Farrell.


Flat stone.


Erected by Miss Maria Morrow to the memory of her beloved brother, Rev. James Morrow of Lavally, Tuam Co Galway and curate of Laghey who died regretted by all who know him on 29th July 1874 aged 40 years.

“We will meet him in the land where there is no death.”



In loving memory of William George McCrea, Ballybulgan died 26th April 1988, his wife Margaret Annabella died 13th February 1990.

“Peace Perfect Peace.”



In loving memory of John McCleery, Leghowney died 2nd February 1976 aged 74 years. His wife Margaret died 29th July 1980 aged 74 years.

From your loving daughter Jean and grandson, Robert.



In loving memory of James V. Collins died 16th April 1924 aged 67 years M.D also Margaret, his widow died 16th August 1932 aged 78 years.

Also Newton Henry Collins, their son killed in action in France 27th April 1916 age 27 years and of his daughter Gladys Harriet died 11th April 1977 aged 84 years.



In loving memory of Samuel Toppens Hazlett M.D of Flower Hill who fell asleep in Jesus 21/1/1888 age 67



In loving memory of Elizabeth Clarke, Bridgetown died 8th April 1957 aged 68 years. Her husband W. James died 4th April 1961 aged 76 years.

“Thy will be done”

Note. Elizabeth Clarke nee McClay of Gardrim.



Treasured memories of my husband Robert Ivan Bustard married 5th January 1985, died 18th January 1985 age 33 years. Erected by his wife, Dorothy.

Note. Ivan was the son of William and Iris Bustard Laghey. He was killed in a car accident going into Donegal,



Treasured memories of Harold, born 30th April 1971 whose tragic death on 30th July 1991 broke so many hearts.

“Gone from our homes, but not from our hearts”



With happy memories of Captain James Hamilton Brownhall 1913-1987.

“Those twinkling eyes gone forever”

In loving memory of Sheila Marion Hamilton 1917-1994.

“Her will to do good was immense”

Next to Field.



In loving memory of Victor Norman Mitchell Bridgetown who died 2nd November 1984 age 47 years.

“Peace Perfect Peace”



Edward George Goodwin 1880-1973

His wife Olivia Marion 1892-1975 and their son William Herbert 1927-1975

Arthur Edward Goodwin 1926 – 1994 son of Edward and Olivia.



In loving memory of Arabella Rose foster who departed this life October 6th 1906 aged 77 years. The beloved wife of Arthur H. Foster Esq. of Bell Isle and St Ernans daughter of John Hamilton of Brownhall and St Ernans.

Also sacred to the memory of Arthur Foster late of Bells Isle and St Ernans. Grand Master of Donegal Orange Lodge and DCM of Ireland. At rest 1st September 1907 in his 84th year.

“Until the dawns and the shadows flee away”


GRAHAM. The Mullins.

In loving memory of Archibald Graham died 13th February 1989 aged 75 years.



Moyne and Upper Moyne.

In loving memory of James Johnston died 3rd April 1931, his wife Elizabeth died 25th April 1931.

Their Sons.

John James died 1st March 1965

Charles died 2nd June 1966

Robert died 6th June 1969

“Whosoever liveth and believeth in me should never die”

Note. The three sons were triplets and their mother was Elizabeth Maxwell.



Sacred to the memory of Rev. John Hamilton and his beloved wife Margaret Victoria and two sons, James Cullen and Beaufoy Cairncross and grandson Vivian Manley.



Erected by Rev W.J Cochrane in memory of his beloved wife Mary Cochran who died 25/9/1902 age 65. Also the above Rector of this parish for 25 years



In loving memory of David McGrath, Grahamstown. Died 9th February 1961 aged 89 years. Also his wife Ellen Jane. Died 12th August 1965 aged 93 years.



In loving memory of Joseph McClay, Milton, Mass, USA. Died 1966 aged 90 years, also his parents Joseph McClay died 31st December 1923 aged 84 years. Margaret McClay died 18th March 918 aged 66 years.



In loving of memory of John, died 1952, his wife Jane, died 1958, Frederick died 1959, Samuel died 1955, his wife Catherine died 1965. Ernest S. died 1948.

Frances McMurray died 9th March 1982

Frederick Samuel McMurray died 18th March 1918.

Note. According to William McClay whose mother was Annie McMurray the grave is on the site of the McMurray house. The houses were demolished to make way for the graveyard.


In loving memory of Joseph Perry who died 24th September 1949. Erected by his sorrowing wife Catherine who died 20th July 1958

Thomas Henderson died 13th June 1982 and his wife Mary Isabella died 18th November 1987.

“Forever with the Lord”

Note. Thomas Henderson was from Edrim Glebe and Mary [Minnie] maiden name was Perry.



Sacred to the memory of the Reverend William Verner, died 12th October 1924 aged 81 years. And his wife Margaret Hamilton, died 22nd September 1920 aged 77. Also their daughters Kathleen and Florence who were drowned at Bundoran 11th August 1904 aged 27 years and 14 years.

Blessed are the pure in heart

For they shall see God.


Edith Elizabeth Bentley daughter of above Rev. William Verner, also her husband Rev. John Bentley, Canon of Ossery,

Note. Rev. Verner was Rector of Laghey Parish for some years. He also lost two sons in the First World War who are remembered in Castlederg.



 In loving memory of Charles Graham, Rossmore, died 2nd October 1919, his wife Hannah died 25th February 1946.

Also Charles Magee died 25th September 1960.

“Thy Will Be Done”

Maggie and Richard.

Note. Hannah was also Graham, daughter of David Graham and Jane Harron Tullyearl.



In loving memory of Canon N. E. Garston MA Rector of Drumholm and Rossnowlagh

Born 1893 – Died 1980

Also his friends Jonny Harron 1915 –1985 and his beloved wife Mabel Harron 1914 – 1998.

“Thy Will be Done.”



Erected by W. J. White in memory of his beloved mother Margaret who died 22nd November 1899 aged 63 years and his brother Robert who died 23rd May 1898 aged 30 years. Also the following Robert White and his family.



In loving memory of Richard Browne, Golard. Died 6th March 1941 aged 89 years.

Sam Browne died 25th September 1932 aged 73 years.

Jane Browne died 7th February 1903 aged 34 years. [First wife of Sam]

Mary Ann died Browne died 23rd October 1918 aged 38 years. [Nee Browne second wife of Sam]

William John Audley Browne died 6th March 1953 aged 43 years. [Son of Sam]

Hannah Browne died January 2000 aged 88 years. [Nee McMurray wife of William]

Samuel David John Browne died 8th October 1963 aged 24 years. [Son of William and Hannah, died in an accident in England]

Also infant son [stillborn] 1944


Lucinda Ellis. Died 23rd May 1876 age 22 [1854]

Father James Died 24th July 1898 age 86 [1812]

Jane Ellis. Died 12th December 1896 age 80 [1816]

William Ellis. Died 14th February 1879 age 26 [1853]



In memory of John Kee who died March 1893 and his wife Mary A. Kee who died September 1904. Also their son John Kee who died September 1894 and their daughters

Mary Ann died 2nd July 1950

Elizabeth died 4th December 1950

Margaret died 24th February 1953

Jane died 28th January 1963

Note. They were known as the Miss Kees and lived in the Main Street in Laghey in their later years. They were formerly Moyne.



In memory of Rachael Gregory wife of John Brown, Golard died 5th October 1895 aged 82 years. Also John Brown, husband who died 22nd April 1898 aged 75 years.

Note. John was from Ballydermott and moved down to Golard to Rachael’s home on marriage.



Erected by Jane A. Olphert. In loving memory of my dear brother Robert Ellis, who fell asleep in Jesus 1st February 1938. Also Sisters and Parents.

“Until the Day break and the Shadows flee Away”

[Robert worked in Drumlask creamery giving out shim milk and lived next to the creamery]



Treasured memories of William Kerrigan, Cully.

10th February 1905 aged 65 years.

His wife Hannah Died 19th December 1949 age 86 years

Their son James Died 27th April 1970 aged 87 years

His wife Rebecca Died 28th September 1961 aged 65 years.

And their great granddaughter Baby Emma Hamilton D. 26th March 1995.

“Peace Perfect Peace”

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”.



In loving Remembrance of Frances McClay who died 20th October 1935 aged 78 years also her son Andrew who died 5th May 1902 aged 3 years and her husband Andrew who died 1st March 1944 aged 88 years. And daughter Jennie who died 10th July 1975 aged 83 years.

Note. They lived next door to the Seven Arches Pub.




In loving memory of Joseph French Roberts of Rushbrook who departed this life 9th March 1901 aged 31 years, also his mother Elizabeth A. Roberts who departed this life on 10th January 1910 aged 77 years.

[Daughter of James Hamilton and Mary Thompson and widow of Stephen.]



In loving memory of Jack Robinson, Hilltop, Laghey died 14th November 1995 aged 86 years.

“Safe in the Arms of Jesus”

Note. Jack was born in Rathneeny Laghey.


In loving memory of Robert Scott, Copany, died 21st May 1914, [aged 47] his wife Margaret [aged 53] died 25th August 1931 also their two infant children.

“The day thou gavest, Lord is ended.”

Note Margaret was the daughter Wray daughter of Gilbert Wray and Eliza Monteith



Erected in loving memory of Lucy Millar who died 10th August 1887 aged 68 years also William Millar who died 14th February 1913 aged 70 years. Also Samuel Millar who died 9th July 1915 aged 75 years

“Peace Perfect Peace”

Note. Lucy Millar mother to William and Samuel? William’s son Francis married Margaret Love in Woburn. William’s wife was Susan Lynn.



In loving memory of Mervin Oswald Kee died 8th January 1954 aged 11 years. William Kee died 16th August 1973 aged 72 years. Annie Kee died 20th February 1979 aged 77 years. Mervin Harron died 17th July 1989 aged 86 years.



In loving memory of Elizabeth Mary daughter of Archibald McClay and Mary J McClay died 29th May 1900 age 13 months. Also Robert McClay brother of Archibald McClay died 21st November 1908 aged 31 years. Also their daughter Janet McClay died 21 November 1911 aged 16 years. Also Mary Jane McClay died 6th December 1925 aged 53 years.

Note. Mary Jane nee Graham was born in the Mullins. Her two children Archibald and Isabella aged 15 and 16 went to America in 1926 with Edith McClay daughter of Andrew and Margaret McClay Gardrim.



In loving memory of our dear father Robert Andrew Spence, the Mullins, died 28th June 1969 aged 49 years. Also his son Harry Thomas died 22nd March 1958 aged 9 weeks

“Safe in the Arms of Jesus.



In loving memory of Margaret McClay, Trummon died 29th May 1979.

“Peace Perfect Peace”



In loving memory of Rebecca Jane Kerrigan [nee Graham] died 30th March 1994 aged 69 years.

“Blessed are they which are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb”



Erected by Rebecca Robinson. In loving memory of our dear mother Martha Jane Robinson who died 28th July 1925 aged 57 years. Also our dear father William Robinson died 8th August aged 79 years.

“Asleep with Jesus”

Note. Martha Jane nee Scott.



In loving memory of Francis Graham died 13th March 1941 aged 74 years.

            “The Lord is my Shepherd”



In memory of Margaret Galbraith who died March 29th 1887 aged 42 years. Also her two children William and Noble. And her husband William Galbraith died 6th August 1922 aged 83 years. Also their son John Galbraith who died 19th June 1933.

Note John died in Preston England aged 60.



In memory of Mary Jane Brown who died August 13th 1887 aged 28.

“Thy will be done.”

Note. Mary Jane nee Gregory was the first wife of Audley Browne and her newborn baby may have been buried with her.



Erected by Robert Keatley in memory of his beloved wife Lizzy who departed this life May 30th 1911 aged 60 years also their son Edmond.

Note. Lizzy nee Gregory was sister of the above Mary Jane.



In loving memory of David Graham Ballydermott died 12th December 1952 aged 76 years, his wife Emma died 19th November 1961 aged 72 years. Also their daughter Alice Henrietta died 16th June 1925 aged 4 ½ years. Their son David Alexander died 20th October 1961 aged 35 years.

Note. Son of Patrick and Margaret nee Colvin, wife Emma nee Brown.



In loving memory of Roland Graham died 30th October 1980 aged 65 years.

“Gone but not forgotten.

Note. Son of Andrew and Sarah nee Harron. Married Edith McClay, second wife Lottie Thompson.



In memory of William Francis Graham, Lisminton, died 7th December 1986 aged 76 years.

“Safe in the Arms of Jesus”



Erected by Alexander Scott in loving memory of his father John Scott who died December 22nd 1905 and his beloved mother Isabella Scott who died June 12th 1908 aged 76 years.



Erected by Thomas McCollum in loving memory of his beloved wife Margaret Isabella who departed this life 21st January 1912 aged 44 years. Also the above named Thomas McCollum who died 13th April 1929 aged 63 years.

Note Isabella McCollum nee Johnston.



Erected in memory of Thomas Elliott Screen died 2nd April 1931 aged 93 years. Also his daughter Bell aged 21 years and his son James aged 8 years. His wife Fanny Elliott died 20th December 1942 aged 95 years. Katherine Elliot died December 1957 aged 76 years. Thomas Elliott died December 1957 aged 74 years. Robert Elliott died December 1950 aged 83 years. Jim Elliott died 6th February 1952 aged 72 years.



In loving memory of William Elliott Screen died 25th May 1972 aged 84 years. His wife Greta died 19th November 1995 aged 94 years.

“Safe in the Arms of Jesus”



Elected by John and Hazlett Collins in loving memory of our dear father, Mother and Brother. Also our uncle William.



In loving memory or William Anthony died 29th March 1982 aged 66 years and his infant daughter,

“The day thou gavest, Lord is ended”

[Son of Anthony Barnett and Mary Ellen Colvin]



In loving memory of Rev. Canon James Irwin Lee. 1868 –1969 and Emily Margaret his wife 1893- 1982.



In loving memory of Sarah Ann [Annie] a dearly loved mother and grandmother died 6th April 1985 aged 79 years. Her daughter Lottie Ann died 28th July 1993 aged 63 years.

“The day thou gavest, Lord is ended”



In loving memory of Catherine Moore who passed away 5-5-1985

‘ Not gone from memory for from love, but to her fathers home above’

Erected by her husband and family



William Milton McGrath, Lacklum 1919-1984.


[In memory of James Graham 1770?]





In memory of Margaret Jane died 10th September 1970 aged 52 years.

“Peace Perfect Peace”

Note. Wife nee Graham of Bobby Thompson Carrick.


McCLAY. Carrick West.

In loving memory of James McClay died 12th June 1944 aged 69 years. Also his dear wife Annie Mcclay died 29th May 1955 aged 76 years and their loving daughter Ettie Hannah Elizabeth died 24th April 1943 aged 31 years.

Nore.Annie McClay nee McMurray.




In memory of John Galbraith died June 5th 1874 aged 75 years. Noble Galbraith died April 9th 1991 aged 67 years. Catherine Galbraith died December 5th 1894. Susan Galbraith died November 8th 1895 aged 100 years. Also her daughter Susan who died 16th March 1928 aged 92 years.



In memory of James Beatty late of Dublin died May 7th 1888 aged 71 years.


MAGEE. Rossyvollen

Erected in memory of Sarah Jane Magee who departed this life February 25th 1879 aged 65 years. John McIntyre who departed this life 10th March 1950 aged 89 years.


HARRON. Rathneeny.

Erected by Sarah Ann Harron in memory of her father Robert Farrell Rathneeny who died 9th March 1886 also her mother Ellen Farrell who died 18th March 1886 and her brother James who died 16th September 1895 and her sister Ellen Jane who died 25th May 1905.



James Johnston of Copany who died 1st June 1902 aged 80 years. Also his wife Jane Watson Johnston who died 6th March 1903 age 73 years.



In loving memory of Frank Graham husband of Margaret Graham who passed away at Copany October 25th 1919 aged 72 years.

“Safe in the arms of Jesus”



In loving memory of William Alexander Elliott died 18th July 1982 aged 70 years. His wife Elizabeth Ann died 5th August 1985 aged 64 years.


WHYTE. Cully.

Erected by William Whyte, Cully. In loving memory of his father Hugh Whyte died 9th March 1919 aged 102. Also his mother Margaret Whyte died 16th January 1896 aged 59 years and his brother James Whyte died 6th October 1892 aged 27 years. Also the above William Whyte died 14th October 1941 aged 70 years. Samuel Whyte died 18th October 1936 aged 84 years. Bella Mary Whyte died November 30th 1944 aged 32 years. Rebecca Whyte died April 1955 aged 78 years. In loving memory of George White Cully died 6th February 1997 age 86 years.





Katherine C. Bustard Died 8th October 1914 aged 40 [1874]

Robert Arthur Bustard Died at 6 weeks.

Margaret Bustard Died at age 6.




GRAHAM. Waterside.

Son of Andrew Graham.

Andrew Graham Father died 29th November 1891 age 79 [1812]

Sarah [Mother] [nee Lyttle] Died 19th November 1904 age 87 [1817]

John [Brother] Died 11th November 1908 aged 50 [1858]

Joseph [Brother] Died 2nd January 1911 aged 50 [1861]

*Margaret [Sister] Died 19th February 1912 aged 68 [1844]

S. H. Graham [Wife of above Joseph] Died 8th February 1919 age 69 [1850]

Rev. Andrew Graham [Brother] Died 24th August 1923 aged 72 [1851]

Mary Graham [Sister] Died 7th December 1936 aged 81 [1855]

*[Mother to Margaret Graham who married Kerr]



*Andrew Scott. Died 31st December 1952 age 67 [1885]

Wife Catherine. Died 26th April 1976 age 90 [1886] nee Pearson

Brother Edward. Died 5th July 1052 age 71 [1881]

Son William George 14th November 1946 age 25 [1921]

*Son of William Scott and Margaret Lynn.



Charles Irving Johnston. Died 23rd December 1934

Elizabeth Adelaide Died 6th June 1950 [Nee Stewart]

Their grandparents Charles Joseph Johnston died 5th February 1889

Emily Charlotte Johnston died 6th December 1909.

Uncle William Edward Gore Johnston. Died 20th March 1954.

Aunt Emily Mary E. Johnston Died 4th November 1973 age 85

Eldest brother Charles Stewart Johnston died 15th February 1975. [Married Cissie Wray]



Joseph Graham. Died 29th April 1917 age 66 [Big Stone]



In memory of Oswald Stewart. Died 22nd March 1875 age 70 [1805] Son of Joseph.



Erected in loving memory of Charles Stewart. Died 14th October 1888 age I year and 18 months.

Fanny Stewart. Died 19th October 1889 age 2 months.

[Parents] Adam Stewart Died 20th November 1924 age 72 [1852]

Belle Stewart. Died 30th October 1930 age 76 [1854] Nee Gregory.

“Of such is the Kingdom of God”



Erected by Andrew Stewart in memory of his beloved mother Mary Stewart who departed this life 9th June 1888 age 75 [1815] Nee McClay?]





Jane Stewart. Died 24th February 1872 age 24. Her niece Jane Stewart. Died 28th April 1876 age 2 years and 8 months. [Daughter of Andrew Stewart and Bella Gregory]



Erected to the memory John Stewart who departed this life 12th April 1870 age 22.

Also his nephew Joseph H Stewart. Died 17th April 1876 age 1 year.



In memory of Margaret McClay who died 7th March 1940, her sister Mary A McClay died February 1902, and Lizzie McClay died May 1915.



In memory of James McClay 1846-1914, his wife Isabella McClay 1857-1892, their son Adam McClay 1887-1887,

“I am the Resurrection and the life, behold in me though he were dead yet shall he live” John 11-25

Erected by Elizabeth Sarah J McClay.

[This stone was broken]


ELLIS. Golard.

Erected by James Ellis in memory of his daughter Lucinda Ellis who died May 23rd 1876 aged 22 years. James Ellis died July 24th 1898 aged 86 years. Jane Ellis died December 12th 1886 aged 80. William Ellis died February 14th 1879 aged 26 years.


HAMMOND. BRIDGETOWN. [Next the steps]

In loving memory of Rev. James Francis Hammond, Bridgetown and Dublin died 12th March 1997. His father John Hammond died 20th April 1949, laid to rest in Drumholm cemetery. His mother Edith Rebecca died 5th May 1983. His stepfather W. J. Harron died 25th October 1974. His half-brother Mervyn Harron died 27th July 1993.

“Rest in Peace”



To the memory of William Wilson. Incumbent of Laghey for 9 years who departed this life 7th October 1875 aged 48 years.



In memory of William Brown who died 6th March 1904 aged 62 years also his wife Mary Ann Brown who died August 3rd 1921 aged 83 years.

Note, Mary Ann Brown nee Farrell



In loving memory of Richard Holmes died 2nd January 1891, his son John Holmes died 8th September 1900 aged 53. His sister Ellen Holmes died 24th September 1917 aged 74.

[Sister Rebecca Holmes died and buried in Woburn 1853 – 17/3/1891 daughter of Richard and Mary Holmes.]


Erected in loving memory of Adam McLay, who died 5TH May 1918 age 74 years. Also his beloved wife Margaret Jane who died 7th March 1893 age 49 years.

Also his second wife Euphemia who died 9th June 1936 age 70 years. Also their son in law Robert Kee who died 7th May 1979 age 80 years and their beloved daughter Edith Kee 10th December 1995 age 94 years.

“Home to Jesus, home to glory where their troubles are all over”

Erected by Mrs McLay and Family.



In loving memory of Sarah McClay who died 9th June 1902 age 48 years, also her husband Thomas who died 20th July 1912 age 65 years. Their daughter in law Lizzie Mary wife of Adam McClay died 1st August 1921 age 36. Also their son Samuel Henry died 9th September 1921 age 37 years. And their granddaughter Mary Elizabeth daughter of Adam and Christina McClay died 6th February 1942 age 10. Also their son Adam died 25th February 1945 age 59 years. Also their daughter Mary Elizabeth [Minnie] died 13th May 1939 age 66 years. Also their daughter Maggie Jane [Peggy] died 1st January 1953 aged 61 years. Also their son Robert Edward [Bobby] died 19th April 1960 aged 62 years.



In loving memory of James Leeland [Nin] a beloved Husband and father, born 22nd July 1931 died September 14th 1983.

Note. Son of Thomas and Ettie Graham, The Mullins.




In memory of Alexander Thompson born 1869 died 1924.



Erected by Alexander Thompson in memory of his beloved aunt who died 10th November 1889 aged 64 years.



James A Wright born 1st March 1809 died 21st March 1885. Faith Wright born 16th November 1915 died 23rd June 1887.

Note. Aunt to Margaret Crawford who married Adam McClay.






















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