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Catholic Qualification Rolls

From 1778 Catholics were allowed to apply for leases of land provided they took an oath of allegience.These names were recorded in what were termed Qualification Rolls.

Catholic Qualification Rolls  1778-1790 Donegal

   Names of residents in the county of Donegal as they
   appear in the index to the Catholic Qualification Rolls.
   [as printed by the Journal of the County Donegal
    Historical Society]

   James Boyle, farmer, Ballyshannon 31-3-1779
   Phelim Boyle, cordwinder, Ballyshannon, 17-3-1780
   Thomas Boyle, carpenter, Ballyshannon, 14-4-1781
   William Breslin, farmer, Mockbrack, 31-3-1779
   Andrew Brison, shoemaker, Raphoe, 31-10-1783
   John Brodly, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   Hugh Carlan, yearn merchant, Lifford, 31-3-1779
   Owen Cassidy, farmer, Bondrows, 5-4-1779, AT Asizes, Carrick, Co. Leitrim
   Charles Collin, farmer, Maugheraboy, 31-3-1779
   William Cullen, farmer, Maughboy, 31-3-1779
   Edward Daily, glazier, Ballyshannon, 13-4-1786
   Anthony Davett, grazier, Larnalarkin, 31-3-1779
   Dominick Davett, grazier, Meenaroy, 31-3-1779
   Gilbert Davett, farmer, Mentigranah, 26-8-1782
   John Davett, farmer, Meeneroy, 26-8-1782
   James Degermond, mason, Doughpallagnin, 15-4-1784
   Cormack Dolan, mason, Ballyshannon, 13-4-1786
   James Dougherty, farmer, Cashill, 26-8-1782
   James Dougherty, smith, Ballyshannon, 26-3-1785
   Michael Dougherty, farmer, Muff, 5-8-1779
   Neal Dougherty, farmer, Ruskey, 31-3-1779
   Richard Dougherty, farmer, Ardanee, 31-3-1779
   Edmond Fenner, gentlemean, Aghry, 5-4-1779, At Assizes, Carrick, Co. Leitrim
   Patrick Flanagan, schoolmaster, Ballyshannon, 26-3-1785
   Charles Gallagher, farmer, Citten, 31-3-1779
   Charles Gallagher, farmer, Letterkenny, 26-8-1782
   Denis Gallagher, farmer, Brecnagh, 23-8-1784
   Francis Gallagher, merchant, Rosguill, 31-3-1779
   John Gallagher, farmer, Drimnasallaugh, 26-8-1782
   James Gaullaugher, farmer, Killycreen, 15-4-1784
   Daniel Garven, farmer, Ballyshannon, 27-3-1780
   Fardey Garvey, farmer, Glann, 31-3-1779
   James Gillian, farmer, Aughlayard, 31-3-1779
   Hugh Gillon, farmer, Aughyard, 15-4-1784
   Hugh Gillon, farmer, Knockbrack, 15-4-1784
   James Gillon, farmer, Aughyard, 15-4-1784
   Neal Gocoins, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   Patrick Green, publican, Rathmelon, 23-8-1784
   John Gorman, mason, Drimnagreagh, 26-3-1785
   Charles Haughy, innkeeper, Letterkenny, 31-3-1779
   John Hughes, the younger, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   John Hughes, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   Edward Kelly, shopkeeper, Ballyshannon, 14-4-1781
   Edward Kelly, farmer, Killpheke, 15-4-1784
   Michael Kelly, falx dresser, Trakeen, 23-8-1784
   Neale Kelly, farmer, Killpheke, 15-4-1784
   Francis Kerigan, shoemaker, Ballyshannon, 5-4-1779, At Assizes, Carrick, Co. Leitrim
   Morris Kerrigan, farmer (Curromongan), Carrickomangan, 10-9-1785
   Joseph Lyster, carpenter, Ballyshannon, 26-3-1785
   Shane McAbrehan, farmer, Grovehall, 15-4-1784
   Edmond McBride, mason, doe, 23-8-1784
   Charles McCabe, mason, Ballyshannon, 9-3-1780
   Owen McCafferty, merchant, Ruskey, 31-3-1779
   John McDavett, farmer, Curraghalone, 31-3-1779
   Patrick McGinlay, tailor, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   John McIntire, farmer, Ballyshannon, 14-4-1781
   Darby McLaughlin, farmer, Curragharne, 18-8-1782, At Assizes, Londonderry
   Patrick McLaughlin, farmer, Inishonehead, 15-9-1785, At Assizes, Londoderry
   Hugh McLoon, merchant, Letterelly, 31-3-1779  
   Daniel McNulty, blacksmith, Remlgahannon, 25-3-1782
   John Mooney, merchant, Ballyshannon, 27-3-1780
   Matthew Mulheron, mason, Drimnagreagh, 26-3-1785
   John Mulloy, farmer, Bareaugh, 31-3-1779
   Eugene O'Callaghan, Greencastle, --8-1782, At Assizes, Londonderry
   Cormac O'Cannan, farmer, Duagh, 31-3-1779
   John O'Cannan, merchant, Ballywhorisky, 31-3-1779
   Hugh O'Cannan, farmer, Duagh, 31-3-1779
   Charles O'Donnell, Popish priest, Cloncah, 15-9-1785, At Assizes, Londonderry
   Con O'Donnell, Russvill, --8-1782, At Assizes, Londonderry
   Bryan O'Loage, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   Michael O'Shean, merchant, Imlagh, 31-3-1779
   Phelemy Quinn, farmer, Golan, 13-4-1786
   John Rogers, farmer, Lettermacdward, --4-1783
   Patrick Sheals, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   William Sheil, farmer, Killetter, 10-9-1785
   Patrick Sheskran, drover, Glanscoly, 31-3-1779


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