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Survey of Lifford



Public Record Office for Northern Ireland


Ref D1939/2/14


Survey by Samuel McCrea and his sons William and Cunningham McCrea




Survey by Samuel McCrea and his sons William and Cunningham McCrea under their fathers inspection A.D. 1768 and 1769. 1 Vol. 80p. Abraham, Lord Baron Erne. Note that this survey is returned in Scotch measure. 4,915 a. 0r 19p. Scotch measure. Lifford, Lifford Parks, Wood Island, The Roachan, Lifford Bog, Drimboy Parks, Lifford Common, Clamper Lane, Cunneyburrow, Carricknaslate, Curroghalane Upper Division, Curroghalane Lower Division, Legnaneal North East Division, Legnaneal North West Division, Portanure, The Haa, Anciany, Lower Division, Gortnagoul East Division, Gortnagoul North East Division, Shannon Propper, Toanerghee North Division, Toanerghee South Division, Tobberoneal, Galdonagh, Drimnaha, Mill Sessagh, Birds Town, Ballanabreen, Murlagh, the tenements and gardens of Bealandraight, Cavanacorr, Tauney-Wood, Guys Town, Shercloon, Big Gorteen West Division, Big Gorteen East Division, \\\\\\\"part of ditto held in common\\\\\\\", Little Gorteen South West Division, Little Gorteen North East Division, Moniene South Division, Moniene Middle Division, Moniene North Division, Mallanavigh South West Division, Mallanavigh Middle Division, Mallanavigh North East Division, Mallanagung, Cavan, Glencosh South Division, Glencosh North Division, Drimleen South West Division, Drimleen North West Middle Division, Drimleen North East Middle Division, Teeroneal.

N.B. On pt. 13, 34, 36, 38, 50, 52 and 53 there are endorsements, giving details of areas in previous survey by \\\\\\\"Mr Starrat\\\\\\\"; this survey was also in Scotch measure. (Starrat was working in West Ulster c.1730.)

A Survey of the Right Honourable Abraham Lord Baron Erne of Crum Castles Estate in the County of Donegal by Samuel McCrea and his sons William and Cunningham McCrea under their fathers inspection A.D. 1768 and 1769

NOTE that this survey is returned in Scotch measure.

The Tenements and Gardens of Lifford

1 William McIlwees Tenement 13 perches.

2 John Fergusons 9 perches.

3 Mr Cowan\'s 18 perches.

4 Widow Millers 17 perches.

5 Mr Montgomerys 16 perches.

6 Mr Vaughans 18 perches.

7 Mrs Johnstons 18 perches.

8 Mr James Nisbitts 20 perches.

9 The Session House & Garden 1 acres, 4 perches.

10 Widow Davenport\\\\\\\'s 1 rood.

11 The Castle Garden 2 acres, 38 perches.

12 The Big Orchard 3 acres, two rood, 5 perches.

A House sted\\belonging to The Big Orchard 5 perches.

13 Mr Cowan\'s 30 perches.

14 Mr George Nisbitts 3 roods, 20 perches.

15 Churchyard 1 rood, 6 perches.

16 Mr James Nisbitts 1 rood, 10 perches.

17 Mr Vaughans 1 rood, 17 perches.

18 Mr Burgoynes Orchard 1 acre, 2 roods, 6 perches.

19 County House 14 perches.

20 School Houses and Yards 15 perches.

21 Archibald McCrea 1 rood, 6 perches.

22 John Armstrong 26 perches.

23 George Keys 24 perches.

24 David Jenkins 10 perches.

25 Gustavus Tompson 8 perches.

26 Widow Hughes or Abraham Holliday 20 perches.

27 John Davis 16 perches.

28 Whittons or Mr Cowans 3 roods, 4 perches.

29 David Jenkins 37 perches.

30 Widow Carrol 2 perches.

31 Mr Cowan 37 perches.

32 William McIlwee 18 perches.

33 William Kimmons 18 perches.

34 Widow Carrigan36 perches.

35 John Ferguson18 perches.

36 Widow Armstrong 37 perches.

37 Mr Cowan 19 perches.

38 John Davis 18 perches.

39 James Tompson Tenement and Garden 28 perches.

(a) An house belonging to Widow Carigan 4 perches.

(b) An house belonging to William Kimmons 3 perches.

40 Joseph Smyth 30 perches.

41 Part of Stretches Tenement held by Widow McMenimin 23 perches.

42 Part of Stretches held by Charles Gallaher 30 perches.

43 Part of the Old Pound 33 perches.

44 Old Pound 1 rood, 37 perches.

45 Bailiffs house n Tenement 1 rood, 10 perches.

46 Thorlton Tenement 1 rood, 35 perches.

47 Edward Finney 1 rood, 20 perches.

48 McConaghy 1 rood, 10 perches.

49 Robert
Mease ? Tease 
Tenement 16 perches.

50 Widow Hughes or Burtons

C Tenement 1 rood, 26 perches.

51  Widow Miller 35 perches.

52 G Anderson Little Park 1 acre, 2 roods, 8 perches.

53 Mr Nisbitt 34 perches.

54 James Sharkey 21 perches.

55 Widow Davenport 1 rood, 21 perches.

56 James Haughey 15 perches.

57 A waste tenement 13 perches.

58 Widow Davenports 13 perches.

59 Widow Armstrongs 13 perches.

60  Jackson Tenement 10 perches.

61 John Caldwell 1 rood, 20 perches.

Content 19 acres, 2 roods, 39 perches.

NOTE that L signifies Leasehold and F Freehold.

1 The Town land held by Mr George Nisbitt 12 acres, 10 perches.

Barrack and yard 2 roods, 33 perches.

25 Samuel McCrea Park (back land) 6 acres, 3 roods, 24 perches.

26 Part of new Bog Park 5 acres, 2 roods, 30 perches.

The Green Brae 3 acres, 5 perches.

Drumboy Townland Good arable and meadow 76 acres, 1 rood, 10 perches.

Coarser arable and good green pasture Bog 6 acres, 2 roods

23 acres

The first distinction is good dry kindly ground; most of the second distinction has been ploughed, lies along the rivers edge and is kindly good feeding; the bog is almost cut out. And the Parks are in general good dry kindly ground.

Lifford Common

Improvable moor and misky 30 acres, 3 roods.

Barren rocky pasture 9 acres, 3 roods, 24 perches

Clamper Lane

Cunney Burrow


Curroghalane  there are about 6½ acres of this wet arable and improvable shrubby pasture; the rest is all good arable and meadow.


Glensmoyle . the moor is almost barren by being much stripped.

Shannon Propper best arable 112 acres, 2 roods, 16 perches.

Coarser arable and green pasture 14 acres, 2 roods.

Improvable green and boggy pasture 20 acres, 2 roods.

The first distinction is very good land, the second is mostly wet and springy but capable of great improvement and the bog which is mostly cut out will in a short time become good meadow.

Mill Sessagh 18 tenements.

Murlagh VII William McGonnagle

Best arable 3 acres, 2 roods.

Coarser arable and pasture 7 acres, 2 roods, 14 perches.

Stripped moor held in common 3 roods, 24 perches.

The first distinction is kindly to lie so high; the second is mostly wet and springy; the moor is nearly barren affording nothing but a sort of sods which they burn for lack of turf.

Tenements and Gardens of Bealandraight.{Ballindrait}

Moniene the arable is dry kindly ground but shallow in some places; about two thirds of the moor may become pretty good land; the rest is very bare and almost stripped: about two and an half acres of the third distinction is curragh and thought unprofitable but by draining and limeing may be much improved.

Whole content of this estate is scotch measure 4,915 acres 0 roods 19 perches.

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