Ulster AncestryUlster Ancestry

Donegal Hearth Money Rolls

Year 1663

A RETURN of the several HEARTHS fireing places and stoves within the county aforesaid by virtue of an Act of Parliament for establishing an additional revenue upon his Majesty his heirs and successors for ever for the better support of his and their honour and dignity to us and others his Majestys Justices of the Peace in the said County directed. Barony of Eneshowen [Inishowen]

Moville Parish {Upper and Lower}

James mcCallin of Ballivene Cormick mcCalley Owen mcGallogh  Donnagh mcCrean of Lockamy Owen mcKean  Neal mcKean Manus OKyffer Nichol oGallogher of Crewmanagh Shan oGallogher Connor oDevany Owen mcKerran of Kerranbeg Patrick mcKeany Donnagh mcPheally  Donell oige mcLaughlin of Massoglin Owen oGilloune Tegg oLaverty Bryan mcLaughlin of Meinletter Meale Shan mcGilneece  

Shan mColgan of Glennagivenny Rory oge oDogherty  Thomas Barrett  Torloagh mcLaughlin Neece oMulluog Shan oBarrett Owen Murry oChannon Cormack oKelly Bryan Mreesan of Shrowe Torlagh Mreesan Neale Mreesan Hugh Diermond Shan Diermond Donnell Diermond Connor Bane mcDavet Hugh boy Dougherty of Carrowtrastan John Dougherty of Crehew Donell Dougherty Shan mcLaughlin Edmund mcLaughlin Connor Dougherty of Balliaghan Aveny oBrillaghan Manus oRoddan Phelomy ban mcCoriston Owen oige oDiermond William oDougherty Art oDougherty Mr Henry Newton of Greencastle

Connor mcKeany Widow Cherry Edmund oDermond of BallymaCarter Patrick oDermond James oRoddan James oDougherty Owen mcConafie Hugh Brown of Drumaweir Donell oMulluog Tomlyn oMulluog William Dougherty Emund more mcGuffer Neale Toner Owen mcLaughlin Shane boy Mulloy Redmond Dougherty of Carngarrow Connor oDougherty Hugh oige Dougherty John Porter Bryan Quigley Archibald Stewart of Ballinally John mcNitt Neale mcPhealy Shan Gallogher Mr Robert Young of Callodow 2 Torlogh Quigley Donnagh oGillowne Torlagh oHoone Neale oBegley Phelemy oDougherty Donell oBegley Torlogh oDermond of Bredaglen Bryan oDermond Bryan oMulloghery Dermund oMulloghery Owen mcWaugha Owen mcGilwee Neece mcGilchone Owen mcWaugha of Teriowen William mcGowan Roory mcPhealy Sollory mcColgan Owen oige Barr Fardorragh mcColgan John Thompson of Carronaph Robert Thompson William Aitken John Thompson, junior Connor mcLaughlin oige of Culley Neale oConnogher Henry Murdock Roory Hagerty Phelemy Dougherty Owen Henry Laughlin oDeiwat Donell mBoyle Morice Hagerty Gorry Hagerty MulmurryHagerty Owen oCarell Dermond oHenan

Francis Trape[Thorp] of Bellgrittan{Ballyratten} Francis Smith John Gwiffein Robert Wilson Donnogh mcIlneece Phelemy mcIlneece of Clare Manus mcLaughlin Donnogh boy mcLaughlin Thomas Herat{Hart} Neale mcIlneece Allen Brownley of Tolnewein Manus mcGowan Donell oKerrullan Phelemy oKerrullan Patrick oSkey

George Cary of Glencrow Esq 10 hearths 

Murtagh mcIlbreed Murtagh Morison James Aldoorne Andrew Hemphill Hugh Blackwood Alexander Redd Bryan oKerullan{Carlin} John Hunter Patrick Hunter William Thompson John Young Shan oCahan {Kane}

John Warke of Balliarchus [Ballyargus] Robert Worke David Worke Cahell mcColgan Edmund mcKean Torlagh mcPoll Neale mcLaughlin Roory Quigley John Aldcorne Dermund Dougherty John Richey, elder of Drung William Giffen William Fulton John Richey, younger Hugh oKearny Rory oHanellan Torlagh mcBoyle Neale mcLaughlin Dermund mcLaughlin James Temple of Ruskey Robert Gillespick George Aldoorne Shan oHenan William Hunter of Crehenan John Hunter John Browne James mcIlvenny John Gillespick Edmund Lafferty Robert Browne of Cabry Andrew Browne Thomas Wallace John Steale John Temple Andrew Browne Thomas Brumall of Carrowkeale Thomas Brumall, younger Bryan oMulloy Neale mcLaughlyn Edmund mcDavid{McDivitt} Connor mcGilneece Edmund mcNagahy Bryan Hagerty Rory oQuigly of Trumatty

Avney Quigley  Shan mcIlneece  Neale oige mcLaughlyn  Turlogh oLunshaghan  Edmund Quigley  Edmund Quigley  widow Tory of Ballibrack {Moville}

Peter Scott 188 householders 198 hearths 19 16s.

 Fawthen Parish {Fahan}

George, Lord Bishop of Derry

 Philip Hill of Carrowlen  Samuel Bramhall  Neece mcIlchole  Willaim Hagerty  Laughlin mcIlchole Andrew Hagerty  Ninian Gibson of Carrow-Mullen Donnell oMorrin  Donnall mcCaughan  Owen oHarrick  Shan oDonell  James Brown of Lisfanen Andrew Creswell John Creswell Sebastin Sims Nicholas Fowler Thomas Creswell John mcClae of Letter John Turner  Torlagh oLunshaghan  James Gilkey  James Ray  James mcClay  Tegg mcGrilus of Balliena Hugh McBrehound  Neece mcColan  James Machy  Tegg mcLaughlin of Tullyvny Hugh Groom Laughlin  Andrew Miller  Robert Parke  Adam Caruders  Peter Heliard  John Barr  John Elson  Robert mcCarter of Garvery Pattrick mcClellan  Walter Thompson William Kinkead  James Patterson  James Pollick  John Porter  Robert Whitehill  John Neily John Caldwell of Carrowahennagh Robert Caldwell  James Langwell

William Williams of Tubencaragh Robert Creswell  Gabriel Gibson Thomas Arbucle  Mrs Latham of Creslaghmore  John Wallace x2  Andrew mcClay of Creeslaghkeale  Henry Vaughan esq 7  Robert Allen of Tulliarvill Connor oDougherty  Manus mcLaughlin  James Cleyton of Ballynery Hugh Lunshaghan  Edmund Dougherty Cumon oSheale of Monegory Donell oDonnell  James ban oDougherty  Bryan oLunshaghan of Sledran Torlagh ban oDougherty  Donnagh mAllin  Edmund oBryan of Duntarsan Manus oLunshaghan  Archibald Beatty of Ardraman Finlay Ewing  Hugh Langwell  Edmund oDougherty  Donell Sharkey  Richard Lee of Tonregee Edward Bradley Donell oDougherty of Ballimagany Owen oGranny  Mallaghlin mcLafferty  Donell oDougherty of Muff-Kingoe

Hugh oGranny Torlagh oGranny  Donell oGranny of Fafonagh Roory oLanaff  Donnagh oGranny Edmond oDougherty of Conaugh Torlagh mcCrossan Neale mcCanen William Chamberlain of Tullidish Connor Dougherty Donnagh Dougherty Torlagh Hagerty Donnagh ballagh oLuog Edmund oKelly of Aghekilly Arthur mcDavett Donnagh oige maGhee Torlagh Dougherty of Trelig James Hagerty John Warden of Gransaugh Allexander Morison James Logan James Morison James Fenny Henry Lee of Lodan William Hibbetts Thomas Hibbetts Cahell Hagerty  Andrew Finlay of BallymaCarry Francis Newcome

 110 householders 132 hearths 13 4s.


Templemore Parish {That part of Londonderry lieing within County Donegal}

 Hugh Barclay of Skeog 2 Abraham Scott Brian Roddan Patrick mcClean Dermond oCannan John Park of Carownerah Allexander Wark  Hugh Cowan Henry Rowan Manus Dougherty  Robert Harvey of Bonemaine James Cairn  James Murray Roory oCane William Bell John Ildricks James Rankin of Dondryen Walter Rankin Adam Porter Dermond oCannan{Caning} Torlagh Dougherty Mathew Elder of Elaughbeg

Archibald mcCorkle John Whyte Hugh Rankein Alexander Robertson Hugh Laman Richard Rankeing John Bell of Drumhagart Robert Burnsyde Allexander Adams Walter Coninghame John Coninghame James mcLaughlin of Gortmomick Dartant mcLaughlin Donnogh mcLaughlin Hugh mcCay Bruan Cramsy George Redgate of Ballyderowan Robert Carr John Elder Allexander Dean Robert Toah Robert Ramsay Mathew Tabts Robert Simpson George Swetnhame of Grange 2

John mcNutt of Burt Manus mcGrae Dunckan mcIlbreed Andrew Stewart of Moires Thomas Anderson John Warke William Ewing of Carignie John Campbell Widow Neily of Ballat Widow Rodger Walter Elder of Castle Walter Davy John Elder  Wm Caldwell of Ballim Kernaghan William Caldwell, younger The Widow Fulton  Robert Nealy of Bohillien James mGalcole  John Gordon of Ballinakilly John Boggs  Neale oDougherty Shan Dowey  Humphrey Ewing  Dermond Herrall  Archibald Wallace of Coppock

Allexander Adams  Pattrick Lockett  John Lockett  John Boyd of Derriane Hugh Divany  Connor Divany  Tirlogh boy oHagerty Donnogh oDiermo William Wilson of Crage Robert Wilson, elder  Robert Wilson, younger  Allexander Ross John Davyes Gawen Barnett Mrs Elizabeth Hart of Mough widow John Anderson John Giffin John Barnett John mcGilvane of Ardmore Stephen Barnett John Smith Connor Hagerty Owen Quigly Wm Baker of Drumscallan William Armor Mungo Barnett Edward mcLauglin Torlogh modder Quigley William Griffith of Tuer Ture 2 hearths

Connor meLaugh Shan oDivellaghan  Edward Griffin  Shan mcPheeley of Aught Art oQuigley  Teg oMellan Roory mcIlbreed Torlaugh meLough  Phelomy mcCain Torlagh mcShergie Patrick meLaugh Jonas Jenkins of Ardacrin Thomas West  John macDavet Shan oHagerty James Hagerty William mcDavet Donnagh Hagerty Neale mcGilneece of Trumetta Edmund oLinshan Dermund mcGilneece Owen mcGilneece Donell mcCay of Iskakeen Bryan Quigley Edmund Quigley Wm reaugh meLaugh Neal meLaugh Connor meLaugh Morice macGroerty John Thompson of Carnemoile Phelomy Linahan Denis oQuigley  Dermond meLaugh Hugh Barr Neale Harran George Hagerty Donell Quigley Owen Luog {Logue} Owen Luog Robert Ewing of Grean John Robertson  Henry Osburne  Archibald mcAdoe Murtagh mcCrossan of Balmony Thomas Ewing Shan mcMonagill

William Porter Adam Porter Walter Porter Pattrick Porter of Drumgoun Allexander Porter Connor Dougherty Bryan Dougherty Richard Porter of Mulleny John Johnston James Rankein John Smith Shan Macrossan Torlagh McLaghlin John Chamberlain Wm Cuninghame of Castlecowley John Hog William Donell John Donell Robert Young Willliam mcNeely of Meenass Mathew Nealy Andrew Berry of Burt Allexander Caldwell of Speenog Hugh oRoddy Connor oDougherty of Carnamady Owen Duddy James Dougherty Manus Louchery Brian Farland Cahell Louchery Morice Roddan Emund oClellan John Caldwell of Tullett John Marshall John Allen Thomas Brattan of Bohillen Henry Gay or Guy John Allen Mathew Sherrar  William Ritchy  Allexander Lawder  John Deniston  John Peasley  James Leathen 

190 householders 194 hearths


Culdaff Parish

John Knighton of Cashel  Dowell mcCallyn Pattrick Roody Torlagh harkan Donell mcLaughlin Shan mcLaughlin Edmund mcLaughlin Donell mcCallyon of Carrowmore William oKillaghan Hugh oKillaghan Manus oKillaghan Shan mcCongill Manus ne oKellaghan Neale mcCallin of Waskill Owen oKairney Murtagh mcCallin Dermund mcLaughlin Owen Brillaghan Owen macCallyn Phelomy Carbry John Bunbury of Ourt 3hearths

Hugh Queig Owen Nocker Bryan oSheale of Aghiglashan Neale oGilloune Owen mcConnell Shan Callagan Pattrick Karrney Bryan mcConnell oige Neale Collon Donell oLanagan Bryan Dougherty Cahell Farran Bryan mcLaughlin of Munederagh Donell mcLaughlin Shan mcLaughlin Hugh Roddan Connor Luog Owen Downey Shan Harkan of Drusternan Manus mcGilcone Owen mcCallyn Hugh Harkan Bryan Jeffrey Shan oLongan of Dromley Connor oGallogly Neal McLaughlin of Aghituber Owen mcCallyn Emund oCrawsey Manus oCrawsey Dermond oCrawsey of Balliaghan Torlagh Kean of Bellycarry Owen Dougherty Torlagh mcPhealy Bruan Luog Hugh Dougherty Shan mcKaen Phelomy mcPheely Hugh Kain Owen mcLaughlin of Ballimagarraghy Owen mcLaghlin, junior Rory Tonor Owen Farran Phelomy Dowey of Turmacroragh Edmund Kairney William Kairney Donnagh Kairney Shan Dougherty of Dunigrunan Connor Caollon Phelemy mcCormick of Drumimilly Aveny Quigley of Kindreit Donell Quigly Owen Dougherty

George Butler of Culdaffe Esq

 Owen oClenn of Lettrim Owen mcLaughlin Donnaghy Conewy Robert Fleming of Ballycarrow Phelomy oDougherty Donnagh mColgan Phelomy Farran Edmund mcPheely Torlagh Farran Edmund mcCully Roory Dougherty Shan mcLaughlin of Glengal Donnagh mcCongil James Farran Donnell Dougherty Shan mcCongill Donagh mcCally Cormack mcCally Connor oBrillaghan Hugh mcCally Owen mcDevit of Balliaghan Melaghlin Kerigan Edmund mcLaughlin Torlagh mcDavett Phelomy mcGranaghan Phelomy mcLaghlin Neale oCrawsey Turlagh oCager James Miller of Crecorr John Intrye Cahell oDougherty

105 householders 108 hearths


Clonca Parish Malin

Cahall mcColgan of Laraghoirrill Dermund mcColgan Owen mcLaughlin Owen mcCully Bryan Harkin Connor Dogherty Robert Butler of Dunross John Welsh Neale mcCawley Robert Wilson Shan oKarken of Carowtemple Conla oLinshaghan Owen mcColgan Shan oHarken William oHarken Wm oDougherty of Dunagrenan Manus Farran James oGilloune James mcLaughlin of Grellaugh Owen mcLaughlin Connor mcLaughlin Neale mcLaughlin, senior Neale mcLaughlin, junior Dermond oDogherty Neale mcLaghlin Hugh mcLaghlin Neale oMoresson Donell oKellaghan of Ballyaghan Conla mcColl Neale Dougherty of Drumcarbet Phelomy mcCally Owen Dogherty Owen mcLaughlin Owen Molloy Roory mcLaughlin Shan mcLaghlin of Carowmore Thomas Gorman Phelomy mcGowan Avney mcKenny Shan mcLaughlin Donnagh mcMahon ..... oDougherty

 Patrick Harken Shan Brillaghan of Ballekeagha Shan mcCongill Torlagh oBrillaghan Manus mcJeffrey Phelomy mcLaghlin of Ballyknasy Edmund mcLaughlin Phelomy mcCongill Dermund mcLaughlin Connor mcLaughlin Edmund mcCally Wm mcLaughlin of Carowbleagh Shan Kairney Edmund mcMonegill Donnagh mcLaughlin of Beallagh Dualtagh mcLaughlin Owen mcLaghlin of Balliedoy Neale oBoyle Cormock oDese Edmund mcLaghlin of Ballikeny Torlagh Dougherty Avney mcLaughlin Phelomy Mulloy Shan Harkan Donell Murry of Kinaugh Andrew Dreenan Brian Duffy Thomas Dogherty of Bruigh Owen Dougherty Shan Dougherty Bryan Mulloy Neale Dougherty Connor Dogherty of Balligorman Owen Gorman Hugh mcLaughlin Roory oDogherty of Cullurt Roory oige oDougherty Neale Kerregan Caher Dogherty of Ardmalin Dermund Dogherty Bryan mcBrehound Neale mcLaughlin Edmund mcCarran

90 hearths 

 Clonmany Parish

Donell Moughen of Lenan Torlagh Moughan Shan Moughan Shan mcColgan Conn Dogherty of Inchmenagh Donell oLast Phelomy oDonnell Roory oDougherty Neale mcKilceny of Letter Shan oDougherty Bryan oDevany Henry oDevany Bryan mcKilceny Manus Murrey of Dunaff Connor Murrey TorlaghDougherty Donnagh Gibbon Bryan Gobbon of Rosmagh Tegg oLunshaghan Bryan Hartan Richard Hartan Neale oDogherty of Crossconnell Neale mcAvenny Torlagh oDonell of Strade Torlagh Diver Shan mcAleny Manus Dougherty Torlagh mcAleny Donnagh Quigley Toll Diver Shan Diver James oLunshaghan Cahell Hargan Torlagh mcBrehound of Rusky Hugh Rody Phelomy mcCany Neale Roddy Connogher oMony Connor oDoulaghan Aghferkagh oRoddan William oLunshaghan of Donally William oCrumrisk Owen mcJeffrey  

Hugh Hartan Donell Morison ..... OGobbin Torlagh Diver ..... Hartan Hugh oBrillaghan Torlagh oSheale of Cleagh James Sheale Torlogh Conioghan of Monclonie ..... Dougherty Donell Boy Hugh oConnoghan Hugh Gallogher Shan oDogherty of Anagh Hugh oTwolan Erevan oDonell Arthur oDogherty Bryan mcColl Torlagh oDogherty of Ballyliffin Arthur Lening Donnagh oDougherty Owen oDogherty of Dongelin Donnell mGinnery Bryan Dougherty Shan Dougherty Edmund Barran of Tullinebratly Donnagh mcCole Shan Mouney Roory oToolan Torlagh oDogherty of BallymcMurty Neece mcCreenan Donnagh Dougherty

David Ritchey of Carickbracky Shan Dougherty Toal oDougherty Bryan oDougherty of Carowreagh Donell oDougherty Edmund oDougherty Neale oge oDougherty Garrell oDogherty of Lagacurry Bryan oDougherty Henry Duff Shan mcCongill Edmund mcAllin Conn oDonell of Fegurt Donell mcClafferty Tomlin Dougherty Wm Dogherty of Ballymagehin Owen Connallan Shan Dougherty Owen mcColnell of Rasheny John Demston Shan oToolan Shan roe oToolan  Neale oDougherty

99 hearths 9 18s.


Donagh {Carndonagh} Parish

 Gerrald Dogherty of Carrowmore Manus oLuchary Donell oige mcSwine{Sweeny} Donnaghy mcCole Edmund oCollan Neale Dougherty Bryan mcGillespick Bryan Breslan Rory oLuchary Henry oDiermond{McDermott} Owen mLaughlin of Carowbleagh Toal Diermond Connor mCarran William Diermond Phelomy Kelly Connor oige mLaughlin of Cashell Connor Kelly Art Dougherty Ferril oKellaghan Donnagh Kelly Robert Cary of Balliblosky Bryan Goghegan Hugh Dougherty Donell Dougherty Edmund Dogherty of Carowreagh Bryan Lane Shan Henney Phelomy mLaughlin Hugh oLanigan Bryan ..... Edmund o..... of Maghridrumon Donnagh oDougherty

Bryan mCullin Donnagh mCullin Donnagh mJefferey Owen Dogherty of Tullanery Edmund Dougherty Patrick Curran Tegg mCurran Donnagh mCurran John Dogherty of Carickrodan Torlagh Dogherty Robert Brownley Torlagh oCollum Edmund Dogherty Pattrick mLaghlin of Donagh Donnaghy oige mColgan Donell mColgan Shan mColgan Bryan mColgan Connor moder mColgan Phelomy mColgan Shan Breslan Edmund mColgan Neale mColgan

Owen Dogherty Edmund mCallan Torlagh Lanagan Edmund mColgan Donell oige mColgan Bryan Dogherty of Clonmacky Torlagh mColly Torlagh mLeny William mLeny Owen Toolan Donell Dogherty of Glasalt Bryan Dogherty Bryan mColgan of Altoshein Shan oBrillaghan Henry oDougherty Bryan oDougherty Tomlin oDougherty of Carne Connor mLeny Manus oToolan Donell Crumrisk

75 hearths  £ 7 10s.

Desertegney Parish

Phelomy Dougherty of Gortearkan Donnell mLaughlin Neece mLaughlin Edmund oHarkagan Neece oMulluog Bryan oHerrill of Leaon Edmund oige mDavett Owen oDougherty of Lishlin Owen oHerrill Wm ban oMullogherty Shan oCarbry Thomas oHerrill of Monelaban Phelomy oDougherty Boory oDougherty of Leadirick Donell oDougherty Shan mManumy Bryan mGee Shan mLaughlin of Ballinnan Owen mLaughlin Roory Markey Manus Luckrish Teag mGrory Donnagh oDougherty Kean oige Quigley of Tonduff Neece Quigley Donnagh Kally Hugh Dougherty Hugh Hegerty Ferdoroghe Dogherty

 29 hearths 2 18s.


Barony of Kilmacrenan

Clandahurka Parish  {Clondahorka}

Mr Allexander Montgomery of Clonbeg 2 Roory oFarry of Maghrimenagh John mKernan Neale oFarry of Murroe John mGinnelly Morgan mSwyne Roory mGilwell Manus oBoyle of Cloghernagh Donagh oBoyle Owen mcKiew of Claggin Manus mGee Owen mGee Donnagh mGree Torlagh Ginnelly of MuntMellan Tegg ballow mGinnelly Shan mcWard Daniell oige mNulty Connr mPadin of Kcockbrack David mPadin Neice Brogan of Clonahurka Bryan mPadein William mIlchor of Kelliybeg Dermund Farry of Sessiagh

Rory Gallogher Neale Dougherty of Breghey Tiege Berne Bryan Gallagher of Ruchan Edmund Frighell Tegg mGillpattrick Cormick mNulty of Kessymore Bryan oige mPadein of Foher Roory mPadein Bryan Farry of Ballymore Donnogh Duff mGinelly Torlagh Brannan Cormick oSheale of Dumnakilly Donnagh mCarwilly Neale mGinnelly of Rusky James boy oColl of Skeagh Connor Reagh mGarry Wm Elaier of Maghriroerty John mLeister Crieslough John mFarland Daniel mcGilwee of Killmallow Patrick mLaughlin of Carickmean Connor Hegarty

Edward Dall of Massiness Richard Erwing Andrew Norton Andrew Craufford of Cashilmore Neal Crawney of Ducastle Gilmurry Crawney Dunckan Campbel of Rinsligoe William Moore of Ardmore Hugh oige Padien Roory mcSwine of Gortnaleck Neale mColl John mNulty of Carrowgirry Dermund mPadein Dougall Campble of Rinnieligoe Owen oFarry of Maghrymenagh John Buchannan of Aird Teg oBoyle of Corcreganagh Robert Colhoune of Crislagh Owen mGinelly of Clandahorka

 £6 12s for 55 hearths


Clondevaddoge Parish

Donell Spence of Ducharrick Archibald Thompson John Jackson widow Campbell of Ballyherin 2 James Thompson of Leadbeg John Spence of Ballyhurk William Bole Dermond oBoy of Leadmore William Mackey Hugh oRownie Conner oKillaghen of Glinsh Torlagh Mackey Donnagh Sleavin Phelemy Freele of Dowaghmore Donnell mIlcherr of Gortnatruce Walter mSwine of Fallaneere Donnell oige mSwine of Leddan John Dill of Tullinadale Thomas Wallace of Ballyhernan widow Camptbell

Neal oDerrin Dermond Sheerin John mIlcher of Magheridrummond Hugh Sheerin Bryahn oWoolie of Culladerry Shan Hartan Shan Dougherty Bryan Ultagh Hugh mIlcher of Ariherymore Bryan oige mcSwine Connogher mIlcher William oCarraran of Duaghbegg Neece oCannan of Tullinidale Rory oHouresky of Ariherinebin

Turlagh Breesan Shan Brogan of Duaghbegg Mulmurry mcSwine Owen mcinTyre Edmund mSwine of Glenfannett Owen bane Ilcherr Dunckan mKinlay Robert Wilson of Cramross John Naire James mAdoe Hugh Mullery of BallymacStocker Bryan mSwine Donell oMeghan Pattrick Craige of Knockbrack James Coupper Archibald Spence of Ballyherin Edmund mIlcherr of Glenfannett Thomas mQuistion of Carryn Edmund oTroolan Owen oLunshaghan Donogh oMulleny of Ballyclancallen Mahon oMulleny Neale mKerran Adam Dunlop of Drumfadd James Scott David Mortimer of Carlan John Power Edmund Luog Gilleglass Cannan of Gortnottragh William Wallace William Russell William Coninghame John mKeamy of Ballymagowne

John Campbell James Sheerin of Cloghfin Wm Wallace of Aghendrenagh John Knox of Rossnekill

George mSwine Pattrick Campbell of Mayross John Gibb George Campbell James oCorreran of Tameny Henry Paton of Croghan Shan mIlcherr Archibald Glasgow of Carrowkeele 2 hearths James Craige Robert Campbell of Maghrihobbert

James Baird Tegg Hartan Neece oKerran of Ballymagaghy Donnell mcIlwy William oBreaghy Donnagh Cannan James mSwine of Tombe Allexander Sawers of Bunenty Dermond Harley of Carrowreagh David Lynn of Lurgibreak Manus oHagan Edmund Deeny Owen mcClements Terlogh Deeny Owen oCollen of Carrowreagh

£ 9 16s for 98 hearths


Tullabegley & Ray Parishes Letterkenny

Hugh oige oDonnell of Tullaghbegley Edmund mCollien Tool Gallogher of Kildrum Daniel mPadein Edmund mSwine of Armore Donnagh Cannan Daniel mIlbreedy of Ardbeg Shan Dougan James Mullogherty of Kilulty Shan mLaughlin Neale Toy of Inishbofin Daniel mGree of Maghriclogher Shan oDonnell of Carrowblagh Owen mSwyne of Carrick Pattrick oige mIlcleary Owen mIlbreedy of Upper Doer

James Gallogher of Lower Doer Hugh Duff Boyle Manus Gallogher of Dunluey Pattrick mGreenaghan of Carrywkenan Shan ballagh mGilbreedy Torlagh Farran of Moyrae Donnagh mSwine of Ray Dermund mcGeady of Derririel Teg mPadein of Trrerowy Daniell mSwyne Manus Gallogher of Ballyconnell Bryan of the same Donnagh mSwyne of Balliness Kathereeen nee Garchy John Stewart of Torry Mathew Hempfield Bryan oige Diver of Bellyconnell Connor mInchae of Dounemore Donell Murry of Glentornane Torlagh Dougan of Inishbofin

£ 5 12s for 36 hearths


Kilmacrenan Parish

Widow Dougherty of Letter Gorry Harkan of Drumibodan Patrick mcCay Walter Coningham of Ray Neale mGettigan Cormack mCroddan John Stewart of Tamenagh William oCaly Hugh ban mLaughlin of Ballyscanlan Hugh Glackan of Portlyna Torlogh mNulty John Carr of Court William Warnock of Gortmacashell John Young John mIlvarnock Pattrick mParlan Caylor Dougherty of Golan Tool oBoy Torlagh mFaden of Carowganagh Neale mAdiora Edmund oHagan of Carownesale Mr Mirigan Neale oGubbin of Carowkilly

Donell mLaughlin Shan Freel of Castlegeenan Owen mLaughlin Torlagh Roddan William Gallogher of Barnes John oBully of Stragredy Bryan Freele Bryan oBrillaghan of Clonkilly Neale Dougherty of Socker Edmund oDougherty Hugh oTeevan Bryan oSwyne of Radonnell Shan mDavett Owen mGillaspick of Garcharron Torlagh oLinshaghan Pattrick mCrossan Eneas Quigly of Lagnehowry

Pattrick oCollein Neale mLaughlin of Edincarnan Allexander Nisbit William Johnston Donell Dowey of Killidizer Robert Russell Torlagh Dowey widow Buchanan William Russell of Castlegay John Russell William Ronald of Ballyherin Thomas Fluellan Adam mClellan of Cranfford Hugh Callyn of Carmeny John Hunter James Martein of Cowle Owen oStryan John Algoe of Castledoe Richard Benstead Bernard Knox Wm Vanss of KilmaCrenan John Brayding John Chambers Donell Meenan of Letterfadd James Freele of Tirargus Edmund mGrath David Coningham of Cotten Robert Barlimint of KillmaCrenan

Owen mPadein of Kiloghkerran Torlagh oKane Thomas mColloe James Quigley of Legnehoury Neale mKinegill of Tamenagh Pattrick mCrossan of Garcharrow Wiliam oige mGarvey of Clonkilly Morgan mSwine of Radonnell Bryan oCannan of Ballyscanlan Donell Helferty Shan Brillaghan of Gouldrum Shan oMulcher of Curran Manus mcGarten Donell oMulochory Hugh Freele of Clonkilly

£8 6s for 83 hearths


Mevagh Parish

Capt John Fleming of Tirelaghin David Stewart of Rameross Donell mIlbreedy of Divellan Torlagh Mcswine John mcSwine of Tullagh David Cather of Finwer John Leitch of Dounemore John Craige of Maghrimagaverigan Cormick mGarvy of Glenereragh Edmund Freel John Spruel of Glanree Jennett Spruel, widow Mr John Lesly of Drum 2 hearths

Donnagh mCosh of Kill Gentle Way Edmund mGowan of Glenmanagh Torlagh groome oFryell James mIlroy Owen mGowean Pattrick Hay of Aghadacorr Robert mNutt Owen Mulluoge of Molmore Admund mIlchole Laghlin mIlchole of Magherycullen Donagh Gallogher of Tullagh Thomas mGee of Dundowan Allexander Stewart of Mevagh 2 heaths

Hugh Gallogher of Derricassen Fergill Gallogher Hugh mGinelly of Duneins Torlagh mGinelly Dualtagh Gallogher of Largireagh Bryan Gallogher Connor mIlbreedy of Maghribeg Donnagh mIlbreedy Owen mPadein Gabriel Dunlevy of Maghrilosky Owen mGinelly Art oDougery Owen mGilbreedy Shan oGallogher Owen ogavaghan of Ballioghagan Hugh Murray of Umlagh Rory mIlbreedy of Agheletiff Owen oGallogher

£4 14s for 47 hearths


Aghanunshen Parish

George Stevinson of Bogay Allexander Herron Edmund oCallen John Purriens Allex Weir of Carnigilly John Peebles Thomas Teas John Ramsey of Mullagheryenan William Teas James Taylor John Mitchell Allex Stewart of Aghanunshen John Stewartt James Mitchell John Kennedy John Buntein John Stevinson of Lissdaneere   

Bryan Dougherty Hugh oDougherty John mRae of Ballevolely James Warden James Givson John oMeghan Allexander Mitchell John Russell John Hood Bryce mRae William mClae of Eghterosh Thomas Rany William Cuthbert

 30 hearths


Killigarvan Parish

Andrew Knox of Ramullen Esq 4 hearths

Thomas Thompson William Boggs Allexander Roddagh Robert Kerr Andrew Boggs Hugh Rankein James Major Francis Boggs Robert Makemy John Roddagh Henry Coningham Hugh Carr James Burnes John Thompson Pattrick Huttcheson William Lecky Thomas Andrew William Browne John Morison Robert Henderson John Cuming William Farden of Crevery Thomas Young Robert Dreddan Phelomy mcCabb Robert Craufford

Owen mGrae Torlagh mcSwine Alexander Andrew of Glencrosse William Andrew Robert mKinlay William boy oLaughlin Shan mDermott Stephen Marshall Connogher Perry James Thompson of Killigarvan Mathew Parker Donell Gerran of Ballinloghan Roory mIlmartein John Crockett John mcFarland of Drumhallagh Neale mKeill Ballow mGowne Donagh bane oDougherty Donell mcGlashen Torlagh oDougherty of Creeue Bryan oCallein Shan crone Dowey Neale Callien Edmund Deenyz Bryan oDeniz Owen oSheridan of Oghterlin Roory oige mSwine James oige oSheridan Owen Fyell Shan Diermond Bryan Dougherty Phelomy ballagh Diermond McDermott

£ 6 4s for 62 hearths

Gartan Parish

James Knox of Kilmore Donell Campble Dermund oFyell of Lossett Gilmurry oDeneer Torlagh mcManumy of Carowtresna Loram Spance Tegg oMeghan of Carrowreagh Owen oKerran Bryan oDougherty of Carrowfurt William oDougherty Edmund oDiver Owen oDogherty Neale oDonell of Ballymaquin Owen oDonell Hugh oDogherty Dualtagh oDogherty of Glendone James oGillerone Donnagh mcRoddy of Deriveagh Hugh Duffy of Carrowfurt Art oDougherty 

20 hearths

 Tullaghferne Parish

William Stewart of Glenbeg James Barnes Neale mcGlyn of Claragh Lt John Coninghame of Tully 2 hearths Robert mKerrall Thomas Patterson James Patterson Allex Redd of Ballyar James Gregg George Shawe William Osburne Phelomy mGettigan of Mullaghibb Neece mGettegan Neale mGettegan Donell Murry of Ballyarr Connor oMurry Connor oStryan John Wiliamson of Clouney Andrew mcBee William Rodger Bryan Cullen Thomas Hunter of Moyle

James Bonor John Hannay Donaghy bane oLane Shan Mullan Allex Gilkison of Tullybeg John Greere of Glenmore John Herron James mcClae of Drumanaghan William Black of Carnisk Thomas Greere John Best John Fleming of Kairne Pattrick Best David Hunter John mcCluer{McClure} of Fanonoghin Allen Shawe James Frame of Legma duffe

John oGallogher John Thompson George Mushett of Ballygay Allester mIntrye of Drumcloghan William Ritchy Donnell oRoddy Thomas Lawson of Ballyconnelly Archibald Malseed John Greere John Sempill Michael Wallace of Glendidally David Greer William Young Thomas Wallace John Brayding of Parker Hugh Dunlap John Boggs Robert King of Drumbarne John Fergison John Cuthbertson William Selchry Hugh Ulatagh of Ardkilly

Phelomy oStryan James Oige mcCallyn of Crattulagh Owen Ultagh Pattrick oMurraghy Dermund mGorrall Robert Browne of Rubbleshanny William Wilson of Claggin

Thomas Thornton Dermund odowey of Garrowgart Rory Dougherty Donell Deeny James Buchannan John Armstrong of Tirchonyn John Ramsey John Fleming of Gortnevarne Bryan Modder oDougherty Toll Cullan Bryan Duff oDougherty Owen mIlmarten of Dunmore

Donnagh oDonnell of Duntrumon Edmund Cannan John Winlay of Gortcally Tirlagh Cannan Robert Algeo of Carrowkeele John Deniston Robert Peebles Robert Miller James King Owen Gallogher Robert Wallace of Ballikenny Robert Mortimer William Buchannan John Selchry Alla macCallay Rory Deeny William Hutchison Andrew Fleming Malcolm mCurry John Lawson Bryan oBrillaghan Bryan oMoran Robert mAllester Donnagh mcIlfaill Gilbert Buchannan Neeve maGowan Thomas mGettegan of Mullaghhib

£ 10 16s for 108 hearths

Augnish Parish

Thomas Grove of Castleshannaghan esq 3 hearths

Johyn Bonar James Steele Allexander Tease of Ardrummon Widow Torrance John Moore  David Dunbar of Carecashell William Scott of Killidonnell Mathew Scott of Carigault

William Ramsey Thomas Fulton George Watt Roory oBrillaghan James Dunlapp of Croghan

Dunckan Buchannan Roory mSwine Robert Pont of Gorteway William Moore John Moore James Black of Ballilin David Fullerton John Patterson Andrew Hunter Pattrick mGlessh Robert Macky of Aghnish

John Moderwell John Colhoune Thomas mClean John Roddan Connor Murry Daniell mcIlwy John mIlwy John Steele of Clanlery

Hugh Collon John mClean Pattrick mKeny Torlagh mIlwy John Buchanon of Aghengady

Andrew Longe of Ramalton Robert Macky William Walker Thomas Stewart John Carr Pattrick Macky Widow Wilson Adam Fryer Andrew Fleming Thomas Fleming George Richmond John mcIlpherson John Richmond John Morison Andrew Leaper George Black of Drumherine

Tomlyn Dougherty of Glenally Connor oBoy Ellis mSwiney Seely mCrossan Robert mIlheny of Ray

Torlagh Gallogher Hugh Logue James Carr

£5 8s for 54 hearths

Conwall Parish Letterkenny

Robert Hutcheson of Letterkenny and Gawen Forsyth 2 heaths

Robert Porter and Alexander Ewing 2 hearths

William Wigton William Frignall Alexander Coningham 2 hearths

John Houston James Futhy 2 hearths

Robert Ewing Shan maCowall William Bryce John Bryce James Whyte James Harper John Falconer William Carr James Russell, younger Patrick Ginking James Bryce William Thompson John Miller Robert Mitchell Alaxnder Hunter Gilbert mIlwey 2

John mKessan William Jameson John Forbes Walter Buchanon William Anderson Hugh Hay George Dixon John Orr William Orr John Baxter 2

John Thomas Robert Ramsay Richard Jones John Boyde John Stewart of Breachy John Campble Robert Bavaird of Airds James Bavaird Robert Keminy James Buchanan Allexander Gibson Shan mLinn of Buragh Daniell maHafferty of Bowhirrill Owen oDonnell John Hunter of Gortnevarne

James Williams or Williamson Thomas Grahame and Allexander mcNiaght of Ellistrin

Hugh Liffe David Mullavill Dirmund mCawley Rory oStrean Neale Mellan Robert Dall Donnagh mcTegg of Cullboy

Archibald Stewart Tool mcCloy Shan mGrehan Redmund oGallagher of Killelasty

Owen oDonnell Manus OMulcher of Kilcling William Cahan Daniel Longe of Glencarr David Rodger Robert Boyde Neale Callen Edmund mcCallen William Rodger of Gortlee John Davy John Ramsey Robert Ewing of Carnemogagh Walter Stewart Walter mcNaire of Lissnennane   

Malcome mcNaire William Ewing of Ballyrehan William Mitchel  Robert Taylor  James Hare of Salregreane Gilchrest mcNicholl  John Glen of Ballim 

Cowell James Wilson  John Wilson  Quantein Black of Conwall

Neale mcGilhenny  James Frizell George Mitchell Adam Wilson of Tullygay John Wilson, elder  John Wilson, younger  James Rodger  John Wilson  Connor mcGechan of Downe   Pattrick mcGechyn  Torlagh mcMonagill  Donagh mcKillaghan of Glenkiragh Hugh oDonnell  Pattrick oLuchary Dermund mcIlhennie

 {c} Ulster Ancestry

of Cray & Corr Connor m'Ilhenie " Hugh m'Davett " Shan m'Ilhenie " Donnagh m'Ilhenie " Murragh o'Mulfail " Edmund m'Laughlin " William o'Mughan " William m'Ilhenie " Edmund o'Gallogher of Dironan Manus o'Gallogher " bryan o'Correran " William o'Dougherty " Henry m'Davett of Stakernagh Neale oige o'Donnell " John Gullyon " Owen bane m'Groerty " Edmund m'Groerty " Donnagh o'Sharky " Mulmurry o'Mullerig of Kileg Daniel m'Groerty " Connor o'Dougherty of Drumcaveny Shan m'Cawley " Bryan m'Gillispick of Pollan Owen o'Gobben " Bryan o'Begley " James o'Gallogher of Carrick Owen m'Gee " Bryan o'Dougherty of Clonkearny Dermund o'Murray " William m'Davett of Tryentagh Thomas Wheaton " Shan o'Gallogher of Drumore Daniell o'Dougherty " Torlagh o'Donnell " ??14 6s for 143 hearths Conwall is the last parish for Kilmacrenan barony on the Roll which is here signed and sealed by Cha Hamilton, Rich Perkins, Wm Warren, Geo Cary, John Nibit, An Knox. Barony of Bannagh & Boylagh Enniskeele Parish Emund o'Boyle of Kinorsin Edmund oige o'Mulluog " Donell o'Mulluog " Stephen o'Mulluog of Mulnamyn Donell Welsh of Gortnasillagh Neale o'Gallogher " Bryan o'Conaghan of Letterilly Donell Ultagh of Mast Donell oige m'Gillespick " Torlagh o'Forlloune " Torlogh o'Cassedy " Wm o'Breslan of Ballceristin Neale o'Breslan " Owen Ballagh m'Carwell " Shan o'Boyle " Owen m'Carwell " Gorry m'Ward of Castlegolan Edmund o'Diverr " Connor m'Callyn " Shan m'Cowell " Donnagh o'Meally " Pattrick o'Given of Clogher Farrell o'Gallogher " Edmund Smith of Arren Owen o'Gallogher " Francis Ultagh of Leckagh Owen o'Boyle " Gorry m'Ward m'Tegg " Paul Ultagh " Bryan o'Dunagan of Drumboghill Gorry Coninghan " Kedagh m'Coninghan " Farrell o'Gallogher " Neale o'Kennedy " Phelemy o'Boyle of Dunross Shan o'Boyle " Pattrick o'Kennedy " Bryan Ballagh o'Boyle " Cormick o'Gallogher " Torlogh o'Donnell of Mullaveagh Owen o'Gossen " Manus o'Kearny " Edmund m'Tempany " Shan o'Deeconn " James o'Sheerin of Maghrymore James o'Kearny " Donnell o'Teig " Shan o'Sheerin " Owen o'Boyle of Dunross Shan o'Gallogher of Tullamore Shan o'Cohosy Mason " Phelemy m'Gilgee of Tullyard Donell o'Cuin of Straneglogh Shan o'Cuin " Owen o'Cuin " Bryan o'Dougherty " Edmund o'Branan " William m'Gettegan of Mullan Cahell m'Gettigan " Hugh Duff o'Dougherty " Torlagh o'Heerevan " Owen o'Harkan " Cayher o'Dogherty of Stranadorragh Donell m'Granaghan " Neale oige o'Kelly " Tiege oige o'Dierma " Owen m'Laughlin " Owen more o'Kelly " Owen m'Mongill " Shan o'Dougherty of Stracashell Hugh carragh o'Mulluog " Manus o'Mullogheny " Bryan Duff o'Dougherty " Connor m'Davett " Donell o'Mulloghery " Dualtagh m'Hugh of Knocklettra Pattrick o'Pettan " Murragh m'Gehin of Belanamore Edmund o'Tay " Torlagh o'Devanny " Torlagh m'Carmick " Roory Duff m'Claon " James m'Caughecky " Mr Torlagh o'Boyle of Lochrus Bryan o'Collin " Manus m'Shean " Donnoghy m'Conigan " Donell oige Magoyne " Cormick o'Connaghan " Donnell o'Rehyn " Bryan o'Brealan " Hugh o'Boyle " Shan m'Groerty " Farrell o'Gavaghan " Hugh o'Gallogher " Donnell m'Creaner " ??9 12 s for 95 hearths Enver Parish James Nisbet of Tanitaleen Charles Murray " Donnell o'Murry " John o'corr " James o'Kenaghan " Bryan o'Kenaghan " Neece m'Gilmee " James Scott of Creag John Lang " George Scott " William Scott " William Leese " John m'Cragh " Thomas Little " James Scot " John Patterson of Drumcre Thomas Kearns " George Miller " James o'Know " Thomas Vaunce " John Taylor " Allexander Murray " William m'Cutcheon of Raneall James Finlay " William m'Cluer " William Patterson " James Logan " James Taylor " Andrew Ralston of Dolanconer William Moorehead " Allexander Curkoes " Thomas Curkoe " Shan o'Raghter " Tag boy m'Conelly " Owen o'Raghter " Richard m'Congill of Drumbourty Caher m'Glinsy " Donell o'Douney " James Murray " Christopher Ultagh of Littermore Edmund oige o'Carullen " Torlagh o'Fey " Owen o'Keregan " John Moore " Allexander Scott " Henrie m'Kee " Edward Griffith of Boneglen William Griffith " Donnagh m'Gettigan " Bryan o'Keany " Owen o'Giver " Dermond o'Murry " James o'Cannan " Hugh o'Boyle " Teg o'Gallogher of Drumkill John Dunckan " Allexander Murray " Martin Waugh " Shan o'Donell " Dermund o'Harghie " William Young " Thomas Fall of Drumreny Connor o'Crumleek of Drumlost Francis Harris of Enver Thomas Dunckan " Francis Boy " Andrew Nisbit of Kilm'crodan Tegg o'Moran " John Dunckan, younger " Andrew Nisbit of Brenter Donell o'Meaghan " Pattrick o'Meaghan " William Burnes " Neal m'Ready " Tegg o'Cassidy " Neal o'Meaghan " ??7 12 s for 76 hearths Kilbegs Parish James m'Gowan of Dirriah Shan moder m'Granaghan " Teg o'Gallogher of Kilrean Torlagh o'Boyle " Shan moder o'Gallogher " Tegg oige o'Boyle " Tegg duff o'Mellan of Gortnecant Donnagh o'Mellan " Owen m'Illespick of Dughell William o'Sheerin " Dermund m'Maneemy of Kilterny Shan m'Gillespick " Hugh o'Cally " Owen m'Callen " Manus o'Gallogher " Calvagh o'Donnell of Glangess Owen m'Gillaspick " William o'Cane of Strager Donell o'Conwall " Cormick m'Conegan " John Walker " Wm Scott of Caricknagore Owen Boyde " John Craufford of Largisillagh Robert Cairns " David Jackson " Thomas Craufford " William Miller " John m'Clean " Francis Hamilton of Fintragh 2 hearths Hugh o'Devany " donnagh m'Ward " Edmund m'Gaw " Neece o'Donnell " Neale o'Truner " Manus o'Healy " Connor o'Brislan " Owen m'Conegan " Teg o'Glackan " James Scott of Carntullagh William Fleming " John m'Cruttery of Tanisligoe Pattrick Walker " Bryan o'Forish " Manus m'Tier " Pattrick Finnison of Kilbeggs John Turbett 2 hearths " Torlagh o'Harraghy 2 hearths " William Watt 2 hearths " robert Browne " Ninian Rodger " James Erskin " John Stevinson " James Greenlaw " David m'Gee " John Finnison " Mathew Scott " Donell Dennison of Drumnow David Jackson " Christopher Ultagh " Fergill Congill " Donnagh m'Gennely " Patrick Gay of Killbeggs 63 householders ??6 14s for 67 hearths Killomard Parish Barbarra Hamilton of Loughresk John Maxwell " William Maxwell " Pattrick Vaunce " Richard Mahaffy " Charles Carsan " ARchibald Henderson " Edmund Shoyagh " Teag o'Kerigan " Teag o'Shevelan " Torlagh m'Caghran " William Baskin of Lacrum John Greasy " Robert Givan " Henry Gorrell " John Gibson " Hugh m'Gwyre " Bryan o'Luog " Dermond o'Coragan " Connor o'Donnell " Dermund Gallenagh " Cahell o'Donnell " Teag o'Teadily " Edmund o'Lungan " William Henry of Drumrusk Boory o'Mullan " Bryan m'Collin " Connor o'May " shan m'Colly " William m'Clagbry of Dunan John m'Knabien " Hugh o'Gallogher " Torlagh o'Farry " Allester Spence " John Warnock " Phelemy m'Award " Finlay Spence " Owen m'Award " David Vrid..wood of Ballywool James Daes " Owen o'Gallogher " Edmund o'Granaghan " Manus o'Donnell " Fergill o'Donnell " Connor o'Ruddy " Thomas m'Grae " Owen m'Grae " Cahell o'Cully " Connor m'Grae " Donell o'Keerny of Dumkighan Neale o'Broghan " William Laton of Kilkighan Neale m'Anulty " Owen o'B..ran " Thomas Meldrum " William o'Tenny of Killomard Donnagh o'Goan " Shane o'Deery " Henry Killpatrick of Loughesk ??5 18s for 59 hearths Killaghty Parish widow Vaunee Donnell oige o'Gallogher Hugh o'Cassedy Hugh o'Boyle Phelemy o'Cassedy Meglaghlin o'Currin Hugh oige o'Gallogher Tegg o'Cannoune Hugh o'Cannoune Owen m'Award Donnagh oige o'Coningham Hugh boy o'Coningham Owen m'Gragh Edmund ..... Adam Micke John Boyd William Boyd Robert Shanklan widow Miliken James Elaine Donell o'Durrian James o'Sheerin William o'Murriaghy George Strong John Dunckan John Shanklan John Creighton Hugh m'Cullagh William Watson Thomas Irwing Halbert m'Gilwaine Robert Soctt William m'Cullagh David Montgomery Henry o'Finiglen Edward Creighton Owen o'Conner William Finlay Thomas Strong William Fingen Robert Walker Thomas Baily John ..irre John Heire Bryan .... John m'Kinlay Robert .... Thomas .... John m'Kinlay, younger Andrew Scott Allexander Montgomery Laughlin m'Nulty John Maxwell John Craufford James Wilson Edward Huitt David Craufford Andrew Craufford Pattrick Craufford ??5 18s for 59 hearths Glencollumkill & Kilcarr Parish Bryan oige m'Knealus Edmund m'Knealus Donnagh o'Bern Edmund o'Bern Tegg m'Ginelly Donell o'Kelly Cormick o'Birne Ferrall o'Birne Torlagh o'Birne Owen boy o'Lehin Robert m'Jennet Torlagh o'Mighan William Erskin Owen m'Coninghan Neal m'Collin Hugh m'Coninghan Owen o'Gallogher Gillduff o'Boyle John m'Jennet Bryan m'Nulty Neale o'Brullaghan Hugh o'Conaghan Owen m'Gilgen Michael m'Nealus Neale o'Slevin James duff o'Donell Phelemy m'Knealus Torlagh duff m'Anulty Mulmory m'Neale Owen m'Giver James Raply Mthew Erskin Shan Roe o'Meenan Donnagh m'Swine Manus o'Hanway Torlagh m'Laughlin Tegg oige o'Carein Donnell o'Gallagan Neale o'Lungan Owen o'Begley Edmund o'Gallogher Donnagh murry m'Brearty Hugh o'Berne Mealaghlin o'Currin Owen m'Cally Neale o'boyle Owen o'Boyle Edmund o'sheale Donnell m'Illcherr Patrick o'Gallogher Bryan duff m'Illcherr Laughlin duff o'Haghy Donnagh o'Donnell Thomas m'Atrye Owen m'Atyre Hugh oige m'Atyre Neale m'Gillespick Mangnis m'Gillespick Torlagh Mall m'Gillespick Andrew Nisbit John Blaine Donnell m'Gettigan Cormick o'Boylan Donnell o'Keny Connor more o'Conigan Owen o'Ceny Torlagh o'Hanill Gorry m'Conigan Robin m'Conigan Thomas o'Munichan Shan m'Neale Carie Torlagh o'Hahie Donnagh o'Gallogher ??7 6s for 73 hearths Templecrone Parish Tegg Craig of Roscatt Morice Craige " Torlagh m'Brehound of Mullough Hugh Grome m'Cawly " Owen m'Laughlin " Donnell boy m'Cafferty " Hugh m'David " Tool m'David of Dungloe Bryan o'Connaghan " Hugh m'Gillespick of Maghrytermon Owen o'Donnell of Tubridkein Daniel oige o'Donnell of Arranmore Shan o'Boyle " Shan o'Donnell " Edmund m'Groery " Daniel m'Groery " Redmund o'Gallogher " ??1 14s for 17 hearths Letterm'Award Parish Owen m'Swine Hugh m'Warde Cormick o'Dowey Connor o'Dougherty Tegg o'Boyle Manus m'Warde Roory o'Cunaghan Donnell o'Doughan Fergill o'Boyle Owen boy o'Connaghan Hugh o'Twolan Donnagh o'Luchary Edmund o'Boyle ??1 6s for 13 hearths This EXTRACT contains the Number of three thousand sixe hundred and forty seven HEARTHS returned out of the county of Donegal for the year commencing at Michaelmass last and ending at Michaelmass next 1665 Henry Brooke Barony of Tirhugh Drumhome Parish Sir Henry Brooke of Donegal kt 10 George Everist " 2 Gaven Hamilton " 2 Robert Rannells " 2 Philip Walker " William Browne " 2 Jonas Holland " Pattrick Spence " Owen m'Connelly " Francis Gennings " John Woodward " Cormick m'Caughron " Pattrick m'Glanagan " Bryan o'Toolen of Clareloughesk Connor Roe m'Glen " Donell o'Tenyn " Robert Speere " robert Lowry " Morice m'Anulty " Dermund oige m'Gowean " Pattrick boy o'Toolan " Owen o'Cassedy " William boy Butler " William Simons " Donnagh m'Manus " Dualtagh o'Tinny " John Vear " Robert Browne of Taniwilly & Cullidiffe Thomas Browne " Pattrick reagh o'Murry " Hugh m'Caughran " Hugh m'Ilbreedy " Torlagh o'Dougherty " Mr Gawen Hamilton of Maghribeg 2 John Earven " Henry Gallanagh " Connor ballagh o'Gallogher " John m'Kennet " Adam m'Kennet " Shan o'Devany " James Diermond " Pattrick oige m'Ilmartein " Owen buy m'Gettigen " Gabriel Howlard " Bryan o'Gallogher " Andrew m'Ilwaine of Tully James Marshall " Thomas Farrell " Richard Dudgeon " Mulcaugh o'Gallogher " Owen buy o'Kelly " Henry Everist " Kean o'Gara of Lackan Daniell oige o'Dougherty " Edmund o'Glackan " Daniel o'Lane " Manus bane m'Gilbey " Daniel m'Richard o'Dougherty " Peter m'Kened of Tulligallen Daniel m'Cadden " Teg m'Ilmartein " William Lamond " James Craufford " Walter Mitchell " Dermund o'Gallagher " Manus duff o'Gallogher " John Mortimer of Carrig Neale m'Goulrick " Neale o'Dougan " Teg o'Tummany " Donell o'Mulluog " Shan o'Knawsey " John Hamilton of Truman Fergill Brogan " Donnagh o'Deery " Pattrick m'Killrone " Edmund o'Flaerty of Ballinikilly Hugh Duff o'Gallogher " Bryan m'Goulrigg " Edmund oige m'Swine " Hugh oige m'Flaerty " Mullty m'Ridery " James Freebirn " Tegg o'Higgien of Mullenesoule Daniel roe o'Tumany " Roory o'Harraghy " Carbrey o'Troyer " James o'Henery " Torlagh o'Diver of Ballym'groerty Cormick o'Diver " John Lickly " William oige m'Cana " Owen o'Mulkertagh " Patrick o'Troyer " Morice m'Ineale " John Allinghame " Neale o'Mulkertagh " Phillip m'Caugherty " Hugh m'Gargill " Hugh o'Mulluog " Hugh o'Gorman " Connor m'Shea " Teg oige m'Glinah " Gregory Ultagh of Ballimighan Owen o'Murrea " Donnagh m'Glinah " Manus o'Gallogher " Bryan o'Mulkerran of Glassboly Phelomy o'Mulkerran " Thomas o'Mulkerran " James m'Carwill " Pattrick m'Cormick " Donell o'Heally of Balliridelly Bryan o'Troyer " John Macky " Neale m'Swine " James o'Keerogan of Lorgan Manus o'Tougher " James o'Heally " Bryan o'Donell of Rossnevellagh Manus o'Gowan " Bryan m'Goulrick " Dermund m'Ghee " Bryan o'Heally " torlagh m'Glenshy " David Hannay " William Johnston " Robert m'Ghee " Maugh o'Heally " Bryan m'Gergill " Cormick m'Gergill " Bryan o'Barran of Killinangel Laughlin o'Barran " Daniel m'Flanill " Francis Breassy of Drumore 2 Phelomy o'Gallogher " George Knox of Drumhome 2 Francis Ridge " Remund o'Gallogher " Thomas Cox " Manus o'Meally " Edmund o'Kearny " Laughlin o'Deermond " ??15 16s for 158 hearths Kilbarren Parish Maj' John Folliott of Ballym'Ward 3 hearths John Hicks " William Leaper " Robert Patterson " John Wissell " William Barnett " William Stevens " Robert Henderson of Kilcarbry William Anderson " James m'Atyer " Morice Conelly " Connor m'Atyer " William Rattcliffe " Phelomy o'Mulkerran " Rodger Conelly " Flan o'Cleary " Farfasy o'Cleary " Myles o'Cleary " Donell o'Kernan " John m'Gouer " Neale o'Gallagher of Cashell Neale o'Mulkeran " Owen o'Mulkeran " Edmund m'Atyre " Owen m'Cauely " William o'Gallogher " John o'Gallogher " Farigh m'Guane of Forecossy Cahell m'Ilmarten " Hugh m'Cana " James o'Connogher " Bryan m'Gilgea " Richard Sudbery " William o'Luen " Edward Allinghame " Bryan m'Glinshy " William Flanagan " Torlagh m'Flaherty " Dermond o'Haraghoy " Daniel m'Anulty " Donnagh m'Atyer " Pattrick o'Con " Neale o'Gallagan " Neece m'Gillissy " Bryan Killen of Corlea Owen o'Connegall " John m'Cordoge " Dermund m'Anulty " Edward Jones " James Burd " Pattrick o'Queen of Ballinemanagh Morice o'Cleary " Neale m'Gillespick " Connogher o'Gallogher " Bryan o'Diver " Nichol o'Shannaghan " Hugh o'Morea " William Fletcher " Francis Earle " Phelomy o'Boyle " William Brinan " Robert Ferrett " donell o'Morea " Ralph Sharpe " Bryan o'Quen " Edmund m'Gillaspick " Donnaghy m'Coshilly " William o'Diver " Neale o'Hogan " Edward Burrell " Donnagh m'Trernan " Michael Hewson of Ballyshannon 2 John Johnes " 2 Thomas Preston " Francis Genings " 2 William Robby " Pattrick m'Connelly " 2 Robert Eager " John Dixon " Nicholas Shawe " 2 William Pean " John Lilly " ??8 18s for 89 hearths Inishm'sant Parish Laughlin m'Golrick Donnagh m'Culleny Phelomy m'Culleny Laurence o'Crean Owen buy m'Kilpeter Teg o'Mulkerrann James o'Muney Owen o'Rogan Torlagh m'Anulty Richard Bourke Tegg oige o'Kerogan Owen m'Gower Donnagh o'Cullenan Donnell o'Mulvany Pattrick o'Banagan John m'Anulty Shyan m'Ever Donnagh o'Carwill Robert Desmanier 2 George Russell robert Montgomery John Rasdell Donnagh o'Tumany Thomas o'Flen Donnagh o'Gallagher George Griffith Tieg o'Tumany Thomas m'Ilroy Hugh Pue Willliam m'Glone Owen buy m'Canelly ??3 4s for 32 hearths Templecairne Parish James m'Gunihan Andrew Lindsay Tool m'Hugh Barnett m'Grae Donell m'Monelly Torlagh m'Hugh Manus m'Gilbreedy Henry m'Gragh Owen o'Brinnan Connor m'Gragh Hugh m'Kinan Donnagh o'Callan Towell m'Hugh Neale m'Gragh John m'Greiny Bryan o'Callan John Dunckan Hugh o'Conwall Connor m'Caffrey Bryan o'Cassy David Cahoune Thomas Woodburne Pattrick Hamilton Donnell o'Dunelly Thomas Symonton George Burnes William Ossenbrock Andrew Dunckan John Perry Hugh m'Cauhull Donnaghy m'Laghlin Farrell m'Laughlin Cahell o'Duginan James Loue ??5 8s for 34 hearths Barony of Raphoe Taghboyne Parish Alexander Coninghame of Baliibegly James Coningham " Robert Allison " Archibald Allexander " William Harlot " Thomas Browne " John Park " James Allason of Drumboy James Fleming " William Davidson " John Hamilton, sen. " John Hamilton, jun. " John Patterson of Moneygrogan James Patterson " Robert Moore " Mathew Allison " John m'Connell, sen. of Ruchan John m'Connell, jun. " William Campble " Alecander m'Connell " John Allexander of Ardee Claud Maghan " Archibald Hunter " James Johnston " David Parke " Robert Boyle of Moyle Dougal m'Cay " Daniel m'Cay " Willliam Coningham, esq. of Newton 3 Robert Fleming " William Wigton " Williamm Coningham " John Arrell " Adam Patterson " Lieut. Wm. Coningham " William Patterson " John Cochran " Thos. Nicholl " John Harloe " Robert Hunter " John Ramsay, younger " Mr. Mathew Halley of Culm'atraine 2 Alexander Ewing " John m'Ilwham " John Thompson " Daniell Buchannan " Duncan Patterson of Rusky John Buchannan " Wm. Wilson " William Patterson " Adam Scott of Tullyenan John Lata " Hugh Walker " Robert m'Causlan " John Martin of Drumay John Homes " Wm. Mitchel " Joseph Orr " John Ewing of Gortree John Craufford " Robert Potts " James Galbraith " James Ramsay of Dumellan James m'Corckle of Ballyhesky Robert m'Clellan of Portlough John Denny " John Elder " Thomas Storret of Gortlush James m'Adoe " Robert Starret " William Davison of Bogey Widdow Fleming " John Bryce of Letrum Thomas Wilson " William English " James Boggs of Monglass James Boggs, junior " John Boggs " William Ramsay " Robert Scott " Jean Coningham of Corncumell James Harvy " David Gibson " John Fisher of Drumlogher Ninian Barber " Robert Barber " George Barnett " ..... m'Kewn of Castrews ..... Marshall " James m'Kewn " Robert Myegah of Carshoey James Curry " John Macky " Robert Harvy " James Thompson " William Balfoure of Kildrum Andrew Scot " James Stevinson " John Grahame " John Cock of Cargins John Harvy " Thomas Gray " Robert Macky " Robert Young " John Lieper " David Macky " David Fulton of Gortnileave James Fulton " David Langwill " James Edmiston of Altaghadery John m'Keun " Patrick Coningham " David Coningham " James m'Kim " William Hamilton of Dunmore John Macky " James Allen " David Harvy " James Harvy " Gilbert Warke " John m'Kree " Edmund o'Last " Donnell Glass " Hugh Greeve " John Cock of Tanegh Thomas Breadin " Patrick Macky of Cloghfin Adnrew Pedin " Alex. Gooleland of Glassegowen John m'Ilmun " William Glendunein " Robert Petticrew " James Allen of Kinnekilly John Baxter " James Woods of Tryentagh Alex. m'Clintock " John m'Kean " William Noble of Cashell Alexander Wood " Bryan m'Gettigan " Mathew Lindsay of Altacaskein Walter Mitchell " William Breadin " Robert Cowan " John Maffett " widdow Harvy " James m'Kean " William Noble " John Ramsey " William Gamble " John Campble " robert m'Ilwain " William Macky " Finlay m'Clintock " John Marshall " Mathew Lindsay of Maymore 2 Andrew Woods " John Glendunein " John Miller " Robert Turnor " Peter m'Robb of Drumenan Patrick Porterfield " Edmund o'Twolan " Roory o'Glackan " Andrew Baxter " John Rodger of Mongavelan Owen o'Kerran " Patrick Gamble " James Forsyth " Walter Galbraith " Thomas Gillillan " James Smith of Ratein Thomas Taylor " John Gilgour " John Smith " widow m'Clintock " John Morison " Elspet Galbraith " Ninian Galbraith of Creghadow John Stewart " Robert Allen " Pattrick o'Devany " Humphrey Ewing " John m'Adam of Ballylennan robert m'Adam " William Porterfield " John Alexander " James m'Crea " John Porterfield " Walter Wilson " Walter Wattson of Letterguill Wm. Deniston " William Martin " Finlay m'Kinlay " John Glass " Morice m'Connell of Carnhannagh James m'Connell " John Allexander, senior " John Allexadner, junior " John Buchannan " John Coghrane of Drumore robert Cochrane " James Cochrane, junior " James Cochrane, senior " James Stephen " John Buchanan of Tullyrap John Nearne " James Rodger " John m'Neevein " Thomas Lowry " Thomas Rodger " Doctor Thomas Bruce of Taghboyne 2 Pattrick Colhoune " Pattrick Corbay " John Lata " William Lata " Ninian Love " John Carnwath " John Caldwell " David Caldwell " John Dean " John Johnston " Robert Logan " Thomas Orr " John Scott " John Buchannan " James m'Kean, junior " James Johnston " John Carruthers " James Bredin " Allexander Beatison " Allexander Houston " Geroge Chambers of Momein John Homes, senior " John Homes, junior " John m'Clintock " James m'William " Mathew Reagh " Robert Aitkin " William Hood " Pattrick Denniston " Pattrick m'Caffery " Robert Scott " Hugh Reagh " John Maxwell " John Wright " John Smith " James Craig " Robert Curry " Pattrick m'Cobb " Thomas Wilson " John Chisime " Robert Gourland " Andrew Colhoune " Andrew o'Brillaghan " Wlater m'Adam " Manus o'Meghan " John Homes " John Martein " Archibald Howatt " Robert Erwing " Pattrick m'Kinlay " John m'Kean " Francis Booth " Owen o'Toner " Hugh o'Loughery " ??27 8s for 274 hearths Clonleigh Parish Andrew Allison of Argory Richard Allison " James Blackburne " John Tyneing " Peter Steele " John Dunlap " Richard Robinson " John Donnell " John Blackburn " John Wilson " Rob Mahaffy of Monyn (which included Ballindrait) John Porter " Ninian Steale " Hugh Hampton " Mr Hansard 2 " James Beatty " Robert Sturgter " James Wilky " widow Beatty " Mathew Coningham " Andrew Skelly " David Porter " Jean Hill " 2 names illegible " Thomas Burd of Croghan Shan o'Gallogher " Patrick Porter " Daniel Kathrins " John Groves " Humphrey Maines " William Barnehill " Shan m'Dermond " Robert Barnehill " Connor o'Machan " Philomy o'Hue " widow Armor " Robert Young " Patrick Armor " Wm. Beard " Daniel m'Junking " Tegg Kennedy " 1 name illegible " Wm. Wallace of Kanister John Wallace " John Paton " James Lindsay " Wm. Nichal " Walter Rodger " John Coningham " John Lowry of Clonleigh Mrs. Fleming " Robert Lecky " James Lawe " John Alexander " Shan o'Gallogher " James o'Kerolan " Neale o'Kerolan " Daniel o'Kerolan " Murtagh o'Crossan " Tegg m'Gettegen " Bryan m'Quin " Bryan o'Keralan " Murtagh o'Fillan " Neale Groome o'Keralan " Philomy o'Keralan " Jon Hamilton of Shannon 2 Wm. Orr " Wm. Cudbertson " Donnagh m'Carduff " Neale m'Illreed " Hugh m'Carduff " John Stanton " David m'Kim " Hugh Murray " Donnagh o'Cahan " Michael Simison of Ballybogan (which included Lifford) Andrew Whyte " Bryan o'Bogan " John Caldwell " Gorry o'Bogan " Patrick Jack " John Fulton " Wm. Fulton " Patrick Glass " Robert Patterson " Thomas Snodgrass " Richard Perkins esq. 6 " Mr. Hugh Barclay 3 " James Murray 3 " John Bexwick 3 " Charles Burton 2 " Wm. Morrice 2 " John Fulton 2 " Abrham Holliday 2 " Mrs. Shortall " Thomas Hart " Henry Holliday " Charles Burd " James Hamilton " Thomas m'Carmick " Andrew Stevins " John Woods " Wm. Clarke " Robert Carsall " Charles Andrews " John Wallace " Owen o'Slane " Lewis Edwards " Valentyne Adams " George Hogshead " Raphoe Parish John Blaire of Maghrisollus John Alexander " Lobert Laughlan " George Buchanan of Cullaghy John Rodger " James m'Neevin " George Rodger " Andrew Lowry " Wm. m'Neevin " Robert Smith of Gortequigley John Patterson " Wm. Walker " John Lindsay of Maghrychan David Lindsay " Mecum Forrest of Gortness Hugh Henderson of Lismontigly James Caldwell " Robert Coghran " Archibald Sproule " Wm. Henderson " James Johnston " John Harris " Wm. Alexander " Andrew Rodger " John Sproull of Stranorlaghan Robert Snodgrass of Beltany Donnell m'Mongell " widow Perry " John Hunter " John Hyneman " Alex Perry " John Carsen " Alex. Orr " Robert Stevinson " Hugh Dryeland " Thomas Stevenson of Culladery Finlay Long " Richard Carsan " Robert Leard of Tulliveny John Homes " widow Gray of Colghcor Alex. Nisbitt of Cornigillagh Torlagh o'Gallagher " George Fleming " James Starret of Beltany Phelomy m'Menemy of Castleetorries Robert Burnesyde " John Gray " Archibald Framm " Robert Gray " John Campble of Glenm'quein David Dreddan " Robert m'Clintock " Robert m'Ilturnor " Alex. Wilson " Robert Smith " Edward Harvy " Wm. Wright " Humphrey Wilson " Richard Wilson " Robert Laird of Assmoyne James Laird " Patrick Lawry " Alex. Laird " Wm. Hugh " James Homes " John Homes " Thomas Galbraith of Lisnowall Patrick Maine of Aghenkurragh Walter Coninghame " Thomas Wylly of Cessnecully Robert Nisbit " Archibald Robinson of Daveclogh Daniel Kerr " John Walter " Pat. m'Kerran of Lettermore Edmund o'Mulluog " Shan o'Diver " Turlagh o'Cassedy " Neale m'Kelwey " Hugh o'Gallogher " Owen m'Kelvey " John Arkless, elder of Cloghroy John Arkless, younger " Bryan o'Pettan " Art o'Quigley " Donnell m'Ilroy " Torlagh o'Barran, senior of Callen Rorry o'Scanlan " Donnell o'Colloun " Hugh o'Roerty " Owen o'Mughan " Torlagh o'Barran, junior " Cormick o'Diver of Drumkeen Bryan m'Kerran " Neale m'Kerran " Neale m'Connell " Edmund m'Connell " Gilbreed o'Doward " James o'Brillaghan " Roory o'Lunshaghan " Shan m'Kerran " Neale o'Tinny " Phelemy o'Gallagher of Trinteboy Turlogh o'Crenan " Neale o'Donnell " Cashel o'Patten " Wm. Mitchell of Ardechilly Owen m'Ilfaill " John Davison " George Gray " Thomas Roger " Robert Browne " James Finlay " Robert Mitchell " John Machan " John Walker of Findurk Robert Forsyth " James Shields of Figert Andrew Ferguson " George Nisbit " John Allen of Kiltoell Gabriel Homes of Arvernook Alex. Laird " John Nisbit, esq. of Tullidonell 3 Hugh Nisbit " Patrick m'Ilturnor " Andrew Allason " William Caldwell " Andrew Mitchell " John Maize of Convoy James Maize " Robert Rolison " Francis Hamilton of Killinour Robert Caldwell " Andrew Richmond " David Flood " Owen o'Collune " Wm. o'Dougery " Shan o'Twolan " Hugh o'Mulloughery " Connor o'Rogan " Thomas Fram of Drumgumerlan Dunckan m'Guire " Bryan o'Patten " Donnell o'Ailfalle " John m'Cluir of Agagalty Hugh Robinson " Owen ballagh o'Longan " Rorry o'Kerigan " Torlagh o'Longan " John m'Cluir, jun. " James m'Clery " Wm. Deasly of Gobnascale John Paton of Maghricoren James Paton " James Dick " Hugh Dick " James Moore " Donnell m'Connaghy of Knockegerran John Smith " John m'Clintock of Maghrihee James m'Clintock " Robert Mathy " Robert Henderson " Wm. Ewing " John Henderson of Rusky James Henderson " Daniel Henderson " Thomas Henderson " Thomas Murray " Michael Henderson of Carrickbrack Patrick Bell " Michael Wallace " Robert Coghran " Alex. Murray " James Hall " Robert Gamble " Thomas Ramsay of Findrun Robert m'Cluer " Robert Mitchall " Robert, Lord Bishop of of Raphoe 10 Raphoe Doctor John Walwood, Dean of " Raphoe 4 James Lesley 2 " Andrew Gordon " Archibald Kyle " John Stewart " Hugh Montgomery " John Dunckan " James Kerr " David Hughes " Mthew Adam " John Wigton " Thomas Thompson " Thomas Knox " James Bready " Andrew Wigton " robert Quantein " John m'Iltyre " Alex. Cunninghame " John Twyford " Marmaduke Coleman " George Rankein " Thomas Carpenter " Gilbert Greer " John m'Cormick " Robert Poak " John Rankein " John Dunckan " John Johnston " John Moody " Robert Howe " Alex. Walker " John Poak " Mathew Cocken " James Kirkewood " John Leetch of Hubistown John Caruth " Alex. m'Casker " Robert Morison of Belleholy .... m'Granahan of Gortgartry Donoughmore Parish William Warren, esq. of Castlefin 4 Capt. Robert Hamilton 2 " William Squire 3 " James Sim 2 " Adam Moderwell " widow Cudbertson " William Cudbertson " William Cudbertson " Robert Hallyburton " Robert Irving, elder " Robert Irving, younger " William Craufford " James Craufford " Robert m'Maines " John Parker " James Miller " Thomas Patterson " James Foster " James Paterson " William Irwing " William Coulbert " James Chambers " Andrew m'Camley " Shan o'Kelly " Fergill Muney " John Whyte " Walter Scott " John Thompson " widow Thompson " Robert Thompson " David Craige " William Boyd " Edmund m'Tead " James Wilson " George Wilson " William Rodger " Andrew Wilson " William Horner " John Wilson " John Graham " John Nilson " Thomas Stevinson " John Thompson " Donagh m'Coogach " William Graham " John Johnston " Richard Graham " James Murdel " John m'Crea " Dean o'Rehy " Thomas Bell " John Surnsyd " John Smith " Adam Smith " Archibald Miller " Thomas Simpson " William W.... " William ..... " 2 illegible names " John Ellets " William P..... " John H..... " Robert Max..... " William C..... " John Wilson " Robert Gamble " James Wilson " James Kneelan " James Simpson " William Wortlaw " Art o'Hone " Fergus Graham " James m'Crae " Hugh m'Cosker " John Rule " Ninian Lidell " John Forbes " Fergill o'Gallagher " Art o'Sharry " Connorvo o'Kerigan " Cormick o'Conmy " Bryan roe m'Cosker " Bryan o'Brogan " Thomas Cudbertson " William Stewart " William Coningham " John Orr " widow Willie " John Nisbit " widow Brawne " James Jeffrey " Pattrick o'Harran " Robert Wilson " Thomas Wilson " Robert Wiely " Andrew Wilson " Alexander Wilson " Henry Noble " James Patterson " John o'Mulligan " William Wilson " Allexander Wilson " Robert Cudbertson " John Barr " James Allison " Robert Ralson " John Sherer " Thomas Selfrige " William Lindsay " Phelomy m'Manumy " Tegg duff o'Karigan " George Caruthers " Allexander Moore " Hugh Stevinson " James Wachebe " John Rule " William Fortlaw " Robert Craige " Ferrall o'Regan " Robert Wilson " James Steele " widow Ralston " Andrew Armstrong " John Thompson, elder " William Craufford " Henry Morgan " Alexander Wilson " David Johnston of Killineur estate William Home " Andrew Kenedy " Robert Homes " John Brattan " Robert Crauford " Lodowick Rae " John Rae " William Fleming " Allexander Fulton " David Hunter " John Brock " Thomas Browne " John Lindsay " Thomas Thompson " Bryan m'Meenumin " Edward Torleton " John Montgomery 2 " Andrew Carr " John Willy " Archibald Coultert " Andrew Grasser " Connogher m'Gaghney " Allex. Knox of Killigordon estate Robert m'Kinlay " John m'Kinlay " Gilbert m'Cluer " widow Thompson " Allexander Longe " William Longe " John Maghen " John Warke " Richard m'Cluer " James Stewart " Robert Longe " John Pirry " James Browne " robert Douglass " Neale o'Cannan " widow Greere " Richard Whyte " William Scott " Conogher o'Curren " John m'Carten " Robin Wilson " James Kennedy " James Lowry " John Crunkleton " Archibald Bryson " James Ramsey " Nicholas Parmenter " Owen m'Cormick " Connogher o'Hagerty " William Cather of the Glebe land Hugh Simpson " John m'Carter " Michael Kawe " James Ellot " Robert Logan (Leyon?) " John Blaire of Churchland Thomas Blaire " John Kearns " William Chambers " Robert Crunkleton " John Homes " John Brumfield " John Davey " Robert Jameson " James Tening " Robert Ivine " Allexander Wilson " Alex. Wilson, elder " Andrew Dyckes " John m'Glunshy " William Give " Bryan m'Genty of Mr Basill's and mr Benson's estate Neece o'Gallagher " torlagh o'Hugh " Pattrick o'Murry " Tegg m'Glinshy " William Greere " Joseph Davis " Pattrick o'Kelly " John Younge " John Cooke " Art m'Cormick " Conor o'Deeny " Richard Hunter " Connor o'Murry " James Rodger " Andrew m'Cormick " Cormick o'Dowey " Neale o'Dougherty " Allexander Ramsey " Neale o'Dullen " ??23 for 230 hearths Stranorlar Parish Peter Benson, Esq. of Drumboe 2 Thomas Feins " Richard m'Gee " Owen m'Gee " Allexander Thompson " Richard Katharens " Thomas Hewart " Robert Longe " Neale o'Meghan " Capt. Thomas Dutton of Dowish George Craufford " Torlagh Mackline " Teg m'Nulty " Owen Divany of Corean Torlagh m'Davet " Archibald Ramsey of Castlegore John Smith " Manus o'Hanlan of Caprie Walter Cook " Donnell m'Ilwae " Teg m'Ilmee " Evan Griffin of Corroghomean John Martein " John m'Creery " Thomas Parker " Andrew m'Creery " James Leaper " Andrew Leaper " Hugh o'Gillan " Gilbert Noble " Allex. Maxwell of Lisskeran John Rae " John Gregory of Stranurler Thomas Rae " John Hewart " William Speere " John Davys " James m'Creery " William Young " Andrew Leaper " Francis Edmiston of Trienmullen Robert Rule " Martein Hill " John Forgison of Gortinlitteragh Thomas Nicholson of Teercallen Adam Tate " John Gibson " John Gordon of Tivickmoy John Armstrong of Dunwilly Helein Withrow " John Sherby " William Kirklan " John Bell " Connor o'Crampsey of Ardmaron Mathew Roper of Knockfare Donnagh m'Dowell of Welshtown Shan m'Ganaghan " Owen o'Harkan " Shan m'Ilmartein " Torlagh o'Quin " Donnagh o'Pattein " Shan o'Quigley " Donell o'Sheale of Ballykerigan Torlagh o'Kerulan " Shan o'Hegarty " Torlogh o'Gallagher " Torlogh m'Cleog " Teg m'Callyn " Bryan o'Cowan of Altapest Torlagh o'Quigley " Cormick m'Nulty " Conn o'Donnell of Aghavey Pattrick m'Groery " John Davett of Corlackey Shan o'Marley " Shan o'Flaerty " Hugh o'Moyne " Donnell o'Dougherty " Edmund m'Davett " Phelomy o'Boylan of Galwilly Torlagh m'Manumy " Cahell m'Connell, oige " Manus m'Mongill " Donell m'Davett " Hugh Craige " Torlagh o'Harken " Hugh m'Gilwy of Letterbrick ..... o'Doward " ..... m'Gihan " Torlagh m'Groery of Letterkilly ..... m'Ginelly " Hugh o'Dermund " Owen o'Relly " Donell m'Brehound of Sharoy Donnell m'Hugh boy m'Brehound " Dualtagh o'Kelly " Connor o'Hanegan " Neale o'Kelly " Torlagh m'Cally " Edmund o'Quigley " Owen o'Brislan " ??10 8s for 104 hearths Leck Parish Gabriel King John King John Noble Allex m'Connell Andrew Smeally James King Robert Fulson John Peebles William Hood James King, elder Dualtagh o'Tinny Hugh o'Brillaghan Patrick o'Granaghan Roory o'Patten William Smeally John Hutcheson Thomas Wilson William Redd Michael o'Boyle Andrew ..... John Bilslan William Hamilton Donell m'Roory Walter Colhoune Edward Hamilton James Macky Andrew Dunn Robert m'Ilwy John Miller Robert Lapsley John Lapsley John Naysmith Malcome Galbraith James Richmond James o'Feely John Parmiter John Forbes John Maxwell William m'Award Robert Killian Richard Foord Donell Taylor Dunckan m'Kenrick James Wilson Donnell m'Carter Cormick m'David Manus o'Dougherty Pattrick m'Kenrick William m'Laughlyn Bryan m'Granaghan Walter Colhoune James Lecky William Moore James Smith John Chambers John Stewart Art m'David John Allison Thomas Dunlap William Ramsay John Hutcheson Mathew Clark Hector m'Curry John Ilhenny Donnell m'Ilhanny John Black William Coningham John Coningham Pattrick Campble Connor m'Cowell Phelomy o'Brillaghan William o'Kelly Robert Peobles Neece o'Divany Bryan o'Devany Teg m'Gillbreed William m'Makein Owen o'Harley Pattrick Campble Andrew Hannay Fergill o'Freale Cahal Bane m'Davet Connor m'Davet Edmund Oige o'Mulluog Cormick o'Mulloug Donnell o'Mulloug Andrew Wilson Roory m'Award Robert Allen John Hood Pattrick Moore Connor o'Meghan Cormick o'Gallagher John m'Cane Henry Ester Torlagh m'Kenny Phelomy m'Laughlin Art o'Dougherty John Homes Robert Whyte Hugh Harper Thomas Stephens John Frizell ??10 10s for 105 hearths Raymochy Parish James Colhoune of Corcy Esq., 2 hearths Donel McClintock Patrick McCallen William McCorckell Andrew Allison Adam Colhoune senior John Colhoune James Colhoune Maghew McMath John Colhoune junior David Colhoune Thomas Lecky William Morton Alexander Hoome Patrick McCausland John McClintock Andrew Montgomery John Fram Allester Glass John McCarter Patrick Reagh Archibald Killen William McFitrose John Rodger James Morton All of the same and with one hearth each. William Stewart of Bellilan 2 hearths Alexander Rankeen William Haslet John Henderson John Logan Andrew McIlvaine John Reaugh George Tate James Coghran Robert Smith John McKinney Alexander Ewing John Forsyth all of the same and with one hearth each. John Stewart of Culylee Esq., 2 hearths James Kessen James Lowry Widow Kenedy James Thornton John Stewart Thomas McCanly Andrew Coningham John Torrence Alexander McNitt Neale O'Doddy Thomas McGordy John Chambers Patrick Thompson Hugh O'Lennan James Johnston William Stewart William McFarlan James Stewart Robert Armor Gawen Montgomery James Porter Robert Ramsay Archibald Thompson John Howat all of the same and with one hearth each. John Coningham of Ballienianbeg Andrew Torrence Hugh Smith Peter Clarke Widow Carmighill Bryan O'Roddy James Coningham John Lecky Archibald Chambers John Lapslay all of the same and with one hearth each.

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