Ulster AncestryUlster Ancestry

1876 Landowners Co. Donegal

The following list of 1,003 names was transcribed over a number of months in 1999 by Jean Rice.

Duke of Abercorn, address Baronscourt, Newtownstewart, owned 15,942 acres
James Acheson, address New Zealand, owned 59 acres
James R N Acheson, Reps of, no address given, owned 59 acres
Thomas Acheson, address Glenglush, Castlederg, owned 16 acres
John George Adair, address Glenveagh, Letterkenny, owned 16,308 acres
Robert Aitken, address Carnamoyle, owned 18 acres
Leslie Alexander, address Buncrana, owned 4,771 acres
Samuel Alexander, address Rateen, St Johnstown, owned 22 acres
Right Rev Dr Alexander, address The Palace, Derry, owned 2,680 acres
William S Alexander, address Roe Park, Newtownlimavady, owned 504 acres
Moore Allen, address Carrickbrack, owned 44 acres
Mrs Allingham, address Willybrook, Ballyshannon, owned 259 acres
Andrew Allison, address Toberoneil, Ballindreat, Strabane, owned 78 acres
William Allison, address Carnamoyle, owned 28 acres
Alexander Anderson, address Carricknahoma, owned 15 acres
Eliza Anderson, address Alla, Ballyshannon, owned 10 acres
John Anderson, address Alla, Ballyshannon, owned 10 acres
John Anderson, address Carricknahoma, owned 8 acres
Lowry Anderson, address Donegal, owned 20 acres
Mrs Anderson, address Strabane, owned 197 acres
Thomas Anderson, address Alla, Ballyshannon, owned 54 acres
John Arbuckle, address Carnamoyle, owned 27 acres
Mary Armstong, address Whitecastle, owned 9 acres
William Armstong, address Mellview, Coxtown, owned 7 acres
Earl of Arran, address Pavilion House, London, owned 6,883 acres
George Atcheson, address Drumskillan, owned 76 acres
James Atkins, address Strabane, owned 372 acres
Thomas J Atkinson, Sr , address Cavangarden, owned 3,491 acres
William Atkinson, address Cavangarden, owned 459 acres
Alexander Auston, address Carnamoyle, owned 1 acre
Hume Babington, address Londonderry, owned 35 acres
Miss Babington, address Dublin, owned 14 acres
Daniel Baird, Reps of, address Chancery, owned 12 acres
James Baird, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 14 acres
William Baird, same address owned 14 acres
Anne Baldrick, address Cabry, owned 1 acre
Hannah Baldrick, same address, owned 4 acres
"Ballast Board," no address given, owned 4 acres
"Ballindreat Meeting House, Congregation of," address Ballindreat, owned 44 acres
Rev Dr Barclay, address Dublin, owned 8 acres
John Barclay, address Figart, Raphoe, owned 51 acres
Mrs Barclay, address Carrickbrack, owned 37 acres
Agnes and Mary Barker, address London, owned 344 acres
George Barrett, no address given, owned 51 acres
Lindsay Barrett, address Bruckless, Donegal, owned 86 acres
William Barrett, address Carrignagore, Killybegs, owned 127 acres
Baptist Johnston Barton, address Greenfort, Croaghross, Milford, Letterkenny, owned 8,017 acres
Mrs Barton, address Waterfoot, Pettigo, owned 585 acres
Catherine Baskin, address Mountcharles owned 16 acres
Oliver Baskin, same address, owned 10 acres
Sir Rt Bateson, Reps of, address Castruse, Londonderry, owned 212 acres
Thomas Batt, address Rathmullen, Ramelton, Letterkenny, owned 4,377 acres
Peter Bayne, address Ramelton, owned 38 acres
Joseph Bean, address Cabry, owned 37 acres
Messrs Beatty and Brown, address Drumhagart, owned 52 acres
John Beatty, address Spamount, Dunkineely, owned 56 acres
John Beers, address Leslie Hill, owned 15 acres
Capt Bell and others, no address given, owned 338 acres
Messrs Bell and Wiley, address Drumhagart, owned 185 acres
Alexander Belle, address Derryvane, owned 39 acres
Joseph Bennies, no address given, owned 30 acres
Richard Benson, address Carrowcannon, Falcarragh, owned 20 acres
John B Beresford, address Ashbrook, owned 1,342 acres
Joseph Binns, address Knockameny, Malin, owned 153 acres
Alexander Black, address Derry, owned 598 acres
Miss Catherine Black, address Lislap, Omagh, owned 257 acres
Hamilton Black, address Theegus, Ballyshannon, owned 13 acres
Joseph Black, Reps of, address Muff, owned 482 acres
Thomas Black, address Drumennan, owned 336 acres
Edward Blain, address Killybegs, owned 320 acres
J C Bloomfield, address Castlecaldwell, Belleek, owned 34 acres
"Board of Ordnance," no address given, owned 3 acres
Geo Boggs, Reps of, no address given, owned 447 acres
Robert Bond, address Dullertown, owned 415 acres
John Borland, address Cloghfin, Tamney, Milford, owned 163 acres
John G Bowen, address Burt, owned 192 acres
Margaret Boyce, address Donegal, owned 8 acres
John R Boyd, address Ballymacool, Letterkenny, owned 5,001 acres
Daniel Boyle, address Glenfad, Clonleigh, owned 12 acres
Rev Edward Boyle, address Naveny, owned 4 acres
Mrs Boyle, address Newtownlimavady, owned 444 acres
Edward Brady, address Rockfield, Ballyshannon, owned 70 acres
Geo Frazer Brady, address Gwedore, Cross-roads, owned 15 acres
Mrs Patrick Brady, address Waltham-terrace, Blackrock, owned 14 acres
Messrs Brassey and Wagstaff, no address given, owned 2,996 acres
Thos Young Brooke, address Lough Esk, Donegal, owned 15,134 acres
Anne Brookins, address Cabry, owned 36 acres
James Brookins, same address, owned 23 acres
Jane Brookins, same address owned 20 acres
Richard Brookins, same address, owned 21 acres
Robert Brookins, same address owned 21 acres
Mrs Brougham, address Eirk Rectory, Johnston, Kilkenny, owned 3 acres
Hannah Brown, address Fearn, Castlederg, owned 52 acres
Jane Brown, address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 39 acres
James Brown, address Ballyarnot, owned 110 acres
Brown, John, address Fearn, Castlederg, owned 52 acres
Brown, John (Barnett), address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 58 acres
Brown, John (Big), same address, owned 23 acres
Brown, John (Wilson), same address, owned 33 acres
Patrick Brown, address Cabry, owned (23? acres
Samuel Brown address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 21 acres
Susan Brown, address Cabry, owned 14 acres
William Brown, address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 9 acres
David Browne, address Carrickbrack, owned 45 acres
Thomas Browne, address Fearn, Castlederg, owned 125 acres
William Buchanan, address Doohan, Castlefin, owned 27 acres
John L Bucknell, Reps of, no address given, owned 282 acres
Ebenezer Bustard, address Bellville, Dunkineely, owned 10,249 acres
Mrs Mary Byrne and Miss Frances Dillon, address Blackrock, Co Dublin, owned 3,379 acres
Henry Caldwell, address Killea, owned 113 acres
John Caldwell, address Blairstown, owned 38 acres
William Caldwell, address Magherashanvally, owned 106 acres
Daniel Callaghan, address Cronalaghy, owned 248 acres
Henry Callaghan, same address, owned 27 acres
James Callaghan, same address owned 25 acres
Pat Callaghan, same address, owned 66 acres
Gen Campbell, Reps of, no address given, 211 acres
Jas and Robt Campbell, address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 45 acres
John Campbell, same address, owned 18 acres
Campbell and Lynch, address Carnamoyle, owned 649 acres
Mrs Campbell, same address, owned 98 acres
Campbell and Wiley, same address, owned 619 acres
Wm Campbell (junior), address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 37 acres
Wm Campbell (Willy), same address, owned 54 acres
Rev John Canning, address Rockville, Malin, owned 43 acres
Andrew Cannon, address Carrowcannon, Falcarragh, owned 12 acres
Daniel Cannon, same address, owned 10 acres
John Cannon, same address, owned 10 acres
Michael Cannon, same address, owned 15 acres
William Cannon, same address, owned 11 acres
Tistram Carey, address Ballybrack, Moville, owned 2,854 acres
Owen Carlin, address Cronalaghy, owned 110 acres
Andrew Carmichael, address Cabry, owned 6 acres
Robert Carmichael, same address, owned 6 acres
James Carson, address Raphoe, owned 272 acres
Robert Carson, address Dublin, owned 670 acres
Samuel Carson, address Ralphoe, owned 111 acres
Arthur L Cary, address Castlecary, Moville, owned 2,182 acres
Samuel Cassidy, address Bruckless, Dunkineely, owned 376 acres
Rev John Cathers, no address given, owned 146 acres
William Cathers, no address given, owned 31 acres
Hugh Cavanagh, address Greencastle, Co Donegal, owned 26 acres
Thomas Chambers, address Londonderry, owned 150 acres
John S Charley, address Fenaghy House, Belfast, owned 6,498 acres
Miss Chichester, no address given, owned 592 acres
"Church Temporalities, Commissioners of," address Dublin, owned 21,489 acres
Patrick Clancy, address Kinlough, owned 194 acres
Andrew Clarke, address Belmount, Lifford, owned 668 acres
Anne Clarke, address Porthall owned 273 acres
George Clarke, address Knocknashannon, owned 48 acres
James Clarke, address Raphoe, owned 1 acre
John Clarke, address Carnamuggah Lower, Letterkenny, owned 26 acres
John Clarke, address Lisnaholly, Ballyshannon, owned 17 acres
Joseph Clarke, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 9 acres
Robert Clarke, address Raphoe, owned 11 acres
Thomas Clarke, same address owned 10 acres
James Cleary, address Roosky, Lower, Castlefin, owned 20 acres
Michael Cleary, address Ballyshannon, owned 43 acres
Henry Coam, address Higginstown, owned 387 acres
Joseph Cochran, address Burnfoot, owned 370 acres
Richard Cochran, address Springhill, Quigley's Point, owned 645 acres
Hon Ernest Cochrane, address Gortgowan, Moville, owned 13 acres
John Cochrane, address Ballyderman, owned 18 acres
James Cochrane, address Kingstown, owned 865 acres
Joseph Cochrane, address Edenmore, owned 993 acres
Alexander Cockburn, address Ballymagrorty, owned 36 acres
James Cockburn, same address, owned 21 acres
William Cockburn, address Ballyshannon, owned 360 acres
Alexander Colhoun, address Carnowen, Castlefinn, owned 64 acres
Andrew Colhoun, address Knockglass, Malin, owned 21 acres
Charles K Colhoun, address 6, Leinster-street, Dublin, owned 195 acres
David Colhoun, address Knockglass, Malin, owned 37 acres
James Colhoun, same address, owned 21 acres
Jane Colhoun, Reps of, address Londonderry, owned 29 acres
John Colhoun, address Knockglass, Malin, owned 25 acres
Robert Colhoun, same address, owned 26 acres
John Collum, address Enniskillen, owned 1,902 acres
Thomas Colquhoun, address Rockfort, Buncrana, owned 2,051 acres
Isaac Colvin, address Ballymagrorty, owned 18 acres
James Colvin, same address, owned 3 acres
Robert Colvin, Sr , same address, owned 57 acres
Robert Colvin, Jr , same address, owned 39 acres
William Colvin, same address, owned 14 acres
William Colvin, address Cashel, owned 7 acres
"Commissioners of Education," address Dublin, owned 2 acres
"Commissioners of Endowed Schools," no address given, owned 7,837 acres
Mrs Connolly, address Superioress of Convent, Letterkenny, owned 9 acres
Thomas Connolly, address Castletown, Co Dublin, owned 22,736 acres
Anthony Conwall, address Killybegs, owned 4 acres
Marquess of Conyngham, address Slane Castle, Co Meath, owned 122,300 acres
George Cooke, address Ramelton, owned 1 acre
Thomas Cooney, address Cashel, owned 20 acres
John Copeland, address Enniskillen, owned 68 acres
James Corscadden, address Carricknahoma, owned 38 acres
James Corscaden, address Ballyarnot, owned 156 acres
Andrew Coyle, address Carricknahoma, owned 46 acres
Henry Coyle, address Fahan, owned 33 acres
James Coyle, address Whitehill, Ballintra, owned 45 acres
John Craig, address Killygordon, owned 1,231 acres
John Craig, address Magheraboy, owned 21 acres
Walter Craig, address Derry, owned 41 acres
Alex Crawford, address Londonderry, owned 2,660 acres
David Crawford, address Ballyshannon, owned 88 acres
James Crawford, address Ballymagrorty, owned 53 acres
Rev Wm Crawford, address Cookstown, owned 1,195 acres
Andw Crockett, Reps of, address Drumsheer, Londonderry, owned 86 acres
Robert Crockett, address Plaster, owned 83 acres
John Crommer, address Drumrooske, Donegal, owned 123 acres
Rev Jas Crookshank, address Rossnowlagh, owned 10 acres
James Crossen, address Cabry, owned 7 acres
Owen Crossen, addres Cabry, owned 45 acres
James Crowford, address Londonderry, owned 444 acres
Wm and Mrs Crozier, address Dublin, owned 10 acres
John Cummins, address Ballyshannon, owned 9 acres
Thomas Cunnea, address Killybegs, owned 9 acres
Hugh Cunningham, address Drumboy, owned 79 acres
James Cunningham, address Cormickilly Urney, Strabane, owned 24 acres
John Cunningham, address Lifford, owned 4 acres
Patrick Cunningham, address Ardfarna, owned 8 acres
Robert Cunningham, address Near Londonderry, owned 532 acres
Sarah Cunningham, Reps of, address Burt, Londonderry, owned 73 acres
John and Patrick Curran, address St Johnstown, owned 15 acres
Welhelmina Curry, address Buncrana, owned 461 acres
John W Danby, address Lincoln, England, owned 35 acres
Darcus and Lecky, address Larne and Derry (undivided) owned 582 acres
Solomon Darcus, address Gardenmore, Larne, owned 1,116 acres
Edward Davenport, address Londonderry, owned 42 acres
Sarah Davidson, address London, owned 596 acres
James Davis, address Donegal, owned 140 acres
Thomas Davis, address Letterkenny, owned 245 acres
"Dean & Chapter, Raphoe," address Raphoe, owned 103 acres
John Dean, address Ballyderman, owned 29 acres
Charles Deazley, address Pembroke, England, owned 5,362 acres
Mrs Debutt, address Dublin, owned 28 acres
Rev Alexander Delap, owned Templecrone, Dungloe, owned 369 acres
John Delap, address Ballyconnelly, Ray, Ramelton, owned 68 acres
John Delap, address Kincraigy, owned 38 acres
Rev Robt Delap, address Monellan, Killygordon, owned 5,923 acres
Samuel Delap, address Ballyconnelly, Ray, Ramelton, owned 61 acres
John Devenny, address Swilly, Clonleigh, owned 13 acres
Jeremiah Devlin, address America, owned 10 acres
Edward Dickson, address Templenew, Ballyshannon, owned 57 acres
John Eccles Dickson address Collooney, Sligo, and Thomas W Dickson, address Bundoran, and Lewellyn Nash, address Northcumberland-rd, Dublin, jointly owned 827 acres
John R Dickson, address Tullaghan House, Tullaghan, owned 873 acres
Edward Dillon, address Roughan, owned 29 acres
Rev Thomas Diver, address Sandhill, Dunfanaghy, owned 3 acres
George Dixon, address Glenveaugh, Church Hill, owned 5,755 acres
James Dixon, address Carnamoyle, owned 34 acres
John Dixon, address Glenveaugh, Church Hill, owned 5,755 acres
Thomas Dixon, address Pettigo, owned 1,702 acres
Thomas Dixon, address Carricknahorna, owned 828 acres
Anderson Dobson, address Letterleague, Letterkenny, owned 97 acres
Edward Doherty, address Carndonagh, owned 232 acres
Edward Doherty, address Custom House, Dublin, owned 1,294 acres
Rev Edward George Doherty, address Buncrana, owned 37 acres
James Doherty, address Terhoran, Clonmany, owned 150 acres
Rev John Doherty, address Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 13 acres
John Doherty, address Carndonagh, owned 698 acres
John Doherty, address Gravesend, England, owned 2,203 acres
John Doherty, Reps of, address Agent, Wm Doherty, Clonmany, owned 826 acres
Michael Doherty, address Glen House, Clonmany, owned 113 acres
Neal Doherty, address Carndonagh, owned 226 acres
Patrick Doherty, address Corraine, owned 45 acres
Philip Doherty, address Knockameny, Malin, owned 65 acres
Richard Doherty, address Redcastle, owned 6,363 acres
William Doherty, address Termaine, Clonmany, owned 245 acres
Donegall, the Marquess of, address London, owned 5,521 acres
Donegall, the Marquess of, and James Corscadden, no address given, owned 48 acres
Donegall, the Marquess of, and Wiley, no address given, owned 434 acres
Ezekiel Donnell, address Miltown, Ballymagorry, owned 62 acres
Samuel Donnell, address Strabane, owned 15 acres
Patrick Douglas, address Cabry, owned 2 acres
Philip J Doyne, address Foxhall, Rashedog, owned 430 acres
William Dudgeon, address Omagh, owned 18 acres
George Dunbar, address Woburn, Donaghadee, owned 5,427 acres
George Duncan, address Knocknashannon, owned 39 acres
William Duncan, address Carrowcannon, Falcarragh, owned 66 acres
Joseph Dysart, address Burt, owned 505 acres
Andrew Elder, address Scotland, owned 66 acres
David Elder, address Ballydiravan, owned 64 acres
Robert Elder, same address, owned 35 acres
Samuel Elder, same address, owned 35 acres
Samuel Elder, address Gortnacomb, Letterkenny, owned 36 acres
William Elder, address Ballydiravan, owned 25 acres
Archibald Elliott, address Aghamuldoney, Belleek, owned 4 acres
James Elliott, same address, owned 4 acres
Joseph Elliott, address Alla, Ballyshannon, owned 25 acres
William Elliott, same address, owned 5 acres
William Elliott, address Letterkenny, owned 3 acres
Thomas Ellis, address Bundoran, owned 15 acres
Thomas Ellison, address Blairstown, owned 18 acres
John English, address Derryvane, owned 208 acres
Erne, the Earl of, address Crom Castle, Newtownbutler, owned 4,826 acres
John Evans, address Ardara, owned 120 acres
Samuel Ewing, address Murlough, owned 35 acres
Owen Farren, address Straid, Clonmany, owned 29 acres
Anne Faulkner, address Cabry, owned 2 acres
George Faulkner, address Cabry, owned 2 acres
Neal Faulkner, address Cabry, owned 7 acres
Robert Faussett, address County Inspector, Armagh, owned 3,006 acres
Francis Fawcett, address Rowantree-hill, Belleek, owned 228 acres
Mrs Fawcett, address Erneville, Lisnaskea, owned 193 acres
Robert Fawcett, address Downpatrick, owned 1,272 acres
John Fenton, Reps of, address Corcarn, Stranorlar, owned 149 acres
William Fenwick, Reps of, address Greenhills, Raphoe, owned 5,005 acres
John Ferguson, address London, owned 3,769 acres
Bernard Fisher, address Kilmacredan, Inver, owned 82 acres
Jane Fisher, address Kingstown, owned 123 acres
"Fishery Company," address Ballyshannon, owned 3 acres
James Flaherty, address Carrickboy, Ballyshannon, owned 7 acres
Rev Francis Fleming, address Laurencekirk, Scotland, owned 118 acres
Samuel Fleming, address Letterkenny, owned 520 acres
Daniel Floyd, address Cronalaghy, owned 58 acres
John Floyd, same address, owned 65 acres
John Floyd (2nd) same address, owned 12 acres
Michael Floyd, same address, owned 11 acres
Lt #NAME? John Folliott, address Hollybrook, Boyle, owned 1,783 acres
Arthur S B Forster, address Roshin Lodge, Dunloe, owned 7,281 acres
Arthur H Foster, address Bell Isle, Ballintra, owned 2,594 acres
Mrs Margaretta Foster, address Drumfad, Croaghross, Milford, owned 143 acres
Robert Foster, same address, owned 164 acres
Samuel Foster, address Londonderry, owned 222 acres
Wilhelmina C Foster, address Ballinakillen Mountain, Laghy, owned 570 acres
William John Foster, address Drumfad, Croaghross, Milford, owned 164 acres
William John Foster, address Londonderry, owned 2,396 acres
Charles Friel, address Glenree, Carrigart, owned Letterkenny, owned 58 acres
James Friell, address Agherbeg, owned 34 acres
John Fullerton, address The Cairn, Ramelton, owned 67 acres
Rev Thomas Fullerton, address Glebe, Stranorlar, owned 49 acres
Miss Anne Fulton, address Roebuck House, Miltown, Co Dublin, owned 294 acres
David Fulton, address Knockglass, Malin, owned 7 acres
John Fulton, address Edymore, Strabane, owned 433 acres
Connolly Gallagher, address Ardfarna, owned 26 acres
Francis Gallagher, address Lurgybrack, Letterkenny, owned 145 acres
James Gallagher, address Cabry, owned 1 acre
William Gallagher, address Rooskey, Lower Castlefin, owned 17 acres
Anthony Gallen, address Cronalaghy, owned 26 acres
Charles Gallen, same address, owned 74 acres
Denis Gallen, sen , same address, owned 2 acres
Denis Gallen, jun , same address owned 38 acres
John Gallen, same address, owned 40 acres
Maurice Gallen, same address, owned 65 acres
Michael Gallen, same address owned 24 acres
Owen Gallen, also Cronalaghy, owned 14 acres
Patrick Gallen, same address, owned 38 acres
Patrick Gallen, jun , same address, owned 149 acres
Thos Handcock Gamble, address Omagh, owned 91 acres
William Gamble, address Grange, Co Tyrone, owned 119 acres
Elizabeth Gavigan, address Ballyshannon, owned 53 acres
Edward Gilfilland, address Derryvane, owned 1 acre
John Gill, address Ballyshannon, owned 13 acres
Alex Nesbitt Gillespie, address care, Alexander Mitchell, Ramelton, owned 1 acre
Thaddeus Gillespy, address Ardfarna, owned 4 acres
Samuel Gilliland, address Londonderry, owned 3,940 acres
James Gilmartin, address Ardfarna, owned 9 acres
John Gilroy, address Carricknahoma, owned 7 acres
Patrick Gilroy, same address, owned 10 acres
James Glass, address Carnamuggagh Lower, Letterkenny, owned 15 acres
Matthew Glass, same address, owned 16 acres
Alexander Glen, address Figart, Raphoe, owned 25 acres
James Glynn, address Murlough, owned 35 acres
Stuart Gordon, Reps of, address Dublin, owned 363 acres
Andrew Gourley, address Toberoneil, Ballindreat, Strabane, owned 63 acres
James Gourley, address Carnshannagh, Raphoe, owned 21 acres
Samuel Gourley, address Shannon, Ballindreat, owned 55 acres
Catherine Graham, address Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 135 acres
Hugh Graham, address Ballinascadden, Letterkenny, owned 13 acres
John Graham, same address, owned 24 acres
John Graham, address Ballyconnelly, Ray, Ramelton, owned 18 acres
Mrs Graham, address Londonderry, owned 335 acres
Robert Graham, address Ballinascadden, Letterkenny, owned 38 acres
Thomas Graham, address Glasgow, owned 2,228 acres
"Grand Jury of Donegal," address Lifford, owned 1 acre
Andrew Green, jun , address Ballyshannon, owned 29 acres
Mrs Mary Green, address Rock, Ballyshannon, owned 12 aces
Anthony Greene, address Raphoe, owned 2 acres
Catherine Greene, same address, owned 33 acres
John Gregg, address Correnagh, Letterkenny, owned 121 acres
Robert Gregg, address Ballinascadden, Letterkenny, owned 28 acres
Wm Gregg, Reps of, address Derryvolgin, Lisburn, owned 293 acres
James Griffith, address Donegal, owned 8 acres
John Griffith, address Cashel, owned 19 acres
Robert Griffith, address Carricknahoma, owned 38 acres
Thomas Griffith, same address, owned 12 acres
James G Grove, address Castlegrove, Ballymaleel, owned 2,140 acres
Alex Hamilton, Reps of, address Coxtown, Ballintra, owned 2,383 acres
Andrew Hamilton, address Kingstown, Co Dublin, owned 391 acres
Anne Hamilton, address Fintra, Killybegs, owned 3,999 acres
Babington Hamilton, address Glenfad, Clonleigh, owned 36 acres
Blair Hamilton, address Raphoe, owned 36 acres
Charles Hamilton, address Ballyfitton, Strabane, owned 398 acres
Chichester Hamilton, address Kingstown, Co Dublin, owned 3,901 acres
Claude Hamilton, address Agherbeg, owned 23 acres
Galbraith Hamilton, address Eden, Nairn, owned 547 acres
Hugh Hamilton, address Ballymagrorty, owned 37 acres
Mrs James Hamilton, address Letterkenny, owned 233 acres
James Hamilton, address Bundoran, owned 23 acres
James Hamilton, address Brown Hall, Ballintra, owned 8,507 acres
Rev John Hamilton, address Manorhamilton, owned 3,181 acres
John Hamilton, address St Ernan's, Donegal, owned 9,448 acres
John Hamilton, address Waterside, owned 444 acres
John Hamilton, Reps of, address Coxtown, owned 3 acres
Matthew Hamilton, address Tintagh, owned 32 acres
Mrs Hamilton, address Fahan, owned 151 acres
Robert Hamilton, address Agherbeg, owned 23 acres
Thomas Hamilton, address Moy, owned 1,240 acres
Thomas H Hamilton, address Coolaghy, Raphoe, owned 134 acres
William Hamilton, address Coxtown, Ballintra, also owned 134 acres
William Hamilton, address Raphoe, owned 171 acres
John Hannah, address Whitehouse, owned 48 acres
Daniel Harkin, address Carnamuggagh Lower, Letterkenny, owned 1 acre
William Harper, address Strabane, owned 35 acres
Mrs Harrison, address Buncrana, owned 53 acres
Thomas Bernard Hart, address Glenulla, Ray, Ramelton, owned 1,599 acres
George V Harte, address Kilderry, Muff, Co Donegal, owned 6,598 acres
Miss Eliza Harvey, address Care of J Cochrane, Lifford, owned 3,288 acres
E C A Harvey, address Killea, owned 85 acres
George Harvey, address Muff, owned 653 acres
George Harvey, address Fairfield House, Cheltenham, owned 25,593 acres
George Henry Harvey, address Harold Hall, Bedford, owned 11,308 acres
George Miller Harvey, address Malin Hall, Malin, owned 10,363 acres
William Harvey, address Molennon, Derry, owned 75 acres
William M Harvey, address Harold Hall, Bedford, owned 904 acres
Arthur K Haslett, address Carrownaff, Moville, owned 2,416 acres
Samuel T Haslett, MD, address Drumgowan, Donegal, owned 64 acres
William Haslett, address Derryvane, owned 41 acres
Capt C H Hastings, address Surrey, England, owned 59 acres
Mr Hastings, no address given, owned 152 acres
James Hawkins, address Dublin, owned 612 acres
Sir Samuel H Hayes, bart , address Drumboe Castle, owned 22,825 acres
James Hempton, address Derry, owned 1 acre
Alexander Henderson, address Carrownuff, Moville, owned 5 acres
James Henderson, address Trimragh, Letterkenny, owned 73 acres
Joseph Henderson, Reps of, address Toberoneil, Ballindreat, owned 83 acres
Rev Robt Henderson, address England, owned 373 acres
James Henry, MD, address Omagh, owned 83 acres
Sir Frederick Heygate, address Bellarena, Derry, owned 3,338 acres
Lady Hill, Reps of, address St Collum's, Londonderry, owned 969 acres
Lord Geo Augusta Hill, address Ballyvar, Ramelton, owned 24,189 acres
James Holmes, address Ballincor, owned 37 acres
James Holmes, address Naveny, owned 74 acres
James Holmes, address Raphoe, owned 1 acre
William Holmes, address Dungannon, owned 281 acres
Addison Hone, address Kildare, owned 331 acres
William Hood, address Gortlee, Letterkenny, owned 5 acres
William Hood, address Edenmore, Clonleigh, owned 11 acres
Anne Hoome, address Letterkenny, owned 2 acres
Christopher Humphreys, Reps of, no address given, owned 403 acres
J K Humphries, Reps of, address Cavanacore, Lifford, owned 13,314 acres
Richard Hunter, address Drumhagart, owned 14 acres
Thomas Hyndman, address Raphoe, owned 2 acres
Thomas Allan Ingram, address Figart, Dunfanaghy, owned 2 acres
Edward Irvine, address Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, owned 14,352 acres
James Irvine, address Dunfanaghy, owned 15 acres
Pechell Irvine, address Rosebank, Moville, owned 12 acres
Burton Irwin, address Streamstown, Ballymote, Co Sligo, owned 2,750 acres
Francis Irwin, address Agherbeg, owned 49 acres
George Irwin, address Carnowen, Castlefinn, owned 127 acres
James Jackson, address Dublin, owned 87 acres
Eleazar Jenkins, address Naveny, owned 29 acres
Moses Jenkins, address New Zealand, owned 36 acres
Francis Jennings, address Rossnowlagh, owned 26 acres
James Jennings, same address, owned 7 acres
Rev Charles Jones, address Glebe, Kilteevock, owned 32 acres
Mrs Jones, no address given, owned 329 acres
Catherine Johnston, address Londonderry, owned 34 acres
Chas Johnston, Reps of, address Tullyhook, Laghy, owned 2,378 acres
Robert E Johnston, address Magheramena, owned 342 acres
James Johnston, address Rockfield, owned 24 acres
James Johnston, address Summerhill, Stranorlar owned 1,168 acres
Joseph Johnston, address Woodlands, Stranorlar, owned 2,564 acres
Robt St G Johnston, address Portnassan, Ballyshannon, owned 119 acres
Sir William Johnston, no address given, owned 1,096 acres
William Johnston, address Ture, owned 47 acres
William Johnston, address Kinlough House, Kinlough, owned 471 acres
Benj St John B Joule, address Manchester, owned 4,168 acres
Rev F Kelaghan, address Bundoran, owned 18 acres
Daniel Kelly, address Carndonagh, owned 228 acres
Edward Kelly, address Corcashy, owned 109 acres
Hugh Kelly, address Killybegs, owned 98 acres
Hugh Kelly, address Raphoe, owned 1 acre
James Kelly, address Raphoe, owned 3 acres
Peter Kelly, address Ballyshannon, owned 1,131 acres
John Kennedy, address London, owned 1,508 acres
John P Kennedy, address Calcutta, owned 449 acres
Catherine Kerr, address Raphoe, owned 3 acres
James Kerrigan, address Meencargagh, owned 240 acres
Richard W Key, address Dunlewy, owned 9,229 acres
Keys, ?first name, address Kensington, Surrey, England, owned 3 acres
Henry Killey, address Heathfield, Falcarragh, owned 310 acres
Kilpatrick, ?first name, address Derryvane, owned 22 acres
Thomas Kilpatrick, address Killea, owned 41 acres
William F Kincaid, address Ballyholly, Raphoe, owned 283 acres
William King, address Trimragh, Letterkenny, owned 79 acres
Rev Henry Kingsmill, D D , address Doven Glebe, Letterkenny, owned 236 acres
Captain Charles Knox, address Ballinrobe, owned 446 acres
George Knox, address Prehen, Derry, owned 3,641 acres
Wm McCrea Knox, address Lifford, owned 104 acres
Wm Knox, Reps of, address Clonleigh, owned 1,041 acres
George Laird, address Corraine, owned 68 acres
John Laird, address Tullyvinny, Raphoe, owned 20 acres
Samuel Laird, address Ballybofey, owned 1 acre
Michael B Lane, address Londonderry, owned 5,556 acres
Anne Law, no address given, owned 101 acres
Samuel Law, no address given, owned 25 acres
Henry St G Layard, address Hollymount, Carndonagh, owned 1,248 acres
Leckey, Connolly, W C , Reps of, address Warren Hill, Londonderry, owned 777 acres
Robert Leckey, address Labbadish, Manorcunningham, owned 578 acres
Thomas Leckey, address Longfield, Co Derry, owned 167 acres
R B Lecky, address Sixmilebridge, Co Tyrone, owned 90 acres
Esther Lee, address Ballymaleel, Letterkenny, owned 20 acres
Margaret Lee, same address, owned 51 acres
David Leitch, address Creive Glebe, Letterkenny, owned 240 acres
Rev Oliver Leitch, address Letterkenny, owned 2 acres
Earl of Leitrim, address Lough Rynn, Dromod, Mohill, Co Leitrim, owned 54,352 acres
Robert Lepper, address Foyle View, Redcastle, owned 1,352 acres
John Leslie, address Glasslough, Co Monaghan, owned 28,827 acres
John Leslie, address Ballyward, Co Down, owned 2,462 acres
Viscount Lifford, address Meenglass, owned 11,210 acres
Henry Likely, address Wardtown, owned 34 acres
Anne Lipsett, address Cashel, owned 17 acres
Christopher Lipsett, address Cashel, owned 23 acres
James Lipsett, address Ballyshannon, owned 111 acres
James Lipsett, address Cashel, owned 17 acres
Joseph Lipsett, no address given, owned 329 acres
Lewis Lipsett, address Cashel, owned 65 acres
Richard Lipsett, address Ballyshannon, owned 161 acres
Robert Lipsett, sen , same address, owned 14 acres
Robert Lipsett, jun , same address, owned 161 acres
William Lipsett, address Cashel, owned 31 acres
"Local Government Board," address Custom House, Dublin, owned 73 acres
Charles Lockhart, address Ballymaleel, Letterkenny, owned 57 acres
Marquess of Londonderry, no address given, owned 1,673 acres
John Long, address Drumhagart, owned 15 acres
William Long, address not given, owned 28 acres
Patrick Loughlin, address Ardfarna, owned 4 acres
Anne Loughrey, address Binion, Clonmany, owned 1,181 acres
James Loughrey, same address, owned 54 acres
John Loughrey, address Burt, Derry, owned 1,847 acres
William Loughrey, address Binion, Clonmany, owned 217 acres
Charles Love, address Crew, Castlederg, owned 68 acres
Rev Andrew Lowry, address Ballyshannon, owned 3 acres
David Lowry, address Carricknahorna, owned 18 acres
Elizabeth Lowry, same address, owned 29 acres
Samuel Lowther, address Brookville, Belfast, owned 751 acres
Hugh Lyle, address The Oaks, Londonderry, owned 24 acres
Major Lyle, address Moville, owned 4,561 acres
Thomas Lyle, address Strabane, owned 2,576 acres
James Lynch, address Carnamoyle, owned 13 acres
James Lynch, address Derryvane, Birdstown, owned 3 acres
John Lynch, no address given, owned 74 acres
Mrs Lynch, address Carnamoyle, owned 14 acres
Richard Lynch, address Kilderry, owned 78 acres
Richard and John Lynch, address Carnamoyle, owned 25 acres
Thomas Lynch, same address, owned 34 acres
Thomas and Wm Lynch, same address, owned 69 acres
George McAuley, address Carnamoyle, owned 34 acres
James McAuley, address Ballyarnot, owned 35 acres
John McBrearty, address Corraine, owned 45 acres
John McBride address Bankhead, Ramelton, owned 1 acre
Michael McCafferty, address Carricknahoma, owned 22 acres
Thomas McCaffrey, address Rooskey, Lower, Castlefin, owned 42 acres
Robert McCarter, address Fearn, Castlederg, owned 58 acres
Charles McCartney, address Ballyshannon, owned 41 acres
Joseph McCausland, address Lettergul, Raphoe, owned 30 acres
Wm and Geo McClea, address Fahan, owned 542 acres
Rev Thos McClelland, address Greencastle, Moville, owned 2,050 acres
Anne McClintock, address Londonderry, owned 22 acres
Mrs McClintock, Reps of, address Buncrana, owned 44 acres
Robert McClintock, address Dunmore, Carrigans, Derry, owned 1,977 acres
Ross McClintock, M D , address Raphoe, owned 167 acres
Thomas McClintock, address Carrowcannon, Falcarragh, owned 26 acres
Thompson M McClintock, address Germany, owned 1,813 acres
Andrew McClure, address Carrickbrack, owned 66 acres
David McClure, address Gobnascale, owned 59 acres
Henry McClure, address New College, Edinburgh, owned 329 acres
John McClure, address Ballynashanagh, Croaghross, Milford, owned 71 acres
Wm McClure, Reps of, address Londonderry, owned 1,055 acres
McColgan, ?first name and address not given, owned 34 acres
Charles McColgan, address Drumhagart, owned 56 acres
James McConkey, address Dublin, owned 522 acres
John McConnell, address Killybegs, owned 3 acres
Bernard McConnelogue, address Cabry, owned 29 acres
Barry McCorkell, address Londonderry, owned 983 acres
Joseph McCoy, address Cashel, owned 11 acres
William McCready, address Agherbeg, owned 33 acres
Alice McCrossan, address Omagh, owned 8 acres
John McCrossan, Reps of, Omagh, owned 889 acres
George McCurdy, address Meenahoney, owned 58 acres
James McCurdy, Reps of, address Magheracallaghan, owned 248 acres
Joseph McCurdy Reps of, and Laughlin McCurdy, Trustee, address Belfast, owned 48 acres
James McDaid, address Raphoe, owned 22 acres
Bernard McDermott, address Rossgeir, Lifford, owned 35 acres
Bernard McDermott, address Raphoe, owned 2 acres
Daniel McDermott, address Rossgeir, Lifford, owned 100 acres
Daniel McDevitt, address Glenties, owned 1,176 acres
Hugh McDevitt, Reps of, address Rashedog, Letterkenny, owned 28 acres
James McDevitt, address Cabry, owned 14 acres
Patrick McDevitt, same address, owned 10 acres
William McDevitt, address Raphoe, owned 2 acres
Sarah McDonald, address Donegal, owned 125 acres
Charles McElhinney, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 9 acres
James McElhinny, address Raphoe, owned 1 acre
William McElhinny, address Rooskey, Lower, Castlefin, owned 19 acres
Rev James McFadden, address Cashel, Falcarragh, owned 12 acres
James McFadden, address Letterkenny, owned 2 acres
Manus McFadden, address Rashedog, Letterkenny, owned 248 acres
William Howard McGarvey, address Cloghfin, Tamney, Milford, owned 90 acres
Mary McGeehan, address Glenkeeragh, Churchill, owned 84 acres
John McGettigan, address Glenree, Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 53 acres
Patrick McGettigan, address Drumlackagh, Creeslough, Letterkenny, owned 140 acres
Unity McGettigan, address Glenree, Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 53 acres
James McGill, address Kincraigy, owned 134 acres
Francis McGlead, address Belfast, owned 11,207 acres
Patrick McGlinshy, address Cronalaghy, owned 11 acres
Maurice McGolrick, address Cronalaghy, owned 14 acres
Daniel McGreggor, address Ballinascadden, Letterkenny, owned 147 acres
William McGroarty, address Killygordon, owned 753 acres
Patrick McGuinness, address Castle, Strabane, owned 170 acres
William Machay, address Ballynagalliagh, owned 100 acres
Joseph McIlhanny, address Ballymalee, Letterkenny, owned 10 acres
John McIlwaine, address Dunmore, owned 53 acres
Aaron McIntyre, address Cooleyslinn, Castlefin, owned 6 acres
William McKay, address Dublin, owned 698 acres
Isabella Mackey, address Grahamsland, Castlefin, owned 1 acre
James Thompson Mackey, address Belmount, Londonderry, owned 2,647 acres
Robert McKinley, address Lisnabert, Castlefin, owned 103 acres
Patrick McLaughlin, address Kilderry, owned 19 acres
Jos McLoone, address Donegal, owned 375 acres
Mrs McLoone, same address, owned 8 acres
Michael McMacken, address Omagh, owned 59 acres
Rev E McMahon, address America, owned 85 acres
Robert McMonigall, address Ture, owned 51 acres
William McMonigall, same address, owned 7 acres
Hector S McNeill, address Lanark Miltia, Lanark, owned 1.083 acres
Edward McNulty, address Ballyshannon, owned 96 acres
Francis McNutt, address Ballyconnelly, Ray, Ramelton, owned 77 acres
Henry McNutt, address Carnamuggagh, Lower, Letterkenny, owned 26 acres
James McSheffrey, address Dromaville, Carndonagh, owned 2,310 acres
James McSheffrey, address Claremount, Moville, owned 79 acres
Robert McVity, address Ballyshannon, owned 18 acres
William McVity, address Cashel, owned 11 acres
Charles Maguire, address Bundoran, owned 4 acres
Hugh Maguire, address Cronalaghy, owned 31 acres
James Maguire, address Ballyshannon, owned 10 acres
Owen Maguire, address Cashelane, owned 14 acres
Patrick Maguire, same address, also owned 14 acres
Mr Mahaffy, address Dublin, owned 59 acres
Mrs Mahaffy, address Genoa, owned 414 acres
Robert Mahaffy, address Roughan, owned 87 acres
James Malseed, address Tulleybeg, Ramelton, owned 82 acres
John Malseed, address Moyagh, Ramelton, owned 21 acres
Richard Malseed, address Ray, Ramelton, owned 20 acres
Francis Mansfield, address Ardrummon, Ballymaleel, owned 1,225 acres
Francis Stewart Mansfield, address Castlewray, Letterkenny, owned 89 acres
George D Mansfield, address Drumquin, owned 195 acres
Rev James Marshall, address Ballysallard, Belfast, owned 353 acres
James Marshall, address Monfad, owned 26 acres
James B Marshall, address Sallybrooke, Manorcunningham, owned 315 acres
William Marshall, address Carricknahoma, owned 12 acres
William Martin, address Ramelton, owned 5 acres
Rev Henry Maturin, address Gartan Glebe, Church Hill, owned 94 acres
James Maxwell, address Figart, Raphoe, owned 5 acres
Rev Robert Maxwell, address Birdstown, Derry, owned 4,516 acres
Hugh Mehan, address Carrick, owned 54 acres
Thomas Mehan, same address, owned 21 acres
Isaac Meldrum, address Carricknahoma, owned 12 acres
Catherine Metcalfe, address Benduff, Carndonagh, owned 95 acres
John Metcalfe, address Carndonagh, owned 47 acres
Joseph E Millar, address Londonderry, owned 40 acres
William Millar, address Pluck, Letterkenny, owned 60 acres
Alexander Mitchell, address Ramelton, owned 1 acre
George H Mitchell, address Riverton, Buncrana, owned 1,209 acres
Robert Mitchell, address Limefield, Moville, owned 3 acres
William Mitchell, address Raphoe, owned 18 acres
George Moffat, address Gobnascale, ownd 61 acres
Alexander Montgomery, address Ray, Manorcunningham, owned 49 acres
James Montgomery, address Liverpool, owned 140 acres
John Montgomery, address Benvardue, owned 227 acres
Matthew Montgomery, address Newtown, Ballyshannon, owned 73 acres
Robert G Montgomery, address Convoy House, Raphoe, owned 8,861 acres
Rev Saml Montgomery, Reps of, no address given, owned 3,373 acres
William Montgomery, address Carricknahoma, owned 18 acres
Andrew Moody, address Rockfield, St, owned 59 acres Johnstown,
William Moody, same address, owned 46 acres
Adam Moore, address Glenree, Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 39 acres
George Moore, address Ballinacarrick, owned 109 acres
James Moore, address Ballybegley, owned 51 acres
John Moore, address Raphoe, owned 271 acres
Peter Moore, address Glenree, Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 39 acres
James Morrison, address Ballyderman, owned 39 acres
John Morrison, address Claragh, Ramelton, owned 31 acres
Margaret Morrison, Reps of, same address, owned 30 acres
William Morrison, same address, also owned 30 acres
James Morrow, address Ballymaleel, Letterkenny, owned 9 acres
Thomas Morrow, address Ogherbeg, owned 28 acres
Thomas Morrow, address Carricknahorna, owned 27 acres
William Morrow, address Ballymagroorty, owned 10 acres
Rev William Mortimeter, address Ballynahinch, Co Down, owned 3,825 acres
Felix Moss, address Cronalaghy, owned 22 acres
John Moss, same address, owned 16 acres
Caldwell Motherwell, address Near Derry, owned 300 acres
John Motherwell, address Castrues, owned 272 acres
James Mowbray, Reps of, address Carricknahorna, owned 24 acres
John Mowbray, address Ballymagrorty, owned 42 acres
William Mowbray, same address, owned 23 acres
Sarah Mulhern, address Ardfarna, owned 2 acres
Thomas Mulhern, same address, owned 4 acres
John Mullen, address Springfield, Sligo, owned 26 acres
Hugh Mulreany, address Donegal, owned 944 acres
Messrs Musgrave, address Drumglass House, Belfast, owned 23,673 acres
James Neilson, address Largynagrene, Killybegs, owned 79 acres
James Nelson, address Castlefin, owned 31 acres
Thomas Nelson, same address, owned 30 acres
Mary Newell, address 27, Upper Leeson-street, Dublin, owned 289 acres
Courtenay Newton, address Kilkeel, Dungannon, owned 10,486 acres
James S Nicholson, address Falmore, Moville, owned 6,531 acres
Rev Alexander Brown Nixon, address Knockballymore, Clones, owned 9,084 acres
Samuel Noble, address Ballymaleel, Letterkenny, owned 33 acres
Robert H Nolan, address Londonderry, owned 9 acres
Thomas Norman, address Glengollan, Fahan, Derry, owned 5,411 acres
Mr Oakley, no address given, owned 50 acres
James O'Doherty, address Ballygorman, Malin, owned 799 acres
John O'Doherty, address Dublin, owned 15 acres
William O'Doherty, address Carnamoyle, owned 38 acres
Dominick O'Donnell, address Fahan, owned 73 acres
Rev Hugh O'Donnell, address Barrack, Rashedog, owned 140 acres
Wybrants Olphert, address Ballyconnel House, Falcarragh, owned 18,133 acres
John O'Neill, address Ballyshannon, owned 16 acres
Alexander Orr, address Carnamoyle, owned 26 acres
Moore Orr, address Londonderry, owned 1,855 acres
John A Osborne, M D , address Milford, Letterkenny, owned 1 acre
John Coote Owens, no address given, owned 355 acres
"Parish Priest," address Ballintra, owned 3 acres
George Parke, address Kellydesert, Letterkenny, owned 8 acres
Charlotte Patterson, address Carricknahoma, owned 33 acres
Stephen Patterson, address Clonarrell, owned 114 acres
Thomas Patterson, address Gortlee, Letterkenny, owned 575 acres
William Patterson, address Port House, Letterkenny, owned 13 acres
Jane Patton, address Sion, Strabane, owned 91 acres
John Patton, address Meenahoney, owned 28 acres
Robert H Patton, address Croaghan, Tamney, Milford, owned 332 acres
Rose Anne Patton, address Ramelton, owned 2 acres
Henry E Peoples, address Letterkenny, owned 47 acres
Peoples and Hogg, address Correnagh, Letterkenny, owned 92 acres
Daniel Peterson, address Liverpool, owned 13 acres
George Pinkerton, address St Johnstown, owned 6 acres
Isaac Pitcairns, address Raphoe, owned 3 acres
David Platt, address Kockglaass, Malin, owned 7 acres
Francis Platt, same address, also owned 7 acres
Mat Platt, address Drumskillan, owned 46 acres
Samuel Pollock, address Finneederk, owned 37 acres
William Pollock, same address, owned 43 acres
Adam Porter, address Duunkineely, owned 11 acres
Alexr Porter, address Carnamoyle, owned 58 acres
Anne Porter, address Letterkenny, owned 2 acres
John Porter, address Kincraigy, owned 43 acres
Robert Porter, address Carnamoyle, owned 50 acres
"General Assembly of Presbyterian Church," no address given, owned 4 acres
Patrick Quan, address Gortcormecan, owned 315 acres
Daniel Quigley, address Cabry, owned 37 acres
Robert Quigley, same address, owned 16 acres
John Quinn, also Cabry, owned 13 acres
Neal Quinn, address Cronalaghy, owned 26 acres
Patrick Rafferty, address Monaghan, owned 137 acres
"Enniskillen and Bundoran Railway Co ," address Talbot-street, Dublin, owned 98 acres
"Finn Valley Railway Co ," address Stranorlar, owned 86 acres
Irish North Western Railway Co ," address Dundalk, owned 13 acres
"Letterkenny Railway Co ," address Letterkenny, owned 98 acres
"Londonderry and Enniskillen Railway Co ," address Colman-street Buildings, London, E C , owned 55 acres
"Londonderry and Lough Swilly Railway Co ," address Londonderry, owned 73 acres
Alex and John Ramsay, address Ballyderman, owned 40 acres
Andrew G Ramsay, address Ballyraine, Letterkenny, owned 17 acres
Rev James Ramsay, address Rathmines, Co Dublin, owned 200 acres
James Ramsay, address Ballyderman, owned 25 acres
John Ramsay, address Derryvane, owned 56 acres
Matthew W Ramsay, address Letterkenny, owned 26 acres
Robert Ramsay, address Lisnenaw, Letterkenny, owned 1,082 acres
William Ramsay, address Strabane, owned 7 acres
Andrew Rankin, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 2 acres
David Rankin, same address, also owned 2 acres
Eliza Rankin, address St Johnstown, owned 17 acres
Frances M Rankin, address Bridge Cottage, Carndonagh, owned 123 acres
James Rankin, address Glenkeeragh, Churchill, owned 79 acres
John Rankin, address Letterkenny, owned 11 acres
Micah Rankin, address Churchtown, Carndonagh, owned 454 acres
Robert Rankin, address St Johnstown, owned 117 acres
Samuel Rankin, address Tiernaleague, Carndonagh, owned 4,277 acres
Samuel Rankin, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 15 acres
Robert Reid, address Ramelton, owned 5 acres
Stephen Reid, address Liverpool, owned 13 acres
Jonathan Richardson, address Lambeg, Lisburn, owned 259 acres
J G Richardson, address Dungannon, owned 4,512 acres
Margaret Erskine Y Rogan, address Dublin, owned 11 acres
James Rogers, address Killybegs, owned 283 acres
Robert Rogers, address Keelogs, Dunkineely, owned 160 acres
Thomas Rogers, address Largynagrene, Killybegs, owned 79 acres
Cunningham Ross, address Woodend, Strabane, owned 48 acres
James Ross, address Derryvane, owned 47 acres
William Ross, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 17 acres
James Roulston, address Shannon, Ballindreat, owned 65 acres
Joseph Roulston, address Raphoe, owned 2 acres
Thomas Russell, address Castleshanaghan, Ramelton, owned 154 acres
Valentine Ryan, address Mountrath, Queen's Co , (Laois), owned 5,162 acres
John Sadd, address Ballyshannon, owned 4 acres
Mary Anne Saunderson, address Dublin, owned 1,006 acres
The Misses Schoales, Reps of, address Ramelton, owned 197 acres
Miss Ann Scott, address Ramelton, owned 17 acres
Rev George Scott, address Banagher, Co Derry, owned 218 acres
Hamilton Scott, address Dromore, Co Tyrone, owned 21 acres
Henry Scott, Reps of, no address given, owned 815 acres
John S Scott, address Dublin, owned 57 acres
Joseph Scott, Reps of, address Australia, owned 169 acres
Thomas Scott, and Trustees of Lord O'Neill, address Shane's Castle, Co Antrim, owned 4,158 acres
William Scott, address Bundoran, owned 79 acres
William Scott, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 15 acres
William G Scott, address Ballintra, owned 50 acres
"Secretary of State for War," no address given, owned 2 acres
James Shanklin, address Tumeederk, owned 35 acres
David Sharkey, address Lifford, owned 4 acres
Wm Sharkey, sen , same address, owned 1 acre
Samuel Shaw, address Tullyvinny, Raphoe, owned 28 acres
William Shaw, address Raphoe, owned 29 acres
Mrs Frances Sheil, address Waterloo Cottage, Ballyshannon, owned 35 acres
Simon Sheil, MD, address Ballyshannon, owned 296 acres
William J Simms, address Castlefin, owned 1 acre
James Sinclair, Reps of, address Dundarg, Coleraine, owned 2,276 acres
William Sinclair, address Hollyhill, Strabane, owned 5,947 acres
William Skipton, address Carrowkeel Tamney, Milford, owned 25 acres
John G Smiley, address Dublin, owned 531 acre
Henry W Smith, no address given, owned 1,116 acres
James Smith, address Carricknahoma, owned 17 acres
John G Smyly, address Dublin, owned 47 acres
William Smyly, same address, owned 336 acres
Ann Jane Smyth, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 40 acres
Edward Smyth, address Drumskillan, owned 85 acres
James Smyth, address Newtoncunningham, owned 14 acres
James Smyth, address Drumskillan, owned 44 acres
Samuel Smyth, address Mullaghanny, Raphoe, owned 22 acres
William Smyth, address Drumskillan, owned 54 acres
"Hon Irish Society," address London, owned 841 acres
Viscount Southwell, address Rathkeale, Co Limerick, owned 1,147 acres
William Spear, address Castleshaghan, Letterkenny, owned 1 acre
Moses Spencer, address Ramelton, owned 1 acre
Margaret Spiller, no address given, owned 172 acres
James Sproule, address Ramelton, owned 69 acres
The Misses Sproule, same address, owned 194 acres
Mrs Sproule, Reps of, same address, owned 468 acres
Robert Sproule, address Mulvynn, Strabane, owned 86 acres
David Starrett, address Carnamuggah, Lower, Letterkenny, owned 22 acres
John Stephens, address Ballyshannon, owned 516 acres
Alexander Stevenson, address Cavan, Clonleigh, owned 50 acres
Hugh Stevenson, address Londonderry, owned 617 acres
Robert Stevenson, address Ardkill Co Derry, owned 4,037 acres
Samuel Stevenson, address Monfad, owned 33 acres
Alexander Stewart, address Castleshanaghan, Letterkenny, owned 102 acres
Alexander John Robert Stewart, address Ards, Cashelmore, owned 39,306 acres
Ange Isabella Stewart, address Killindarragh, Lifford, owned 472 acres
Mrs Anne Stewart, address St James's-terrace, Malahide, owned 7,274 acres
Arthur P Stewart, address Dublin, owned 1,679 acres
Chas Fredk Stewart, address Horn Head, Dunfanaghy, owned 4,458 acres
Colonel Stewart, address Rockhill, Letterkenny, owned 538 acres
David Stewart, address Portnassan, Ballyshannon, owned 7 acres
Messrs Stewart and Greeson, address Dublin, owned 587 acres
Rev Henry William Stewart, address Rathowen, owned 303 acres
H G Murray Stewart, address Gullygate House, Scotland, owned 50,818 acres
Sir James Stewart, bt , address Fortstewart, Ramelton, owned 7,547 acres
John Stewart, address Loughreagh House, Church-hill, owned 3,264 acres
Nathan Stewart, address Castleshanaghan, Letterkenny, owned 17 acres
Robert Stewart, address Ratsto, New Jersey, owned 16 acres (?Ireland address)
Robert Stewart, address, no address given, owned 600 acres
William Stewart, address The Elms, Rugby, England, owned 6,163 acres
William J Stewart, address Castlefin, owned 54 acres
Elizabeth Stokes, Reps of, no address given, owned 591 acres
Alexander Storey, address Carnamuggagh, Lower, Letterkenny, owned 20 acres
James Strain, address Muff, owned 25 acres
Rev Alexander George Stuart, address Marblehill, Dunfanaghy, owned 28 acres
Hamilton Stuart, address Knockameny, Malin, owned 73 acres
Hamilton Stuart, jun , address Knockglass, Malin, owned 20 acres
Nathaniel Stuart, address Lisdillon, Derry, and James Henderson, owned 235 acres
William H M Style, address Glenmore, owned 39,564 acres
Mrs Matilda Swan, address Waterside, owned 44 acres
John H Swiney, address Moyagh, Ramelton, owned 678 acres
John Tate, address Manorhamilton, owned 3 acres
Robert Tate, address Bullinaur, owned 31 acres
James Taylor, Reps of, address Londonderry, owned 45 acres
John Taylor, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 17 acres
William Taylor, address Castlefin, owned 6 acres
William Tease, address Ballymaleel, Letterkenny, owned 50 acres
Ezekiel Teaze, address Three Trees, owned 61 acres
Stevenson Teevan, address Raceview, Enniskillen, owned 2,051 acres
Lord Templemore, no address given, owned 10,856 acres
Mrs Alexr Thompson, address Moyle, owned 3 acres
George Thompson, address Alla, owned 28 acres
George Thompson, address Ballyarnot, owned 158 acres
George Thompson, address Ballymagrorty, owned 29 acres
Harriett Thompson, address Care of John Beers, 28, Royal-terrace, Kingstown, Co Dublin, owned 692 acres
James Thompson, address Alla, owned 28 acres
James Thompson, address Newtoncunningham, owned 180 acres
Rev John Thompson, address Raphoe, owned 111 acres
John Thompson, address Corraine, owned 67 acres
John Norris Thompson, address Bridge Cottage, Carndonagh, owned 181 acres
Mrs Thompson, address Londonderry, owned 38 acres
Samuel Thompson, address Birdstown, owned 45 acres
Samuel Thompson, address Leitter, Kilmacrenan, owned 35 acres
Samuel Thompson, address Muckamore Abbey, Antrim, owned 2,598 acres
Wm Thompson, Reps of, address Ballintra, owned 13 acres
James Thornley, address Rathmines Road, Co Dublin, owned 61 acres
Margaret Thorpe, address Dublin, owned 3 acres
Miss Tighe, Exeter, England, and Mrs Harman, Littlehampton, owned 94 acres
Alexander Tierney, address Glenleary, Ramelton, owned 12 acres
Bridget Tierney, same address, owned 14 acres
Jeremiah Tierney, same address, owned 18 acres
J H Todd-Thornton, address Kingstown, Co Dublin, owned 829 acres
John Tracy, address Newtoncunningham, owned 34 acres
Rev G N Tredenick, address Woodhill, Ardara, owned 6,297 acres
John A Tredennick, address Camlin Castle, Ballyshannon, owned 439 acres
William Tredinick, address Fortwilliam, Ballyshannon, owned 2,779 acres
Francis Trenor, M D , address Omagh, owned 43 acres
"Trinity College," address Dublin, owned 605 acres
"Trustees of Benjamin Johnston," address Glebe, Tamney, Milford, owned 85 acres
"Trustees of Col Robertson," no address given, owned 1 acre
"Trustees of Greenbank Presbyterian Congregation," address Quigley's Point, owned 2 acres
"Trustees of Milford Presbyterian Church," address Milford, Letterkenny, owned 12 acres
"Trustees of Moville Presbyerian Congregation," address Moville, owned 1 acre
"Trustees of Presbyterian Congregation," address Carndonagh, owned 5 acres
"Trustees of 3rd Presbyterian Church," address Ramelton, owned 3 acres
"Trustees of Robertson's Schools," no address given, owned 1 acre
Hugh Tuthill, address Ballyshannon, owned 67 acres
John Vance, address Killnaugh, owned 11 acres
Rev H Verschoyle, Reps of, address Saggart House, Co Dublin, owned 927 acres
John J Verschoyle, same address, owned 546 acres
Rev Richd Verschoyle, same address, owned 74 acres
"Vestry, Finure Parish," no address given, owned 4 acres
"Vestry, Finure Parish," no address given, owned 4 acres
Arthur Walker, address Ballywoges, Dunkineely, owned 43 acres
Catherine Walker, same address, owned 24 acres
John Walker, same address, owned 185 acres
Nathaniel Walker, same address, owned 24 acres
Nathaniel Walker, address Mallinmore, Killybegs, owned 218 acres
William Walker, address Kilcadden, owned 300 acres
William Walker, address Ballywoges, Dunkineely, owned 24 acres
William F Walker, address Dublin, owned 67 acres
Samuel Wallace, and Miss M'Cokell, address Burnfoot, owned 930 acres
William Wanchope, address Foyfin, Castlefin, owned 78 acres
Alexander Warke, address Mountcharles, owned 79 acres
John Warke, address Ogherbeg, owned 30 acres
Robert Warke, same address, owned 17 acres
Stephen Warke, same address, owned 29 acres
Thos Warke, (a minor), same address, owned 68 acres
William Warke, Sr , address Winterhill, owned 19 acres
William Warke, Jr , address Ogherbeg, owned 78 acres
Alexander Watson, address Carnamoyle, owned 3 acres
Mrs Mary Watt, Reps of, address Care David Watt, Distiller, Derry, owned 5,281 acres
The Misses Watt, address Dublin, owned 5 acres
Robert Weir, address Gortin, North, Ballindreat, owned 24 acres
Henry White, address The Mall, Ramelton, owned 168 acres
Oliver White, address Strabane, owned 134 acres
Robert White, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 20 acres
Earl of Wicklow, address Shelton Abbey, Arklow, owned 6,440 acres
John Wiley, address Carnamoyle, owned 60 acres
John Wiley, address Derryvane, owned 73 acres
Mathew Wiley, address Drumhagart, owned 42 acres
Mrs Wiley, address Derryvane, owned 37 acres
Richard Wiley, same address, owned 46 acres
Thomas Wiley, same address, owned 70 acres
William Wiley, address Drumhagart, owned 28 acres
Henry Wilkinson, address Glenree, Carrigart, Letterkenny, owned 58 acres
Robert Wilkinson, address Rinclevin, Dunfanaghy, owned 11 acres
Richard Williams, address Tamney, Milford, owned 79 acres
Williams and Forsythe, address Derry and Culmore, (undivided), owned 804 acres
Charles Wilson, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 9 acres
Charles Wilson, address Raphoe, owned 108 acres
James Wilson, same address, owned 41 acres
Joseph Wilson, address Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, owned 26 acres
Robert Wilson, address Cavan, Upper, owned 146 acres
Robt Carson Wilson, address Raphoe, owned 263 acres
Solomon Wilson, same address, owned 33 acres
Thomas Wilson, same address, owned 154 acres
William Wilson, address Cashell, owned 134 acres
William Wilson, address Drumaneney, owned 130 acres (Please check map for spelling of townland)
William Wilson, address Raphoe, owned 511 acres
William Wilson, address Strabane, owned 207 acres
Wm Wilson, Jr , address Drummenny, Raphoe, owned 491 acres
Alexander Witherow, address Letterkenny, owned 176 acres
James Witherow, address Raphoe, owned 203 acres
John Witherow, same address, owned 44 acres
William Witherow, address Ardvarnock, Raphoe, owned 128 acres
James Withrow, address Plaster, owned 173 acres
Thomas Withrow, and Marquis of Donegall, address Drumhagart, owned 103 acres
Thomas Withrow, same address, owned 33 acres
Currey Woodhouse, address Omeath Park, Newry, and Carrowkeel, Milford, owned 1,470 acres
George Wray, address Rooskey, Lower, Castlefin, owned 17 acres
George C G Wray, address Ardnamona, Loughisk, owned 632 acres
William Wray, address Oak Park, Letterkenny, owned 1,624 acres
William Wray, address Carnowen, Castlefin, owned 83 acres
Alexander Wright, address St Johnstown, owned 7 acres
Miss Anne Young, address Culdaff House, Culdaff, owned 2 acres
Rev Gardner R Young, address Tydmint Glebe, Aughnacloy, owned 539 acres
George Young, address Culdaff House, Culdaff, owned 7,989 acres
Rev Walter Young, address Aghnahoo, Pettigo, owned 226 acres
Rev William Young, address Derry, owned 187 acres
William Young, address Mount Hall, Killygordon, address 1,791 acres

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