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Defenders of Derry 1688-1689


 Ulster Ancestry ,Free Pages, Londonderry

Citizens and Defenders of The City of Londonderry who signed a petition to King William III after the lifting of the Siege 1689

Letter dated 29th July 1689




George Walker

Edward Davyes

John Mitchelburn

John Hamilton

Robert Crofton

Thomas Ash

Thomas Lane

Robert Boyd

Hugh Hamill

Ralph Fullerton

George Kinaston

Michael Cunningham

William Campbell

Joseph John stone

Gervase Squire

Robert Bayley

Henry Monry

William Grove

Henry Campsie

John McClelland

Adam Morrow

James Graham

John Dobbin

William Thompson

Alexander Stewart

James Young

Thomas Guthtredge

Richard Cormach

Thomas Johnstone

Oliver Apton

Thomas Newcomen

Alex Knox

Patt Moore

James Gladstanes

John Humes

John Maghlin

Robert Dennison

James Tracey

Marmaduke Stewart

John Halshton

James Fleming

Joeseph Gordon

Andrew Grigson

James Haire

Christopher Jenny

Andrew Hamilton

Thomas Smyth

Adam Ardock

Bart. Black

Robert Wallace

John Campbell

George Church

Robert Morgan

Richard Flemin

Michael Clenaghan

Henry Cust

Richard Fane

John Crofton

Stephen Godfrey

Ben Wilks

William Hamilton

Thomas Lane

Robert Rogers

James Blair

Jame Galtworth

Dudley Philips

Richard Islen

John Buchanan

Arthur Hamilton

Edward Curling

Michael Rullack

William Church

James Stiles

Dalway Clements

James Cunningham

Albert Hall

Archibald McCullough

Matthew Cockren

Francis Obre

Thoma s Burnett

Alex. Sanderson

William Stewart

Archibald Sanderson

Francis Wilson

Arthur Noble

Matt McClellany

Philip Dunbarr

George Crofton

George White

William Babbington

John Logan

Robert King

Alexander Rankin

Adam Downing

Edmund Rice

Abraham Hillhouse

Robert Walker

John Mulholland

James McCormack

Robert Bennett

John Cochrane

William Dobbin

James McCartney

George Garnet

Thomas White

James Barrington

Warren Godfrey

Henry Pearce

John Cunningham

Alexander Rathcliff

Henry Lane

Thomas Adayre

George Hannson


John Hamilton

George Walker

Henry  ****verett

Andrew Bailly

Daniel Fisher

Daniel Mons Cuistion

John Cross

John Bailly

William Cross

Robert Lyndsie

Bernard Mulholland

Francis Boyd

David Mulholland

James Carr

Thomas Conley

William Montgomery

Robert Skinner

James Moore

Richard Robinson

Nicholas White

Robert Maghlin

John Fuller

Matthew Clarke

Thomas Key

John Clements

Frederick Key

William Manson

Thomas Baker

Theophilus Manson







ulster ancestry  Feb.2004 



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