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List of persons who have engaged their passage at Londonderry on board the ship ARDENT, 
burthen 350 tons, Richard Williams, master,
bound for Baltimore,
sworn at Londonderry, 23 April 1803.

 {High number of Presbyterian emigrants from South Donegal}

Ann Boyle         14          Mt. Charles, Donegal

Alexr. Clark   8             Donan, Donegal

Hugh Clark       30    farmer      Donan, Donegal

James Clark    17    farmer      Donan, Donegal

Mrs. Clark jr       22         Donan, Donegal

Mrs. Clark snr.     28         Donan, Donegal

Wm. Clark         26    farmer      Donan, Donegal

George Crawford     32    farmer      Doren, Donegal

John Crawford       28    farmer      Ballybofey, Donegal

Pat Cunigan    60    drover      Killaughter, Donegal

James Cunningham    17    farmer      Glenery, Donegal

Hugh Elliot    14            Rancel, Donegal

Hugh Elliot    40    farmer      Rancel, Donegal

James Elliot   20    farmer      Rancel, Donegal

Jean Elliot    18            Rancel, Donegal

Mrs. Elliot    54            Rancel, Donegal

John Erwin       56    farmer      Ballybofey, Donegal

Eliz. Finlay   57             Donan, Donegal

James Finlay   17    farmer      Donan, Donegal

John Finlay    22    farmer      Donan, Donegal

David Graham   48    farmer      Dergbridge, Tyrone

Sarah Graham   41             Derybridge, Tyrone

Wm. Graham       22    farmer      Tyrough, Donegal

John Jones       20    gentleman   Killybegs, Donegal

James Manilus       26    drover      Kilcar, Donegal

Alexr. McCullough   10         Donan, Donegal

Andw. McCullough    16         Donan, Donegal

Andw. McCullough    40    farmer      Donan, Donegal

George McCullough   12         Donan, Donegal

Jean McCullough     14         Donan, Donegal

Mrs. McCullough     34         Donan, Donegal

Andw. McKee    38    farmer      Donan, Donegal

Mrs. McKee       34           Donan, Donegal

Nancy McKee    16            Donan, Donegal

Pat McKee         14          Donan, Donegal

John Montgomery     24    gentleman   Killybegs, Donegal

Thomas Ramsay       28    farmer      Nr. Muff, Donegal

Andw. Richey   12             Donan, Donegal

Ann Richey       14           Donan, Donegal

Cath. Richey   18             Donan, Donegal

Charles Richey      44    farmer      Donan, Donegal

Eliza Richey   9             Donan, Donegal

Ellen Richey   10             Donan, Donegal

George Richey  9              Donan, Donegal

James Richey   58    farmer      Donan, Donegal

John Richey    20    farmer      Donan, Donegal

Mrs. Richey    38            Donan, Donegal

Mrs. Richey    52            Donan, Donegal

Wm. Richey       18    farmer      Donan, Donegal




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