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The Malsham

The ship Malsham -  internal journey Quebec to Montreal

22nd July 1819

Both French and Irish passengers moving on after their initial arrival at the Port of Quebec

Passengers who paid for the passage

Thomas Dowslie & wife & three children

Thomas Dowslie & wife

Samuel Milton

3 Men, 2 Women & 4 children Return

James Bones & Bridget Bones

John McKee & wife & five children & Francis Savage

Thomas Johnston

Ross Barry

E. Phelin

A. Laforte

A. Gagne

C. Millet

C. Blay

Pierre Dee

Francis Martin

Louis Armel

John Armel

Paul Land**

Mitchell Gadne

A. Plaickle

L. Labroix

P. Holmes

John Belmont

Daniel Ambion

S. Monais

J.H. Keys

Louis Bonvere

Joseph Blay

Ant. Charchag

John Thompson

Antony Sanville

Paul Gagne

Bog Cadres

J.B. Bauchamp

Louis Cadres

Francois Lattele

Admiral Griffiths & his servant

Captain Fanshaw

Captain Johnson & his servant

Mrs. Johnson & nurse & child

Mrs. Bowes

Miss Johnson

Mr. John Fisher

Mr. Dufre**y

Mr. Antony. Pa*****t

Captain Jones Return

Mr. Jonas Murtle

Mr. A. Chisholm

Mrs. Shutter & servant

John Cummings

William Thompson

George Stacy & wife & six children

William Dobbins

Richard Williams & wife & six children

John Williamson & wife & eight children

Joseph Plumsdon

Thomas Mob

John Glascot

William Glascot

John Cullerton

Thomas Hamrick

Kitty Peor {Power}

Henry Solomon

Eliza Butler & Rose Butler

Andrew Lawrence

William Bolton & wife & child & grandmother

Joseph Holmes & B. Davis

John Mib***

F. Simmons

Ellen Balke Blake?

Daniel Sawyers

Madame Davis

James Smith & family

James & Michael Shea

John Glascott

Kitty Power

Milicent Boyle & son

Henry McGevinor

John Preston & wife & two children

James Routler  & wife & two sons

George Evans

George Atkins

John Smith & William Thompson

William Clark

George Hamilton

Thomas McQuay {McKay}

Joseph Morris

F. Galligan

James OShea

Michael OShea & wife

& two children

J. Thompson

Robert Richardson

Edward Arson & wife

John Thomson

Bernard Riley

Hugh Orde

James Smith & wife

& six children

Thomas Dowslie & wife

& two children

James Dowslie & wife

George Dowslie

John Dowslie

Biddy Dowslie

Robert Doyle

Abraham Bernard

James McDonald & wife

& two children

Patrick McDonald

Isekiel, Pratt

E B. Keating

William Keys & wife & sister

Andrew Wilson & wife

James Laurie

Philip. Ryan

P. Angston

Pat. Doyle

James Woodriffe

John Hay

John McGraw & wife

& two children

John Sweeney


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