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1630 Muster Roll

Index of names in the 1630 Muster Rolls Donegal

Adams, Alexander
Alcorn, Mathew
Alcorn, William.
Allcock, Henry
Archibald, James
Armone, William

Barnet, Archibald
Barnet, Mungo
Bates, John
Benson, Richard
Berry, John
Bord, John
Bord, John
Boy, Walter
Browne, Alexander
Browne, Hugh
Browne, John
Browne, Robert
Browne, Robert
Brumall, Thomas
Bruse, John
Burges, George
Butler, George

Cadwell, Alexander
Cadwell, Andrew
Cadwell, Mathew
Connall, John
Cary, George (Esq.) Whitecastle
Cary, Robert
Chamberlyne, Duke
Chamberlyne, John
Chamberlyne, William
Chambers, John
Clene, John
Collaghan, Archbald
Conningham, Archbald
Conningham, James
Couch, Nathaniel
Cougheron,[Cochrane} Wm.
Cowbrone, John
Coween, Robert
Crawfford, William
Crosse, John

Davenport, Thomas
Deniston, James
Denneston, Donnell
Douglas, William

Elder, Peter
Elliot, Paul
Elly, John
English, Henry

Fayrefax, Gabraell
Ffals, Robert
Ffargusonne, John
Ffaulse, Paul
Ffranncis, Rich
Ffulton, Robert
Ffyng or Ewyng, John
Fulton, William

Gawen, George
Gibson, Peter
Giffen, John (elder)
Glandoney, John
Glyne, Thomas
Greig, John
Guthery, Thomas
Guy, John

Hall, George
Hall, John
Hamilton, Robert
Hamilton, John
Weltch, James
Henderson, James
Henderson, John
Hibbots, William
Higat, Alexander
Hilbot, John
Hodges, Thomas
Hogg, Batholomew
Hogguyre, John
Hood, Abraham
Hud, Andrew
Hunter, John
Hunter, William

Illiner, Walter

Kintire, James
Kirkwood, William
Kirkwoode, John
Knox, John
Coyne, John

Lacker, Alexander
Lacker, John
Lassels, Luke
Leeth, Richard
Leister, Richard
Lyone, John

Maxwell, William
McBay, John
McConoghy, Donnagh
McCorkey, Aghey or Archy
McCowen, Walter
McGee, James
McKegg, John
McKegg, John
McKeon, Thomas
McKeone, William
McKilveny, James
McKintire, Robert
McLenaghan, Robert
McManus, Donnell
McMathew, Alexander
McNeal, Gilbert
McNeal, Gilbert
Michell, James
Michell, John
Michell, Patrick
Miller, John
Moore, Thomas
Moorehead, George
Mountgomery, John
Mountgomery, William

Neely, William
Nickeill, James
Neely, William
Newton, William
Nickolson, John

Orr, Thomas
Osborne, John

Parker, Edward
Porter, Adam
Porter, James
Porter, James
Porter, William
Porter, William
Prince, John
Pyn, Richard

Ramson, Andrew
Redgate, George
Richie, John
Richy, David
Richy, John
Richy, Robert
Richy, William
Robinson, John
Rosborgh, Adam
Hudson, Edward

Sadler, Water
Sampson, John
Sampson, Richard
Scot, Donnell
Scot, John
Smelly, Bryan
Smelly, Robert
Sorerd, James
Starett, John
Starett, Thomas

Sterret, John
Temple, Henry
Torrents, Mungo
Turay, Humphrey

Wallace, William
Wallas, John
Walles, Patrick
Warden, John
Warden, Mungo
Whithill, Robert
Williams, Owen
Williams, Richard
Willson, Nathaniell
Woorke, Gilbert
Worke, Alexander
Worke, Davy
Wray, John

Young, Andrew
Young, James
Young, Robert


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