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East Donegal Muster Rolls

East Donegal Muster Roll 1630-1631 

Org: National Archives Kew mss.

Copies Public Record Office of Northern Ireland and R J Hunter Collection

Most of those recorded were lowland Scots mainly from Ayrshire Wigtownshire etc but not exclusively so. There were also highland family names among those mustered.

The spellings of the names {in most cases phonetical} are as recorded.


The Lord Duke of Lynox, undertaker of 4000 acres, his men and arms



Robert Leackye {Lecky}

James Wood

Andrew Wood

Mathew Lyndsey

William Douglas

Robert Lyndsay

Robert Buchanan

John Galbreath

Alexander Buchanan

Alexander Lawder

James Denniston the elder

Andrew Royare

William Laughlan

John Lowrye

John Ralston

William Cockeran

Hector Hindman

Robert Cockeran

John Buchanan

John McConochy

Robert McPeters

George Haldin

Robert Horner

Donnell Galey

Robert McKyndely

Robert Glass

Archibell Campbell

Fyndley McKindley

Andrew Mctyre

Alexander Galbreath

John McKaire

John Thrimble

John Smyth

Dunkan Mcffarlen

Patrick mcNeron

Wm. McLentock

George Colmories

Robert mcffarlan

John Macfarlan

Patrick  McAndrew

Pat. MacArthur

Robert Denyston

Donnell Baxter

John Boyd

Humphrey Colquhone

William Gulilan

John Steward

John McIlman

John Scot

Robert Boyde

Thomas Lowrye


Swords and Snaphances

John Wood

John Martin

John McLenochan {McLelanan}

John Cambell the elder

William Deniston

John Buchanan

John Campbell

John Mcffarlan

Donnell Mcffarlan

Robert Mitchell

C****** Ranckin

John Allen

Gilbert McLyntock

John Brice

James Allan

Dunkan Speney

Thomas Ramsey

John Cook

James Cook

Andrew Cook

William Scot

John McAawly

John Gourden

Andrew Lackye

James mcKennye

James Hustone

Robert Lackye


Snaphances Only

James Dromond

Archbald Gambell


Swords and Pikes

Morrice McConnell

John Cocheran

John Snodgrase

John Campbell younger

Owen McNair

David Lyndsay

Alexander mcLentock

Robert Aickeen

Robert Morrison

James Kilsoe

Donnell McNichol

Dunkan Cambell

Donnell mcBaxter elder

Robert Barlaine

James Richye

John Swayne

John Valentyne

Dunkan Graham


Pikes Only

Robert Calmeris

Andrew Calmeris


Sword and Halbert

Hugh Greire


Sword and Calleuer

John Mcfarlan


No Arms

John Royer,

Morrice Peacock

Walter Lowrye

William mcNevin

Robert Campbell

John mcKyndley

David mcKan

John mcIldonagh

Dunkan Mcffarlan

John Crawford

John Sempell

James Symison

William Mcarthur

Robert Reroch

Thomas Crafford

Comack McCole

Henry Cruise

John Barlone

Thomas Swaine

Patrick Porlerm?

Randall McAlexander

John Douglas

James Logan

Alexander Hamond

Mathew Gillrew

William Hewes {Hughes}

Robert Leman{Lemon}

Donnell McCahey

Adam Quahone

Reece McGilrouse

John Mcffarlan

Walter Deneston

Anthony Steward

William Noble

John Parmenter

Andrew Galbreath

William Wood

John Wood

John Steward

James Deneston

James Muthey

John Peacock

Walter Roger

Robert Craufourd

John Brittin

Archibald Ballintyne

John Young

Thomas McKeag

Gawen mcConnell

John Logan

John Watson

Lamock mcColl

Walter Henry

John Buchanan

Robert Cambell

David Gibb

Dunkan Crafford

John Pearce

George Allyson

John mcGillione


2.  The Lady Conningham Widdow of Sir James Conningham, undertaker of 2,000 acres, her men and armes.


Swords and Pikes

William Conningham

James Calquhoun

Andrew McCorkill

John McCorkill

Tobias Hood

James Davye

Peter Starret

John McQuehoun

James Knox

Adam Garvance


Swords and Snaphances

James mcAdowe

Fyndlay Ewing

Dunkan Mcffarlan

Ninian Foulton

James Scot

William Rankin

Daniel Ramsay

Martin Galbreath

Patrick Porter


 Swords and Calleuers

William McIltherne

David Walker

John Barbor


Sword and Halbert

James Makee


 Swords Only

Andrew George

James mcIlman

Michael Rot[*]es May be Rutledge

Patrick Miller

Robert Montgomery

Alexander Conningham

Richard Leaky

Robert Stauret

John mcIlhome

Salomon Giffin

David Reed

Donnell McDonnell

Alexander Carell {Carrol}

William Gafeth


No Arms

Gilbert Highgate

Patrick Porter

Robert Hasta

William Gambell

John Hunter

John Crawfford

Robert Johnston

Henry Smyth

William Boyes

David Ramsay

William Steward

Robert Crafford

James Conningham

Andrew Conningham

John Crafford

John Hunter

John Wilson

James Bredyne

Mungo Davy

William Richey

John mcIlhome

Henry Hunter

John mcChutchon

James Rankin

William Killy

Robert Potts

William Gambell

John Lyone

James Knox


3.  William Steward Esq.  Laird of Dunduff, undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men and armes.


Swords Only

Archibald Thomson

Andrew Thompson

Robert Alexander

John mcKey

David Kenedye

Patrick Barazathyn

Anthony Steward

John Steward

Archbald Steward

John Browne

Andrew Browne

Edward Roger

John Moore,

John mcCullagh

John Moire Moore

Patrick Conningham

John Allyson

John Smeally


 Swords and Pikes

John Davidson

Archbald McEmmory

Roary McCleane

Patrick Thomson

Donnell Orr

Mungo David

John Campbell

John mcLynienie

Archibald Hurd

William Houston

James McKee

Anthony Kennedy

George Steward

John mcClen

John Campbell

Hugh Gamill


 Swords and Muskets

Robert Thomson

John Fife


 Swords and Snaphances

James Squire

John Conningham

Stephen Marshell

John Smyth

Michael Smith

Michael mcCleary

Donnell Campbell

Archbald Breden


No Arms

John Kelly

Humphrey Cooke

William Wan

Fynley McKirdly

Alexander mcClaney

John Conningham

John mcffay

Donnell McNevin alias McNit alais McNutt

John mcKee younger

John mcWalker

James mcGergour

David Kenedy

Alexander McWilliam

Patrick Steward

Donnell Carslaire

James Kenellye

John Campbell


 4.  Mr. Alexander Steward, undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men and armes.


Swords and Pikes

John mcIlwane

Callum mcMuyre

James Cambell

Robert mcKenily

William Toyes

William Conningham

William Home

Neal McCurid

Alexander Cambell


Swords and Snaphances

Alexander Cambell

John McKenely

Robert Boyd

Robert Kenedy

S.  Carr


Sword and Musket

John Niveme younger


Sword and target

Walter mcffarlen


Swords Only

John Kennan

Ninian Steward


No Arms

Andrew Cambell

Gilbert mcKenny

John Gillaspy

Robert Steward

John Steward

Archbald Steward

William Cambell

James ffyfe {Fife}

Archibald Alexander

John Rogers

John Boyill

William Boyill

John Cambell

Gilbert mccann


 5.  James Conningham Esq  undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men and armes.


Swords Only

Andrew Crafford

John Gills

Hugh Lockehart

Arch Fynlagh

Fynlay mcCreedy

John Browne


Swords and Pikes

John Alexander

George White


Snaphances Only

Andrew Arnott

John Alexander

Adnarl Hoomes

Robert Graham


Swords and Snaphances

John Smyth

William Gall

Andrew Smyth

James Gilmore

Robert Rogers

Thomas Rogers

Thomas Lars

John Adam

Robert Davison

Michael Beare


Swords and Halberts

Robert McKeene

Mathew Giesse


No Arms

James ffulloone

George Stevenson

Joseph Browne

William Galbreath

Hugh Leag

Andrew Browne

John Harper

Thomas Stole {Steel?}

Patrick Robison

John Enery

Andrew Leag

John Hurence

John Hamilton

James Ffulloone

Robert Patterson

John Cunningham

George Naught

Hugh Leag

James Browne

John MacEuan

George Speare

Mathew Macadame

John Dyne

Andrew Dyne

Arch Boyle

John Calwell

Robert mcCamy

Robert mcCamy younger

Dunkan McWrick

Thomas Richmoule

John  Keine

Mungo Willy {Wiley}

Andrew Campbell

Hugh Mure

Andrew Callhow


6.  Mr. John Steward, undertaker of 1,000 acres, his men and arms.


Swords Only

Arch Steward

Andrew Cambell

William Cambell

William mcKaine

James ffife

John Steward


Pike Only

John Barkly


Sword and Snaphance

William Conningham


Sword and Pike

John Bullesine?


Pike Only

Robert Steward

John Boyle

John Roger

Arch Alexander


No Arms

William Conningham



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