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Killymard Parish Church baptisms






Reverend John Ellison.

109 children presented for Confirmation {generally 15-16 year olds}


Thomas Carney                                 William Williamson [Glenboran]        Mary Wark [Daughter of Alex. Orbeg]

Andrew Carney.                                 Andrew Williamson                           Mary Wark [Daughter of Tom. Orbeg]

Andrew Taylor.                                   John                                                     Mary Scott [Orbeg]

Margaret Perry.                                   Robert Aaron Scott [Orbeg]

Sarah Lyttle.                                       John Cochran                                      Elizabeth Wark [Orbeg]

Margaret Spence [Drumstevlin]          Catherine Montgomery                       Eleanor Ward [Orbeg]

Jane Spence.                                        James McKinley                                  Eleanor Boyd [Orbeg]

Elizabeth Crawford.                           Ann Gallagher [Haugh]                      Fran. Colgan [Orbeg]

Sarah Given.                                       Alexander Murray [Haugh]                Fanny Colgan [Orbeg]

Alexander Long.                                 Tom Miller [Haugh]                            Mary Montgomery [Orbeg]

Tom Corr.                                            William Morrow [Haugh]                   Mary Kilpatrick [Drumark]

James Henderson.                               Robert Morrow [Haugh]                     Elizabeth Morrow [Dumrooske]

Barbara Morrow [Drumgornan]          Frances Miller [Haugh]                       Eleanor Morrow [Drumrooske]

Margaret Morrow [Drumgornan]        Catherine Oliver [Haugh]                   Ann Moorehead [Mullins]

Mary Morrow [Drumgornan]              James Scott [Haugh]                           Noble Oliver [Haugh]

Eleanor Williamson [Glenboran]         Mary Nicholson [Haugh]                    Alexander Montgomery [Ballydevitt]

Robert Williamson [Drumgornan]

Catherine Wark [Orbeg]


Thomas Richie and John Richie.

Tom Stewart, Mary Stewart, James Stewart, Sam Stewart, Elizabeth Stewart, William Stewart, Biannais Stewart.


CONFIRMATION CLASS 1899.                            


Maggie Monteith [16], Margaret Morrow. [16], Rebecca Mackey. [16] Cassie Mercer. [15] Mary Ellen Stewart [17] Mary Ellen Stewart [17] Ellen Jane Boyd [16] Fanny Wray [14] Edith Arnold [16 ¾] Rebecca Buchannon [17] Annie Morrow [16] Mary Ellen Wray



Robert John Buchannon. Joseph Wilson, Alexander Sims, John Morrow, Joe Wark, William John Wilson, Willie Wilson.

William James Buchannon





DATE                         NAME                                                PARENTS


  1. 29/4/1844              Tom Perry.                              William and Catherine Perry.
  2. 18/12/1844.           Mary Ann Nesbitt                   James and Elizabeth Nesbitt.
  3. 25/12/1844.           James Corrigan.                      Robert and Mary Corrigan.
  4. 18/12/1844.           William Montgomery.             James and Mary Montgomery.
  5. 15/1/1845.             George Knight.                      Robert and Isabel Knight.
  6. 3/8/1845.               John Wilson.                           James and Dolly nee Wray
  7. 16/3/1845              Jane Williamson.                     John and Lucy nee Wray
  8. 4/5/1845.               Hugh Scott.                             John and Mary Scott.
  9. 22/5/1845.             Margaret Crawford.                Andrew and Bell Crawford.
  10. 22/6/1845.             Frances Miller                         John and Margaret Miller.
  11. 28/6/1845.             Mary Wilson.                          James and Mary Wilson.
  12. 29/7/1845.            Jane Nesbitt.                           John and Margaret Nesbitt.
  13. 9/11/1845.             James Morrow.                        William and Bess Morrow.
  14. 30/11/1845.           Margaret Morrow.                   James and Mary Morrow.
  15. 9/12/1845.             William Duncan.                     Andrew and Catherine. Duncan
  16. 14/12/1845.           William Irwin.                         William and Catherine Irwin.
  17. 22/2/1846.             Alexander Wilson.                  Alexander and Eleanor Wilson.
  18. 15/3/1846.             Mary Love.                             Richard and Margaret Love.
  19. 11/3/1846.             Betty Pearson.                         Tom and Susan Pearson.
  20. 26/3/1846.             Margaret Hamilton.                William and Mary Hamilton.
  21. 10/4/1846.             Margaret Caterson.                 Richard and Catherine Caterson.
  22. 25/4/1846.             M. Jane Wilson.                     John and Margaret Wilson.
  23.  4/5/1846.              Catherine Jane Fawcett           Rae and Catherine Fawcett.
  24. 2/8/1846.               Charles Arnold.                       George and Sarah Arnold.
  25. 30/5/1846.             Jane Simms.                           Robert and Rebecca Simms.
  26. 6/6/1846.               George Miller.                         Robert and Catherine Miller.
  27. 23/6/1846.             M. Ann Wark.                         John and Isabel Wark.
  28. 9/4/1846.               Ann Jane Moorhead.               George and Catherine.
  29. 9/9/1846.               Edward Wilson.                      John and Eleanor Wilson.
  30. 11/10/1846.           John Henderson.                     Andrew and Susan Wilson.
  31. 28.2.1847.             M. Jane Wilson.                      James and Dolly Wilson.
  32. 11/4/1847.             Catherine Wark.                     Robert and Rebecca Wark.
  33. 18/4/1847.             Elizabeth Vance.                     Alexander and Ann Vance.
  34. 6/6/1847.               Elizabeth Miller.                      John and Ann Miller.
  35. 22/10/1847.           Robert Crommer.                    John and Eleanor Crommer.
  36. 7/11/1846.             William Williamson.                John and Lucy Williamson.
  37. 5/12/1847.             Eleanor Magee.                       Charles and Ellen nee Kilpatrick
  38. 2/2/1848.               Eleanor Stewart.                     Sam and Jane Stewart.
  39. 9/2/1848.               Margaret Moorehead.             George and Catherine Moorehead.
  40. 23/3/1848.             Isobel Carney.                         Arthur and Margaret Carney.
  41. 20/4/1848.             Ellen Crawford.                     Andrew and Isobel Crawford.
  42. 12/12/1848.           Robert Hamilton.                    William and Mary Hamilton.
  43. 30/5/1848.             Lucinda Fawcett.                   Arthur and Elizabeth Fawcett.
  44. 16/5/1848.             Mary Jane Mackey.                James and Ann Mackey.
  45. 0/8/1848.               Robert Wilson.                        Robert and Mary Wilson.
  46. 0/5/1848.               Mary Wilson.                          Robert and Mary Wilson.
  47. 22/10/1848.           Elizabeth Love.                      Richard and Margaret Love.
  48. 16/11/1848.           Alexander Wilson.                 John and Margaret Wilson.
  49. 23/3/1849.             Rebecca Simms.                      Robert and Rebecca Simms.
  50. 6/4/1849.               Isabel Wilson.                         James and Jane nee Crawford
  51. 0/3/1849.               Charles Gold.                         
  52. 22/3/1849.             John Morrow.                         Tom and Barbara Morrow.
  53. 6/5/1849.               Esther Strong
  54. 17/10/1849.           James Henderson                   Andrew and Susan Henderson.
  55. 6/1/1850.               Lucy Wilson.                          James and Dorothy Wilson.
  56. 31/3/1850.             Rebecca Wilson.                     John and Lucy Wilson.
  57. 8/5/1850.               Jack Hamilton.
  58. 7/7/1850.               Elizabeth Fawcett.                 Arthur and Elizabeth Fawcett.
  59. 2/3/1851.               Margaret Wilson.                    Alexander and Ellen Wilson.
  60. 1/6/1851.               Mary Jane Hetherington of Mullins.     Married Jonas Long.
  61. 18/4/1851.             Charles Hewitt.                       Robert and Rachael Hewitt.
  62. 0/10/1851.             Jane Spence.                            William and Barbara nee Wray.
  63. 8/1/1852.               John Simms.                            Robert and Rebecca Simms.
  64. 10/1851.                Matty Wilson.
  65. 10/1852.                Rebecca Fawcett.
  66. 11/1852.                Richard Love.                         John and Jane Love.
  67. 8/5/1852.               James Crommer.
  68. 29/5/1852.             John Miller.                             John and Ann.
  69. 26/7/1869.             John Wray of John.                 John and Mary Ann nee Hanlon
  70. 8/3/1869.               Ellen Jane Crawford              Richard and Bell nee Lyttle
  71. 6/7/1869.               Lizzie Spence.                        John and Eliza nee Wray
  72. 15/5/1869.             Elizabeth Wilson.                    Alexander and Maggie Jane nee Given.
  73. 16/6/1870.             William Richey.                      Francis and Elizabeth nee Clarke
  74. 12/5/1870.             William James Wilson              Red Edward and Ann nee Love
  75. 26/1/1870.             James Love of Revlin.                        William and Mary Jane nee Graham
  76. 29/3/1871.             Ann Jane Love of Revlin.       William and Mary Jane nee Graham
  77. 6/4/1871.               Hugh Richey.                         Thomas and Mary nee Strong
  78. 18/4/1871/             Sam Spence.                            John and Eliza nee Wray
  79. 12/5/1871.             Ann Wray of John.                 John and Mary Ann nee Hanlon
  80. 21/4/1871.             Mary Ann Wilson                  Alexander and Mary nee Given
  81. 4/6/1871.               Lizzie Monteith.                      George and Catherine nee Maxwell
  82. 17/4/1871.             Arthur Ephraim A McDevitt.  James and Annie nee Gold
  83. 27/2/1871.             Mary Ann Wray [Wilson]       David and Ann nee Montgomery
  84. 7/10/1871.             Andy Fawcett.                       Joseph and Ann nee Stevenson
  85. 23/7/1871              Frances Perry.                         Francis and Margaret nee Walker
  86. 9/2/1873    [born]  Joseph Fawcett.                      Joseph and Ann nee Stevenson
  87. 0/5/1875.               Martha Wilson.                      Alexander and Mary nee Given
  88. 28/2/1875.             Esther Love.                            William and Mary Jane nee Graham
  89. 7/7/1875.               Robert Crawford.                  Richard and Bell nee Lyttle
  90. 22/12/1875.           Arthur Morrow.                     Andrew and Lizzie nee Fawcett
  91. 19/12/1876.           Katherine Mackey.                 David and Jane nee Oliver
  92. 23/1/1876.             Willie Stewart.                        George and Isabella nee Magee???
  93. 22/9/1876.             Jane Wray.                              William and Jane nee Strong
  94. 13/10/1876.           Andy Love [Meenacally]        John Love and Ann nee Ritchie
  95. 18/11/1876.           John Williamson.                     William and Rebecca nee Williamson
  96. 4/2/1877.               Andrew Wilson [Ballydevitt] James and Elizabeth nee Williamson
  97. 4/2/1877.               William John Monteith.          George and Catherine nee Maxwell
  98. 4/2/1877.               Martha Jane                             Robert and C. A. nee Smyth
  99. 17/2/1877.             Mary Love.                             William and Mary Jane nee Graham

          6/4/1877.               Susannah Wray.                      John and Mary Ann nee Hanlon

         29/6/1877.             Marie Crawford.                     Richard and Isabelle nee Lyttle.

  1. 6/10/1877.       Rebecca Wray.                        Andrew and Sarah nee Strong
  2. 20/8/1877.       Lucy Wilson.                          Alexander and Mary nee Given
  3. 5/7/1877.         Oliver Logan.                          George and Margaret nee Wilson
  4. 26/9/1877.       Sarah Jane Stewart.                 George and Isabella nee Magee
  5. 10/7/1877.       Alexander Love.                    Alexander and Mary Love [Lester]
  6. 2/11/1878.       Margery Jane.                          James and Margery nee Montgomery
  7. 2/12/1877.       Samuel? James Stewart.         George and Isabella nee Magee???
  8. 17/12/1877.     Catherine Simms.                   William and Betty nee Given
  9. 12/12/1877.     Alexander Morrow.                Tom and Mary Morrow.
  10. 1/6/1878.         Margaret Ellen Wilson.           Edward and Ann nee Love
  11. 3/2/1879.         Tom Monteith.                        George and Catherine nee Maxwell
  12. 5/2/1879.         M. Jane Arnold.                      James and Sarah Ann nee Arnold.
  13. 19/2/1879.       Andy Morrow.                                    Andrew and Elizabeth nee Fawcett.
  14. 17/4/1879.       Mary Love.                             John and Ann nee Richie
  15. 22/3/1879.       Catherine Love.                     William and Mary Jane Graham
  16. 6/5/1879.         Maggie Ann Wilson.               Robert and Catherine nee Smith.
  17. 30/6/1879.       Robert George Logan.                        George and Margaret nee Wilson
  18. 1/7/1879.         Isabella Mackey.                     David and Jane nee Oliver
  19. 20/8/1879.       Elizabeth Ann Stewart.           George and Isabella nee Magee
  20. 4/10/1879.       Ellen Crommer.                       Adam and Isabella nee Spence
  21. 1/11/1897.       Mary Jane Love.                     Alexander and Mary Jane Love [Doonan]
  22. 3/11/1879.       Andrew Williamson.               William and Rebecca nee Williamson
  23. 17/11/1879.     Mary Simms.                           William and Elizabeth nee Given.
  24. 27/11/1879.     Joe Wray. Tully [born 4/2/1879] Joseph and Hannah nee Carney.
  25. 17/2/1880.       Minnie Morrow.                      Thomas and Mary nee Morrow [Haugh]
  26. 21/2/1880,       Thomas Crawford.                  Richard and Isabella nee Lyttle
  27. 20/3/1880.       William John Wilson. John and Ann nee Wray
  28. 6/6/1880.         William Wray.                         William and Sarah Ann nee Strong
  29. 12/5/1880.       William J. Simms.                   William and Margaret nee Buchannon.
  30. 13/4/1880.       Tamar Gold. Born 13/1/1880 John and Mary nee Love
  31. 28.4/1880.       Esther Richie.                          Tom and Mary nee Strong
  32. 2/5/1880.         William Wray. Born 13/1/1880William and Sarah Ann nee Strong.


Transcribed by Rev William Wilson Mercer, Rector of Killymard prior to the originals being destroyed in GRO fire of 1922.

This material is therefore unique.

Re-transcribed by Margaret Graham from records given to her by Mrs Margaret Irwin, Donegal.

Mistakes may occur, please let us know so they can be corrected.

 {c} Margaret Graham 2017

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