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Passengers on the Henry and Frances 1685

Ship HENRY AND FRANCES Passengers, 1685: Philadelphia

Robert Adam                 + The Lady Athunie

John Arbuckle               + Rev. William Aisdale

John Black                    George Brown

Robert Campbell               David Campbell

John Campbell                 William Campbell

Christian Cavie               John Crichton

John Corbet                   Andrew Corbet

John Cassan                 + Agnes Corbead

Barbara Cowan                 Marjory Cowan

 William Cunningham          Patrick Cunningham

Charles Douglas               William Douglas

Isabel Durie                  John Frazer

 Thomas Finlater             Elspeth Ferguson

Janet Ferguson              + Mary Ferret

John Ford                     James Forsythe

John Foreman                  John Gray

+ Thomas Gray               + Thomas Graham

Grisel Gamble               + William Gedd

Fergus Grier                  James Grier

Robert Gilchrist              John Gilfillan

Bessie Bordon                 Annabel Gordon

Katharine Govan               John Harris

John Harvey                   John Henderson

Adam Hood                     Charles Honiall

+ John Hutchinson           + John Hodge

+ Thomas Jackson              William Jackson

George J0hnston               John J0hnstone

James Junk                    John King

+ John Kippan                 John Kincaid

James Kirkwood              + John Kirkland

John Kelly                  + Katherine Kelly

John Kennie                   Margaret Leslie

Janet Linthron                Gawn Lockhart

Michael Marshall              John Marshall

John Martin                   Margaret Miller

George M00re                 + Gilbert Monerg

Jean Moffat                   John Muirhead

James Muirhead                William McCalmont

John McEwen                   Walter McEwen

Robert McEwen                 John McQueen

Robert McLellan             + Margaret McLellan

+ Andrew McLellan           + John McKennan

+ William McMillan            John McGee

William Nevin                 William Oliphant

Andrew Patterson              John Pollock

+ John Rann                 + Rev. Archibald Riddell

+ Mrs. Archibald Riddell    + William Rigg

+ Marian Rennie             + John Renwick

James Reston                + Thomas Russell

Peter Russell                 Christian Strong

William Sprat                 Agnes Stevens

William Sproul                Thomas Shelston

+ John Swinton              + John Smith

John Seton                  + George Scot

+ Margaret Scot             + Euphriam Scot

Janet Symington               James Sittintown

John Targgat                  John Turpine

William Turnbull              Patrick Ure

John Vernor                   Mrs. Vernor

John Watt                     Patrick Walker

+ James Wardrope              Elizabeth Whitelaw

Grisel Wetherspoon            William Wilson

Robert Young

+ died at sea


William L. Fisk, Jr., The Diary of John Cuthbertson, Missionary to the Covenanter in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 73, 1949, pp. 441-458.


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