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Rental of Brownlows Derry

Brownlow\'s {Derry} Estate Lurgan 1667 A half years rent roll due out of the lands of Brownloes-Derry on the first day of November 1667. Public Record Office for Northern Ireland. Ref: T970/120 Name of Occupier Townland Name Rent William Calvert assignee of John Smith Brownloes-Derry 07. 16s. 00d Roger Kirk \" 06. 04s. 00d Thomas Flory \" 03. 13s. 06d Manus OGribbin \" 06. 06s. 00d Roger Webb \" 07. 06s. 00d Henry Maginn \" 01. 06s. 08d. Murtagh Conellan and Shane McNallie \" 01. 10s. 00d Charles Corrigan \" 00. 14s. 00d Mr. John and William Waring and Thomas Anderson \" 31. 10s. 00d Simon Huit {Hewitt} \" 04. 00s. 00d Captn Hawksworth \" 00. 06s. 08d Captain Cox \" 05. 06s. 00d John and Henry Maginn \" 05. 10s. 00d Colonel Stuart \" 05. 06s. 00d Captn Hawksworth \" 06. 05s. 00d William Maginn \" 05. 16s. 00d Owen McCartan et all \" 09. 00s. 00d Robert Chambers \" 01. 09s. 02d. James Bullagh \" 01. 00s. 00d Richard Crooke \" 01. 00s. 00d. John Ray \" 01. 11s. 00d John Harland \" 00. 17s. 06d John McCullogh \" 03. 03s. 04d. Jo. Hope assignee of Whitesides \" 03. 04s. 00d. James Dowey and William Parrie \" 06. 00s. 00d. F*** Martin \" 07. 16s. 00d. George Hobby \" 03. 14s. 00d. John and Ellen Langtrie \" 05. 00s. 00d. Edward Bradie assignee to George Shelton \" 03. 12s. 00d. Hugh Allen and all assignees to Thomas Anderson \" 07. 12s. 00d. William Parry \" 01. 01s. 00d. George Gibson \" 00. 18s. 00d. Miles McLevy \" 00. 15s. 00d. John Watson \" 02. 12s. 00d. Lodivick Hamilton \" 01. 12s. 00d. Robert Gare \" 02. 07s. 00d. Jane Porter \" 01. 06s. 00d. William James \" 00. 13s. 00d. Anthony Harlowe \" 01. 08s. 00d. William Smith \" 01. 02s. 06d. Neale Newes and William Oferall \" 05. 00s. 00d. Cuthbert Meanes Valentine Brown and Thomas Lanc*** \" 03. 13s. 00d. Susanna Hillary \" 00. 17s. 00d. Henry Maginn \" 01. 00s. 00d. Mr. Alexander Gill \" 02. 10s. 00d. The total sum of this half years rent \" 317. 01s. 08d. The total sum of this whole years rent \" 634. 03s. 04d

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