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Belfast Business Directory 1817

Merchants, Traders, etc.

Adair, Simon, cooper, 50 Waring Street
Agnew, James, ladies shoe maker, 17 Skippers Lane
Alexander, John & Co., merchants, Belfast Mills
Alexander, Samuel, tanner, 78 North Street
Alexander, John, hotel and carmens inn keeper,

11 Peters Hill
Alexander, John, junior, cotton spinner

 cotton-court, Waring Street
Alexander, Robert, saddler, 5 Waring Street
Allen, Ann & Mary, haberdashers & milliners,

16 Castle Street
Allen, Mary Ann, haberdasher, 8 Corn Market
Allen, William, boot & shoe maker, 82 High Street
Anderson, Drummond, the Commercial Chronicle,

5 Wilson\\\\\\\'s Court
Anderson, James, watch & clock maker, 2 Waring Street
Anderson, Martin, spirit dealer, 24 Ann Street
Andrews, Samuel, merchant tailor, 8 Marlboro\\\\\\\' Street
Appleton, David, hosier & tavern keeper,

121 & 122 Ann Street
Archbald, Edward C., hosiery warehouse,

 21 Church Street
Archer, Samuel, book seller & printer, 21 High Street
Armstrong, David S., woollen & carpet warehouse,

 20 High Street
Armstrong, John, breeches maker, 61 Castle Street
Armstrong, Robert, cotton manufacturer,

 56 Smithfield
Asylum for the Blind, 36 High Street
Atkinson, Eliza, haberdasher, 102 High Street
Atkins, James, coach & house painter,

29 Princes Street (20 or 28)
Auchinleck, William, senior,

public notary & tobacco broker,

185 North Street


Bailie, Robert, merchant, 1 Upper Chichester Street
Bailie, James, merchant, 190 North Street
Bailie, John, boot & shoe maker, 40 Ann Street
Bailie, Robert, hat manufacturer, 5 Bridge Street
Baird, James, confectioner, 10 Rosemary Lane
Baker, James, muslin manufacturer, 9 Talbot Street
Barkley, James, tavern & ordinary keeper, 3 Sugarhouse Entry
Barnett, Andrew John, merchant, 65 High Street
Barnett, John, tanner, 49 Castle Street
Barr, Alexander, woollen draper, 117 High Street
Batt, Narcissus & Robert, merchants, Calendar Street
Belfast Glass Company, 80 Peters Hill
Belfast Porter Brewery, Smithfield
Belfast Repository, 116 Ann Street
Bell, John & Co., muslin manufacturers, Margaret Street
Bell, John, brewer, 55 Hercules Street
Bell & Kennedy, wholesale printed calico & linen warehouse, 62 Waring Street
Bell & Haughton, hardware merchants, 79 High Street
Bell, William, woollen draper, 18 Bridge Street
Bell, Alexander, woollen draper, 2 Bridge Street
Bell, Isaac, senior, upholsterer, 101 High Street
Bell, Isaac, junior, upholsterer, 21 Bank Buildings
Bell, William, dyer, 8 Millfield
Bell, John, pawn broker, 28 Smithfield
Bell & Harvey, nursery & seeds men, 12 Church Lane
Bell, William, cork cutter, 12 Rosemary Lane
Berwick, William & Co., merchants, 1 North Street
Bigger, David, merchant, 5 High Street
Birnie, Clotworthy, ship broker, public notary & auctioneer, 1 Chichester Quay
Black, Matthew, woollen draper, 7 Bridge Street
Black, Alexander, grocer, 23 High Street
Blackader, John, boot and shoe maker, 20 North Street
Blackwell, Alexander, linen draper, 38 High Street
Blackwell, William James, wholesale haberdasher,

 1 Donegall Street
Blackwell, William, cabinet maker, 61 Donegall Street
Blackwood, Charles, victualler, 18 Corn Market
Blackwood, Thomas, victualler, 13 Corn Market
Blair, Andrew, hosiery warehouse, 12 Bridge Street
Blow, Ward & Co., paper manufacturers, 113 Ann Street
Boomer, James, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 18 Mill Street
Boswell, John, watch maker, 24 Pottingers Entry
Boyd, Nathaniel, tavern keeper, 37 Berry Street
Bourdot, John Baptist, ladies & gentlemens hair dresser & perfumer, 42 Castle St.
Bowden, James, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 74 Ann Street
Bradford, James, merchant, 9 Store Lane
Bradford, George & Benjamin, merchants, 46 High Street
Broadley, Ben. & Co., cotton wool & tow card manufacturers, 30 Smithfield
Brown, Samuel, merchant, Calendar Street
Brown, David, painter & glazier, 59 Mill Street
Brown, John, anchor smith & coach maker, 21 Back Lane
Brown, John, patten and ladies  shoe maker, 67 Hercules Street
Brown, Samuel, hair dresser & perfumer, 59 Castle Street
Brown, Andrew, grocer, 12 Ann Street
Bryson, John, grocer, 55 Ann Street
Bullen, John, nursery & seedsman, 100 Ann Street
Buchannan, Walter, merchant, 4 Chichester Quay
Bunting & Ash, boarding school for young ladies, 67 Donegall Street
Burke, Robert, feather & skin merchant, 33 Hercules Street
Burke, Patrick, feather warehouse, 19 Skippers Lane
Burns, William, merchant tailor, 11 Bridge Street
Burns, Robert, hair dresser & peruke maker, 15 Skippers Lane
Burnside, John, furniture cotton warehouse, 15 Donegall Street
Byres, William & Co., muslin manufacturers, 23 Donegall Street


Callwell, Robert, merchant, Upper Chichester Street
Campbell, Samuel & James, merchants, 196 North Street (106)
Campbell, Hugh, muslin manufacturer, Brown Street
Campbell, Christopher, inn & livery stable keeper, 102 Ann Street
Campbell, Charles, boot and shoe maker, 10 Mill Street
Campbell, William, rope & twine manufacturer, 44 North Street
Campbell & Smylie, stone and marble yard, 23 Waring Street
Carey & Cooper, china & earthen warehouse, Lime Kiln Dock
Carmichael, Robert, woollen draper, 9 High Street
Carrol, William, victualler, William Street South
Carson, James, grocer, spirit & wine merchant, 1 Corn Market
Carson, James, timber merchant, 48 Ann Street
Carson, Thomas, spirit dealer, 14 Hercules Street
Carson, William, fustian warehouses, 5 Hercules Street
Caughey, Isabella, slop shop, 10 Chichester Quay
Caughey, James, ship chandlery shop, 64 High Street
Cavan, John, grocer, 2 High Street
Chambers, Brice & Co., wine & spirit merchants, 17 Ann Street
Christian, Thomas, cart maker, 11 Marlbro Street
Clarke, Sampson, hat manufacturer, 66 Castle Street
Clarke, John, cabinet maker, 9 Rosemary Lane
Clawson & Hill, grocers & tobacconists, 26 Rosemary Lane
Cleland, Jane, china glass & staffordshire warehouse, 17 Castle Street
Coats, Victor, founder & starch manufacturer, Lagan, Ballymacarret (Ballymacarrett)
Cochran, George, fancy furniture ware room, 16 Smithfield
Cochran, Ernest, tailor, 1 Wilsons Court
Colville, James, woollen draper, 15 Bridge Street
Colville, John, woollen draper, 19 Bridge Street
Cooney, John, victualler, 9 Corn Market
Cooper, David, haberdasher, 77 High Street
Cowan, Jane & Ellen, grocers, 81 Ann Street
Craig, Samuel, wine and spirit merchant, 5 Marlbro\\\\\\\' Street (Marlboro\\\\\\\')
Crawford, Hugh, merchant, 26 Donegall Street
Crawford, Walter, iron merchant, 10 Donegall Street
Crawford, Ann, grocer, 14 Church Lane
Crawford, James, cabinet maker, 20 Waring Street
Crossen, James & Co., muslin manufacturers, Brown Street
Cuddy, John, glazier, paint, oil & glass store, 20 Church Lane
Cuddy, William, plumber, 13 Marlbro\\\\\\\' Street (Marlboro\\\\\\\')
Cumming, Mary, haberdasher, 28 Bridge Street
Cummin, Samuel, leather seller, 168 North Street
Cunningham, John, merchant, 95 High Street
Cunningham, John & Thomas, spirit merchants, 78 Mill Street
Cunningham, John, hosier, 13 Donegall Street


Daniel, Stephen, dyer, 39 North Street
Davis, Robert, merchant, 12 Chichester Quay
Davis, Joy, hat manufacturer, 24 Bridge Street
Davis, Pafrick, glazier, paint, oil & glass store, 19 North Street (Patrick)
Davis, William, inn keeper & horse repository, 125 North Street
Davison, Gawn, tobacconist & grocer, 83 Ann Street
Davison, William, merchant, 106 High Street
Davidson, John, haberdasher, 4 Bridge Street
Dawson, William, boot & shoe maker, 60 High Street
Delap, Robert, broker, 7 Chichester Quay
Demsey, Matthew, pawn broker, 5 Pottingers Entry (Dempsey)
Demsey, James, shoe maker, 93 Ann Street (Dempsey)
Dickson, Simon, boot & shoe maker, 24 North Street
Dickson, William, cotton manufacturer, 10 Carrick Hill
Doherty, John, printer & book seller, 30 Bridge Street
Doherty, Edward, spirit dealer, 93 Ann Street
Donaldson, Jane, haberdasher, 108 High Street
Donaldson, John, block maker & pump borer, 67 High Street
Donnelly, John, spirit dealer, 53 Smithfield
Douglass, William & Co., merchants, 6 Marlbro Street
Drummond, Rose, circulating library, 12 Castle Street
Duff, John, box book keeper to the theatre, 31 Lodge Lane
Duffield, Samuel, carmens inn keeper, 118 North Street
Dunlop, James & Robert, coal factors, 38 Princes Street
Dyke, R. W., crayon & miniature painter & drawing master, 75 Mill Street


Edwards, Hugh & Benjamin, glass manufacturers & founders, Ballymacarret
Ekenhead, Thomas, rope & sail manufacturer, 56 Ann Street
Elliot, John, linen merchant, 12 Donegall Street
English, Thomas, dyer, 12 Millfield


Fallon, Margaret, grocer & spirit dealer, 18 Church Lane
Faloon, James, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 3 Hanover Quay
Faloon, William, spirit dealer, 31 Waring Street
Ferguson, R. & E., haberdashers, 123 High Street
Ferguson & Elliot, wine & spirit merchants, 57 Hercules Street
Ferguson, William & John, haberdashers, 50 High Street
Ferguson, William, tailor, Leggs Lane
Fetherston, Ann & sisters, haberdashers, 33 Castle Street
Finlay, Robert, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 15 Millfield
Finlay, Alexander, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 56 High Street
Finlay, Usher, slop shop, 61 High Street
Fitzsimons, Samuel, carpenter, 31 Waring Street
Fitzsimons, Allice, haberdasher, 118 High Street (Alice)
Fitzsimons, James, tailor, High Street
Fletcher, Thomas, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 157 North Street
Flowers, M. Ann, haberdasher, 11 Castle Street
Forcade, John, saddler, 64 Castle Street
Fox, George, grocer, 183 North Street
Frazier, Joseph, grocer, 12 Patrick Street
Frazier, James, carmens inn keeper, 75 Peters Hill
Freebairn, John, stocking frame maker, 65 Patrick Street
Fulton, Nathaniel, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 3 North Street


Gamble, Arthur, merchant, 17 North Street
Gamble, Robert, merchant, 201 North Street
Gamble, William, spirit dealer, 35 Waring Street
Gardner, Henry L., watch maker & dentist, successor to J. Rider, 27 High Street
Gardner, Wills, joiner, 17 Princes Street
Gardner, John, gun smith, 9 Rosemary Lane
Gardner, Arthur, grocer, 55 High Street
Gemmill, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 65 Donegall Street
Getty, Robert, merchant, 16 North Street
Getty & Armstrong, hardware merchants, 207 North Street
Getty, John, cabinet maker, 63 Donegall Street
Gibson, Samuel, merchant, 20 Donegall Street
Gibson, Samuel & Co., brewers, 185 North Street
Gibson & Simms, wholesale printed calico & muslin warehouse, 5 Donegall Street
Gihon, Jane, haberdasher, 6 Castle Street
Gihon, Robert, merchant, 84 High Street
Gillespie, William, haberdasher, 32 North Street
Gillet, Henry, tavern keeper, Belfast Hotel, 22 Arthur Street
Gillies, John, merchant, 6 Custom House Quay
Gilmore, Joseph, baker, 20 Ann Street
Glancey, James, stay maker, 18 Rosemary Lane
Gold, John, book binder, 49 Mustard Street
Gordon, James, cotton manufacturer, Brown Street
Gordon, John, grocer, 202 North Street
Gordon, Hugh, engraver, 24 Church Lane
Gowdy, James, hair dresser, 179 North Street
Graham, Campbell, wine and spirit merchant, 118 Ann Street
Graham, Hugh, linen draper, 5 C. Peters Hill
Graham, Thomas, copper and tinsmith, 74 High Street
Graham, John, block maker & pump borer, 66 High Street
Grainger, James, brick layer, 96 Ann Street
Grainger, Mary, grocer, 95 Ann Street
Grainger, William, baker, 28 Mill Street
Gray, John, hosier, 47 High Street
Gray, William, boot & shoe maker, 49 High Street
Greenlaw, Robert, merchant, Church Street
Greenlaw & Ware, agents for the new established London & Liverpool Traders, 40 Waring Street
Greer, James, boot & shoe maker, 76 High Street
Greer, Samuel, grocer, 193 North Street
Greer, William, sen., weavers mechanic, 67 North Street
Greer, William, junior, weavers mechanic, 120 North Street
Greg & Blacker, merchants, 50 Ann Street
Greg & Boyd, vitriol works, Ballymacarret
Grimshaw, Robert, merchant, 58 Waring Street
Grogan, John, linen merchant, Donegall Square
Grogan, Robert, linen merchant, Henryville
Groves, David, glover and skinner, 31 Castle Street
Groves, William, glover and skinner, 30 Church Street


Hadskis, Ann, grocer, 199 North Street
Hadskis, Susanna, haberdasher, 37 Rosemary Lane
Hall, John Joshua, watch maker, 33 High Street
Halliday, Mary, haberdasher & milliner, 110 High Street
Hamilton, Robert, tailor, 18 Wilsons Court
Hannay, McWilliam, & Co., cotton yarn warehouse, 53 Donegall Street
Hamill, Ann, grocer, 96 High Street
Hamill, John, provision merchant, 53 Waring Street
Harper, James, master joiner, 26 Mill Street
Harper, Thomas, tailor, 183 North Street
Harrison, Mary, haberdasher, 26 Bridge Street
Hart, Robert, glazier, 36 Church Lane
Henan, Hugh, umbrella maker, 98 Ann Street
Henderson, Robert, joiner, Brown Street
Henesey, David, sen., fancy chair maker, 11 Rosemary Lane
Henesey, George, fancy chair maker & furniture painter, 12 Rosemary Lane
Heron, Thomas, merchant, 51 Ann Street
Heron, John, merchant, 15 Ann Street
Herdman, John, brewer, 60 Ann Street
Herdman, James, tanner & currier, 9 Mill Street
Hewett, Samuel, wine & spirit merchant, grocer & tobacco manufacturer, 32 Ann St.
Hibner, Ellis, victualler, South William Street
Higgins, John, machine maker, 108 Millfield
Higginson, William, inn keeper & ordinary, 24 Donegall Street
Hill, Edward, grocer, 198 North Street
Hodgson, Robert & John, book binders & stationers, 4 High Street
Hodgson, Thomas, saddler, 63 Hercules Street
Hoey, Samuel, cooper, 74 Hercules Street
Holmes & Barklie, merchants, 16 Ann Street
Horner, Anthony, muslin manufacturer, 26 Winetavern Street
How, John & Thomas, muslin manufacturers, 19 Church Street
Huddleston, Francis, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 21 Joys Court
Hudson, Christopher, tanner, 147 North Street
Hudson, David, carmens inn keeper, 121 North Street
Hughes & Moore, provision merchants, 17 adjoining the Weigh House
Hughes, Thomas, grocer, 8 North Street
Hughes, Ann, haberdashery & toy shop, 32 Rosemary Lane
Hunter, William, grocer, 2 Donegall Street
Hutcheson, John, haberdasher, 203 North Street
Hutton, William, hardware & toy shop, 52 High Street
Hyndman, Robert, snuff & tobacco manufacturer, 120 High Street
Hyndman, James, public notary & auctioneer, 17 Donegall Street


Ireland, Frances, haberdasher, 127 High Street
Ireland, M. & E., haberdashers, 126 High Street
Ireland, John, livery stables, 126 High Street
Ireland, Thomas, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 19 Millfield
Irwin, William, cooper, 28 Waring Street


Jack, Samuel, victualler, 159 North Street
Jamison, William, inn keeper, 29 North Street
Jamison, James, tanner, 103 North Street
Janson, Henry M., painter & glazier, 47 Waring Street
Johnson & Fisher, wholesale woollen drapers, 34 Rosemary Lane
Johnson, William, & Co., wholesale woollen drapers & haberdashers, 78 Donegall St
Johnson & Halliday, wholesale woollen drapers & haberdashers, 78 Donegall Street
Johnson, Young, & Co., wholesale haberdashery warehouse, 77 Donegall Street
Johnston, James, spirit merchant & grocer, 189 North Street
Johnston, John, grocer, 110 Ann Street
Johnston, William, baker, 16 Mill Street
Johnston, Robert, haberdasher, 24 Mill Street
Jordan, Simon, cabinet maker, 39 Smithfield
Joy, Holmes & Tomb, merchants, Wine Cellar Entry
Joy, James, & Co., cotton manufacturers, Wine Cellar Entry
Joyce, Charles Valentine, & Co., wine & spirit merchants, 4 Waring Street


Kearney, James, china & delf seller, 87 Ann Street
Kearns, Hugh, spirit dealer, 76 Ann Street
Kelso, Paul, grocer & spirit dealer, 166 North Street
Keenan, John, painter & glazier, 31 Berry Street
Kennedy, James Trail, & Co., merchants, 23 Legges Lane
Kennedy, John, junior, merchant, Waring Street
Kennedy, John, baker, 87 Hercules Street
Kennedy, Sarah, haberdasher, 104 High Street
Kennedy, Alexander, woollen draper, 7 Bridge Street
Kennedy, Daniel, cutler, 20 Chapel Lane
Kennedy, Charles, grocer, 200 North Street
Kennedy, Samuel, tavern & inn keeper, 3 Waring Street
Kenning, Thomas, muslin warehouse, 30 Castle Street
Kerr, Daniel, tavern keeper & ordinary, 104 Ann Street
Kilbee, James, & Co., Old Sugar House, 3 Rosemary Lane
........................, public notary & master in chancery
Kirk, Hugh, public notary, master in chancery, auctioneer & printer, 2 Fountain St.
Kirkpatrick, John, merchant, 42 Waring Street
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, grocer, 19 Church Lane
Kirkpatrick, Thomas, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 43 High Street
Knox, John, watch maker, 14 High Street
Knox, John, boot & shoe maker, 2 Castle Street
Knox, Robert, shoe maker, 35 High Street


Lamont & Ireland, boarding school for young ladies, 6 Donegall Street
Lamont, Ann, earthen ware shop, 8 Skippers Lane
Langtry, George, merchant, 22 Waring Street
Law, James, baker, 93 High Street
Law, Samuel, tanner, 112 North Street
Law, James, tanner, 110 North Street
Law, Andrew, brazier, 11 Hercules Street
Lawrence, James, perfumer & hair dresser, 107 Ann Street
Letham, Robert, linen merchant, 60 Donegall Street
Letham, John, merchant, Calendar Street
Leathem, Robert, confectioner, 59 Waring Street
Lepper, George, watch maker, 10 Bridge Street
Lepper, Francis, watch maker & dentist, 67 Castle Street
Lepper, Charles, grocer & spirit merchant, 197 North Street
Lewes, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 29 High Street
Lewis, George, haberdasher, 128 High Street
Linden, Matthew, confectioner, 34 Castle Street
Lindsay, Edward, nursery & seedsman, 4 Donegall Street
Linn, Catherine, haberdasher & milliner, 1 Castle Street
Linn, Jane, haberdasher & milliner, 122 High Street
Linn, Patrick, inn keeper, white cross, 1 Castle Street
Linn, Robert, & Co., soap boilers & tallow chandlers, 88 High Street
Linn, David, grocer & spirit dealer, 60 Barrack Street
Lowry, Robert, wine & spirit merchant, 16 Corn Market
Luke, John, & Son, woollen drapers, 31 Bridge Street
Luke, James, pottery shop, 204 North Street
Lyle & Riddle, hardware merchants, 107 High Street


Macartney, John, agent for the General Insurance Company, 2 Custom House Quay
Mackay, Alexander, editor of the Belfast News Letter, 13 Bridge Street
Magee, Jane, haberdasher, 12 North Street
Magee, William, book seller & stationer, 23 Bridge Street
Magee, Con., inn keeper, 129 North Street
Magee, James, tavern & stable keeper, 75 Ann Street
Maphet, William, & Co., salt works, Ballymacarret (Ballymacarrett)
Marshall, Hugh, tailor, 7 Pottingers Entry
Martin, Jane, tavern & stable keeper, 30 North Street
Martin, John, & Co., merchants, 14 Ann Street
Martin, George, hardware merchant, 25 Bridge Street
Martin, William & James, saddlers & curriers, 39 Castle Street
Martins & Park, merchants, 10 Church Lane
Matthews, James & Robert, merchants, 68 Ann Street
Matthews, John, boot & shoe maker, 8 Castle Street
Matthews, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 10 Castle Street
Matthews, Robert, haberdasher, 21 Ann Street
May, Richard, grocer, wine & spirit merchant, 90 Ann Street
Meneally, James, grocer, 58 Barrack Street
Miles, Mary, baby linen & corsit shop, 2 Rosemary Lane
Milford, John, & Co., cotton manufacturers & spinners, Winetavern Street
Millar, Mary, haberdasher, 96 Ann Street
Millen, George, wholesale printed calico & haberdashery warehouse, 11 Donegall St
Miller, George, rope & twine manufacturer, 164 North Street
Miller, Samuel, starch manufacturer & provision merchant, 36 Donegall Street
Miniss, Charles, peruke maker, 47 Ann Street
Mollyneaux, Joseph, baker & starch manufacturer, 8 Church Street
Montgomery, Jane & H., straw bonnet manufacturers, 40 Princes Street
Montgomery, Tennent, & Co., New Sugar House, 8 Waring Street
Montgomery, Staples, & Co., merchants, 2 Calender Street (Calendar)
Montgomery, George, coast broker, 9 Chichester Quay
Montgomery, Josias, saddler, 124 High Street
Montgomery, Gawn, woollen draper, 45 High Street
Montgomery, Henry, haberdasher, 14 Bridge Street
Montgomery, John, grocer, 23 Princes Street
Mooney, William, surveyor & measurer, 41 Hercules Street
Moore, Thomas rope & twine manufacturer, 70 High Street
Moore, Eliza, haberdasher, 30 North Street
Moreland, Arthur, victualler, 14 Corn Market
Morgan, John, grocer, 152 North Street
Morrow, William, tavern keeper, 5 Hanover Quay
Mountford, John, cotton spinner & manufacturer, York Street
Mountford, Hugh, smith, 84 Ann Street
Muckle, Robert, wool & tow card maker, 170 North Street
Mulholland, Roger, architect, 12 Castle Street
Mulrea, William, woollen draper, 16 Bridge Street
Munfoad, E. & M., haberdashers, 103 High Street (Munford)
Murdoch, Richard, smith, 103 Ann Street
Murphy, William, grocer, 22 Ann Street
Murray, Timothy, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 178 North Street
Mussenden, Charles, boot & shoe maker, 43 Ann Street
Myres, George, china, glass & earthen warehouse, 81 High Street


McAdam, James, hardware merchant, 113 High Street
McAdam, George, hardware & toy merchant, 114 High Street
McAdam, Marshall, & Co., wholesale druggists, oil & colour merchants, 41 High St.
McAuley & Kenley, haberdashers, 68 Castle Street
McBurney, James, tailor, 6 Crown Entry
McBride, Ursula, haberdasher, 13 High Street
McBride, John, grocer, 172 North Street
McCabe, Edmond & Thomas, gilders & chair makers, 50 Talbot Street
McCammon, John, tanner & currier, 52 Mill Street
McCappin, William, provision merchant, Cotton Court, Waring Street
McCartney, James, smith, 1 Marlbro Street
McClarnon, Pat., provision merchant, 14 Hercules Street
McClean, Adam, woollen draper, 111 High Street
McClean, Samuel & Andrew, wine & spirit merchants, 1 Sugar House Entry
McClean & Hulls house furnishing, ironmongery & hardware house, 22 Bank Bldgs.
McClean, William, wine & spirit merchant, 192 North Street
McClean, Charles, silk dyer, 5 Mill Street
McCleery, James, merchant, 191 North Street
McClement, David, merchant & grocer, 79 Ann Street
McClure, Bailie & Whitla, merchants, Donegall Quay
McClure, William, merchant, 8 Donegall Street
McClure, John, grocer, 57 Barrack Street
McClure, Robert, boot & shoe maker, 28 North Street
McClure, Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 187 North Street
McComb, Thomas, timber merchant & salt stores, 41 & 43 Waring Street
McConnell, John, merchant, 9 Ann Street
McConnell & Co., wholesale haberdashery warehouse, 14 Donegall Street
McConnell, Alexander, earthenware house, 59 High Street
McConnell, William, farming utensil maker, 5 Smithfield
McCosh & Irwin, merchants, 6 Rosemary Lane
............................tobacco manufacturers, 24 Rosemary Lane
McCord, Andrew, grocer, 5 North Street
McCoubery, Robert, grocer, 93 Ann Street (McCoubrey)
McCracken, Margaret, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 39 Waring Street
McCracken, R. Ann, haberdasher, 35 Castle Street
McCracken, John, & Co., cotton spinners, Donegall Street
McCracken, Francis, merchant, 38 Waring Street and rope & sail manufacturer, 1 James Street.
McCracken, William, cotton manufacturer, 35 Castle Street
McCredie, John, saddler, 43 Castle Street
McCrum, John, fustian, cotton & muslin manufacturer, 11 Skippers Lane
McCulloch, John, linen merchant, 162 North Street
McCully, William, publican & stable keeper, 27 Ann Street
McCune, Samuel, sea bread baker, 7 Mary Street
McDonnell, Thomas, merchant, 13 North Street
McFadden, Archibald, baker, 18 Ann Street
McGarragh, Alexander, grocer, 77 Ann Street
McIlroy, Archibald, muslin manufacturer, 16 Patrick Street
McKean, James, grocer, 23 Ann Street
McKee, William, woollen draper, 1 Bridge Street
McKee, Robert, confectioner, 36 Ann Street
McKee, John, confectioner, 62 Castle Street
McKibbin, Hugh, & Co., tanners & glue manufacturers, 22 Mill Street
McKibbin, Beck, & Co., wholesale haberdashers, 3 Donegall Street
McKittrick, William, haberdasher, 46 High Street
McLister, John, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 3 Ann Street
McMaster, James, merchant, 42 North Street
McMillan, Neill, muslin manufacturer, Queen Street
McMullan, John, tavern keeper, 3 Pottingers Entry
McNeice, William, reed maker, Peters Hill
McNeill, Margaret, haberdasher & milliner, 132 High Street
McNerney & Co., hosiery warehouse, 29 Bridge Street
McPherson, James, peruke maker & hair dresser, 40 Church Lane
McQweelin, J. Davys, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 10 Chichester Quay
McTier, James, baker, 76 North Street
McWhinney, Thomas, grocer, 67 Ann Street
McWilliam, John, & Co., cotton yarn warehouse, 68 Donegall Street


Nagle, Francis, spirit merchant, 14 North Street
Napier, William, brewer, Bank Lane
Neill, Robert, watch maker, 1 High Street
Neilson, Ann, haberdasher, 99 High Street
Neilson, Robert, & Co., linen merchants, Fountain Street
Neilson, William, watch maker, 205 North Street
New Rope Walk Company, 6 Chichester Quay
New Brewry Company, 1 Chapel Lane (Brewery)
Newsam, William, & Co., wholesale haberdashers, 6 Donegall Street
Newsam, William, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 119 Ann Street
Nicholl, Andrew, boot & shoe maker, Church Lane
Nicholl, William, cooper, 3 Skippers Lane


OConnor, Anthony, distributor of stamps, 72 Donegall Street
ODonnell, Charles, master in chancery, 12 Arthur Street
ONeill, Thomas, & Co., printer calico, muslin & cotton yarn warehouse, 74 Donegall Street
Orr, James, merchant, Donegall Square


Palmer, John, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 4 Hanover Quay
Park, James, saddler, 18 North Street
Park, James, fustian & cotton manufacturer, 9 West Street
Parker, John, stone cutter, 17 Smithfield
Patrick, Hugh, baker, 10 Berry Street
Patrick, William, haberdasher, 6 Bridge Street
Patterson, J. E. & M., haberdashers, 98 High Street
Patterson, Robert & John, hardware merchants, 112 High Street
Patterson, Joseph, brick layer, 62 Ann Street
Patton & McAlister, factors, White Linen Hall
Patton, Isaac, wholesale haberdasher, 124 High Street
Patton, Frances, haberdasher, 18 High Street
Patton, Barbara, haberdasher, 121 High Street
Peirry, Samuel, boot & shoe maker, 91 High Street
Phelps, William, broker & general merchant, 3 Lime Kiln Dock
Pinkerton, Andrew, merchant, 22 Bridge Street
Porter, Edward, cutler, 19 Corn Market
Potter, Mary, grocer, 25 Princes Street


Quinn, Arthur, boot & shoe maker, 6 High Street
Quaile, Roger, inn & stable keeper, 28 Princes Street


Radcliff & Munce, wholesale woollen drapers, 3 Bridge Street
Ramsay, Esther, grocer, 29 Castle Street
Rea, John, merchant tailor, 28 High Street
Reid, Thomas, spirit merchant, Legges lane
Reid, William, plumber, 48 Ann Street
Reid & Cavert, fustian & calico manufacturers & wholesale dealers in cotton yarn, muslin, etc., 32 High Street
Reid, James, woollen draper, 20 Bridge Street
Reilly & Co., vinegar & mead manufacturers, 30 Hercules Street
Richards, Thomas, saddler, 88 Ann Street
Rippett, George, boot & shoe maker, 161 North Street
Ritchie, William, ship builder, 4 JamesStreet
Ritchie, James, smith, 24 Back Lane
Roberts, John, grocer, 12 Mill Street
Robinson, Ann, haberdasher, 37 Ann Street
Robinson, John, hatter, 37 Ann Street
Robinson, A. & C., haberdashers, 109 High Street
Robinson, Thomas, portrait painter, 37 Castle Street
Robinson, Samuel, grocery & seed shop, 72 Waring Street
Robinson, ?, boarding school for young ladies, 28 Donegall Street
Rogers, Esther & Sister, haberdashers, 12 High Street
Rogers, Malcolm, glover & breeches maker, 120 Ann Street
Roney, James, tavern keeper, Leggs lane
Ross, John, cambric manufacturer, 28 Castle Street
Rowan, Henry, & Co., distillers, Barrack Street
Rowan, James, & Co., druggists, 1 Corn Market
Russell, James, watch maker, 6 Waring Street
Rutherford, Ann, inn & stable keeper, 38 Ann Street
Rutherford, Jordan, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 197 North Street


Scott, James, grocer, 71 Ann Street
Scott, Benjamin, painter & glazier, 8 Chapel Lane
Scott, Alexander, merchant, Lime Kiln Dock
Sedgwick, Mary & Alice, milliners, 11 Corn Market
Seed, Richard, soap boiler & tallow chandler & commission merchant, 42 High St.
Seeds & Bailie, merchants, 1 Weigh House Lane
Sergison, Edward, victualler, 154 North Street
Service, John, & Co., wine & spirit merchants, 17 Corn Market
Setten, Joseph, sea bread baker, 44 Waring Street
Shanaghan, Daniel, writer & conveyancer, Ann Street
Shaw, Deborah, haberdasher, 4 Castle Street
Shaw, James, saddler, 65 Ann Street
Shaw, John, coal factor, 1 Custom House Quay & 26 James Street
Sheriff, Joseph, boot & shoe maker, 124 Ann Street
Simms, Robert & William, merchants, 8 Chichester Quay
Simms & McIntyre, printers & book sellers, 24 High Street
Simpson, John, grocer & spirit dealer, 2 North Street
Sinclair, Alexander, woollen draper, 17 High Street
Sinclair, John, grocer, 11 Church Lane
Skelton, William, tavern keeper, 2 Long Lane
Sloan, John, public notary, Discount office, Bridge Street
Sloan, George, grocer, 194 North Street
Sloan, David, & Co., fustian & calico manufacturers, 36 Smithfield
Sloan, John & James, smiths, 85 North Street
Sloan, Samuel, stone cutter, John Street
Smith, J. Galt, woollen draper & broker, 26 High Street
Smith, Samuel, wholesale & retail grocer, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 41 North St
Smylie, John, clerk to the Commissioners of Police, 73 High Street
Smyth & Lyons, printers, 115 High Street
Smyth, Samuel, reed maker, 82 Peters Hill
Smyth, Hugh, hosier, 28 Smithfield
Snell, George, & Co., muslin manufacturers, 57 Peters Hill
Snell, Thomas, cabinet maker, 38 North Street
Soden, Martin, navy agent, 37 Princes Street
Spence, David, haberdasher, 8 High Street
Spencer, William, boot & shoe maker, 65 Castle Street
Spellane, Timothy, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 1 Ann Street
Spring, Edward, cork cutter, Hercules Street
Standfield, Margaret, haberdasher, 131 High Street
Standfield, James, grocer, 133 High Street
Standfield, Charles, grocer & spirit dealer, 54 High Street
Steel, Matthew, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 15 Castle Street
Stephenson, Samuel, grocer, 39 High Street
Sterling & Faulkner, cotton yarn warehouse, 111 Ann Street
Sterling, Hugh, turner, 4 Talbot Street
Stevenson, Jane, haberdasher, 21 Bridge Street
Stevenson, William & Joseph, merchants, York Street
Stewart, Robert, & Co., spirit merchants, 20 Rosemary Lane
Stewart, John, china & glass seller, 20 Corn Market
Stewart, Samuel, copper smith, 15 North Street
Stewart, Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 36 North Street
Stitt, N. & J., milliners, 35 Ann Street
Stitt, James, woollen & linen draper, 30 High Street
Stitt, Robert, grocer, 89 Ann Street
Storey, James, book seller, 206 North Street
Stormont, William, painter & glazier, 26 North Street
Suffern, John, tobacconist, 195 North Street
Sweeny, Campbell, merchant, Calendar Street


Talbot, Richard, tailor, 1 Waring Street
Taylor, William, cabinet maker, 21 Donegall Street
Taylor, Hugh, boot & shoe maker, 80 High Street
Telfair, Robert, merchant, 11 Ann Street
Templeton, Matthew, boot & shoe maker, 22 Church Lane
Tennent & McConnell, wine & spirit merchants, 63 Waring Street
Tennent, Knox, & Co., merchants, 11 Waring Street
Thompson, William, linen merchant, Donegall Square West
Thompson, Andrew, wine & spirit merchant, 97 High Street
Thompson, George, grocer, 13 Talbot Street
Thompson, Henry, merchant tailor, 40 Castle Street
Thompson, Samuel, grocer, 112 Ann Street
Thompson, John, engraver & seal cutter, 105 Ann Street
Thompson, Charles & William, grocers, 57 High Street
Thonboe, Michael, Danish & Swedish ship agent & foreign linguist, 2 Fountain St.
Toler, Charles, haberdasher, 129 High Street
Trail, Robert, woollen draper, 9 Bridge Street
Trail, John, haberdasher & grocer, 66 Ann Street
Trimble, Robert, grocer & spirit stores, 84 Peters Hill
Tucker, William, muslin manufacturer & commission warehouse, Castle Lane
Turnly & Batt, merchants, 52 Ann Street
Turnly, Alexander, linen merchant, 59 Ann Street


Vance, John, wholesale English woollen warehouse, 7 Waring Street
Vance, John, & Co., Irish woollen warehouse, 7 Waring Street
Vecchio, Charles Del., carver & gilder, 23 Bank Buildings
Vint, Elizabeth, inn keeper, 151 North Street


Walker, William, grocer, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 12 Corn Market
Wallace, Lyle & Whittle, flour & grain merchants, 4 Chichester Quay
Wallace, Thomas, woollen draper, 116 High Street
Wason, Hugh, & Co., merchants, Byrts Entry, High Street
Ward, Thomas, & Co., book sellers & stationers, 19 High Street
Ward, James, book binder, 2 Wilsons Court
Ward, Jeremiah, grocer & spirit dealer, 79 Mill Street
Ward, Michael, tavern keeper, 4 Corn Market
Ware, Susanna, boarding school for young ladies, 40 Bank Lane
Warnick, Martha, haberdasher, 9 Castle Street
Watt, William, cotton manufacturer, 71 Waring Street
Wharton, James, grocer, 14 Church Street
Wharton, John, grocer & cooper, 91 Hercules Street
Whinnery, Thomas, postmaster & agent for London newspapers, 23 Church Street
White, John, muslin manufacturer, 24 Millfield
Whittle, James & John, wholesale woollen drapers, 66 Warehouse Lane, Waring St.
Wilson, Mary, haberdasher & milliner, 105 High Street
Wilson, Hugh, & Son, merchants, 163 North Street
Wilson, Thomas, inn keeper, Donegall Arms, 5 Castle Street
Wilson, John, junior, grocer, 36 North Street
Wilson, Hugh, cooper, 48 Waring Street
Wilson, William, whitesmith, Long Lane
Wilson, William, umbrella & parasol manufacturer, 35 North Street
Wills, Elizabeth, milliner, 31 High Street
Williamson, James, land surveyor & draughtsman, Lilliput Hill, near Belfast
Williamson, Thomas, grocer, 66 Ann Street
Winnington, James, book binder, 12 Chapel Lane
Woods, Mary, hardware & toy warehouse, 2 Skippers Lane
Workman, Rose, mantua maker, Hill Street, off Waring Street
Wright, John, coach maker, 23 Princes Street
Wright, Ludford, coppersmith, 42 Ann Street


Yates, John, china seller, 47 Church Lane
Young, James, woollen warehouse,

31/81 Rosemary Lane
Young, James, cabinet maker, 9 Church Lane
Young, James, book binder  Church Lane


[c] Lennon Wylie




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