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The Snow George out of Belfast


Names of persons who wish to go to Philadelphia Pennsylvania in the Snow George of Philadelphia endorsed from Belfast sworn 22 Sept., 1803.

Surname First Name Age Where From Occupation

Lee Ephraim 26 Kilishandon, Cavan farmer

Lee Edwd. 23 Kilishandon, Cavan farmer

Gably Hugh 18 Killinchy, Down labourer

Walsh Robert 22 Downpatrick, Down dealer

Fulton Alexr. 34 Loughsill, Down farmer

Kelly Thos. 36 Grange, Down farmer

Donelly Edwd. 27 Lassan, Tyrone farmer

Lowry Will. 29 Killinchy, Down labourer

Service Thos. 18 Brochan, Antrim labourer

Dawson Sarah 17 Connor, Antrim

Toole Marcus 39 Belfast, Antrim servant

Toole Jane 28 Belfast, Antrim blank

Dodds John 30 Drumall, Antrim farmer

Wilson Henry 24 Belfast, Antrim schoolmaster

Thompson John 28 Ballymony, Antrim dealer

Mullan Patrick 21 Tynan, Armagh dealer

Strachan James 20 Connor, Antrim farmer

Johnson John 19 Connor, Antrim farmer

Byst Nathl. 30 Gencany, Antrim dealer

Develin Jane 32 Ballymow, Armagh blank

Develin Roger 35 Ballymow, Armagh farmer

McKay Patrick 38 Drumgoland, Down farmer

Stewart Alex. 21 Tullylisk, Down farmer

Ganet James 30 Annalult, Down dealer

Timoly Mathew 28 Ballymasaw, Down labourer

Armstrong Thomas. 31 Confeech, Armagh farmer

Armstrong Mary 27 Confeech, Armagh blank

Mathews Thomas. 27 Belfast, Antrim dealer

Mathews Eliza 25 Belfast, Antrim blank

Wilson Joseph 22 Belfast, Antrim dealer

Pumphy John 29 Belfast, Antrim farmer

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