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The Brig Maria

List of passengers to go on board the ship MARIA, leaving from the Quay at Londonderry bound for Philadelphia,

Tuesday 30th March 1804.

Nancy McKeever 45 spinster


Robert Fulton 43 labourer


John Rice 38 labourer


Mary Ann Hammond 27 spinster


Nancy Fulton 31 spinster


Robert Miller 26 labourer


Arthur Murphy 49 labourer


James Dougherty 33 labourer


Jas. McKinley 23 labourer


Sarah Murphy 21 spinster


Mary Montgomery 17 spinster


Margt. Pearson 52 spinster


Frans. Scott 47 labourer


James Dogherty 51 labourer


Saml. McKinley 33 labourer


Pat Karlin 42 labourer


John McConway 28 labourer


Mary McConway 26 spinster


Hugh Smith 44 labourer


Humphry Graham 50 labourer


Thos. Graham 36 labourer


Barny McCanna 43 labourer


Robert Leonard 21 labourer


Henry Rankin 17 labourer


Wm. Anderson 53 labourer


Wm. Edmond 41 labourer


John Anderson 28 labourer


Henry Anderson 46 labourer


Wm. Harkin 25 labourer


Jos. Arskine 56 labourer


Jas. Waker 40 labourer


Saml. Bellman 33 labourer


John Bellman 35 labourer


Saml. Anderson 46 labourer


Margt. Anderson 36 spinster


Ann Walker 24 spinster

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