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Residents of Belfast 1807

Residents of Belfast year 1807

From Street Directory held by PRONI


Acheson, Rev, Robert, director of Ballymacarrett school.
Adair, Simon, cooper, 51 Waring Street.
Agnew, James, ladies shoemaker, 19  Skipper’s Lane.
Alexander, John, & co, merchants, Belfast Mills.
Alexander, Samuel, tanner, 78 North Street.
Alexander, John, carman’s inn-keeper, 11 Peter’s Hill.
Alexander, John, jun, & co, cotton manufacturers, Cotton Court, Waring Street.
Allen, Ann & Mary, haberdashers, & milliners, 6 Castle Street.
Allen, Mary Ann, haberdasher, 10 Cornmarket.
Allen, William, boot & shoemaker, High Street.
Anderson, Drummond, printer of the Commercial Chronicle, Wilson’s Court.
Anderson, James, watch & clockmaker, 2 Waring Street.
Andrews, Samuel, merchant-tailor, 7 Marlbro’ Street.
Anderson, William, druggist & apothecary, 47 High Street.
Appelton, David, hosier, 38 High Street.
Archer, Samuel, bookseller, 22 High Street.
Arthur, James, attorney, Arthur Street.
Armstrong, John, breeches-maker, 53 Castle Street.
Armstrong, Robert, cotton manufacturer, 40 Smithfield.
Ashmore, John & Richard, merchants, 54 Waring Street.
Atkinson, Eliza, haberdasher, 59 High Street.
Atkins, John, coach & house painter, 27 Prince’s Street.


Bailie, Robert, merchant, 1 Upper Chichester Street.
Bailie, James, merchant, 185 North Street.
Bailie, John, boot & shoemaker, 32 Ann Street.
Bailie, Robert, hat manufacturer, 5 Bridge Street.
Bailie, John, auctioneer, 28 Castle Street.
Baird, James, confectioner, 11 Rosemary Lane.
Baker, James, muslin manufacturer, 32 North Street.
Bancroft, Robert, dyer, 2 Mill-field.
Bankhead, John, surgeon-midwifery, apothecary, 92 High Street.
Barkley, James, tavern & ordinary-keeper, 3 Sugarhouse Entry.
Barnett, Andrew, John, merchant, High Street.
Barnett, John, tanner, 41 Castle Street.
Barr, Alexander, woollen-draper, 75 High Street.
Batt, Narcissus & Robert, merchants, Calendar Street.
Beckett, Oliver, grocer & spirit dealer, 31 Rosemary Lane.
Belfast porter Brewery, 22 Smithfield.
Bell, John & co, muslin manufacturers, Margaret Street.
Bell, John , brewer, 51 Hercules Lane.
Bell & Kennedy, wholesale printed calico, linen warehouse, 62 Waring Street.
Bell & Haughton, hardware merchants, High Street.
Bell, William, woollen draper, 20 Bridge Street.
Bell, Alexander, 2 Bridge Street.
Bell, Isaac, senior, upholsterer, 60 High Street.
Bell, William, dyer, 8 Mill-field.
Bell, Francis, bookbinder, 73 High Street.
Bell. James, surgeon. 65 Waring Street.
Bell, John, pawnbroker, 28 Smithfield.
Bell & Harvey, nursery & seedsmen,  15 Church Lane.
Bentley, George, machine maker, 35 Smithfield.
Berwick, William & co, merchants, 1 North Street.
Bigger, David, merchant, 5 High Street.
Birnie, Clotworthy,, ship broker & auctioneer, 1 Chichester Quay.
Black, Matthew, woollen draper, 7 Bridge Street.
Black, Alexander, grocer, 24 High Street.
Blackader, John, boot & shoemaker, 20 North Street.
Blackwell, Alexander, linen draper, 39 High Street.
Blackwell, William James, wholesale haberdasher, 1 Donegall Street.
Blackwell, William, cabinetmaker, 46 Donegall Street.
Blackwood, Charles, victualler, 20 Cornmarket.
Boomer, James, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 18 Mill Street.
Blow, Ward & Co, paper manufacturers, 97 Ann Street.
Boswell, John, watchmaker, 87 Ann Street.
Brady, Nicholas, surgeon-midwifery, apothecary,31 High Street.
Bryson, Samuel, surgeon, apothecary, 50 High Street.
Burdot, John Baptist, ladies’ & gentlemen’s hairdresser & perfumer, Castle Street
Bowden, James, soap-boiler & tallow chandler, 61 Ann Street.
Boyce, William, grocer, 95 Ann Street.
Bradford, James, merchant, 7 Store Lane.
Bradford, George & Benjamin, merchants, High Street.
Boyd, Nathaniel, tavern-keeper, 34 Berry Street.
Bristow. Rev, William, D.D. general of Down & Connor.
Broadley, Ben & co, cotton, wool & tow card manufacturers, 20 Smithfield
Brown, David, painter & glazier, 53 Mill-field.
Brown, John, last maker, 7 Berry Street.
Brown, John, anchor smith, 10 Marlbro’ Street.
Brown, John, pattern & ladies shoemaker, 62 Hercules Lane.
Brown, Samuel, merchant, Calendar Street.
Brown, Samuel, hairdresser & perfumer, 7 Castle Street.
Brown, William, evangelical minister, North Street.
Bruce, Rev, William, D.D, principal of the Belfast Academy.
Bryson, John, grocer, 93 Ann Street.
Bullen, John, nursery & seedsman, 101 Ann Street.
Buchannan, Walter, merchant, 4 Chichester Quay.
Burke, Robert, feather & skin merchant, 28 Hercules Lane.
Burke, Patrick, feather warehouse, 17 Skipper’s Lane.
Burns, William, merchant tailor, 10 Bridge Street.
Burns, Robert, hairdresser & peruke maker, 16 Skipper’s Lane
Burnside, John, furniture cotton warehouse, 15 Donegall Street.
Byers,, William & co, muslin manufacturers, 21 Donegall Street.


Callwell, Robert, merchant, Upper Chichester Street.
Campbell, John, surgeon-midwifery, apothecary, 68 Donegall Street.
Campbell, Samuel & James, merchants, 192 North Street.
Campbell, Hugh, muslin manufacturer, 12 brown Street.
Campbell, Christopher, inn & livery stable keeper, 90  Ann Street.
Campbell, Charles, boot & shoemaker, 10 Mill Street.
Campbell, William, rope & twine manufacturer, 40 North Street.
Campbell, Michael, stone & marble yard, 23 Waring Street.
Carmichael, Robert, woollen draper, 9 High Street.
Carroll, William, victualler, 30 Ann Street.
Carson, James, grocer, spirits & wine merchant, 1 & 2 Cornmarket.
Carson, James, timber merchant, 39 Ann Street.
Carson, Thomas, breeches-maker, 61 Castle Street.
Carson, William, fustian, warehouse, 5 Hercules Lane.
Cassidy, Rev, Peter, Berry Street. (Catholic Priest)
Caughey, Isabella, slop-shop, 10 Chichester Quay.
Caughey, Mary, ship chandlery shop, High Street.
Caulfield, John, seedman, 171 North Street.
Cavan, John, grocer, 2 High Street.
Chambers, Brice & co, wine & spirits merchants, 9 Ann Street.
Christian, Thomas, cart-maker, 9 Marlbrough Street.
Clarke, Sampson, hat manufacturer, 8 Castle Street.
Clawson & Hill, grocers & tobacconists, 28 Rosemary Lane.
Cleland, Jane, china, glass & Staffordshire warehouse, 12 Castle Street.
Coats, victor, founder & starch manufacturer, Lagan, Ballymacarret.
Cochran, George, fancy furniture ware-room, 10 Smithfield.
Cochran, Ernest, tailor, 1 Wilson’s Court.
Colville, James, woollen draper, 14 Bridge Street.
Colville, John, woollen draper, 21 Bridge Street.
Cooney, John, victualler, Cornmarket.
Cooper, John, grocer, High Street.
Cowan, Jane & Ellen, grocers, 81 Ann Street.
Craig, Samuel, wine & spirit merchant, 4 Marlbrough Street.
Cranston, William, attorney, Arthur Street.
Crawford, Hugh, merchant, 26 Donegall Street.
Crawford, Walter, iron merchant, 10 Donegall Street.
Crossen, James, calico manufacturer, 14 Brown Street.
Crossen, William & James, muslin manufacturers, Brown Street.
Cuddy, John, glazier, paint, oil & glass store, 25 Church Lane.
Cumming, Mary, haberdasher, 31 Bridge Street.
Cummins, Samuel, leather seller, 163 North Street.
Cunningham, John, merchant, 52 High Street.
Cunningham, John & Thomas, brewers & spirit merchants, 36 Castle Street.
Cunningham, John, hosier, 13 Donegall Street.


Daniel, Stephen, dyer, 34 North Street.
Davis, Robert, merchant, 11 Chichester Quay.
Davis, Joy, hat manufacturer, 26 Bridge, Street.
Davis, Robert, glazier, paint, oil & glass store, 19 North Street.
Davison, Gawn, grocer & tobacconist, 74 Ann Street.
Davison, William, merchant, 63 High Street.
Davison, John, haberdasher, 4 Bridge Street.
Dawson, William, boot & shoemaker, High Street.
Delap, Robert, broker, 6 Chichester Quay.
Dempsey, Matthew, pawnbroker, 4 Pottinger’s Entry.
Dickson, Simon, boot & shoemaker, 21 North Street.
Dickson, William, cotton manufacturer, 24 Waring Street.
Dinnen, John, Methodist minister,
Dobbs, Richard, Esq.., Barrister,
Dobbs, Rev, Robert, Donegall Street.
Doherty, Edward, printer & bookseller, 33 Bridge Street.
Doherty, Patrick, tavern & ordinary-keeper, Gregg’s Entry.
Doherty, Edward, Spirit dealer, 83 Ann Street.
Donaldson, Jane, haberdasher, 67 High Street.
Donnelly, Spirit dealer, 48 High Street.
Dornan, John, glazier, 18 Church Lane.
Douglass, William & co, merchants, 5 Marlbrough Street.
Drummond, Isabella, circulating library, 10 Castle Street. (Isabella)
Drummond, Rev, William, Mount Collier Academy.
Duffield, Samuel, carman’s-inn-keeper, 111 North Street.
Dunlop, James & Robert, coal-factors, Prince’s Street.
Dyke, R.W. crayon & miniature painter, & drawing master, 64 Mill Street.


Echlin, D, Moore, attorney, Arthur Street.
Edwards, Benjamin & Sons, glass manufacturers & founders, Ballymacarrett.
Ekenhead, Thomas, rope & twine manufacturer, 46 Ann Street.
Eliott, John, linen merchant, 11 Donegall Street.
English, Thomas, dyer, 12 Mill-field.


Fallon, Francis, grocer & spirit dealer, 23 Church Lane.
Faloon, James, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 2 Hanover Quay.
Ferguson, R & E. haberdashers, 81 High Street.
Ferguson, Samuel, physician-midwifery, 15 Mill Street.
Ferguson & Elliot, wine & spirits merchants, 55 Hercules Lane.
Fetherston, Ann & sisters, haberdashers, 27 Castle Street.
Finlay, Robert, cotton spinner & manufacturer, 15 Mill-field.
Finlay, Alexander, soap-boiler & tallow-chandler, High Street.
Finlay, Usher, slop-shop, High Street.
Fitzsimons, Alice, haberdasher, 76 High Street.
Fitzsimons, James, tailor, 54 Ann Street.
Fitzsimons, Richard, tailor, 54 Ann Street.
Fletcher, Thomas, soap-boiler & tallow chandler, 145 North Street.
Forcade, John, saddler, 56 Castle Street.
Forsythe, James, physician, 28 Donegall Street
Frazier, Joseph, grocer, 12 Patrick Street.
Frazier, James, carman’s-inn-keeper, 72 Peter’s hill
Freebairn, John, stocking frame maker, 65 Patrick Street.
Fulton, Nathan, soap-boiler & tallow chandler, 3 North Street.
Fulton, James, tavern & stable keeper, 13 Hercules Street.


Gamble, Robert, merchant, 196 North Street.
Gamble, Arthur, merchant, 17 North Street.
Gardner, Henry.  watchmaker & dentist, 27 High Street.
Gardner, John,  gunsmith, 10 Rosemary Lane.
Gardner, Arthur, grocer, 10 Rosemary Lane.
Geddes, McDowell, & co, Belfast Glassworks, 79 Peter’s Hill.
Gemmill, Robert, muslin manufacturer, 50 Donegall Street.
Getty, Robert, merchant, 16 North Street.
Getty, John, cabinet maker, 48 Donegall Street.
Gibson, Samuel, merchant, 20 Donegall Street.
Gibson, Samuel & co, brewers, 181 North Street.
Gibson & Simms, haberdashers, Donegall Street.
Gihon, Jane, Haberdasher, 5 Castle Street.
Gillet, Henry, tavern keeper, Belfast Hotel, 22 Arthur Street.
Gillies, John merchant, 5 Custom-house Quay.
Gilmore, Joseph, baker, 12 Ann Street.
Glancey, James, stay-maker, 21 Rosemary Lane.
Gold, John, bookbinder, Mustard Street.
Gordon & Hamilton, attorney’s, Arthur Street.
Gordon, Robert & Alexander, merchants, 6 High Street.
Gordon , John, grocer, 197 North Street.
Gordon, James, muslin manufacturer, 15 Brown Street.
Gowdy, James, hairdresser, 173 North Street.
Graham, Campbell, wine & spirit merchant merchant,100 Ann Street. 
Graham, Hugh, linen draper, 5 Peter’s Hill.
Graham, Thomas, cooper &  tin-smith, High Street.
Graham, John, block-maker & pump-borer, High Street.
Graham, Grainger, James, bricklayer, 84 Ann Street.
Grainger, John, grocer, 85 Ann Street.
Grainger, William, baker, 25 Mill Street.
Gray, John, hosier, 47 High Street.
Gray, William, boot & shoemaker, High Street.
Greenlaw, Robert, merchant, Church Street.
Greer, James, boot & shoemaker, 8 Cornmarket.
Greer, Samuel, grocer, 189 North Street.
Greer, William senior, weaver’s mechanic, 64 North Street.
Greer, William, junior, weaver’s mechanic, 113 North Street.
Greg & Blacker, merchants, Ann Street.
Greg & Boyd, vitriol works, Ballymacarret.
Grimmer, Conrad, confectioner, 55 castle Street.
Grogan, John, linen merchant, Donegall Square.
Grogan, Robert, linen merchant, Henry-ville.
Groves, David, glover & skinner, 23 Castle Street.
Groves, William, glover & skinner, 35 Church Street.


Hadskis, Ann, grocer, 194 North Street.
Haliday. William, physician-midwifery, 2 Donegall place.
Hall, John Joshua, watchmaker, 64 Donegall Street.
Hamilton. Robert, tailor, 18 Wilson’s Court.
Hamilton, John, cork cutter, 112 Hercules Lane.
Hannay, McWilliam, & co, cotton yarn warehouse, 53 Donegall Street.
Hamill, Ann, grocer, 53 High Street.
Hanna, Rev, Samuel, Rosemary Lane.
Hanratty, James, soap-boiler & tallow chandler, 62 Ann Street.
Harper, James, master joiner, 23 Mill Street.
Harrison, Mary, haberdasher, 29 Bridge Street.
Hart, Robert, glazier, 33 Church Lane.
Haslett & Montgomery, coast brokers, 8 Chichester Quay.
Hay, Robert, watch maker, 176 North Street.
Henan, Hugh, umbrella maker, 88 Ann Street.
Henderson, Robert Joiner, 74 Brown Street.
Hennesey, David, Sen., fancy-chair maker, 12 Rosemary Lane.
Hennesey, George, fancy-chair maker, 13 Rosemary Lane.
Heron, Thomas, merchant, Ann Street.
Herdman, Gibon & co brewers, Ann Street.
Herdman, James, tanner & currier, 9 Mill Street.
Hewett, Samuel, wine & spirit merchant, 24 Ann Street.
Hebner, Ellis, victualler, South William Street.
Higgins, John, machine maker, 102 Mill-field.
Higginson, Wm. Grocer & spirit dealer, 41 North Street.
Hill, Edward, grocer, 193 North Street.
Hodgins, Thomas, saddler, 2 Hercules Street.
Hodgson, Robert & John, booksellers, 4 High Street.
Hoey, Samuel, cooper, 69 Hercules Lane.
Holmes & Barlie, merchants, 8 Ann Street.
Holmes, Rev, William, Waring Street.
Horner, Anthony, muslin manufacturer, 16 Smithfield.
How, John, & Thomas, muslin manufacturers, Church Street.
Huddleston, Francis & co, muslin manufacturers, 6 Pottinger’s Entry
Hudson, Christopher, tanner,  138 North Street.
Huggard, George, soap-boiler & tallow-chandler, 7 Mill Street.
Hughes, Thomas & James grocer, 168 North Street.
Hughes, Thomas, grocer, 8 North Street.
Hughes, Ann, haberdashery & toy shop, 33 Rosemary Lane.
Hughes, Thomas, conveyancer, 52 Waring Street.
Hunter, William, grocer, 2 Donegall Street.
Hutton, William, hardware & toyshop, High Street.
Hyndman, Robert, snuff & tobacco manufacturer, 78 High Street.


Ireland and Bankhead, cotton manufacturers, Smithfield


Johnson, William, merchant, 70 Donegall Street
Joy, Henry, paper manufacturer, Pottinger\\\'s Entry


Kearney, John, china & delf seller, 66 Ann Street.
Kearns, Hugh, spirit dealer, 64 Ann Street.
Kelso, Paul, grocer & spirit dealer, 160 North Street.
Keenan, John, painter & glazier, 29 Berry Street.
Kennedy, James Trail & co, merchants, Legg’s Lane.
Kennedy, John, junior, merchant, Waring Street.
Kennedy, John, baker, 79 Hercules Lane
Kennedy, Sarah, haberdasher, 61 High Street.
Kennedy, Alexander, woollen draper, 6 Bridge Street.
Kennedy, Patrick, baker, 14 Church Lane.
Kennedy, Daniel, cutler, 19 Chapel Lane.
Kennedy, Charles, grocer,195 North Street.
Kenning, Thomas, muslin warehouse,  21 Castle Street.
Kerr. Daniel, tavern-keeper & ordinary, 92 Ann Street.
Kilbee, Hannah, haberdasher, 57 High Street.
Kilbee, James & co, Old Sugar House, 3 Rosemary Lane.
Kirker, James, tanner & currier, 45 North Street.
Kirkpatrick, John, merchant, 51 Waring Street.
Kirkpatrick, Samuel, grocer, 24 Church Lane.
Kirkpatrick, soap-boiler & tallow chandler, 44 High Street.
Knox, John, watch maker, 15 High Street.
Knox, John, boot & shoemaker, 36 High Street.


Lamont, Ann, earthen ware shop, 8 Skipper’s Lane.
Langtry, George, merchant, 20 Waring Street.
Law, James, baker, 50 High Street.
Law, Samuel, tanner, 104 North Street.
Law, James, tanner, 102 North Street.
Law, Andrew, brazier, 10 Hercules Lane.
Lawrence, James, perfumer & hairdresser, 101 Ann Street.
Leathem, Robert, linen merchant, 69 Donegall Street.
Leathem, Robert, confectioner, 58 Waring Street.
Lepper, George, watchmaker, 9 Bridge Street.
Lepper, Francis, watchmaker & dentist, 59 Castle Street.
Lepper, Charles, grocer & spirit merchant, 192 North Street.
Lewes, Robert, boot & shoemaker, 29 High Street.
Lindsay, Edward, nursery & seedsman, 4 Donegall Street.
Linn, Cath, haberdasher & milliner, 2 Castle Street.
Linn, Patrick, inn-keeper, White Cross, 1 Castle Street.
Linn, Robert & co, soap-boilers & tallow chandlers, High Street.
Linn, David, spirit dealer, 122 Barracks Street.
Littlewood, John, wholesale cotton, woolen, hosiery warehouse, Waring Street.
Loughheed, William, Methodist minister.
Luke, John & son, woollen drapers, 34 Bridge Street.
Luke, James, pottery-shop, 200 North Street.
Lynn & Riddle, hardware merchants, 64 High Street.
Lynn, Jane, haberdasher, 80 High Street.


Magee, William, bookseller & stationer, 25 Bridge Street.
Magee, James, tavern & stable keeper, Ann Street.
Main, Charles, Methodist minister
Maphet, William, & co, Salt Works, Ballymacarrett.
Marshall, Andrew, surgeon-midwifery, chemist, apothecary, 51 High Street.
Marshall, Hugh, tailor, Pottinger’s Entry.
Martin, Jane, tavern & stable keeper, 30 North Street.
Martin, Thomas, baker, 26 Prince’s Street.
Martin, John & co, merchants, 11 Church Lane
Martin, George, hardware merchant, 28 Bridge Street.
Martin, William & James, saddlers & curriers, 31 Castle Street.
Martins & Park, merchants, 11 Church Lane.
Matthews, James & Robert, merchants, 57 Ann Street.
Matthews, John & Robert, boot & shoemakers, 8 Castle Street.
May, Richard, grocer, wine & spirit merchant,  79 Ann Street.
Meneally, James, grocer, 120 Barrack Street.
Milford, John & co, cotton manufacturers & spinners, Winetavern Street.
Millar, Mary, haberdasher, 84 Ann Street.
Miller, James, auctioneer, Pottinger’s Entry.
Miller, George, rope & twine manufacturer, 153 North Street.
Miller, Samuel, starch manufacturer & provision merchant, Donegall Street.
Miniss, Charles, peruke maker, 37 Ann Street.
Molyneaux, Joseph, baker, & starch manufacturer, 34 North Street.
Montgomeries, Staples & co, merchants, 2 Calendar Street.
Montgomery, Josias, saddler, 84 High Street.
Montgomery, Gawn. Woollen draper, 45 High Street.
Montgomery, Ellen, haberdasher, 80 Ann Street.
Montgomery, Henry, haberdasher, 13 Bridge Street.
Montgomery, James, apothecary, 77 High Street.
Montgomery, John, grocer, 24 Prince’s Street.
Montgomery, Robert, attorney, Prince’s Street.
Montgomery, Tennent & co, New Sugar House, 8 Waring Street.
Mooney, William, surveyor & measurer, 36 Hercules Lane.
Moore, Stevenson, B. grocer, 11 Ann Street.
Moore, Thomas, rope & twine manufacturer, High Street.
Moor, Eliza, haberdasher, 30 North Street.
Moorland, Arthur, victualler, 15 Cornmarket.
Morgan, John, grocer, 141 North Street.
Morrow, Samuel, grocer, 71 Ann Street.
Mountford, Hugh, smith, 73 Ann Street.
Montford, John, cotton spinner & manufacturer, York Street.
Muckle, Robert, wool & tow card maker,165 North Street.
Mulholland, Roger, architect, 12 Castle Street.
Mulrea, William woollen draper, 18 Bridge Street.
Munfoad, E & M, haberdashers, 61 High Street.
Murdoch, George, hearth & window tax collector, 4 Chichester Quay.
Murdoch, Richard, smith, 91 Ann Street.
Murphy, Thomas, grocer 14 Ann Street.
Murray, Henry, grocer, 19 Church Lane.
Murray, Timothy, soap-boiler & tallow-chandler, 172 North Street.
Mussenden, Charles, boot & shoemaker, 36 Ann Street.
Myers, George, china, glass & earthen warehouse, 42 High Street.


Mackay. Alexander, editor Belfast News-letter, 11 Bridge Street. & 10 Joy’s Entry.
McAdam, James, hardware merchant, 69 High Street.
McAdam, George, hardware merchant, 70 High Street.
McAuley & Kenley, haberdashers, 60 Castle Street.
McBurney, James, tailor, 35 Park’s Entry.
McBride, Ursula, haberdasher, 13 High Street.
McCabe, Edmond & Thomas, gilders & chair makers, 59 Talbot Street.
McCammon, John, tanner & currier, 44 Mill Street.
McCappin. William, provision merchant, Cotton Court, Waring Street.
McCartney, James, smith, 3 Marlbro’ Street.
McClarnon. Pat, provision merchant, 13 Hercules Lane.
McClean, Adam, woollen draper, 68 High Street.
McClean, Samuel & Andrew, wine & spirit merchants, 1 Sugar-house Entry.
McClean, William, wine & spirit merchant, 188 North Street.
McClean, Charles, silk dyer, 5 Mill Street.
McCleery. James, merchant, 187 North Street.
McClelland, Richard, surgeon, & druggist, 41 High Street.
M\\\'Clement, David, grocer, 68 Ann Street.
McCluney, Robert, surgeon &  apothecary, 55 Castle Street.
McClure, Baillie & Whitla, merchants, Donegall Street.
McClure, William, merchant, 8 Donegall Street.
McClure, John, grocer, 119 Barracks Street.
McClure, Robert, boot & shoemaker, 27 North Street.
McClure, Joseph, boot & shoemaker, 43 North Street.
McComb, Thomas, muslin & calico seller, 27 Church Lane.
McComb, Thomas, timber merchant, 44 Waring Street.
McConnell, John, merchant, 9 Ann Street.
McConnell, Alexander, Earthenware-house, High Street.
McConnell, William, farming-utensil-maker, 3 Smithfield.
McCosh & Irwin, merchants, 7 Rosemary Lane.
McCord, Andrew, grocer, 33 Rosemary Lane.
McCoubrey, Robert, grocer, 93 Ann Street.
McCracken, Margaret & co, muslin manufacturers, 30 Rosemary Lane.
M’Cracken, R. Ann, haberdasher, 29 Castle Street.
M’Cracken, John, & co, cotton spinners, Donegall Street.
M’Cracken, Francis, merchant, 30 Rosemary Lane.
McCracken\\\'s, & co, rope & sail manufacturers, Fore Plantation.
M’Cracken, William, cotton manufacturer, 29 Castle Street.
McCredie, John, saddler, 35 Castle Street.
McCreary, Mary, milliner, 9 Castle Street.
McCrum, John, fustian, cotton, & muslin manufacturer, 2 Skipper’s Lane.
McCulloch, John, linen merchant, 150 North Street.
McCully, William, publican & stable keeper, 20 Ann Street.
McCune, Samuel, sea-bread baker, 7 Cow Lane.
McDonnell. Alex. M.D. -midwifery & surgeon, 22 Waring Street.
McDonnell. James, physician-midwifery, 8 Donegall place
McDonnell, Thomas, merchant, 11 North Street.
McFadden, Archibald, baker, 10 Ann Street.
McGarragh, Alexander, grocer, 65 Ann Street.
McGee, Robert, physician-midwifery, 9 North Street.
McGibbon, John & co, wine & spirit merchants, 11 Waring Street.
McGuckin, James, attorney, south Parade,
McIlroy, Archibald, muslin manufacturer, 16 Patrick Street.
McKean, James, grocer, 15 Ann Street.
McKee, William, woollen draper, 1 Bridge Street.
McKee, Robert, confectioner, 28 Ann Street.
McKibbin, Hugh, & co, tanners & glue manufacturers, 19 Mill Street.
McKibbin, Beck & co, wholesale haberdashers, 69 waring Street.
McLister, John, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 1 Ann Street.
McMain, Samuel, woollen draper, 16 High Street.
McMaster, James, merchant, 38 North Street.
McMullan, John, tavern keeper, 2 Pottinger’s Entry.
McNeice, William, reed-maker, 6 Peter’s hill
McPherson, James, peruke maker & hair dresser, 44 Church Lane.
McQueelin, J, Davys, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 9 Chichester Quay.
McTier, James, baker, 76 North Street.
McWhinney, Thomas, grocer, 56 Ann Street.
McWhirter, James, grocer, 90 High Street.
McWilliam, John, 7 co, cotton yarn warehouse, 53 Donegall Street.


Nagle, Francis, spirit merchant, 12 North Street.
Napier, William, brewer, 24 Back-of-the-water.
Neill, Robert, watchmaker, 1 High Street.
Neilson, Ann, haberdasher, 56 High Street.
Neilson, William, watchmaker, 201 North Street.
Newsam, William, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 101 Ann Street.
Newsam, William & co, wholesale haberdashers, 6 Donegall Street.
Nicholl, Andrew, boot & shoemaker, 6 Church Lane.
Nicholl, William, cooper, 3 Skipper’s Lane.
Nicholson, Rev, John, Academy row.


O’Donnell. Rev, Hugh, Hercules Lane
O’Neill, Thomas calico, muslin cotton-yarn  warehouse, 60 Donegall Street.
Orr, Alexander, Esq.., Barrister.
Orr, James, merchant, South Parade.


Palmer, John, spirit dealer & tavern keeper, 5 Hanover Quay.
Park, James, saddler, 182 north Street.
Park, James, fustian & cotton manufacturer, 10 West Street.
Parker, John, stone cutter,11 Smithfield.
Parkinson, John, boot & shoemaker, High Street.
Patrick, Hugh, baker, 8 Berry Street.
Patterson, Robert & John, hardware merchants, 24 High Street.
Patterson, Joseph, bricklayer, 51 Ann Street.
Patton & McAlister, factors, White-linen Hall Office, Calender Street.
Patton. Isaac, wholesale haberdasher, 82 High Street.
Patton, Frances, haberdasher, 18 High Street.
Patton, Barbara, haberdasher, 79 High Street.
Pinkerton, Andrew, merchant, 24 Bridge Street.
Porter, Edward, cutler, 21 Corn-market.
Potter Mary, grocer, 25 Prince’s Street.


Quinn, Arthur, boot & shoemaker, 6 High Street.
Quaille, Roger, inn & stable keeper, 20 Prince’s Street.


Radcliff & Munce, wholesale woollen drapers, 3 Bridge Street.
Radcliff & Black, calico & cotton yarn manufacturers, 1 Union Street.
Ramsey & Garret, attorney’s, Rosemary Lane.
Ramsey, Esther, grocer, 20 Castle Street.
Rea, John, merchant tailor, 28 High Street.
Reid, Thomas, spirit merchant, 2 leg’s Lane.
Reid, William, plumber, 40 Ann Street.
Reid & Cavert, fustian & calico manufacturers, & wholesale dealers in cotton yarn, muslin &c, 31 High Street.
Reid, James, woollen draper, 22 Bridge Street.
Reilly & co, vinegar & mead manufacturers, 25 Hercules Lane.
Richards, Thomas, saddler, 77 Ann Street.
Rider, Job, clock & watchmaker & optician, 27 High Street.
Rippett, George, boot & shoemaker, 154 North Street.
Ritchie, William, ship builder, 17 Fore-plantation.
Ritchie, Hugh, ship builder, Chichester Quay,
Ritchie, James, smith, 16 Back Lane.
Roberts, John. Grocer, 12 Mill Street
Robinson, John, hatter, 29 Ann Street.
Robinson, A & C, haberdashers, 65 High Street.
Robinson, Thomas, portrait painter, 30 Castle Street.
Robinson, Samuel, grocery & seed shop, 73 Waring Street.
Rogers, Esther & Sisters, haberdashers, 12 High Street.
Roney. James, tavern keeper, 4 Leg’s Lane.
Ross, John, cambric manufacturer, 19 Castle Street.
Rowan, Henry & co, distillers, 35 Barracks Street.
Rowan, James & co, druggists,  Castle Street.
Rowan, James, surgeon & apothecary, 62 Castle Street.
Russell, James, watchmaker, 4 Waring Street.
Russell & Woods, cotton spinners & manufacturers, 22 Brown Street.
Rutherford, Ann, inn & stable keeper, 30 Ann Street.
Rutherford, Jordan & co, muslin manufacturers, 192 North Street.


Scott, James, grocer, 59 Ann Street.
Scott, Benjamin, painter & glazier, 8 Chapel Lane.
Scott, Alexander, merchant, Lime kiln dock.
Seed, Richard, soap boiler & tallow-chandler, 42 High Street.
Seeds & Bailie, merchants, 1 Weigh-house Lane.
Setten, Joseph, sea-bread baker, 45 Waring Street.
Sergison, Edward, victualler, 146 North Street.
Shaw, Deborah, haberdasher, 5 Castle Street.
Sheriff, Joseph, boot & shoemaker, 6 North Street.
Simms, Robert & William, merchants, Chichester Quay.
Simms & McIntyre, printers & booksellers, 6 North Street.
Simms, Henry, grocer, 18 Waring Street.
Simpson. John. Grocer & spirit dealer, 2 North Street.
Sinclair, William, merchant, 20 Donegall place.
Sinclair, Alexander,  woollen draper, 17 High Street.
Sinclair, John, grocer, 89 Ann Street.
Sinclair, John, grocer, 12 Church Lane.
Skelton, William, tavern keeper, Long Lane.
Sloan, George, grocer, 190 North Street.
Sloan, David & co, fustian & calico manufacturers, 25 Smithfield.
Sloan, John & James, smiths, 83 North Street.
Sloan, Samuel, stone cutter, 29 John Street.
Smith, J. Galt, woollen draper & broker, 26 High Street.
Smith, Samuel, retail grocer, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 37 North Street.
Smylie, James, stone cutter, Talbot Street.
Smyth, Mary, haberdasher, 66 High Street.
Smyth & Lyons, printers, 71 High Street.
Smyth, Samuel, reed-maker, 81 Peter’s hill
Smyth, Hugh, hosier, 18 Smithfield.
Snell, George, & co, muslin manufacturers, 52 Peter’s hill.
Snell, Thomas, cabinetmaker, 34 North Street.
Soden, Martin, navy agent, 34 Prince’s Street.
Spence, David, haberdasher, 8 High Street.
Spencer, William, boot & shoemaker, 57 Castle Street.
Spring, Edward, cork-cutter, 15 Hercules Lane.
Standfield, James, grocer, 95 High Street.
Steel, Matthew, soap boiler & tallow chandler, 10 Castle Street.
Stephenson, S. M. physician-midwifery, 70 Waring Street.
Sterling, Hugh, turner, 4 Talbot Street.
Stevenson, William & Joseph, merchants, York Street.
Stewart, John, china & glass-seller, 22 Corn-market.
Stewart, Samuel, copper-smith, 14 North Street.
Stewart, T. Ludford, attorney, Castle yard.
Stewart, Alexander, grocer & spirit dealer, 33 north Street.
Stitt, James, woollen & linen-draper, 30 High Street.
Storey, James, bookseller, 202 North Street.
Stormont, William, painter &  glazier, 26 North Street.
Suffern, John, tobacconist, 191 North Street.
Sweeny & Lynn, merchants, Calender Street.


Talbot, Richard, tailor, 1 Waring Street.
Taylor, William, cabinet-makers, 21 Donegall Street.
Taylor, Hugh,  boot & shoemaker, High Street.
Telfair Robert, merchant, 6 Ann Street.
Templeton, Matthew, boot & shoemaker, 32 Berry Street.
Tennent & McConnell, wine & spirit merchants, 63 Waring Street.
Tennent Knox, & co, merchants, 11 Waring Street.
Thomas, Samuel Smith, physician-midwifery, 26 High Street.
Thompson, William, linen merchant, Donegall Square West.
Thompson, Andrew, wine & spirit merchant, 54 High Street.
Thompson, George, grocer, 13 Talbot Street.
Thompson, George, merchant tailor, 32 Castle Street.
Thompson, Samuel, grocer, 97 Ann Street.
Thompson, John, engraver, 8 Pottinger’s Entry.
Thomson, Charles & William, grocers, High Street.
Trail, Robert, woollen draper, 8 Bridge Street.
Trail, John, haberdasher & grocer, 55 Ann Street.
Tucker, Eliza Houlden, haberdasher, 23 Bridge Street.
Tucker, William, muslin manufacturer & commission warehouse, Castle Lane.
Turnly & Batt, merchants, Ann Street.
Turnly, Alexander, linen merchant, 48 Ann Street.


Vance, John, wholesale English wool warehouse, 7 Waring Street.
Vance,  John & co, Irish woollen warehouse.
Vint, John, inn-keeper, , 141 North Street.


Walker, William, grocer, & snuff manufacturer, Corn-market.
Wallace, Lyle, & Whittle, flour & grain merchants, 3 Chichester Quay.
Wason, Hugh & co, merchants, Byrt’s Entry, High Street. (Watson)
Ward, Thomas & co, booksellers, 19 High Street.
Ward, Michael, tavern keeper,  4 Corn-market.
Ward, James, bookbinder, 2 Wilson’s Court.
Ward, Jeremiah, grocer & spirit dealer, 67 Mill Street.
Waring, Richard, attorney, South Parade.
Warnick & McClelland, haberdashers, 7 Castle Street.
Watson, John, carver, gilder & print seller, 12 Castle Street.
Watt, William, cotton manufacturer, 71 Waring Street.
Wharton, John, grocer & cooper, 82 Hercules Lane
Whinnery, Thomas, postmaster agent for London newspaper, 6 Church Street.
White, Thomas, cotton machine maker, 7 Thomas Street.
White, John, muslin manufacturer, West Street.
Whittle, James & John, wholesale woollen drapers, 66 Waring Street.
Whitla & Armstrong, woollen drapers, 21 High Street.
Whitla, Francis, attorney, Donegall Street.
Wilson, Mary, haberdasher & milliner, 62 High Street,
Wilson, Hugh & Son, merchants, 152 North Street.
Wilson, Thomas, inn keeper, Donegall Arms, Castle Street.
Wilson, Joseph, hatter, 103 Ann Street.
Wilson, John Junior, grocer, 135 North Street.
Wilson, William, white-smith, 2 Long Lane.
Wilson, Robert, spirit dealer, 31 Waring Street.
Wilson, Hugh, cooper, 49 Waring Street.
Wills, Eliza, milliner, 32 High Street.
Williamson, James, land surveyor & draughtsman, Lilliput Hill, near Belfast.
Williamson, Thomas, grocer, 66 Ann Street.
Winnington, James, book-binder, 12 Chapel Lane.
Woods, David, hardware & toy warehouse, 2 Skipper’s Lane.
Woods, Phillip, cap maker, 17 Hercules Lane
Workman, Rose, mantua-maker, Hill Street, off Waring Street.
Wright, John, coach-maker, 22 Prince’s Street.
Wright, Joseph, attorney, Rosemary Lane.
Wright, Ludford, copper-smith, 35 Ann Street.


Yates, John, china-seller, 42  Church Lane.
Young, James, cabinet-maker, 9 Church Lane.



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