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Subsidy Rolls Shankill 1634

Subsidy Rolls Parish of Shankill {includes Lurgan} 1634 Note spelling of place and family names may have changed.


Killmaretrie Walter Hide Henry Fowler Nicholas Grace


Bartiloome John Carter Tawna William Workman Morris Olliffe


Artabratagh Mrs Warener Hunphrey Atp**** John Walton


Bartilorn Arthur Boyes William Cooper


Ballywaran Walner? Deele Owen McCourt


Dromakelly Owen O\'Counollan Henrie O\'Counollan


Dromasouth Brian McCann Mehan Thomas Workman


Tawmagh Stephen Matchett


Fines James1


Cuthbert Smythe tavern keeper of Legacorry fined for exposing and selling drink without a proper licence

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