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Grave stones Tassagh Keady

Transcripts of some inscriptions from Tassagh old Presbyterian graveyard in the parish of Keady, Co Armagh Recorded and transcribed by Tennison Groves

In memory of James Brown Boyd of Ballier who departed this life on the 18th day of March 1866 aged 67 years. Also of Dorcas widow of James Brown Boyd who departed this life the 15th day of February 1874. Also of James Browne Horner son of Captain J B Horner and Hanna Boyd who departed this life on the 15th March 1867 aged 1 month.

In memory of Dorcas Boyd daughter of James Brown Boyd of Ballier Armagh who departed this life on the 9th day of May 1924 erected by his two nieces, Lena B Steel and Margaret O Anketel September 1924. In loving memory of Alexander Jackson Boyd who fell asleep in Jesus June 30, 1877.

In fond remembrance of Colonel J B Horner late 17th Regiment who died 21st November 1881 aged 52 years.

In memory of Mathew Ashmore who died 9th November 1857 aged 74 years. Also Sarah his wife who died 5th December 1869 aged 76 years.

In memory of John Harrison of Camoly Ball who departed this life 16th April 1904 aged 80 years. Also of his brother James who departed this life 19th February 1895 aged 57 years.

In ever affectionate memory of Joseph Lilley of Balleer born near Saintfield Co Down 17 December 1835 died at Balleer Co Armagh 10 November 1909. Sarah Jane born 17 November 1861 died 13 December 1891. Georgina died 23 January 1866 aged 2 months. David 13th December 1873 aged 9 months. Joseph Alexander died Helena Elizabeth 19 June 1880 aged 5 years.

In loving memory of Mary Johnston of Tullybrowne who died 22nd June 1904 aged 72 years. Also her grandsons Hance Johnston died 3 April 1904 aged 21 years. Frank Johnston died 9 March 1913 aged 33 years. Also Albin Johnston died 23 May 1923 aged 66 years. Caroline Johnston died 26 January 1924 aged 18 years. Eliza Johnston died 10 February 1925 aged 72 years.

Erected by John Wallace in loving memory of his father James Wallace who died 1st December 1886 aged 78 years. Also of his brother James who departed this life 19 February 1895 aged 57 years.

Sacred to the memory of John Edwin Ormsby M.O.M.F.G. of Tullyglush House, Keady who died 30th July 1901 aged 43 years.

Erected to the memory of Robert Galloway died August 28th 1862 aged 78. Also his wife Jane died July 1st 1878 aged 75 years. Also their son Hugh who died January 30th 1882 aged 50 years

Sacred to the memory of James Kyle who departed this life 5th April 1847 aged 53 years.

This stone is erected by George Henry of Glenburn as a token of respect and gratitude for long and faithful services.

Here lies the body of Catherine Kyle who died 6th February 1841 aged 25 years

Sacred to the memory of David Cunningham who departed this life 16th February 1879 aged 50 years. Also his two daughters Anne Eliza Cunningham who died 7 December 1880 aged 7 years Sarah Cunningham who died 3rd February 1881 aged 2 years.

In memory of David Lyttle late of Seagahan died 7th June 1887 aged 75 years. Also his wife Frances Ann Lyttle died 20th March 1891 aged 78 years. And their son Adam Bell Lyttle died 10 February 1898 aged 45 years. Erected by their children in New Zealand.

In loving memory of Thomas Hunter who died 7 September 1905 aged 64 years. Also his wife Margaret Hunter who died 19th February 1913 aged 79 years.

In loving memory of Robert Fleming who died 30th October 1888 aged 35 years erected by his wife and family.

Here lie the remains of Robert Dodds late of Segaghan who departed this life the 8th day of May 1836 aged 70 years.

Erected by Jane Dodds in memory of her husband Alexander Dodds who died 19 August 1906 aged 44 years

Erected by John Moffet of Ballybrawley in memory of his beloved wife Rebecca who died 12 February 1876 aged 40 years. Also his son John Moffet who died 25 June 1907. Also the above John Moffet who died 25th June 1907 aged 80 years. Also his son John Moffet who died 24th August 1911 aged 43 years.

David McClave - Dundrum died November 23, 1868.

Erected by the Revd David McClelland in memory of my dear mother Mrs Mary McClelland of Belfast who died at Tassa House in the year 1885. In Memorium Revd David McClelland Minister of Tassa Church from 1858 to 30th July 1908 when he died. Also his sister Sarah McClelland who departed this life November 1908.

Within this enclosure rests the remains of Francis Stringer J.P. who died on the 17th day of April 1847 aged 55 years. Also his wife Arabella Maria Stringer who died on the 13th day of June 1855 aged 61 years. Also their youngest daughter Maria Thomasina who died 13th February 1859 aged 23 years.

In affectionate remembrance of Jane Henry daughter of George and Marianne Henry who departed this life April 13th, 1854 aged 20 years. Also of Marianne Henry the beloved wife of George Henry who departed this life July 22nd aged 64 years 1868. Also of George Henry who departed this life January 12, 1870 aged 70 years.

Within this enclosure are deposited the remains of Mary Ferguson McKee who died October 9th, 1844 aged 28 years. Also of Joseph Robert McKee who died April 7th, 1848 aged 20 years. Also Margaret McKee who died 10th January 1849 aged 28 years. Also Joseph McKee who died May 4th, 1850 aged 66 years. John McKee died October 22nd, 1853 aged 30 years. Also of Jane widow of Joseph McKee who died July 23rd, 1867 aged 77 years. Also of George Barnett McKee born 13 July 1825 died 10 March 1916.

Erected by their children in loving memory of Hugh Ross Killyfaddy who died 9th September 1839 aged 34. Also his wife Ann Jane who died 9th May 1879 aged 78.

Erected in memory of Andrew Gordon of Dundrum who died 2 June 1871 aged 78 years. Also his wife Sarah Gordon who died 31st March 1867 aged 69 years.

Here lie the remains of Agnes Donaldson who departed this life on the 4th day of January 1853 aged 27 years. Also the remains of Margaret the beloved wife of Thomas McKinstry of Lislea who departed this life 28th September 1866 aged 66 years. Also Thomas McKinstry of Lislea who died 16 August 1878 aged 32 years.

Erected in memory of Eliza Jane McKinstry of Broughan who departed this life 10th August 1877 aged 74 years. Also James Barry eldest son of Edward McKinstry who died 26th January 1880 aged 9 years. Also James McKinstry who died 24th January 1883 aged 81 years.

In loving memory of John Fleming, Lislea who died 21st January 1899 aged 55 years. Also his wife Rebecca Fleming who died 16th August 1905 aged 42 years. Also their son William who died 28th March 1892 aged 30 years

In memory of George Fleming of Corkley who died 2nd August 1866 aged 74 years. Also his wife Martha who died 24th March 1900 aged 84 years. Also their son William who died 12th December 1908 aged 63 years.

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