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The Ship Superior to Philadelphia

Passenger List of Ship Superior, Londonderry to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1852 Second Trip      
Surname First Name Age Where From
McFetridge Eliza   Coleraine
O\' Hara Martha   Coleraine
Calwin Margaret   Coleraine
Hetherington Mary   Fintona
Kelly Nelly   Letterkenny
O\' Donnell Anthony   Letterkenny
O\' Donnell Ellen   Letterkenny
O\' Donnell Mary   Letterkenny
Alexander Mary   Derry
Buchanan Elizabeth   Derry
Buchanan Susan   Derry
Buchanan Catherine 12 Derry
Neely Robert   Derry
Neely Elizabeth   Derry
Neely Mary   Derry
Peoples Elizabeth   Derry
Peoples Margaret   Derry
Peoples Mary   Derry
Peoples Samuel   Derry
Peoples Eliza 13 Derry
Peoples Joseph 11 Derry
McGillan Mary   Plum{bridge}
Walls Margaret   Castlederg
Walls Rebecca   Castlederg
Warnock Betty   Castlederg
Warnock Ellen   Castlederg
McConn Sarah   Quigleys Point
Steel Mary Ann   Quigleys Point
Hughey Sarah   Fahan
Kee Thomas   Stranorlar
Chambers Easter   Stranorlar
Smyth Mary   Stranorlar
Montgomery Sarah   Race Course L Derry
McCloskey Fanny   Moville
Taylor Margaret   Coleraine
Devenny Ann   Beech Hill Ardmore
McClean Mary L   Coleraine
Gormly Susan   Strabane
McConnell Mary Ann   Strabane
McConnell Rebecca   Strabane
Blair James   Strabane
Kearney Edward   Carn{donagh}
Kearney Susan   Carn
Kearney Teresa   Carn
Kearney James 11 Carn
Kearney Patrick 9 Carn
Chambers Eliza   Race Course L\'Derry
Chambers Matty   Race Course L\'Derry
Chambers Eliza Jane 5 Race Course L\'derry
Chambers Anne 3 Race Course L\'Derry
Moorhead Martha   The Collon LDerry
Moorhead Charlotte 9mo The Collon L\'Derry
Harrity John   L\' Derry
Harrity William   L\' Derry
Harrity Mary   L\' Derry
Harrity Margery   L\' Derry
White John 12 L\' Derry
White James 9 L\' Derry
Smyth John   Newtownstewart
Smyth James   Newtownstewart
Smyth George 10 Newtownstewart
Smyth Robert 8 Newtownstewart
Meehan John 10 Coleraine
Meehan Mary Ann 7 Coleraine
Brolly William   Coleraine
Darragh Robert   Coleraine
Biggart Robert   Coleraine
McLaughlin Owen   Moville
Bradley Mary   Collon
McGinness Hannah   L\' Derry
McGinness Michael 7 L\' Derry
McGinness Peter 5 L\' Derry
McGinness Hannah 9mo L\' Derry
Green Hannah   L\' Derry
McDougle Edward   Limavady
McDougle Molly   Limavady
McDougle Sally   Limavady
O\' Donnell Mary   Limavady
O\' Donnell Catherine 2 Limavady
O\' Donnell Francis 3mo Limavady
Coll Moses   Ennisbofin
O\' Brien Mary   Ennisbofin
Doohan Mary   Ennisbofin
O\' Brien Manus   Ennisbofin
O\' Brien Cormick   Ennisbofin
Coll Peggy   Ennisbofin
McSwine Mary   Ennisbofin
Quigley Sally   Tooban
Quigley Nancy   Tooban
McGinness Fanny   LondonDerry
Laferty Thomas   Newtownstewart
Laferty Jane   Newtownstewart
Doherty Ellen   Ballygorman
Glen Margaret   Strabane
Buntrey Stewart   Stranorlar
Buntrey Mrs.   Stranorlar
Buntrey Jane 12 Stranorlar
Buntrey David 7 Stranorlar
Buntrey James 5 Stranorlar
Buntrey Sarah 3 Stranorlar
Buntrey emily 9mp Stranorlar
Bonner Robert   Stranorlar
McGinley Sophia   Cloughaneely
McElroy Bridget   Cloughaneely
Green Daniel   Cloughaneely
Harkin Edward   Cloughaneely
Dugan Catherine   Cloughaneely
Doherty Rose Ann   L\' Derry
Sheridan Bridget   Creeslough
McDonagh Biddy   L\'Derry
McConnell Catherine   Moville
McConnell Daniel 4 Moville
McConnell Catherine 1 Moville
Morrison Mary Jane   Coleraine
Gallagher Gilly   Cloughaneely
Gallagher Caty   Cloughaneely
Gallagher James   Cloughaneely
McGinley Magy   Cloughaneely
Broders Fanny   Moville
Tolan Catherine   Moville
Tolan John 10 Moville
Smyth James   Newtownstewart
McElhill Nancy   Newtownstewart
Sweeny Michael   Newtownstewart
Sweeny Catherine   Newtownstewart
Sweeny Mary   Newtownstewart
Sweeny Biddy 7 Newtownstewart
McGhin Biddy   Newtownstewart
Morris Mary   Newtownstewart
McCord Jane   Newtownstewart
Sheerin John   Derry
Miller Rody   Fahan
Harkin James   Cloughaneely
Gallagher James   Cloughaneely
Mulherron James   Cloughaneely
Murphy Magy   Plumbridge
McSorley John   Omagh
McCrossan John   Strabane
McCrossan Margaret   Strabane
McCrossan Thomas   Strabane
McCrossan Margaret 11 Strabane
O\' Brien Hugh   Cloughaneely
Dunlop Margaret   Moneymore
McGarrigle Edward   Drumholm
Smith Benjamin   Newtownstewart
Devlin Mary   Castlederg
Devlin Neal   Castlederg
McGee Sarah   Castlederg
McTeague Daniel   Glenties
Given Mary 11 Glenties
Given John   Glenties
McElroy Grace   Doagh
McElroy Edward 2 Doagh
Morrow Ann   Donegal
McKee James   Coleraine
McIlwaine Mary   Kilmacrenan
Tear James   Newtowncunningham
McLaughlin Sarah   Malin
Stewart Martha Jane   Strabane
Barr Margaret Ann   Coleraine
Early Henry   Baronscourt
Early Mary   Baronscourt
Cox Eliza 10 Enniskillen
Cox William 6 Enniskillen
Mullen James   Newtownstewart
Mullen Catherine   Newtownstewart
McCloskey John   Stranorlar
Newton Nancy   Ballygorman
Loughrey Ann   Ballygorman
Cameron Martha   Newtonstewart
Clowney Mary Jane 11 Cross
Chambers Jane   St. Johnston
Chambers John   St. Johnston
McLaughlin John   Malin
Murtland Martha   Convoy
Doherty John   Ballygorman
McGeoghigan Elleanor   Ballygorman
Gillespie John   Clougher
Whorisky Charles   L\' Derry
Callaghan Pat   Longford
McLaughlin John   Raphoe
O\' Neill Rose   Pettigo
O\' Neill Catherine   Pettigo
Kelly Dan   Baronscourt
Young Catherine   Bonemain
Holmes William   Convoy
O\' Donnell Patrick   Omagh
McLaughlin Neal   Moville
McConaghy Jane   Moville
McConaghy Jane   Moville
Finlay Elizabeth   Moville
Finlay William John   Moville
McCanny Susan   Ballybofey
Kane Francis   Derry
McGlenaghan James   Derry
Smyth Jane   Derry
Barr Hugh   Buncrana
Barr Ann   Buncrana
Barr Elizabeth   Buncrana
Heron James   Ballougry
Kincade Margaret   Ballougry
Marshall Rose   Ballougry
Doherty William   Glenmorning
Doherty Mary Ann   Glenmornin
Doherty John 6 Glenmornin
Toland Sarah   Buncrana
Toland William 9 Buncrana
Toland Mary Ann 11 Buncrana
Toland James 7 Buncrana
Toland Sarah 9mo Buncrana
Toland Letitia 8 Buncrana
Doherty Eliza   Buncrana

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