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Hearth Money Roll Dundalk 1663

                                                                            Hearth Money Roll Dundalk 1663   

                                                                           Michael                Dee
                                                                          Isaac                      Dee
                                                                          Widdow                Casshell
                                                                          George                 Lambert
                                                                          Mrs                    Owens
                                                                          Mr                     Bleck
                                                                          Thomas                 Hoy
                                                                          John                   McNabb
                                                                          Patrick                Rory
                                                                          Robert                 Clarke
                                                                          James                  Greaton
                                                                          Mrs                    Bishop
                                                                          Eusebius               Thornicragh
                                                                          Robert                 Taaffe
                                                                          Nicgolas               Cavenagh
                                                                          Kodagh                 McDonnell
                                                                          Francis                Pierce
                                                                          Ralph                  Carr
                                                                          Widow                  Gernon
                                                                          John                   Taaffe
                                                                          James                  Carney
                                                                          Lucke                  Callon
                                                                          Patrick                Kolly
                                                                          William                Turner
                                                                          Neale                  Fee
                                                                          Patrick                Collin
                                                                          James                  Nuttin (Miltin)
                                                                          Dennisse               Connolly
                                                                          Matthew                Bloxson
                                                                          Thomas                 Matthewes
                                                                          Thomas                 Cutler
                                                                          Thomas                 Boyd
                                                                          Teige                  Fitzgarret
                                                                          Thomas                 Quinn
                                                                          John                   Lucocke
                                                                          Edward                 Hanly
                                                                          Walter                 Flynn
                                                                          Lawrence               Glew
                                                                          Cormacke               OConolan
                                                                          John                   Poulson
                                                                          Robert                 Smith
                                                                          Donnogh                Donney
                                                                          Patrick                Cornan
                                                                          Henry                  Whyte
                                                                          Owen                   Murphy
                                                                          Robert                 Wright
                                                                          Thomas                 Jones
                                                                          William                Shipman
                                                                          Donnigh                Kelly
                                                                          James                  Murtagh
                                                                          Laurence               Bellew
                                                                          Willyam                Hoy
                                                                          Nicholas               Dowdall
                                                                          Patrick                Cartan
                                                                          Henry                  McIlmony
                                                                          Dorby                  King
                                                                          Garvisse               Low
                                                                          Patrick                Connolly
                                                                          William                Hanly
                                                                          Murtagh                O\'Connolan
                                                                          John                   Robinson
                                                                          Richard                Tyre
                                                                          Richard                Winewright
                                                                          William                Fisher
                                                                          Captaine               Page
                                                                          Thomas                 Moy
                                                                          John                   Rud
                                                                          Thomas                 Bonus
                                                                          Patrick                Moore
                                                                          John                   Kelly
                                                                          Thomas                 Moore
                                                                          John                   Tallon
                                                                          John                   Corby
                                                                          Bryan                  Sauter
                                                                          Thomas                 Elytorne
                                                                          William                Wall
                                                                          George                 Bleeke
                                                                          Bryan                  Gaghan
                                                                          Henry                  Cassidy
                                                                          William                McCorroe
                                                                          Patrick                Cullin
                                                                          Patrick                Tallon
                                                                          Thomas                 Raty
                                                                          Patrick                Loan
                                                                          Knogher                McGee
                                                                          Eliagh                 Haslam
                                                                          George                 Mabe
                                                                          Samuel                 Irland
                                                                          John                   Wilde
                                                                          John                   Williamson
                                                                          Robert                 Mason
                                                                          Edward                 Walkin
                                                                          William                Barber
                                                                          Michael                Toomes
                                                                          John                   Younge
                                                                          Owen                   Slaunan
                                                                          John                   Evans
                                                                          Thomas                 Bradbery
                                                                          Richard                Matthewes
                                                                          John                   Corby
                                                                          Alexander              Daws
                                                                          John                   Golson (Gotson)
                                                                          William                Dawson
                                                                          Richard                Evans
                                                                          John                   Michael
                                                                          Peter                  Burkett
                                                                          Mrs                    Buckworty
                                                                          Robert                 Buxton
                                                                          Thomas                 Blackborrow
                                                                          James                  Jordon
                                                                          Mrs                    Chambers
                                                                          Stephen                Duffe
                                                                          Patrick                Crelly
                                                                          Patrick                McGartlany
                                                                          Owen                   Dermott
                                                                          Jane                   Gernon
                                                                          Patrick                Fitzpatrick
                                                                          Nicholas               Frock
                                                                          Shane                  O\'Hunthin
                                                                          Richard                Meany
                                                                          Nicholas               McNamee
                                                                          James                  Comim
                                                                           Humphrey            Taylor                                                                                        Patrick                Cransy
                                                                          George                 Taaffe
                                                                          Patt                   Dowdall Fitzluke
                                                                          Thomas                 Bath
                                                                          Edmond                 Holand
                                                                          James                  Dalton
                                                                          Thomas                 Watkins
                                                                          John                   Casy
                                                                          William                Gunner
                                                                          John                   Eaton
                                                                          Thomas                 Atkins
                                                                          Arthur                 Caesar
                                                                          John                   Cristy
                                                                          John                   Wilshire
                                                                          William                Boate
                                                                          Nicholas               Carroll
                                                                          Patrick                Clogan
                                                                          Thomas                 Beg
                                                                          William                Marshall
                                                                          John                   Marky
                                                                          Teage                  Doogan
                                                                          Edward                 Bath
                                                                          Thomas                 Abbott
                                                                          Michael                Clarke
                                                                          William                Clarke
                                                                          John                   Weldon
                                                                          Coll                   Carroll
                                                                          Phillip                Dromun
                                                                          Philemy                Cassidy
                                                                          John                   Kenedy
                                                                          Hugh                   Iltorly
                                                                          Patrick Roe         OKelly
                                                                          Robert                 Atkins
                                                                          Bryan                  Roony
                                                                          John                   Ledwidge
                                                                          Thomas                 Disney
                                                                          Art                    Callan
                                                                          Michael                Lurkan
                                                                          Richard                Dooran
                                                                          Henry                  Clarke
                                                                          Bryan                  Connolan
                                                                          Teige                  Kendelan
                                                                          William                Shyell
                                                                          Patrick                Callan
                                                                          Samwell                Alderly
                                                                          James                  McCabe
                                                                          Dorby                  Caffery
                                                                          Owen                   O\'Neale
                                                                          Cullow                 O\'Heire
                                                                          Connor                 Lurkan
                                                                          Patrick                Kinnaghan
                                                                          John                   Blake
                                                                          James                  Matthew
                                                                          Widdow                 Hendran
                                                                          Nicholas               Haghey
                                                                           Richard                Higin
                                                                          Abraham                Ambler
                                                                          Patrick                Sloan
                                                                          Patrick                Casy
                                                                          Patrick                Ilwurry
                                                                          Henry                  Hestwitcy
                                                                          Patrick                Marky
                                                                          Richard                Karny
                                                                          Patrick                Callan
                                                                          Bryan                  Connolly
                                                                          Michael                Callan
                                                                          John                   Cappock
                                                                          Hugh                   Keneely
                                                                          Widdow                 Branagan
                                                                          Phillip                Really
                                                                          Dennisse               Callan
                                                                          Patrick                Iny
                                                                          Murtagh                Connolan
                                                                          John                   Flyn
                                                                          Cuchonnaght            Birne
                                                                          Jeremy                 Browne
                                                                          Garrett                Fitzgarrett
                                                                          Richard                Cooper
                                                                          John                   Davy
                                                                          Sanders                Christy
                                                                          Shane                  Lincey
                                                                          John                   Bradyone
                                                                          Widdow                 See
                                                                          Bryan                  Heire
                                                                          Nicholas               Boy
                                                                          James                  Fife
                                                                          Jenkin                 Horsmell
                                                                          Anthony                Wright
                                                                          Shane                  Mulloy
                                                                          James                  Doom
                                                                          Edward                 Setto
                                                                          Captain Francis        Burrush
                                                                          Edward                 Dalton
                                                                          Mr                     Smith
                                                                          Richard                Dowdall
                                                                          Patrick                Connellan
                                                                          Patrick                Murphy
                                                                          Patrick                Connolly
                                                                          Shane                  Curry
                                                                          Hugh                   Ilboy
                                                                          Mathew                 Haghy
                                                                          John                   Bryan
                                                                          Shane                  McGueege
                                                                          William                Haghy
                                                                          John                   McIllroy
                                                                          William                Chuort
                                                                          Luogher                Cleary
                                                                          John                   Shyoll
                                                                          John                   McIlreavy
                                                                          James                  Hemell (Herrell)
                                                                          Patrick                McGugin
                                                                          John                   Aston
                                                                          Thomas                 Berrell
                                                                          William                Hathson
                                                                          Patrick                Rush


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