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Justices of the Peace in several Counties

From The Gentlemans  Almanaik, compiled by John Watson Stbiva
1797 & 1798. Dublin.

Justices of the Peace in several Counties

Earl of Cavan

Lord Vis. Dungannon 

Lord Vis. ONeill

Lord Vis Castlereagh

Rieh. Vis. Chetwynd

Hon. Chich. Skeffington

Hon. Geo. C. Stapylton

Riehard Dobbs, Dean of Connor

The Mayor of Carriekfergus

The Sovereign of Belfast

Henry Reynell, clerk

Stewart Bankes

Rowley Heyland

Chas. Hamilton

Conway Rich. Uobbs

Wm. Watts Gayer

Richard Magennis

John Staples

Alexander Macauly

Jackson Wray

John Richardson

William Moore

E. Davys Boyd

Francis Shaw

Phil. Johnson, clerk

George Macartney, clerk

Chas. Richardson

John Cromie

Wm. Traill

Robert Stewart
M.-Gen. Richard While
John Hodges, clerk
W. P. Keating Trench
Joseph Hardy
Robert Gait
George Bristowe
Richard Babington, clerk
Sampson Moore
James Stew. Moore
James Durham
Jackson Clarke
William Brownlow
Poyntz Stewart
Philip Stewart
Doherty Gorman
Stafford Gorman
Thomas Andrews
James Jones
John Forsyth
James Torrens, clerk
George Burleigh
John Gage Lecky
George Moore
Robert Gage
Robert Waddell
Courttand Skinner
Col. James Durham
Brig. -Gen. Nugent


Robert Rowan
Thomas Morris Jones
Wm. Legg
John Brown
George A. MacCleverty
Alexander MacManus
Clotw. Rowley
James White
James Watson Hull
David McKillop
Chas. Rankin
Langford Heyland
James Watson
Richard Jerv. Ker
Wm. Bristowe, clerk
Wm. Adair

John Hamilton OHara
Thomas Banks
Aldm. Alex. MacNaghton
Wm. MacCleverty, clerk
Samuel Allen
John Long, clerk
James Lendrick
Roger Moore
David Babington
E. Davys Boyd, jun.
Wm. Moore
Waddel Cunningham

Col. Lucius Barber
James Stewart
Holt Waring, clerk
Robert Trail, clerk
John Montgomery
Edward McGildowney
M.-Gen. Gerard Lake
B.-Gen. Geo. Nugent
Charles Leslie
Matt. Ankettle
George McKay
Andrew McNevin
Hon. Wm. Lumley
Charles Smith
Dan. Seddon
George Smith
Alex. Nairne
William Campbell
Hon. David Leslie
Thomas Babington, clerk
Hon. John Knox
Robert Kingsmill
John Sheil
John Todd
William Stewart
George Hutchinson
George Gamble


Earl of Bellamont
Earl of Farnham
Earl of Enniskillen
Earl of Bective
Lord Viscount Maxwell
Lord Viscount Cole
Lord Glentworth
Sir Robert Hodson, Bt.
Sir John Meredith, Bt.
Sir Robert Baxter, Knt.

A. N. Adams, clerk
Wm. Stephens
Christopher Palles
Joseph Story, clerk
Wm. Hales, clerk
Wm. Faris
Thomas Nesbitt
Albert Nesbitt, clerk
Wm. Sneyd, clerk
Nathaniel Sney


Hon. Henry Southwell
Hon. John Knox
Provost of Belturbet
Dive Downes, clerk
Theophilus Clements
Richard Hassard
John Ennery
Dawson Crowe, clerk
James Young, jun.
Jason Hassard
Robert Faris
James Fleming
Humphrey Nixon
Ralph Hinds
John Baker
Oliver Nugent
John Elliot
Mich. Nugent
Thomas OReilly
Andrew Bell
J. Cottingham, d.d.
Robert Burrowes
Theophilus Fenner
John Faris
Rev John Caulfield, clerk
Henry Clements
Wm. Webb
Coyne Nugent
James Butler Pratt
George Nixon
Rev Brinsley Nixon, clerk
Rev Benj. Adams, clerk
John Richardson
Patrick Smyth
Wm. Gresson
Ralph Dawson
Sam. Madden
Francis Saunderson
Brogh. Newburgh
John Maxwell
Wm. OBrien
Wm. Somerville
Thomas Berry
Robert Hume
Thomas Barnes
James Young
Norman Steele
Stewart Adams
Wm. Mayne
Major-Gen. R. Whyte
Wm. Stewart
John Hopkins
Henry St. George Cole
James Hen. Cottingham
Walter Jones
Robert Saunderson
James Saunderson
Christopher Broden
John Tatloe
James Stafford
Thomas Clendinning
Andrew Palles
James OReilly
Major-Gen. Peter Craig
Edward Mulloy
Irwine Johnston
Francis Whyte
John Bell
Caleb Barnes
William Thomas Monsell
William Wilson
Maj. John Peyton
William Betty
Jason Crawford
Alexander Nairne
William Smith
John Moutray Jones
Thomas Brunker
Edward Anderson
John Welsh
Maj.-Gen. Gerard Lake
Francis Haldron
Samuel Adams



Earl of Ross

Earl of Bellamont

Earl of Enniskillen

Earl of Erne

Lord Vise Cole

Hon. A. Cole Hamilton

Hon. Sam. Lowry Corry

Hon. John Knox

The Provost of Enniskillen

Mervyn Archdall

Abraham Creighton

John Nixon, clerk

Jason Hassard

John Ennery

Edward Barton

Howard St. George, clerk

Hugh Mt. Gomery

John Watkins

Thomas Smith, clerk

James Hastings, clerk

Wm. Stewart

Wm. Treddennick

Robert Weir

James Lendrum

Samuel Madden

Francis Brooke

John Richardson

Fitzm. Caldwell
Wm. OBrien
Gorges Darcy Irwine
Henry St George Cole
John Hawkshaw
Hugh Maguire
James Armstrong
George Nixon
Henry Leslie
M.-Gen. C. Crosbie
Robert Hassard
George Leslie
Patrick Dundass
William Elliott, clerk
Nathaniel Sneyd

Thomas Hudson, clerk

John Wright, clerk

John Caulfield, clerk

John Nepb. Belches

William Barton

Maj. Gerard Lake

John Hill, clerk

William Owens, clerk

                                                                Richard Archdall, jun.

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