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Passengers on the Brig Minerva



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                           Brig Minerva
                         August 10, 1801

Brig Minerva: Master Patrick Gribben: From Liverpool:

Bound for = Philadelphia:

Names in Cabin                Age      Size        Complexion

Michael Rinsley               25     5ft 10ins      Fair
John Donohoe                  60     5ft  9ins
John Jones                    30     5ft  8ins
John Hill                     41     6ft  0ins
Wife & 5 children
Anna Morgan                    9
Catharine Fagan               46     5ft  2ins
& three children

Thomas Connor                 30     5ft  9ins
Wife & children
John Whittle                  31     6ft  2ins
Wife & children
Elizabeth Newman              23     4ft  8ins
Christopher [Neratty?]        28     5ft  8ins
John Ellis                    20     5ft  5ins
Richard Ellis                 19     5ft  9ins
Mary Ellis                    49     5ft  2ins
Mary Ellis                    31     5ft  6ins
Margaret Ellis                14     4ft 10ins

Between Decks
David Philips                 75     5ft  6ins
David Philips Jnr             39     5ft 10ins
Mary Philips                  26     5ft  5ins
John Owens                    22     5ft  5ins
Mary Owens                    18     4ft 10ins
Thomas Ralph                  42     5ft  8ins
Wife & 4 children
Griffith Jones                34     5ft  6ins
Wife & 2 children
John Angle                    58     5ft 10ins
John Angle Jnr                18     5ft  7ins
Henry Jackson                 24     6ft  2ins
Richard Jones                 52     5ft 10ins
Wife & children
David Roberts                 33     5ft  8ins
Wife & children
Owen Richards                 51     5ft  8ins
Wife & 2 children
Stephen Roderick              42     5ft  7ins
Wife & child
David Roderick                35     5ft  8ins
John Evans                    27     6ft  2ins
Wife & 2 children
John McCabe                   42     5ft 10ins
John Thomas                   31     5ft  4ins
Wife & child
Thomas Jones                  28     5ft  5ins
Wife & 2 children
Hugh Prior                    51     5ft  5ins
John Prior                    28     5ft  7ins
Elizabeth Edwards             20     5ft  6ins
Anna Rogers                   35     5ft  5ins
& 8 children
Mary Nixon                    35     5ft  6ins
& 4 children
George Rogers                 19     5ft  5ins
Mary Murray                   45     5ft  4ins
Peggy Harman                  19     5ft  3ins
John Pew                      47     5ft  4ins
Wife & 2 children
John Williams                 39     5ft 10ins
Wife & 5 children
John Lloyd                    29     5ft  9ins
Bridget Murray                28     4ft  8ins
John Owens                    25     5ft  5ins
Elizabeth Williams            33     5ft  5ins
Mathew Manly                  33     5ft  0ins



















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