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Spirit Dealers Belfast 1860

Spirit Dealers in Belfast 1858-1860

Aiken, A., 16 Robinson's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Allen, Hugh, Mount Charles.
Agnew, E., 136 Corporation Street.
Anderson, Eliza, 173 North Street.
Anderson, Jane, 25 Great Edward Street.
Anderson, John, Old Road, Ballyhackamore.
Andrews, J. E., 62 Earl Street. (as Jas. G. in Grocers)
Armstrong, Joseph, 69 Union Street.
Ashton, Wm., 88 Durham Street.
Atkinson, Mrs., 2&4 Cromac Street.
Bammer, Wm., 71 May Street.
Barry, J. & Co., 20 Prince's Street.
Beattie, J., 101 New Lodge Road.
Beattie, Samuel, 1&3 Bogan Street.
Bell, Alexander, 37 Wesley Place.
Bell, Samuel, 13 Victoria Street.
Birnie, E., 35 Townsend Street.
Black, Hugh, Ballynafeigh.
Black, James, 32 Joy Street.
Black, Robert, 1 Skipper Street.
Blaney, Archibald, Castlereagh Street,

Boyd, James, 1 Gordon Street.
Boyd, James, 114 North Street.
Boyd, Samuel, 67 Lettuce Hill.
Boyd, Sarah, 11 Donegall Quay.
Boyd, Thomas, 184 North Street.
Bradley, H. & F., 12 Smithfield.
Brady, C., 5&7 Caddell's Entry.
Brady, James, 102 North Street.
Brady, Owen, 62 Mill Street.
Branaghan, Edward, 64 Mill Street.
Brittain, John, Ballynafeigh.
Britton, John, 81 Mustard Street.
Brown, Mrs., 28 Gamble Street.
Brown, Mrs., 11 Trafalgar Street.
Browne, Henry, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Burns, William, 59 Millfield.
Byrne, Cherry, 3 Donegall Quay.
Callender, James, 21 Mill Street.
Cameron, T., 175 John Street.
Campbell, John, 161 Durham Street.
Campbell, John, 2 Edward Street.
Canavan, J., 107 North Queen Street.
Canmer, John, Lagan Village.
Carrigan, Adam, 40 Garmoyle Street.
Carson, Ann, Lisburn Road.
Carson, Hugh, 7 Annette Street.
Carson, Mrs., 1 Robert Street.
Cheevers, P., 58 North Street.
Clarke, John, 194 Conway Street.
Clarke, John, 41 Pilot Street.
Clarke, Neal, 82 Cromac Street.
Cleland, James, 63 May Street.
Cleland, Robert, 5 Donegall Quay.
Clements, Robert, 69 Agnes Place.
Clements, Robert, 7 Church Lane.
Close, James, 31 Earl Street.
Coates, Mrs., 110 Conway Street.
Connolly, John, 25 Arnon Street.
Conway, Jane, Cheerymount Tavern.
Copeland, John, 126 Cromac Street.
Corr, Edward, 3 Prince's Dock.
Coyle, John, 25 Ormeau Road.
Cranston, E., 25 Lancaster Street.
Craig, Mrs., 124 North Street.
Creen, Robert, 74 Corporation Street.
Crossen, Margaret, Lagan Village.
Crowell, Jane, 57 Hill Street.
Cuddy, Hugh, 30 Chichester Street.
Cunningham, A., 1 Earl Street.
Cushnahan, J., 158 Nelson Street.
Dale, Wm., 15 Henry Street.
Davey, Eliza, 5 Winecellar Entry.
Davis, John, 32 Garmoyle Street.
Dickson, A., 15 Corporation Square.
Dogherty, F., 64 May Street.
Donaldson, H. W., 1 Ann Street.
Donovan, Mrs., 46&48 John Street.
Donnelly, P., 154 Conway Street.
Donnelly, Edwd., 156 Old Lodge Road.
Donnelly, Robert, 13 Castle Lane.
Doran, Bernard, 41 Annette Street.
Duff, James, 20 Gardiner Street.
Duffy, Wm., 56&58 Howard Street.
Duncan, Mary, 33 Falls Road.
Dunlop, Alex., 17 Tomb Street.
Edgar, John, 4 Winetavern Street.
Ervine, Mary, 86&88 Peter's Hill.
Erwin, Mary, 71 Brown Square.
Fagan, Edward, 25 John Street.
Fagan, Edward, 54 Townsend Street.
Fee, John, 111 Sandy Row.
Fee, Jane, 100 Ann Street.
Fee, Thomas, 10 Marlborough Street.
Ferran, Patrick, 18 Alexander Street.
Ferguson, David, 90 North Queen Street.
Fetherston, J., 49 Ann Street.
Firth, James, 1 King Street.
Fitzpatrick, John, 24 Falls Road.
Forsythe, Catherine, 8 Skipper Street.
Fullin, F., 27&29 Union Street.
Gelston, James, Ballyhackamore.
Gillespie, M., 28 Great Edward Street.
Gilmer, J. & S., 95 York Street.
Gilmore, Henry, 20&22 Union Street.
Gilmore, Hugh, 160 North Street.
Gilmore, Owen, 6 New Durham Street.
Gilmore, Owen, 158 North Street.
Grant, J., 3 Upper Church Lane.
Grant, M., 14&16 Verner Street.
Gray, James, Old Malone Road.
Griffith, Patrick, 35 Smithfield.
Halpin, James, 66 Smithfield.
Hamill, John, 69 May Street.
Hanna, M. A., 35 Shankill Road.
Hannan, Jas., 135 Shankill Road.
Hawthorn, John, 1 Eliza Street.
Hawthorne, John, 16 Great Edward Street.
Heaney, Hugh, 35 Winetavern Street.
Heeny, William, 57 Durham Street.
Herald, Alex., 2&4 John Street.
Hilland, Mary, 23 Bentinck Street.
Hogg, Jane, 23 Pilot Street.
Houston, Hugh, 79 Peter's Hill.
Hughes, Mrs., 104 Nelson Street.
Ingram, George, 17 Queen's Square.
Irish, C., 21&23 Queen's Square.
Irvine, James, 166 North Street. 
Irwin, Robert, 7 North Queen Street.
Johnston, Alex., 36 Cromac  Street.
Johnston, Mrs., 6 Fountain Street.
Johnston, William, 31 Prince's Street.
Jordan, John, 110 Ann Street.
Kane, Ellen, 46 Waring Street.
Kavanagh, John, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Kennedy, Edward, 41 North Street.
Kennedy, John, 130 Cromac Street.
Kennedy, Rose, 1 Durham Street.
Kennedy, M., 7 Harmony Place.
Kenny, B., 7 Curtis Street.
Kerr, William, 4 Rosemary Street.
Kerr, Rose, 21 Ann Street.
Kerr, Wm., 58&60 Union Street.
Kilmartin, Thomas, 38 Cromac Street.
King, Bernard, 92 Roseann Place.
King, Robert, 1&3 Nile Street.
Kirk, Robert D., 176 York Street.
Kirker, Thomas, 81 Durham Street.
Lavery, Alex., 4 Hill Street.
Lavery, Richd., 47 North Queen Street.
Laverty, H., 1 Hutchinson Street.
Lennon, H., 13 Great Edward Street.
Lewis, H., 64 Waring Street.
Lewis, T., 44 Old Lodge Road.
Lewis, Wm., 29 Stephen Street.
Loughead, A., 27 North Ann Street.
Loughlin, J. & W., 131 North Street.

Loughran, C., 5 Prince's Dock.
Loughran, Henry, 28 John Street.
Lowry, John, 68 Ann Street.
Low, James, 24 Chichester Street.
Mackreth, Wm., 34 Gamble Street.
Magee, Eaver, Ballynafeigh.
Magee, Mary, 83 Cromac Street.
Magee, J., 17 Barrack Street.
Maguire, John, 35 Frederick Street.
Mayne, Patrick, 39 Albert Crescent.
Meihan, Patrick, 96 Millfield.
Millen, Hugh, Queen's Quay/
Millen, Adam, 32 Prince's Street.
Millen, John, 25 Prince's Street.
Miller, Jas. C., Crumlin Road.
Milliken, George, 154 Falls Road.
Moffett, Miss, 208 York Street.
Moore, Henry, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Morrison, James, 8 Montgomery Street.
Morrison, R., 15 William Street South.
Mulholland, Robert, 11 Gamble Street.
Mullin, James, 14 Hercules Street.
Murphy, Arthur, 72 John Street.
Murphy, John, 2 Mill Street.
Murray & Quinn, 2&4 Hercules Street.
Murray, Daniel, Lagan Village.
McAlea, James, 134 North Street.
McAlister, Alexander, 33 May Street.
McAlister, John, 196 York Street.
McCall, James, 103 Durham Street.
McCall, William, 80 Falls Road.
McCann, James, 25 Marquis Street.
McCann, John, 4 Prince's Street.
McCann, John S., 34 Rosemary Street.
McCann, Samuel, 22 Castle Street.
McCartan, James, 62 Grattan Street.
McCartney, Thomas, 23 Michael Street.
McClesh, Henry, 5&7 Millfield.
McCloy, Wm., 119 York Street.
McConnell, W. J., 2 Malone Road.
McCormick, J., 39 Henry Street.
McCormick, J., 12 Garmoyle Street.
McCorry, Richd., 15 Institution Place.
McCracken, Joseph, 74 Brown Street.
McCracken, Mary, 47 Carrick Hill.
McDowell, Thomas, 130 York Street.
McFerran, Wm., 24 Prince's Street.
McGlade, C. & P., 33 Caxton Street.
McGlade, Henry, 35 Great Patrick Street and Edward Street.
McGlade, Patrick, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
McGlade, P/. 71&72 Smithfield.
McGladdery, Samuel, Antrim Road.
McGuikan, J., 1&3 Milford Street.
McGuirk, T., 58&60 North Queen Street.
McIlhone, Henry, 100 Cullintree Road.
McIlroy, Wm., 30 Gardiner Street.
McIlwee, R., 62 Waring Street.
McKee, James, 100 Tomb Street.
McKey, Mrs., 2 Great Edward Street.
McKenna, John K., 200 North Street.
McKenna, John, 29 Robert Street.
McKenna, John, 17&19 Union Street.
McKenna, Wm., 1&3 Little Donegall Street and 23 John Street.
McKeown, James, 28 Chapel Lane.
McKibben, J., 148 Falls Road.
McKinley, Saml., 66 Great George's Street.
McKinney, Hugh, 29 Great Edward Street.
McLaughlin, G., 81 McTier Street.
McLaughlin, John, 17 West Street.
McLaughlin, Mary, Antrim Road.
McLorinan, Hugh, 46 Institution Place.
McLoughlin, J., 2&4 Gamble Street.
McManus, J., 82 Little Donegall Street.
McMillen, John, 21&23 North Queen Street.
McMullan, Hugh, 59 Carrick Hill.
McNeilly, John, 17&19 William Street South.
McNeill, Owen, 47 Smithfield.
McQuillan, Hugh, 24 Gamble Street.
McQuillan, Wm., 64 Pilot Street.
McRoberts, Saml., 1 Great Edward Street.
McSherry, Richard, 20 Gamble Street.
McVeagh, Thomas, Marlborough Street.
Neill, Alexander, Antrim Road.
Nelson, Geo., 108 Great George's Street.
O'Connor, James, 65&67 North Queen Street.
O'Hagan, Daniel, 47 Winetavern Street.
O'Kane, Edward, 65 John Street.
O'Kane, Thomas, 12 McCrory's Row, Ballymacarrett.
O'Neill, G. J., 5 Peter's Hill and 2 Old Lodge Road.
O'Neill, James, 11 Cromac Street.
O'Neill, James, 14 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, John, 12 Barrack Street.
O'Neill, Patrick, 17 Patrick Street.
Orr, Robert, 42 Ann Street.
Peake, Hugh, 59 Lancaster Street.
Peak, Mrs., 24 Ann Street.
Peebles, H., 118 Upper Peter's Hill.
Peel, Robert, 144 Shankill Road.
Potts, Margaret, 22 Henry Street.
Quigley, Sarah, 3 Short Street.
Quinn, Ann, 19 Queen's Square.
Quinn, Richard, 18 Hill Street.
Quin, James, 114 Nelson Street.
Rea, Hugh, 18 Mill Street.
Reid, George, 2&4 Valentine Street.
Reid, John, Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Rice, Henry, 3&5 Union Street.
Rice, J., 36 Church Lane.
Rogan, Patk., 47&49 Carrick Hill.
Rosbotham, W., 14 Old Malone Road.
Rowan, James, Carman's Inn, 58 Great Patrick Street.
Russell, Robt., 16&18 Nelson Street.
Rutherford, James, 26 Ann Street.
Savage, James, 26 Lancaster Street.
Savage, Hugh, 2 Garmoyle Street.
Savage, Samuel, 55 Dock Street.
Savage, J., 25 Boundary Street.
Scott, James, 2 Mustard Street.
Scott, Joseph, Bridge End, Ballymacarrett.
Scullin, John, 173 Nelson Street.
Shaw, Hugh, 40 Great George's Street.
Sheals, Wm., 18 Church Street.
Skurry, Mrs., 2 Arthur Square.
Sloan, John, Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Smith, Bernard, 42 Cromac Street.
Smyth, Denis, 31 Great Edward Street.
Smyth, E., 105 North Queen Street.
Smyth, Francis, 19 Welsh Street.
Smyth, M., 68 Great George's Street.
Smyth, Wm., 164 North Street.
Stephen, Alex., 39 Rosemary Street.
Stewart, Alex., Wheeler's Place, Ballymacarrett.
Strain, Thomas, 168 Sandy Row.
Sullivan, John, 119 Millfield.
Taylor, John, 70 Sandy Row.
Taylor, J., 49 Dock Street.
Thompson, E. & A. J., 24 Garmoyle Street.
Thompson, Joseph, 56&58 North Thomas Street.
Thompson, R., 4 Hammond's Court.
Trainor, J., 40&42 Old Lodge Road.
Turtle, J., Old Road, Ballymacarrett.
Vance, Adam, Ballyhackamore.
Wallace, R., 228 Old Lodge Road.
Walsh, James, 51 North Queen Street.
Ward, John, Lisburn Road.
Watson, James, Great Victoria Street.
Watson, T., Watson's Buildings, Ballymacarrett.
Watt, Mary, 55 Little Donegall Street.
Weir, Samuel, 28 Devis (Divis) Street.
Williams, E., 6 Sandy Row.
Wilson, George, 29 Barrack Street.
Wilson, James, 29 Church Lane.
Wilson, J., 30 Washington Street.
Wilson, Wm., 74 Great George's Street.
Wright, Robt., 10 Pottinger's Entry.
Young, James, 8&10 Ann Street.

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