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1689 Dublin Parliament




King James II Dublin Parliament


  by Dr. Wm. King (1713)      
  Dean of St. Patrick's      

Members from County Fermanagh

Thanks to Vynette Sage for this data

  Name Residence Title  
  Abercromley, John Drumcroe Gent.  
  Aghineleck, James Bellaghinleck Gent.  
  Andrews, John Kinobar Clerk.  
  Armstrong, Daniel Chive Gent.  
  Armstrong, Robert Chive Gent.  
  Arsdall, William Bummiminver Esq.  
  Atchison, Alexander Toniheage Gent.  
  Barton, William Roe Island Gent.  
  Belfore, Charles Lisneskea Esq.  
  Belfore, William Lisneskea Esq.  
  Betty, Adam Carne Gent.  
  Betty, John Ardverny Gent.  
  Betty, Rowland Ardverny Gent.  
  Bingham, Charles Crevenish Gent.  
  Bird, Thomas Lissanaskea Gent.  
  Bochanon, George Enniskilling Esq.  
  Booreman, John Coolebegg Gent.  
  Breadas, Patrick Derryboy Gent.  
  Brookes, Thomas Magherestephenagh Captain  
  Browning, Thomas Beallanamallagh Gent.  
  Butler, Francis Newtown Esq.  
  Bynd, David Dervoland Esq.  
  Caldwell, Charles Bellick Esq.  
  Caldwell, Sir James Bellick Bart.  
  Callhowne, James Crevenish Gent.  
  Carleton, Christopher Bohne Gent.  
  Cashell, George Dromine Gent.  
  Catcarth, Robert Creaghmore Gent.  
  Cathcart, Alexander Ennisway Gent.  
  Cathcart, Allen Enniskilling Gent.  
  Cathcart, Hugh Tullyshanlan Gent.  
  Cathcart, James Ennisway Gent.  
  Catherina, Anna Tullykeltyre Lady Hamilton
  Chittoge, Thomas Cash Gent.  
  Clarke, Robert Enniskilling Merchant  
  Cole, Sir Michael Enniskilling Knt.  
  Cole, William Colehill Gent.  
  Corry, James Castlecoole Captain  
  Cottington, William Enniskilling Gent.  
  Crafford, Laurence Cavancarragh Gent.  
  Creighton, Abraham Crum Capt.  
  Creighton, James Crum Gent.  
  Creighton, John Aughaloane Esq.  
  Croizier, John Cavan Gent.  
  Croizier, John Crockneale Gent.  
  Davys, Edward Knockballymore Captain  
  Davys, Jane (blank) widow  
  Delapp, James Enniskilling Gent. Sen.
  Delapp, James Enniskilling Gent. Jun.
  Drope, Bartholemew Carrowrasky Gent.  
  Dunbar, John Killcoe Esq.  
  Dunbarr, Thomas Enniskilling Gent.  
  Dundee, James (blank) Gent.  
  Ellet, George Tully Gent.  
  Ellet, Thomas Galoone Gent.  
  Ellet, William Staraghan Lt.  
  Elliot, James Storchin Gent.  
  Elliot, Robert Storchin Gent.  
  Elliot, Thomas Gallune Gent.  
  Erwyn, Christopher Ballydullagh Esq.  
  Erwyn, William Ballydullagh Esq.  
  Evett, Richard Magherestephenagh Gent.  
  Folliott, �� Ballyshannon Lord Folliott  
  Folliott, John Filleun Gent.  
  Forker, Alexander Enniskilling Gent.  
  Forster, Andrew Drumgoone Gent.  
  Forster, John Carnemackasker Gent.  
  Frith, William Enniskilling Gent.  
  Galbraith, Robert Drumadoon Gent.  
  Green, William Killeter Clerk.  
  Hall, John Enniskilling Gent.  
  Hamilton, Andrew Magherycrosse Clerk.  
  Hamilton, Archibald Drummarry Gent.  
  Hamilton, George Bolin Gent.  
  Hamilton, Gustavus Moynes Esq.  
  Hamilton, James Tullycreevy Gent.  
  Hassart, Jason Mullivesker Gent. Sen.
  Hassart, Jason Killinemaddue Gent. Jun.
  Hinston, Thomas Killerny Gent.  
  Humes, George Cullencrunaht Clerk.  
  Humes, James (blank) (blank)  
  Humes, John Aghrim Gent.  
  Humes, Sir John Caste Humes Bart.  
  Humphery, John Mounternadaghane Gent.  
  Humphery, Thomas Aughvenuhue Gent.  
  Humphery, William Drumaad Gent.  
  Johnston, Alexander Mullaghsillogagh Gent.  
  Johnston, Andrew Drumbeggan Gent.  
  Johnston, Francis of Derrycholaght Gent.  
  Johnston, James Magheryboy Gent.  
  Johnston, Robert Ginnavan Gent.  
  Johnston, Walter Millick Esq.  
  Keer, John Drumsilagh Gent.  
  Leonard, John Magwyorsbridge Gent.  
  Lesley, John Derryvoland Parish Dr.  
  Little, William Drumenagh Gent.  
  Little, William Ardumsin Gent.  
  Maddison, John Cloonygally Cornet  
  Magill, Hugh (blank) Captain  
  M'Cormock, William Enniskilling Gent.  
  Meanes, John Stramreagh Gent.  
  Merick, ���.. Magherestephenagh Gent.  
  Moffett, John Letterboy Gent.  
  Montgomery, Hugh Corrard Lt.-Col.  
  Montgomery, hugh Carhue Esq.  
  Montgomery, Robert Derrybroake Gent.  
  Morton, Edward Mullenegough Gent.  
  Pockridge, Edward Gortnadridge Gent.  
  Robinson, Henry Rosserolbane Gent.  
  Rosgrave, Thomas Glordonochoe Gent.  
  Rosse, Hugh Rossdagagh Gent.  
  Shore, Gabriel Magheryboy Gent.  
  Shore, Thomas Enniskilling Gent.  
  Smith, William Greenish Lt.  
  Smith, William Clounish Clerk.  
  Walton, Henry Laghnagalgreene Gent.  
  Walton, William Laghnagalgreene Gent.  
  Ward, Bernard Knockballimore Gent.  
  Webb, Ezekiel Enniskillin Clerk.  
  Webster, Matthew Enniskilling Gent.  
  Winslow, Thomas Derryvore Gent.  
  Wisshard, William Clunteffrin Esq.  
  Wyre, Alexander Managhan Gent.  

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