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Headmasters of Foyle College

1617 Mathias Springham

1683 John Morris MA

1685 Ellis Walker BA

1696 David Jenkins BA.LLB.LLD.

1707 Roger Blackhall MA

1734 John Torrens BA DD

1783 Thomas Marshall MA

1790 George Vaughan Sampson BA

1794 John Knox BA

1834 William Smyth BA

1841 John Hamilton Miller MA

1847 Robert Henderson BA MA

1853 William Sweet Escott MA

1862 William Hunter Parret BA MA

1866 William Percy Robinson BA MA DD

1874 Benjamin Moffat BA MA

1877 Maurice Hime BA MA LLD

1896 John Clark Dick MA

1911 Robert Foster Dill MA

1928 Arthur Ernest Laying MA LLD

1933 Ernest Percival Southby MA

1935 William Alexander Culthbert McConnell MA

1960 James Stewart Connolly MA LLB

1973 Hugh Wishart Gillespie BA

1994 William James Magill MA MA

Head Mistresses of Londonderry High School

1920 Miss Margaret McKillop MA

1927 Miss Rita McIlroy MA

1930 Miss Mary French McIlroy OBE MA

1962 Miss K Mary Cowper BSc

1973 Miss Mina Holmes Christie BA

1976 Amalgamation with Foyle College

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