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Muster Roll Aghadowey

Anderson, John
Armestron, Adam
Asby, George
Bar, Cuthbert
Bennett, John
Blacker, David
Bramson, Samuel
Canning, George
Canning, Paul
Canning, Richard
Canning, William
Carrington, Nathaniel
Chamberlin, William
Chamberlyn, Alexander
Chamberlyn, Guy
Chambers, William
Church, Elias
Collom, Moyle
Collom, William
Copeland, William
Cross, George
Cross, William (elder),
Cross, William
Degarnock, Henry
Dixon, Richard
Eaton, Robert
Exfall, John
Exfull, Robert
Gambell, William
Garven, James
Gate, Thomas
Gaut, Paul
Gibson, James
Gibson, Thomas
Gould, Alexander
Gout, Allen
Gray, Andrew
Gyles, John
Hambidg, Thomas
Harrison, William
Harrison, Charles
Haumar, Thomas
Hemphill, Robert
Henderson, John
Henry, John
Hughston, John
Hunter, Andrew
Hymphill, James
Itson, Edward
Keemyng, John
Kerne, Barneby
Kinington, Henry
Liggat, Michael,
Longmore, Robert
Lull, Thomas
MacGilandryes, Owen
Makaspy, Turlo
Mason, Francis
McAlester, Alexander
McElenan, Bryan
McFetriss, Cullam
McFetriss, Donnell
McGilbredy, Owen
McGilbredy, Patrick,
McGill, John
McGill, William
McKee, John
McKinley Lancelot,
McMullan, John
McMurroghy, Morto
McMurroghy, Donnell
McReady, Patrick
Miller, Thomas
Montgomery, Robert
Moone, Thomas
Moore, Thomas (younger),
Moore, Thomas (elder),
Morgan, Thomas
Morrise, Evance
Murryne, Thomas
O\'Kat, Turlo
Patterson, David
Port, Donnell
Porter, William
Reed, Adam
Reed, John
Reed, Robert
Reed, George
Robb, David
Rock, Thomas
Rod, James
Ross, John
Smale, John
Smith, Allen
Smith, Mungo
Smyth, Robert
Smyth, John
Spire, Adam (elder)
Spire, James (younger)
Spire, Lawrence (elder)
Spire, Robert
Spire, William
Spyre, Adam (younger)
Spyre, Hugh
Spyre, James (elder)
Spyre, John
Stabin, Thomas
Thomson, John
Thomson, Martin
Tiplady, Benjamin
Tome, John (elder)
Tome, John (younger)
Tyming, Richard
Vincent, John
Vincent, William
Ward, Robert
Web, Edward
Wells, Lawrence
Wilk, William
Willson. Hugh
Wilson, Robert
Wings, Henry
Wytty, William


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