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Inhabitants of Enniskillen

Adamson & Co., druggists, Darling street
Armstrong, James, coachbuilder, Henry st.
Atkinson, George A., solicitor and coroner for North Fermanagh, Skea hall
Belmore, Earl of, G.C.M.G., Castle Coole
Best, Captain, Adjutant 3rd R.I.F., Enniskillen
Betty, Dr. M., Darling street
Betty & Sons, coachbuilders, &c, Willoughby place
Blane, William, victualler
Bleakley, Edward, victualler, Church street
Bleakley, F., victualler, East Bridge street
Bleakley, George, victualler, Church street and Darling street
Boyd, William, hardware and grocery, High street
Bracken, Christopher, farmer, The Graan
Brady, Mrs., general clothier
Burkitt, James P., county surveyor, Alexandra terrace
Burns, Alexander, grocer, High street
Byrne, James C, spirit merchant, Townhall street
Campbell, Thos. F., barber, East Bridge st.
Carroll, Mrs. J. A., publican, Darling street
Carson, J. L., & Co., drapers and outfitters, High street
Cathcart & M'Donald, grocers, butter and hardware merchants, High street
Chambers, James, grocer, East Bridge street
Clarke & Gordon, solicitors, Townhall st.
Close, Mrs., publican, High street
Coalter, G., grocer and confectioner, Church street
Cole, Viscount, Florencecourt, Enniskillen
Coll, Miss A. B., proprietress Royal Hotel, Townhall street
Collum, A. P. T., D.E., Bellevue, Tamlaght
Connor, James, writing clerk, Wellington place
Cooney, A. C, solicitor, 18 East Bridge street and 2 Willoughby place
Cooney, W. R., J.P., Lakeview
Cooper, James, solicitor, Townhall street
Cooper & Co., grocers, Diamond
Corry, Hon. Cecil Lowry, Castle Coole
Corry, Viscount, J.P., D.L., Castle Coole
Cox Bros., bakers and grocers, Belmore st.
Coyle, B., boot and leather merchant, Darling street
Crawford, Mrs., baker and confectioner, Darling street, and sub-postmistress Darling street T.S.O.
Crowe, Thomas, grocer, High street and Drumclay
Crumley, P., J.P., victualler, Townhall st.
Davis, W. J., organist Roman Catholic Church, and professor of music, Forthill street
Dawson, James, M.R.C.V.S., Belmore st.
Dick, J. & R., guttapercha boot shop, Townhall street
Dickson, N., confectioner, Forthill street
Dickson, Richard, J.P., Beechmount
Dillon, J. B., grocer & provision merchant, High street
Doherty, Mrs., publican, Darling street
Dolan, J. J., deputy clerk of Crown and Peace, Fortlea terrace
Donnelly & Sons, butchers, High street
Downes, W. & J., brewery, Ann street
Drum, Robert, painter, paperhanger, decorator, &c, Belmore street
Duff, John, accountant, Sligo, Leitrim, and Northern Company's railway, Sunnybank
Elliott, Thomas, diocesan architect, borough surveyor, Darling street
Ely, Marquis of, D.L., Ely Lodge and Brighton
Enniskillen, Earl of, K.P., D.L., Florencecourt
Falls & Pringle, solicitors, Townhall street
Flanagan Bros., boot merchants, East Bridge street
Firth, John B., J.P., The Cross
Firth, James M., J.P., Lawnakilla
Forsythe, A., sewing machine agent, Belmore street
Forsythe, R., harness maker, etc., Belmore street
Gilbert, W., merchant tailor, Commercial house, Townhall street
Gillen, Mrs., cabinet warehouse, Townhall street
Gillen, Joseph P., publican, Sly street
Gilmore, J., watchmaker, Darling street
Gordon, Thomas, & Co., grocers, Church st
Graham, W. D., solicitor, Belmore street
Gray, John, resident magistrate, Darling st
Griffith & Co., publicans, Church street
Hall, James, R.D.C., farmer, Drumclay
Hall, Rev. John, Garvary
Hall, William, farmer, Lackaboy
Hallowes, H. Hamilton, organist to Parish Church and professor of music, Belmore street, East Bridge street                   
Hanrahan, J. W., Clerk of Crown and Peace, Silver Hill House, Enniskillen
Hamilton, Mrs., children's fancy drapery house
Hare, Thomas, jeweller, Townhall street
Harvey, James, builder, Belmore street
Henderson & Eadie, tweed manufacturers; warehouse, Church street
Herbert, Richard, spirit merchant, Church street
Hume, James, Imperial Hotel, Townhall st.
Humphreys, J., cycle agent, East Bridge st.
Humphreys, S. B., J.P., manager Sligo, Leitrim, and Northern Counties Railway, Fort lodge
Ingram, T., spirit dealer, Ann street
Irvine, Charles, E. R. A., Sessional Crown Solicitor, Enniskillen and Drumgoon, Maguiresbridge
Irvine, W., boot and shoe shop, Darling st.
Irwin, John A., J.P., Derrygore Enniskillen
Johnston, A., farmer, Kinorla, Enniskillen
Johnston, James, publican, Market street
Johnston, Misses K. & H., earthenware merchants, Church street
Johnston, Mrs., draper, Darling street
Johnston, Thomas, & Co., merchants, High street
Johnston, William, barber, Diamond
Jones, William F., clerk of petty sessions, Willoughby place
Jordan, Jeremiah, M.P., J.P., merchant, High street
Kelly, James, draper, High street
Kerr & Co., haberdashers, High street
Kerrigan & Co., publicans, Townhall street
Kidd, Leonard, M.D., West Bridge House
Latimer, J., grocer, Cross street
Law, J., grocer and ironmonger, High st.
Leathley, Rev. J. Forde, Benmore
Lemon, J., & Son, coal and iron merchants, East Bridge street
Lemon, Robert F., Holyhill
Liddy, J. J., furniture mart, East Bridge street
Lipton & Co., grocers, etc., Church street
Little & Campbell, grocers, East Bridge st.
Magee, Henry, Willoughby place
Magee, Patrick, publican and grocer, Townhall street and East Bridge street
Maguire Bros., coachbuilders, Forthill street
Maguire, Edward, coachbuilder, Brook st.
Maguire, Richard, earthenware merchant, Henry street
Maguire, W. P., solicitor, 16 East Bridge street
Martin, Mrs., publican, Townhall street
Martin, Patrick, commercial traveller, Ann street
Maude, Christopher H., Lenaghan
Maxwell, T., auctioneer, Sedan terrace
Mayers, John, grocer, Church street
Mayne, Thomas I., solicitor, East Bridge street
Megaw, David, spirit dealer, High street
Mercer, T. A., jeweller, Townhall street
Mitchell, Rev. S. Cuthbert, The Manse
Mitchell, Edward, horsebreeder and farmer, Derryvullen house
Moreton, Mrs., spirit dealer, Church street
Mulhern, James, cabinetmaker and fancy warehouse, Darling street
Mulhern, James, publican, Belmore street
M'Adam, J., hairdresser, Townhall street
M'Donagh & Co., drapers, High street
M'Farland, Rev. Edward W., Derryvullen Parsonage, Tamlaght
M'Guire, John A., C.I., R.I.C., Alexandra terrace
M'Keague, T., bootmaker, Townhall street
M'Manus, J., publican, Belmore street
M'Namee, Peter, Railway Hotel, Forthill street
Nelson, Thomas, painter, East Bridge street
Oulton, Courtney C, D.I., R.I.C., Raceview
Ovenden, Very Rev. Dean, D.D., rector, Chanterhill
Parkinson, The Misses, Townhall street
Parsons, Mrs., Brook street
Pierce, Henry, contractor, etc., Wellington place
Plunkett, Thomas, M.R.I.A., grocer and druggist, High street
Polson, T. R. J., M.R.I.A., insurance and ship agent, Wellington place
Pratt, Rev. Isaac H., B.A., Rossory Rectory
Quinn, Michael, publican, Queen street
Reid, Robert, journalist, Erne stationery and fancy warehouse, Belmore street
Rice, Edward, tobacconist, Darling street
Ritchie, Wm., proprietor "Fermanagh Times," Townhall street
Ritchie & Allingham, solicitors, Townhall street
Roberts, James J., draper, Diamond
Ross, Robert, saddler, East Bridge street
Scott, Robert, C.E., Willoughby place
Scott, William, C.E., Willoughby place
Scott, Wm., woodcarver, art and music teacher, Church street
Shaw, Samuel, plumber, Belmore Street
Skeffington, W., grocer and baker, Darling street
Smith, Wm., butter merchant, Darling St.
Smollen, Very Rev. Monsignor, P.P., Rosaville
Steele, Rev. W. B., Levally
Stewart, C. M., Minnamurra
Sullivan, T., jeweller, Cross street
Taylor, T., draper, Church street
Taylor, W. S., L.P.S.I., chemist and druggist, Darling street
Teele, William, J.P., Dunbar House
Ternan, O., apothecary, Townhall street
The Enniskillen Printing Works, East Bridge street
The Scottish Co-Operative Stores, Henry street
The Singer Sewing Machine Depot, 6 East Bridge street
Tickell, John, plumber, Belmore street
Towner, Sergeant-Major, North of Ireland I.Y., Cheltenham Mount
Trimble, Wm. Copeland, J.P., bookseller, proprietor "Impartial Reporter," East Bridge street
Tyler & Co., boot and shoe merchants, Townhall street
Wadsworth, George, grocer, Brook street
Walker, Mrs., fancy warehouse, Darling st.
Ward, Griffin, & Co., boot and shoe warehouse, Townhall street
Ward, James, fishmonger, Townhall street
Ward, John, fishmonger, East Bridge street
Weaver, A., stationer, Darling street
Whaley, George, general grocer, High street
White, Mrs., stationer, Townhall street
Whittaker, J., bootmaker, Belmore street
Wilson, H. A., draper, High street
Wilson, John, M.D., Darling street
Wilson, Rev. J. A., Belnaleck Rectory
Wilson, R. W., auctioneer, East Bridge street and The Brook, Enniskillen
Wilson, William, farmer, cattle depot, Enniskillen
Winslow, L. B., solicitor, East Bridge St.
Wray, J. F., LL.B., solicitor, E. Bridge St.
Wylie, T. A., draper, Henry street
Wynne, Henry E., J.P., engineer Sligo, Leitrim, and Northern Counties, and Cavan and Leitrim Railways, Erne Cliff
Young Men's Christian Association Rooms, Townhall street



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